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So far...

  • Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, DJ, Ezekiel, Owen and Harold have been eliminated
  • While OC tried to stay under Alejandro's radar, his dynamic personality forbade that
  • Noah and Alejandro are currently in a battle of wits, but Alejandro doesn't know about Noah's suspicions
  • Noah has been spending a lot of time brooding, perhaps for how to get rid of Alejandro.
  • Owen was voted off in Team Chris' first ever elimination as a warning to OC from Alejandro
  • Heather has been coming to OC for help, and trusts him more than ever since OC saved her from a seal
  • Bridgette is eager to help OC beat Alejandro
  • Izzy seems to be hiding her sadness that Owen is gone
  • Team Victory is officially an all-girl's team
  • Team Amazon: Cody, Heather, Izzy, Sierra
  • Team Chris: Alejandro, Noah, OC, Tyler
  • Team Victory: Bridgette, Leshawna, Lindsay

Newf Kids On The Rock

"Team Chris in first class yet again!", Tyler says excitedly.

"We're here too, you know.", Heather mutters.

"I wonder if Team Victory is lonely, down there in economy class...", Sierra wonders.

"Let them be lonely. Losers deserve to be lonely.", Heather says.

"You don't have to be so cold, Heather.", Sierra says.

"Whatever. This is a game, not a social club.", she says.


OC: Hard to argue with Heahter's logic.

-end confessional-

"OC, do you think we should make a formal alliance?", Noah whispers to you.

"What do you mean? Like with Tyler?", you ask.

"The merge should be coming any day now. We need something to help us along the way. If I even make it that far.", he says.

"What do you mean?", you ask, referring to his 'If I even make it that far.'

"We all know you're going to make it really far. You always do.", Noah says.

"Doesn't mean you can't make it far.", you point out.

"Ah, well, we'll wait and see.", he says.

"I guess we will."

"Now, about the alliance.", he says.

"What if we branch out to the other teams?", you ask.

"No can do, especially with Alejandro around.", Noah says.

"What's he gonna do? It's us three against one of him.", you say.

"He has a way with words. Just don't for now.", Noah says.

"You're the boss.", you say, and go back to your magazine.


OC: I miss the Internet.

-end confessional-

"I miss the Internet.", Sierra says.

"Me too.", you say, looking up.

"Every day, I used to use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Wikia, Youtube, Wattpad, DeviantArt and Fanfiction.Net. And that was just in the morning.", Sierra says.

"Me too!", you say.

"I'm so desperate, that I made this.", Sierra says, taking out a makeshift 'toy computer' with a pizza box.

"I would've done the same." you say.

"You guys need hobbies.", Noah says.

"This is our hobby, silly!", Sierra says. You agree. Afterwards, Sierra starts telling you about a huge fight on 4chan that you somehow missed.

"Ah, Internet. Never change. 4chan is Hell though.", you say. Sierra agrees. Later, Tyler decides to come talk to you two.

"Uh, yeah,'s fun...", he says. You two look at him, confused.

"It's 4chan.", you correct.

"Uh, yeah, that's what I said.", he says.

"Do you want something, Tyler?", you ask.

"Yes. I wanted to ask you two something.", he says.

"Go ahead! I know everything about Total Drama!", she says.

(What if his question isn't about Total Drama?)

"Why does Lindsay have such a big fanbase, but I don't? Even Zeke gets more attention that me.", Tyler complains.

"After this season, the Total Drama fandom will be booming with Tyler! Tyler everywhere!", Sierra says.

"Really?", Tyler asks.

"Yep! Especially people who ship you with Lindsay, or people who ship you with Alejandro and OC.", Sierra says. You facepalm.

"I've read some pretty disturbing fanfiction about you two, in fact, there was one where-", she begins.

"Sierra. Shut up.", you say.

"I don't think I'll ever visit anything related to the Total Drama fandom...", Tyler says.

(Can I ever look at him the same way?)

"I'm gonna go now...", you say, leaving the GIANT cloud of awkward.

Who do you talk to?

A: Heather

B: Noah

C: Alejandro

D: Izzy

E: Cody

F: Head to economy class

If you head to economy, who do you talk to there?

1: Lindsay

2: Leshawna

3: Bridgette

4: Forget everyone else go talk to Chef

You head downstairs, and find Bridgette.

"Hey, OC.", she says to you. You sit, and slump down low on your seat.

"What's wrong? First class party isn't living up to the hype?", she asks.

"It's kinda crowded in there. There's like, seven people not including me.", you say.

"Yeah, that sounds about right. You couldn't sleep?", she asks.

"Oh, no, my sleep was excellent. My waking moments weren't.", you reply.

"You know, I wanted to talk to you, but if now's not a good time...", she says.

"Now is a great time.", you say, referring to the no Alejandro.

"Great. It's about Noah.", Bridgette says.

"That's not what I was expecting."

"He seems depressed.", she says.

"How do you know?", you ask.

"Call it Women's Intuition. For some reason, I've always been able to peer into a person's psychology a little. You, for example, have a great life, but try to compensate for the lack of love by making lots of friends.", she says.

"H-How do you know that?! MOONCHILD", you yell.

"No, I just know you really well, OC. Come on, three seasons and you think I won't? Noah's a different story, he looks depressed.", Bridgette says.

"And I do have love.", you add.

"That's true.", she says.

"Tell me about Noah.", you say.

"Total Drama is really getting to him. It could have been worse, but he has a person like you to rely on. He thinks you're gonna cover for him and be there for him all the time.", she says.

"Well, I am.", you say.

"So that's why he's not that depressed, but depression is depression. And that's bad.", she says.

"Oh...", you say

(Noah showing weakness? He's like, the perfect person. I mean, not athletically, but mentally he is)

"What do you think I should do?", you ask.

"Just show him that he has worth, both as a person and in the game. And take charge for once. I don't know what alliance fanciness you guys are doing, but whatever it is, try to help him out as much as possible, or he'll be stressed.", Bridgette explains.

"I never realized that...", you say.

"Noah's a frail person, but he has a strong mind. It won't take long until he realizes he's upset, and it'll be worse.", Bridgette says.

"You're right. I think he's taking a nap right now, but I'll start right after that!", you say.

"Okay, let's talk strategy. How do we get rid of Alejandro?", Bridgette asks, mispronouncing his name like everyone else.

"Simple. Next time my team loses, we vote him off.", you say.

"OC, it's not that simple. Alejandro has ways of escaping elimination, and he's really good at the game. I'd say you guys are lucky to have him. We need to stop him from causing more eliminations.", Bridgette says.

"Let's form an Anti-Al group.", you joke. Then, Heather falls from the vents.

"Aaah! Oof!", she says as she fell. You both look at her.

"Oh. Hi there, you two. Fancy meeting you here.", she says awkwardly.

"Were you spying on us?", Bridgette asks.

"Spying? Me? I'm not manipulative.", she lies.

"What do you want, Heather?", you ask.

"Let's form an alliance! You, me, Bridgette, Noah and you know, a few other people.", Heather says.

"No.", you say. Heather frowns.

"Fine!", she says, and leaves.

"She's crazy.", you say, and Bridgette nods in agreement.


OC: Can Heather ever survive without an alliance? I remember once she said--

  • Heather comes in from the top*

Heather: OC!


Heather: What will you say to an alliance?

OC: What is wrong with you?!

Heather: Do you know how long I had to wait for you to arrive? By the way, did you know Izzy likes to sing 'Pop Goes The Weasel' when she...erghhh

OC: Bye, Heather

-end confessional-

"She's a freak show, but I will admit she's working hard this season.", you say.

"Thank you.", Heather says, randomly appearing from under the seats. You jump, getting startled.

"I'll ask one last time, will you form an alliance with me, OC? No tricks or games...", Heather says.

Form an alliance with Heather?

A: Yes

B: No

"Alright, fine Heather. I'll join your alliance.", you say.

"Yes yes yes yes!! Finally!", she cries.

"Now?", you ask. Heather thinks.

"Bridgette, I assume you're joining.", Heather says.

"Why would you think that?", she asks.

"Easy, we're taking down that jerkface, and you almost made out with him.", she reasons.

"That is not funny. But fine, I'll join. Better to be your ally than your enemy, and that goes double for OC.", she says.

"That's oddly flattering, Bridgette.", you say.

"OC, would you be willing to throw the next challenge and vote off Alejandro?", Heather asks.

"I don't know...he might catch on.", you say.

"What's he gonna do?", Heather asks.

"Vote me off.", you say.

"With who else? Noah and Tyler are always on your side.", Heather says. You think it over; that is true.

"I'm still not going to throw a challenge.", you say.

"Fine, do whatever you want. But for now, we have to get as many people as possible on our side.", Heather says.

After the discussion reaching a standstill, you have nothing to do but go talk to someone else.

Who do you talk to?

A: Chef

B: Tyler

C: Alejandro

D: Izzy

E: Sierra

F: Cody

G: Lindsay

H: Leshawna

I: Noah

"Noah!! How ya doin', buddy?", you say happily as you approach your deadpanning friend.

"I'm fine.", he says.

"Are you sure? You're okay right?", you ask.

"I should be asking you that.", he says.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA funny as always, Noah! Never change! Because you're perfect! In every way!", you say. Noah raises an eyebrow at you.

"I think I mean it now; what's wrong with you?", he asks.

"Nothing, Mr. Handsome Guy! You know, I think Bridgette was checking you out.", you say, nudging him suggestively.


OC: Did I overdo it?

-end confessional-

"Really? How do you know?", he asks.

"I was just talking to her. Did I mention your hair is looking great today. Are you using a new shampoo? Maybe you styled it different? Oh, I just love our talks!", you say.

"As do I...when you're being normal. Um, I've got a book to read, so...", he says.

"Books? Who needs books when you have AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL these friends who love and cherish and admire and WORSHIP YOU?", you say.

"OC, stop, everyone's staring.", he says. You look around, and it was true. Heather's eyes were wide open and Sierra seemed to be having a nervous reaction, and was quickly scrawling down something on a notepad.

"I just want you to know that you're appreciated.", you say sadly.

"Come on, don't cry.", he says.

"I'm not crying!", you say.

"Then don't scream.", he says.

"Okay...", you say. You look around again; only Sierra and Izzy were still staring.

"This is even better than the time you kissed Cody, Noah!", Sierra says. Cody and Noah both looked disgusted. You leaned closer from your seat to Noah's.

"You hear that? Yaoi fangirls will go crazy over you! It's basically an Internet gold mine, those girls dominate most of the Internet, just look at Sierra. And Izzy.", you say.

"I'm leaving.", Noah says.

"Wait, don't leave.", you say.

"I am."

"But don't."

"I'm going. See, walking away right now.", he says. You follow him. He turns around as you two were in between economy and first class.

"What's this all about?", he says, turning around, glaring viciously at you.

"Nothing, I just-"

"Just WHAT OC?!", he asks.

"You should just know you're valued...remember in the Yukon?", you say.

"What's the sudden obsession with praising me?!", he says.

"Okay, maybe I went a little too far, but I have a reason!", you say.

"What is it then? Spit it out already, OC.", Noah says.

Tell Noah what Bridgette said?

A: Yes, he should know

B: No, what if he gets mad?

"Well...Bridgette said you were depressed, and I was hoping to cheer you up...", you say. Noah looked sad.

"I'm really not...", he says.

"Then why did you say you're not gonna make it far in the game? You did better than me last time.", you say.

"I...really don't think I can get far. I'm not strong or 'athletically inclined'", he says.


"It doesn't matter.", he says.

"You're joking, right? Right now, it matters more than anything.", you say. Noah sighs.

"Thanks, OC. You're a good friend.", he says. Later, it was time for the challenge. Chris, as usual, dumps you all out of the plane and into the water.

"Hi, alliance buddy!", Heather says.

"Heather, keep it down. I don't want Al to hear.", you say.

"Relax, he's all the way over there.", Heather says, as you both watch Alejandro fret over his hair getting tangled. Chris explains the challenge, and Team Victory look really determined to win this time.

"Good luck, teams!", Chris says as everyone starts planning/swimming.

"I suggest a V-Formation swim, like geese. We'll be faster.", Noah says.

"PERFECT! That's brilliant and flawless as usual Noah!", you say.

"Except there's four of us. That means one will be the point, and the rest will be uneven.", Alejandro points out.

"S-So?", you say.

"Doens't matter, start swimming!", Tyler says, as the other teams start swimming. You catch up with Noah.

"I thought it was a good idea.", you say.

"Thanks.", he replies. Finally, you reach the boats.

You and Tyler start rowing, Noah fishes and Alejandro...didn't really do anything.


OC: Have I done all I can do? I'm obviously not helping. Maybe I should secretly help him in challenges? F***! That guy didn't even tell me why he's feeling so down!

-end confessional-

(This is no time to ask him), you think as you competed with Team Victory for first place. For some reason, Team Amazon was lagging behind.

Lindsay, Leshawna and Bridgette all looked very, very determined.

"I got one!", Noah says, as he reeled in a big fish.

"Alright, Noah!! Woo!!! You did it!! Yay!! Everyone cheer for Noah!", you say. The 'ding' for today's song rang, and everyone immediately started singing and rowing harder.

Alejandro: We're heading down to Newfoundland, that rocky eastern shore!

OC: I'll have Noah telling me what's wrong so he's not sore!

Lindsay: I think we can win this, Team Victory will be first!

Bridgette: We should try our best, come on let's work up a thirst! Stroke, stroke, stroke!

Heather: It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy! Come on people, PICK IT UP!

Cody: Izzy, you're a nut-bar, but you sure can catch a fish!

Izzy: Thanks, there, B'y, you're right kind to my partner, he's Irish. And if you want the next drill, he's all yours!

Sierra and Cody: Trying our best, Heather, our arms are getting fried!

Leshawna: Lindsay, do you see?

Lindsay: It is! I see the shore! Steer hard starboard side!

Heather: It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy!

Lindsay, Leshawna and Bridgette: Team Victory won during this sea shanty!

Team Victory came in first, Team Chris in second and Team Amazon in last. Chris declared Team Amazon to be in last, and Team Victory and Team Chris get to continue.

"We're doing great! We can't let our guards down now, let's go all the way!", Bridgette says.

"Yeah! I can't wait to win!", Lindsay says.

Which part of the relay will you do?

A: Chugging

B: Translation

C: Cod Kissing

You sat next to Noah as Chris explained the relay challenge. When you received the apple cider vinegar, you looked Leshawna dead in the eye; you were going to win this, but Leshawna was tough.

You both pick up the drink, and chug, chug, chug! Your team watches in awe as you both tough it out, and slam the drinks down. Then, the translation begins, and Bridgette won.

Then came the dreaded cod kissing.

"Tyler, just imagine you are kissing Lindsay.", Alejandro says.

"But Lindsay's right there...", Tyler says.

"She is front of you, yes? Then look her in the eye and kiss the cod.", Alejandro says.

"I'll try...", he says.

"Come on, Lindsay! You can do it!", Bridgette says. Lindsay nervously picked up the fish, and they both reluctantly kissed it. However, they ended up making out.

"I tie?", Chris says.

(Not again...)

"You mean someone HERE is gonna be eliminated?!", Heather shouts angrily.

"No, because due to this challenge being in my home country, this was a reward challenge!", Chris says happily. Team Amazon sigh in relief, while Tyler and Lindsay rethink their life decisions, angrily throwing the fish at the wall.

Back in the plane, you had to use the bathroom really bad because of the apple cider vinegar.

When you returned, you saw this outside first class...

"Do not think you are safe, Noah. Your performance today was awful, and you are definitely next on the chopping block.", Alejandro says, as Noah nodded slowly.

"Our team does not tolerate those who cannot keep up with our high standards. Get a grip, amigo.", Alejandro says. Noah nods, and walks away, as Alejandro smiles devilishly.

For the first time in my CYOA's history, here's the choice:

What do you do?

Confront Alejandro about that scene, and then make an alliance with Noah and Tyler to get rid of him

"YOU!", you shout, storming right at Alejandro's dumb latin face.

"I take it you saw and heard that...", he says, seeming disappointed with himself.

"I've been onto you and your games, Mister Charming. You've really crossed the line now, Al.", you say. Alejandro looked disgusted.

"Never call me by that name!", he says.

"I'll call you whatever I want. I think you're forgetting that Noah ISN'T the weak link. Might I remind you how many times Noah's gotten us victory in this game?", you say, pointing out all the times, major or minor, that Noah has helped the team. Of course, the list was very long.

Alejandro cut you off when you were just beginning on your trip to the Amazon.

"I understand, but you do not.", he says.

"Then explain it to me.", you say, and your voice was more dead serious than ever. In your life.

"I do not have to explain anything to you.", he says.

"Fine. Then I hope you like skydiving.", you say, shove him aside and walk into first class. Tyler and Lindsay were making out, Bridgette and Leshawna were talking and Noah...was sitting alone in a corner, reading a book.


You held back a tear, as you sat down with him. For a while, no one said anything.

"You doing okay?", you ask. No reply.

"Do you just want to be alone...?", you ask. No reply.

"I...I understand.", you say. Still no reply. You get up, but he pulls you back down.

More silence.

"You heard Alejandro, right?", he asks. After you got over the fact that he finally spoke, you answered.

"Yeah. And I told him off pretty hard.", you say.

"I know. We all heard.", he says.

"What do you mean?", you ask.

"You were pretty loud. Everyone was staring, and Leshawna had a pretty big reaction when you said that thing about skydiving. Tyler told everyone not to react and act natural.", he says.

"Yeah, well, Alejandro pisses me off. There, I said it.", you say.

"I know. I was the one who told you, remember? He's like an eel dipped in grease, swimming in motor oil.", Noah says.

"You know I don't understand you when you go into smart-talk mode. Then again, you're always in smart talk mode.", you say, finally getting him to make a bit of a smile.

"Like I said. Eel dipped in grease.", he says.

"Dirty?", you guess.

"Slippery. Never know what to expect from him.", Noah says.

"You're right.", you say. Some more silence. Tyler comes over.

"OC, what was that whole deal about?", he asks, and sits on the ground with you guys.

"Long story.", you answer.

"Ah, I get it. It's cool. But I've never seen you that mad before. You okay?", he asks.

"I had this rage bubbling in me when I saw the way he was demeaning Noah, and I sorta lost it. But he needs to go. What would you guys say to an alliance?", you say.

"I'm in.", Tyler says.

"Me too.", Noah says.

"Great. Then next chance we get, Alejandro is going.", you say. Tyler smiles and goes back to Lindsay. You try to leave, but Noah pulls you down again. Afterwards, another hour of silence before you fell asleep on the ground.

Bonus Clip

Same as the original, except with Tyler instead of Owen and no Ezekiel.

Jamaica Me Sweat

The winner of "Guess The Cameo" is...Trixielulamoon323, who guessed that it was DJ and his Mama, which is correct! As a reward, she will get to choose the next choice herself. This was a one time thing.

Everyone relaxed in first class, as always, except you. Alejandro had you on edge. You wanted to strangle that guy.

"Maybe you should go out of first class.", Noah suggests.

"As always, you're right. I can go talk to Izzy or Sierra in economy.", you say.

(A.N.: I hope you guys are seeing the subtle uplifts that OC is giving Noah, such as 'as always, you're right')

You head down, and look around the dank air of economy.

Who do you talk to? Remember, Trixielulamoon323 gets to make the decision, but you guys can give suggestions.

A: Heather

B: Cody

C: Sierra

D: Izzy

"Hey, Heather...", you say.

" want to talk to me?", she asks.

"Um...yeah, I guess.", you say.

"Really? Uh, I", she says, trying to act casual.

"Are you okay?", you ask.

"I'm fine, it's just no one usually wants to talk to me.", she says.

(Aww...poor Heather. NOT! SHE'S A SHE-WITCH!)


OC: I think Heather's a she-witch, but I gotta say, she is trying hard this season and every time something bad happens to her, I feel bad.

-end confessional-

"My own team won't talk to me.", she grunts, gesturing toward Cody, Sierra and Izzy sitting in the corner.

"I...well, we need to talk.", you say.

"As usual. You know, I'm not all about the strategy.", she says.

"Fine. Tell me five things about you, and I'll tell you five things about me.", you say.

"Okay!", she says excitedly. You decide to listen, just to be nice.

"Well, I want to take over Europe, I have annoying evil little brother, I really miss my hair, I feel like I could be a really good politician, and I love horror movies. Now you.", she says, with a smile.

"You're creeping me out. Okay, let's favorite video game is the Rokémon series, I love the Larry Potter books, but I felt like the movies didn't quite represent the grandeur of the books. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Seattle because I like the rain and the Starlucks Coffee shops on every corner, my dream job is to be a video game designer, or the guy who plays them and tests them out. And finally, what I want to do most right now is win the money and take my parents and Gwen on an expensive Seattle.", you say.

(A.N.: 3/5 of these are true for me)

"That was long. But I listened. I promise.", she says.

"Good, now we do what I want to do.", you say.

"Okay.", she says.

"Alejandro's manipulating Noah. Noah has, umm...a problem. Alejandro's using it to make Noah mess up and have him eliminated.", you say.

"Then vote him off.", she says.

"I can't just lose like that. Plus Alejandro will make it pretty hard.", you remind her.

"That's true, he's really good at the game. What do you want me to do?", she asks.

A: Help me out!

B: Join my alliance!

C: Strategize with me!

D: Flirt with Al!

E: Make out with me!

(A.N.: I don't know if you guys read these, but I'm thinking of making OC a biography, one for each season like the real Total Drama. Thoughts? Also, I need a label for him. ArtDraw suggested the Friendly Strategist, but suggestions are welcome. I was thinking maybe the Romantic Guy, since he's had two girlfriends in two seasons, and since he generally does flirt with the girls he likes, and does it better than Cody, for example.)

"Strategize with me, Heather.", you say.

"Fine, let's get to work. Wait...we can't. Alejandro is right there.", Heather says, and Alejandro was standing there, talking to Cody.

"Give me a minute.", Heather says. She walks up to Alejandro.

"Hey, Alejandro. What do you want?", she says harshly.

"Ah, Heather. Always a pleasure.", he replies.

"Oh, shut up. Take your filthy chocolates back up to your dude team and get lost.", she says.

"I don't see you saying that to OC, who is also from my, ah, dude team.", he points out. Heather scoffs.

"You big jerk! Get out!", Heather says, slapping Alejandro until he left, and you could see the guy smiling.

"Well, that's taken care of.", she says.

"I think he has a crush on you.", you say. Heather slaps you.

"It's true...", you say. Finally, Heather and you finish your strategy: Heather will watch out for her team, you can watch out for Noah, and Bridgette will watch her team. Alejandro soon won't have anyone to manipulate.

Later, you and Team Amazon watch in horror as Izzy is sucked out of the plane.

Try to help Izzy?

A: Yes

B: No

"WOOHOO!! THIS IS SOOO MUCH FUN! YOU GUYS GOTTA TRY THIS!", Izzy shouts, cannonballing. You all look out the door, you, Team Amazon and Alejandro.

Alejandro holds your hand (?) and comments on how Izzy landed safely - which she did. You pull your hand away.

"What?", you ask. Alejandro blushes.

"I...I thought you were Heather.", he says. Smack. Not from Heather - from you. And then from Heather.

"IZZY, ARE YOU OKAY?!", you shout. Izzy gives two thumbs up, and gets bigger.

"Why is Izzy...growing?", Cody asks. She wasn't. The plane was crashing.

"Attention passengers, we are facing some minor turbulence, so please be seated and buckle your seatbelts.", Chris announces.

"CHEF!! WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON?!", he shouts.

"'Ey Chris man, you still got the PA on.", Chef says.

"Oops...", Chris replies.

"We're CRASHING?! Someone pinch me!", Cody says, and then Sierra pinches his, um...hindquarters.

"N-not there!", Cody says, and then grabs hold of you to stay away from Sierra.

"That's okay, Cody, we'll be fine. Probably.", you say, patting his head as he clung to you, waving off Sierra with your other hand. Then, the plane crashes on Izzy. Everyone gasps.

You all rush out of the plane to see Izzy being carried away to the infirmary.

"Well, it was a rough landing but we're in the same destination anyway. Teens, I welcome you to the fabulous Jamaica, man!", Chris says in a Jamaican accent which was surprisingly good.

Chris explains the challenge, and everyone changes into their bathing suits.

(Lindsay looks kinda hot in her bikini...oh crap, I can't stare, Tyler and Gwen will kill me)

"What's the matter, OC?", Tyler asks.

"Nothing! Nothing's the matter. What's YOUR problem?", you ask.

"Nothing...sorry.", he replies. After that, you want to bleach your eyeballs because you saw Alejandro in a speedo.


OC: BLEGH! No one looks good in a speedo. No one.

-end confessional-

One by one, everyone jumps into the water. Since Team Chris and Team Victory won last time, they got to jump for Chef's gold first. 

First to jump: Bridgette, Tyler, Cody

Bridgette finds a dead fish, Tyler finds a grandfather clock (???) and Cody finds a computer

Second to jump: Lindsay, OC, Sierra

Lindsay finds eels, and is shocked repeatedly until Tyler saves her, but then they both end up getting shocked. You get super close to the gold, but then a crab hurts your hand. Sierra was too busy staring at shirtless Cody.

Third to jump: Leshawna, Alejandro, Heather

Leshawna's bathing suit came off, so she refused to come out until she found it. By the time she found it, Alejandro had found the gold. She tackled him, and wrestled him for it, and then Heather joined the fray. Heather looked up and winked at you, then smiled at Alejandro. Her distraction caused Leshawna to have a 'golden' opportunity to take it from Alejandro, and Team Victory won.

Chris said that Team Victory's reward was...helmets.

(Aw man, this can't be good...), you think.

Who should be your partner in the bobsledding challenge?

A: Alejandro. He's skilled and will win.

B: Tyler. He can take hits, can take hits.

C: Noah. I trust him and he's smart

"Come on Alejandro, let's tackle this challenge to the ground.", you say, and Alejandro follows.

"You really want me as a partner?", he asks.

"Sure, now come on!", you say hastily. You swore you saw a hint of a smile on Alejandro's face.

You two begin the challenge, and he insists on being in front. You speed off, and most of it was just a blur, since Alejandro took control. But you knew you were going fast. By the end of the first round, Izzy returned.

"Greetings, carbon-based life form commonly referred to as Ollie. I see your clothing does not fit you too well.", she says. You look down and pull up your shorts.

(A.N.: Because OC cannot be one of the two (or three) Screaming Gophers who have not been newd at some point)

"Are you okay, Izzy?", you ask.

"Oh, ahahaha. You kid. I am not Izzy, I am her much smarter alter-ego Brainzilla, and my formula for time travel is nearly complete.

"IZZY GET OVER TO YOUR TEAM!", Chris shouts.

"I am not Izzy. I am her much smarter alter-ego Brainzilla, and my formula for time travel is nearly complete.", Izzy repeats.

"Fine, 'Branzolla', you can join Team Victory.", Chris says.

"Excellent. Brainzilla is accustomed to victory.", she says and stands next to Leshawna.

"So far, Team Chris is winning. Let's see how badly Noah and Tyler mess it up, and how well Lindsay does.", Chris says. In the next round, Team Chris keeps their lead, Team Victory comes in a VERY close second, and Team Amazon follows closely.

"OC, it's you and me again.", Alejandro says. In the final round, Alejandro says he's going to sabotage the track by messing up one of the boards.


A: Yes, that's cheating!

B: No, let him do what he wants

"No, Alejandro. If we're gonna win, we're gonna win with honor.", you say.

"I respect your nobility. For now, I will remain dormant in my sneaky ways.", he says suspiciously.


OC: Is he actually admitting that he's a sneak?

-end confessional-

You and Alejandro start riding.

"Hey, Alejandro, guess what the time is.", you say, already giggling.

"What?", he asks.

"It's...4:20 PM...", you say, giggling uncontrollably.

"Very mature.", he replies, rolling his eyes.

"Do you think we'll win?", you ask.

"Definitely.", he says.

"Could you say that we'll be like the weed whackers and the others are...weed? Is this gonna be a joint effort? Will we cook a victory stew in the pot of winners?", you say, laughing at your own puns.

"I can no longer hear this awful, awful puns.", he says.

"Do you even know what I'm referencing?", you ask.

"Kind of. Keep in mind that this is a kid's show.", he says.

"Buzzkill much?", you ask. After that, it was silent as you two sped to the finish line. However, you noticed one of the boards were ALREADY loose, and you see Heather in the distance, smirking.

(HEATHER! That girl really knows how to win for her team!)

"Alejandro, watch out!", you yell. Alejandro sees the loose board - but it was too late.

Instead of flying away, one of the nails from the board clings to Alejandro's speedo and RIPS it off! You shut your eyes and Alejandro shouted, covering himself.


OC: I'm pretty sure the result was wayy better than Heather intended. I think she fainted.

-end confessional-

"OC! Open your eyes!", Alejandro screams.

"NEVER!! I'm NOT looking!", you reply. You hear your bobsled crashing, and then you feel A LOT of pain.

"Oww...", you moan. You open your eyes, and Alejandro was running away to find something to wear. The next fifteen minutes were kind of a blur, since your head was hurting. Noah got you an ice pack and Bridgette massaged your shoulders.

"Where did you learn to do this?", you ask, feeling better.

"My dad says I have healing hands. Since my mom is sick a lot, we both have to take care of her.", she says.

"Aw, is your mom okay?", you ask.

"Sadly, no. It's one of the reasons I want to win. We kinda live paycheck to paycheck, but we kinda got lucky when we inherited my grandfather's beach house.", she explains.

"That's sweet of you and your dad. I hope your mom gets well soon.", you say.

"Hey guys!", you hear someone say.

"Huh? Who's that?", you ask.

"DJ! What are you doing here?", Bridgette asks. You stand up and see DJ and his mama.

"Hey!", DJ says happily, seeing you.

"Hello, DJ's mother. How are you?", you ask politely.

"Oh, so polite! Just like my Poopy-Doo! You must be Geoff, DJ has told me all about you.", Mama says.

"Uh, no. I'm OC.", you correct her.

"Ohh! You're OC! Great to meet you.", she says.

"DJ, what are you doing here?", you ask.

"I was actually born in Jamaica. Normally, Mama and I wouldn't be able to afford these tickets, but someone paid handsomely for our property back in Canada. We might just live here now.", DJ says.

"Wait, that was your family?", Chris asks.

"Chris, you bought their land?", Bridgette asks.

"Apparently. I paid more than I should have.", Chris says.

"Well anyway, Mama and I are gonna live here. My animal curse is gone, and I'm really happy now. Nice seeing you guys.", DJ says, and walks away to see everyone else.

"My DJ is so lucky to have you. You've given him confidence, and have been a great friend to him. Thank you.", Mama says to you. You smile.

(That's sweet...I'm glad DJ is happy)

"Team Amazon wins! In last place is Team I Am Smokin', who will have to vote someone off. Tonight.", Chris says. Another moan.

The elimination ceremony begins.

"I feel like none of you are safe, except Noah.", Chris says.


"Tyler, your clumsiness didn't help the team. Alejandro, you decided to go skinny dipping during the challenge, and OC, you decided to conk out of reality for a while. You may now vote.", he says.

Who do you vote for?

A: Noah

B: Alejandro

C: Tyler

"The first barf bag goes to, as I predicted, Noah. Tyler, you get one too.", Chris says. Noah and Tyler smile, as Tyler pats your shoulder.

"The final barf bag is pretty obvious. OC, you've been in the bottom two a lot. You've also escaped the bottom two a lot. This is one of those days. You are safe. Goodbye, Alejandro.", Chris says.

Satisfaction. All over the room.

"Really?!", Bridgette says. The entire Team Victory, save Brainzilla, come out and hug you. Noah smiles shyly and you pull him into the hug.

"What?! How could this be? The great Alejandro Burromuerto cannot be taken down by a geek, a nerd...and...and...TYLER!", Alejandro shouts.

"See ya later, dude.", Tyler says happily.

"Oh yeah, and take THIS!", Bridgette says, and gives him a swift kick to the nuts.

"You need to learn a little thing called RESPECT.", Leshawna says, and slaps Alejandro hard.

"Bye, Alajandra", Lindsay says.

"See ya, 'Al'", you say, mocking him by saying 'Al'.

"Fine, fine, I'm leaving.", he says.

"You're leaving? Huh, I thought you'd put up more of a fight.", Heather says.

"Leave me alone, Heather.", Alejandro says, annoyed.

"No, really. I got to the Final 7 the first time. Ah well, guess you're not all that. I was, of course, the original villain. See ya.", Heather says, and blows Alejandro a kiss goodbye.

Then, Tyler trips and slams onto Alejandro. Alejandro trips, and gets more annoyed.

"Fine! I'm leaving!", he says, and jumps out. Everyone gasps.

"He forgot his parachute...", Noah says. He wanted to sound as if he cared, but really, he's Noah so he can't. You watch him fall...right into a volcano! Everyone gasps louder, but then they start cheering.

"Feel better, Noah?", you ask.

"It's kind of hard not to, when I have a helicopter friend.", Noah says.

"That's all for this episode! OC finally conquered his worst enemy yet, and Alejandro is gone! Tune in next time on Total....Drama...Woooooooorrrrlllld Toooooooouuuur!", Chris sings.

Bonus Clip

"I suppose I deserve this a little.", Alejandro says as he falls.

"But I didn't deserve not getting a parachute! And...and what is that?!", he shouts, looking horrified at the volcano.

"NOOOOoooooOOO!!", he shouts, and he falls into the volcano. A tourist takes a picture, and then the volcano erupts.

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