Like, if there was a season that was made up of people who had unused potential, or are always forgotten. My personal thoughts are:

First Generation Cast

  • Ezekiel (Pre-Zombie)
  • Eva
  • Noah
  • Katie
  • Sadie
  • Tyler
  • Cody (although he did get to the Final 3 once, so not sure)
  • Harold (He's like, the king of underdogs despite TDA)
  • DJ (maybe)
  • Owen (knowing the way the TD producers love him they'll find a way to call him an underdog)

Second Generation Cast

  • Staci
  • Sam (he's not an All-Star!)
  • Dakota (pre-monster)
  • B
  • Dawn
  • Brick
  • Mike, Zoey and Cameron (lol I'm totally kidding)

Third Generation Cast

  • Beardo
  • Leonard (maybe not, since he's already been given two chances)
  • Rodney
  • Samey
  • Topher
  • Dave
  • Max

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