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So far...

  • Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, DJ, Owen, Harold, Alejandro, Lindsay, Sierra, Cody, Bridgette and Leshawna have been eliminated.
  • Heather forged an alliance between OC to vote off Ezekiel, but there seems to be some sort of underlying purpose or motive behind her move
  • OC got to meet his favorite celebrity, Blaineley, who debuted along with OC's friend Sadie.
  • OC and Blaineley were paired together Niagara Falls, and he won the first post-merge challenge.
  • During the challenge, OC and Blaineley nearly fell of the rope, but they were saved by (an incredibly strong) Tyler, after promising Leshawna a favor. They let her win immunity, but due to Tyler, they failed and OC and Blaineley won.
  • Izzy peered into OC's eyes and told him he still had some viciousness, which OC admitted to. Along with that, she also revealed that Blaineley hadn't truly changed.
  • OC believes that Ezekiel deserves a second chance. He told Ezekiel after the latter confronted him.
  • Blaineley, Ezekiel, Heather, Izzy, Noah, OC, Sadie and Tyler remain in the game.

Chinese Fake-Out

"Aah, good morning Blaineley and Izzy.", you say, waking up from a great night's sleep.

"Blaineley's not here, silly!", Izzy says.

"Where is she?", you ask.

"OC, please report to the cock. OC, please report to the cockpit.", Blaineley says over the PA. You're confused, but you go anyway.

"I know your relationship with Chef, have a seat.", she says. You sit down.

"OC.", Chef says.

"Chef.", you reply.

"I'm proposing an alliance with you, me and Chef. No one will find out! And don't worry about Chris - I have a way with him.", Blaineley says.

What do you say?

A: Fine, yes

B: No, that's wrong

C: No, but you can go ahead

"Um, I think I'll stay away from a Chef alliance. Remember last season?", you remind Blaineley. Chef nods.

"Right. Anyway, you can go now. Chef and I were just talking.", Blaineley says. You go back to first class.

"Hey, Izzy.", you say as Izzy got some sort of treatment.

"Oh, hey OC! You should try this thing, it's awesome.", she says.

"Sure. But only if we'll talk during it.", you say.

"Of course, Big-OC! Nah, I'm just kidding. That's my nickname for Owen! Big-O! Get it, cause he's big and his name starts with O! And he's shaped like the letter O!", Izzy says.

"I got it, Izzy.", you say as one of the interns/flight attendants wraps your face in seaweed. It did feel kinda nice.

"So, what did you wanna talk about?", she asks.

"You're listening right?", you ask.

"Well, duh! Who would want to miss one of your famous rants?", she asks.

"I wasn't going to rant...", you say.

"Oh. Then what is it?", she asks.

"Earlier, you said one of your several senses are being able to predict the future. Can you tell me what's gonna happen?", you ask.

"Um, sure. Well, first, you'll get a really great compliment from Heather.", she says.

"Impossible, Heather would never compliment me. She's Heather.", you say.

"Ooh, in 2015, an idiot will run for President of America.", she says.

"I don't care about that, Izzy. Tell me what's gonna happen in the game!", you say.

"I thought you didn't believe me?", Izzy asks.

"Alright, prove that you can predict the future.", you say.

"Okay, fine! Talk to Heather, and then ask me again!", she says, as if you offended her.

"Alright, I will.", you say. Later, Chris gathers everyone on the Great Wall of China.

"Hey, OC! How was first class?", Noah says.

"Are you bitter about that? Sorry! Don't crush me with words!", you say.

"Relax. You've been spending too much time with Izzy.", Noah says.

"Hey, OC. look amazing! Your skin is so...clear and...and..clean! It's like you got a facial.", she says.

"Well, I did get this cream thing in first class.", you say.

"That is the facial. I hope you enjoyed it. Blaineley insisted on having it there.", Chris says.

"I need my weekly beauty treatments. This doesn't just happen, you know.", Blaineley says.

"Oh, cool. I've never gotten a facial before.", you say.

(A.N.: Don't kill me about this, I don't know how facials work. If there's an inaccuracy somewhere, don't bother pointing it out)

"Well, you look fantastic.", Heather says.

"I told you Heather would give you a compliment!", Izzy says after Heather walks away. She was right...

"You're right...", you say.

"Will you listen to Izzy and Izzy's fantabulous brain of smartnessness now?", she asks.

"Fine!", you say. Chris announces the challenge, but gets a call from the producers.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, go already!", Chris says.

"Is he talking on the phone or to us?", Ezekiel asks.

"Do we go?", Tyler asks.

"No, no, no, don't do that!", Chris says.

"So we don't go?", Sadie asks.

"How many times should I say it? Get lost already!", Chris shouts.

"This is weird.", Noah says.

"Should we start running?", Sadie asks.

"Chris, HOST THE SHOW.", you shout.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.", Chris says.

"So, we go?", Heather asks.

"Yeah, see ya later.", Chris says, and hangs up the phone.

"Great, we're going!", Blaineley says, and everyone starts running.

"Wait! I was supposed to explain some more stuff...but it's too late now! This could get interesting.", he says.

You were in the lead with Blaineley, Tyler and Izzy, who were both SUPER fast. Blaineley sped ahead of everyone and took the rickshaw.

"How are you going to get anywhere on that thing?", you ask.

"I have my ways.", she says.

"Ha, have fun in last place, Ba-LAME-ley!", Heather mocks.

"Oh, you won't be laughing for long!", Blaineley mocks back.


"Thank you!"

Which vehicle do you take?

A: Bicycle - OC can't ride a bike, but he's a fast learner.

B: Skateboard

C: Tricycle

D: Donkey

E: Roller skates

F: Pogo stick

G: Wooden sandals - OC's can easily withstand these, and will run at normal speed

(A.N.: B, C and E all racked up a lot of votes, but B won by a single vote)

"Awesome, a skateboard!", you say.

"Why didn't you take the bike?", Tyler asks. He took the bike, and he was riding alongside you.

"Um, no reason.", you say as you push your hair to the side. You wished you had a headband like Tyler.

"Wait, you can't ride a bike?!", Tyler asks.

"N-no, that's not it!", you say.


OC: I don't think Tyler knows any of my flaws. And I'd like it to stay that way.

-end confessional-

"Haha, you don't know! You don't have to hide it, dude!", Tyler says.

"So?! Who needs to know anyway!", you shout back at him over the noise.

"It's no problem, but you should learn. It's awesome! I ride it all night, baby!", he says. You would facepalm as usual, but you didn't want to lose your balance going uphill.

"Fine, I don't know how! What's it to you, anyway?!", you ask.

"Nothing...don't be so harsh. I can teach you when the show is over, if you want.", he says.

"Um...fine. I'd like that.", you say. Then, Tyler speeds ahead of you.


Here are the vehicles that everyone rode (Their ranking refers to when they arrived at the vehicles):

Blaineley - Rickshaw (1st place)

Ezekiel - Donkey (6th place)

Heather - Wooden sandals (8th place)

Izzy - Roller skates (4th place)

Noah - Pogo stick (7th place)

OC - Skateboard (2nd place)

Sadie - Tricycle (5th place)

Tyler - Bicycle (3rd place)

Blaineley was no where to be seen, so you assumed you were in 2nd place, with Tyler ahead of you.

(HOW is he so FAST?!)

You push as hard as you can on the skateboard, and you hear Ezekiel's voice behind you.

"Come on, Ace! Faster!", he shouts. You hear the donkey making annoying sounds as it runs faster and faster.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS F***ING BOARD?!", you shout in anger. Ezekiel passed you, and then Izzy on her skates.

"You better speed up, don't wanna get left behind and die a cruel death!", Izzy said cheerfully. You stop, and examine the board. One of the wheels were twisted! You snapped it back into place, but you saw Sadie stuck in a hole, unable to get her trike out. You were in 4th place, as far as you knew.

Help Sadie?

A: Yes

B: No

"Oh, come ON! Oh my gosh! This is like, totally uncalled for!", she shouts.

"Hold on, Sadie!", you say, and pull the tricycle out of the hole.

"Thanks, OC! That's really nice of you.", Sadie says.

"Hurry up, OC! You'll lose!", Noah says as he passed you. Heather passed you too.

"No...traction...on...this...thing!", she shouted. You got on the skateboard and passed Heather.

Finally, you reached the end of the race, and Heather lost.

"Wait, you mean I LOST?!", she shouts.

"Nope, you only lost the first challenge. Everyone else will be dining in an authentic Chinese restaurant!", he says.

You all arrive at the restaurant, when you get served your food. Some sort of cube meat.

"We'll start this challenge with a song!", Chris says.

Chris: A little Chinese lesson, for you. Manman chi means "enjoy your meal". Everyone (except Heather): Manman chi. It's no raw deal. Ezekiel: Is it roasted eel?

"It's donkey meat!", Chris says.

"Ace?! Where are you, eh?! Speak to me!", Ezekiel shouts.

"Ezekiel, you're out!", Chris says.

"I can't eat Ace anyway!", Ezekiel says.

(Poor Zeke. Mm...tastes like chicken...right?)

Chris: Manman chi means "bon appetite". Blaineley, Izzy, Noah, OC, Sadie, Tyler: Manman chi. What do we have to eat? Blaineley: It's still moving its feet!

"It''s hundreds and hundreds of disgusting feet!", Blaineley says.

"Live mealworms, to be exact.", Chris says.

"Done!", Sadie says.

"Done!", Tyler says, with you and Izzy after him. Blaineley vomits on Chris. Noah looked disgusted.

"I can't stoop this low. Sorry.", he says.

"Gross!", she says. Heather smirks at her failure.

"What are you smiling at?", she asks harshly.

Chris: Manman chi. It's dinner for four. Izzy, OC, Sadie and Tyler: Manman chi. We've got room for more. Tyler: I think I'm nearly done for.

"Starfish on a skewer! Local delicacy!", Chris says.

"I can't...", Tyler says, before gagging and spitting out the starfish.

(This is brutal...)

Chris: Manman chi. Don't get the squirts.Izzy, OC and Sadie: Manman chi. We'd rather eat our shirts!Izzy: Wow, this really hurts...

"...what is this?!", you ask.

"I'm not sure.", Chef says.

"I'm not eating it.", Izzy says.

"Then you're out.", Chef says. Izzy glares at Chris.

"Fine, I guess I am!", Izzy says, kicks Chef, then sits with the other losers.

"That girl is crazy.", Chef says.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, budget, blah blah blah. What do you want me to do?", Chris asks.

"HOST THE SHOW!", Chef says.

"Fine!", Chris says, and hangs up the phone.

"One last round to determine the winner. OC, Sadie, ready?", Chris asks.

OC and Sadie: Manman chi. (off-key) Manman chi-i-i. Chris: They love to eat on The Yangtze. Manman chi. Manman... Huh? OC and Sadie: (OC gags and vomits)Sadie: I can't believe I won, Katie can you see??


OC: That was worse than...than...Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails!

-end confessional-

Who do you vote for?

A: Ezekiel

B: Izzy

C: Heather

D: Noah


F: Tyler

G: Blaineley (sorry, forgot to include her)

"The first barf bag goes to Sadie, for winning immunity.", Chris says. Sadie happily claims her bag.

"Yay!", Sadie says.

"Next, Tyler and Izzy. You're safe too.", Chris says, tossing Tyler and Izzy their bags.

"I love nuts!", he says. Then he reaches into the bag, and knocks over Izzy's bag of peanuts.

"Aw, I hit Izzy's nuts.", he says.

"Let's move on from Tyler's stupidity. Noah and Heather, you're safe too.", Chris says. He turns to you, Blaineley and Ezekiel. You all look nervous.

"Each of you racked up quite a few votes. However, Blaineley, you're safe.", Chris says. Blaineley sighs in relief.

"OC and Ezekiel, you're left. I'm sorry, tied.", Chris says.

"HUH?!", everyone shouts.

"Get ready to go down, OC!", Ezekiel says.

"Forget it, I'm great in a tiebreaker situation!", you retort. Chris picks up the phone.

"There will be no tiebreaker, you're BOTH going home! Chef!", Chris says, and begins to talk to the producers. Chef arrives with a parachute.

"Ah, I guess I won't be getting my money.", Chef says. He hands you and Zeke both parachutes.

"Wait!", Sadie says.

"What now?!", Chef says.

"Don't send OC home. Send me home!", she says. Everyone gasps.

"Sadie, what are you doing?!", you ask.

"Don't you know that people who debut on the show late never win?", she asks.

"That's...actually a really smart observation.", Noah says.

"Haha, thanks. Sierra said that.", Sadie says. Noah rolls his eyes.

"But you won! You deserve to stay!", you retort.

"Not as much as you.", she says. Sadie stands up and takes her parachute.

"If anyone is going home, it's gonna be me. Besides, I really miss Katie!", Sadie says.

"Sadie, you don't have to do this!", you say.

"OC, I want you to know, before I met you, I realized I relied on Katie a lot. I couldn't make a decision on my own, and it was, like, crazy! But you totally helped me become, like, a better person! Oh my gosh, I don't know what I'd do without you! You've, like totally made me a more independant person.", Sadie says.

"Yeah, OC, like totally.", Noah mocks Sadie.

"Not to mention I wouldn't even have immunity if you hadn't saved me back during the race. I don't mind going.", Sadie says.

"Oh, Sadie, I'm on the verge of tears...", you say.

"Okay Chef, I'm ready.", Sadie says.

"Wait, I have some things I wanna say too.", Ezekiel says.

"Oh come on, would you hurry this up?", Chris says, hanging up the phone.

"Um, I don't have many friends, eh...and I thought OC and I would hate each other but I think we're friends...right?", Ezekiel asks you.

"You're...asking me if we're friends?", you say.

"Ayup. Are we friends?", he asks.

"Sure. Bye, both of you.", you say. They both jump, and Heather sighs in relief. Then, everyone looks at her.

"What?", she asks.

"You showed don't want OC to go.", Noah says.

"So? You did the same.", Heather says.

"I'm his best friend.", Noah says. Ezekiel and Sadie wave goodbye, and jump.

"Well, that takes care of my budget problem. See you next time on Total...Drama...Woooooorld Tooooouuur!", Chris sings.

...But it's not over yet!

Since Sadie gave up immunity and sacrificed herself, immunity went to the person with second place - you.

Who do you take to first class?

A: Blaineley - I need to ask her why she didn't take help from Chef today

B: Izzy - Maybe she can predict more stuff for me

C: Heather - Maybe she wants to discuss what to do now that Zeke's gone?

D: Noah - I didn't choose him last time

E: Tyler - I didn't choose him last time either

"Since Sadie...quit, and OC got second place, he'll get to go to first class and choose who goes with him.", Chris says.

"Um, Heather, you wanna come up with me?", you say.

"'re picking me?!", she asks.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, no one ever liked you, let's go.", you say.

"I wasn't going to say that.", she says. You and Heather head up to first class.

"Well? Why'd you call me up here?", she asks.

"I love how we always see through each other so easily.", you say.

"Spill it, OC.", she says.

"Alright. Now that Zeke's gone, what do you want to do about the alliance?", you ask.

"Obviously, we dissolve it.", she says.

"Well, it wasn't that obvious.", you say.

"Well, it is now. Thanks for the free invite.", she says.

"Okay, the alliance is dissolved.", you say.

"Wait...let's do one more thing before it's completely dissolved. We're both obviously going to the Final 3 together.", Heather says.

"What do you have in mind?", you ask.

"We vote off Blaineley.", she says.

"What? Why? She's not a threat.", you say.

"Look, I know you're Blaineley's #1 fan or something, but you saw how good she was in the race. Who knows what other talents she has, hidden away in her gaudy dress?", Heather says.

"You have a point, but you still have to consider-"

"Consider what? Do you want Noah or Tyler to be the next to go? I can make that happen.", Heather says. You gulp. She had a point.

What do you say?

A: Fine, we'll vote off Blaineley next time

B: Fine, but I need to talk to her first

C: No, we're not voting her off

"Alright, alright...we'll vote off Blaineley. Then we're done, right?", you ask.

"Don't be so bitter.", she says.

"I'M NOT BITTER!", you shout.

"You're right, you're just angry.", she says.

"Heather, I'm tired. Good night.", you say.

"Good night to you too.", she replies.

Exclusive Clip

"Uhh...I'm scared!", Sadie says.

"It's not that bad, eh. I've taken the drop before.", Ezekiel explains.

"Really? Does it hurt?", Sadie asks.

"Um, not if you open your parachute, eh.", Ezekiel says.

"Okay, let me try.", Sadie says. She pulls the string, and her parachute comes out. Ezekiel does the same, but it doesn't open.


"Huh? What did you say?", Sadie asks.

"Sorry...I was, um, yelling in Hindi. I said, 'Today, Chris has gone too far!'", Ezekiel explains.

"Oh...", Sadie says.

"LOOK OUT!", she yells, and Ezekiel looks down, and clings to Sadie.

"I'M COMING DAD!", Ezekiel yells.

"I'M COMING KATIE! AND JOSE!", Sadie shouts.

African Lying Safari

(A.N.: Can I just say I'm so proud that this story has gone so far. We, together, started from Not So Happy Campers and are all the way towards the end of Total Drama World Tour :) this is great)

You and Heather awoke at the same time, but a silence hung over both of your heads.

However, you knew it, and Heather knew it: the silence spoke volumes. You both knew what was coming.


OC: Heather and I may be working together right now, but eventually we'll be competing against each other. That's a day that's coming soon, and one I'm not looking forward to.

-end confessional-

The silence continued.

"Would you like a cookie?"

You thought that was Heather, but when you turned around, it was just a flight attendant.

"Yeah, thanks.", you say. You smile and accept a cookie. She offers Heather one.

"Yeah, I'll take one.", she says. Still not even a glance in your direction. To be fair, you weren't exactly sending Heather signals that you wanted to talk too.

Break the silence?

A: Yes, say SOMETHING to Heather

B: No, let it hang.

"So, Heather...these cookies are pretty good, right?", you ask. No answer.

"How did you sleep last night...?", you ask.

"Pretty good.", she finally replied.

"Really? These cushions aren't what they were in the beginning of the season.", you say.

"Blame it on cheapskate CHRIS to get the lamest cushions ever.", she adds.

"Hey, I know things are awkward between us because of the alliance being dissolved, but we're both still strong competitors, and we've made it this far.", you say.

"Mmm. That's true. I know you won't ally with me anymore, anyway.", she says.

"Why would you think that?", you ask.

"Be honest, you'd rather work with Noah and Tyler, your besties, than me.", Heather says.

"You got me there. But for now, we're a team and we should act like it.", you say.

"You're right. I think Chris is gonna call us for the challenge. I'M gonna rest.", Heather says.

"Don't you want some energy by eating?", you ask.

"Uh, no. I'm trying to lose three pounds.", she says. You pick up a handful of cookies and start eating. Chris calls you all down, and DAMN was it hot outside!

"Welcome to Tanzania, campers! Home of the Serengeti Plains!", Chris says.

"Are you carbo-loading with cookies?", Noah asks you. Your mouth was full.

"Uh...mmphh.", you say, in an effort to say yes.

"OC, chew and swallow.", he scolds.

"You six have fought hard to make it to the final six. OC, Noah and Tyler, you've worked well as a team. Izzy and Heather, you both are the remainders of what used to be Team Victory and Team Amazon, and haven't done much...but win immunity on the first day!", Chris says.

"I won immunity too...", you whine to Noah.

"You'll get your credit one day.", he says.

"We all know that out of these losers, I'm gonna win.", Heather says.

"Don't be so sure, honey. You were a first out last season.", Noah says. Heather sticks her tongue out at him.

"Enough chilish bickering.", Chris says.

"Childish Bickering is an AWESOME name for a band!", Tyler says.

"I know right!!", you reply to Tyler, and you both high five.

Chris begins the Sock-et To Me challenge, and you were up first.

As you ran for the plums, there was a soccer ball coming from the left, and one from the right. What do you do?

A: Keep running forward

B: Kick away the left one

C: Kick away the right one

D: Duck both of them

You duck them both. You look up, and the one on the right was about to hit you - Heather. But the one on the left didn't even come close. You turn - Tyler. He winks at you, he was never going to hit you.

You run forward and grab as many plums as you can - you grabbed six. However, you dropped one on your way back avoiding the balls.

"Did you see my balls? They were so fast!", Tyler says. You smile at him as you held your plums.

"Yeah, yeah they were.", you say.

"Your plums look good, OC. I like plums.", he says, and smiles.

(If he didn't say everything so enthusiastically, I would've slapped him by now)

Here's how everyone stacked up:

  1. You dodged many balls, and got hit by three, which knocked one plum out of your hands. Total: 5.
  2. Blaineley was too worried about getting hit in the face, and used her body to protect her face and plums. Tyler responded by saying "No one can touch Blaineley's plums!", and she got hit by several balls. Total: 3.
  3. Heather was the most successful. She collected five balls, which is one less than you, but she only got hit by two balls. Total: 5.
  4. Izzy did a massive jump over every ball that came her way, took four plums, which she ate coming back. Total: 4?
  5. Noah failed at the challenge miserably due to his inferior physical skills. He got thrashed around pretty good by the balls. Total: 1
  6. Tyler was also incredibly successful, not getting hit by any soccer balls due to his incredible flexibility. Total: 3.

"So our winners are...Heather and OC!", Chris says.

"What do we get for winning?", she asks.

"Chef, if you will.", Chris says. You all turn to Chef, and he shows you six gourds laid out.

"You each have to use the plums you got from the previous challenge to smash these gourds, then you get your reward for the next challenge." 

"I'm gonna go totally medieval on that gourd, dude!", Tyler says.

"You have to admit, his excitement is kinda contagious.", you say to Noah.

"Someone really missed Tyler up in their fancy first class.", Noah replies.

"Yeah, I guess I did. It's hard not to.", you say, as you and Noah watch Tyler get into proper position with his cricket bat.

Here's how everyone stacked up:

6th place: Tyler, receving two balls and no slingshot

5th place: Blaineley, receiving one ball and a slingshot

4th place: Heather, receiving two balls and a slingshot

3rd place: Noah (despite his poor strength, his hand-eye coordination and mental skills helped him carefully aim), receving four balls and a slingshot

2nd place: OC, receiving six balls and a slingshot

1st place: Izzy, receving eight balls and a slingshot.

"Now, use the tranquilizer balls to take down one or more of the Serengeti Five.", Chris says.

"Explain...", Blaineley says.

"The Serengeti Five are considered the five most dangerous animals here. We've released one of each in this area. There's a lion, a leopard, a rhino, a cape buffalo and an elephant. That's ranked from hardest to easiest. Whoever can catch the most animals with your darts wins.", Chris says.

"What happens if we all catch one each, except one person?", Noah asks.

"Excellent question, Noah. Since there are six of you, and we were planning on only five of you being here when we planned the challenge, the odd one out is going home.", Chris says. Cue gulp.

"Wait, how am I supposed to win with only one ball?!", Blaineley asks.

"That's for me to know, and you to probably not figure out.", Chris says, and laughs. Everyone groans.

"Tyler, your tranquilizer balls are pretty big.", you say.

"Yep, my balls are way bigger than yours. I just compared them.", Tyler says.

"The lion is dangerous, the leopard is fast, the rhino is huge, the buffalo is intimidating, and you do NOT wanna get that elephant mad!", Chris says. He then directs everyone to where each animal may be.

Which animal do you go for first?

A: Lion

B: Leopard

C: Rhino

D: Buffalo

E: Elephant

"Which one are you going after?", Noah asks.

"The rhino for sure.", you say. Noah looked concerned.

"Uh...are you sure? Wouldn't you rather go for the elephant?", he asks.

"No...why?", you ask, getting concerned yourself.

"It's just that the careful, they can charge right at you.", he says.

"Pfft, I'll be fine! Remember when I beat the animal challenge in TDI? I totally owned that one.", you remind him.

"Um, I caught your deer for you that time.", Noah says.

"Uh...right. Anyway, I have a rhino to bag.", you say.

"I can't wait, my doctor said that I can run as fast as a leopard! Yup, he said that! Or maybe he said I SHOULD run as fast a leopard...out of his office...or something, details details!", Izzy says.

"I'm gonna give that lion a taste of my balls!", Tyler says, and runs off.

(Every day...)

You look around for the rhino, and you see a horn. You chase the rhino quietly, as it moves fast. Then, it TACKLES another animal! The rhino slows down, but turns toward YOU! You fire one of your tranquilizer balls at it, but you miss due to all the panic, and flee.

"How many balls left?", Heather asks.

"Five.", you say, in between your pants.

"I have ONE left. ONE!", Heather says.

"Good luck. What are you trying to catch?", you ask.

"That stupid buffalo. I can't believe I'm stuck with one ball but CRAZY girl gets eight!", Heather says.

"Attention everyone, Izzy has gotten the leopard!", Chris announces.

"Aw, man!", you hear Tyler say.

"WHAT?!", Heather shouts. Suddenly, Heather falls in front of you.

"Heather?? Heather, are you okay?!", you say. Then, you feel something hit your arm, and you fall down.











You wake up on top of Noah.

"Um, this is awkward.", he says.

"This is gonna be great for ratings!", Chris says about you and Noah.

"I fainted on top of Heather.", you say.

"Yeah, but this is wayy better for fangirls!", Chris says.

"Ugh, I can't feel my legs.", Heather says.

"I can't feel my face.", Blaineley says. Ding-ding. Time for a song!

"Now? Really?", Noah asks Chris.

"You guys went to snooze-town for TWO HOURS! I need material to put into this episode! Now sing!", Chris says.

Heather: Well, it's a beautiful day on the Serengeti. The perfect time to snag a pup. I'll find an animal, and win this dumb game, as soon as my leg wakes up. Ah!

OC: Going alone just makes you look sad and pathetic. Plus, you'll die without a trace.

Heather: Hey!

Tyler: I snuck up and almost had one. I could see the spots right on the leopard. Really! We were that close!

Heather: "Almost" gets you nowhere around here. You're a loser, and that's all.

OC: "Loser" is what the buffalo called you, when you couldn't hit it with your balls. Tranq balls, that is. I wonder where they went?

Blaineley: I better sing or I get kicked out. (faints) I got something I want to say. OC? OC? OC? I ca- I can't feel my face. Where'd you put it? OC?! OC?! O... (faints)

Heather: Well, it's a beautiful day on the Serengeti. The perfect time to snag a pup. I'll find Zeke and win this dumb game, as soon as my leg wakes up.  My leg.

Noah: My hand

OC: My arm.

Tyler: Ugh, my butt.

Heather, OC, Blaineley, Noah and Tyler: Wake uuuuuuu-uh-uh-uup! Wake uuuuuuuuuuuuup!

"Someone better catch those animals fast. And where the heck is Izzy?!", Chris asks.

"I got another one!", Izzy says, dragging the unconscious elephant.

"How are you lifting that thing?!", you ask.

"Oh, I have, like, superhuman strength.", Izzy says.

"Really?", Noah asks.

"No, I put it on wheels, see?", Izzy asks, and points at the wheels. Everyone groans.

"That's Izzy 2, everyone else, zilch. Get on with it!", Chris says.

"So what's left?", Tyler asks.

"The buffalo, the lion and the rhino.", Noah says.

"Good, we'll get one each, and we'll all be safe.", you say.

"Not quite. Only one of us can be safe now that Izzy's gotten two.", Noah says.

"Then let's try our best.", you say. You find the rhino, and shoot at it.

"Chris, I got it!", you say.

"And OC got the rhino! That's Izzy 2, OC 1, and the rest of you are looosers!", Chris says.

"That's my catchphrase!", Heather shouts.

"Why do you need a catchphrase?", Noah asks.

"It's iconic, duh. I have lots of iconic phrases. Like when I kicked OC out of the alliance in season one and I said, 'Game over!', or when I said, 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.' or when I said 'I'm not crazy. I'm just bald.'", Heather explains. Then, she tries to get up but falls down again.

"Hey, Heather, you wanna borrow a tranq ball?", Izzy asks.

"Sure, how many do you have?", Heather asks.

"...Well, after taking down two animals, and then shooting you all once...I", Izzy says.

"Great, thanks Izzy.", Heather says.

"Wait, but if you use it, then Noah can't have it!", Izzy says.

"Ah, finally, I get what I deserve.", Noah says.

"I'll give you what you deserve!", Heather says, and attempts to chase Noah.

"Can I have it?", Tyler asks.

"No, I need it.", Izzy says. Then, she sees the lion.

"Ooh, fresh meat...", Izzy says, then slithers like a snake closer to the lion.

"She's some new level of crazy.", you comment to Tyler. Tyler agrees.

"Oh well, I already have two balls.", Tyler says.

"Yep, good luck hitting the buffalo without a slingshot.", you say.

"I can't believe Izzy has more balls than me.", Tyler says sadly.

"I'd give you mine, but there's no point since Izzy already has immunity.", you say.


"That's Izzy 3, OC 1 and Heather 1. Everyone, back in the plane before these things wake up!", Chris says. You and the other five get back in the Jumbo Jet.

"Well, that challenge was interesting. Maybe I'll give you all some downtime before the elimination. Izzy, you have immunity.

"Excellent. Izzy has immunity, Izzy cannot go, Izzy yes Izzy, Izzy sad, Izzy happy...Izzy!", Izzy says.

During the downtime, who do you talk to?

A: Blaineley - Why isn't she doing anything about the alliance?

B: Noah - Is he okay?

C: Tyler - How is he so cheerful all the time?

(A.N.: Since A and B tied, and I can't be bothered to wait for a tiebreaker, let's just do them both)

"Hey, Noah.", you say.

"Hi, OC. What's going on?", he asks.

"How was that challenge...for you?", you ask.

"Not good. I'm not exactly physically inclined. Can't Chris give us a mental challenge for once?", Noah asks.

"Maybe the next one will be mentally inclined? You never know.", you say.

"Yeah, I doubt it. Hey, OC! This is the farthest you've ever gone in Total Drama!", Noah says excitedly.

"Yeah, you're right!", you say.

"You think we'll, um, make it to the finale together?", he asks.

"Maybe. If we try hard enough.", you say.

"Be you actually think I can make it to the finale?", he asks.

"Do I actually think...? Really? You're NOAH! You can make it to ten finales! You can make it to the finale in the made-up season Sierra was talking about!", you say.

"Really? After my performance today...I don't even know.", Noah says.

"That's one time. Need I remind you about the millions of times where you've helped the team?" you say.

"Well, that's different.", he says.

"No, it's not. You're awesome, and you're not giving up while I'm around.", you say.

"...You're right. With you around, it's kinda hard to give up anyway.", Noah says.

"That's the spirit!", you say. Later, you bump into Blaineley, a bit before the elimination.

"Hey, OC.", Blaineley says.

"Blaineley, you're looking good.", you say.

"I can't imagine why, all my makeup artists aren't even here.", Blaineley says.

"Yeah. By the way, can I ask you something a little personal?", you ask.

"Sure...?", she says.

"Why haven't you used your alliance with Chef to your advantage?", you ask.

"I did, in the first challenge back in China. But then...when we started the eating challenge, I realized it was wrong of me to do so. Especially after I talked to you.", she says.

"What did I say...?", you ask.

"You taught me that there are people who look up to me, OC. I need to...I need to live up to that standard and be a role model for my fans. But not just for the fans...I need to be a role model for myself.", she says.

"Wow...Blaineley, that's amazing. Truly great. I'm so glad you've changed yourself.", you say.

Later, you all gather for the elimination ceremony.

"I don't think any of you, save for Izzy, are safe today.", Chris says.

Who do you vote for?

A: Blaineley

B: Heather

C: Noah

D: Tyler

"Today, contestants, six will become five. I'd like to say none of you are safe, but after reading the votes, there are two of you in particular who are in huge danger.", Chris says. Blaineley, Tyler and Heather look nervous.

"When I call out your name, come claim your barf bag. Izzy.", Chris says, Izzy stands up, kicks the table with the bags on it, and catches her bag when it falls back down.

"Highly unnecessary. OC, you're also safe.", Chris says, as Chef props the table back into place.

"Noah and Tyler, you're both safe as well.", Chris says. You sigh in relief; what would you do without Noah keeping you grounded and Tyler making you laugh?

"Ladies. It comes down to you two.", Chris says, focusing all attention on Heather and Blaineley.

"The final bag goes to..."






"Heather.", Chris says.

"HA! See ya later, Ba-LAME-ley!", Heather mocks. Blaineley silently stands up.

"No last words?", Noah asks.

"I accept my fate. I've learned a lot in my little time here.", Blaineley says.

"Bye, Blaineley. It was an honor to meet you!", you say.

"You too, OC. Stay adorable. I am very lucky to have met you.", she says.

"Alright then, let's get on with it.", Chris says impatiently. Chef shoves a parachute into Blaineley's hands.

"ExCUSE me?! Careful! You're not even upset that I'm leaving, Chris MacLame?!", Blaineley asks.

"", he says.

"Then I DO have some last words. First of all, OC, Heather likes you, and she likes Alejandro. Pick a guy already, Heather. Chef, stop giving into alliances. You weren't getting any TV role! And finally, ohh here's a good one, you weren't even supposed to host this season, Chris!!!", Blaineley shouts.

"Wait, what?!", Heather gasps.

"Then who was going to host?", Tyler asks.

"Take a guess!", Blaineley says, referring to herself.

"You mean...Chef was going to host Total Drama World Tour?!", Tyler gasps.

"No, numbskull, it was me! They wanted me to host! You only got the job because I said no, and YOU were their second choice.", Blaineley says. Everyone starts laughing at Chris. Chris pushes Blaineley out, but she clings to the bar.

"Doesn't feel so good, huh MacLean? See ya!", Blaineley says, and jumps.

"That was epic.", Tyler says. You glance at Heather. What had started out as kind of awkward earlier had become super awkward now.

"Moving on...Izzy, who's going to first class with you?", Chris asks.

"Um, I think I'll take Noah, because he's fun!", Izzy says.

"Oh, life, why do hate me so?", Noah asks.

"Good luck, buddy.", you say. You chuckle a little, resulting in a death glare from Noah as Izzy drags him away on her shoulders.

Chris tells you to tune in next time, and signs off.


Blaineley: Heather

Heather: Blaineley

Izzy: Heather

Noah: Blaineley

OC: Blaineley

Tyler: Blaineley

Exclusive Clip

"I sure showed Chris!", Blaineley says. Then, she falls right in the middle of the Serengeti Plains.

" I can't be here!", she says. Then a lion comes.

"N-nice're friendly, right?", she asks. The lion shakes his head.

"I have a Chris MacLean chew toy if you want it...", she says. She takes it out, and throws it. The lion chases after it.

Blaineley runs, and catches a Safari Bus. She turns to the camera.

"That's no chew toy. It's actually a stress ball. Squeezing the life out of Chris is very relaxing. This is Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran, signing off! See you next time, on the Aftermath show!", she says.

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