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So far...

  • Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, DJ, Owen, Harold, Alejandro, Lindsay, Sierra, Cody and Bridgette have been eliminated
  • Ezekiel continued his plot of trying to turn Cody against OC, after OC had made so much effort to repair their friendship.
  • OC talked to Cody, they made up, and Cody gave OC his old PDA. When they landed in Area 51, OC downloaded "File 34", which gave them top secret info on everything in there, scoring them second place when they were about to lose
  • When Heather found out, she voted for Cody. Ezekiel joined her since Cody was useless to him.
  • A misunderstanding between Team Victory, who had been doing well recently, led to a 1-1-1 vote, and Bridgette lost the three-way tiebreaker against Leshawna and Izzy
  • Ezekiel is currently out to get OC, trying to turn Tyler against him, but failing. Most recently, he pushed OC down a cliff during the Shearing Sheep challenge
  • Team Amazon: Ezekiel and Heather
  • Team Chris: Noah, OC and Tyler
  • Team Victory: Izzy and Leshawna

Sweden Sour

"Isn't today WONDERFUL?!", Tyler shouts, waking you up. You slap Tyler's arm.

"WHY?!", you shout, referring to his volume.

"Because we're the best team!", Tyler says.

"No, I meant WHY ARE YOU WAKING ME UP?!", you shout. Izzy wakes up.

"Oh, this morning just keeps getting better and better.", you say sarcastically.

"Can't you guys shut up for one morning?", Noah wakes up and snaps.

"Hey! Something good happened!", you say happily, referring to Noah waking up. Tyler seemed to in some sort of blissful daze. Made you sick.

"Hey, you seem tired.", Heather says, coming down from first class.

"What's it to you?", you ask.

"Ugh, so bitter.", she says.

"My head still hurts...", you complain.

"I was going to ask you if you wanted to come up to first class with me for some coffee to wake you up. You wanna?", she asks.

A: Fine, but I'm suspicious of you as of this second.

B: And share oxygen with Ezekiel first thing in the morning? As if!

"Fine, Heather. But as of this second, I'm suspicious of you.", you say.

"FINE! Be suspicious. Let's GO!", she says, pulling your arm.

"Um, first class is that way.", you say.

"Guess what genius, we're not going to first class.", she says, taking you to the cargo hold.

"Oh, I don't like this place. I'd rather make out in the cockpit.", you joke. Smack.

"Very funny, creep. That's not what this is about.", Heather says, lowering her pitch and scanning the area.

"Then what's wrong?", you ask, also lowering your pitch, concerned.

"It's about Zeke. Look, he's so busy sabotaging you that I can't win!", she says, annoyed.

"What are you talking about? You JUST won!", you say, referring to their win at Hanging Rock.

"Yeah, that's only because Zeke got lucky with that fast emu! When was the last time we won, OC?", Heather asks you.

"Uh, in London, I think?", you say, remembering that was the night Lindsay left.

"Exactly! The challenge right before Loser Zeke came! In Greece, he was so focused on beating YOU that he lost, then his argument distracted everyone during the race. Then in Area 51...actually, he didn't do anything but throw rocks at you in Area 51. Should've voted him off...", Heather says.

"Yeah, I know!", you say angrily, remembering Cody again.

"You think the merge is far?", she asks.

"Well, there's seven of us left. Last time there were eight, and in season one there were twelve. So I think it's close.", you say. Heather sighs.

"What a relief. Now, onto my real question: Do you want an alliance?", she asks.

"With you? Again?!", you ask.

"Look, I've gotten this far without an alliance. I can get farther. Do you want it or not?", Heather asks.


OC: Heather has changed...and she is trying really hard...should I? But what if it's just a plot to get rid of me?

-end confessional-

A: Yes

B: Yes, but after the merge

C: No

"Fine. Let's do it. We'll get rid of Ezekiel first, right?", you ask.

"Whatever you want.", she says. She seemed almost happy to be working with you. You follow Heather up to first class, and she stops you at the door.

"What?", she asks.

"You invited me to first class.", you remind her.

"As if. That was only for alliance talk. Go back to your dude team.", Heather says.

"Alright, fine, I'm going.", you say. Before you leave, Heather stops you and passes you a cup of coffee, and quickly goes inside without a word.

"Back so soon?", Noah asks.

"Yeah, she's weird.", you reply.

"Did Ezekiel say anything?", Noah asks.

"Mmm...not especially.", you lie, sipping the coffee to prevent answering further questions.

"I got you this.", Tyler says, handing you an ice pack.

"Thanks, Tyler.", you say, and hold on to it.

"Why would he need an ice pack?", Noah asks.

"I don't know...I'm not a doctor.", he says. The coffee was so good.

"Hey guys, I have something important to tell you.", you blurt out, thinking about the alliance. They turn to you.

"What is it?", Noah asks.

Tell them about the alliance?

A: Yes

B: No, not now

C: No, not ever

" you guys. You're awesome.", you say. Noah looks confused, but Tyler's smiling ear to ear.

"Thanks, OC! It's always nice to be appreciated, dude!", he says.

" problem.", you say, laughing nervously.

Later, Chris calls you all for the challenge: to use the I-build-a materials and build whatever it's supposed to be.

(I-build-a? That sounds familiar...)

Tyler picks up a piece.

"What is this supposed to be?", he asks, annoyed.

"I have no idea.", Noah says.

"Hey!! Pretentious much?!", you shout at Heather and Ezekiel. They covered their work with a giant sheet.

"I don't need YOU and Team Not-So-Victory copying me!", Heather shouts.

"Um, we, you mean?", Ezekiel asks.

"Shut it, Zeke. This is adult business. Now keep away, poop heads!", Heather shouts, and covers the rest of their area with a sheet.

"I think we should do the same...", Leshawna says, and she and Izzy cover their area with a sheet.

"Should we do that?", Tyler asks.

"No need, they've done it for us.", you say bitterly.

"I've got wood.", Tyler says, picking up wood. You and Noah facepalm.

"He's dumber than Owen.", Noah whispers to you.

"I think they're about the same.", you say.

"What are we building anyway?", you ask, looking at what's been done so far. One part looked like a Port-A-Potty, another part looked like a plane, and the last part looked like someone's head.

"Take it down, take it down.", you say, as all three of you dismantle.

"I wish we knew how much progress the other teams have made...", you say.

"Should we build a boat?", Tyler asks. You both stare at Tyler and his brilliant, rare, incredible stroke of genius. You put your hands on Tyler's shoulders.

"You incredible man. You've got it!!", you say excitedly.

"Get to work.", Noah says. You and Tyler turn to him.

"You're gonna help us, right?", you ask.

"Yeah, by telling you what to do.", he says.

"Oh, so the usual.", you reply. After it was dismantled, Noah gave you and Tyler the directions, and he was pretty detailed and accurate.

"Take the corkscrew and-", he continues.

"Which one is the corkscrew?", Tyler asks.

"The one on the left. No, your other left. TYLER, it's not in the sky.", Noah says, annoyed. You pick up the piece and give it to Tyler.

"They're building a BOAT?!", Heather shouts, startling you three. Leshawna, Izzy and Ezekiel come out and gasp. You hear the ding for the song; Heather was building a big platform, all on her own with a sail, and what looked like an engine. Team Victory built...a giant bowl.

Heather: They're way ahead, so we've got to go!

Ezekiel: I just don't get why we're losing, Team Victory has two girls - oh! *Heather hit him*

Leshawna: It doesn't have to be a boat!

Izzy: As long as it stays afloat!

Heather, Leshawna and Izzy: Oh, why didn't we build a boat??

OC and Tyler: It's almost ready, to set sail!

Noah: Just hammering in the final nail!

Heather, Ezekiel, Leshawna and Izzy: Ohh, ohh, ohh!

OC: We really did this fast!

OC and Noah: Soon we'll be back in first class!

OC, Tyler and Noah: Because we built a boat!

Heather: We lost the race!

OC, Noah and Tyler: We're gonna take first place!

Leshawna and Izzy: We'll never see that case!

Izzy: Aaaa-eee-yeah-eee-yeah!

Heather, Leshawna and Izzy: We lost first place!

OC: Eee-yeah-eee-yeah-eee-yeah-eee-yeah!

(A.N.: *checks song for errors repeatedly to make sure my nitpicky readers don't point one out*)

"Where'd those outfits go? I liked them...", you say.

"Doesn't matter, come on, let's finish this up!", Tyler says. Chris brings a giant wrecking ball, and destroys the ice. Everyone gasps and shout, as the ice breaks apart and turns into water.

"Everyone, into the boat!!", you shout as Tyler climbs in and you help Noah in. Chris gives you a bag of rocks for being in the lead.

"Wow...this is sadly one of the better rewards you've given us, Chris.", Noah says condescendingly.

"Thanks, Noah!", Chris replies. You make it to the end RIIIGHT before Team Victory, since Tyler had to pee. In the ice lake.

"Since Team Victory got here seconds before you, they win the 3 of Chef's premium Swedish meatballs!", Chris says.

"What do we get?", you ask.

"You get 2 Swedish meatballs!", Chris says.

"These balls are big and hard!", Tyler says. Facepalm again. Team Victory decides to make Leshawna their captain, and they set sail again.

"Who's your captain?", Chris asks almost as if he were interested.

"Noah. He made us build a boat.", you say.

"Nah, dude, it should be you!", Tyler says.

"Really?", you ask.

"Definitely. I'm tired anyway.", Noah jokes to get you to be captain.

"Haha, thanks guys!", you say.

"We get it. You both love OC. It's adorable. Now go, Team Victory is going ahead!", Chris says.

"They won't be in the lead for long!", Heather says from a distance, and presses a button. The thing she built moved super fast, and she clung on while Ezekiel fell into the water. Cue OC's menacing evil laugh.

"Give me the rocks!", Heather says. Ezekiel washes up.

"Wow, the sea is really polluted if that thing washed up.", you say about Ezekiel. Noah snickers.

"Heather, I'm guessing you're captain?", Chris asks.

"Obviously.", Heather says.

"Hey, the captain's supposed to be a ma-", Ezekiel protests.

"Quiet, Ezekiot!", Heather says, same as what she used to call Lindsay. Chris hands you and Heather both a hat. You both set sail, but Heather's engine made her go fast, and she got ahead of you and Noah the second time (the first time, Ezekiel fell off again and she had to go get him).

"OC, do something!", Noah says.

You're in last place! What do you do?

A: Fire a meatball at Team Victory

B: Fire a meatball at Team Amazon

C: Don't fire any meatballs, try to row and catch up

Super Important A.N.

Would any of you be interested in writing the episode Ice Ice Baby for the CYOA? I don't really feel like writing that one, but if any of you want to, I'd be happy to let you.

Back to the Story

"Fire a Team Amazon!", you say, and had happy thoughts about it hitting Ezekiel.

"You got it, cap'n!", Tyler says. He puts in the cannon, Noah uses the flint, and the meatball fires, and breaks a hole in Heather's...platform thing.

"Alright guys! That was a good one!", you say.

"WHAT?! NOOO!", Heather shouts, using Ezekiel the plug the hole and her platform sunk, as Ezekiel complained/shouted about how cold the water was.

"Don't be so cold, Heather!", Noah jokes, as your team passes her by.

"Yeah, your frosty attitude is giving us chills!", you add.

"Uh huh! Your heart is so cold that all the ice is making your chest huge!", Tyler says. Once again, facepalm.

"You won't be cheering for long!", Heather says, as she loads a cannon.

"This is the last meatball...", Tyler says.

Use your last cannonball to counter Heather's?

A: Yes, then try your best to not be last!

B: No, leave Heather - you're almost finished with the race!

You load the cannon, and fire it. Heather fires hers, and then you watch.

Time slowed down.

You silently prayed for the best.

And then...






The balls collided, and broke. They fell in the water. Heather looked shocked. You all sped ahead, but sadly since Team Victory was already ahead, they won. Then, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot came in second, with Heather and Ezekiel, Team Amazon, coming in last.

"This is a pretty good summary of how things usually are; Team Victory and Team Chris win, and Team Amazon lose. Team Amazon, you'll have to do a tiebreaker to decide who's staying and who's taking the drop of shame.", Chris says.

"WHAT?! NOT AGAIN!", Heather shouts.

"Prepare to go down, eh!", Ezekiel says awkwardly.

"Fine, what's the tiebreaker, Chris?", Heather asks viciously.

"I would tell you, but, this is kinda a reward challenge.", Chris says, smirking.

"Aw!", Tyler says.

"So close to having Heather gone...", Leshawna says.

"Oh, be quiet big butted trunk junk.", Heather retorts.

"Everyone, back into the jet.", Chris says. Everyone sighs in relief; it was so COLD.

Heather forces you back into the cargo hold.

"We were this close to getting rid of Ezekiel. How much farther do you think the merge is?", Heather asks.

"It can't be far now! I didn't know this was gonna be a reward challenge, but there's still only seven of us, Heather.", you say.

"Then what's our strategy, genius?", Heather asks.

"Hey, this kinda reminds me of the TDI days when you used to ask me who to eliminate at the end of every challenge.", you say. Heather smirks.

"It is kind of like that, huh?", Heather says.

"What's your strategy, Heather?", you ask.

"I already have mine. You tell me yours first.", she says.

What's your strategy idea?

A: Tell Heather to come up with her own strategy, you're not doing it.

B: Custom: Add Noah and Tyler to the alliance, and make sure Ezekiel is voted off.

"Okay, so I think we should add Noah and Tyler to the alliance and vote off Ezekiel. What's your idea?", you tell her.

"Um, I was just gonna say we should throw him off a cliff like what he did to you.", she said.

"That's even better! We should do that first.", you say. Heather rolls her eyes at your excitement.

Later, you go to Noah and Tyler.

"Um, guys...", you say nervously.


OC: My heart was pumping. I wanted to tell them, but I had to be careful...I don't know why.

-end confessional-

"What's going on, bro?", Tyler asks.

"You know earlier when I had to tell you something important, and I just said I loved you guys?", you say.

"Yes...that was weird.", Noah says.

"Yeah, that wasn't what I really wanted to say.", you explain.

" don't love us?", Tyler asks.

"No, no, I do! What I wanted to say was that I've been working with Heather.", you say. Noah and Tyler gasp, then glare at you.

"For how long??", Noah says.

"Is that why we haven't won the last three challenges?", Tyler asks.

"No! You see, it only started today! Before the challenge!", you say. They sigh in relief.

"Oh good...but why?", Noah asks.

"We suspect that the merge is coming up soon, and we want to get rid of Ezekiel as soon as possible.", you say. They both think for a while.

"That's true, he does need to go...", Tyler says.

"Okay, we're with you OC. But only because we trust you.", Noah says. You smile back at him.


OC: That went SO much better than I thought it would. I could tell them my biggest secret and they would still accept me! So it was a few months ago, I ki-

-Heather comes from ceiling like in Newfoundland-

Heather: OC! We need to talk again. Come on!

-OC looks up in shock at her-

-end confessional-

"Should we warn Big Butt and Psycho Hose Beast?", Heather asks, as if their very names annoyed her.

"Warn them about Ezekiel?", you ask.

"Yeah. Remember when he manipulated Cody?", Heather asks.

Warn Leshawna and Izzy?

A: Yes, so everyone knows

B: No, keep it on the down low for now

"Yeah, I guess we should.", you reply. You head up to first class and knock on the door.

"Oh hey boy, come in.", Leshawna says, and opens the door for you.

"We were just about to get our reward. I hope it's chocolate!", Izzy says cheerfully.

"Hey guys, I've been talking to Heather-"

"Heather is bad news, OC.", Leshawna interrupts.

"I know, but we think the merge is coming soon, and we decided to form an alliance to vote off Ezekiel as soon as possible. You in?", you ask. Leshawna and Izzy smile and nod.

"Perfect. See you guys tomorrow.", you say.

Now what do you do? (I swear this is the final choice)

A: Go to the cockpit and chat with Chef

B: Go back to economy class

You decide to go back to the cockpit and talk to Chef.

"Hey, Chef!", you say. Chef grunts.

"Oh, it's you. We haven't talked since London.", he says. You sit down on the passenger seat.

"So, how's Chris been treating you?", you ask.

"How do ya think? He made me prepare stupid meatballs for the challenge.", Chef replies bitterly.

"Yeah, Tyler said they were big and hard.", you reply. He does his signature cackle.

"You're actually less annoying than the others. Better than that snarky Noah kid. I'm not supposed to do this, but do you want to watch the Aftermath with me?", he asks.

"This season has Aftermath episodes?", you ask. You had no idea! Gwen and Lindsay must've been on one!

"Yeah, apparently Courtney and juvie boy have gone missin', and Blaineley's been getting on Geoff's last nerves.", Chef explains.

"Ooh, so much drama! Wait, did you say Blaineley?", you ask.

"Yep. Blaineley Storky Arthur O'Hathaway.", Chef says.

"I'm not sure that's correct...", you say.

"Shut yo mouth and watch on this screen.", Chef says.

Exclusive Clip

Izzy, in first class, stares at Leshawna in horror as she received her Swedish massage.

Leshawna's body was bent and turned in such horrific ways as the large female masseuse mangled her body.

"Ohhh...ohh....ohhh!!", Leshawna moaned with pleasure.


"You're ENJOYING this?!", Izzy shouts.

"When you live a life as tough as mine, you learn to love these. Ooh, go a little lower...NOT THAT LOW, yep, right there! Ooh, that's the stuff!", she says.

"Wow Leshawna, you're one of the toughest people I know! And I know a guy who ripped out his tooth with one hand! Uh huh! Okay, it was my hand. Ahaha. Yeah. That was a good day...until I got a restraining order. I wonder what happened to Nathan...I think he got run over by a truck. How fun!", Izzy says.

"I'm so glad this pleasure is distractin' me from your crazy.", Leshawna says.

Aftermath Aftermayhem

Main Events

  • Geoff introduced the Aftermath by introducing the entire Peanut Gallery, starting with the people who did not qualify for Total Drama World Tour: Eva, Katie, Sadie, Justin, Trent and Beth, who all smiled at the audience and waved. Then with every eliminated contestant: Gwen, DJ, Owen, Harold and Lindsay, who also smiled at the audience and waved.
  • As a recap, he decided to show how everyone's lovers were doing in the game (excluding the only person without a partner in the game, DJ), calling it the "Couples Recap".
    • He showed OC thinking about Gwen in the confessional, OC forming an alliance with Heather, and OC repeating Noah's name several times to get his attention. Gwen smiled and commented on how she missed OC.
    • He showed Izzy talking about her friend Nathan who got run over by a truck, her getting on the rack in London, and several of her weird moments where Leshawna, Heather...or really anyone shouted at her. Owen commented on how cute Izzy was.
    • He showed Leshawna as the team captain in Sweden, and in general successfully commanding her team and leading them to victory, as well as her fighting the boar-bear in Greece, and winning for her team. Harold commented on how Leshawna was a lovely Goddess who punished all those who invoked her wrath.
    • He showed Tyler getting hurt several times, hugging OC, thinking about Lindsay, saying suggestive things in Sweden, saving OC during the Sheep Shearing challenge, and then stretching VERY well (to inhuman extents!), and finally, in the confessional he said he was thinking of Lindsay when he won the gold in Greece. Lindsay was shown with a tissue box in her hand wiping a tear, and calling Tyler cute.
  • He asked Billy the Intern (yes I confirmed his name to be Billy, you're welcome) to bring in Bridgette, meanwhile, he played the "Total Drama Fugitives" segment. He told everyone that after weeks, Duncan and Courtney were still missing, but he added: "This time, we only have one clip dudes. Take a look!", he said, as he raised his arm to the screen. Duncan was shown singing in London with a band of who's name I cannot spell (the same one from London, The Schnitzel Kickers or something), with Courtney grabbing the microphone and singing the chorus of the song in her talented voice, then the two sharing a kiss, and running from the cops.
  • Trent commented that it was obviously them, because they were running from cops. Beth laughed, and Sadie said that Courtney looked like she finally learned to let loose, to which Katie agreed, reminding Sadie of another very Type A girl they knew. Lindsay said Courtney's outfit was "Like, so last season!", to which Katie and Sadie agreed. Eva rolled her eyes.
  • Billy the Intern returns and informs Geoff that Bridgette was missing, and the only people waiting for their interviews were Alejandro, Sierra and Cody (the final four minus Heather lol). Geoff looked confused, and then Blaineley came out. She apologized for being late, stating that her makeup guy was twenty minutes late. Geoff replied by saying it doesn't matter how early the makeup guy comes, he can't do anything about Blaineley's ugly face.
  • Blaineley explained where Bridgette was, and then the TV screen showed Bridgette in Siberia, throwing snowballs at a bear. The signal was lost, and Geoff got very mad. Geoff got over it and brought in the first guest, Alejandro.

Alejandro's Interview

  • Geoff explained to everyone that Alejandro was in the robot suit, but his injuries weren't that severe, so he was able to come out just yesterday. Alejandro's hair was burned off.
  • Alejandro angrily walked in, glaring at Owen. Gwen asked him how it felt to be defeated by her boyfriend, to which Alejandro replied that it was the biggest disgrace of his life. Owen stated that he and Alejandro were no longer friends since now he knows "Al's" true nature.
  • Geoff asked Alejandro how it felt to be a failed villain, to which Alejandro retorted that he was not failed at all - because for a short time, even OC was afraid of him. Geoff agreed, saying OC and Gwen are the strongest couple when it comes to Total Drama. Everyone agrees wholeheartedly, except of course for Alejandro.
  • Harold reminded everyone that Heather was also bald just like Alejandro and coincidentally, Alejandro has a crush on Heather. Alejandro tries to deny this, but everyone already knew it was true. The conversation shifted to Alejandro's crush on Heather. Alejandro kept denying it, despite everyone teasing him about it.
  • Geoff added that they brought another special guest who wasn't a contestant, and told Billy to get him in. Billy brought in Jose, Alejandro's older brother. Alejandro looked shocked beyond comprehension, and nearly fainted. Jose's first words to Alejando were him commenting on Alejandro's faint heart, and mocking him by asking Alejandro if his hair looked okay. Sadie gushed over Jose, saying he was adorable. Jose turned to Sadie and told her that he thought the same of her.
  • Blaineley asked if there was any purpose in bringing Jose, but Geoff simply said he thought it would be funny and turned to see Alejandro's nervous spastic movements, and said he succeeded. Then, he called for the next guest.

Main Events

  • Bridgette once again appeared on the screen, healing Bruno and telling Geoff she was okay, blew an air kiss at him, and said that Bruno was actually quite sweet. She turned to a man who revealed that he was Blaineley's #1 fan, to which Geoff replied that he didn't know that could be possible.
  • Blaineley told Bridgette to tell the super fan that he's super awesome. The #1 Fan said he would like to play a traditional Siberian song for them. Billy the Intern brought out Sierra, who was holding Cody's hand.
  • Geoff: "Brothers, are you with me?", he asked, to which all of The Drama Brothers responded by nodding, including Cody. Geoff sang Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley, revealing "Mildred" for who she truly was, and then Geoff remembered that if the show goes on for too long, Blaineley doens't get her paycheck.

Sierra and Cody's Interview

  • Blaineley said that as long as Sierra and Cody were both out here, they should have their interview at the same time. She asked Sierra about her love life, and she said Cody was the only love life she needed.
  • Cody responded by saying that outside Total Drama, Sierra really wasn't that bad and mostly just wanted to take pictures of him with with her and show him funny cat videos on the Internet.
  • Geoff asked if they were dating, and Cody responded by saying no. He told the girls that was still available, and they all giggled, amused. Sierra told Gwen that she should have taken Cody while she had the chance. Gwen replied by saying: "I think I'll survive..."
  • Blaineley ended the interview by telling everyone about the Second Chance game, and handed out the Peanut Brittle cans.

The Second Chance Game

  • The qualifiers were: Lindsay, Beth, Harold, Trent and Sadie.
  • Blaineley rushed the game. Harold and Trent were eliminated first, and Blaineley insisted on continuing the game faster. Geoff decided to take it easy and play embarrassing clips of Blaineley. Time was running out. In round 2, Lindsay and Beth were eliminated.
  • It was down to Sadie, and Blaineley yelled the last answer at her at the exact same time Sadie said it, resulting in them both being thrown into the game. Blaineley responded negatively, horrified by the thought of being on Total Drama. Geoff laughed wildly.
  • Before they left, Blaineley scoffed at Geoff and revealed that SHE arranged Bridgette's elimination by flirting with Chris over the phone and telling him to give Bridgette an angry, rabid Koala for the tiebreaker. Geoff nearly strangled her, but Blaineley left before he could.
  • Katie and Sadie started crying due to being separated, but then Jose arrived, swept Sadie off her feet, and told her that she was going to do great. Sadie blushed.

Bonus Clip

Jose and Sadie are seen walking down the hallway, backstage of the Aftermath show. Jose and Sadie share a kiss before she departs.

Sadie is seen in the helicopter with Billy.

"Where's Blaineley?", she asks.

"I think she's down there.", he says. Sadie looks out the window and sees a box swinging around in the air.

"Oh, okay.", she replies.

Niagara Brawls

"And then, Jose flirted with Sadie!", you say, telling Noah all about the Aftermath.

"Really? Then what happened?", Noah asked, uninterested.

"Um, I don't know. I had to leave the cockpit because Chef was watching his soaps and didn't want to be disturbed. I think he just didn't want me to see him crying.", you tell Noah.

"Mmhmm.", he says, reading his book.

"It wouldn't kill you to at least reply.", you say.

"It's late, I'm tired.", he says, putting his book down.

"I'm not. I don't know why.", you say. Noah goes to sleep.

Try to go to sleep?

A: Yeah, I need all the energy I can get for the challenge

B: Nah, it's not gonna happen. I'll just go eat something.

"Yeah, I think I'll try to sleep as well.", you say.

You dreamt about two angels coming into your life. One was fat, and one was thin.

You woke up in water, and realized you and everyone else were falling off a waterfall!! You, along with everyone else, clung to the swan paddles.

"If I live, I'll...I'll be nice to Ezekiel!", Heather shouts. Everyone stares at her.

"What? It's not like we're gonna make it, people.", she says.

"If I live, I'll stop staring at Heather, eh!", Ezekiel shouts. You roll your eyes.

"If I live I'll pay attention to everything OC says!", Noah shouts.

"If I live I'll make sure to talk to Noah more and more!!", you shout.

"If I live, I'll stop calling Izzy a turbo boosted psycho!", Leshawna shouts.

"Ooh, I love being turbo boosted!", Izzy says, jumps to the back of the swan, and kicks it forward. Heather throws a rope to the other swan with Leshawna, Tyler and Ezekiel and Izzy pulls you all to shore.

You cough out some water, and Tyler claps you on the back, making you cough out some more.

Chris leads you all to the casino.

"I love casinos!", you say.

"You're underage...", Noah says.

"Well, yeah, but in theory I really like casinos.", you say.

"Two contestants are returning today.", Chris says.

"I hope it's Gwen!", you say.

"That wouldn't suck. Maybe Lindsay will come back too!", Tyler says.

"Maybe it's Bridgette!", Noah says excitedly. Everyone stares at him.

"I hope it's Alejandro.", Heather blurts out.

" I can defeat him again.", Heather says. Everyone laughs, amused.

"Iiiiit's...Blaineley!", Chris says.




Blaineley: Blain-Blain-Blain-Blain-Blainerific, is my name. Dishing dirt is my game. Invading your TV with my Blainelicious frame!

OC: Bla-Blainerific! S-s-so terrific!

Blaineley: I'm fa-fa-famous. Famous!

Heather: This is so against the rules, does Chris think we're a bunch of fools?

Chris: Rules? This ain't no Sunday School! Miss Thang up there's a rating's jewel!

OC: Bla-Blainerific!

Heather: M-M-Make me si-ick!

Blaineley: I'm fa-fa-famous. Famous! Get me a half fat, no foam latte steamed to a hundred-two, heat! I'm quite specific.

OC: She's Blainerific!

Noah: So-so horrific.

Blaineley: I'm fa-fa-fam-

Tyler: Who's that girl again?

Blaineley: WHAT?! Who am I? Who am I?! Who are you? I'm the host of the Puppy Bachelorette! I was nominated for a Gemmie Award! I interviewed you for Celebrity Manhunt! It's a fact and scientific, that I'm still Blainerific.

Heather and Leshawna: She's not so famous, turns out she's not so famous!


OC: I'm a HUGE Blaineley fan!! I LOVE her!! I can't believe I get to meet her!

-end confessional-

"Also returning is...Sadie!", Chris says. Then, he announces the merge, and everyone's happy.

"Who?", Heather asks.

"Do you know anyone?", you ask, before going to hug Sadie, who had just come out.

"Hi everyone!!", Sadie says.

"Hey, girl.", Leshawna says.

"Oh, hey, you're the sweet girl's friend, right?", Noah asks.

"Oh, silly Noah! I'm Sadie!", she says. Chris explains the challenge, and puts you, Noah, Tyler and Ezekiel in one box. First, Tyler left. Then Noah. You were the last to leave, and you happily looked up at Blaineley.

"Hi!", you say. She helps you up.

"Mmm, marrying the audience's favorite could be a positive boost for my image...", she says.

"I'm the audience favorite?", you ask.

"Oh, definitely! They love how fun and strategic you are.", she says.


OC: BLAINELEY gave me a compliment!!

-end confessional-

(Play it cool, OC!)

"Thanks. You're alright too.", you say.

"Great. Izzy, you're paired with Noah, Leshawna with Tyler and Blaineley, you're with OC. Heather, you're up.", Chris says. Heather gets Ezekiel, of course.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!", Heather shouts.

"It's not so great for me either, eh!", Ezekiel shouts.

"I can't imagine...", she mutters.

(I finally made the merge for the second time!)

"But wait, who am I paired with?", Sadie asks.

"I guess you could go with someone else.", Chris says.

"I already have Blaineley.", you remind him.

"Don't you believe in polygamy? I do.", he says.

"You can't even get one wife, now your goal is two?", Noah asks, making everyone laugh. Chris glared at Noah, embarrassed.

"No, Noah, I can get a wife. I'm married to my job.", he says proudly.

"Fine, who will take Sadie? You get an advantage in the challenge.", he says.

Take Sadie?

A: Yes, that advantage could help me win

B: No, I want to be alone on a team with Blaineley

You decide to keep quiet.

"Fine, I'll decide. Tyler, you take her.", Tyler says. Tyler looked nervous. On the way to the first challenge, you ask Blaineley a lot of questions.

"What's it like to"

"It's amazing. I'm fab me, after all."

"What is it like to be famous?"

"It's fantastic."

"Why did you stop hosting Celebrity Manhunt?"

"Uhh...QUIET! We have to do the challenge.", she yells. You sit down and guide Blaineley.

"Okay, go left."



"Stop. Left."

However, she gets stuck with a cake in front of her, mud on the right and sand on the left. She was stuck.


"OC, which way do I go?!", Blaineley shouts at you.


A: Straight

B: Left

C: Right

"...Straight. Keep walking straight!", you say.

"Is that because you're staring at something?", she asks suggestively, you both laugh.

"...No, seriously.", she says. She walks forward and falls into the cake. Heather roars with laughter.

"HA. HA. HA. BLAINELEY!", she yells.

"What's your deal, Heather?", you ask.

"I'm cranky. Look who my partner is.", Heather says, annoyed. Izzy kicks Heather's back.

"OW! Crazy girl, get LOST!", Heather shouts.

"Ahahaha, it was Noah who gave me such directions, my dear!", Izzy says.

(She gets weirder every day...)

"I said walk straight.", Noah says.

"No you didn't, you said-", Izzy says.

"Quiet, Izzy! That way!", Noah says.

"You're usually sneakier, Noah.", you say. You hear him snicker. Blaineley walks forward, and falls headfirst into a big cake.

"AAAHH!! WHAT IS THIS?!", she shouts.

"It's just cake...", you say.

"Just cake?! JUST cake?! I just gained five pounds by TOUCHING it!", Blaineley says.

"But it looks so tasty!", you say, getting hungry, missing the first class cookies. Blaineley licks some frosting off her fingers.

"Mmm...sugar, where have you been? It's been so long...", she says. You beam.

"Okay Blaineley, go around the cake and keep walking. We need that dress for immunity!", you say.

"Okay Heather, walk that way, eh!", Ezekiel says.

"WHICH way, ZEKE?!", Heather shouts.

"Uhh...I don't remember my left and my rights...", he says. Blaineley got her dress! It was the same one as she got in the original.

"Ezekiel, you're useless!", she shouts in frustration. Ezekiel looked sad.

Help Ezekiel?

A: Yes, tell him left and right

B: Yes, guide Heather

C: No, let him suffer

"Having trouble, Zeke?", you ask. Noah snickers again, and Ezekiel leers at you.

"Sorry Zeke and Miss Zeke, you're out.", Chris says. Leshawna, Sadie, Izzy and Blaineley all made it. Blaineley was wearing her original dress, Izzy was wearing Sierra's, Leshawna was wearing Courtney's and Sadie was wearing Heather's.

(A.N.: The only contestants here that were in the original are Heather and Blaineley! Wow!)

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! EZEKIEL!!! COME HERE!!", Heather shouts, and chases after Ezekiel like a wild dog.

"Well, they lost their chance at immunity.", Chris says. Then, he leads you all the Niagara Falls for the next challenge.

"Oh great. We avoided the falls just to die on it again.", Noah says, irriatated. You gulp, look around, and make sure Ezekiel isn't nearby.

"Urgh...I hope this is over soon.", Tyler says, lifting up Leshawna and Sadie.

"You don't have to lift them until you start, Tyler.", you say.

"Wha--what?!", he asks, shocked. Then he collapses.

Since you and Blaineley won the last challenge, you got to go first.

"...And that's how I won my first Gemmie Award!", she says.

"Really? When did you get your second one?", you ask.

(I didn't know Blaineley won TWO!)

"I, um, I don't have a second one.", she says. Then, she farts.

"Ew.", you whisper.

"Umm, where's the editor? I'd like to request that my, um, bodily expression, be removed from the final cut!", she says.

"It's okay, everyone farts. It makes you seem more down to Earth!", you say.

"Really? My likability index could use a boost after the stunts I pulled on the Aftermath show...poor Bridgette.", she says.

"Yep!", you say.

"Ugh, what am I saying? Hurry up!", she says.

As you walk, Sadie lifts Leshawna and Tyler and Noah carries Izzy, but you and Blaineley were in the lead.

What do you talk about?

A: Who do you plan on voting for?

B: So, Heather and I have an alliance...

C: Tell me more about how famous you are!

D: I have a problem with your attitude

"Hey Blaineley, can I ask you something?", you ask.

"Oh, do you want to know more about my nine seasons on The Puppy Bachelorette?", she asks.

"While that was a fascinating story, that's not it.", you ask.

"Oh. Then?", she asks.

"I was wondering, if we win, who are you voting for?", you ask.

"Of course. You're the Friendly Strategist!", Blaineley says.

"Um...I guess?", you say.

(That's actually a pretty accurate description of me...Obviously, a genius and his online genius friend must have thought of it)


"Well, if you must know, I'm voting for Heather. She has too much winning potential, and as long as I'm here, I may as well try to win the money.", she says.

"You have a net worth of over a hundred million dollars.", you say.

"So? Another cool million never hurt anyone.", she replies.

"I guess so. That's why I entered. I could use the money.", you say.

"Really? What for?", she asks.

"Well, my family can't afford to send me to college, and I know I'm not smart enough to get a scholarship.", you say, thinking about how Noah goes to school on full scholarship.

"Really?! That's...that's so sad.", Blaineley says.

"Not really. Happens to a lot of people.", you reply.

"I know, but now that I've gotten to know you so well, it just seems...upsetting.", she says.

"Well, that's the cruel reality of life. I'm not the only one with problems, so no use moping.", you say.

"Um..what else will you do with the money?", Blaineley asks.

"Probably get my mom everything she's ever wanted. I don't want her to buy anything ever again for herself. Also, maybe I could give some to Gwen and Noah. Oh, and I promised Chef ten thousand dollars.", you say, remembering your promise to poor Chef.

"Chef, huh? What's his deal?", she asks.

"Chris apparently won't give him his paycheck.", you explain.

"I have a way to get Chris to do whatever I want. I can fix that.", she says.

"Really? Way to use your powers for good, Blaineley!", you say happily.

"OC, watch out!", Blaineley shouts. You didn't notice you were falling over. You fell, and clung to the rope with your hands as Blaineley clung to your body with her life.

Sadie passed by.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay, OC?!", Sadie says.

"No, help!", you say. Sadie looked nervous, she was already carrying Leshawna and Tyler.

"Um, okay...", Sadie says.

"Now wait just a moment. Sadie, you're already doing too much. OC, I'm sorry, this isn't personal, but if you want our help we're gonna need something in exchange.", Leshawna says.

"While that upsets me, I can't say I wouldn't do the same.", you say.

"HURRY!", Blaineley shouts, as the sharks get the barbeque sauce ready. You gulp.

A: We'll vote off whoever you want tonight!

B: You can get immunity, but let us up!

C: I'm not giving you anything!

"Okay, okay, pick us up, and we'll stay behind you!", you say.

"Okay. Tyler, help 'em up.", Leshawna says. Tyler steps down effortlessly lifts you and Blaineley up.

"'re strong, Tyler!", you say, shocked by Tyler's strength.

"I thought you knew? I've got wicked strong fingers. Docs can't explain 'em. In my first piano lesson, I broke the piano. Got into sports after that.", he explains.

"Fascinating. Now MOVE.", Blaineley says. You continue to walk on the rope behind Leshawna and Tyler and Sadie.

"What leaf is on Canada's flag?", Chef asks.

"The maple.", Tyler replies confidently.

"Does your religion and/or ethnicity allow for polygamy?", he asks.

"Wh-what? What is poly game...stuff?", Tyler asks. Leshawna facepalms.

"It's illegal for you to have two wives, and you're being deported. Go back.", Chef says. Tyler looked upset, but he went back.

"Hey, Chef.", you say.

"That's Customs Officer to you.", he corrects. After that, he asks you and Blaineley a series of questions which you both answer correctly.

"Wait...that's it? We won?", Blaineley asks. You look at each other excitedly.

"We won!! We won!!!", you both yell.

"Congratulations, OC and Blaineley for winning the challenge. As for the rest of you, you're ALL on the chopping block!", Chris says.

Later, you all gather back into the Jumbo Jet.

"I can't BELIEVE I didn't win. We're not gonna have more PAIRED up challenges, right?!", Heather angrily asks Chris as you all ate in craft services.

"Umm...for my own safety, I'm saying no.", he says. Heather grunts.


OC: I won immunity in the first challenge of the merge! Cool! I hope I can keep it up. Although, I wonder if Blaineley can go on much longer?

-end confessional-

Who do you vote for?

A: Ezekiel

B: Heather

C: Izzy

D: Leshawna

E: Noah

F: Tyler

"OC and Blaineley, good work. You get the first barf bags.", Chris says.

"I love these peanuts.", you say, taking one out.

"Thank you, OC. Tell Chef that they're good. See, Chef? I told you.", Chris says.

"Do you know how fattening these are? I had cake today.", Blaineley says, handing you her peanuts.

"Thanks.", you say.

"The next barf bag goes to, despite being carried by Sadie, Tyler.", Chris says.

"Alright! I'm still in, with my buddy OC!", Tyler says.

"Noah and Izzy, you're both safe.", Chris says. Noah and Izzy happily catch their bags.

"Heather, despite your terrible performance, you get one too.", Chris says. Heather scoffs.

"I'm good! He made me bad!", she replies.

"Whatever lets you sleep at night. Here you go.", Chris says, and tosses Heather a bag, which she dodges and lets Ezekiel get hit.

"Sadie, Ezekiel and Leshawna. That leaves you. The bottom three look nervous.

"Sadie, you're new here and you still managed to carry your team. Literally. You've proved yourself to be good. Here.", Chris says, giving Sadie a bag.

"Oh, yay!", Sadie says.













"And the final barf bag goes to...Ezekiel.", Chris says, tossing a barf bag at Ezekiel, who sighed an incredible sigh of relief.

"Sorry Leshawna, you're going home.", Chris says.

"Wh-what? But why?", she asks.

"You blackmailed us!", Blaineley says. You didn't answer.

"Fine. That ain't no problem.", she says, genuineley not mad. You look up.

"OC, I know you voted for me, but it's no issue. I'm sick of this game and this sick man's rules anyway. See ya!", she says, and everyone gets one last glimpse of large and luschious behind as she takes the drop of shame.

"OC and Blaineley, who would you like to take to first class with you?", Chris asks.

"You can decide, I don't really know anyone here.", Blaineley says.

Who do you take?

A: Ezekiel

B: Heather

C: Izzy

D: Noah

E: Sadie

F: Tyler

"Izzy, you wanna come up with me?", you ask.

"Sure! I love looking at your eyes! There's so much viciousness in them!", Izzy says.

"Uh...viciousness?", you ask.

"Uh huh! I can read people's eyes. They say the eyes and the windows to the soul. Also, ham is good!", she says.

"I thought you were picking me?", Noah asks.

"I would, but, um...I wanted you, me and Tyler to be together...I guess.", you respond.

You three head up to first class, but before you get in, Ezekiel insists on talking to you.

"I thought I was going home. Why didn't you vote for me?", he asks.

"Ooh, really cutting to the chase today, aren't you Zeke? Relax, let's have a little chat.", you say mockingly.

"Answer the question, homie!", Zeke says.

"Alright, alright, calm down.", you say.

Why didn't you vote for Zeke?

A: Leshawna's a bigger threat than you

B: I don't think you hate me as much as you say

C: I'm not answering to you

D: Custom

"Well, if I'm being honest, I don't think you hate me as much as you say, Ezekiel.", you say. He looked shocked.

"You're only rude to me, but you know, your social skills are developing.", you say.

"What do you mean?", he asks.

"You're a pretty big jerk to me, but you've made some friends like Leshawna.", you say.

"Who YOU voted off!", Ezekiel says. He got you there.

"Well, everyone deserves a second chance. Even you, Zeke.", you say, and you turn around to go back.

"HEYYY!!", Izzy says. You look past Izzy and see Blaineley tied up.

"Why, Izzy?", you ask, uninterested as usual.

"I see evil in her eyes!", Izzy says.

"Blaineley! I thought you changed!", you say.

"I HAVE! She's CRAZY!", Blaineley says.

"No I'm not.", Izzy says.

"You saw viciousness in my eyes, so I guess they are lies.", you say.

"Are they, OC? Really?", Blaineley says.

"Very funny.", you say.

(Fine, it's true)

"Fine, it's true.", you say.

"And people take time to change...", Blaineley says.

"I knew it! Izzy's eighth sense never lies!", she says.

"Eighth...?", you ask.

"Yep! Hearing, smelling, touch, seeing, tasting, predicting the future, being a guy magnet, and seeing people's SOULS!", Izzy says.

"Never change, Izzy.", you say as you untie Blaineley.


Blaineley: "How DARE Leshawna blackmail me?! Goodbye!"

Ezekiel: "I vote for OC!"

Heather: "Who is there to vote for? Diva, socially inept, psycho, OC...who's actually kinda cool, smart guy, Sadie the Squee-er, Klutz-a-lot and *ick* Leshawna. I think my choice is obvious.

Izzy: "Ooh, I like smartphones that smell good! I vote for Leshawna!"

Leshawna: "Sorry Heather, but you gotta go"

OC: "Ezekiel, I know you're never gonna see this, but you deserve a second chance. Leshawna, you're a bit of a threat, so I'll go for you."

Noah: "If my guess is correct, OC is voting for Leshawna. I guess I'll do that too."

Sadie: "Um...Heather, I guess."

Tyler: "Umm, I'll vote for Ezekiel."

Exclusive Clip

"Yeah, I'm not mad at OC. It's that Blaineley I'm mad at! Diva! Anyway, I've got Harold baby back home. I wonder how my Aftershow thing's gonna go? Leshawna's gonna rock that show!", she says confidently.

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