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So far...

  • Duncan and Gwen have been eliminated
  • Gwen and OC said I love you to each other, and then Gwen was voted off
  • OC started off the season not too well; he lost the first challenge and ended up on Team Amazon. However, later he switched to Team Chris (switched with Sierra).
  • Heather formed an alliance to get rid of Gwen, and Courtney was on board because she wasn't the target for once, Sierra joined so she could get rid of Cody's crush and Ezekiel joined for safety, since he was a target
  • OC joined a team with three of his friends: Noah, Tyler and Owen, however he is also with the mysterious Alejandro
  • Cody said that he has forgiven OC, and OC mostly believes him, but still decided to remain cautious around him.
  • Team Amazon: Cody, Courtney, Ezekiel, Heather, Izzy, Sierra
  • Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot: Alejandro, Noah, OC, Owen, Tyler
  • Team Victory: Bridgette, DJ, Harold, Leshawna, Lindsay

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

You and the rest of your team (Alejandro, Noah, Owen and Tyler) are relaxing in First Class.

"First Class rules! I hope we're here all the time!", Tyler cheers.

"Amen, brother.", you reply, receiving an excellent head massage - perfect for that headache you've been having. After some relaxation, Chris announces that you all are going to Japan, and Harold rants about the cultural insensitivity. Secretly, you agreed - but Chef looked mad, so you kept your mouth shut.

After he threw you all out of the plane, everyone sang Before We Die

Courtney: We're singing as we're falling!

Heather: While some are cannon-balling!

Izzy: Yeah! 

Alejandro: Our lives begin to flash before our eyes!

Noah and Owen: We might just go ka-blooey!

Harold and Tyler: Get smushed and become chewy!

'Everyone: Cept there's tons we wanna do before we die!

Leshawna: Billionairess!

Cody: Billiards champion!

OC: Video game champion!

DJ: Make it home to see my momma!

Sierra: Marry Cody!

Bridgette: Catch a barrel!

Lindsay: Be an actress in a drama!

Courtney: Corporate lawyer!

Ezekiel: Graduate homeschool!

Harold: Be a ninja with throwing stars!

Alejandro: Lion tamer!

Owen: New food namer!

Tyler: Repairman for the parallel bars!

Noah: But first we must cease dropping, our goal here would be stopping!

Izzy: Before we smash into the ground from the sky!

DJ: Flat into little pieces!

Harold: Heads merged with our feet-ses!

Leshawna: That would really suck and here's why:

Bridgette: We'd like to keep on living!

Alejandro: So Chris, we hope you're giving:

Sierra: Some wings!

Courtney: A jetpack!

OC: A rift in time!

Heather: Parachute?!

Noah: Waterbed!

Tyler: A trampoline!

Izzy: Springy shoes!

Alejandro: Rocket boots!

Lindsay: Flying squirrel!

Leshawna: Bubble bath!

Lindsay: I change to bubbles, too!

DJ: Momma!

Owen: Pizza! No! Chips and some dip will do!

'Everyone: Cause there's still so much to do before we die! Yeah, we said it! There's still so much to do, there's still so much to do, there's still so much to do before we die! Yeah!

Owen: Yeah!

After you all fall into the rice, you go to the Game Show Studio where you happily discuss Japanese game shows with Harold and Tyler.

(A.N. I'm kinda tired rn, so I'll continue this later. Not much I can do with this episode anyway until the second half)

The first challenge winds up the same as the original. However, for the commercial, Tyler suggested that you should choose the theme of the advertisement for Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails.

What theme do you go with?

A: Catchy jingle

B: Story

C: Random objects

D: Conversation

E: Anime-style

F: Overdramatic

"Okay, so here's my plan! We play a song and then throw stuff everywhere! Like, colorful fun stuff!", you say excitedly. Alejandro and Noah looked skeptical, but Owen and Tyler were all for it.

"Aw yeah! Let's do this!", Tyler says.

"Yeah! Ooh...donuts...", Owen says.

"Wait, Owen! Hold your appetite! We need those.", you say. You all gather the objects, and everyone throws them into the air. After the video ended, everything dropped on you all and had to be cleaned up.

"This is inefficient. I'm going for festive and fun, this makes us look psychotic.", you say, reviewing the footage.

"Perhaps we should see to a different plan?", Alejandro suggests.

"No. I have faith in this one. We just need something to kick off the candies and the items. Like...", you say.

A: Everyone dancing

B: Exploding donuts

C: The panda from earlier

(A.N.: Please remember that due to the extra contestant, we will need an extra elimination challenge. Thus, The Am-AH-zon Race will not be a reward challenge)

"I got it! Make those donuts explode.", you say.

"How?", Noah asks.

"I don't know. Pump air into them or something.", you say.

"...That's illogical.", he retorts.

"You're the smart one. Figure it out.", you say. You direct the rest of the commercial, and it ends up as a very catchy tune with several colorful items dancing on the borders of the screen, with the fish tail candy in the middle, also moving a little, then the donuts explode and it's cleared by the rain of the fish tails, then a final clip with everyone throwing the fish tails happily into the air.

You call it: Yum Yum Fish Tail Party.

"First up, we have Team Chris Is Super Duper Hot with...Yum Yum Fish Tail Party!", Chris announces. He plays it, and you can see Lindsay, DJ and Leshawna smiling and humming along with the tune, and so was Heather, but she was trying to hide it.

"Next up, it's Team Victory with...A Samurai's Lament.", Chris says, playing the somber commercial of Harold's design.

"Duty. Honor. Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails. Eat them fast. Time is fleeting. Gosh.", he says in the commercial.

(That's actually not bad...but I can see pretty much everyone here disagreeing)

"Okay...don't know what that is.", Chris says.

"It's called metaphor and symbolism! GOSH!", Harold shouts, yelling his signature "GOSH!"

"Riiight. Next we have Team Amazon with...No Title...", Chris reads, disappointed.

"Yeah, Courtney and Heather couldn't agree on anything. So Izzy, Ezekiel and my CODYKINS decided to do it ourselves.", Sierra explained.

"And we couldn't really think of a title.", Cody added.

"Let's just watch...", Chris says.


Cody: I need something to eat! I'm so hungry!

Sierra: Hello friend, did I hear you say you were hungry?

Ezekiel: Hey I'm glad you enjoyed it, eh!

Sierra: Ezekiel, that's not your line!

Ezekiel: Oh, sorry. I'll just come when I get my cue.

Cody: You don't get a cue.

Ezekiel: Then just wave alright??

Sierra: Okay, just go.

Ezekiel: Exit stage right?


  • jingle plays*

End Commercial

"That...was something.", Chris says. Cody put his head down in shame.

"Chef, who did the best?", Chris asks.

"Chris, I gotta go with Team Chris. I just love exploding donuts and catchy jingles.", Chef says happily, nodding at you. Your whole team cheers! You won again!

"Team Me Be Hot wins immunity! But Chef, I gotta know, who bit the biggest?", Chris asks.

"Team Amazon with that trainwreck! You bit the biggest! You're sendin' someone home - tonight!", he said harshly.

Later, Alejandro was talking to Heather about something in economy class...and it looked suspicious.


A: No, stay away

B: Yes, listen to their conversation

C: Interfere and join in

You peer a little closer, and listen to their conversation.

"...and you are the most beautiful woman here.", Alejandro says, as Heather looked at him in disgust.

"How many girls have you said that to so far?", Heather asks.

"None, since only you are deserving of such a title.", he says calmly. Kinda reminded you of the way you would flirt with Katie sometimes.

"Fine, what do you want?", Heather asks rudely.

"Simply for you to vote off Courtney.", he says. Heather looks suspiciously at him.

"...Why her?", Heather asks.

"The stolen glances...her peeks at me, and of course, her jealousy with your natural leadership. You saw her in today's challenge...with her around, how will you ever get to fully strech out your potential, Heather?", Alejandro asks.

(That little sneak! He's good!)

"I guess you're right. Anyway, move!", Heather says, shoving Alejandro away and heading down.

Talk to Alejandro then head to the elimination?

A: Yes, ask him if he likes Heather

B: Yes, commend him on his success

C: No, go straight to watch the elimination

D: A and B both

You decide not to talk to Alejandro. Instead, you go straight to see who's going home.

"Oh, hey Alejandro.", you say, passing by him on the way.

"OC.", he says with a nod. You reach, and the ceremony had just started.

"Cody, you get the first barf bag. Again.", Chris says happily. Cody catches it, and puts it aside.

"Sierra and Heather, you get barf bags too.", Chris says. Heather smiles evilly.

"Courtney, you seem to be on the chopping block due to your argument with Heather.", Chris says.

"That's not fair! She was arguing too!", Courtney retorts.

"Yeah, but everyone hates you more.", Chris says meanly. Courtney crosses her arms.

"Izzy and Ezekiel, both of you are also on the chopping block. Izzy, because of your outburst, you may very well leave the show one day. However, that day is not today.", Chris says, and tosses the bag at her. Izzy smiles sympathetically at Ezekiel.

"Zeke, you single-handedly ruined your team's commercial, and let's face it, you're not that great a looker anyway.", Chris says.

"What does that have to do with anything, ya knob?!", Ezekiel asks angrily.

"Nothing, just saying that I am a looker.", Chris says, and smiles his signature smile at the camera.

"The last barf bag goes to the not looker.", Chris says, smiles and throws the bag to Ezekiel.

"What?! I...I'm a CIT! I should be the one staying!", Courtney says.

"We know, we get it, we've heard it a thousand times. You're a Counselor-In-Training. Well guess what Courtney, we're not at a summer camp anymore.", Chris says.

"I was your only hope! I do not concede!", Courtney says. She violently points to Heather as Chef drags her away.

"YOU! This was YOUR fault!", she shouts.

"Why does everyone blame me first?", Heather asks innocently.

"Because...YOU!! You're a vile, disgusting person!!", Courtney shouts.

"Did you read that blog post I made?", Sierra asked.

"Shut it, Sierra! Heather, you will PAY!! NOOOOO!", Courtney shouts as she is thrown off the plane.

"That girl is loud. Anyway, see you all next time for more drama and more Lindsay, right here on Total...Drama...Woooorld Tooooouuuurrr!, Chris sings. Heather groans.


Cody: Sierra (obvious reasons)

Courtney: Heather (because of their argument)

Ezekiel: Courtney (he finds her bossy and obnoxious)

Heather: Courtney (because of their argument and Alejandro's influence)

Izzy: Ezekiel (because he ruined the commercial)

Sierra: Courtney (same reason as Ezekiel)

(A.N.: So there we have it, the entire Love Triangle is gone in 3 episodes! We've 100% avoided that plot now, but let's see how the rest of the season fares now that all the teams are equal and I don't have to make the Amazons lose)

Bonus Clip

Courtney's falling, crossing her arms and looking peeved off.

"Great. Another failed season. First out in season one, tied with that annoying OC last season, and this time OC got farther than me! AGAIN! How does he do it?! It's like there's people who know what's going on controlling him and everything he does...stupid game. Mark my words, I'll be back next season!", she says and pulls the strap on the parachute, but it comes out.

"Huh?? What?! Oh no!!", she yells.

And that's how Courtney the Type A died.

I'm totally kidding, she fell into a Japanese sumo wrestler.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

(This is really something. Something amazing), you think as you enjoy the luxuries of first class.

"Yes! First class again! I love this show!", Owen says.

"My brothers, if we work hard as a team, we can continue to stay here.", Alejandro says as Owen ate the cucumbers on his eyes.

"This is stylish living.", Noah commented.

"It is pretty nice.", Bridgette says. You all look up, surprised.

"Bridgette?! What are you doing here??", you ask.

"When did you even get here?!", Tyler shouts.

"Uh, rude. I've been here all night. Alejandro called me up here. Now leave me alone, I have to get a massage.", she says.

"What? Why would you invite her up here?", Noah asks Alejandro.

"I simply believed that such a beautiful lady should not have to be alone in the economy class.", Alejandro says.

"Except she's not alone. She has her whole team...", you remind him.

"I speak metaphorically.", he answers.


"Doesn't matter, she's up here so we might as well just talk to her. How've you been, Bridge?", you ask.

"I've been alright. I wish my team would win a challenge for once.", she says.

"In due time. After all, your team has you, chica.", Alejandro flirts.

"So now you're rooting for Team Victory?", Noah asks.

"Merely offering my moral support, like a gentleman.", Alejandro answers.

"I'm gonna go check on my team.", she says.

(I need to remind her that she has a BOYFRIEND back home...of course, I'll have to tell her not to tell Alejandro that I told her that. Kind of cowardly, but I gotta do that...), you think

Give Bridgette a snap back to reality?

A: Yes, but lie and say you're going to the bathroom

B: No, stay out of Bridgette's business

(A.N.: I added a Bonus Clip for Courtney, if you're interested)

You stand up.

"Where you going?", Owne asks.

"To the bathroom.", you say.

"You just went an hour ago.", Noah says.

"Noah, stop being creepy.", you say as if you're tired. You head out and catch up to Bridgette.

"Bridgette, can I talk to you?", you ask.

"Hey, OC. What's up?", she asks.

"Stop being stupid. You have a boyfriend back home and you're flirting with Alejandro?!", you say angrily.

"Woah, calm down.", she replies.

"No, you calm down. Stop whatever thing it is you have with Alejandro. It's only going to lead to heartache and tears. You know Geoff's watching us, right now? Look.", you say. You pick up Bridgette's arm and wave to the camera.

"Alright, just chill!", she says then she sighs, "You're right. Sorry Geoff!", she says.

"Good. As long as this is clear. Oh, and don't tell Alejandro about this little meeting", you say, and you head back up, and you hear a bit of what Chris said to the economy class people.

"And how are you all doing? Is what I would say, if I cared about any of you except Lindsay.", he says, as you left. You rolled your eyes. Later, the plane experiences strong turbulence, except instead of slight shaking you felt like death was coming.

"NOAH PROTECT ME", you shout, using Noah as a human shield.

"Exactly what are you using my body to protect you from?", Noah asks.

"I don't know but PROTECT ME ANYWAY.", you yell.

"Stay calm, my brothers. We will be safe.", Alejandro says calmly. Meanwhile, Owen was even more freaked out than you, running around like a headless chicken. Alejandro paralyzed him with some kind of shoulder pressure point.

"NOAH PROTECT ME", Tyler yelled as he too got behind Noah.

"What am I protecting you two from?!", he yelled angrily and rolled his eyes. The plane felt like it was crashing, but you all escaped safely. Until Owen landed on you all. It felt like ten thousand cinderblocks all falling at once on your back.

When you landed, you saw where you were.

(We're in the FREAKING YUKON?!)


OC: I just don't like cold places. That's actually one of the reasons I told my parents to move out of Canada. I'm thinking Miami. People have really nice cars in Miami, right? Seriously though, cold places are the worst. I'm talking, like, meat storage locker type, I hate those places. My dad owns like twenty restaurants or something. Couldn't care less. Wait...crap...I'm turning into Gwen. I mean, uh...hi babe.

-end confessional-

When Chris told you that everyone's coats will be ready in a couple weeks, you nearly lost it.

"We should huddle for warmth.", Cody suggested, and tried to hug Heather. Perv.

"Ew, get off me you filthy degenerate.", Heather said.

"I'll hug you, my little Codykins!", Sierra said happily. Pervier. Then, Noah hugs Bridgette all of sudden. You nudge at Noah.

"I have a boyfriend...", Bridgette says and smiles at you.

"Aw, don't worry, I'll hug you little buddy.", Owen says and pulls Noah into a bear hug.

After Sierra reveals her almost-as-creepy-as-her-Cody obsession with Chris and begins to tell his life story (before Chris thankfully shushed her), Chris explains the challenge. You hop on over to the ice flows on the (thanks to Global Warming and Owen) not-so-frozen ice river.

You start jumping, and Sierra follows you.

"You know OC, you have a very large fanbase.", she says.

"I do?", you ask, thinking that's pretty cool.

"Oh yeah. You never make it that far, but the fans still really like you.", she says.

"Thanks for reminding me...", you say in response to her never-make-it-far comment.

"Oh, don't worry. Quality over quantity! But you have quantity too! I was on the Total Drama Wikia before the season started, and there are over a thousand comments combined on several of these amazingly written blogs all about you!", she says.

/shameless self-promotion

"That's cool. Anyway Sierra, Cody looks kinda, um, frozen.", you say about Cody who fell in the water.

"OH NO!! COOODDDYY I"M COMING!", Sierra chants and jumps in to save him.

Later, you come to a halt. There were two ice flows: one that was fine, but it was flowing left - the wrong direction, and one that was still, with another flow in jumping distance, but looked unstable. Where do you go?

A: The stable one going in the wrong direction

B: The unstable one staying still

You jump to the unstable ice flow, successfully land, and crouch down. You hear it cracking, so you slowly stand up, your legs trembling. 

(Oh great, so this is how it ends. If only I had a crazy stalker who'd save me...)

The ice flow splits into ten smaller pieces and you're left with one leg on a different flow, cracking even more. It's like you were doing the splits.

"Uhh, someone help!", you yell. Then, Tyler, who was already ahead of you, comes running back, pulls you out of the water and carries you to the next one.

"Careful, dude.", he says, and carries on.

"Thanks Tyler!", you yell at him. You continue through the ice flows, then you see Bridgette and Alejandro together. You start to get angry, until you realize that Bridgette's trying to get away from him.

Alejandro continued flirting with Bridgette and following her, but Bridgette kept rejecting him, reminding him that she had a boyfriend.

Then, Bridgette slips and her legs fall into the water, but then Alejandro saves her and says something about teams being irrelevant. You could see Bridgette blush.

(Stay strong, Bridgette!), you think.


OC: Sure, Bridgette's on the other team, but she's been my friend way way way longer than Alejandro's been my teammate.

-end confessional-

You reach nearly the end of the ice flows, and Tyler was already waiting for everyone at the sleds. You turn back, and see that Cody was being chased down by a polar bear. Sierra hadn't noticed.

(Crap...not again...), you think, remembering what happened in TDI.

Save Cody from the polar bear?

A: Yes, grab a frozen fish and beat the s*** out of that bear

B: No, Tyler, Izzy and Owen are waiting!

You reach in the water and grab a cold frozen fish

(Ew. It's slimy.)

"Cody!! Watch out!", you yell, and run back the flows and smash the fish over the bear's head, and soon you start wrestling the bear.

Cody watches in awe, frozen with fear, or probably just frozen.

"Cody, get lost already!", you yell, fighting the bear. You use the fish to push the bear into the water, but the bear thwacks the fish away. Then, DJ appears, running wildly and rams right into the bear, plunging it into the water.

"It's the CURSE!!", he yells.


You finally reach the end and everyone looks a little peeved at you, since Team Victory had already started going thanks to DJ's psycho running, and Cody reaching before you.

"Get in, quick!", Noah yelled. You quickly walked, and Noah roughly pulled you in.

(Hey...Noah can be mean sometimes...)

Tyler starts running, but complains that his court shoes were slowing him down. In the distance, on one of the meeting points, you see Alejandro flirting with Bridgette again...SHIRTLESS

Tyler finally starts running, and you reach the meeting point, and you grab Alejandro, after Bridgette had already kissed...a pole.

"Not the time, lover boy.", you say and quickly glare at Bridgette. You reach the cliff, and hang on to the sled for dear life as Tyler was SOMEHOW hanging on as well.

"Owen, lean forward!", Noah commands, as the big guy leans forward, and Noah gets your team the win!!

"Team I Am Super Hot WINS!!", Chris announces. Team Victory comes in second, then Team Amazon last.

"Crap! After all our hard work!", Heather yells. Then Chris realizes Bridgette was absent, and declares Team Victory the losers.

Later, you get extra mad at Bridgette.

"Get a grip, Bridgette.", you say angrily.

"Okay, okay! I'm sorry! At least now I can tell my team that Alejandro is EVIL!", she says in a weird voice since her tongue was still on the pole.

Convince Lindsay and Leshawna not to vote for Bridgette?

A: Yes, tell them the situation with Bridgette

B: Yes, tell them the situation without Bridgette

C: No, it's their team, don't interfere

You turn on the hot water in the bathroom and put it in a cup, freeing Bridgette of her pole prison.

"Your make out session with the pole is over.", you joke. Bridgette rolls her eyes.

"That is not funny. That thing is cold.", Bridgette says.

"That's what all the divorced women say about their ex-husbands.", you joke. Bridgette lightly punches your arm.

"I think we should explain what happened to your team.", you suggest. Bridgette agrees. You track down Lindsay, Leshawna, DJ and Harold and explain what happened.

"You still kissed Alejandro. Or, almost did.", Harold pointed out.

"Yes, but you don't understand! He's evil!", Bridgette says.

"I don't think we can trust you.", Harold says. Bridgette stares at him in disbelief.

"We did lose because of you, hon.", Leshawna points out.

"Well if DJ had seen me at the meeting point, you could've picked me up.", she retorts.

"DJ was too busy crying because of his Mama.", Lindsay said sadly.

"Our strategy was to meet at the finish.", Leshawna reminded them.

"I couldn't do that! And I got stuck to the pole before you guys arrived at that meeting point!", Bridgette explained, slowly getting agitated.

"Look, Bridgette, I like you but this is gonna be tough. You gotta promise to stay away from Alejandro.", Leshawna says.

"Okay, okay! I'll stay away from him!", Bridgette says.

"But then who are we going to vote for?", Lindsay asks.

"I think it should still be Bridgette. Can we even trust you?", Harold asks.

"Maybe it should be YOU, Harold. Didn't you make us lose the last challenge?", Bridgette says

"We didn't lose, we came in second place GOSH", Harold reminds Bridgette.

"You SPAT on me!", Bridgette shouts.

"Guys, calm down.", DJ says.

"Maybe we should vote of BJ, I mean he cried and made us lose.", Lindsay commented.

"Well, I tried to tell you and Leshawna to listen to me, but you were too busy gossiping.", DJ retorted.

"That was important girl talk!", Leshawna says. Everyone turns away from each other.

"The elimination is right now, guys. We can't fight!", Bridgette says.


OC: Did I just single-handedly turn Team Victory against each other? Oops...

-end confessional-

"No one's asking you to fight. Maybe you should go back to making googly eyes at Al!", Harold says.

"Harold, no one asked for your opinion.", Bridgette said harshly.

"I say we vote for CJ!", Lindsay says.

"I say we vote for Lindsay.", DJ says, getting mad at Lindsay.

"Fine! We WON'T figure out who to vote for!", Leshawna says.

"FINE!", Harold says.

"DOUBLE FINE!", Lindsay says.

"FINE!", DJ and Bridgette shout simultaneously.

"Good. Then let the chips fall where they may.", Leshawna says.

Later, at the elimination...

"I feel like none of you are safe from elimination today, except for you, Harold.", Chris says, tossing Harold a barf bag.

"Of course.", Harold says.

"Lindsay and Leshawna. Too busy gossiping about Tyler and Harold to care about DJ. DJ, crying for your Mama, then crying your eyes shut, and Bridgette, getting it on with a pole.", Chris mocks. Everyone stared angrily at each other.

"However, today, Leshawna is safe. Lindsay, you are also safe.", Chris says.

"Yay!", Lindsay says excitedly. Leshawna smiles.

"DJ and Bridgette. It comes down to you two.", Chris says.

"The last barf bag goes to...", he begins. DJ and Bridgette lean in closer.






"Bridgette.", Chris says. Bridgette smiles warmly and catches the bag.

"Well, at least this'll end my animal curse.", DJ says.

"There was no curse. That's just you being a silly baby.", Leshawna says jokingly.

"Bye, Leshawna.", DJ says.

"See ya, big guy.", Leshawna says.

"Bye TJ!", Lindsay says sadly.

"We'll miss you, DJ.", Bridgette says.

"You will never be forgotten, DJ.", Harold says. DJ takes his parachute and jumps.

"I'm comin' Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!", he shouts as he falls.

"Well, that's it for this episode! Team Victory suffered their first loss, and Lindsay thankfully managed to stay! See you next time on Total...Drama...Woooooooorrrlllld Toooooouuuuurrr!", he sang.


Bridgette: DJ

DJ: Lindsay

Harold: Bridgette

Leshawna: DJ

Lindsay: DJ

Bonus Clip

DJ fell, parachute out, looking very relaxed.

"Ah, finally, I can rest knowing that my curse is over. Not another animal to be hurt!", DJ says. A small hummingbird comes and rests on DJ's finger.

"Hey there, little guy.", DJ says warmly. Then, the hummingbird flew away.

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