Hey! I'm back again with another blog, this time as a break between my Challenge Review blogs. In this blog, I'm going to discuss which contestants that I personally believe deserve to win a future season. Total Drama has 52 contestants, and they're all great. However, some tend to stand out more than others – some have gone through a tougher journey or harder trials on the show. This blog counts down the ten contestants who I believe deserve the gold most. Shoutout to TheEpicDestroyer for all the help he gave me. In order to determine who deserves to be on this list, I considered the following:

  • Character arcs that the contestant has been through
  • Have they ever been "robbed"?
  • How good is their strategy and competition game?
  • Have they suffered? Does it qualify them to win more than another contestant?

#10: Tyler

Is anyone really surprised? Yes, at the beginning of this list, we have the lovable jock Tyler. Tyler fits all the categories of a future finalist: He's a strong competitor, he's considered an underdog, and he even has a love interest. You want some more solid evidence? Consider Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1. Chris introduces Cody, Noah and Tyler as "returning fan favorites". In the same season, Cody reaches 3rd place, along with gaining many fans, among the contestants. and fans of Total Drama itself. Cody also gets his own story arcs and strong interactions with Heather, Alejandro, Gwen and Sierra. Meanwhile, Noah gets a similar treatment. Noah returns for the spin-off, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, and ranks eighth place. Furthermore, Noah also gains a love interest. Well, Tyler already has a love interest. He's also a very popular character, similar to Noah. His development in Total Drama World Tour shows that Tyler is also a contestant capable to handling his own story and character development. Now, he's the only fan-favorite contestant without getting his own arc like Cody and Noah do. Even his exclusive clip in The EX-Files hints that Tyler is going to return.

Not just returning, but one must also consider how much poor Tyler has suffered throughout the run of the show. He's the resident pain magnet of World Tour, and even in Total Drama Island he was very clumsy. Tyler has received attention in many episodes, being one of the main characters of episodes like Dodgebrawl, Phobia Factor, Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, The Am-AH-Zon Race, and The EX-Files. But what really makes Tyler a good contender for a finalist in a future season? Tyler has suffered a lot because of Total Drama. Think back to his elimination – the original one in Phobia Factor. Not only is he unfairly voted off against Courtney, but his team relentlessly mocks him for his fear of chickens. Then, Tyler is forced into the Boat of Losers with a bunch of chickens. Tyler suffers, and grows as a result. Then, Tyler has yet another unfair elimination at the hands of Alejandro and Duncan in The EX-Files. Furthermore, Tyler never even received a chance to stand up to Alejandro, who manipulated him similar to Heather's treatment of Lindsay. So in conclusion, due to Tyler's generally awful treatment, massive potential, and "fan-favorite" status, Tyler is all equipped and ready to be a future finalist.

#9: Sierra

Yes, Sierra. Everyone's favorite Total Drama uber-fan. Sierra's case is an interesting one – she is actually a great winner contender when you think about it, but at the same time there are so many things holding her back. I think the biggest reason why Sierra can be an excellent potential winner is the fact that she is Total Drama's number one fan. That doesn't mean she spends her day on a wiki for Total Drama raging about how bad the All-Stars season was; it means she knows the show, inside and out. She has extensive knowledge of the inner workings, the mechanisms, and it's quite likely that Sierra has actually studied Total Drama, even stating she has seen every episode dozens of times. She even knows the host really well! Her gimmick, yes gimmick, of being the #1 Total Drama fan can potentially send a great message to real fans, showing that the writers don't just consider us as crazy losers but, rather, that Sierra winning could display a "you guys are great" vibe. Another thing is that Sierra is in fact SUCH a relatable character that watching her win a season would actually be interactive, in a weird sort of way. So, Sierra's unique character and being one of the only characters who saw and knows Total Drama very well works in her advantage to win a future season.

Next, I'd like to take a moment and discuss Sierra's challenge performance. Sierra's actually primarily a comic relief character; this reflects in her challenge performance, for example, forgetting her bungee cord in Picnic at Hanging Dork, digging extremely deep in Evil Dread, sitting on Courtney in Heroes vs. Villains and even fighting Courtney because she insulted Cody in Greece's Pieces. But, when Sierra performs well, she performs VERY well. Consider Awwwwww, Drumheller, where the challenge is actually easy for her; when she won, she just said "K cool, gotta make Cody a birthday cake". Another example of Sierra's excellent performance is in Chinese Fake-Out; she's the only contestant in the final three of that challenge who didn't cheat in the challenge. While on the topic of that episode, the reason she performed poorly in the second challenge is partly due to Cody. While it was not Cody's fault, Sierra gave the donkey she received to Cody, while taking the inferior pogo stick. As a result, Sierra only barely makes it, all because she wanted Cody to make it. From how beastly Sierra is at challenges, you'd think she would have no problem winning her first season. She possesses a deep love to Cody. It gets to the point where Sierra is the only merged contestant who doesn't think of winning, she only devotes herself to Cody.

While Cody is unnerved by Sierra's actions, her intentions are completely pure, and she actually does care about him, as shown in Awwwwww, Drumheller and Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles. She saves Cody's life numerous times, and it just shows that going solo and focusing on the game, rather than Cody, would make the game a breeze for Sierra. You may be wondering what point I'm trying to make – consider her performance in All-Stars as well as World Tour. In both instances, Sierra actually hinders her own performance on purpose just so she can aid the person she loves. This shows how loyal and pure Sierra can be, and it's about time that she gets rewarded for all her hard work. Sierra provides good morals, similar to other finalists – Owen's shows that nice guys finish first, Beth's shows that underdogs always have a chance, Heather's shows that anyone can change their ways, Cameron shows that you don't have to be powerful to succeed, and Sierra's shows that being loyal to your loved ones and caring for them, being for them, is a good thing and it will promote such behavior. Sierra can easily be an Owen-type finalist, but even better because Sierra's social game is not as good, giving her a more interesting season. They could even have Sierra win the last season, as a thank you to the loyal fans of the show.

#8: Bridgette

Ah, Bridgette. The contestant who's been set to the sidelines since Total Drama Island. The only season where Bridgette actually got a fair shot at the finale is in the first season. After that, the game has been rigged for her to be eliminated in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour, meaning she hasn't been relevant for a while. Despite not being relevant competition-wise, Bridgette has the rare distinction of being an Aftermath host, and Geoff, Blaineley and herself are the only ones to possess this distinction. Well, Geoff's already won a season and Blaineley is confirmed to never come back. By the way, if Bridgette wins a 26 episode season, she'll have the same episode count as Geoff. Anyway, as far as suffering goes, Bridgette has gone through her fair share. She was humiliated in Hide and Be Sneaky, with the skunks spraying her, not being able to talk face-to-face with the girls, and then being blindsided by Duncan's alliance. She suffers yet again in Total Drama World Tour, when she becomes Alejandro's second victim, and kisses a pole. It's not really the elimination itself that is suffering for Bridgette – she did deserve to be eliminated – it's mostly how she was tormented afterwards in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water for kissing a pole, and betraying Geoff.

Here's where her development comes in. Even prior to aforementioned Aftermath, Bridgette undergoes character development in nearly every episode. What makes it unique for Bridgette is that rather than having her improve as a person, like Heather, Courtney or Lindsay, Bridgette's development revolves more around exploring her as a character. Bridgette is already a good person, one who stays true to her morals, and we can see this in episodes like Brunch of Disgustingness, which is Bridgette's most impactful episode. Other episodes, such as Up the Creek, Paintball Deer Hunter, If You Can't Take The Heat..., Who Can You Trust? and X-Treme Torture show that Bridgette is one of those characters who undergoes subtle character development, and it's not that in-your-face about it. Bridgette, in that respect, becomes one of the least over-the-top and exaggerated characters (compare her to Sierra, for example). That makes her relatable and overall a fun character who anyone would want to be friends with. Even her social game is put on display in Hide and Be Sneaky, making it the reason for her elimination. Before that, Bridgette hadn't been in danger of elimination at all. Bridgette could also be a good contender for Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, which appreciates more realistic characters than Total Drama does nowadays.

#7: Jasmine

Jasmine's case isn't that hard to understand – she's one of the stars of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Not only that, but she's easily one of the most popular contestants there is from that season. You've got base breakers like Sugar and Sky, then you've got characters who are almost always loved, and that's Jasmine. Another thing about her is that she's shown to be one of those contestants who excels at challenges – similar to Gwen and Jo. She is also, so far, one of the only two Total Drama contestants confirmed not to be Canadian. She's Australian, which also means that she's very unique from the rest of the cast. She brings a different skillset to the game that other contestants don't. She appeals to a wider "foreign" audience with her Australian references (Cricket, anyone?). Jasmine also has a popular romance with Shawn. Nearly any finalist so far has been involved in a relationship – Owen, Gwen, Beth, Duncan, Alejandro, Heather, Mike, Zoey, Sky, Shawn, Geoff, Brody...and Jasmine can easily be next. She's even one of the "screenhogs" of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island; not in a bad way at all, but screenhogs tend to get far and win seasons (like Duncan and Zoke).

There's also Jasmine's elimination in Sky Fall. Many people say that she was robbed, that her elimination was unfair, and rejoiced when she returned in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize. This is a given; Jasmine is an extremely popular character, and her elimination in that season can be compared to Total Drama Island's Bridgette, Total Drama Action's Lindsay or Total Drama: Revenge of the Island's Brick. It only seems fair that Jasmine return for a second shot at the money. And it's not like she'll get boring either. Consider how many interactions she had. Her interaction with Samey is unfinished, and Jasmine hasn't even outranked Sugar yet. Jasmine hasn't even gotten a chance to come face-to-face with her flaws; her social difficulty concerning making friends, her intimidating everyone; this shows that there is still considerable development options left for Jasmine, to expand her character and make her even better than she is now. And another thing is that they can give her all this development without her even being an underdog. Jasmine winning a season would be so natural, so deserving because Jasmine herself is athletic, strong, kind-hearted and has all the makings of a future finalist.

#6: Harold

Harold's case is that of a classic underdog; yet this is Harold we're talking about. It's not the usual underdog story like Beth or Cameron. Harold is a very unique character. The thing that's great about him is that he has a very colorful personality. He's not just the "dork" or the "geek", but he's also friendly, as shown with his interactions with Heather, he's romantic with Leshawna, he's cutthroat with Courtney, he's observant with Owen, and, of course, he's confident in his MAD SKILLZ. That's probably his most distinct feature; his incredible skills which have helped his team on multiple occasions in Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. Now, consider all the traits I just listed – Friendly, romantic, cutthroat, strategic, and confident? Plus a great label, development and gimmick? If you ask me, that's a great setup for a future finalist. The only setback I can see is repetition of Harold's old plots, but even that's covered in all honesty. His relationship status with Leshawna is never really given any closure; his conflict with Duncan was never settled either; well, it was, but if you ask me it can still be expanded on. There's also his interactions with Owen, Justin and Courtney which the writers can always go back to.

Another great thing about Harold is his ability to befriend anyone. He's willing to be friends with anyone too, which separates him from characters like Heather and Zoey who tend to push people away. This means Harold can easily be friends with some other outcast characters – think Dawn, Leonard or Samey for example. I, personally, would love to see Harold interact with any of those three. Anyway, there's also Harold's incredible skills. Who can deny that Harold's skills actually do make him cool? Harold is an excellent representation of the "nerd" fanbase, the people that aren't too good at socializing, but excel in other parts of life, and have their own unique skillset. I'm pretty sure most of you can relate. We're all good at something, we're all nerds about something, and Harold is the character that reflects that quality in us. To me, it's a beautiful thing, and I encourage the writers to continue writing this amazing, relatable and über-fun character. A character like Harold, if done right, can be potentially timeless and the possibilities are endless. Let's not forget his Total Drama Action elimination – he never got a reward for figuring out who the "mole" is, and he never even got to outrank Duncan. Win, Harold, and show all your fans that they can be anything they want!

Harold crying tears of joy to Chris after learning how large his fanbase is.

#5: Jo

If I were to compare Jo's potential as a finalist to that of an existing finalist, I'd compare it to the performances of Alejandro and Heather in Total Drama World Tour. All three are strategic players with solid interactions and are great at challenges too. But there's a big distinction between Jo and those two; their intentions. All three of them have done awful things in their own right; Heather kissed Trent and read Gwen's diary, Alejandro seduced three girls for his own benefit, and Jo used a physically inferior contestant to her advantage. But the thing is, Jo only really bullied Cameron to get further in the game. You could argue that Alejandro and Heather did the same, but the lengths that those two went to were to an extreme, showing that most of the time, their intentions were personal. For example, Alejandro's intention (or one of them, at least) when seducing Courtney was to make Heather jealous. That's what makes Jo different. When she does these type of things, it's all strategy to get herself further in the game. One of the easiest examples of this is her interactions with Anne Maria. Jo is shown, time and time again, to manipulate Anne Maria. It's not because she's a typical teenage girl who likes to cause drama – she did it to motivate her.

Jo's aforementioned interactions with Anne Maria display her prowess as a natural-born leader, and even though Jo and Anne Maria did often bicker, Jo did get work done. Another example is her interactions with Brick. One VERY important moment between those two (no, NOT that Finders Creepers moment that makes people ship them) is when Jo is switched to Brick's team (because you know, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island had a team switch in every episode). Brick welcomes Jo to his team, and Jo pulls him close, and says that Brick is now part of her team. Not only does this play to Jo's dominating nature, but it also shows how Jo uses psychological mind games to keep her teammates down. They don't question her authority, therefore she will always remain the boss. This also shows with her interactions with Lightning, but in a different way. Jo makes Lightning think they're equals – with the Guys' Pact and whatnot – but the truth is that Lightning is merely a pawn to Jo. And when Jo doesn't need someone anymore, she dumps them to get further, like when she had Brick eliminated, or when she turned Lightning into shark bait in Grand Chef Auto.

Jo's also good at challenges, since she actually has won multiple challenges for her team. The best examples are Runaway Model and The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, arguably her most iconic victories, especially the former. But, fear not, as Jo's victory won't come easy. It's shown that there are people who can match up to Jo's strength and pose as a threat to her. One of my favorite heated conflicts of Jo's is the one she has with Heather. This is most prominent in my favorite episode of Total Drama All-Stars, Evil Dread. Heather and Jo argue for who gets to be the team leader. Both are actually good leaders, with Heather having won a season and winning multiple challenges throughout the course of Total Drama, and Jo winning many challenges for her team in the previous season. Jo also tries to be a smart player by gaining Gwen's loyalty in the previous season. But fear not, as Jo's entire character doesn't revolve around this stuff. There's also her questionable social game. She's infamous for giving people nicknames – particularly Brick. Her social game is terrible, giving her an obstacle to overcome. There's also her in-progress development concerning her insecurities about her physical looks. All this adds to Jo's journey throughout Total Drama, and will make her an excellent finalist.

#4: Leshawna

Leshawna is one of those contestants who's rankings get worse and worse. She started off a very strong fifth place in Total Drama Island, then got a bit worse in Total Drama Action where she ranked eighth, but still crossed the merge. You'd think she'd perform strongly in Total Drama World Tour, but she bombs and ranks fifteenth. Something distinct about Leshawna is that she's the only contestant from the original season's final six that hasn't won a season yet. Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan and Geoff have all won, yet Leshawna hasn't. Of course, just because she got far in the first season, that doesn't mean she's guaranteed to win. But the trials she's gone through on the show would say otherwise. Her journey begins in Total Drama Island, where Leshawna is arguably one of the main protagonists of the season, among Gwen, Duncan and Owen. Leshawna is the first contestant to come into conflict with Heather, which gets more and more heated as the season progresses. By the time the merge rolls around, Leshawna is a well-liked and well-respected "Team mom" type of character, who supports everyone. Leshawna holds her own in challenges, even winning in No Pain, No Game and Hide and Be Sneaky. By the final five, Leshawna is debatably "robbed" due to a mistake of the peanut gallery in Haute Camp-ture.

Leshawna's story continues in Total Drama Action. Yet, there's a major distinction here between her Island arc and this one. In Total Drama Island, everyone loves her...except Heather. Yet in Total Drama Action, Heather is her only remaining friend. Leshawna's spa lie in One Flu Over the Cuckoos (which is an episode where she had excellent performance, by the way) causes her to go through a great conflict with everyone, posing her most difficult trial yet. It explores Leshawna's sassy, insecure side when she thinks no one is watching. And honestly, it's relatable. Leshawna spends the entire season trying to make it up to her friends that she backstabbed, and yet in the end, she fails and is voted off. Even so, she still doesn't hold a grudge against anyone and even puts an old conflict to rest. Leshawna's journey is short in Total Drama World Tour, and she's used as one of Alejandro's puppets. However, Leshawna's performance in Slap Slap Revolution is notable, since she chooses to beat up Heather, which is odd since they made up. This could signify that the writers intend to continue their conflict, but this time Leshawna will be the one at fault. This signifies potential growth for Leshawna, and even Leshawna carving her path to the finale.

#3: Brick

And now we come to the top three. The third one being the noble cadet-in-training, Brick. Brick is the ONLY contestant on this list who is part of a multi-generational cast, yet only appears in one season. That really shows how much I truly believe he should win a season. Let's go over why. Let's start with the most convincing argument, and his most memorable at that – Brick saving the lives of Mike, Zoey, and Cameron in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste. That moment alone should guarantee Brick a spot as a finalist, a spot on the Heroic Hamsters, and a permanent spot as a moral champion. Very few other contestants have saved the lives of another – in fact, some contestants have put others' lives in danger. But no, that's not all Brick does. While some contestants, like Harold in Masters of Disasters needs to save his team to win, Brick SACRIFICES guaranteed victory in order to save the lives of these three contestants who are on the opposite team. In fact, he's not even that close to them. He just does it because he believes in doing the right thing, has the skill to save them, and has a strict "leave no man behind" policy. He doesn't just say it, he does it. He doesn't want them to die, so he does everything in his power to save them.

But that's not even the biggest part of why I'm using this as evidence. Consider what happened after the challenge in the same episode: Jo and Lightning eliminate Brick, and right after his beautiful, character-defining action, Brick is forced to leave. These two jerks, these awful hearted contestants outrank someone who is pretty much the purest person in that entire season. He's even purer than Dawn, I'd say. This provides a terrible moral lesson to viewers that if you perform a heroic or noble action, you won't be rewarded. Besides, Brick doesn't deserve that. The best way to reward Brick for his amazing action is to have him win a season, and quite possibly be the most morally invigorating finalist that this show has ever had. And I doubt anyone would be opposed to Brick making it that far either – he's quite popular. Look, barely anyone has used the Brick Hater template! Other than that HUGE moment, Brick also has a few other reasons why he would make a solid finalist. He's popular, meaning the fans would be very pleased if Brick won a season. He's funny, entertaining, and all around a fun character to watch. He's definitely one of the more interesting male characters, and DEFINITELY one of the best male characters that Total Drama: Revenge of the Island's cast has to offer.

Brick's character also leaves much to be explored. Why did Brick choose to pursue a career in the military? Why is he the way he is? We get very little insight, courtesy of Dawn – Brick tends to wet his pants, suggesting some sort of childhood trauma or anxiety, along with his need to be dominated. Brick's character is fascinating, and personally, I would love to see his character further explored. There's also his interactions with Jo, Dawn, Scott, Lightning...the list goes on. Coming back to his interactions with Jo, Jo can easily manipulate him, using Brick's need to be dominated to her advantage, suggesting that Brick may overcome this trait of his. Or, since he's in the military, learn how to control it? Stand up to Jo? Here's the wonderful thing about Brick: the possibilities are endless with him! By the way, Brick's never even made the merge. I'd love to see how he operates when it's every contestant for themselves. Would he form an alliance and stay loyal? Will he go completely solo? They've actually created this character and only gone half the mile with him; where does the other half go? Left, right, straight, backward? We'll never know, but as long as Brick isn't out of character, I think I would love any plot with him.

#2: Lindsay

Here we go. You had to know this one was coming. Lindsay is, has been, and probably always will be my favorite character in the entire series. And so, it's not hard to see why I want her to be a finalist. Yes, she's not number one like most of you expected, but by now you all probably know who number one is anyway. Let's talk about Lindsay for now. Where her journey begins...where's ended far! Let's go all the way back to the beginning, even before the first season: Her audition tape. I have to say, her audition tape is rather special. Think about it; while the audition tapes are generally pretty good, Lindsay's ends up being pretty long, full of high quality jokes ("I'm bilanguagal, I speak fluent English and American), not to mention we find out so much about her. Even her friendship with Beth is hinted. But if a contestant has such a special audition tape, that must mean the writers plan to do something with her. Consider Heather's audition tape; that's a pretty major and memorable one too. I know audition tapes can't mean that much, but Lindsay's comes off as pretty important and impactful. But's nothing compared to what she goes through on Total Drama. All the development, the story arcs, everything.

Her journey begins on Total Drama Island. She's introduced as one of the most beautiful contestants. She clicks with almost everyone – except for Gwen. Even Chris immediately likes her. And really, I don't blame them. Lindsay is very lovable, right from the start. Throughout the first season, we see Lindsay basically be a pawn for Heather to manipulate. But, then comes along a certain episode. X-Treme Torture. Lindsay has an excellent performance here, winning the challenge for the team, all because she had an incentive. This shows how amazing her challenge performance can be if she tries. Once the merge comes along, we see Lindsay undertake some amazing feats – like when she gets marshmallow waxing done in No Pain, No Game. Then there's Hide and Be Sneaky. While Lindsay's performance in the challenge overall isn't exceptional, she does have the idea which could have let both Lindsay and Heather win immunity. However, Heather shuts her down – for reasons involving both Heather being incredibly mean, and as a strategic move. Lindsay's famous moment in That's Off the Chain! comes, which no one could EVER forget. It's also notable that Lindsay is very relevant in both I Triple Dog Dare You! and The Very Last Episode, Really! – even helping Owen win.

Next season, Total Drama Action, is the one that solidifies Lindsay's chances of being a finalist. She's one of the few contestants with the rare distinction of using the confessional first. Usually, the contestants that do so end up being very major. Such examples include Gwen in TDI, Zoey in TDRI, Courtney in TDAS and the Best Friends in TDRR. And boy, is Lindsay major in TDA! Not to mention Lindsay can basically be considered a moral champion this season. She goes through incredible growth, some of the best development I've seen in the show. It starts in The Sand Witch Project, when Lindsay decides to grow out of her "follower" personality that holds her back. Lindsay succeeds too, nearly winning the challenge for her team multiple times (but yeah, the Grips are idiots). Even then, she's still bottom two because her so-called "best friend" votes for her. She's actually saved from elimination by DJ, though. Even so, this one episode begins Lindsay's action-packed journey through the season; think about it! It begins a plot for her using an old conflict, it introduces a goal for her, and it even brings in a new conflict for Lindsay with her team. She ends up on the bottom two, making things even more interesting.

It doesn't end here. Lindsay's development continues in Full Metal Drama. Lindsay goes through somewhat of a "transition" phase here, as she learns to adjust into her new role. By the way, we also receive the LEGENDARY "Admiral Lindsay, Her Hotness" here. So Lindsay seems well on her way to becoming the leader of her team, and a successful one at that. But then...danger! Courtney debuts, spoiling everything for Lindsay! Courtney joins Lindsay's team, and immediately takes charge. She poses a threat to Lindsay. But Lindsay doesn't give up; she starts the fire in One Million Bucks, B.C., she defeats Harold in Million Dollar Babies (well, technically), she wins IMMUNITY in the FIRST MERGE CHALLENGE OF THE SEASON: Dial M for Merger!! Her costume is better than Courtney's in Super Hero-ld, and the episode's challenge itself proves how popular Lindsay is (since everyone wants to "ride her invisible jet"). Chris shows favoritism toward Lindsay, which even ends up being a very endearing moment since Courtney is the main antagonist, and annoyed everyone a lot in that episode anyway. Sadly, The Princess Pride puts Lindsay aside for the episode. But it's worth it to have Lindsay take a break for one episode after what comes next. This next gives me chills.

You all knew it. Get a Clue. One of the most POPULAR episodes in the ENTIRE Total Drama series. And guess who the main character is? None other than Detective Lindsay, Her Hotness. This episode is a beautiful tale that encompasses everything Lindsay has gone through throughout her two season journey on Total Drama. It starts with Lindsay trying her best, but everyone, even her "BEST FRIEND" underestimates her. It goes on with Lindsay continuing to try and win immunity. She utterly fails the first challenge, and is clearly ashamed of herself. The actual challenge begins, and Lindsay tries to find out who murdered Chris. And to everyone's shock, Lindsay WINS. And unlike some of her victories (such as One Million Bucks, B.C.), this one isn't even dumb luck. Lindsay uses her wits to win, just showing how far she's come as a character. She's not just any character. This growth that Lindsay goes through is fantastic. Lindsay provides an excellent moral in the story too; consider the line "I could be just as right about this as anybody!" It doesn't even end there. Using her reward, Lindsay makes an AMAZING strategic move in the form of taking Duncan to the movies. Why? To make Courtney jealous. Lindsay's confessional makes me SCREAM whenever I watch it: "But it was a good, strategistical, logical move, because it messed with Courtney's head!"

That fact, Lindsay in that ENTIRE episode is too good. Too good for this season. If it was my decision, I'd cancel the rest of the season and give Lindsay the million dollars right then and there. That has got to me my favorite Total Drama scene of all time. Next comes Lindsay's tragic downfall, Rock n' Rule. But even here, Lindsay is amazing. Why? Let's take a look. So we've got the second challenge, where the contestants have to walk the red carpet. Lindsay does SO well in this challenge. This challenge is her specialty in fact – looking good! She beats EVERYONE by a mile. But that's not all! The fun continues when Lindsay gathers Harold, Owen and Beth in order to vote off Duncan. Of course, this is to get Lindsay further in the game. But it's also to make Courtney go CRAZY. This strategy that Lindsay implements, this amazing, beautiful, perfect's just wonderful. Everything about Lindsay, before her elimination, is just astounding. Then there's her tragic elimination. In this, Lindsay gives all viewers the following: "Friends are worth WAY more than money!", followed by Beth saying it's the smartest thing anyone's said in the season. How can she NOT win after this?! Lindsay has just CASUALLY said something that it takes other people YEARS to figure out, and some people NEVER do!

Lindsay returns for Total Drama World Tour, and even though she's an early out, being eliminated in Episode 9, she still leaves a huge impact. On the surface, it seems like Lindsay's gone back to her dumb roots by forgetting Tyler. But consider her plot aside from that; Lindsay motivates her team to be the best they can be in Broadway, Baby!, she has an amazing reunion with Tyler in Slap Slap Revolution, and did I mention she sings in every song she's required to sing in? She has major parts too, like in What's Not To Love and Eine Kleine. But then a great moment for Lindsay comes in The Am-AH-Zon Race. This episode has Lindsay winning for her team, after an excellent performance throughout the episode. Lindsay's previous development isn't ignored, and in fact, it's continued with Lindsay winning challenges. Also, Lindsay has almost always been the one to receive the first barf bag, which says a lot in my opinion. Then, another of Lindsay's downfall episodes comes in Can't Help Falling in Louvre. Even HERE, Lindsay is fantastic. Did I mention Lindsay is always amazing in the episodes where she's eliminated? Lindsay almost singlehandedly wins yet another challenge for her team, until vile DJ destroys it.

Lindsay's most recent season has been Total Drama All-Stars. Let's just take a moment to realize that Lindsay has been GIFTED with All-Star status. At this point, Lindsay is easily one of the best developed and amazing contestants the show has. She has a higher episode count that Courtney, too. Sadly, Heroes vs. Villains doesn't treat her too well. Even then, Lindsay actually has a great run in that one episode. She receives a surprising amount of attention too. Also, I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I really enjoyed Lindsay's stupidity in the episode even if it was derailment. With All-Stars, you just have to go with it sometimes. Besides, she WAS funny! "I'm flyyyyying! AHH!", "Aww, someone misses her honey bunny!", "You know how to stop making mistakes? Teach me!", "Okay! How do you push again?", "I wanted to win the season so I could buy a lifetime supply of lip gloss, but I forgot how hard this is! Never thought I'd say this, but no amount of lip gloss is worth this!", and don't forget this little exchange: Chris: "And Courtney, you're on the chopping block for making Lindsay drive." Lindsay: "Yeah, what's the matter with you?" Anyway, my point is that even as a first-out, Lindsay still receives a considerable amount of attention and is still pretty good.

Honorable Mentions

Before we get to the #1 contender, here are some honorable mentions. These are characters that almost made the list, but were cut at the end. In order from least likely to become a finalist, to most likely.

#3: Izzy

Yes, it's everyone's favorite psycho: Izzy! Izzy isn't that likely to become a finalist, but she does have the advantage of easily being the most unique Total Drama character. Izzy seems to just get crazier every season; from her weird habits in Total Drama Island, her alternate personalities in Total Drama Action (take notes, Mike!), "Brainzilla" in Total Drama World Tour, and even having some spider-related hijinks in later seasons. That's one of the main reasons why Izzy would make a good finalist; she never ceases to be entertaining. Also, to people who say Izzy can't develop, I'd like to bring up Hook, Line, and Screamer and Wawanakwa Gone Wild!. Owen ditched Izzy and left her to die. Izzy becomes quite angry and upset by this, causing an understandable strain in their relationship. Although, in all fairness, her development is quite limited. Still, watching Izzy in action is something I love about Total Drama, and I would love for it to continue for an entire season. She's such an unpredictable character, that there's no idea what could possibly be in store for a season dedicated to her.

#2: Trent

Many of you may be shocked to hear this, but yes, I do believe Trent has the potential to win a season. While Trent may not be as prominent or loved as some of the other "minor" first generation characters, such as Tyler or Izzy, he is still easily one of the most intriguing ones and a fantastic character. Trent's journey starts off rather boring for me in Total Drama Island. Before I continue, let me clarify that I do think Trent is a satellite to Gwen, and it hinders his character greatly. Anyway, he was pretty boring in TDI. However, his performance in Total Drama Action won me over entirely. Every episode gave Trent more and more depth, unlike his heartbreaking elimination. Monster Cash shows Trent's leadership skills, Riot On Set shows us a more jealous side of Trent, Beach Blanket Bogus shows how far Trent is willing to go for someone he loves. His best episode is easily Alien Resurr-eggtion, where he makes a completely selfless and noble sacrifice to save Gwen's necklace over winning immunity. He was messy in 3:10 to Crazytown, but even his elimination broke my heart. All the man wanted was to see his ex-girlfriend. I wouldn't call that crazy. Other than that, Trent plays the role of the relatable "normal guy" well, and I think it would be interesting to see him interact with other characters and even win.

#1: Eva

Yes, it's everyone's favorite psycho with the anger issues. Eva is tied with Ezekiel for lowest competing count out of the entire Total Drama Island cast, and it's pretty clear that Ezekiel isn't going to return. But that's not relevant to Eva's case. The thing about Eva is that she's just such a fascinating character, even though we have so little to go by. Consider her performance in Total Drama Island – definitely her most major season. Eva shows that she is amazing at challenges; she beat up Sasquatchanakwa singlehandedly! However, Eva lacks strongly in social game. That's her fatal flaw. Eva can get such amazing development trying to overcome this. Something that helps is how she seems to have a vulnerable side; consider Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island and her interactions with Justin. It hints at possible development for Eva. There's also the fact that Eva probably wants to compete more than anyone. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Eva gets VERY mad when she doesn't qualify for Total Drama World Tour, and she seems to be equally mad when she doesn't qualify for the Second Chance Challenge. So while everyone constantly whines about having to be on the show, you've got Eva who's in it to win it, but never gets a chance – always getting the short end of the stick.

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