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So far...

  • Duncan, GwenCourtney, DJ, Owen, Harold, AlejandroLindsay and Sierra have been eliminated.
  • The Total Drama Jumbo Jet crashed in Jamaica resulting in it landing on Izzy , causing her to turn into Brainzilla
  • As it crashed, Chris revealed the reason was because they ran out of fuel
  • After the challenge, Chris and Chef realized they were trapped in Jamaica.
  • However, the most popular Aftermath yet raised $1,000,000 for the show and the jet was back in business
  • OC and Noah caused a conflict with a 'third wheel' teammate by discussing voting him off if they lose, and Tyler finally forgave them when OC was indirectly (kinda) the cause of Tyler's victory in Greece.
  • OC's worst enemy re-joined the game and turned someone who OC was on thin ice with against him, however he forgave OC after OC saved him from a boar-bear.
  • After tripping on a hurdle and hurting her head, Brainzilla once again became Izzy.
  • Team Amazon lost yet again, and Chris chose to vote off Sierra due to the little dramatic contribution she provided to the show.
  • And with only three members remaining on each team, the numbers dwindle down lower and lower.
  • Team Amazon: Cody, Ezekiel, Heather
  • Team Chris: Noah, OC, Tyler
  • Team Victory: Bridgette, Izzy, Leshawna

The EX-Files

I have to go somewhere, so I'll update in a few hours. Until then, here's this choice:

In first class, who are you talking to?

A: Noah

B: Tyler

C: Cody

D: Everyone is having a group conversation

"...And that's how I scored the winning goal in the soccer tournament!", Tyler says.

"But you scored it for the other team.", Noah says, rolling his eyes.

"It was still the winning score.", Tyler says.

"You just got Noah'd, Tyler!", you say happily.

"Cody, you play any sports?", Tyler asks.

"Nah, I'm more...academic.", Cody says, hesistating when he was about to say 'academic', but continued when you looked at him.

"Really?", Noah says.

"You just grabbed Noah's attention! That's hard...", you say, thinking about all the times you've had to say "Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah", to get him to listen to you.

"It's not that hard...", Noah says.

"It really is.", you say. Tyler groans in agreement.

"It's, um, selective listening.", he says.

"OC, what sports do you play?", Tyler asks, as if he expected you to name a few sports.

"Umm, I played basketball in third grade...", you say.

"Oh, I just thought you were the captain of something in your school.", Tyler says.

"Why'd you think that?", you say.

"It's kinda obvious...", Cody says, pointing at your gold medal.

"You've been glued to that thing since you won it. Good to see you happy.", Noah says. Everyone laughs at Noah's quip about your obsession with the medal.


OC: I love having Cody around, almost as much I love Noah and Tyler around. If only we were on the same team! Let's see, in other news...oh! This PDA thing. I made a username and password. My username is OCxGwen69 and my password is...umm...alright, fine, my password is Noah, because I wanted something I could easily remember. This thing is awesome!

-end confessional-

"Hey Cody, thanks again for the PDA.", you say.

"Um, you don't have to keep thanking me.", Cody says.

"I know, but I'm going to anyway.", you say happily.

"OCxGwen69...?", Noah says, peeking at the screen. You hide the screen so he doesn't see, and blush. Suddenly, a flash of lightning appears on the window and the plane rumbles. You quickly grab Noah, startled by the lightning. Noah pats your head like a baby.

"There there little one, everything will be okay.", Noah says. Chris calls you all down for the challenge, and while he was explaining it, you hid behind Tyler so you could use your PDA. You heard Noah say something about Chris being too cheap.

An alert appears on your PDA, asking if you would like to download "File 34: Classified". You look to the side; Area 51.

Download the file?

A: Yes

B: No

"DOWNLOADING", the PDA announced loudly. Everyone looked in your direction.

"What was that?", Chris asks you.

"N-nothing. I just love that word. DOWNLOADING!", you say.

"Riiiight...anyway, you have to bring back an alien artifact intact.", he continues.

"Um, what are you downloading?", Noah whispers to you.

"Nothing, Noah! Gosh, so nosy!", you whisper, annoyed. Noah makes a perverted face.

"Mmm...I I know what you're downloading. Don't worry, I won't judge. A lot.", he says.

"What...? Oh, God no!! I'm really not...", you say.

"Since Team Hottest Guy Ever won the last challenge, they get the shorter Route A, as seen on the map here.", Chris says.

Your team cheers.

"Since Team Victory neither won nor lost, they get the average sized Route B, right over here.", Chris says.

Team Victory sigh in relief.

"And since Team Amazon lost, they'll have to climb this big rock in the middle and make their way through.", Chris says.

"WHAT?! That's not even fair!", Heather shouts.

"Hey, at least we get to be in the middle.", Cody says.

"Cody, shut up.", Heather snaps.

"Just trying to be positive.", Cody says.  Everyone begins, and Heather immediately starts rock climbing, and shouting angrily at Cody and Ezekiel to "pick up the pace, you lazy, good for nothing LOSERS"

Meanwhile, Team Victory had accidentally walked into a mine field, leading Izzy to (obviously), say:

"Ooh! I LOVE land mines! They're so unpredictable! Like, is it here? Is it here? Is it BLAAAAAA--", Izzy says, jumping around, then finally landing on a mine. She flew through the rock, and into Noah's arms.

"Oh, hey Noah!", Izzy says. Noah threw Izzy forward, clearing the way for himself, and sending Izzy hurdling back.

"HAHA LOSERS, we don't have ANY LAND MINES!", Heather says.

"GIVE IT A REST, HEATHER!", you yell back. You get an alert on your PDA.

"File 34 has completed download. Opening it may harm your device!", it said on the screen. Then, it gave you three options:

A: "Yes"

B: "No"

C: "Cancel"

You press "No" on the touch screen, and put the device back in your pocket. You, Tyler and Noah get stuck on the mine field.

"Uhh...where do we go?", Tyler asks. Suddenly, a rock hits your back and you stumble forward, startled by the sudden attack. You hit a land mine, and hear Noah and Tyler yelling your name.

"Ezekiel, PICK UP THE PACE YOU LAZY SLACKER!", Heather says. You see Ezekiel catch up to Heather, and Heather slapping Ezekiel.


OC: Is it bad that watching Heather b****slap Zeke was the highlight of my day?

-end confessional-

"I'm going as fast as I can, girl!", Zeke says in a gangster voice. Heather looked both annoyed and disgusted. You fall on the ground, hurting.

"Team Victory has made it to Area 51! Team Amazon is getting close, but Team Me Is Hot, you're lagging behind!", Chris says. Tyler and Noah pick you up and run through the mine field. Noah ripped out pages of his book, crumpled them up, and threw them on the mines.

You and Team Amazon reach the finish line first.

You insist on walking, and when you do, you walk through the opening in the fence and stumble - you're kinda out of it.

You feel electric shocks course through your body.

" not my day.", you say, and fall down.

"OC! I'll save you, dude!", Tyler says and starts climbing the electric fence. Noah facepalms. Meanwhile, Team Amazon is already inside.

Finally, Tyler climbs over and you all get inside. Noah calms you down by comforting you with thoughts about Gwen.

"We're already behind, so we need to think this through quick. OC, what should we do?", Noah asks.

What strategy should your team use to find an artifact?

A: Split up

B: Search together

C: Tyler and OC together, Noah alone

D: Noah and OC together, Tyler alone

E: Noah and Tyler together, OC alone

"You're right, Noah. We're already behind, so we should stick together.", you say. As you walk the confusing labyrinth that is the Area 51 warehouse, you can't find a thing.

"I got one!", Cody says.

"It's dead, Cody.", Heather says.

"Aw, let's keep looking.", he replies.

"The other teams are making progress...", Noah says.


OC: Should I...?

-*OC takes out his PDA*-

OC: I don't know what's in this file, but we're probably gonna lose. I can't stand the thought of losing Tyler or Noah...

-end confessional-

Open File 34?

A: Yes

B: No

"OC, what do you keep doing on that thing Cody gave you?", Noah asks.

"Helping you. Probably. Maybe. I hope.", you say, and open File 34. A bunch of files pop up, along with a map of the directions to where all the aliens are.

"Alright! We've got this in the bag!", Tyler says, as he moves some boxes and picks up a glowing box.

"I'll take that. Knowing you, this thing won't see the end.", Noah says. Suddenly, black ops guards come from all directions, and everyone start screaming.

"RUN FOR IT!!", Bridgette shouts. Everyone escapes, except...

"IZZY's still in there!", Leshawna shouts.

"What do we do?!", Bridgette shouts. Suddenly, a clown gets blasted out of the building - you saw it as you, Noah and Tyler ran.

"We're LOSING!", Heather screams. You push Noah forward, and he reaches Chris before you and Tyler.

"Team Victory wins! Team I'm Hot, you're second! Everyone else, BACK IN THE PLANE!!", Chris shouts, as everyone, including the clown, dash into the plane.

"We LOST?!", Ezekiel shouts.

"Aw...", Cody sighs.

"I tried so hard...", Heather complains.

"Alright, who did that?!", Chris shouts. After some silence, Chris gets very annoyed.

"Let's get to the elimination then. Team Amazon, you're up for the chopping block.", Chris says. You peek at your PDA. It was fine, thankfully.

"OC?! Is that CODY'S PDA?!", Heather shouts.

"Uh, yeah, Cody gave it to me and-", you say.

"CODY?!", Heather shouts, and glares at him.

Later, Chris reads out the votes.

"One vote for Ezekiel, and two votes for...", Chris says. Heather glares.

"Cody.", Chris says. Cody sighs.

"Well, I never thought I'd get this far. Let's face it, I'm no TV star. But it's cool that I got this far.", Cody says. You walk out.

"See ya, Cody. You played the game well.", you say.

"Hehe, thanks. I'm kinda glad we became friends this season. I hope you win, OC.", Cody says. Then, Cody jumps.

"Bye Cody!!", you yell.

"Well, this ends this episode! Tune in next time on-"

"Wait, but there are still unanswered questions!", you say, interrupting Chris.

"Like what?!", he snaps.

"Who's that clown person?", you ask. Then, the clown person comes.

"Hey guys! Do you like my makeover? The nice guys at Area 51 totally hooked me up!", Izzy says, revealing herself to be the clown.

Later, you go to economy class, getting uncomfortable glares from Heather and Ezekiel.

"Ignore them, OC, they get bitter when they lose.", Tyler says.

"Which is why they're always bitter.", Noah says.

Bonus Clip

"Maybe I didn't win. But I did way better than last time, and I made friends with OC. Trust me, having OC as an ally is WAYY better than having him as an enemy. Do you know what he did to Alejandro?! And Heather?! I can't even imagine how badly he's gonna whoop Ezekiel...", Cody says.

Aliens arrive and hover around Cody.

"Uhh...h-hey, guys! I remember you...", Cody says. One alien smirks and giggles, and they all shock him.

Picnic At Hanging Dork

You had a terrible night of sleep.


OC: Last night, I had a dream that Ezekiel threw me down a cliff and I landed on wool sweaters. I wonder if it meant anything?

-end confessional-

Noah called a code red and called you into the mess hall. Fortunately, Tyler was still asleep - when it's code red, it means only you're invited.

"I overheard Ezekiel and Heather talking about you.", Noah says.

"What did they say?", you ask.

"You're not gonna like it, but they're kinda hell-bent on eliminating you. Especially Zeke.", Noah says.

"I think Heather just wants to get farther in the game. She doesn't care.", you say.

"Team Amazon is the worst team right now. Heather and Zeke don't even get along.", Noah says.

"And then there's you, me, and Tyler. We're basically brothers.", you say.

"Focus, OC!", Noah says.

Noah tells you that you need to do the best you can in challenges, and right now it's critical. When you get back, Ezekiel was sitting next to Tyler.

"Move.", you say, shoving Ezekiel aside and sitting next to Tyler.

"No shoving, eh!", Ezekiel says.

"What was that trash telling you?", you ask.

"He was badmouthing you. He said you and Noah left without me again and that I'm definitely going next.", Tyler says. Guilt.

What do you say?

A: Ignore that scumball, he's basically a mental patient

B: We're going to vote off the person who deserves to be voted off

C: I promise we weren't talking about you in there

D: Do you trust me?

"Ignore that scumball, he's basically a mental patient in LOONYVILLE Hospital.", you say angrily.


OC: Ezekiel seriously creases me. Every time I hear him open his stupid mouth and say 'homie' or 'eh' or 'yo yo yo' I want to RIP MY EARS OUT. He's a FAILURE AT LIFE.


I sound like Gwen...and Katie. Miss you, babe. Oh, you too Katie.

-end confessional-

"Yo yo yo, that's not nice homie, eh!", Ezekiel says. You bury your face in Noah's sleeve and scream.

Later, Chris has you all jump from the plane with parachutes.

"At least we're getting parachutes this time. Remember last season when that cheapskate didn't even give us parachutes?", Leshawna complained to you.

"Oh yeah, I remember that. Hey, you already have a bunch of money. What are you doing here?", you ask.

"I guess you can never have enough. I do a lot of charity work, and that money Harold and I share goes at long way for funding. My cousin once told me that my spirit animal is a kangaroo, cause I like to care for my young. Or in my case, anyone who needs it.", Leshawna says proudly.

"Nice. I love your initiative. I think my spirit animal is a cheetah.", you say. You jump with Leshawna, and you see a bunch of emus.

"Ooh, Emus! My fourth favorite animal!", Noah says. You look at him, confused.

"Snakes, sharks, and my number one favorite animal is the cheetah.", he explains. You smile. Then he looked confused.

"You all have to ride your emus to Hanging Rock. The journey is about two hours long.", Chris says. You look at all the emus; there were eight, one for everyone.


OC: *sigh* Cody loves emus...I wish he were still here instead of poophead Ezekiel.

-end confessional-

There were four emus near you...which one do you pick?

A: The angry looking one

B: The small one

C: The old one

D: The normal one

"I'll just take...this one.", you say, and climb on to the most normal looking emu. Izzy decided to let her emu ride on her.

"Why, Izzy?", you ask, as if it were a normal occurance. Which, by Izzy standards, it is.

"I just want to know what it feels like!", she replies. You steer your emu in the right direction, but you see Zeke on the small one, going SUPER fast.

Zeke zooms by you, and knocks you to the ground.

"Ow!", you say involuntarily. Tyler helps you up.

"Get a move on, Zeke!", Heather snaps.

"See Zeke, unlike your team, my team sticks together.", you say. He leers at you and carries on. After about an hour of riding, Zeke and Heather were still no where in sight. Finally, when you reach Hanging Rock, Zeke is proudly waiting for everyone, and Heather was frowning impatiently.

"Team Amazon, since you arrived first, thanks to Zeke, you have immunity and don't have to compete in the final challenge.", Chris says, leading Zeke and Heather to cheer.

"Oh great, now the stakes are high...", you say to Noah, who nods in agreement.

"Team I'm A Sexy God and Team Not Always Victory, you'll be competing in the final challenge: Bungee Sheep Shearing!", Chris announces, and explains the challenge, giving you a sheep shear.

"Um, I'll go first.", Noah says.

"Woo, Noah! Taking one for the team!", you say.

"Izzy, you're going first from our team. YOU made us lose!", Leshawna says.

"I was EXPERIMENTING!", Izzy replies.

Noah jumps, and screams. Then, you move forward to see how he's doing. He picked up a sheep, and brought one up. You pass him the shear, and he starts shearing. Izzy jumped, however both of your sheep did not have a team logo.

Next, Tyler jumped. Then, Chris announced that you all have to sing. Bridgette: Shearing sheep, don't be a creep, It's the only way we'll fly first, peeps.

Izzy: Win the game, don't be so lame, Try to lose this and your face I'll maim!

OC: Shear the sheep, then, with a smile, Make yourself a giant woolly, woolly, woolly pi-ile! We didn't win the emu race So go ahead and pick up the pace!

Bridgette, OC and Noah: We are shearing sheep! We are shearing sheep! We are shearing sheep! We are shearing sheeeeep!

Leshawna: *jumps* AAAAHHH!!

Izzy: Ooh!

OC: Shearing sheep instead of you, Only cause you don't have any, a-tattoos!

Bridgette: I'll find a logo, we'll win again, And I'll be here, until the bitter end!

Bridgette, OC and Noah: We are shearing sheep! We are shearing sheep!  We are shearing...  Yeaaahhhhh! "Come on Tyler, we know you can do it!", you shout. Then, someone pushed you from behind."You little f***er!", Noah shouts at someone.


You fall right onto a sheep. Instead of getting a sheep, Tyler grabs you before a dingo nearly beats your head in.

"Thanks Tyler...", you say.

"Um, you look kinda roughed up.", he says.

"Do you blame me?", you ask.

"Uh, OC, you should probably sit out the challenge.", Chris says.

"That's IT?!", you shout.

"Uh, yeah. What else do you want? A kiss on the cheek?", he asks.

(I gotta guilt him to the max!)

"Y'know, I could easily sue.", you say.

"What?", he says.

"I may have signed a contract stating that you could hurt me...but does it say anything about someone pushing me off a cliff?", you ask.

"Uh...alright, alright, fine! I'll lose my paycheck if you sue...Look, if Team Victory finds their sheep, then this will be a non-elimination challenge, okay?", Chris says.

"I guess that'll do", you say, relaxing now that you know you can't be eliminated. You imagine stranging Ezekiel while Noah, Tyler, Leshawna, Bridgette and Izzy jump.

"Are you okay?", Noah asks.

"I dreamt this would happen.", you groan.

"You're delusional. Get some rest.", Noah says, and jumps. You watch him shear.

"Th-the logo!! It's the logo!!", you shout.

"WHERE?!", Noah shouts, looking around the sheep and seeing the logo.

"Team Me Hawt wins, which means Team Victory will be Team Failure!", Chris says. Team Victory sigh.

You're tired, but you really want to watch the ceremony - as usual.

A: Stay with Noah

B: Go watch the elimination

"I'm gonna go watch the elimination ceremony.", you say, getting up. Tyler pulls you back down.

"No you're not. I'll go and tell you what happens.", he says. So you sit there with Noah.

"Why do you always go?", Noah asks.

"I don't know...", you reply.

"Do you think it's because there's a part of you that still wants to control the game?", he asks, referring to the dozen or so eliminations you made in season one.

"No...maybe...", you say, thinking about it.

"Ah.", he says. After that, you tell him all about File 34 and how it helped your team escape elimination.

"Interesting. So we cheated.", he says.

"Well, not really, I mean, there was no rule against it.", you reason. Tyler returns.

"Bridgette's leaving.", Tyler says.

"What??", you say in a panic, and dash to the ceremony.

"Bridgette, why is your face all scratched up? What's with the koalas?", you ask, staring at three cages with koalas inside.

"Lost the tiebreaker. Ouch. Bye, OC.", Bridgette says.

"Wait!", you say.

"I'll really miss you.", Bridgette says.

"Me too. I just want to say thanks for fighting Alejandro with me. You're a great girl and you have the biggest heart ever. Tell Geoff I said hello, and that we should totally party after this season is over.", you say.

"Aww, you're awesome too! I'm totally rooting for you.", Bridgette says.

(She's the second person who has said that.)

And so, Bridgette jumps, Chris signs off, OC faints, Noah drags OC, and OC sleeps.


Bridgette: Leshawna

Leshawna: Izzy

Izzy: Bridgette

Bonus Clip

"Oh, hey kangaroo...", Bridgette says nervously, looking up at an angry kangaroo. The kangaroo kicks her onto a tree.

"Excuse me?! I've had a really bad day with animals today. So here's what you're going to do. You're going to put me in your pouch and CARRY ME all the way back to the city.", Bridgette says. The kangaroo nods in agreement.

"Thank you.", Bridgette says politely.

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