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Total Drama World Tour Elimination Table

Hey! As you all know, the CYOA for Total Drama World Tour is now over! You can see the final episode blog:Raised By Wolves/CYOA: Total Drama World Tour - Hawaiian Style/Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles/Hawaiian Punch here. It's been a long and gruelling season, but in the end, our finalists were Heather, Noah and...YOU! Sadly, you lost at the eleventh hour, but your best friend Noah took the win in one ending! Now it's time for our contestants to take some downtime, relax and kick back.

And now, for the the tribute to OC!

But Wait, What Has Everyone Been Doing?

I know what you're thinking. But wait, what has everyone been doing? I'll answer you!


After declaring his love to Heather, they both went their separate ways. Heather moved to Beverly Hills (her ending) Heather moved back home (Noah's ending), and never texted Alejandro. Alejandro took after his father and learned to be a diplomat, but quit when his older brother, Jose, was a better diplomat than him. He tried to find something to do, and still can't find anything that his older brother won't show him up in.


Since the Peanut Gallery were living in Playa Des Losers for the entire season after their elimination, Beth was there for quite a while (perks of being a TD contestant), and really missed her boyfriend and her pet pig. She went home and gave both of them a big hug. She's been hanging out with Brady for a while now, and has pretty much forgotten that she was ever on a reality show called Total Drama. Oh, but she does keep contact with a couple of her TD friends!


After realizing the error of her ways, Blaineley went on a reformation project. She opened up a charity, which served both as her publicity and a way to help the poor. She donated $1,000,000 to charity, and afterwards, she questioned why she even wanted to win Total Drama when she had so much money anyway. She also asked Celebrity Manhunt for her job back, but they refused. Instead, Blaineley signed a contract to sing for the new animated movie, Animaltopia.


Bridgette went back home and decided to ride the waves for a while. Since the season ended on April 2nd, she came right on time for surfing season, and often invited Geoff and her other friends, from Total Drama or not, over to her beach house for some surfing fun. She remembered to hold a big party and invited everyone, and even pestered Noah into coming. Geoff and Bridgette's relationship is still going strong.


After Cody went home, Sierra followed him, and even stayed with his family for a few days. When Cody went back to school and started to get bullied by the kids there, Sierra pummeled those kids with one swift kick. Cody learned to appreciate Sierra more, and agreed to be friends with her only if she toned down the stalker stuff. Sierra agreed, and now they're good friends. Cody also invited OC over to his house for video games as an act of friendship, which OC accepted.


Courtney wanted nothing more than to put her horrible track record on Total Drama behind her. After telling her entire school that she'd win Total Drama, they mocked her and called her "Courtnine", since she only competed on nine episodes. Trent wishes that would happen to him. She lost the election for Class President, Vice President and Treasurer...and that last one only had one person running, and that's her. Frustrated and upset, she used her allowance to bail Duncan out of juvie (her allowance is huge) and Duncan took her on a road trip around Canada to help Courtney feel better. She returned to school refreshed and better than ever, ready to tackle problems like she's always been.


After DJ's failed restaurant with his mother, he had nothing to do and his mother nearly had to file for unemployment and bankruptcy, but they weren't upset - they were back home in Jamaica. DJ and his mother were later hired for a popular Jamaican cooking show, which DJ wholeheartedly accepted because it combined his two favorite things: cooking and his mama.


After Courtney bailed Duncan out of juvie, his parents kicked him out of the house for a while. During this time, Duncan lived with his brother for a few days, and later took Courtney on a road trip to help her feel better.


Over the summer, Eva visited her hometown back in Europe, and later found out that she was so bitter all the time because that's just how people were in her village. Being separated from her home didn't help either. She decided to call the only two people who recognized her as friends when she returned to Canada: Katie and Sadie. They helped her improve her social skills, which was hard, because, well...she's Eva. But they managed to do it and now she's (almost) like a real girl. 


After returning home, Ezekiel got really mad at his parents for sending him to Total Drama. He used their guilt to get them to send him to the nearby school, where he met kids his age, who thought he was really cool since he was on Total Drama.


This dude kept on partying.


Since she had nothing to do, and her college tuition funds were already paid for, Gwen started hanging out with her friends (i.e. Angela, Pixie Corpse, Reaper, Leshawna) a lot more and even drove to the other side of town often to see OC. One day, they were just really bored. OC suggested they make out a lot, which Gwen responded by saying "Fine. Let's go."

Gwen realized what a crazy experience Total Drama was and how many new friends she made. Upon OC's request, Gwen made more of an effort to hang out with these new friends and not be a loner like she had always been.


After Total Drama World Tour was over, Heather was voted Reality TV's #1 Superstar, and she got her own spin-off show, "The World According to Heather", a talk show which was originally Heather meeting celebrities and giving them interviews, but soon became all about her. She met Alejandro after a long time, and noticed that he tends to flirt with girls while on a date with her. To get back at him, she invited OC to her show (Trivia: her show was originally called "The Bills") and discussed every day topics with him; usually complaining about those things.

Topics included fashion, technology, coffee, white girls, and a bunch of other stuff which ended up being interesting, since Heather and OC had real chemistry together. This show actually brought about SEVEN different memes on the Internet, one of Heather's proudest accomplishments. She soon got used to complaining about stuff with OC, that when Alejandro burst on stage during one episode (the topic was how to look sexy while exercising), and demanded that Heather stop taunting him. They made out on stage, while OC exited. But he did come back for the next episode.


Justin obviously got more modelling jobs. Izzy revealed to the world that Justin was her ex-boyfriend, which Justin denied at first, until racy pictures of the two surfaced online.

Katie and Sadie

One day, Sadie brought up how Katie claims she and OC ended on good terms, but they hardly ever spoke again. Katie thought this was true, so she invited OC over, and they hung out, and actually had fun. OC met Sadie's boyfriend Jose, whom things are going well with for Sadie.


Ever since Total Drama Action ended, Lindsay was relieved. She planned on starting a cosmetics company called Lindsay, and obviously the investments came from daddy's credit card. But first, shopping! Lindsay went to the mall and afterwards, forgot to start her business. It was only during her elimination in London that she remembered. When she came home, she immediately got started. However, due to her refusal to test her cosmetics on the cute animals, consumers had REALLY bad problems with the products.

Somehow, Lindsay won the cases filed against her, but recalled all of the "Lindsay" products. She used the settlement money to start a clothing company, which started off as a lingerie company called "Lindsay's Secret", but she decided to extend to all kinds of Women's Clothing since she refused to make bras smaller than her own size, which led to many people not being able to use them.

Later, she decided to go into Men's Fashion. She didn't want to immediately jump into it, so she tested it out through a webshow called "Lindsay Couture", where she had men's clothes made, and even hired a model: OC. Since Tyler refused to do it. However, OC didn't know that LINDSAY would be changing his clothes for him! Check out this clip from Episode #2:

"Okay, Lindsay fans! Today, we'll be putting our handsome new model, OC, in a suit! This suit is made from only the finest of cloths from like, Asia! First, OC has to change into it.", Lindsay says. She takes off OC's pants.

"Wait, what are you doing?", OC asks.

"I'm changing you, silly!", Lindsay says.

"Um, I can change myself.", OC says.

"No, I need to do it!", Lindsay says. Lindsay and OC struggle until OC is left in his underwear. Horrified, he looks up at the screen.


"OMG!!", Lindsay says, rapidly turning the camera off.

This video was later taken down, and Episode 3 came out two weeks later after Lindsay agreed to let OC change clothes himself.


Noah came home <Noah's ending> and decided to invest his money into the market, which got him even more </Noah's ending>. OC came to his house to surprise him, and the first thing Noah asked was how OC tracked him down. "That's not important", OC told his friend. Noah later found out that he got the information from Sierra. Noah and OC played video games for nine hours straight until Noah's dad came in and unplugged the system. He told the boys to do something productive.

Just like Noah promised OC back in Total Drama World Tour, he tutored OC after OC told Noah he failed his last science test.

"So, um, you remember when you told me you'd tutor me when the season is over?", you ask.

"...Yes.", he replies.

"Great! Cause I need tutoring. I kinda test.", OC says.

"Why do you sound so upset?", Noah asks.

"Because you're so smart and everyone else sucks.", OC replies.

"Fine, I'll tutor you. But I will warn you, I'm a tough teacher.", Noah says.

After a lot of scolding, lecturing and even a slap from Noah, OC finally learned everything and got an A+ on his science exam. Obviously, Noah was really proud of his friend. Later, OC, Noah and Tyler all reunited at Tyler's house.


One day, Tyler invited OC to his house. Lindsay was there too. Tyler wanted to introduce both OC and Lindsay to his parents. OC politely greeted his parents, and Lindsay did too, and SHE. REMEMBERED. TYLER'S. NAME. Remember this. She remembered it. They did not break up. They stayed together. Tyler and Lindsay. Forever. Not breaking up. Especially due to stupid reasons. Later, OC, Lindsay and Tyler were talking, and Tyler brought up two things: One, that Lindsay and Tyler both owe OC a lot for all he's done for them, and two, that OC still can't ride a bike.

Lindsay asks Tyler if they can go shopping for her, and Tyler agrees, asking OC to come along. OC refuses, never wanting to go shopping with a girl (he's gone with his mom, and it takes forever). Lindsay reminds him that he'll have to go with Gwen eventually, too, but OC claims that Gwen doesn't take long. Then, Tyler and Lindsay promise to buy OC one thing each at the mall if he came with them. And that's the story of how OC got a new phone and a new computer. While they were there, Tyler also bought OC a bike.

When they got home, Lindsay's dad called and she went home. Tyler decided it was the perfect time to teach OC how to ride a bike.

"Okay OC, get onto your bike.", Tyler says.

"But it doesn't even have training wheels.", OC replies.

"Don't worry. You'll see how much fun it is, then you'll be riding it all night.", Tyler says. Classic Tyler facepalm from OC. OC nervously steps onto the bike, with Tyler's help.

"Come on, dude, I can't ride it for you.", Tyler says.

"Fine, I'll ride it slowly. But you have to stay next to me in case I fall and potentially die.", OC says.

"You won't die. But fine, I'll run with you.", Tyler says. OC went faster and faster, and nearly got ANOTHER bloody nose, but was saved my Tyler. On his second attempt, he was successful.

"Tyler, did you see me? Of course you did, you were right next to me.", OC says excitedly.

"No I wasn't. I stopped running after twenty seconds.", Tyler says.

After that, they went inside, ordered pizza, and OC slept over at Tyler's house, the day before he invited Noah over too.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

You Reunite With Noah

After the song, you're all travelling in the plane, and you decide to finally talk to your best friend Noah after so long.

"Noah, what's up? How've you been, man?", you ask.

"Hey, OC!", he says happily...and he doens't say a lot of things happily. You also have a bad headache.

"I can't believe we're on this show again.", you say.

"It's worse for you, I mean, Total Drama Action was rough for you.", he says.

"Yeah, it was. But whatever. I need the money.", you say.

"For what?", he asks.

"What teen doesn't need a million dollars?", you ask.

"That's true. But you did hook up with Gwen, not bad.", he says. You smile.

"Yeah, I did. Where is Gwen?", you ask.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

OC Finds Out He's A Fan Fave! Courtney lamented on how miserable Duncan must've been alone in the plane.

(He probably likes it)

You start talking to Sierra.

"You know, OC, you're a fan favorite. In fact, the fans feel like they can really get inside your head, they feel to connected to you.", she explains.

Uh huh...that's cool.", OC says, doubting every word she says.

"OCxGwen is actually a very popular ship, almost as popular as OCxKatie.", she says.

(Ah, yeah...I remember Katie. Those were the days...), you say, thinking about how nice TDI was compared to this.

The Creation of Code Red

"Ah, welcome to the team, OC.", Alejandro says warmly.

"Hey...", you say, completing the weaving that Sierra had started. Everyone else started working as well, with Noah next to you.

"Hey, OC, can we have a secret code?", Noah asks.

"What do you mean?", you ask.

"Nothing. If I say something is a code red emergency, that means we need to talk privately. Immediately.", Noah says.

"Oh, ok...", you say, surprised that Noah is asserting himself more now. It was a good change.

I Love You, Gwen!

"Well, if you think about it, Team Amazon has a lot of my enemies, Gwen. Courtney hates me, Heather hates me and I'm not even sure about Cody.", you say.

"What about the kiss?", Gwen asks.

"You-You're not, worried or anything, right?", you ask nervously.

"Of course not. You and Heather? Blegh!", she says, while making a vomitting motion. You laugh.

"It's okay, competition won't set us apart.", you say.

"Yeah, you're right. Maybe we should just stay out of each other's way.", Gwen says.

"No, I don't want that. Anyway, see you after the elimination. Love you.", you say. Gwen looked shocked.

"Did you...did you just say you love me?", Gwen asks. You blush.

"Yes, I did...", you say. Gwen grabs you, pulls you close and kisses you.

"I love you too.", she says, and smiles.

"Great, now get out there and get rid of Heather for us!", you say. Gwen goes to the bathroom, since the 'Barf Bag Ceremony' hadn't started yet, and you make your way up to first class.

Cody Forgave You

On the way, you meet Cody.

"Cody? Shouldn't you be at the elimination thing?", you ask.

"It hasn't started yet. I wanted to talk to you.", Cody says. You get a bit nervous.

"M-Me?", you ask.

"Yeah. I just wanted to say, I'm sorry about earlier, heh. It was kinda jerkish of me. We're still, um, cool, right? Right?", Cody asks nervously.

"Yeah, of course Cody. Why are you so nervous?", you ask.

"I'm not, I'm just, like that.", he says.


"To be totally honest with you, Cody, I thought you hated me. Like, a lot.", you say.

"What? No! Why would I...oh yeah...that's no problem, really.", Cody says.

"Oh, good. Then...we're cool.", you say.

"Awesome. The Codemeister is out!", Cody says.


OC: Cody is probably one of the best people I know. That is, if he actually forgave me. I hope he did...

-end confessional-

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

You Win Again! "That...was something.", Chris says. Cody put his head down in shame.

"Chef, who did the best?", Chris asks.

"Chris, I gotta go with Team Chris. I just love exploding donuts and catchy jingles.", Chef says happily, nodding at you. Your whole team cheers! You won again!

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

You Snap Some Sense Into Bridgette You stand up.

"Where you going?", Owne asks.

"To the bathroom.", you say.

"You just went an hour ago.", Noah says.

"Noah, stop being creepy.", you say as if you're tired. You head out and catch up to Bridgette.

"Bridgette, can I talk to you?", you ask.

"Hey, OC. What's up?", she asks.

"Stop being dumb. You have a boyfriend back home and you're flirting with Alejandro?!", you say angrily.

"Woah, calm down.", she replies.

"No, you calm down. Stop whatever thing it is you have with Alejandro. It's only going to lead to heartache and tears. You know Geoff's watching us, right now? Look.", you say. You pick up Bridgette's arm and wave to the camera.

"Alright, just chill!", she says then she sighs, "You're right. Sorry Geoff!", she says.

"Good. As long as this is clear. Oh, and don't tell Alejandro about this little meeting", you say, and you head back up, and you hear a bit of what Chris said to the economy class people.

Noah The Shield

"And how are you all doing? Is what I would say, if I cared about any of you except Lindsay.", he says, as you left. You rolled your eyes. Later, the plane experiences strong turbulence, except instead of slight shaking you felt like death was coming.

"NOAH PROTECT ME", you shout, using Noah as a human shield.

"Exactly what are you using my body to protect you from?", Noah asks.

"I don't know but PROTECT ME ANYWAY.", you yell.

"Stay calm, my brothers. We will be safe.", Alejandro says calmly. Meanwhile, Owen was even more freaked out than you, running around like a headless chicken. Alejandro paralyzed him with some kind of shoulder pressure point.

"NOAH PROTECT ME", Tyler yelled as he too got behind Noah.

Thank You, My Fans, For 1000 Comments!

You start jumping, and Sierra follows you.

"You know OC, you have a very large fanbase.", she says.

"I do?", you ask, thinking that's pretty cool.

"Oh yeah. You never make it that far, but the fans still really like you.", she says.

"Thanks for reminding me...", you say in response to her never-make-it-far comment.

"Oh, don't worry. Quality over quantity! But you have quantity too! I was on the Total Drama Wikia before the season started, and there are over a thousand comments combined on several of these amazingly written blogs all about you!", she says.

/shameless self-promotion

Repaying Cody

You reach nearly the end of the ice flows, and Tyler was already waiting for everyone at the sleds. You turn back, and see that Cody was being chased down by a polar bear. Sierra hadn't noticed.

(Crap...not again...), you think, remembering what happened in TDI.

You reach in the water and grab a cold frozen fish

(Ew. It's slimy.)

"Cody!! Watch out!", you yell, and run back the flows and smash the fish over the bear's head, and soon you start wrestling the bear.

Cody watches in awe, frozen with fear, or probably just frozen.

"Cody, get lost already!", you yell, fighting the bear. You use the fish to push the bear into the water, but the bear thwacks the fish away. Then, DJ appears, running wildly and rams right into the bear, plunging it into the water.

"It's the CURSE!!", he yells.


Alejandro's Evil, Bridgette's Cheating and You're Winning!

Tyler starts running, but complains that his court shoes were slowing him down. In the distance, on one of the meeting points, you see Alejandro flirting with Bridgette again...SHIRTLESS

Tyler finally starts running, and you reach the meeting point, and you grab Alejandro, after Bridgette had already kissed...a pole.

"Not the time, lover boy.", you say and quickly glare at Bridgette. You reach the cliff, and hang on to the sled for dear life as Tyler was SOMEHOW hanging on as well.

"Owen, lean forward!", Noah commands, as the big guy leans forward, and Noah gets your team the win!!

"Team I Am Super Hot WINS!!", Chris announces. Team Victory comes in second, then Team Amazon last.

"Crap! After all our hard work!", Heather yells. Then Chris realizes Bridgette was absent, and declares Team Victory the losers.

Later, you get extra mad at Bridgette.

"Get a grip, Bridgette.", you say angrily.

"Okay, okay! I'm sorry! At least now I can tell my team that Alejandro is EVIL!", she says in a weird voice since her tongue was still on the pole.

You Singlehandedly Destroy Team Victory

You turn on the hot water in the bathroom and put it in a cup, freeing Bridgette of her pole prison.

"Your make out session with the pole is over.", you joke. Bridgette rolls her eyes.

"That is not funny. That thing is cold.", Bridgette says.

"That's what all the divorced women say about their ex-husbands.", you joke. Bridgette lightly punches your arm.

"I think we should explain what happened to your team.", you suggest. Bridgette agrees. You track down Lindsay, Leshawna, DJ and Harold and explain what happened.

"You still kissed Alejandro. Or, almost did.", Harold pointed out.

"Yes, but you don't understand! He's evil!", Bridgette says.

"I don't think we can trust you.", Harold says. Bridgette stares at him in disbelief.

"We did lose because of you, hon.", Leshawna points out.

"Well if DJ had seen me at the meeting point, you could've picked me up.", she retorts.

"DJ was too busy crying because of his Mama.", Lindsay said sadly.

"Our strategy was to meet at the finish.", Leshawna reminded them.

"I couldn't do that! And I got stuck to the pole before you guys arrived at that meeting point!", Bridgette explained, slowly getting agitated.

"Look, Bridgette, I like you but this is gonna be tough. You gotta promise to stay away from Alejandro.", Leshawna says.

"Okay, okay! I'll stay away from him!", Bridgette says.

"But then who are we going to vote for?", Lindsay asks.

"I think it should still be Bridgette. Can we even trust you?", Harold asks.

"Maybe it should be YOU, Harold. Didn't you make us lose the last challenge?", Bridgette says

"We didn't lose, we came in second place GOSH", Harold reminds Bridgette.

"You SPAT on me!", Bridgette shouts.

"Guys, calm down.", DJ says.

"Maybe we should vote of BJ, I mean he cried and made us lose.", Lindsay commented.

"Well, I tried to tell you and Leshawna to listen to me, but you were too busy gossiping.", DJ retorted.

"That was important girl talk!", Leshawna says. Everyone turns away from each other.

"The elimination is right now, guys. We can't fight!", Bridgette says.


OC: Did I just single-handedly turn Team Victory against each other? Oops...

-end confessional-

"No one's asking you to fight. Maybe you should go back to making googly eyes at Al!", Harold says.

"Harold, no one asked for your opinion.", Bridgette said harshly.

"I say we vote for CJ!", Lindsay says.

"I say we vote for Lindsay.", DJ says, getting mad at Lindsay.

"Fine! We WON'T figure out who to vote for!", Leshawna says.

"FINE!", Harold says.

"DOUBLE FINE!", Lindsay says.

"FINE!", DJ and Bridgette shout simultaneously.

"Good. Then let the chips fall where they may.", Leshawna says.

Broadway, Baby!

The Noah Annoyance Begins "Where's Noah?", you ask. Owen wakes up.

"*yawn* That was a really good nap! I felt something hard under my butt. Something's wrong with that couch.", Owen says, and lazily gets up, revealing a crushed Noah who was under him.

"Agh! Thanks for not noticing that I was MISSING all night! Who am I, Tyler?!", he asks angrily. Tyler gets mad.

"Hey! I have a pretty big fanbase! Kinda...", he says.

"Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah.", you say, repeating his name several times to annoy him.

"Yeah OC?", he says, strangely calm. He usually will say something horribly mean and blow your mind.

"I'm bored.", you say playfully.

"What do you want me to do?", Noah asks, his eyes focused on his book.

"I don't know...", you say, trying to find a comfortable position on the couch.

"Stay still.", he says. Your legs were on the armrest and you were laying down on the couch.

Alejandro Can Woo You Too

"Can I ask you a question?", he asks.

"Sure.", you reply.

"What do you see in that big tub of lard?", Alejandro says, as if he absolutely despised Owen.

"You mean Owen? I don't know, we just kinda became friends last season. Why?", you ask.

"I believe he was scared of you, am I wrong?", he asks.

(Wow his voice is so calming)

"You've really done your research. He was, but after I helped him a little we became friends.", you explain.

"Ah, yes. The help against Trent, I believe.", he says.

(I wonder if his voice is just genes?)

"Yep, that's it. Anything else?", you ask.

"Yes, why is Tyler so fond of you?", he asks.

(Why would Tyler not be fond of me? I'm like, awesome.)

"I don't know, actually. He just started acting like that recently.", you say.

"I see. That will be all for now. One last question, what were you talking about with Bridgette yesterday?" he asks. Oops.

"Bridgette and I are friends, we were just talking.", you say.

"That makes sense. I am very fond of Bridgette, you see.", he says.

Tyler Loves You

"Pfft, no! I meant they're the UGLY kind of muscular...", she says defensively. You and Lindsay can't resist laughing.

"Shut it, Lindsay and OC! We're TRYING to have an adult conversation here!", Heather shouts at you. First thing she's said to you in a while, actually.

Later, Chris gathered you all in the drop zone.

"Hey, Lindsay, do you like the boat?", Tyler asks. He was sitting next to you.

"Yes, I do, Tyler!", Lindsay says happily. Then, suddenly, Tyler turned to you and hugged you, and thanked you.

Team Victory Comforts You For Losing

"Guuuyyys, look who I brought!", Lindsay chirps to everyone. Everyone turns around, and turn back to their books, food or massage. Or in Harold's case, his action figures.

"Come on, Team Victory! OC has had a really rough day.", she yells. No one even looks up. You sigh, sit down and stare outside the window. It was dark and cloudy, just like your heart.

(They're being awfully rude.)

"OC, why are you so sad? You've lost before, tons of times.", Lindsay says, in a failed attempt to comfort you.

"It's not that, it's just that I singlehandedly made the team lose. And that's not even the worst part.", you say.

"Then what is it?", she asks.

"It's that, even though I made my team lose, Noah, Tyler and Owen wouldn't have voted me off. Someone else would've gone home, and everyone tried really hard.", you say.

"That's okay, we all make mistakes.", she says.

"And when mistakes are made, one faces the consequences. Noah was totally ready to forgive me.", you say. Harold looks up and his eyes twinkle; he had something on his mind for sure.

"That's because Noah likes you and trusts you. He knows you work hard. What you need to do is restore your team's honor, and more importantly, your own honor, OC-san.", Harold says.

"You think so, Harold?", you ask.

"Definitely. You know Japanese culture as much as I do; and honor is important.", he says.

"But we're not even in China. We're in Oceania.", Lindsay says.

"So many things wrong with that sentence...", you say.

Slap Slap Revolution

You Singlehandedly Fix Team Victory "Lindsay, Japan isn't even in China GOSH. And all oceans aren't Oceania GOSH. I mean, GOSH. Just, GOSH, Lindsay. Pick up an atlas.", Harold says.

"You spat in my eye.", you say.

"Well I don't spend all my time reading! I shop, which is why my hair looks good and yours-", Lindsay begins.

"Are you guys serious?", you say. They turn to you.

"Stop fighting. Harold, if you're so big on honor, why are you fighting with your team? Do the honorable thing and apologize to Bridgette and end this madness.", you say. Harold sighs.

"I'm sorry, Bridgette.", he says, but not like he meant it.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too. We're a team, and we should act like it.", Bridgette says powerfully.

"Alright! My girl and my boy are back in business.", Leshawna says proudly. She stands up and gives you a good squeeze, and so does Lindsay.

"Thank you, OC.", she says, then pulls out a big fistful of candy.

"Where'd this come from?", you ask, putting a Jolly Rancher in your mouth.

"It was our reward. We also got some apples and this.", Leshawna says, holding up the meat grinder.

"I like my meat grinded sometimes for sloppy joes, so Leshawna said I could take it home at the end of the season.", Harold says. You smile.

"You guys were never really fighting, just being dumb.", you joke, and pop a few more candies in your mouth. They were damn good.

Lindsay's Tough Love

"Enough already! You made one mistake, now get over it!", she says, and slaps you.

"Alright, alright. You're right.", you admit.

The Tyler Revelation

"Hey, Tyler.", you sigh.

"What's wrong?", he asks.

"Nothing, I just don't like hiking. The incline and lack of oxygen and all.", you explain.

"That's no problem, dude!", he says, then to your surprise, he lifts you up and starts piggybacking you to the top.

"Tyler, stop stop stop stop!", you repeatedly say. He finally puts you down.

"What's with you?!", you snap

"What do you mean?", he asks innocently.

"All season long you've been agreeing with me, listening to everything I say, and just, acting like a pet! Stop it already! It's weird.", you snap, and at that point Tyler looked ready to tear up.

"Wait, no, don't cry! I didn't mean it like that! I was only wondering why you were doing it!", you correct yourself.

"Oh, well, don't you remember back last season, when you helped Lindsay remember my name? If it weren't for you, she would've forgotten.", Tyler says sadly.

(Now I feel like crying. Poor guy)

"Aw, it'll be okay. At least she knows you now.", you say, and smile.

"Yeah, dude. I was just, like, trying to show you that I was grateful and stuff.", Tyler says awkwardly.

"No problem, we're a team and more importantly, we're friends. You don't have to prove anything.", you say. Tyler smiles

"Alright then, let's win this for the team!", he says, and starts running up the mountain.

Noah's Ride And Entertainment

"Owen, stop that already.", Alejandro said, getting frustrated. Then he climbed to the top.

"OC, if you're not working, allow me to take over.", he says.

"No...", you protest. He picks you up.

"Noah, please watch OC.", he says, and drops you to Noah, who had his arms held out. You fall onto Noah.

"And there goes my pelvis.", he moans.

"That was unnecessary.", you point out to Al.

"But effective. Now team, let's work!", he says. You and Noah see how the other teams are doing. Cody was holding the sausage in front of his sausage. You and Noah snicker.

"Cody's got a tiny sausage.", Noah jokes, making you yet again laugh at one of Noah's jokes.

"It's not my fault...", Cody says, as he pointed out how messed up his team was. Heather was shovelling, as Ezekiel tried to keep Izzy from jumping into the grinder, and Sierra was making Meat-Cody. Meat-Cody then fell out.

"Meat Cody has more meat than regular Cody.", Noah commented.

"That's lewd and mean.", Cody says.

Heather's Reformation Begins

Later, Heather says she wants to talk to you.

"Hey, OC...can you give me some advice? I don't know who to vote for.", she says.

"You're asking me for advice?", you say.

"Um, yeah. You think there's anyone else for me to turn to?", she asks.

"You're so good at this stuff, what's wrong?", you ask.

"I'm having trouble. Just help me.", she says sternly.

"Why should I? How do you know I won't mess it up for you?", you ask.

"Because no matter who you help me choose, it's not gonna make a difference. They're all total losers.", she says.

"Why do you need my help anyway?", you ask. Heather suddenly comes closer.

"That's not the real issue. I need help with something else.", she says, then quickly pulls back. You look at her blankly, confused.

"Uh, okay, I'll help you.", you say. Heather drags you to jet's craft services area.

"Look, I need an alliance, and voting off Sierra's the best way to get good with Cody.", she says.

"Then vote off Sierra."

"I can't! She's really good at the game, even if she is a goofball."

"What about Izzy? She's a wildcard."


"Then that leaves Ezekiel.", you point out.

"Yes it does...", she said, thinking about voting off Ezekiel.

"But on the other hand, Sierra will never know that you're the one who voted off Cody.", you say.

"That's true too. It's all anonymous. Ah, OC, help me! I'm just not sure.", she says.

"Calm down, Heather. Why are you so fired up?", you ask.

"Because, my team is like, weird. At least I could rely on Gwen and Courtney.", she says. That got you thinking about Gwen.

"OC! Snap out of it.", Heather says.

"Yeah, well, I think you should vote for..."

"...Ezekiel. Has he even helped your team out? At all?", you ask. Heather stops and thinks.

"Well, no.", she says flatly.

"Then there's your answer.", you say. Heather mumbles something.



"Heather, speak up."

"Thank you, okay. You're...not a total loser.", she says. You smile.

"Thanks.", you reply. And you meant it. After that, you had an awkward goodbye handshake/hug.


OC: So now I helped Heather, and she owes me, but not only that: I got rid of Ezekiel! Talk about two birds with one stone!

-end confessional-

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