-Aftermath music plays-

Geoff: Yo dudes! We're back with the third installment of this most excellent Aftermath show for the MSR! Once again, we have Raised By Wolves writing, but don't worry - Mughees J. Simpson's got something in store for us.

Bridgette: This week has been, by far, the most dramatic MSR week yet!

Geoff: It's actually been pretty smooth sailing compared to everything that went down this week.

Bridgette: And we're here to bring YOU all the drama and the dirt on everything MSR!

Geoff: And joining us in this most epic of endeavours is the MSR Peanut Gallery!

Bridgette: Say hi to all the eliminated teams that will be watching the MSR for the Final 3 Showdown!

Geoff: Let's start with our first segment.


Bridgette: That's right! It's Total Drama Scandal! Our Peanut Gallery - and the current racers - have been up to some funny stuff lately.


Geoff: Let's start with TotalDramaNaruto, from the Ace Trainers.

Bridgette: Recently, SouthParkClydeFan dug up some old dirt on him - TotalDramaNaruto created some new character called "Gewn"!

Geoff: Dude's never gonna live that down.

Jo: Ha! You make a mistake, you pay the price.

Trent: That's not really fair. He did that 6 years ago!

Lindsay: I totally agree! You can't judge someone for something they did six years ago.

Duncan: Eight years ago, I was a popular character...

TotalDramaNaruto: Will you give it up already?? We get it! Gewn, gewn, gewn! That's all I've been hearing!

Geoff: Dude, that's why everyone keeps joking about it.

TotalDramaNaruto crosses his arms and sits grumpily.

Sierra: I totally know how you feel, TDN. Back then, I used to share every detail of what I was doing on Twerter. Ah, how stupid I was.

Sierra takes out her phone and starts typing.

Sierra: "Talking to TDN....he's" Hmm, 76 characters remaining! "#Gewn #TotalDramaScandal"

TotalDramaNaruto facepalms.

Bridgette: After all this broke out, TDN reportedly stopped anyone from commenting on the blog. You can still see some of the best comments there, though!

Geoff: My favorite is this one thread started by Raised By Wolves. Phoenix's reply is priceless!

Bridgette: Oh, Gewn is a very popular character now!


Geoff: Alright, alright, we'll move on.

Courtney is smoking hot

Courtney: Finally, a topic that's worth discussing!

Bridgette: It's not about you.

Courtney: Oh. Then I don't care.

Staci: My great great grandfather invented the figure of speech "smoking hot". Before him, when people thought someone was hot, they'd set them on fire and say they were smoking hot!

Dave: Why did you invite all of the Total Drama contestants again?

Bridgette: You all deserve to be here! And we got complaints...

Geoff: So turns out DerpyandDawn was a troll all along. Who knew?

Bridgette: Geoff, you're forgetting that she attacked the Aftermath studio last time.

Geoff: Oh yeah...I've been spending too much time with Spud.

Spud: Yeahhhh, rock on!

Lindsay sits down wearing a towel.

Geoff: Uh, not that I'm complaining, but don't you want to put some clothes on, Lindsay?

Lindsay: I would, but Heather burned them all!

Heather: I did not! SHE made me do it! *Heather points at Gogogadget831*

Gogogadget831: I'm innocent :3

The Dancing Fans: Numbuhthreefan and TRRFan6

Geoff: Before we get to the Final Three Showdown, let's take a moment to review the Dancing Fan's performance throughout the race.

Bridgette: The Fans started off strong the first two weeks, coming in 3rd place consecutively.

Geoff: They shocked everyone by coming all the way down in 6th place in Week 4.

Bridgette: But since then, they didn't give up, and ended up in the Final Four! Eventually, they knew their time had come. Despite this, they were argubally the best team in the Mainspace Race Revamp.

Geoff: Numbuhthreefan, or N3 for short, came in the Top 3 three times herself, securing second place two of those times.

Katie: Uh, duh! N3 is the feminist icon of the entire Total Drama Wiki!

Sadie: Like, duh!

Leshawna: N3 is one fabulous girl.

Sky: She's such a team player!

Jen: N3 is, like, totally epic!

Tom: Uh, I know! N3 is the best!

Eva: N3 was ROBBED!

Geoff: Meanwhile, my bro TRR was never a shining star in the MSR, but he never let that make him lose motivation. He even came in 3rd place in the Edit or Watch!

Bridgette: Sadly, TRR's exams and personal life got in the way of the MSR. Despite this, he became a stronger editor throughout the race.

Trent: TRR's really awesome.

Dakota: He's so hardworking!

Courtney: He focuses on school. I gotta admire that!

Geoff: Now that their time is up in the MSR, N3 has more time to focus on being an excellent admin and TRR is chilling, studying hard for his exams. And here they are now!

Numbuhthreefan and TRRFan6 come out and wave.

MacArthur: So, N3 and TRR, how do you two feel about being out of the race?

Josee: Does it feel bad not even getting on the podium?

Sanders: There is no podium!

Jacques: There is ALWAYS a podium!

TRRFan6: I'm kinda glad. The MSR really helped me along, but now I need to focus on my exams.

Everyone wishes TRR good luck for his exams.

Bridgette: What about you, N3?

Numbuhthreefan: Well, I thought I did pretty good throughout the race and hitting some of my goals I had set for myself. It felt so great to be in the final 4, but.....I kinda felt a bit robbed since some people were fluffing to the top. Haha lol anyway...I've made the final 4, which is something I'm proud of.

Audience claps


Bridgette: How do you feel about the alleged fluffing, N3?

Numbuhthreefan: But seriously though, just because you're in an editing competition doesn't give you a free pass to fluff. -_- @ people fluffing.

Geoff: Okay then! That's our word from the Dancing Fans. Now we–

Izzy: I remember there was this team in this show that came 4th, and they had to swim in a barrel of worms until they died of claustrophobia! Or did I make that up?

Geoff: Like I was saying, and now it's time for...Total! Drama! Final Three Showdown!!

Final Three Showdown

Bridgette: Last week, the Phoenix Wolves took first place, yet again, with RBW taking first individual.

Geoff: And reportedly, a lot of the racers FLUFFED!

The audience and Peanut Gallery gasp.

Bridgette: Apparently, there's an edit drought on the wiki - which is good! It means the wiki has been improved a lot!

Geoff: But some users really craved first! And some very juicy drama happened along the way.

Blaineley: I love me some good drama!

The Senpais: Stryzzar and TheBannedKid87

Blaineley: As usual, Stryzzar is a lone wolf, fighting his way through this game. His team, or should I say, he came in third place last time, securing his spot in the finale.

Heather: But what about his loser partner?

Blaineley: In a shocking turn of events, TheAnimeKid87 got BANNED!

The audience gasps.

Blaineley: Turns out AnimeKid is the real antagonist. He even got his comeuppance!

Cody: But how did he get banned?

Blaineley: He had past offences, and he continued to pick fights with both of the Phoenix Wolves.

Courtney: Doesn't matter anyway, Stryzzar probably didn't even feel a difference.

Duncan: You really like Stryzzar, huh?

Courtney: He's a strong player! He's my favorite character in the MSR.

Tyler: I like Stryzzar too! He's my favorite!

Somewhere in the world...RBW is weeping silent tears right now.

Eva: He doesn't hate me anymore much, so I guess he's alright.

Leonard: Stryzzar probably uses magic to get through every week!

Blaineley: Not exactly. He's just a very hard worker. He's also searching for a new partner! If you're interested, contact him on his message wall before the next MSR week begins!

Geoff: And the last detail...?

Blaineley: We've received reports that Stryzzar is guilty of minor fluffing!

Audience gasps.

The Forever Artists: ArtDraw12 and GWEN+TRENT FOREVER

Sadie: Ooh! My favorite team!

Blaineley: Turns out the main conflict of this season has come to it's peak!

Lindsay: Which corn flake?

Noah: CONFLICT, not corn flake you dumb nut.

Blaineley: Thank you Noah. I'm talking about the conflict between ArtDraw12 and Raised By Wolves. You may be wondering; what's the story there?

Junior: But I don't understand, aren't those two friends?

Blaineley: One day before the MSR began, ArtDraw12 saw that Raised By Wolves was asking Stryzzar for permission to put some tables he created himself on pages. Then, ArtDraw12 put them instead, which isn't against the rules, but was a dirty play just the same.

Duncan: That takes guts...

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.36.53 AM

ArtDraw's initial excuses for cheating RBW.

Blaineley: When RBW found out, he was NOT happy about it. Reports say he blocked ArtDraw12 on Private Message on chat! But more about that later. Art's excuses were quite inconsistent; he said it is RBW's fault for "talking about it privately", then said that he was "alone for a long time" and, well, see for yourself!

Tyler: I heard Art switched his excuses later!

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.39.02 AM

"It was just a prank bro"

Blaineley: That's true too! ArtDraw later said he was simply pranking RBW; which RBW refused to believe, seeing as Art just happened to post them right after the MSR began. See for yourself!

Samey: His that RBW makes a lot of edits?

Jasmine: And that it was a...prank?

Blaineley: It appears so! And he doesn't even take the full blame - turns out he blames RBW as well, since RBW talked about it privately.

Shawn: But RBW was asking Stry permission to upload the tables.

Blaineley: Recent reports say that Art is also guilty of fluffing!

Audience gasps.

Owen: But he can't be all bad, can he?

Blaineley: Oh, definitely not! Turns out Webkinz Mania falsely accused Art of fluffing - although this was only one of Art's fluffs, there were many more he actually did.

Trent: What? What was it?

Blaineley: Art added new pics to the Oh My Izzy page, replacing RBW's. Turns out those were legitimate, because those were the original pictures RBW uploaded weeks ago - they DID have black stripes on them!

Audience gasps

Gwen: Everyone's got two sides to them; you just gotta look hard enough.

The Phoenix Wolves: PhoenixDragonSamurai and Raised By Wolves

VeryUnknownFan: *sheds tear* Phoenix is leaving...

Blaineley: It's true! Phoenix apologized for being a jerk earlier this week, and promptly stated that he is LEAVING the wiki after the MSR! His friends are distraught!

Anne Maria: Is this cause of that dumb inter-whatsit page with Jo?

Blaineley: No, it seems Phoenix has some personal problems in real life to deal with.

Heather: Even I can't hide that I'm gonna miss him!

Ella: We will all dearly miss you, Phoenix!

Courtney: I won't! He always calls me Certifiably Insane Turkey!

Heather: *rolls eyes* He's not wrong.

Zoey: He always calls me boring girl!

Everyone: HE'S NOT WRONG!!!

Blaineley: Upon further investigation of the conflict between ArtDraw12 and Raised By Wolves, it turns out RBW's being a total baby about it!

Geoff: What do you mean?

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.44.34 AM

RBW has been incessantly acting cold towards Art.

Blaineley: See for yourself!

Courtney: I can relate to him!

Gwen: Poor Art...I can relate to Art! He said sorry, what else does he need to do?

Courtney: YOU won't get it, gothy!

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.46.59 AM

The salt is real.

Blaineley: But that's not all, RBW refuses to forgive Art! He has him blocked on Private Message, and take a look at this pic!

Trent: I get why he's feeling salty, but dude needs to chill.

Bridgette: I'm already sick of this conflict. Can we move on?

Blaineley: Fine! In other news...RBW came in 1st individual for the 4th time, Stry and N3 called him most improved, he's one of the only three that didn't fluff, the others were the Fans, it's ironic, blah blah blah. Oh, and RBW's real name was revealed by MintSkittlePenguin!

Geoff: Okay, that's enough!

Geoff pushes Blaineley aside and Bridgette and Geoff come back into focus.

Bridgette: Next time on the MSR, the final 3 teams will face-off against each other in the epic final round of...

...The Mainspace Race!

Disclaimer: This blog is meant for comedic (and somewhat dramatic) purposes and the intention was not to offend anyone.

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