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So far...

  • Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, DJ, Owen, Harold, Alejandro, Lindsay, Sierra, Cody, Bridgette, Leshawna, Ezekiel, Sadie and Blaineley have been voted off.
  • Heather and OC's alliance has officially ended with the elimination of Blaineley; Heather's annoyer. However, the lying undertones of Heather's motivations were revealed by Blaineley, stating that Heather still likes OC a bit, but also likes Alejandro. Does Heather have an internal conflict?
  • The finale creeps ever closer, with Blaineley eliminated, and the remaining contestants being the Final Five, and none of them knowing what Chris has in store next!
  • A double elimination in China caused Ezekiel to be voted off, right after OC had broken down his walls and become on neutral terms with the homeschooled boy.
  • However, it also caused OC to be voted off. When this happened, Sadie sacrificed herself due to all the help OC had given her, both in the competition and otherwise, despite winning immunity in China.
  • Izzy showed off her exceptional hunting skills, which came in handy in the challenge. After she won immunity, it left only Blaineley for everyone to vote off (however, it was nearly a tie between Blaineley and Heather)
  • Things between Heather and OC are more awkward than ever after Blaineley's revelation
  • Things between OC and his best friends Noah and Tyler are better than ever, but sadly they know that they'll have to fight against each other eventually.
  • Everyone's pretty much still questioning how Izzy got so far anyway.
  • Heather, Izzy, Noah, OC and Tyler still remain in the game. It's the farthest OC has EVER gotten! Congratulations! But don't relax yet - it's not over until the money is handed over!

Rapa Phooey!

You slept pretty well. You dreamt that you were floating on a nice cloud.

It was nice, and comfortable too! When you awoke...

"Tyler?", you say, woken up by Tyler's head slipping down to your shoulders.

"Huh? Oh, sorry.", Tyler says.

"No wonder I slept so comfortably...", you say.

"My lap is comfortable?", he asks. You look down...and you were on his lap.

"How did that even happen?!", you ask. You get off his lap, blushing.

"Because you can't control your urges. Don't fight it, OC.", Heather mocks.

"We all know you can't control your urges for, Heather.", Tyler says, high-fiving you.

"Oh, shut up loser. In your dreams!", Heather says.

"Actually, in YOUR dreams.", you say, resulting in another high five from Tyler.

"I'm trapped with stupid BOYS!", Heather says.

"You say that like Izzy's a better option.", you say.

"It's not, but at least the competition is ending soon. There's only five of us left.", Heather says.


OC: I can't believe it! Final five!! Boo-YAH!

-end confessional-

"It may be ending sooner than you know, Heather.", you say. Heather leers at you.

"What are you saying?!", she asks.

"I think you know exactly what I'm saying", you retort.

"Are you saying that time is gonna pass fast cause we're having so much fun?", Tyler asks.

"Tyler, not now.", you say.

"Sorry.", he says.

"Whatever.", Heather says.

"I'm sorry, Tyler.", you say.

"For what?", he asks.

"Nothing, just hearing you say sorry makes me feel bad.", you say.

"Aw, don't feel bad dude.", Tyler says. 

"I miss Noah.", he says later.

"Yeah, me too. I wonder if he's doing okay?", you wonder.

"He's with Izzy. You never know.", Tyler points out.

Later, Chris calls you all for the challenge. You finally see Noah again.

"Noah!! How was first class? How are you doing? Are you okay? Are you hurt? Are you diseased? You need a haircut.", you say.

"OC. I'll reply to everything you just said. Good. Good. Yes. No. No. You mean I need a haircut after one night?", Noah asks.

"No, you've needed one for a while now...", you say.

"You were alone with Izzy, dude...did you do anything fun?", Tyler asks suggestively.

"What are you implying, Tyler?", Noah asks, uninterested.

"Did ya, you know...", Tyler asks.

"Tyler!", you say, laughing.

"Oh, I got this for you two.", Noah says, taking out a basket FULL of candy.

"Woah...", you say.

"This is awesome...", Tyler says.

"I don't care for candy. It was Izzy's reward for the challenge, so she decided to share with me.", Noah says.

"Hey guys, I see you saw the candy! I love candy! Once, I had a maid called Candy! Yep, she was an illegal immigrant! She got deported, and like, arrested, and like, executed or something. Wait, come to think of it, she never cleaned...I think she was a burglar.", Izzy says.

"This was my entire night.", Noah complained.

"It's okay, you're safe now.", you say.

Chris gave you all feather colors for finding the eggs on the statues shaped like the losers' heads.

Heather - Red

Izzy - Purple

OC - Blue

Noah - Green

Tyler - Orange

Who's head do you search first? (Note: I've listed the five statues that OC is closest to at the moment)

A: Alejandro 

B: Bridgette

C: Cody

D: Duncan

E: Ezekiel

Ya see what I did there? *smug face*

You reach inside Bridgette's head.

"Jackpot!", you say, pulling out a blue egg from her nose. You reach in the other nostril, hoping to find another one - you need three. Instead, you found an orange egg! You decide to tuck it away, for later.

"How many eggs have you found, Noah?", you ask.

"Two.", he says.

"What?! Two?! Already??", you say.

"How many do you have?", he asks.

"One. Still looking for another one.", you say.

"You'll get there.", he says.

"By the way, have you seen Tyler?", you ask.

"Yeah, I saw him by Lindsay's head. Why?", Noah asks.

"I...just wanted to say hello, is all.", you say.

"Oh. Okay then.", he says.

Go to Lindsay's head and give Tyler the egg you found?

A: No, continue searching for my eggs, I only have one

B: Yes, it would be the right thing to do as a friend

You go over to the Lindsay head.

"Even in rock form, she's still cute.", Tyler says.

"Yes she is. Chris thinks so too, she's the only one with arms and a torso.", you say.

"Yeah, do you think Chris has ever flirted with Lindsay?", Tyler asks.

"You're kidding, right? Before she was eliminated, Chris mentioned her name at least once every episode.", you say. You climb up the rock to Tyler.

"Did you check for eggs?", you ask him.

"Yep, totally empty.", Tyler says.

"Like her head.", Heather says, passing by.

"You know, if I were eliminated and my head were here, it'd be empty. Because then it'd match Lindsay's!", he says, smiling.

"There is no questioning that Chris would do that.", you reply.

"Yeah, I miss Lindsay.", Tyler says.

"You'll see her again soon. The finale isn't far. By the way, I found this, and I thought you should have it.", you say.

"Awesome! I finally have an egg!", Tyler says.

"Yep, I gotta go search. I found one in Bridgette's head.", you say.

"Well, Bridgette's your friend, so maybe you'll find the other eggs in your friends' heads?", Tyler suggests.

"Hey, you're right!", you say. You rush over to Owen's head, and pull out...a donut, a coconut, a bag of chips, some Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails, a ham egg!

Unfortunately, Izzy was zooming by you in a hurry.

"Watch out, OC!", Izzy shouts, and accidentally knocks over the egg.

"Izzy!", you shout.

You had to find two more eggs. However, you noticed a pattern. Your eggs were in the heads of those you befriended in Total Drama Action!

Whose head do you search next?

A: Gwen


C: Courtney

D: Duncan

E: Harold

(A.N.: Option A was an incorrect answer since OC and Gwen became friends in TDI. You guys just nearly lost that one. Option D, Duncan, would've worked as well, but this option gives you a little something extra.)

"DJ! Don't fail me now, buddy!", you say, reaching in DJ's ear. You feel something - it's an egg!

You pull it out, but sadly it was a Red egg - Heather's. You're about to smash it, when it starts hatching.

"Oh great, I can't smash it now.", you complain.

"HEY! What's the big idea, OC?!", Heather shouts, rushing over to you.

"It's not my fault! I picked this out, and it started hatching!", you say. Then, the little baby condor looked at you with it's big adorable bird eyes.

"Aww!!", you say involuntarily. Heather looks at you, disgusted. The baby condor looks at Heather.

"Uh, ew. Get that thing away from me.", Heather says.

"It's so cute, though!", you say as the bird gets closer to you.

"Does it think we're it's parents?!", Heather exclaims.

"No, just me. I wonder what I should name him?", you wonder as you pull out another egg from DJ's other ear, and this time it was a blue one - finally yours!


OC: Do you think Chris put that egg that was close to hatching in DJ's head on purpose? Cause baby birds imprint on their mothers, and DJ's a mama's boy! Ah, DJ. I hope you're having fun in Jamaica.

-end confessional-

"Cool, two eggs and a baby Condor! I wonder what I should name him?", you wonder.

Two options this time!

First, who's head do you search for the final egg?

A: Owen

B: Sierra

C: Sadie

D: Leshawna

E: Blaineley

Second, what do you name the baby Condor that thinks you're his...parent?

A: OC Jr.

B: Noah Jr.

C: Tyler Jr.

D: DJ Jr.

E: Custom

"Aww, I'll name you...OC Jr.!", you say.

"Barf!", Heather says, walking away.

"You'll know how I feel when you find love, Heather.", you say as she walked away.

"Come on, Junior. We have to find another blue egg! Your brothers and sisters are in it.", you say. OC Jr starts squaking.

"What??", you say. It starts flying, and you follow it. It perches on top of Leshawna's head.

"Ah, Leshawna. Always a pleasure to see you, even in head form.", you contemplate. OC Jr goes near Leshawna's head.

"You want me to check in there?", you ask. OC Jr nods. You reach into Leshawna's ear...nothing.

"But didn't I befriend her in Total Drama Action?", you wonder.

"Oh look, OC. Even in rock form, Leshawna's weave is disgusting. You could write a tell-all book about her called "Weave Got Problems!". Ah, I'm so funny!", she says.

"Where do you keep popping up from, anyway? Can't you see, unlike you, I'm working hard on the challenge.", you snap.

"Jeez, calm down. If you must know, I've already got my three eggs. I was just here to point out Leshawna's gross weave. Now if you'll excuse me, I have places to be and money to win.", Heather says.

"Wait...weave got problems? That...that is kinda funny. No offense, Leshawna. WAIT A SECOND! Weave! OC Jr, do you realize what this means?!", you ask. OC Jr looked confused.

"Apparently not. I think it means you need tutoring. I wonder if Noah has a bird? Anyway, it's not in her ear, or her nose!", you say. You reach into her hair...and pull out...a blue egg!

"Success!", you shout, and jump off of Leshawna's statue victoriously.

"Finished? Sorry for knocking over the one earlier.", Izzy says.

"No problem Izzy! I'm so winning immunity today!", you say.

"Great, let's go!", Izzy says.

"Go...where?", you ask.

"We have to go through the cave, silly!", Izzy says.

What do you do?

A: Go with Izzy right now

B: Wait for Noah and Tyler to finish and go with them

"Alright then, let's go.", you say. You follow Izzy into the cave.

"Welcome to my cave, come inside, take a breather.", Izzy says.

"There's no time for that.", you say calmly.

"Hey, I didn't say you had a plus one!", Izzy says.

"Wha? Oh, you mean OC Jr.", you say.

"Yeah, get him out.", Izzy says.

"No way! He's my pet! Wait, what am I saying? You don't own this cave.", you say.

"Oh, right. Haha. Did I ever tell you about my Uncle Pelvis who shredded his finger while making sausages? See, there was a bar-", Izzy begins.

"Hold on, Izzy. Do you hear that?", you ask.

"Yes. OW!", she says.

"What happened? Are you hurt?", you ask.

"No, I have this implant in my neck that shocks me every time I lie. Watch: OC, you are hot. OUCH!", she yells.

"Wow, thanks a bunch Izzy.", you say, rolling your eyes.


OC: Izzy's crazy. I wonder if this is how Noah feels around people who are dumber than him? Well, that's every person, but still.

-end confessional-

"Listen closely. It sounds like something's coming our way.", you say.

"Should we turn back?", Izzy asks.

"But then we'll be behind.", you say.

"So? Noah and Tyler aren't even here yet.", Izzy says.

"Yeah, but Heather is, and she's dangerous.", you remind her.

"What is that sound?", you wonder.

"It's getting louder.", Izzy says. You see it from a distance: it's a giant boulder!

"AAH! What do we do?!", Izzy shouts.

Quick, there's a boulder heading your way!! What do you do?!

A: Protect OC Jr and use Izzy as a human shield

B: Jump around

C: Run back to the entrance

"Izzy, RUN!!", you say, covering OC Jr and running back. You look back to see Izzy jumping around...and landing in a pit!

"Izzy?!", you shout.

"I'll be fine, go!", she shouts, and throws a rock at you. You finally reach the entrance of the cave, which the boulder blocks.

"Aw, man...", you whine.

"That doesn't look safe.", Noah says.

"Eh, I've been hit with bigger balls.", Tyler says.

"NOAH!! TYLER!! You have no idea how happy I am that you guys are here.", you say, hugging your two best friends.

"Of course we're here, why would we leave?", Noah asks.

"Aw, I'm happy to see you too!", Tyler says.

"I nearly DIED. My whole life flashed before my eyes! ...I bugged you a lot, Noah.", you say.

"You wouldn't have died. But you would have gotten hurt. Hey, who's this little guy?", Noah asks.

"That's OC Jr! One of my eggs hatched. I knew it was destiny.", you say. OC Jr sits on Tyler's head.

"Aww, he likes me! Can I keep him?", Tyler asks.

"Hell no! He's mine! OC Jr, you can play with um...Uncle Tyler later.", you say.

"For now, how do we get through this cave?", Noah asks.

"We climb it! I'm an expert climber, watch!", Tyler says. You and Noah brace yourselves for Tyler's pain. He climbs up.

"See? I'm great at this!", he says. However, he takes ONE wrong step aaaaannddd...comes plummeting down!

"OOF! OW!", Tyler yells.

"Can we go around?", you ask.

"Let's try.", Noah says.

So you, OC Jr, Noah and Tyler go around the cave, and it takes a while.

"By the way OC, today's the day we finally vote off Heather. Tyler and I were discussing it earlier. You're in, right?",he asks.

"I guess so. Yeah.", you reply.

You FINALLY see Chris, Heather and Izzy up ahead.

"Sorry we're late!", Noah says

"Yeah, we were getting busy back there.", Tyler says. This time you really did punch his arm.

"WHY would you say that?!", you shout.

"Never mind that, take a look!", Chris says, pointing up at a HUGE Condor!

"Is that...OC Jr's dad?", you wonder.

"Yep, and you gotta give all your eggs back to him before he attacks!", Chris says.

"But I lost all my eggs!", Izzy says.

"'re out. And since Heather got here first, she gets a helmet for the challenge, and first crack at it.", Chris says.

Heather: I'm tall, I'm fair,

I'm young, I'm hot.

I've come here to bring back your wee ones...

So, hush my sweet, condor.

Let me win this one, please.

So try, attack me!

But, I won protection.

I don't feel that pecking.

So, save your objections.

Hush, now, condor,

Let me in the final four.

Whoah! Ugh, no! Not now!

Chris: Next!

Noah: I, oh, I-I-I...

I've got problems with condors...

Problems with condors.

Why, oh, why-y-y?

Am I not at home? I ponder...

Trust me, oh, trust me-e!

I'm your best friend,

And I'll never eat eggs agai-i-in!

My pelvis! Oof!

Chris: Good news! You can have another chance later! But first...

OC: I'm a dad now, so don't be giving me flak! 

Cause my first chick just hatched, out of his yolk sa-ack!

So, hush, my sweet! 

Let me into the final four!

OC Jr.! No, not Uncle Tyler!

Chris: Tyler?

Tyler: I...

OC: Waaaaah!

Tyler: How I-I-I...

OC: Oof!

Tyler: How I really hate these birdies,

And I wanna live to see my thirties.

These, these feathered jerks. 

They're bringing me strife,

And "OC II,"

We'll play later, 

For the last time!

Let me win!


Thanks, my sweet condor,

Now I'm in the final four!

"Tyler is the winner!", Chris says. OC Jr once again perches on Tyler's head.

"Uh oh...", he says. The condor comes right at him, knocking him aside, and you all watch as Tyler knocks over Every. Statue. In. The. Island.

Later, the elimination begins.

"Congratulations, Tyler. You've won immunity. Everyone, you're free to vote for anyone who isn't Tyler.", Chris says.

Who do you vote for?

A: Heather

B: Izzy

C: Noah

D: Tyler

"So we've got Tyler with immunity. That makes 1 vote for Izzy...and 4 votes for...Heather.", Chris says.

"I wonder who voted for me?", Izzy asks.

"NO. WAY. NOT NOW! I got so far!", Heather says.

"Sorry Heather, but you won't be going to first class today. Because this...was a reward challenge!", Chris says.

"WHAT?!", everyone shouts. Heather chuckles with glee...then full-blown laughs.

(A.N.: Gotcha, didn't I?)

"You can't get rid of me that easy!", Heather says.

"You totally pulled this reward challenge crap out of your butt!", Tyler shouts at Chris.

"Nope, it was a reward challenge all day. I'm so clever.", Chris says. Everyone groans, save for Heather, who was too busy laughing at you and everyone else.

"OC...who's your friend?", Chris asks.

"This is OC Jr. He's my new pet!", you say.

"Uh huh...I hope that Condor isn't chasing us...", Chris says. Suddenly, the plane jerks to the side, knocking you all to the ground. Then, the open drop of shame door showed the giant condor.

"He wants his baby back!", Noah shouts.

"No!! OC Jr can't go!", you say.

"Hand over OC Jr or today WILL be an elimination challenge!", Chris says.

"FINE! Goodbye, OC Jr.", you say sadly, and let OC Jr. go. OC Jr flew to the condor, but came back to you.

"Oh crap...", Tyler muttered.

"Wait, I can talk to condor!", Izzy says.

"Really? Tell him that OC Jr wants to stay with me.", you say, ignoring how crazy that sounded.

"Bok bok squack CAW CAW CAW.", Izzy says to the bird. The bird made some noises at her.

"He says, 'Who's OC Jr.?'. What do I say?", Izzy asks.

"The baby bird, okay?! The baby freaking bird!", you say. Izzy converses with the condor again. OC Jr flies to the condor.

"OC Jr says he's happier with you and wants to stay.", Izzy says. The condor nods, and flies away.

"That was horrifying!", Noah says.

"I wet my pants...", Tyler says.

"OC Jr's wetting his pants right now...", Izzy says, holding OC Jr. She quickly let him go.

"Chef, we need a cleanup right now...", Chris says.

"Um, OC...", Tyler says.

"Yeah, I know, I'm sorry for making you wet your pants. In my defense, that condor is a helicopter parent.", you say.

"No, I was gonna ask you if you wanted to come to first class with me. I wouldn't have won without you.", Tyler says.

"Really? How?", you ask.

"Remember, you gave me one of my eggs! Plus, more time with OC Jr is time worth spending!", Tyler says with glee.

"Wow, you're always so optimistic. Let's go.", you say.

"Have fun. Leave me with the psychotic crazy girl. And Izzy.", Noah says.

"Sorry, Noah. You were there last time.", you say.

"Come on, Noah. Let's go watch Chef put duct tape on the wings again!", Izzy says.

Exclusive Clip

Chef took out a roll of duct tape.

"Eh, cameramen again? I gotta do this fo' stupid Chris. Can't even pay for a decent plane wing.", Chef says as he wraps the plane in duct tape, attached to a harness connected to the plane. Then a bird flies into his mouth.

"ACK! AGH!", he says, and coughs it out.

"I hate my life.", he says.

Awwwwww, Drumheller!

You wake up with Tyler staring at you, covered in a blanket in his seat.

"What're you looking at me for?", you ask.

"Whenever I go to a sleepover, I always wake up first and end up staring at everyone and at the wall waiting for them to wake up. Pretty much the same thing.", Tyler says.

"I can't believe the stunt Chris pulled on us yesterday. He thinks he's so clever for that.", you say.

(A.N.: On an unrelated note, I was so clever for thinking of that in the last episode)

You all land in Drumheller, Alberta.

"Welcome to Drumheller, Alberta. For today's challenge, you have to find an oil barrel. Because of OC's little stunt stealing a bird yesterday, that condor knocked out our whole oil supply. So our interns buried oil barrels in random places here. You have to find them.", Chris says.

"Right now?!", Heather asks.

"No, first, there's a pre-challenge. You have to collect bones or anything else you can find in the cargo hold and create...a dinosaur!", Chris says, explaining the challenge.

What type of dinosaur do you make?

A: Something big and flashy, with lots of glitter and different colors

B: Something small and cute, being lightweight (no poop) and still realistic

C: Something large and impressive, to intimidate everyone

D: Something normal, because why go crazy anyway?

You found a big box full of glitter stickers, glitter bottle...things. Seriously, I have no glitter knowledge. I'm more of a non-glitter person. You also found a bunch of construction paper in all different colors, and paint.

"You're not going weird on me, are you?", Noah asks.

"", you say. You start constructing your dinosaur, and when you finished, it looked like a rainbow vomit hot mess.

" gonna take a while.", you say to yourself. You wipe off everything you had done, and re-do it. When you were done, it looked like a big casino sign - bright and attention seeking.

"Perfect!", you say.

Now, here's what everyone else made:

  1. A big impressive dinosaur. Basic design, but probably the most carefully made one
  2. A hilarious kiss up attempt to Chris, complete with description of how the lady dinosaurs loved him
  3. A small, cute dinosaur pet. You could hold it in your arms, and no, it was not made of fossilized poop
  4. One dinosaur was HUGE! Like, skyscraper size! Bigger than all the others stacked on each other

Now that you know the dinosaurs, which one are you most impressed by? 1, 2, 3 or 4?

"Let's begin. Noah, why don't you begin?", Chris suggests.

"Allow me to introduce the Noah-saurus. A wild predator who hunts his prey by outsmarting them. He's not the strongest, but he's trickier than a fox.", Noah says.

"A lot like someone I know.", you say, smiling.

"Impressive. OC, you're up.", Chir says.

"My dinosaur uses flashy colors to lure in prey and then EATS THEIR FLESH!", you yell.

"Epic, man...", Tyler says.

"Uh huh...Izzy, save us from OC's weirdness.", Chris says.

"I built Tower-a-saurus! He's BIG!", Izzy says, hold her arms out to her MASSIVE dino.

"Wow. Where did you find the time to build that?", Chris asks.

"It wasn't that hard. It was fun! I'm actually a gifted architect. Yep, my guidance counselor said that if I wasn't, like, crazy, then I could make a great architect!", she says.

"Tyler, what about you?", Chris asks.

"Check it, bro! You want a dino pet? I got you covered! Meet the Tylerodon!", Tyler says proudly, handing Heather his dinosaur.

"Wow, it's so light! And kinda cute.", Heather says. Tyler beams.

"OC, check it out.", Tyler says, giving you the dinosaur. It was pretty light.

"I thought it was coprolite, but it's actually hollow bone. Must be from a pterodactyl. Nice.", Noah says.

"I found a pile of them, they're pretty cool.", Tyler says.

"Nice job, Tyler. Heather, you're up next.", Chris says.

"I created a homage to the greatest host that Reality TV has ever seen - the Chris-saurus. He's strong, and a real hit with the ladies too.", Heather says, smirking. Chris smiles.

"I LOVE it! L-U-V LUV!", Chris says.

"Great, then I win.", Heather says.

"Not quite. Today, we have special judges for your dinosaurs - yourselves! And to prevent you from lying, we've set up an electric chair that detects your lies.", Chris says. Heather sits in the chair.

"Wow, an electric chair. Great idea, Chris.", Heather says. ZAP.

"What?! Sarcasm doesn't count as a lie! Chris, you're an idiot.", Heather says.

"I noticed the lack of an electric shock when Heather called Chris an idiot.", Noah jokes, you and Tyler laugh.

"Heather, whose dinosaur did you like best?", Chris asked.

"I love Izzy's bigasaurus *ZAP ZAP ZAP* OUCH!! Fine, I liked OC's colorful show of creativity. Plus, I love glitter glue. I have a whole secret collection of the kind that comes in pens. Don't judge me.", Heather says.

"Oh, we are. The whole viewing world is. OC, you wanna go next?", Chris asks.

"Um, sure.", you say. You cross Heather on your way to the chair.

"I think it's kinda cute that you collect glitter pens.", you say to cheer her up.

"Whatever...", she says, but not in an especially harsh tone.

"OC, whose dinosaur was the best?", Chris asks.

"Since I want to keep my skin un-fried, I'll be honest here - Noah's work was excellent, Tyler's is adorkable just like him, and Heather's kiss up attempt would definitely make me laugh if I were watching this show. But let's face it, Izzy's skyscraper dinosaur is the most impressive.", you say.

"YES! Point Izzy!", Izzy says.

"Speaking of Point Izzy, come on up.", Chris says.

"I liked Heather's Chris monster! My friend Jessica showed me her Chris shrine before she got a restraining order on me.", Izzy says.

"Okay then, that's one point for OC, one for Izzy and one for Heather. Noah, can you break the tie?", Chris says.

"Izzy's was definitely the best. Who can build that fast?", Noah says.

"I second what OC and Noah said, especially the part about me being adorable.", Tyler says on the chair.

"I said you were adorkable. It's Adorable + Dorky.", you correct him.

"Oh. Less awesome, but still cool. Kinda...", Tyler says.

"Then we have a winner! Izzy, while I'm highly against giving you advanced weaponry, here's a drill for you to use in the next challenge.", Chris says. Chef reluctantly hands Izzy a drill.

"MUAHAHAHAHA.", Izzy says, smiling evilly at Chef, then chasing him with the drill.

"I DUN'T GET PAYED ENOUGH FOR THIS!!!", Chef shouts as he runs.

"OC and Heather, since you tied for second place, you both get a Prospector's Kit - a pickaxe. Enjoy.", Chris says.

"Cool, I've always wanted a pickaxe.", you say.

"Tyler, you get a pail and shovel.", Chris says.

"Awesome! Wait...", Tyler says.

"Wait, what?! But mine was the only REALISTIC dinosaur!!", Noah says.

"And apparently these weird people don't like normal things. Shocker.", Chris says sarcastically.

"Now, you all have to go search for oil. Meanwhile, Chef will be attempting to throw boulders at you to slow you down.", Chris says.

"Where do we even begin? There must be twenty square miles of badlands! That's like searching for a needle in...twenty square miles of badlands!", Noah complains.

"Deal with it. Now hurry! And Izzy, STOP CHASING CHEF!", Chris says.

Izzy starts digging a giant hole in a random spot with her drill.

"We all know she's not getting to the finale.", Heather says.

"I think I'll search here!", Tyler says.

"That's a rock.", Noah says, deadpanning at Tyler.

"Uh...I knew that.", Tyler says.

"Where do I even begin?", you wonder. You turn to Izzy.

"Ooh, you should search over there!", Izzy says, pointing about fifty feet from where she was burying.

"Why?", you ask.

"Because, my hunches are NEVER wrong!", Izzy says.

"You're buried twenty feet down now, and you haven't found an oil barrel.

"Oh, I'm just getting started.", Izzy says. She started digging sideways.


OC: I think she's making a tunnel system. This challenge is hard!

-end confessional-

Later, you look up at Chef. He gestured to the boulder while looking at you, then fired it another spot.

(Wait, is he telling me to dig near there?!)

What do you do?

A: Listen to Izzy

B: Follow Chef's (possible) clue

C: Go mock Heather

You head over to where Chef flung the rock, and start digging. Sadly, after all the digging you did, you still couldn't find any oil.

Then, Izzy came out of one of the holes you were digging.

"Hey, OC. Can you dig it?", she asks.

"What do you want, Izzy?", you ask.

"Oh, nothing. I told you to search over there!", Izzy says, pointing to the same spot - fifty feet away from her original hole.

"Yeah, I had a...feeling...about this one.", you lie.

"Oh, okay.", Izzy says.


OC: Was that whole Chef-is-giving-me-a-clue thing in my head? Huh, I must have been in the sun too long.

-end confessional-

What do you do now?

A: Follow Izzy's hunch

B: Go mock Heather

You head over to where Izzy directed you - fifty feet from her original hole. Then, you finally strike oil. Little bits of oil begin to seep out of the ground you hit.

"You WON?!", Heather exclaims.

"Yep! Enjoy seeing my sweet behind as I zoom ahead of you, Heather.", you mock.

"Oh, please! I can find one just as easy!", Heather says, then, she starts digging.

"What's going on...?", she asks. The ground beneath her started shaking, and she fell into a pit!

"Oh man, that must be part of Izzy's tunnels.", you say.

"Izzy's...what? She's so crazy!", Heather says, trying to climb out.

"Heather, look out!", you shout, pointing at a flying rock, horrified. Heather looked terrified, and tried to get out, but the rock got her wedged in there.

"Ugh...stupid...rock!", Heather shouts.

"Heather, are you okay?!", you ask.

"Ugh, help me out!", Heather says.

OC: I left...

Our alliance in TDI

Robbed you of your time in TDA

I know you've changed, you still have no soul

Now, I'm going to leave you... 

...wedged up in a hole.

This is how we will end it.

This game we have played!

This is how we will end it.

Your bill must be paid!

Heather: Ooooooh!

Shouldn't have tricked you, that deal is so big

Help me out, and I'll be your human drill-rig.

OC: You think I'm gonna fall for that?!

Ain't a tea party...

... it's combat!

This is how we will end it.

This game we have played!

This is how we will end it.

Your bill must be paid!

Heather: Ooooooh!

I'm wedged in a hole! This isn't right!

If I'm goin' down, make a fair fight!

It's beneath you-ou, to abandon a girl in a ditch!

Offer me my dignity; I haven't got a stiiiiiiiitch!

Please, OC. You and I have been the greatest adversaries this game has ever seen!

Is this how you wanna win it -- because I got jammed into a pit by a stupid rock?

Is that the victory you want!?

OC: (sadly) I know...

That you really like me, and maybe I like you too

Robbed you of your chance with Al

Maybe even anyone else, you never know!

But I can't leave you...

...wedged in a hole.

This is not how we'll end it.

This game we have played!

This is not how we'll end it.

But there's a bill to be paid!

" saved me.", Heather says.

"Yeah, well, if I'm gonna beat you, I'd want it to be by my skill, not because of a rock, like you said.

"Then you're a sucker!", Heather says. She rips out the oil barrel and starts running.

"WAIT, come back!!", you say. You grab another oil barrel, and chase after her.

"And Heather wins first place! OC, you're second...not that it matters.", Chris says.

"UGH!", you shout.

"Puh-lease, at least you're not under elimination threat.", Heather complains.

That night, everyone returns for an elimination ceremony.

"This elimination ceremony is a little homage to season one. I'll be giving out marshmallows!", Chris says.

"Ooh, I kinda missed having those.", you say.

"Now, before you all vote, where's Izzy?", Chris asks.

"I think she's still in her tunnel.", Noah says. Izzy pops up near the Jumbo Jet.

"Hey, Chris, so I know you need fuel, so I found gasoline!", Izzy says.

"Izzy, be careful! That's gasoline with oil!", you shout.

"What?", Izzy asks.

"BE CAREFUL!", Noah shouts.

"I know this combination that makes fuel even more powerful! Let's see, I need cilantro, oil, potato chips and gasoline.", Izzy says. She pulls out cilantro and potato chips out of her pocket (?) and the gasoline...! The animals run out of the cargo hold, and OC Jr zooms to your shoulder as fast as his little wings (which had gotten CONSIDERABLY bigger) would carry him.

"NOOOOO!!!", everyone shouts.


Massive explosion.

The smoke clears, and Izzy's face was charred, her hair pushed back wildly.

"Izzy, are you okay?!", Chris asks, alarmed.

"Of course not, she caused an explosion!", Noah shouts.

"Ahaha, that was fun. OUCH! MY LEG!", Izzy shouts. Tyler lifts her up.

"The's gone...IZZY! You've done a lot of crazy things, but this is by far the WORST!", Chris says.

"Let me...let me try to stand up.", Izzy says. She tries to stand up, but her legs tremble, and she falls back down.

"I don't think she can compete...", Heather says.

"Then...she's out...sorry Izzy, but you're out...", Chris says, sobbing. You and Tyler help Izzy walk to the elimination ceremony.

"I guess *sob* you guys can *sniff* vote now.", Chris says.

"Are you okay?", you ask.

"I just...I really loved that Jet.", he says.

"I know how you feel, I felt the same way when I drove my first car into a lake.", you say. Everyone looks at you.

"What? It was a really foggy day.", you say defensively.

Who do you vote for?

A: Noah

B: Tyler

(A.N.: 'Tis a sad day for my CYOA when this happens)

You come out of the confessional, having voted, after everyone else.

"OC, are you crying?", Tyler asks.

"N-no...", you say, holding back a tear. Noah looked really upset as well.

"Wow, this is one sad elimination. First, my Jumbo Jet, and now one of you are going. Heather, you're safe. OC and are also safe. Sorry, Tyler.", Chris says.

"*sigh* Yeah, I saw it coming. It's alright.", Tyler says.

"If it totally rocked this season. It wouldn't have been the same without you.", you say.

"You mean it?", he asks.

"Yep! Who else has fingers stronger than a bulldozer and a brain emptier than these badlands?", Noah asks. Tyler laughs.

"I know I wasn't that smart-", Tyler begins.

"Don't you even try that with us. You were really smart when you wanted to be, and when you weren't, you made us all laugh.", you say.

"Pretty sure the audience back home was laughing too.", Izzy says.

"Tyler, Total Drama was lucky to have you this season.", Heather says. Everyone looks in shock at her.

"What? I have a soul.", she says.

"Now, go. Lindsay's waiting for you.", you say.

"Yeah! Wait...where do I go?", Tyler asks.

"Yeah, that's the thing. WE CAN'T GO ANYWHERE NOW!", Chris yells.

"Ooh...well, I need my money.", Heather says.

"See you guys next time. There will be a next time. I'm just not sure where, but it will still be *sniff* called Total Drama *sob* World Tour...", he says sadly.


Heather: Tyler

Noah: Tyler

OC: Tyler

Tyler: Didn't vote

Exclusive Clip

Chris and Chef discussed something in the ruins of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet.

"Hey, OC, check this out.", Izzy says, sitting on a wheel chair.

"Yeah?", you say.

"I made a map of the tunnels I made in Drumheller.", Izzy says.

"Wow...that's extensive.", you say, looking at Izzy's HUGE and winding map.

"I like this part. I call it Main Street. There's Drumheller Avenue...ooh, and Izzy Parkway! I named a street after you too, yup, see that small one in the corner? That's OC Corner.", Izzy says.

"Where do you find the time for this?", you ask.

"I just feel like I'm doing good for the world by doing this!", Izzy says. The camera turns to car driving on the badlands, and collapsing into the ground since Izzy's tunnels collapsed.

"HEY! YOU RUINED MY TUNNEL! COME BACK HERE!", Izzy says, chasing them on her wheelchair.

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