Geoff: Welcome back to the second installment of the MSR Aftermath! This week's writer is none other than Raised By Wolves, since our writer Mughees J. Simpson can't write it this week.

Bridgette: We're back, with the whole MSR Peanut Gallery here!

Geoff: And Bridge and I finally got some make out time, too!

Bridgette: Here we have with us - in the order of their elimination -

The Mental Giants, Glenn31 and DerpyandDawn

Bridgette: Their game was short, but they did leave an impression!

Geoff: They did?

Bridgette: Um...

Glenn31 is on his phone.

Geoff: What are you doing, dude?

Glenn31: I'm on the TD Wiki chat. I just got promoted to chat mod!

Bridgette: Wow! Everyone give a big congratulations to Glenn!

  • Audience cheers*

The Ace Trainers, Bootylicious13 and TotalDramaNaruto

Bridgette: TDN is a rollback and chat mod, and who doesn't love Bootylicious?

Geoff: Yep, she's pretty fabulous. Just like her favorite girl with 'tude.

Bridgette: TDN's performance in week 1 wasn't bad, but they couldn't keep up and were eliminated second.

Geoff: Tough break! Since then, Booty and TDN have been spectating the race.

The G.oddesses, TheDipDap1234 and DestructiveMilkshake

Bridgette: DipDap is an excellent editor, but her partner refused to edit most of the time.

Geoff: Milkshake, while a good dude, pushed the limits and made less and less edits every week.

Bridgette: Milkshake's thug life got her and her team the loss.

DipDap and Milk wave.

The WES NALE Stans, VeryUnknownFan and X16bit

Geoff: No intention to offend, but the WES NALE Stans were considered the last fodder of the race.

Bridgette: No way, the Bubble Gadgets are the last fodder.

Geoff: You're kidding, right? We'll discuss this later.

The Bubble Gadgets, Bubble-Blitz and Gogogadget831

Bridgette: Now introducing the last fodders, Bubble-Blitz, also known as Celly, and Gogogadget831!

Geoff: Yep, wave to the audience, floaters!

Bridgette: They're fodder!

Geoff: You can't be a floater AND a fodder!

Bridgette: YES you can!

Geoff: They evaded elimination so many times!

Bridgette: But they're not the best team!

Geoff: You don't have to be the best team to be fodder!

Bridgette: Whatever! I'm not discussing this.

Geoff: Fine, we agree to disagree then.

Bubble-Blitz: I'm actually really glad to be out of the MSR.

Gogo: I know! It was really hard.

Bubble-Blitz: But, we did come in 7th place! That's the same as the Goths!

Gogo: Yep. I'm proud of how far we got. We make a good team, Celly.

Bubble-Blitz: Aw, thanks sweetie! Now that our time on the MSR is over, we have more time to focus on our RP!

Bridgette: Aw, you guys are so sweet!

The Mystic Warriors, AaliyahMoon and Mughees J. Simpson

Bridgette: Now introducing a team that was very middle ground in race; they weren't the top editors, or lower editors, but they definitely made a great team.

Geoff: Aaliyah and Mughees were both pretty solid throughout the race.

Bridgette: They were even being rooted for by another competitor of the race!

Geoff: Sadly, their elimination wasn't that shocking, but the dudes reached the Final 6 - Pretty epic if you ask me.

Bridgette: Agreed!

Aaliyah: Hey Geoff, hey Bridgette <3

Mughees: Hey guys!

Geoff: And now, we move onto the current competitors in the MSR, starting with the team that was eliminated in last week's episode.

5th Place: Chewy57 and Shadowshroom

MSR Aftermath Edit Pros

RBW and G+T discuss the Edit Pros' teamwork.

Bridgette: Everyone, please welcome Chewy57 and Shadowshroom!

Chewy walks out and sits on the interview couch.

Bridgette: ...Where's Shadow?

Geoff: *whispers* He was busy...

Bridgette: *whispers* Really...?

Geoff: *whipers* Yep...He said he'll try his best to show up next week, but until then, Chewy should do all the work...

Bridgette: Well, um, hi Chewy!

Chewy: Hey Bridgette, so great to be here.

Geoff: Dude, you're not upset about being kicked out?

Chewy: Not really, since the MSR was getting really hard anyway...

Bridgette: Understandable. You were almost completely alone, and yet you still managed to reach the Final 5!

Chewy: Thanks! *talks in Polish*

Geoff: What?

Chewy: Oh...Art isn't here...

Bridgette: Anyway, Final 5! Even though your partner never edited!

Geoff: Hey, I don't think you're giving Shadow enough credit. He had to come up with a new excuse every week!

Audience laughs, and Chewy laughs the hardest.

Geoff: In all seriousness, Shadow did make a small effort towards the end.

Bridgette: Sadly, 30-ish edits isn't enough to survive this cutthroat game anymore!

4th Place: The Dancing Fans, Numbuhthreefan and TRRFan6!

Katie: OMG, N3 is like, a total feminist icon!

Sadie: I know right, she's so cool!

Eva: I guess she's...okay.

Gwen: That's an understatement!

Eva: You're right, N3

Bridgette: And don't forget about her partner, TRRFan6!

Trent: He has great taste in characters.

Geoff: Not only that, but TRR is one of the most improved racers throughout the MSR.

Bridgette: He may just become a force to be reckoned with!

Geoff: I feel like the Dancing Fans could surprise us soon...who knows? Maybe they will!

Bridgette: Even if they don't, and Stryzzar's predictions are correct, this excellent team will still have made it to the Final 4 together.

Geoff: Yeah, and they definitely deserve it more than another team...

3rd Place: The Senpais, Stryzzar and TheAnimeKid87

MSR Aftermath Senpais

AnimeKid's catchphrase.


Bridgette: Woah, Eva, calm down!

Tyler: She's right! Stryzzar's such a great editor, and Anime just coattails off of his efforts.

Lindsay: Yeah, he doesn't even know when the MSR starts!

Geoff: We asked the Peanut Gallery which team they think Stryzzar and AnimeKid are most like, and here are the answers!

Duncan: I think they're like Carrie and Devin.


Cody: They're like Rock and Spud, one partner works, while the other does nothing.

Noah: No, they're like you and Sierra, Cody. Sierra carried you all the way to 3rd place in Total Drama World Tour...and Stry's doing the same!

Sierra: Aww, I'll carry Cody anywhere...for however long he wants...*purr*

Bridgette: It's true, Stryzzar made an impressive 436 edits!

Geoff: But sadly, AnimeKid's mere 4 edits meant they couldn't snag second place.

Bridgette: You're not giving Anime enough credit - he made 4 more edits than usual!

Courtney: I'm contacting my lawyers to get Stryzzar a new partner. This is an injustice, people! Stryzzar was robbed in Season One and he'll be robbed again. Pity.

Gwen: She's actually right.

Bridgette: How much longer can the lone wolf Stryzzar last?

Geoff: I say two weeks. One if the Fans try really hard.

Bridgette: One thing's for sure, Stryzzar is definitely a fan favorite!


2nd Place: The Forever Artist, ArtDraw12 and GWEN+TRENT FOREVER

Geoff: The Forever Artists started out as the team that everyone thought was gonna dominate the race.

Bridgette: Their guaranteed 1st place spot was threatened when the Phoenix Wolves bursted into action, beginning a fierce rivalry between the two.

Geoff: Both of the Forever Artists have placed first individually once, which is quite a feat.

Sadie: G+T is kinda cute.

RBW bursts in.


RBW leaves.

Bridgette: It seems the Forever Artists have never come lower than 2nd place!

Geoff: They've never come 1st twice in a row, either.

Bridgette: The Phoenix Wolves have 5 1st places, and the Artists have 4. Can the Artists turn things around?

Geoff: Your guess is as good as ours! But ours matters more, because we're on TV.

A giant anvil nearly drops on Geoff and Bridgette.


Bridgette: What's going on?

DerpyandDawn: The Wiki is MINE!!! MINE!!!

TheDipDap1234: What is the meaning of this, Derpy?!

DerpyandDawn: I...AM...EVIIIIIL!!! *DerpyandDawn begins to transform*

AaliyahMoon: W-What is she turning into?!

Courtney is smoking hot: I'm not Derpy anymore!! I AM CISH!!! Courtney is SMOKIN' HOT!

Courtney: Well duh, we all knew that. Why do you think I get so many butt shots?

Bridgette: You mean...Derpy is the Scarlett of the MSR?

Courtney is smoking hot: YES! And now, I have the entire Aftermath studio under MY control! TREMBLE before me!

Courtney is smoking hot punches Harold and knocks him out.

Leshawna: Uh uh uh, see now you messed with the wrong sister. You're going DOWN. *Leshawna rolls up her sleeves*

Leshawna and Courtney is smoking hot begin to fight, but Courtney is smoking hot defeats her.

Trent: Let me try!

Courtney is smoking hot rips of Trent's shirt while trying to attack him.

Katie and Sadie stare.

Katie: He's SO hot!

Sadie: SO SO SO hot!

Katie and Sadie: EEEEEEE!!!

Courtney is smoking hot: NOO!! NOO I CAN'T TAKE THEIR SQUEALING!!!

Trent puts his shirt back on.

Katie and Sadie stop squealing.

Courtney is smoking hot: HAHA!! I am powerful once more! *Courtney is smoking hot puts on ear plugs*

Bridgette: Geoff, do something!

Owen farts on CISH. CISH puts on nose plugs. Noah facepalms.

Sierra: No one hurts MY CODY!! *CISH uses her Villain Sue powers to defeat Sierra*

Courtney is smoking hot: I am undefeatable!

Chewy57: !mods

RBW: Yeah?

Chewy57: There's a troll here :/

RBW: YAS! I can finally use my mod powers! *RBW bans CISH*

Courtney is smoking hot: NOOO! It can't end this way! 

Geoff: Uh, yeah it will.

Courtney is smoking hot holds RBW hostage.

Tyler: Not on my watch!!

Tyler tries to attack CISH, but slips, breaks a few things, and eventually manages to fall onto Courtney is smoking hot. He then picks up RBW and puts him aside.

RBW: This is just like my fantasies Thanks Tyler.

Leshawna: See now, you gonna pay. *Leshawna fights CISH*

Chewy57: !mods

Webkinz Mania: *IP Bans CISH*

Geoff: Well that was...something.

Bridgette: There are some really dramatic people this season...

Geoff: But don't worry, the two most dramatic are yet to come! This week, they came in...

1st Place: The Phoenix Wolves, PhoenixDragonSamurai and Raised By Wolves

MSR Aftermath Phoenix 1

RBW and Chewy discuss Phoenix's non-proper actions.

Bridgette: Their long usernames live up to their performances!

Geoff: The Phoenix Wolves have shown astounding performances, including them BLOWING AWAY the competition with a staggering 1,361 edits, which more than DOUBLE of what the Forever Artists got.

Bridgette: However, both of these editors seem to have rather...interesting personalities.

Geoff: And by interesting, we mean hilarious and potentially meme-forming.

Heather: RBW is probably the best editor in the MSR. He's come first place three times in a row! At least he would have, if it weren't for that darn Botch or Watch.

Lindsay: RBW is soo cute!

G+T bursts in.


G+T leaves.

Tyler: So, what hilarious antics does RBW have?

Geoff: Very ironic that you're the one to ask that question, Tyler.

Tyler: What? Why?

Bridgette: Dude, RBW absolutely ADORES you!

Geoff: He rewatched Total Drama World Tour just to see all of your moments two weeks ago.

Lindsay: I don't blame him!


SuperMaxGuy and ArtDraw mock RBW about his love for Tyler.

Geoff: If you turn your attention to the monitor above (the screenshot on the left), you can see a clip of how much RBW really loves Tyler.

RBW comes in.


Tyler: Uh, hi. You must be my fan.

RBW hugs Tyler and won't let go.

Sierra: I can relate to him.

Geoff: Can we get an intern here?

An intern comes and uses a crowbar to rip RBW off of Tyler.

Cody: Now you know my pain, Tyler.

Leshawna: What about Phoenix?

MSR Aftermath Phoenix 2

Phoenix's catchphrases.

Bridgette: Ever since the discussion about Anne Maria and Jo appeared, Phoenix was been wanting it gone for weeks!

Geoff: True story.

Heather: Who cares? He's still a great editor. At least he's not a total loser.

Gwen: Like you?

Heather: *scoff* Ex-CUSE me? I happen to be RBW's SECOND favorite character!

Geoff: Actually, Lindsay and Tyler are second and first.

Heather: Whatever. It doesn't matter!

Lindsay: *claps* Yay! That's so cool!

Bridgette: But you are ArtDraw's favorite, Heather.

Geoff: The Phoenix Wolves have been putting on an awesome display for weeks now!

Bridgette: Especially Phoenix!

Geoff: But lately, RBW has been the second person in the MSR to get 1st THREE TIMES!

Bridgette: He could have done it three times in a row...but that pesky BOTCH OR WATCH...

Noah: I said that RBW and Phoenix are like Jacques and Josee. One keeps a level head and the other...

Geoff plays a clip of one of Josee's tantrums.

Bridgette: Aside from Phoenix, who already got all the attention last time, you have to commend RBW's performance lately.

Geoff: The dude made a huge spike in his edits. One week it's 119 and 4, and then BAM, he makes 412 edits.

Bridgette: And RBW didn't stop after that. He's been breaking his records for three weeks now, and Stryzzar even called him the new top editor.

Geoff: He made 700 edits, he deserves to be called that.

DJ: Man's got dedication.

Gwen: Well, he did get promoted to chat mod for it.

Bridgette: Yep! Congratulations to RBW!

Lindsay: I looove his CYOA series! It's like, the best blog series in the whole Wiki!

Alejandro: I got eliminated early in it...

Bridgette: Cheer up Alejandro, because RBW revealed something special...

Alejandro is confirmed for the TDAS CYOA!

Geoff: Let's see what else the Phoenix Wolves have in store for us. Will Phoenix calm down? Will RBW top 700 edits?

Bridgette: I know he loves being chat mod, that's for sure!

Tyler: I wouldn't rather have any other psycho fanboy.

Bridgette: And that's all the time we have for this week! Tune in next time when we take a look at our Final 3!

-show cuts off-

Disclaimer: This blog is meant for comedic purposes and the intention was not to offend anyone.

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