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So far...

  • Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, DJ and Ezekiel have been eliminated
  • Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is the only team without a single elimination
  • Heather came to OC for help concerning who to vote off
  • Tyler told OC that the reason he liked him so much was because thanks to OC, Lindsay remembers him
  • Noah gave his first Code Red to OC during Alejandro's confrontation of OC after OC talked to Heather
  • OC feels like he's on thin ice due to making his team lose a challenge, and due to Alejandro
  • Bridgette, Harold and Leshawna are ready to help you defeat Alejandro
  • Team Amazon: Cody, Heather, Izzy, Sierra
  • Team Chris: Alejandro, Noah, OC, Owen, Tyler
  • Team Victory: Bridgette, Harold, Leshawna, Lindsay

The Am-AH-Zon Race

You tried to sleep in stupid economy class, but you couldn't. You've been in first class for so long, that you were actually used to the luxuries it provided. When you turned to Noah, you saw a rat fall into his mouth, shocking him enough to wake him up.

Owen woke up from a nightmare and hit Alejandro, pretty hard.

"Nothing a little ice and revenge won't fix.", he says.


"Nothing.", he lies.

"It's so hard to get any rest down here.", you say. Your neck was hurting from being in that awkward position all night.

"Well, duh! When your little buddies invite you to ditch your team, it's easy to get used to first class. YOU HEAR ME UP THERE, TEAM VICTORY?!", Heather shouts.

"You're just mad because Lindsay got a serious beat-down on you, Heather.", you reply, cranky because you were tired.

"*scoff* Whatever.", Heather says, then ends the conversation.

"Might I suggest we talk to our own teams?", Alejandro asks, growing annoyed by the bickering. Later, Chris comes in to inform everyone that you'll be going to the Amazon.

"Great. Another stupid destination in the stupid world. Can't we go to Europe so I can conquer it already?", Heather asks.

"Not today, Heather, but we will go to Europe soon.", Chris announces happily. Heather smiles and begins plotting. Cody sighs.

"What's wrong, Cody?", you ask.

"Nothing, I just miss Gwen. If she were here, she would've said something ridiculous about how going to the Amazon would be good luck or something. Not that I believe that stuff.", he said sadly.

"Aw, I miss Gwen too. She was my girlfriend.", you say, putting emphasis on 'my', as if to remind him.

When you all land, Chris takes out an EpiPen for Cody.

"Thank you!", Cody says.

"It wouldn't make sense to give it to you.", Chris reasons. Sierra tries to take it.


OC: Something tells me she wasn't interested in healing Cody so much as WHERE she would have to heal Cody.

-end confessional-

"Oh, Heather, please!", Cody begs.

"Fine! Let me take the dork's EpiPen.", Heather says. Chris tosses it to her, and she catches it and reluctantly stuffs it in her pocket.

"This place is like, so in style!", Lindsay says.

"A forest is in style?", Bridgette asks.

"Well, more like the wood here.", Lindsay says.

"Lindsay, the forest is currently undergoing deforestation! We should all be careful.", Bridgette says.

"I don't know what that means, but I feel like it leads to shopping.", she says. Bridgette facepalms.

"The three teams will be travelling here, to Machu Picchu, where they must find the treasure and and win. It's a pretty long hike.", Chris says. He mentions that it's an 18 hour trip, then warns everyone about the Zing-Zings and everyone receives walkie-talkies.

"Cool, I've always wanted one of these!", you say. You press the button.

"Come in, Cody! Calling Cody!", you say. Cody excitedly presses the button and talks back, and everyone stares at you funny.

"Ahem. Sorry...", you say. Then you and Cody realize there were no batteries in Cody's.

"Chris, there are no batteries in this thing.", Cody says.

"Yeah, I think Chef has them.", he says.

Team Victory was already ahead, and Tyler suggested everyone go left to stay with Lindsay. Team Amazon also went left.

(A.N.: Keep in mind that thanks to Gwen's absence, the Amazons aren't cursed)

"Okay, let's go!", you say in a hurry. You couldn't run that fast, since you were extremely tired.

"OC, come on!", Tyler says.

"I can't, too tired.", you say, yawning repeatedly.

"Fine! I'll carry you!", he says, in a hurry to get out.

Let Tyler carry you?

A: Yes, I need sleep

B: No, you can manage

(Ergh...that's embarrassing.)

"Are you serious?", you ask.

"Yeah dude, hurry up!", he says. You climb onto Tyler's back, and fall asleep. His back was actually kind of comfortable, not that it mattered.


OC: At that point, it didn't even matter who I was sleeping with, but I'm glad it was someone who I can trust like Tyler.

  • eyes widen at the camera*

Wait, let me rephrase that.

-end confessional-

When you woke up, it was night time, and everyone was asleep. You were right next to Alejandro. Tyler must've put you there.

"OC, are you awake? Don't worry, I won't ask you about Heather...", Alejandro whispers.

Pretend to be asleep?

A: Yes, no need for a conversation with him

B: No, maybe he just wants to talk

"Yeah, probably 'cause I slept through the challenge. Sorry about that.", you say, in an effort to redeem yourself a little.

"It is no trouble, my friend. Is something troubling you?", he asks

(Uh, YES! The fact that you're gonna send me home!)

"No, I guess I'm rested now.", you say.

"You know, despite you sleeping, Tyler helped you a lot. You are lucky to have a friend like him. We didn't have a T-Bar when crossing the lake, so Tyler hung on to his pants with one hand, and you on the other.", he explained.

"Really? Wait, he's not wearing pants?", you ask.

"Sadly, no. Lindsay liked the sight of it, though.", he added.

"Anything else?", you ask.

"Cody got bitten by something he was allergic to, and Sierra sucked the poison out. Unfortunately for the small boy, he was bitten by something else, and poor Heather was stung by the EpiPen. I do wonder if she is okay.", he says.

"Worried about Heather?", you ask.

"No! Well, I am very fond of her, you see.", he says, as if he were talking about something else...

"Let's move on. Are we doing well in the challenge?", you ask.

"Not in particular. We are in last place, so you may want to pick up the pace.", he says. You gulp. You then turn to Owen, who some kind of cocoon?!

When you turn back, you see Alejandro's eyes open, and clearly staring at Owen.

What do you do?

A: Ask him about it

B: Free Owen right now

C: Free Owen, but after Alejandro goes to sleep

D: Go back to sleep

"Woah!", you say, surprised at Owen being trapped. You escape, and rip Owen out, and he falls to the ground.

"OC, no-", Alejandro, begins, but Owen wakes up, startled.

"What? I remember getting trapped...and Al watching me, and-"

"Owen, hold on. Alejandro watching you?", you ask, turning to Alejandro.

"I was was a...what could I have done?", he asks.

"*sigh* Why?", you ask.

"How dare you accuse me?", he asks half-heartedly.

"What is all the noise?", Tyler asks, very annoyed, waking up. He turns to you.

"H-hey! OC! You're okay!", he says. He stands up, and OC looks away when he wasn't wearing pants. Because they were gone.

"Um, nothing. Go back to bed Tyler.", you say.

"Why're you lookin' away? Oh, right.", he says, and goes back to sleep.

"I'm gonna go back to sleep again.", you say.

"OC, it's not what it looks like.", Alejandro says.

"We'll talk about it in the morning.", you say.

In the morning, you all wake up and immediately head out, trying to beat Team Amazon and Victory. Sadly, Team Chris was the last to reach Machu Picchu; but the other teams still hadn't found the treasure! There was still a chance!

Sadly, since Owen climbed the stairs so slow, by the time you came to the top, Team Victory had already won.

"Team Victory wins! Team I Am Hot, for the very first time, you will be eliminating someone.", Chris says, and just so happens to look at you first. Everyone looks angrily at each other but they were also anxious.

Later, Alejandro wanted to talk to you, so did Owen and so did Tyler. Right before the ceremony.

"OC, we must talk. Now.", Alejandro said seriously.

"OC, please?", Owen asks.

"Uh, OC, can we talk?", Tyler asks, gesturing to a corner. Noah was the only person who didn't want to talk to you.

Who do you talk to?

A: Alejandro - He's dangerous

B: Owen - He knows something about Alejandro

C: Tyler - He's your second best friend on the team, since Noah isn't talking to you

"Uh, I'll catch up with you two later. Come on, Owen.", you say, walking away with the big guy.

"Um, I'm kinda nervous.", he says. You look around; completely private. No one around.

"Just take a deep breath and tell me what's wrong.", you say. Owen does as instructed.

"AlejandroisevilandhewatchedmegetstuckinthecocoonIthinkhe'sbadnewsbutIdon'tknowifeveryoneelsefeelsthesamewaydoyouOChelpme!", Owen says in a huge hurry exhaling.

"Calm down, you big goofball.", you say.

"Al is even scarier than you...", Owen says.



...Did that sound scary?

-end confessional-

"I know he's not okay up here.", Owen says, gesturing to his head.

"Up there is all filled with hate.", you add.

"What do we do?", he asks.

"What we do is we vote him off. Tonight.", you say, deadly serious.

"O-Okay. Are we in an alliance now?", he asks.

"Uh, I guess.", you say, going along with it.

Later, the elimination ceremony begins.

"Team Chris. We're eight episodes in, and you haven't had a single elimination. How's that possible?"

OC: "We make a good team."

Noah: "We're smarter than the other team"

Tyler: "We take things to the extreme!"

Owen: "We eat a good breakfast before the challenge"

Alejandro: "Excellent work."

"I see. And what made you lose today?", he asks. Everyone starts to shift their heads around nervously.

"That's always one question no one wants to answer.", he says.

"Get on with it already.", Noah says.

"Noah, do you think you're safe?", Chris asks.

"We won't find out unless the elimination begins, now will we?", Noah asks, annoyed.

"Alright, alright. Yeesh.", Chris complains. You were the third one into the voting, after Owen and Alejandro.

Who do you vote for?

A: Tyler

B: Noah

C: Owen

D: Alejandro

"You've all cast your votes, and I gotta say, there is some major targetting here. As a special surprise, let me display the votes!", Chris says, as everyone shouts "NO!"

Owen: "Al is really freaking me out! Sorry Al..."

Alejandro: "While I would normally vote for the small one, I have no choice but to vote for Owen."

OC: "Enough of this, goodbye Alejandro."

Tyler: "Well, Owen's the reason we lost, so...Owen."

Noah: "Owen made us lose. So, Owen."

"WHAT?!", you shout.

"Huh? I did make us lose...", Owen says.

"Sorry Owen, but it's the jump for you.", Chris says as Chef handed Owen a parachute.

"Can I at least get a goodbye hug?", Owen asked, then farted. You guys were a little reluctant to hug him.

"I'll miss you, big guy. Would've kept you on if I could.", you say. Tyler agreed.

"You weren't that bad this season.", Noah added.

"I am weeping. On the inside.", Alejandro says.

"You can't do it on the outside? Not even a little?", Owen asks. Alejandro shakes his head. Owen tries to leave, but gets stuck. Alejandro violently kicks Owen out, getting another fart out of him. Then Alejandro glares at you.

Later, you try to talk to Noah - he hasn't said a word to you all day! But Alejandro caught you first, grabbed your arm tight and pulled you away.

"Today, I have saved you. Let this be a lesson, OC. I heard Owen's discussion with you, and if I had intercepted, your whole plan would have been foiled.", he says, then walks away.

(But how?! How did he hear? There was no one there!)

From the very corner of your eye, you could see Heather watching the whole thing...

Bonus Clip

"Well, I've never really done that well in this game, so I guess this is another addition to my failure. Oh well. I hope Izzy wins!", Owen says. After that, Chef comes flying down to Owen.

"Message from Izzy.", Chef says.

"You came all the way down here to deliver it?", Owen asks.

"Dang crazy girl threw me down!", Chef shouted, and yells various colorful profanities at Izzy.

"Aw, isn't she the cutest?", Owen asks.

"She's adorable...", Chef says sarcastically and crashes into a tree. The parachute couldn't lift Owen, so he fell down too.

"Dear Owen, I hope you're okay. This is Izzy. Come back soon so I can feel your marshamallowy cheeks and so we can play a few games of Canasta. Love, your wildflower Izzy.", Owen reads. Looks up at the camera.

"Isn't she the cutest?"

Can't Help Falling In Louvre

Tyler sighs as you all sat in the dank pit of sadness that was economy class.

"I miss Lindsay.", he says.

"That's okay, you'll see her soon. And guess what, we're landing in Paris.", you say, to try and cheer him up.

"Yeah, you're right. I bet she'll be excited to see me!", he says.

Suddenly, the plane starts shaking wildly...almost Izzy wildly. You land in Paris. Everyone gets out from the plane.

"Tyler!!", Lindsay chirps, and pulls Tyler into a hug...with you.

"Lindsay, I'm not Tyler.", you say.

"I know that! I'm just really happy to see my two boys. My boyfriend and my best friend!", Lindsay says, and puts you both down. Tyler nudges your arm.

"I'm, I'm the boyfriend...", he says. You chuckle a little.

Chris explains the challenge and you all head into the Louvre.

Later, when you're about to collect a piece, you see one of the pieces, but at the same of those tiny arctic animals coming right your way!! You duck, and it lands on Heather. On the other hand, the piece was about to tip over and fall...

What do you do?

A: Take the piece, Heather's team can save her

B: Save Heather, she's still a human being!

"Heather, hold on!", you shout and you jump and throw your body onto the animal. It bites at you, but you manage to pull back. Heather stares at you for a second, then kicks the animal, and it fainted.

(Heather used Mega Kick! It's super effective! The wild Baby Seal fainted!)

"Thanks...", she says.

"No problem.", you say. Crash. The piece broke into four smaller pieces.

"Oh great...", you say.

"Well, I've gotta, get back to my you later.", she says awkwardly, then leaves.

Later, you see a piece through the lasers, and Alejandro makes Noah go get it because he's the smallest.


"OC, what happened to your piece?", Alejandro asks.

"Um. Accident. I was saving Heather, and-"

"Say no more, my friend. That is all the explanation required. Being a gentleman is above all else.", he says

(You're being unusually nice, 'my friend')

Sierra: I love Paris in the springtime! Je t'aime Paris in the fall!

Cody: That's great, Sierra! Keep going!

Sierra: It's the city of love in the summer!

But now, it's just a bummer! 'Cause... Cody broke my heart and chewed it up and spit it out and then, stepped on it and threw it down a sewer and called it names and then laughed! Oui, my friends! You must never trust a boy! Oui, my friends! They will treat you like a toy! Oui, my friends! They will-! Aww... Break your heart and chew it up and spit it out and step on it and throw it down a sewer and call it names, and then laugh!

Cody: Wait up, Sierra!

Tyler: Oui, my friend! You are going to make it through!

Noah: Um, non, my friend. That thing just burned off my shoe.

OC: That's not the only thing...

Sierra: Oui, my friends! All I did was love him true!

Heather: Cody! What are you doing?

Cody: I'm trying!

Sierra: Oui, my friends! Now, I'm stuck telling you... If you fall in love with a boy on TV, and then audition to get on his show, and then audition again, and finally get on his show, and be nice to him and do nothing but kiss-up, you will still- Oui, end up in Paris! Oui, feeling disparaisse! And the boy won't even take you outside!

Heather: All she wants to do is go outside?! Do it, Cody!

After the song was over, your team, along with all the other teams, collect the pieces.

(A.N.: Can't really think of anything for this one...)

Team Amazon and Team Chris tied for first, whereas Team Victory came in last. Here's how everyone performed:

Team Amazon

  • Cody spent the challenge trying to figure out why Sierra was upset with him, then the rest of the challenge trying to make it up to her
  • She pretty much spent almost the entire challenge moping
  • Heather did almost everything in the challenge, carrying the burden of Cody and Sierra's absence on her shoulders
  • Izzy did a bit of Heather's grunt work, but missed Owen a lot, so moped, but to a much less extent than Sierra.

Team Chris

  • Alejandro worked hard during the challenge
  • Tyler tried to direct Noah on how to fix the statue
  • After Tyler's useless help, Noah fixed the statue himself, but finished at the same time as the Amazons
  • You know what OC did

Team Victory

  • Bridgette worked hard and collected many pieces
  • Lindsay accidentally picked up the wrong pieces, leading to a mix-up between Team Chris and Victory
  • Harold tried to fix the statue using his 'mad coordination' skills, but failed
  • Leshawna took over for him later, but due to her not-so-nimble fingers and the fact that she was too late, the team lost

"Now, Team Victory, you will be voting someone off...right here, in the Louvre! Surprise", Chris says.

"What?!", the team reacts.

"Yep. In front of everrrryyyyooone.", Chris says slowly.

"But we just ended all the drama!", Lindsay says.

"Exactly. And this is Total Drama.", Chris points out. Team Victory groans as everyone else watches closely.

"Predictions?", Noah asks.

" talked to me!", you say.

"Yeah, why is that a surprise? We talk every day.", he says.

"N-not today! You haven't said a word to me!", you point out.

"Neither have you.", he says.

"Oh...that's true...sorry.", you say, then turn to watch the votes.

(A.N.: I love the OCxNoah moments)

"Bridgette, you go first.", Chris says.

"Uh, okay...I vote for...Harold, I guess.", Bridgette says.

"Me? The team could've won if I had some time to concentrate!", Harold says. Leshawna pats him on the back.

"Give it a rest, sweetie pie.", Leshawna says sweetly.

"Harold, you're up.", Chris says.

"I would never vote for my fair Leshawna, and despite Bridgette voting for me, she did do Lindsay.", Harold says.

"Lindsay?", Chris says.

"I think that's crazy!", she says.

"I wasn't asking about your thoughts.", he says.

"Oh, then I vote for Henry.", Lindsay says.

"As for me, I'll vote for Lindsay too. Sorry girl, but someone's gotta go.", Leshawna says sadly.

"Then that means it's a tie between Harold and Lindsay.", Chris says.

"How will we settle this?", Harold asks.

"With a tiebreaker! Since we're in the fashion capital of the world, it makes sense for the tie-breaker to be a catwalk! The judges will be Heather, Noah and yours truly. Harold, who's your model?", Chris asks. Harold looks at Heather, Izzy, Sierra, Bridgette and Leshawna.

"No question, Leshawna of course!", Harold says.

"Aw yeah! I can strut my stuff up there!", Leshawna says.

"Ew. Too bad Lindsay can't make a worse choice.", Heather says. Leshawna glares.

"Lindsay?", Chris asks.

"I choose OC!", Lindsay says.

"What?! Me?!", you say.

"Don't lie, I know you coordinated your outfit for the show!", Lindsay says.

"I...I just threw this on before I came...", you say.


OC: That's not even slightly true.

-end confessional-

"Come on, you're blushing.", Lindsay says.

"Why don't you pick Tyler?", you suggest.

"Uh uh, not me bro.", Tyler says.

"Well, if you don't want to, Tyler can do it.", Lindsay says.

Become Lindsay's model?

A: Yes, but only if she lets me help

B: Yes

C: No

(A.N.: Wow! I got a total of 12 votes, I think that's a new record)

"Fine, I'll do it.", you sigh.

"Yay! Cool!", she cheers

"But only if you let me help.", you say.

"Oh, um, sure.", she says. You and Lindsay go back stage as Tyler gives you both a pleasant thumbs up.

"Okay, what if I style your hair up like this?", she asks, styling your hair in a totally psychotic way.

"What about this?", she asks.

"I look like an anime character.", you complain.

"How about now?", she asks.

"I look gay now.", you say.

"I'll never figure it out!", she says.

"What's the problem? You're always so good with fashion!", you say.

"I don't know. If I don't get it right, I'll lose and be eliminated!", she says.

(Poor Lindsay...)

"How about this, pretend you're not in a challenge. Pretend you're getting me ready for an awards show, and you're gonna get recognition for styling me!", you suggest.

"Okay!", Lindsay says excitedly. She immediately starts messing with your hair. She gives you some clothes...and she changes you into those clothes for you. That was awkward.

"Hey, you've seen me in the nude.", she points out after your constant complaining.

"And you're still in underwear.", she says. After that vicious comment, you just stopped talking.

After a while, Chris shouted at Harold to hurry up.

"HAROLD?! What is TAKING so LONG?!", he shouted.

"Okay, Chris is getting impatented. We better hurry.", Lindsay says. She peeks outside.

"How much time left?", she asks.

"Take your time, Lindsay.", Chris says sweetly. After a while, Lindsay has you dressed up in a suit and tie, which kinda choked you but looked pretty good.

"And the award for Best Dressed goes to OC!", Lindsay says, which one last adjustment to your hair.

"Nice job, Lindsay. You'll win for sure.", you say. You step and walk, the way Lindsay told you: with your head up high and confidence. Leshawna steps out wearing a VERY tight red dress. It was horrifying yet oddly...nice. She turned around and showed us that the backside was even tighter.

"Uh...right. I think we have a winner. Sorry Harold, but you're going home.", Chris says. Harold lowers his head in shame.

"I understand. It's been great, and I will miss you all. And of course, Leshawna.", Harold says.

"Can I change out of this now?", Leshawna asks.

Back at the plane, everyone gathered for Harold's farewell.

"It's been nice. Not like I need more money, but I never got to show you all my mad wicked skills.", Harold says.

<alternate version> "It's been nice. I already have a million back home, which I will share with my dance goddess Leshawna!", Harold says. </alternate version>

"See ya, ginger baby.", Leshawna says. Harold jumps without his parachute.

"OH NOOOO!!!", he shouts. Chris throws the parachute.

"Good luck, Harold! I think he's shouting something back! No, wait, he's just screaming!", he says. You all watch him fall as he gets out of sight and Chef closes the door.

"Tune in next time on Total! Drama! Wooooooorrrlllld Toooooouuurrrr!!", Chris sings.

Bonus Clip

"OH NOOOOO!!! I FORGOT MY PARACHUTE!!", Harold shouts.

"!", Harold hears Chris yell. Kinda. Then, a parachute falls next to Harold and he grabs it just in time, and falls into a tree.

"Oh, hey Mr. Mime.", Harold says.

(A.N.: Don't kill me for all the Pokemon references)

The Mime mimics everything Harold was doing.

"Stop that! Stop it, help me out of here! Stop!!", Harold says. The mime waves goodbye at the screen, and the screen fades.

"Go away!"

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