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So far...

  • Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, DJ, Owen, Harold, Alejandro, Lindsay, Sierra, Cody, Bridgette, Leshawna, Ezekiel, Sadie, Blaineley, Izzy and *cries* Tyler have been eliminated. Someone get me a tissue.
  • The Final 3 are confirmed; It's Heather, Noah and OC. Awwwwww, Drumheller featured the Final Five, however after Izzy was caught in an explosion, she was left unable to compete.
  • The Final 4 voted for each other; it was unanimous on voting off Tyler since Tyler didn't vote for either Noah or OC. OC held back tears when he voted him off.
  • With the Total Drama Jumbo Jet destroyed, no one has any idea how to get to the Finale Location. Chris seems to have something planned, but he's too distressed about his plane
  • During the Egg Hunting Challenge on Easter Island, one of the eggs found in DJ's head hatched in OC's hands. He was named OC Jr, and he's growing at a considerably fast pace.
  • Heather and OC's romantic and rivalry tension continued when Heather got trapped under a rock during the oil barrel challenge, after which OC realized how much he and Heather had been through together, and saved her.
  • Heather cashed in on OC's kind act and took off with the oil barrel he (almost) found, and won immunity.
  • Congratulations on getting to the Final 3! It's OC, Heather and Noah!

Hawaiian Style

"Yo, world! We're coming to you live form the secret location of the FINALE of Total Drama World Tour!", Geoff says. The camera pans down to Geoff, surrounded by the Peanut Gallery.

"Yup! The finale takes place with one last bang, right here in Paradise! But it's not just me here, please welcome...the Peanut Gallery! We have the people who didn't compete, and those who did, but failed. Tyler and Izzy couldn't be here.", Geoff says.

"Here's the Peanut Gallery!", Geoff says.

  • Beth, Justin, Eva, Katie, Sadie, Trent, Gwen, DJ, Owen, Harold, Lindsay, Sierra and Cody wave
  • Alejandro glared.

"Also joining us, after we finally found them, are Duncan and Courtney!", Geoff says. Duncan swings in on a vine, with Courtney clinging to him, both of them shouting in happiness.

"*pant pant* Wow, that was a thrill! Hey Geoff!", Courtney says.

"Me and my babe had the best time in England. And Africa. And Japan. And Morocco.", Duncan says.

"And a few places even you don't know about!", Courtney says, tapping Geoff's nose.

"Nice to see you dudes again.", Geoff says.

"You guys got so romantic everywhere! The fans will go crazy about how you guys are getting along for once!", Sierra comments.

"Pfft, we always get along.", Duncan says.

"Well, not always. But we did get really romantic. It was the time of my life! I'M MISSING SCHOOL!", she says happily. Everyone gasps.

"Courtney's missing school, and she's OKAY with that?!", Lindsay exclaims.

"Well, no, but Duncan makes it all better.", Courtney says.

"Alright, enough attention on you two. Let's give my favorite Total Drama contestant some spotlight!", said every Total Drama fan ever Geoff.

"You guys know that someone caused my girl Bridge to be shipped off to Sibera. Since she had that devil's passport, she couldn't ride a plane to Hawaii, and had to come through a Russian boat. Please welcome my most excellent girl, Bridgette!" Geoff says. The camera pans to the water, where Bridgette is skillfully surfing the waters, and perfectly coming onto shore.

"Bridgette, look out!", Cody shouts.

"It's a bear!", Katie exclaims.

"That's just Bruno. He's sweet!", Bridgette says, petting Bruno the bear.

"I missed you, babe!", Geoff says, leaning in for a kiss. Bruno comes in between them and interferes.

"He's a little possessive. But he's awesome, I promise! Anyway, how about we get on with the show?", Bridgette suggests.

"Oh yeah! We have tons of guests for you guys today! Please welcome the girl with the 'tude, Leshawna!", Geoff says. Leshawna proudly comes out and waves to the audience.

Leshawna's Interview

"Hey, babies. This place is off the hook!", Leshawna says.

"Hey, Leshawna! Are you excited for your special interview?", Bridgette asks.

"Sure am! I already KNOW I'm gonna rock this show!", Leshawna says.

"Great! Today, things are gonna be a little different. We'll ask you two questions, then we're done.", Geoff says.

"Cool. Ask away.", Leshawna says.

"Great! First question: How was your time on the show?", Bridgette asks.

"I gotta say, Bridgette, it was excellent. Maybe I didn't win, but I played hard, and that's what mattered.", Leshawna says.

"Really? Because a lot of fans remember you blackmailing OC and Blaineley back in Niagara Falls. Coincidentally, you were voted off.", Geoff says, and plays the clip of Leshawna blackmailing OC and Blaineley.

"Yeah, I did that. I accept it, in fact. It was a good strategic move, if that blundering fool Tyler hadn't gone and lost for us.", Leshawna says.

"Sierra speculates that you lost a good few fans that day.", Bridgette says.

"They can think whatever they want.", Leshawna says.

"I like her style.", Eva says.

"And there you have it! Next question: Who are you rooting for, Leshawna?", Geoff asks.

"I'm on Team OC, all the way. His kindness brought him all the way here, of course, his hard work too.", Leshawna says.

"That's true, if he wasn't kind, he may have been voted off in China had Sadie not saved him. Good for you, OC!", Geoff says.

"I'd say OC deserves to be as far as he is in the game.", Bridgette says.

"Thank you Leshawna, you may now be seated with the Peanut Gallery.", Geoff says. Leshawna sits with Gwen.

"Next, we have a boy who was thought of as the Homeschool boy, but soon gained a bad reputation, and worse: he became OC's enemy. However, since then, his social skills have developed and he's changed for the better! Everyone welcome Ezekiel!", Bridgette says.

Ezekiel's Interview

"Hi, Ezekiel!", Bridgette says.

"Hello, Bridgette. Nice to, um, see you eh.", Ezekiel says, shaking Bridgette's hand, and politely sitting down.

"Hey, you didn't stare at me this time!", Bridgette said happily.

"Yeah, that's rude eh.", Ezekiel says.

"Ezekiel, your first question is: How was your time on the show?", Geoff asks.

"It was tough, eh. I didn't think I'd make it. Thankfully I made a few friends, homie. I wanted to win, but I guess it don't matter now.", Ezekiel says.

"The way Ezekiel spent his time on the show can definitely be considered unique. He didn't exactly play hard, he got shouted at a lot by Heather, was horrible to OC, but did improve his social skills. Geoff, what are your thoughts?", Bridgette asks.

"I agree, Bridgette. Ezekiel's time on the show was excellent television. Next question: Who are you rooting for?", Geoff asks.

"I'm on Team Noah, eh. He's smart and a good player.", Ezekiel says.

"Is that because of your rich and rather unfortunate history with both of the other finalists, Heather and OC?", Bridgette asks. Ezekiel nods.

"Great, Ezekiel, you can sit down on the Peanut Gallery. Our next and final guest is a wicked ice queen, Blaineley!", Geoff says.

"Oh come on, didn't you see the show? She's not that bad.", Bridgette says.

"You should be mad at her the most. She shipped you off to Siberia just so she could have the spotlight.", Gwen says.

"Yeah, but she's changed. It's best to give people like Blaineley a second chance. Or they may never change!", Bridgette says.

"You are amazing, girl.", Leshawna says.

"Totally amazing.", Sadie comments.

"And you're so pretty, too!", Katie says.

"We're kinda moving off topic.", Geoff says.

"I know, right? Bridgette's hair is so natural!", Lindsay says.

"And yours isn't?", Justin asks. Katie, Sadie and Lindsay laugh.

"Um, guys, I know beauty talk is fun and all, but Geoff's kinda trying to run a show here.", Trent says.

"Thanks, Trent. Introducing...The Witch!", Geoff says.

Blaineley's Interview

"Hi, Geoff. Hi.......", Blaineley says, falling silent after taking a look at Bridgette.

"Hello, Blaineley. Have. A. Seat.", Geoff says coldly.

"Everyone, say hi to Blaineley!", Bridgette says. Some people eagerly greet her, some were reluctant, and some just didn't.

"Bridgette, I'm very sorry for what I did.", Blaineley says.

"I know you are.", Bridgette says.

"Wow, she actually swallowed her pride. Not bad.", DJ says.

"Yeah, maybe Blaineley's not that evil.", Owen comments.

"Blaineley, first question: Where are your flying monkeys?", Geoff asks. Some of the Peanut Gallery starts laughing.

"I don't get it?", Lindsay says.

"Excuse me...?", Blaineley asks for clarification.

"What he MEANS to say is: How was your time on the show?", Bridgette asks.

"Well, it was pretty short. I only played for three episodes.", Blaineley says.

"Coincidentally, Courtney only competed for three episodes in each season.", Duncan says.

"Aww, you remembered!", Courtney says.

"You tell me every day.", Duncan says.

"And you finally remembered. So romantic.", Courtney says.

"It could've gone better. OC helped me see a side of me that I didn't even know was there. As a celebrity, I need to be nasty to get my way, or I'm out of the spotlight.", Blaineley says.

"Aww...", everyone says.

"We're all glad you've changed! Next question: Who are you rooting for?", Bridgette asks.

"Is that even a question? OC, of course!", Blaineley says proudly.

"Great! Now that we're done with the interviews, we have a few special segments for you all.", Bridgette says.

"By the way, Total Drama Fugitives has ended. Now, then, Bridgette, while we wait, let's make out.", Geoff says.

"I don't think that's a good idea...", Bridgette says, pointing to Bruno with her thumb. The Peanut Gallery run away from Bruno, except Beth, who was paralyzed with fear.

"Um...guys? Help?", she says. Harold whips up some special tea and makes Bruno drink it. Bruno falls right to sleep.

"That was quick.", Geoff says.

"It's a special herb, it's very strong. Oh, and I mixed it with sleeping pills.", Harold says.

"Now then, let's begin!", Bridgette says.

Main Event

"Now, our Final 3 is Heather, OC and Noah. They each do pretty well. But, they do have their weaknesses! While Heather seems to be immune to anyone's emotions, it seems Alejandro and OC can distract her sometimes. If she can get that under control, she's unstoppable!", Bridgette says. Geoff draws Heather as a vampire.

"Geoff, why are you doing that? She looks like a vampire.", Bridgette says.

"Exactly! They're fast and undead - an unstoppable force.", Geoff says.

"OC may look like he has it all, but it seems sometimes he makes some crazy decisions. Did you see what he did in Drumheller? For some reason, he started digging near a rock that Chef hurdled.", Bridgette says.

"Despite that, OC's a good player and he can win this. I have faith in my bro.", Geoff says.

"That's if the Final 3 can even make it to Hawaii. They're stranded in Drumheller, where the leading cause of death is being stranded in Drumheller.", Harold says.

"Be a little positive. I can't wait to see OC.", Gwen snaps at Harold.

"Next we have Noah, who's flaw is obvious: He's not that strong. But he's smart, and he'll usually find a way out of most things.", Bridgette says.

"We have a little song about the Final 3 for you guys.", Geoff says.

Bridgette and Geoff: Who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be?

Is it Heather, maybe Noah, or will you pick OC?

Bridgette: There's Heather, she's an ice queen, But she's been playin' hard!

Geoff: Too bad, everybody hates her.  She'd have to pay a bodyguard!

Bridgette and Geoff: Who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be?

Is it Heather, maybe Noah, or will you pick OC?

Bridgette: There's OC, he's unpredictable, and we know he's got a soft spot!

Geoff: Everyone seems to love him, I wonder what's his secret?

Bridgette and Geoff: Who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be?

Is it Heather, maybe Noah, or will you pick OC?

Bridgette: There's Noah, he's a smart one, he can win it all

Geoff: Too bad he's just so lazy, can he pick it up?

Bridgette and Geoff: Who you gonna root for? Who's it gonna be?

Is it Heather, maybe Noah, or will you pick OC?

Is it Heather, maybe Noah, or will you pick OC?

Is it Heather, maybe Noah or will you pick OC?

Ooooooohh, ooooooh!

"Now, everyone, divide into teams based on who you're supporting. I want Team OC on the left, Team Noah on the right, and Team Heather right down here in the middle.

  • Team OC: Blaineley, Duncan, Gwen, DJ, Lindsay, Sierra, Cody, Leshawna, Katie and Sadie
  • Team Heather: Courtney, Alejandro, Trent, Justin
  • Team Noah: Eva, Owen, Ezekiel, Harold

"Wow, OC's team is pretty big.", Geoff says.

"Well, he's a pretty popular contestant!", Bridgette says.

"Now, we need one volunteer for each of the finalists to compete in a surfing challenge.", Geoff says.

"I shall do it for Heather!", Alejandro says. Katie, Sadie and Lindsay go "aww!!"

"I guess I'll do it for Noah. Sounds hardcore.", Eva says.

"Team OC?", Geoff asks.

Who should do it for your team?

A: Blaineley, the girl you changed

B: Duncan, reformed relationships

C: Gwen, your girlfriend

D: DJ, the one you supported

E: Lindsay, your BFF (Best female friend)

F: Sierra, your Internet stalkery buddy

G: Cody, the one who doesn't hate you anymore

H: Leshawna, one of your first friends

I: Katie, your friend and first girlfriend

J: Sadie, the one who sacrificed for you

"I'll do it for OC.", Duncan says.

"Good luck, Duncan.", Courtney says, giving Duncan a kiss. Then, they start making out.

"GUYS! Stop!!", Bridgette says. They look at Bridgette and stop.

"These are animals that are all found in Hawaii. If you go to the Maui Zoo.", Bridgette says.

"You need to choose YOUR favorite finalists' spirit animals!", Geoff says. He turns to the board which had a shark, bear, rhino, doberman, deer, dolphin, moose, jaguar, lion, kangaroo and a raccoon

"Heather's a doberman, easy.", Alejandro says.

"Good. Now, Duncan and Eva, you guys have to pick for OC and Noah.", Geoff says.

"Hmm...OC's probably a shark. He's vicious and always moving forward.", Duncan says.

"Noah's a rhino.", Eva says.

"Any particular reason?", Bridgette asks.

"No.", she replies.

"Okay then! Now you all have to surf down here. Grab your lei and put it on the spirit animal you chose for your finalist. If you win, your finalist will gain a great advantage!", Bridgette says.

As they started to grab their lei, Geoff arrived and said that they had to sing.

"Are you kidding me? I quit Total Drama to get away from prissy singing!", Duncan complains.

"I don't sing.", Eva says.

"Just do it! Or your finalist won't get their advantage!", Geoff says.

Alejandro: Rockin' it Hawaii style!

Surfing down this magic mile!

Hoping I don't get burned by,

The lava that's a-flyin'!

Eva: One last chance to prove my might.

That's what keeps me up at night!

Why else would I volunteer, 

For something death-defyin'?

Duncan: I'm winning for real! 

Eva: Yeah, yeah!

I'm winning this deal! 

Alejandro: Yeah, yeah!

I'm a surfing genie!

Duncan: Yeah, yeah!

I'm winning, you'll see!

Eva: Yeah, yeah!

Alejandro: Sure, I'm hot, and I didn't do much,

So what I can't such and such,

I'm the king...

...of Heather! Uhh, Heather's TEAM!

I'll show you, I'm a winner!

Duncan: I'm winning for OC!

Chorus: Yeah, yeah!

Duncan: Cause he's the coolest one!

Chorus: Yeah, yeah!

Alejandro: Heather needs my mad strength!

Chorus: Yeah, yeah!

Alejandro: Givin' Heather...

Some thrills!

(lava starts shooting from the sky)

Duncan: Ah! Ah! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! D'ah!

'Eva': Eh, whatever.

Alejandro: This is messed up, it's true!

Sorry, Chris, I'll sue!

Eva: Step aside, let me through!

Chorus: Yeah, yeah!

Duncan: I'm still coming for you,

Chorus: Yeah, yeah!

Alejandro: Oh, I'm winning this time!

Eva: Yeah, yeah!

Alejandro: Sorry Eva, it's mine!

Chorus: Yeah, yeah!

Alejandro: Take in the view of my behind!

Chorus: Yeah, yeah!

Alejandro, Eva and Duncan: Oh, I'm winning this time! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

"And it's neck and neck, as each of them struggle to put their lei on their animals!! It's still anyone's game!!", Bridgette says excitedly. Alejandro charmed the doberman, Duncan wiped out and tried to get on the platform, and Eva wrestled her rhino.

"Come now, handsome! Please, calm yourself!", Alejandro says.

"GIVE UP, BUDDY!", Eva shouts. She finally takes down the rhino.

"My, my Eva! What strength you posses!", Alejandro says.

"Can it, Alyhandrow.", Eva says, pronouncing Al's name wayy too wrong, stuffing the lei on the rhino. Duncan washed up on shore and saw the shark.

"Hey, thing can't breathe!", Duncan says.

"Geoff?! That poor shark!", Bridgette says. Duncan puts his lei on the shark. Bridgette rapidly surfs down, and saves the shark.

"WOW that was fast.", Duncan says.

"Done! Wait, last place?!", Alejandro exclaims.

Geoff shows Noah's advantage - a wheelbarrow. For second, OC's is a baby carriage. And for last place, Heather gets nothing.

"This is the final episode of the Total Drama Aftermath! See YOU and our finalists in the epic conclusion of Total...Drama...Wooooorrrlld Toooouuur!!", Geoff sings.

Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles

Ah, that was a nice break from writing the game. Back to the main story!

Chris recaps the last episode, as the five of you - You, Noah, Tyler, Heather and Izzy, look at each other, worried.

"Um, Chris, we need to get on with the show.", Heather says.

"You're so SELFISH! Can't you see I'm distressed?", Chris snaps.

"Someone's in a mood...", Heather complains.

"Fine, let's do this then.", Chris says. Chris calls a helicopter, and Chef gets into it. Chris approaches you all.

"I guess I could cheer up. The final challenge is in...Hawaii!", Chris says. Everyone cheers.

"Right? Best host ever!", he says proudly.

"How do we get there?", Noah asks.

"That's for you to know and the viewers to find out.", Chris says.

"What about us?", Tyler asks.

"You deal with that.", Chef says.

"I guess you two can come with me. You'll have to squeeze in the back of the helicopter.", Chris says.

"Ooh, I'm really good at the armadillo.", Izzy says, curling herself up in a ball really well.

"I guess we're against each other now.", you say to Noah.

"Sad. May the best man win.", Noah says.

"Yeah. Let's do this.", you say.

"Hello? I'm in this too.", Heather reminds you. Tyler sighs quietly - you could hardly hear it.


OC: Wow...this thing is busted up. I don't think Tyler wants to go with Chris. This challenge would be so much easier if I at least had one of my best friends...*sigh*

-end confessional-

"Hey,'re trapped on the Izzy cruise...", Izzy says in the helicopter. Chef looked panicked.

Ask Tyler to come with you?

A: Yes, he gives great moral support

B: No, this challenge is hard enough already

"Tyler? Do you want to come with me?", you ask. You got to witness one of the best sights of all (aside from Noah destroying people), Tyler becoming happy.

"Y-yeah!! Let's go, baby! I won't hold you back!", he says.

"Great. Then Izzy's coming with us, Tyler's with OC, Noah and Heather, you both are on your own.", Chrire recaps.

"Fine with me. I work better alone anyway.", Heather says.

"Says the girl who was voted off first last season because she didn't have an alliance.", Noah snarks.

"You each have to find your own way to Hawaii. Take these GPS navigation systems and you can contact your fellow finalists, and me, on these.", Chris says.

"Cool, we can get there easy with these.", Tyler says. Heather goes into the cargo hold to check for parts, and Noah starts to think.

"Wait, we can't leave without OC Jr.", Tyler says.

"Oh, right! Let me call him.", you say. You call OC Jr, and he's gotten pretty big.

"Woah...when did he grow so much?", Tyler asks.

"Condors grow pretty fast apparently.", you say.

"He's still adorable. When's he gonna be as big as that one on Christmas Island?", Tyler asks.

"That was Easter Island. I guess he has to go through bird puberty.", you say.

"What would that even be like?", Tyler wonders, and starts thinking about it.

"Stop thinking about it! It's weird.", you say.

"I have an idea!", Tyler says.

"What is it?", you ask.

"Let's fly on OC Jr!", Tyler says.

"Not a bad idea. You up for it, OC Jr?", you ask. OC Jr nods. You climb onto his back, but OC Jr collapses.

"Oh no! The explosion must've hit OC Jr with some debris! Aw, poor guy...", you say.

"That can't be! What do we do now?", Tyler asks.

"Why are you asking me??", you ask.

"You're the smart one!", he says.

"No! Noah's the smart one!", you insist.

"Then let's ask him.", Tyler suggests.

"I can't do that, he's another finalist.", you say.

"We can try.", Tyler says.

Ask Noah for advice on how to help OC Jr?

A: Yes, we're getting desperate here

B: No, I want to win on my own brains...And Tyler's

"Yeah, we're kinda desperate here.", you say. You ask Noah why OC Jr can't fly, and how to fix him.

"Brush out the debris. It's bogging him down. Then, give him a rest.", Noah says.

"We don't have time to rest.", you say.

"Then take him with you wherever you go.", Noah says.

"Wait, we're going on a road trip? OC we're going on a road trip together!", Tyler says happily.

"Yes we are. And OC Jr's coming too, right?", you ask OC Jr. OC Jr nods.

"Well, I'm off!", Noah says. He takes a grappling hook and shoots it, clinging onto the helicopter.

"He's so f***ing smart.", you mutter to Tyler.

"His pants came down.", Tyler says. Noah was flying up there, and his pants fell down to his feet.

"Um...I hope he's okay.", you say.

"What are our options?", Tyler asks.

"We have to put on our thinking caps, and quick.", you say. You sit down and think.

"We could catch the train...Chris is gonna have to transport the animals somehow...we could catch a flight at the nearest airport...we'd get there first, but I don't know how long the walk will be...what do you think?", you suggest.

"Even this big, you're adorable! Ooh and you've got a nice, long...beak.", Tyler says.

"Tyler!! Focus! I have a million dollars at stake here!", you say.

"Sorry! Um, I don't know...", he says.

What do you do?

A: Go to the train

B: Go to the nearest airport

C: Make out with Tyler

D: Wait for OC Jr to get better, or find something to help him heal

E: Go search in the Jumbo Jet for something

"Okay Tyler, we need to catch the train.", you say.

"I'm with you all the way, baby! Let's do this!", he says.

"The question is, how do we catch up to the train? It's at least two miles away by now!", you say.

"Simple! OC Jr, can you, the bravest bird ever, fly us a little two miles?", Tyler asks OC Jr. OC Jr nods at Tyler.

"Wow, he really likes you.", you say.


OC: I'm starting to think I can win this! Tyler's such a great friend

Tyler: OC, come on!! OC Jr's ready to go!

-end confessional-

"OC Jr, you sure about this?", you ask.

"Don't discourage him. Come on, climb on!", Tyler says. You sit in front and Tyler sits in the back.

OC Jr takes off into the sky, and adjusts himself so he can fly properly.

"Hey, look!", Tyler says, pulling a chunk of metal out of OC Jr's wing.

"Found another one.", you say, pulling out another one from under Jr's wing.

"One day I wanna go on a ride like this with Lindsay.", Tyler says.

"Yeah, I bet Gwen would love this.", you say.

"This is really romantic. The view...and the wind blowing in our hair...", Tyler says.

"Yep...we're sitting close, the miles of Drumheller badlands extending in front of us...", you say.

"If you were Lindsay, I'd hug you right now.", Tyler says.

"I'd do the same.", you say.

"You'd hug Lindsay?", he asks

"No, I meant...yes, I'd hug Lindsay.", you say.

Noah's voice comes over the walkie talkie radio that Chris gave you.

"", he says.

"What?", you ask.

"OC, there's a storm coming your way! Be careful!", Noah says.

"How close are we?", you ask.

"It's as soon as you exit Drumheller. AHH!! IT'S HAILING!", he says.

"Stay safe, Noah! Are you still under the helicopter?", you ask.

"OC, shut up!", Noah says.

"Wait, what?", Chris asks, joining in on the conversation.

"That's like, so wicked awesome! Hey, Chef, why are you cowering in fear?", Izzy says.

"I gotta agree, Noah, I didn't think you were so hardcore.", Chris says.

"The kid's changed a lot.", Chef says.

"Wait, Noah's LEFT Drumheller?! UGH!", Heather shouts.

"Eat your heart out, Heather!", you reply.

"Yeah, eat it for dinner!", Tyler says. Later, you and Tyler worry about exiting Drumheller.

"You know, Lindsay's clothes aren't as tight as they seem. It's just because she has really big-"

"CAW CAW!!!", OC Jr yells.

"What's wrong, OC Jr?", Tyler asks.

"I think I know what the problem is. He can't go fast and fly steady. What do we do??", you wonder.

How should OC Jr fly you and Tyler?

A: Fast and rough

B: Slow and steady

"Come on OC Jr, TURBO BOOST!!", you yell. OC Jr looks straight forward, positions his wings, and blasts forward. You felt Tyler's hands on your stomach, really tight, and it hurt.

"THERE'S THE TRAIN!!", Tyler shouts over the noise.

"I NEED TO JUMP!!", you shout back.





"ALRIGHT, CHAMP! ONE...TWO...THREE!", Tyler yells. You feel him push you to the side as you fell down the train.

You close your eyes.

"OOF!", you shout, as you painfully hit the train. Tyler clings to OC Jr, who slowed down considerably and started flying slowly near the train.

"OC, you okay?", Tyler asks.

"I'm fine -AH- yep, fine.", you reassure him.

"Alright then, get in there dude!", Tyler says. You open the door to the train car you fell on, and go in.

"Ah, finally! I can relax.", you say.

"Tickets? Tickets please.", the conductor says.


"Um, I have my ticket, it''s somewhere around here...", you say, shuffling your hands in your pockets.

"Sir, if you do not have your ticket, I can't let you stay on the train.", the conductor says.

"How? You're gonna stop the train just to kick me out?", you say.

"Please don't sass me, sir. Hand over your ticket.", he says calmly.

"Or what? You'll make the other passengers late?", you ask.

"I'm afraid I'll have to call security, sir.", he says.

"Fine. Do it.", you say.

"Security!", he calls.

"W-wait, you were serious?", you say. A security lady comes out.

"What's the problem, Mr. Conductor?", she asks.

"This young man thinks he can get a free ride.", he says.

"I see. You can leave, I'll handle this.", she says. The conductor leaves, and the security lady turns to you.

"Now sir, you...ooh...hey!! It's you!! OC from Total Drama!!", she says.

"H-hey!! I'm, I'm on Total Drama right now! It's the finale!", you tell her.

"No way! I just saw the last Aftermath, did you know you're getting a prize for the finale?", she asks.

"Okay, that's all well and good, but I need to get to Hawaii as soon as possible!", you tell her.

"Oh, I know! You, sir, can ride for free!", she says happily.

"R-really?? Thank you!", you say.

"Awesome! I've had a crush on you ever since you pushed Heather into the piranha pool!", she says.

"Um...okay...", you reply. You sit down and relax.

"Oh, but go into the other compartment - I don't want the conductor to see you.", she says.

"Cool.", you say. You go into the next compartment, and to your shock you see...Heather!"

"Oh, perfect.", she says.

"Nice to see you too, Heather.", you retort.

"How did you even get here?!", she asks.

"With that beauty right there...", you say, pointing to the window where OC Jr was flying.

"Tyler isn't that beautiful.", Heather says. You turn to the window and see Tyler waving at you.

"No, the bird!", you say.

"He likes being called a condor!", Tyler shouts, and flies up.

"Now then, Heather! I guess we're going together!", you say.

"No we're not! See ya later, OC!", Heather says. She begins to unhook the train carriage and let you loose.

"WHAT?! NO!", you shout back.

What do you do?

A: Jump to the front compartments

B: Chase after Heather

"Come back here, Heather!", you shout. You chase Heather through the train cars until there's only one left. The hail was falling on your head, face and hands. Heather tried to run, but she slipped and fell.

"OH F***!!", she shouts. You're about to push her, but you fall down as well. You both stand up; you know one of you is getting off right now.

Chris and Chef arrive in the helicopter. Ding.

Heather, you and Noah: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"

OC: This show's a train, it's moving fast.

You and I weren't meant to last.

Falling for me just wasn't right,

So look out now, you're in my sights.

Heather: Mr. Fair now, suddenly

I have to barf now, excuse me!

Don't try to make me feel ashamed.

I know you would've done the same.

Heather and OC: I'm gonna make it.

You can't stop me now, just you try.

Our fortune's waiting

It's time for you to say, 'bye-bye-bye.

Noah: I never thought I'd get this far.

Let's face it, I'm no TV star.

But now I'm in the final three,

Unless I get caught in that tree!

Tyler (to OC): You're gonna make it.

They can't stop you now, let them try.

Your fortune's waiting

And they can kiss it all bye-bye-bye.

Heather and OC: You are the worst, why must you torment me?

It's all a game to you, but not to me.

OC: Heather!

Heather, OC and Noah: I'm gonna make it.

They can't stop me now, let them try.

Our fortune's waiting

It's time for you to say, goodbye-bye-bye.

"Update time! It seems Noah and Heather are still heading south, while OC seems to be stuck...wait wait!! Hold the phone! Tyler has picked OC up and now they're headed faster than Heather!", Chris says.

As you fell off the train, Tyler swooped by, grabbed your hand and pulls you back onto OC Jr.

"Welcome to the OC Jr Mobile, enjoy the ride! Please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.", Tyler says.

"Tyler, that was awesome!", you say.

"Thanks! While you fought with Heather, OC Jr had time to rest, and now he can go top speed!", Tyler tells you.

"Where are we right now, by the way?", you ask.

"We're in Taxes. Noah is almost near the sea of Taxes and Heather just got here.", Tyler says.

"Where's...Taxes?", you ask.

"It's like, this big state!! They've got this one city called Sugar Land!", Tyler says.

"Ohh you mean TEXAS.", you say.


"How'd we get here so fast?", you wonder.

"That train ride was faster than you thought.", Tyler says.

"TYLER! LOOK!", you shout. You point up, and to your surprise and horror, HEATHER was on an airplane!

"Are you kidding me?! That girl will never give up!", Tyler says. Heather easily passes you.

"OC Jr, can you go faster?", you ask. OC Jr shakes his head - no.

"We'll have to deal with what we've got.", you say. You pass by - according to the GPS - Dallas, and see Heather's plane landing.

"NOO LOSER PLANE!", you hear her shout from inside.

"Bye bye, Heather!", you say triumphantly.

You keep moving forward, as Heather catches up to you on horseback.

"DOES SHE EVER QUIT?!", you exclaim.

"Woah, Noah's already headed towards Hawaii!", Tyler says.

"So are we!", you say. The walkie talkie starts making sounds.

"OC, I've left a little something for you a mile away from the boats.", Noah says.

"What boats?", you ask.

"Can't talk now, Chris is throwing me off the helicopter.", Noah says, followed by a scream and a fall.

"What'd he leave?", you wonder.

"Found it!", Tyler says, picking up a jetpack.

"COOL!", you say. You put the jetpack on OC Jr instead of yourself, and OC Jr goes WAY faster. Sadly, he crashes into the sand!!

What do you do?

A: Try and get him out

B: Leave, let Tyler get him out.

"Tyler, help OC Jr! I need to go!", you say.

"You're right, I'm on it, dude!", Tyler says.

You jump into a speedboat, and take off. Heather catches up to you.

"You're going DOWN!", Heather says.

"Oh yeah?! Don't count on it!", you say. Heather picks up a cod and throws it at you.

"Ew! Stop doing that! That thing is rancid!", you shout.

"Oh yeah?! Take more, it's an acquired taste!", she retorts, throwing more cod at you.

"EWWWW these are DISGUSTING!", you scream.

"Fight me, OC!", Heather says, picking up a swordfish.

"Are you kidding me?!", you shout. Cruise control button's right there...

Pick up a swordfish and fight Heather?

A: Yes

B: No

"ACK! Heather, stop poking me!", you shout.

"Then be a MAN and fight me!", Heather retorts.

"I don't have time for this, Heather!", you reply, annoyed.

You and Heather drove the boats in between a mine field, then Heather knocked you over with her swordfish.

"HA!", she shouts. You start swimming, but Heather pulls you into the boat by your shirt.

"How's it feel to be a loser?!", she asks.

"I don't know, why don't you ask THEM?!", you say, pointing at the Peanut Gallery to distract her.

"Who?!", she asks. She turns around, and you throw a rock at the controls.

The boat spins out of the control, right into a mine! You and Heather are both blasted up, which ended up with you landing on top of Heather, both of you in very uncomfortable positions.

"We have our finalists...Noah and Heather!", Chris says.

"WHAT?!", you scream, louder than EVER before!

"Yep, you landed on top of Heather, which means she landed first, bro.", Chris says. You can feel Duncan and Geoff holding back your arms so you don't destroy Chris.

"UGHH!! COME BACK HERE MACLEAN!!", you scream. Then, Eva, Courtney and Izzy join in the holding back.

"Sorry, them's the rules! Tune in next time to see WHO is our BIG SMASH WINNER for Total...Drama...Woooooorrrld Tooooouuur!!!", Chris says.

"Uh, Chris, dude, you may wanna run!", Geoff says. Chris runs off-screen.

Your ranking: #3

Hawaiian Punch

You were still bitter about losing - you were so close!!

"Aw, cheer up.", Noah says.

"Easy for you to say, you can still win the money.", you reply.

"You know I'll share a little with you, right?", he asks.

"Really?", you ask, cheering up a little.

"Well, duh, brainiac. I would've been eliminated in London or something if you weren't here. Sometimes you are pretty dense", Noah says. You laugh a little.


OC: Noah doesn't always say things in the nicest way, but he's got good intentions. Sometimes. Ah, I can't believe I'm out of the game. It's crushing and yet...relaxing at the same time. No more Chris and his crazy challenges. Um, until next season.

-end confessional-

"Hey, no hard feelings, right?", Heather asks.

"Nah, of course not. I would've done the same.", you reply.

"Great. You know, we both make each other better.", Heather says. That got your attention.

"Explain.", you say.

"Well, every time we're both in the competition, we both do well. Look at you, you got third place, and I'm a finalist. We make each other better.", Heather says.

"You know what, Heather? You're right. We do.", you say.

"I was EXPECTING a tiebreaker challenge to occur today. But thanks to OC, that can't happen.", Chris says. You give Chris a deadly glare.

"So we'll just continue on with the finale challenge. Heather, Noah, anything to state?", Chris asks.

"Yeah, that I'm gonna WIN!", Heather says.

"Don't count on it. If it's another popularity contest, you haven't got a chance.", Noah says.

"Wait, Chris, is it a popularity contest?", Heather asks.

"Nope! This time you'll be making sacrifices of your opponent and throwing them into the Kilauea Volcano. First sacrifice in, wins. To help you make these sacrifices, you can select two helpers or they can volunteer for you.", Chris says.

"Awesome. So, who wants to help me on my path to victory?", Heather asks.

"I shall do it! For honor!", Alejandro says, and rips his shirt off.

"Was that really necessary?", Noah asks.

"Great, Mr. Make It All About Me. Anyone else?", Heather asks.


"What about me?", Noah asks.

"I'll do it! For my bro!", Tyler says.

"Great, good to have you on the team Tyler.", Noah says.

"We're gonna win this one, baby!", Tyler says.

Who will you help?

A: Heather

B: Noah

"Don't worry Noah, I've got your back!", you exclaim proudly.

"Anyone else for Team Heather?", Chris asks.

"I'll do it.", Justin says. You and Justin exchange glares.

NoahMy brothers,

Please head straight,

That's it,

You're doing great!

Search through that wood,

Tout de suite,

Find me some giant feet!

Heather: Come on guys,

Move it fast!

Quick, quick,

I won't be last!

Grab logs to match his frame,

All wimpy and lame!

Heather and Noah: I'm gonna win it (Yeah!)

And you can't take it (No!)

I'm right here in it (Yeah!)

But you just fake it! (Oh!)

OC: Is this thigh fat enough?

Noah: Uh-huh.

Heather: Hey!

Tyler: Hey, is this neck thick enough?

Harold: Bam! 

Now it's evil versus wicked,

Noah's cool but Heather is sick and

All this aggro for the cheddar,

He'll put Heather here through the shredder!

Noah: That's it now, hurry back,

I need arms weak and slack,

Her butt is scrawny and flat,

And she ain't all that!

Heather: Get me two knobby knees,

and arms like strings of cheese!

Bring me a big fat head,

move quicker or you're dead!

Heather and Noah: I'm gonna win it (Yeah!)

And you can't take it (No!)

I'm right here in it (Yeah!)

But you just fake it! (Oh!)

Alejandro: Arms so right, it's ill!

Worth one-fifth of the mil!

Heather: I'll pay you back somehow!

Pineapple-head me now!

Heather and Noah: I'm gonna win it (Yeah!)

And you can't take it (No!)

I'm right here in it (Yeah!)

But you just fake it! (Oh!)

I'm gonna cash it (Yeah!)

You'll never hit it (No!)

You should trash it (Yeah!)

Noah: Cause I just did it!

(A.N.: It was fun to imagine Heather hitting Alejandro and Justin with lightning and Noah hitting OC and Tyler)

"And Noah takes the lead! Noah, thanks to the last Aftermath show, you've won a wheelbarrow!", Chris says.

"What did I win?", Heather asks eagerly.

"Nothing!", Chris says happily.

"Okay, Gwen! Great to see you again, but I'm off.", you say.

(A.N.: *opens iTunes* *plays CYOA Writing Playlist* Yes, I actually have one.)

Noah takes off on his wheelbarrow, while Heather lifts up her dummy and takes off as well. Chris leads you, Tyler, Alejandro and Justin around the volcano, and up some stairs, where you arrive at a bunch of ropes and a river of lava.

You smile at Alejandro.

"How've you been...buddy?", you ask.

"Do not pretend you care.", Alejandro says.

"I do! Kinda.", you say.

"If you must know, I fell in a volcano after YOU caused my elimination!", Alejandro says.

"Aww, looks like someone needs a hug.", you say, and hug Alejandro.

"Ugh, let go of me! Can you not see it is hot enough here already?!", he exclaims.

"I didn't hear you say that you didn't want a hug.", you say.

"Um, OC, we're here...", Tyler says when you arrive at the sea of lava.

"You four can decide whether to cut these ropes or not. You won't know what falls, though.", Chris says, gesturing to the ropes and the traps above the lava.

"Woah, you're really going all out this time, Chris.", Justin says.

"Can't they...die?", Tyler asks.

"Oh, it's just REALLY hot tomato soup. But don't tell them! Anyway, the camera guys are here.", Chris says.

Noah and Heather arrive. Noah arrives first, dumping the wheelbarrow, since it's obviously impossible to use. He tries to lift it up, but he can't.

What do you do?

A: Tell Noah to try and use the wheelbarrow

B: Pretend Alejandro hurt you so Noah gets fired up

C: Try your best to stop Heather when she arrives, don't say anything

"Hey, Noah!", you say, to catch Noah's attention.

"What?", he asks, turning toward you.

"I just want to say, good luck, I hope you win, and I love yo-woahhh!!", you say, pushing yourself forward into the tomato soup, and falling right into it.

"OWWW!! HOT HOT HOT!!", you say, quickly pulling yourself out.

"OC, are you okay?!", Tyler asks in a panic.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks ALEJANDRO!", you exclaim.

"Wh-what?! I did-", he protests, before Tyler cuts him off.

"Don't bother, dude! No one pushes my bro into tom-LAVA!", Tyler says.

"You're remarkably okay.", Heather says.

"Ah, well, I work out a lot.", you say. Then you remember you're supposed to be in pain.


"OC!", he shouts. Somehow, he's able to easily lift the dummy and hold it on his shoulders.

"Cut a rope! Cut a rope!!", Noah shouts.

A rope looked like it was connected to a cage above Heather, but also to a flaming torch above Noah...what do you do?

A: Cut the rope

B: Stop Alejandro and Justin from doing anything

"HEY! Justin!", you shout.

"What?!", he shouts back.

"Have you gotten any modelling jobs lately?", you ask.

"Yes, actually, I got a gig for my perfect complexion.", Justin says, rubbing his face.

"Oh yeah? I bet this'll look good!", you say, and throw a volcano rock at him.

"OW!! MY PERFECT SKIN!", Justin says, and runs away to get ice.

"Tyler, help Noah!", you say. You tackle Alejandro and start fighting him.

"Get away from me, OC!", Alejandro shouts.

"HA, as if!", you say, punching his face.

"Do not! My family's best feature, out of it's many many many, is our face!", Alejandro says.

"Oh yeah?! Get me back then! Do it, wimp!", you say. Alejandro punches your nose, and you can feel blood coming out.

"Come on! AGAIN!!", you shout.

"You spat on my face!", he exclaims.

"What are you gonna do, huh?! What are you going to do?!", you shout.

"Alejandro, get up and HELP!", Heather says, trembling on the stones.

"Don't you want revenge?! Gonna give up, sissy?!", you exclaim.

"I'm not a sissy!", Alejandro says. Then, he kicks your face.

"OUCH!! WHAT THE F***!!!!", you shout, cupping your hand on your chin.

"NOAH, GET OUT!", you shout, cutting a rope and trapping Heather in a cage.

"Not so fast!", Alejandro says, grabbing you from behind, tight.

"Let...go of me!!", you say.

"Dude, let go of him!", Tyler says.

"Give up, Tyler!", Alejandro says.

"No way, Jose!", Tyler says.

"D-Don't call me that! Jose has always been better than me! He punches my arm and calls me AL just because I HATE IT!", Alejandro says.

"Wait, you don't like -ack- being called Al?!", you ask, getting choked by Alejandro.

"AL, hurry up!", Heather shouts.

"Hey, Al, you really like Heather, huh, Al?!", you say, Alejandro lets go and tries to free Heather, to no result.

"Heather, you're not the bad guy anymore, but he is!", you say, pointing at Alejandro. You turn around and follow Noah.

"Wait, I'm NOT the bad guy for once?", she asks.

"I guess not. I've got dudes to help so...bye.", Tyler says.

Alejandro lifts up Heather's dummy, and they both slowly catch up to you.

"Come on, Noah!", you say.

"I'm...I'm tired!", Noah says.

"You're gonna let everything I did go to waste?! HA! AS IF!! GET UP AND RUN!", you shout at Noah.

"I...I don't know, OC.", Noah says.

"You're being ridiculous! Noah, you've fought harder than anyone else this season! You've been through more than anyone! You CAN do this!", you say.

"You're right!", Noah says, getting up. After Noah leaves, Chris picks up you and Tyler and takes you both up to the top of the volcano, where Tyler clung to you out of fear.

"Woah, you okay? Your nose is kinda...", Chris says.

"Yeah, yeah, I know.", you say, wiping the blood with your shirt. You land and see Noah come up.

"This...this is it!", Noah says.

"You can do it, Noah!", Katie says.

"Knock 'em out!", Cody says.

"Win it for us, Norman!", Lindsay says.

"Thanks guys.", Noah says. Heather comes up with Alejandro.

"Not so fast, small fry!", Heather says. She comes up with her dummy, tired.

Heather's Ending

"H-Heather?!", Noah exclaims.

"Yeah, it's ME!! Move!", Heather says.

"I'm not going down without a fight!", Noah says.

"Heather! Wait!", Alejandro says.

"Heather, I can hide it no longer! I love you!", Alejandro says.

"Not the time, Alejanwhatever.", Heather says.

"Now is the perfect time, chica! Kiss me!", Alejandro says, sweeping Heather off her feet and kissing her.

"We've been the worst of enemies all season. I guess all that can change...", Heather says sweetly.

"That's so cute! Even if it is Heather!", Sadie says.

"...But not today! Move over, sucker!", Heather says, grabbing her dummy. Alejandro moves aside in a hurry.

Noah gets down on his knees.

"Noah!", you say, rushing toward him.

"I c-can't move, OC! It's over!", Noah says.

"That's okay, fought hard.", you say. Heather throws in her dummy.

"YES!! YES YES YES YES YES!!", Heather shouts happily.

"And that's a cool million for Heather!", Chris says. The natives arrive and explain what happens when pineapples are thrown into the volcano.

"Huh?", Chris asks. The volcano rumbles, and everyone runs.

"RUN EVERYONE RUN!!", Chris shouts. You and Tyler lift up Noah and run.

"Into the water, dudes!", Geoff shouts. Everyone jumps in, with Tyler holding Noah above him.

"I can swim!", Noah says.

"Wait, do I get my money or not?!", Heather asks.

The case flies right into Heather's hands.

"HA!", Heather says, swimming away with the rest of you.

Noah's Ending

"H-Heather?!", Noah exclaims.

"Yeah, it's ME!! Move!", Heather says.

"I'm not going down without a fight!", Noah says.

"Heather! Wait!", Alejandro says. 

"Heather, I can hide it no longer! I love you!", Alejandro says.

"Not the time, Alejanwhatever.", Heather says.

"Now is the perfect time, chica! Kiss me!", Alejandro says, sweeping Heather off her feet and kissing her.

"We've been the worst of enemies all season. I guess all that can change...", Heather says sweetly.

"That's so cute! Even if it is Heather!", Sadie says.

"...But not today! Move over, sucker!", Heather says, grabbing her dummy. Alejandro moves aside in a hurry.

"Not so fast!", Noah says, throwing in his dummy.

"Noah!! You did it!", you say.

"I can't believe it, he won!", Gwen says.

"And that's a cool million for Noah!", Chris says, handing Noah the case.

"Wait, WHAT?! NOOOOOOOO!", Heather shouts.

"It doesn't matter, Heather! We have each other.", Alejandro says.

"Shove it, Al. I JUST LOST A MILLION BUCKS!", Heather says.

" fought hard.", Tyler says.

"...Yeah. I did.", Heather says.

"And I guess you're not as bad as you seem.", Leshawna says. The natives arrive and explain what happens when pineapples are thrown into the volcano.

"Huh?", Chris asks. The volcano rumbles, and everyone runs.

"RUN EVERYONE RUN!!", Chris shouts. Noah hangs onto his case, and you grab Gwen's hand and run.

"Into the water, dudes!", Geoff shouts. Everyone jumps in.

You and Gwen cling to each other before jumping into the water.

"This has been Total Drama World Tour! See you next time, probably with a new cast, because let's face it...these guys are probably gonna melt!", Chris says.

Chef drops a coconut on Chris.

"I'm joking, I'm joking.", Chris says.

The last shot is you and everyone else swimming away, laughing at Chris.

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