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So far...

  • Duncan, Gwen, Courtney and DJ have been eliminated.
  • Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot has won every challenge
  • Team Amazon has lost twice and Team Victory lost once
  • Team Victory are all fighting amongst themselves due to a disagreement on who to vote off
  • OC's new strategy is to be slightly incompetent in challenges to stay under Alejandro's radar
  • Cody has started respecting OC and forgave him for TDI, thanks to OC saving him from a polar bear
  • Tyler also seems to be fond of OC all of a sudden, but OC doesn't really know why
  • Noah seems to be acting cautious all the time, especially near Alejandro
  • Heather's been oddly silent lately, and she's obviously plotting something
  • Ezekiel recently befriended both Cody and Sierra, in an effort to improve his pathetic social skills
  • Team Amazon: Cody, Ezekiel, Heather, Izzy, Sierra
  • Team Chris: Alejandro, Noah, OC, Owen, Tyler
  • Team Victory: Bridgette, Harold, Leshawna, Lindsay

Broadway, Baby!

You were getting the best massage from an intern as Tyler told you all about Lindsay, even though you clearly were tired of hearing about it, you decided to just let the guy talk.

"Yeah, Lindsay's pretty awesome. Thanks for listening to me, OC. You're awesome, dude.", Tyler says, and goes to the bar to have juice or something.


After your massage ended, you needed someone to talk to. You were bored out of your mind.

"Where's Noah?", you ask. Owen wakes up.

"*yawn* That was a really good nap! I felt something hard under my butt. Something's wrong with that couch.", Owen says, and lazily gets up, revealing a crushed Noah who was under him.

"Agh! Thanks for not noticing that I was MISSING all night! Who am I, Tyler?!", he asks angrily. Tyler gets mad.

"Hey! I have a pretty big fanbase! Kinda...", he says.

"Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah Noah.", you say, repeating his name several times to annoy him.

"Yeah OC?", he says, strangely calm. He usually will say something horribly mean and blow your mind.

"I'm bored.", you say playfully.

"What do you want me to do?", Noah asks, his eyes focused on his book.

"I don't know...", you say, trying to find a comfortable position on the couch.

"Stay still.", he says. Your legs were on the armrest and you were laying down on the couch.


OC: So, I thought of this new strategy. If I don't want Alejandro to notice me, all I have to do is stay under his threat-radar. Owen annoys him, so if we lose, he's the next one to go, but let's face it - Noah and I are probably gonna vote for Al. I wonder what Tyler's deal is. He hasn't shut up all day.

-end confessional-

"Gentlemen, yet again we have won a challenge thanks to hard work and effort. To Team Chris.", Alejandro says.

"To Team Chris.", everyone else says.

"I am going to visit my friends back in the economy class. OC, will you accompany me?", Alejandro asks, grabbing some chocolates and candies.

Join Alejandro?

A: No, stay up in first class

B: Yes, go with him to economy

(Extremely Important A.N.: I was wondering if any of you wanted to complete the TDA Tribute to OC. I don't feel like doing it, and we're already five episodes in TDWT. Just leave a comment here, or on my wall if you're interested, then collect the tributes you want to be in there (multiple people can do this) and then give them to me, I'll put them into the tribute.)

"Sure, I'll go with you.", you say. You stand up and you can hear Noah sighing in relief. You turn back.

"I'm kidding.", he says. You walk with Alejandro.

"What are the candies for?", you ask.

"Merely a gift to the ladies sitting in such harsh conditions downstairs.", he says.

"Um, harsh is a bit of an exaggeration.", you say.

"Forgive my strong language. These are my Latin roots showing.", Alejandro explains.

(I don't see the connection...)

"Can I ask you a question?", he asks.

"Sure.", you reply.

"What do you see in that big tub of lard?", Alejandro says, as if he absolutely despised Owen.

"You mean Owen? I don't know, we just kinda became friends last season. Why?", you ask.

"I believe he was scared of you, am I wrong?", he asks.

(Wow his voice is so calming)

"You've really done your research. He was, but after I helped him a little we became friends.", you explain.

"Ah, yes. The help against Trent, I believe.", he says.

(I wonder if his voice is just genes?)

"Yep, that's it. Anything else?", you ask.

"Yes, why is Tyler so fond of you?", he asks.

(Why would Tyler not be fond of me? I'm like, awesome.)

"I don't know, actually. He just started acting like that recently.", you say.

"I see. That will be all for now. One last question, what were you talking about with Bridgette yesterday?" he asks. Oops.

"Bridgette and I are friends, we were just talking.", you say.

"That makes sense. I am very fond of Bridgette, you see.", he says.

What do you tell Alejandro?

A: Let the comment pass and move on

B: Remind him that Bridgette has a boyfriend

C: Custom Choice #1: "So, Alejandro asks us about a few things, and brings up Bridgette. I am worried he is starting to feel a bit suspicious about us. Therefore, I suggest we ask him why he was wondering about our conversation with Bridgette, maybe ask if he thought we were up to something. This may give him the notion that we are not as suspicious as he thinks, at least for the time being." (Jack's Custom)

D: Custom

"Why were you wondering about my conversation with Bridgette anyway?", you ask.

"I wasn't, I was only-"

"Do you think I'm up to something?!", you say, sa if you're being falsely accused of a crime.

"No, of course not my friend! Forget I asked, it was dishonorable of me.", he says.

"It's fine, I guess.", you say.

When you and Alejandro reach economy class, he hands the girls the chocolates (Lindsay happily ate hers).

"Never trust the enemy, especially Alejandro!", Heather says to Sierra as Sierra reached out for candy.

"Ooh! You're right, Heather!", Sierra says, and refuses the candy. You decide to sit back and watch the show.

"Don't even try to flatter us with your fancy words, holding out your muscular arms for candy.", she says rudely.

"Muscular, you say?", he asks.

"Pfft, no! I meant they're the UGLY kind of muscular...", she says defensively. You and Lindsay can't resist laughing.

"Shut it, Lindsay and OC! We're TRYING to have an adult conversation here!", Heather shouts at you. First thing she's said to you in a while, actually.

Later, Chris gathered you all in the drop zone.

"Hey, Lindsay, do you like the boat?", Tyler asks. He was sitting next to you.

"Yes, I do, Tyler!", Lindsay says happily. Then, suddenly, Tyler turned to you and hugged you, and thanked you.

(A.N.: In the original version, Lindsay calls Tyler 'Dave', and coincidentally, Dave is a lot like Noah, and she calls Tyler Noah as well.)

"Alright, enough romance, Tyler and OC.", Chris says sarcastically. Chef drops you all down and you land in a river. You felt some water splash on your face, so you wiped it off with your shirt.

"We're in New York?? Yay!!!", she yells, and starts talking about how fashionable the city is. After Chris explains the challenge, Sierra starts talking about embarrassing things concerning Chris' life.

Stop Sierra?

A: Yes, Chris will hate her!

B: No, let her do what she wants

Every roars with laughter thanks to Sierra's extensive snooping. Chris, annoyed, explains the challenge. The teams have to climb a rope to the top of Lady Liberty and get your team's baby carriage.

"Okay guys, we can do this! To Team Chris!", you yell.

"Team Chris!", everyone yells back.

"Who should go first?", you ask.

"I'll do it!", Tyler says excitedly. You turn to Noah. He shrugs. Tyler climbs to the top, but then gets distracted by Lady Liberty's...assets. Then, Cody starts gawking at them too, and he falls in.

"Ten point landing, dude!", Tyler yells. You roll your eyes.

"CODY!", Sierra yells, and rescues him. At the top was Tyler, then Noah, Alejandro and you, with Owen on the bottom, which was probably a bad idea.

You finally reach the top and help in the "Owen Pull-Up Project", and finally manage to pull him up. Alejandro collects the carriage and you all slide down the fire pole.

"We're in last! Come on!", Noah yells to Owen, who was lagging behind. You would have been first if it wasn't for him.

You and the team arrive at the boat last, and Alejandro immediately speeds off and you see Cody. The Amazons were coming back for him.

"Guys!! We're in second place now!", you say.

"I can't believe Team Victory is beating us.", Tyler says, but waves hello to Lindsay in the distance anyway. You arrive in the sewers and plug your nose - it was disgusting!

Soon, you hear the alligator approaching, and you all jump to the front of the boat and make it out right after Team Victory, followed by Team Amazon behind you.

After Chris makes Chef swim the to the alligator and make it sign some waiver, Sierra decides to open her mouth again.

"Wow Chris, you're a really great commander...", she says. You overhear Heather muttering about something.

"Alejandro...could've been Chris''s not just wait, Al.", Heather mutters.

Who should be the baby for the Central Park challenge?


B: Alejandro

C: Noah

D: Tyler

E: Owen

"I'll be baby...", you sigh, and climb into the carriage.

"I'll do it for Team Victory! I love it when guys call me baby!", Lindsay cheers.

"Make a mental note of that, bro.", Noah says to Tyler.

"I don't have a pen...", Tyler says sadly.

As Alejandro pushes the carriage, Chris announces the song.

"I've always wanted to sing in New York City!!", you shout excitedly

OC: What's not to love about New York City?

The taxis honk out a New York ditty!

The crime is high!

The pigeons fly!

What's not to love about New York?

Owen: The lights are brighter!

The fun is funner!

The bagels are bagel-er,

And the bums are bummer!

The dirt and grime make every alley shine!

What's not to love about New York? Oops!

Lindsay: The stores, and the fashion!

Big shows where stars cash in!

It's crazy, 'cause the city never sleeps! 

OC: That's right! I love New York. It's such a great city! Lady Liberty!

Heather, Sierra, Gwen, and Courtney: Subway trains, and the hustle-bustle!

Heather, Sierra, Gwen, Courtney, and Lindsay: Cappuccinos while the mobsters tussle!

Owen: And pretzel stands for all us pretzel fans!

OC: Whoa, hot, hot, hot!

Owen: What's not to love?

Owen, OC and Lindsay: What's not to love?

Heather, Sierra, Gwen, Courtney, Noah, Owen, OC and Lindsay: What's not to love... about New York?


OC: Best. Day. Ever.

-end confessional-

You relax in the carriage as Tyler uses his head, literally, to push the apple back to your team. Unfortunately, Team Victory was majorly in the lead (Since DJ wasn't there to call a dance break). Then, Heather clamps her hand over your mouth, making you unable to shout, and drags your carriage away.

"Ugh, you're so heavy OC!", she shouts. Finally, despite all your struggling, she switched your carriage with some random baby.

"HEATHER!!", you shout as she runs away with her carriage. The mother looked horribly frightened.

"Quick, pull my carriage over there!", you say to the mother, pointing at Heather. The lady stood up and ran in Heather's direction.

(Crap. If I get out, my team will lose.)

Finally, when your team comes back to get you, you found out that your team lost.

"I'm really sorry guys...", you say.

"But Team Chris Is So Wildly Hot won't have to vote anyone off, since this was really a REWARD CHALLENGE!", Chris yells. Your team, especially you, sigh in relief.


OC: Okay, good. A second chance.

-end confessional-

Later, when Team Victory had collected their reward, for some reason they Lindsay was lugging a giant apple, Leshawna was lugging another one, and Harold was having trouble lifting one until Bridgette helped him.

After sitting in silence for while, since you didn't really want to say anything, Alejandro asks you how you got away.

"Heather...gagged me and then switched my carriage for a different one.", you explain.

"She did, now did she? That sneaky little vixen...!", he says, almost as if 'vixen' was a compliment from him. Noah, Tyler and Owen were silent.

After about an hour, Lindsay came down and invited you to first class.

"Um, OC, I wasn't talking to you for a while, but there's something we need to talk about.", Noah says, in a very hushed voice. You were sitting separately from everyone else, so Noah came down and sat next to you, out of everyone else's earshot.

(Anything to get away from my team right now...), you thought.

"It's important.", Lindsay whispered, but not too closely - you couldn't really tell she said it.

What do you do?

A: Stay with Noah and hear him out

B: Go with Lindsay and hear her out

"Sorry, Noah. You'll see me tomorrow, right? We're going to like, some mountain range.", you say, trying to be happier, but honestly you were just kinda down in the dumps because of what happened.

On the way up, Lindsay told you what the deal was.

"My team hasn't stopped fighting ever since Bridgette got stuck to that pole.", Lindsay explained.

"What's wrong now?", you ask. The vote was already settled, and DJ went home.

"Harold wanted Bridgette gone, and so Bridgette's fighting with Harold. Leshawna can't take sides, so she's ignoring everyone! And I don't know what to do!", she says.

"Wait, Leshawna didn't do a thing? That doesn't sound like her.", you say.

"Well, she tried to help but no one would let her be the massager.", she says.

"You mean the messenger?", you correct.

"Um, yeah.", Lindsay says.

"And what do you want me to do?", you ask.

"They all really like you! You're friends with them all!", she says.

"So are you.", you point out.

"OC!! Come on!", Lindsay says, getting annoyed.

"Alright, alright. Thanks for inviting me to first class, I guess.", you say. You enter first class; which technically means you'll have spent every day so far in first class.

"Guuuyyys, look who I brought!", Lindsay chirps to everyone. Everyone turns around, and turn back to their books, food or massage. Or in Harold's case, his action figures.

"Come on, Team Victory! OC has had a really rough day.", she yells. No one even looks up. You sigh, sit down and stare outside the window. It was dark and cloudy, just like your heart.

(They're being awfully rude.)

"OC, why are you so sad? You've lost before, tons of times.", Lindsay says, in a failed attempt to comfort you.

"It's not that, it's just that I singlehandedly made the team lose. And that's not even the worst part.", you say.

"Then what is it?", she asks.

"It's that, even though I made my team lose, Noah, Tyler and Owen wouldn't have voted me off. Someone else would've gone home, and everyone tried really hard.", you say.

"That's okay, we all make mistakes.", she says.

"And when mistakes are made, one faces the consequences. Noah was totally ready to forgive me.", you say. Harold looks up and his eyes twinkle; he had something on his mind for sure.

"That's because Noah likes you and trusts you. He knows you work hard. What you need to do is restore your team's honor, and more importantly, your own honor, OC-san.", Harold says.

"You think so, Harold?", you ask.

"Definitely. You know Japanese culture as much as I do; and honor is important.", he says.

"But we're not even in China. We're in Oceania.", Lindsay says.

"So many things wrong with that sentence...", you say.

"Lindsay, Japan isn't even in China GOSH. And all oceans aren't Oceania GOSH. I mean, GOSH. Just, GOSH, Lindsay. Pick up an atlas.", Harold says.

"You spat in my eye.", you say.

"Well I don't spend all my time reading! I shop, which is why my hair looks good and yours-", Lindsay begins.

"Are you guys serious?", you say. They turn to you.

"Stop fighting. Harold, if you're so big on honor, why are you fighting with your team? Do the honorable thing and apologize to Bridgette and end this madness.", you say. Harold sighs.

"I'm sorry, Bridgette.", he says, but not like he meant it.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too. We're a team, and we should act like it.", Bridgette says powerfully.

"Alright! My girl and my boy are back in business.", Leshawna says proudly. She stands up and gives you a good squeeze, and so does Lindsay.

"Thank you, OC.", she says, then pulls out a big fistful of candy.

"Where'd this come from?", you ask, putting a Jolly Rancher in your mouth.

"It was our reward. We also got some apples and this.", Leshawna says, holding up the meat grinder.

"I like my meat grinded sometimes for sloppy joes, so Leshawna said I could take it home at the end of the season.", Harold says. You smile.

"You guys were never really fighting, just being dumb.", you joke, and pop a few more candies in your mouth. They were damn good.

Aftermath: The Gwen-Tastic Show

Main Events

  • Geoff introduces the show and the peanut gallery: Eva, Katie, Sadie, Trent, Justin and Beth. To his surprise, Blaineley from Celebrity Manhunt was also hosting the show.
  • Blaineley introduces herself: "Hi. My name is Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran, and I'm your co-host for the Total Drama World Tour Aftermath Show. You may remember me from such hits as Celebrity Manhunt."
  • Despite acting like a diva, Blaineley still manages to keep her cool and so far isn't exactly hated by Geoff, until she brings up Bridgette
  • Geoff: "I gotta admit, OC's like, my favorite dude in the world now. Well, second favorite. Talkin' to you, Brody! What's up, dude!"
  • In an effort to stir up some drama, Blaineley shows clips of Bridgette blushing when Alejandro flirted with her, but Geoff countered with Bridgette later shrugging off Alejandro's flirting. Blaineley soon gave up.
  • The "Total Drama Fugitives", segment, featuring Duncan and Courtney, began, showing the a silhouette of a couple that strikingly resemble them kissing on top of the Eiffel Tower, then holding hands on a Ferris Wheel in London, then the Courtney silhouette crossing her arms as the Duncan silhouette carved something into a tree, followed by them running from the cops. Blaineley pointed out that Courtney's been in only three episodes of each season.
  • Katie claims that she thinks Duncan is a bad influence on all his friends: Courtney, Gwen and OC. Especially Courtney, to which Sadie agrees wholeheartedly, as well as Trent, blaming OC and his rivalry in TDA on Duncan. Eva said she couldn't care less, and only wanted her paycheck for interviewing all those people.

Gwen's Interview

  • Gwen was asked about her feelings about OC confessing his love to her. Gwen refused to answer, but did eventually state that she thought it was sweet, and she really did love him.
  • When asked who she hated the most on her team, Gwen responded: "Obviously Heather. I mean, Cody constantly flirted with me, Sierra was crazy, but Ezekiel's not that bad, and Courtney's actually...nice! And Heather is the queen of *****", to which Blaineley replied: "Woah, can't air that on TV!"
  • She was also asked to sing a song for the viewers, but she flatly refused.
  • Her final question was who she was rooting for. She stated that she was rooting for, of course, OC to win, but if he didn't win, she wanted Bridgette to win.

DJ's Interview

  • A clip was played of every animal DJ had hurt. DJ was asked about his luck concerning animals, and every animal he had hurt was brought. All were affectionate to DJ, and he responded by saying Total Drama was his curse, to which Justin replied that it was everyone's curse.

Slap Slap Revolution

After a relaxing night in first class, you came back down and were glared at by the majority of Team Amazon. You turned to Noah, and he had a sympathetic look on his face; almost as if you were the one who suffered.

"Hey, Noah, what did you want to talk to me about last night?", you ask.

"Um, it doesn't matter.", he says.

"No, wait, tell me.", you say.

"I said it doesn't matter. Drop it already.", he said strictly. You decided to back off for the time being. When you exit the plane, you start feeling bad again, a little. Tyler puts his arm around you.

"Hey, it's okay. I don't blame you for what happened.", he says nicely. You take his arm off your shoulder.

"Yeah, of course you don't. Can you just give me a while, Tyler?", you ask. Tyler looked sad; he had the most guilt-inducing puppy-dog face.

"Sorry. I just want you to know that, I'm always here.", he says.

"Thanks.", you say. You turn to Lindsay, who stares daggers at you.

"Enough already! You made one mistake, now get over it!", she says, and slaps you.

"Alright, alright. You're right.", you admit. Last night, before you went to sleep, you and Bridgette had another discussion about how to handle Alejandro, and told the rest of the team.

You then caught Alejandro flirting with Leshawna. Right. In front of. Harold.


What do you do?

A: See how it plays out

B: Show Harold what Al is doing

"Psst, Harold, check out what Alejandro is doing.", you whisper to Harold.

"What? Hey! He can't do that to m'lady!", he says. He was about to tell Alejandro off, but then that accursed DING sounded! Song time!

Noah: Keep it down, so I can win the loot!

Owen: Try, I will, but I still got to fart. No, toot!

Noah and Heather: Shhhh!

Heather: Toot on, but you're still out of luck. You suck the lemon chuck.

Ezekiel: Wait till you're voted out for being such a lout!

OC: I'll dance a jig when Chris shoves you out the plane!

Alejandro: When you don't hold back and lead the pack, truly there is nothing stopping you, you, you.

Leshawna: Swimming in your eyes, it's butterflies, and suddenly there's nothing I can't do.

Harold'': HEY! STOP THAT!

Leshawna: Wait, I already have a lover. My ginger baby cake! And Harold's his name! Sorry, Al but there's no room for you in, my, heart.

Heather: Alejandro's flirting with LESHAWNA?! Leshawna?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Due to Heather's screaming, the avalanche comes down and sweeps you all down. But you had to go back up for the challenge, in the meantime, who are you talking to?

A: Cody - Ask him how he's doing with Sierra

B: Ezekiel - I wonder if his social skills got any better?

C: Heather - What's with her and Alejandro?

D: Izzy - She's always got something fun to say

E: Sierra - Something is definitely on her mind

F: Tyler - Why's he so pleased with you all the time?

G: Bridgette - Tell her about what Alejandro just did

H: Leshawna - Ask her about her side of the story

I: Lindsay - Is her team getting along any better?

"Hey, Tyler.", you sigh.

"What's wrong?", he asks.

"Nothing, I just don't like hiking. The incline and lack of oxygen and all.", you explain.

"That's no problem, dude!", he says, then to your surprise, he lifts you up and starts piggybacking you to the top.

"Tyler, stop stop stop stop!", you repeatedly say. He finally puts you down.

"What's with you?!", you snap

"What do you mean?", he asks innocently.

"All season long you've been agreeing with me, listening to everything I say, and just, acting like a pet! Stop it already! It's weird.", you snap, and at that point Tyler looked ready to tear up.

"Wait, no, don't cry! I didn't mean it like that! I was only wondering why you were doing it!", you correct yourself.

"Oh, well, don't you remember back last season, when you helped Lindsay remember my name? If it weren't for you, she would've forgotten.", Tyler says sadly. 

(Now I feel like crying. Poor guy)

"Aw, it'll be okay. At least she knows you now.", you say, and smile.

"Yeah, dude. I was just, like, trying to show you that I was grateful and stuff.", Tyler says awkwardly.

"No problem, we're a team and more importantly, we're friends. You don't have to prove anything.", you say. Tyler smiles

"Alright then, let's win this for the team!", he says, and starts running up the mountain.

"Tyler, that's not a good idea.", you say. Tyler turns around, and trips. After you help him up, you all arrive to the top of the mountain.

When Chris told you all the challenge, Leshawna proudly brought out the meat grinder from the last challenge.

"And shockingly, Team Victory is already in first!", Chris says mockingly, provoking some angry glares from Team Victory.

"Okay everyone, I'll shovel the meat up, OC, you pack the meat down. Tyler, we'll need your strength to grind the meat, and Owen, stuff the meat into the sausage skin.

"And what am I supposed to do?", Noah asks, slightly angry - but as usual, no one but you could tell.

"Ah...supervise, my friend.", Alejandro says. Clearly he didn't want Noah around.


OC: I feel like Alejandro's getting suspicious of me. I already know that next time he's gonna vote off Owen, because he hates the guy, but am I next? I?

-end confessional-

"Ay ay, captain!", Owen says obediently.

"Got it!", Tyler replies to Alejandro's instructions.

"OC?", Alejandro asks.


"Aren't you going to agree?", he asks.

"Yeah, cool, whatever.", you say, pushing the slimy meat into the grinder. He just had to give you the worst job.

Later, you catch Owen taking little bits of the sausage, then more, then more...then he was taking it all!

Point it out?

A: Yes, to Tyler

B: Yes, to Noah

C: Yes, to Alejandro

D: Tell him off yourself

E: No

"Noah, look at Owen.", you say, and Noah turns to the big guy.

"OWEN!", he shouts, and hits Owen on the head.

"It's spicy...", Owen says.

"Bad Owen!", Noah shouts, as if Owen were a dog. You decided to watch the show as Owen kept trying to take more, but Noah stopped him.

"Owen, stop that already.", Alejandro said, getting frustrated. Then he climbed to the top.

"OC, if you're not working, allow me to take over.", he says.

"No...", you protest. He picks you up.

"Noah, please watch OC.", he says, and drops you to Noah, who had his arms held out. You fall onto Noah.

"And there goes my pelvis.", he moans.

"That was unnecessary.", you point out to Al.

"But effective. Now team, let's work!", he says. You and Noah see how the other teams are doing. Cody was holding the sausage in front of his sausage. You and Noah snicker.

"Cody's got a tiny sausage.", Noah jokes, making you yet again laugh at one of Noah's jokes.

"It's not my fault...", Cody says, as he pointed out how messed up his team was. Heather was shovelling, as Ezekiel tried to keep Izzy from jumping into the grinder, and Sierra was making Meat-Cody. Meat-Cody then fell out.

"Meat Cody has more meat than regular Cody.", Noah commented.

"That's lewd and mean.", Cody says.

"There's no more meat!", Heather shouts

"Because of Sierra, eh!", Ezekiel shouts at Heather.

"Ezekiel. I'm RIGHT HERE. Stop shouting.", she snaps. When you and Noah check out Team Victory, you gulp. They were already done.

"Team Victory, you're all set to go!", Chris says, and Bridgette, Harold, Leshawna and Lindsay set off on their disgustingly perfect sausage.

"This is humiliating!", Noah shouts, and you go back to your team.

"Uh, Chris! We're all out of meat!", Heather screams.

"Then I guess you're all out of luck. Team Me Is Smokin' Hot, you ready to go?", Chris asks.

"Almost!", Alejandro replies.

"Well, Team Victory's already down! Come on, don't keep Lindsay waiting!", Chris snaps.

"We're done!", Tyler says, and points at their sausage, which wasn't full but was good enough. Everyone sat on it, except Owen, who had an upset stomach.

"Come on, Owen!", Noah says to Owen.

"I'm trying...", he says.

(Poor guy...)

"Team Amazon, you better hurry it up.", Chris says. Team Amazon all crouch down, and hang on tight to their tiny sausage, which is hard because there's five of them (now read that in a sexual way).

Team Amazon sled down the mountain, closely followed by your team as Alejandro steers. Sadly, you lost, since Noah and you fell off due to the sausage being unstable and incomplete.

"Now for the penalty hosen!", Chris says, after he gives the other two teams some hats.

(Dammit, last place again. Can't let this happen)

Chris gives the penalty hosen to Alejandro, who looks absolutely ridiculous in the tiny 'german bikini'. Noah was hysterical. Chris announced that only three people needed to dance from each team, and Alejandro and Owen volunteered.


OC: If I go up there and lose, that'll mark the second time I've made my team lose, but if I win, I could totally redeem myself. But it's risky...

-end confessional-

Perform in the challenge?

A: Yes, redeem yourself and prove your worth

B: No, don't risk making your team lose again

(Hmm, maybe I should stay down this time), you think. Noah steps up, and you and Tyler stay down.

"Good luck, Noah.", you say. You're distracted for most of the dance, until Sierra starts singing...

"1, 2, 3, slap my knee! My husband-to-be, his name is Cody!"

"4, 5, 6, kick up sticks, my heart won't tick without my Cody fix."

"7, 8, 9, straighten your spine. Spin to see Cody, lookin' so fine."

"10, 11, 12, nothing rhymes with twelve. Chicks want Cody, but his butt's mine!", she sings, and at that point you were rolling, on the floor, laughing your ass off and Cody looked horrified.

"OC, stop laughing!", Cody yells at you. It was definitely hard.

Leshawna VS Noah

Alejandro VS Cody

Sierra VS Bridgette

Heather VS Lindsay

"Wait, why do we only have two players?", Noah points out.

"You lost the prechallenge, a-duh!", Chris says mockingly. Noah rolls his eyes.

"Do not worry, my friend. Surely, the two of us can best everyone. Sadly, you are paired with the most graceful and skilled of them all.", Alejandro says, referring to Leshawna. Leshawna blushes.

(Aw man, this could've been my opportunity to talk to Bridgette or Leshawna...)

The first match begins, and it ends up the same as the original - Leshawna beats Noah. Alejandro vs Cody ends up the same, with Alejandro easily besting the smaller one. Sierra and Bridgette's was a little more intense.

"You're going down, Bridgette!", Sierra says.

"Don't be so sure! I'm not going down that easy!", Bridgette retorts. The two fight as they dance, and Sierra kicks at Bridgette - hard! Bridgette, however, grabbed Sierra's leg, and didn't let go. Sierra tried to use her other leg, but tripped. Both were shocked by Chris.

Bridgette stood up to Sierra successfully, but in the end was taken down by Sierra

"My my Sierra, such skill!", Alejandro remarked.

"Save it, Alejandro! I'm spoken for!", Sierra shouted. Meanwhile, Heather and Lindsay's fight got more and more intense.

"Just give up already, Lindsay!", Heather shouted, as they both started to get tired from the dancing.

"Never! You're going dooown!", Lindsay shouts, and takes a jab at Heather, which she swiftly ducks.

"You're no better than you were last year!!", Heather shouts.

"At least I can DRESS well!", Lindsay shouts, to which Heather reacted with extreme shock.

"Bring it, diva!", Heather shouted back. 

"Oh, I will!", Lindsay says. Next to you, Tyler stared fondly at Lindsay.

"GO LINDSAY!! I'M ROOTING FOR YOU!", he shouts, getting looks from your team. He turns to you.

"That's my girlfriend!", he says proudly.

"Aw! Thanks Tyler!", Lindsay says, waving to Tyler. Heather slaps Lindsay while she was distracted.

"Oh, NO you did not just do that!", Lindsay says, and pushes down Heather, off the platform, in an act unlike Lindsay.

"Lindsay wins! Congratulations Lindsay, you progress to the next round!!", Chris says proudly.

"Yay! I win!", she cheered.

"He didn't congratulate any of us...", Noah groaned.

Next, it was:

Alejandro VS Lindsay

Leshawna VS Sierra

"You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?", Lindsay asks Alejandro sweetly.

"I apologize for this, chica.", Alejandro says, and pushes Lindsay gently off the platform, and Lindsay hits the ground.

"That's foul play, Alejandro! But I'll allow it this once.", Chris says.

"Ow! My butt...", Lindsay says.

"Does it hurt? Let me see.", Tyler says. After that, you turned the other way when Lindsay turned her back to Tyler and Tyler looked...stiff.

Then, Sierra and Leshawna were still fighting.

"There is no way I'm going down by some crazy stalker!", Leshawna says, pulls a few signature Leshawna-moves, and takes down Sierra.

"COOOODYYYYYY!", Sierra shouts, as she falls on Cody, then hugs him tight. Next it was Leshawna versus Alejandro.

You look nervously at Leshawna. Alejandro and Leshawna begin.

"Oh Ale-hunk-dro, you wouldn't hurt me?", Leshawna asks.

"Why, I would never. Sadly, my team is counting on me.", Alejandro says.

"Oh, I understand. That's okay.", Leshawna says sweetly.

"Thank you for understanding.", Alejandro says, with a devious smile. Leshawna stands in place. Then, Alejandro was about to push her off, but then, Leshawna kicked Alejandro, right in the nuts.


OC: WOW!! That was unexpected and AWESOME! Go Leshawna!

-end confessional-

"Ooh...that's not good...", Alejandro moans, as he falls into the snow.

"Ain't no one mess with me and my girls and gets AWAY with it!", Leshawna says fabulously, then gracefully steps down, holding Harold's hand. After that, she gives Harold a big kiss. Harold's smile was bigger than you'd ever seen it.

"That's how I roll!", Leshawna says to Alejandro, swivelling her head, snapping her fingers. Her team cheers for her.

"Team Victory wins!", Chris announces. Team Victory cheers louder, and Sierra fell asleep.

"As for the losers...Team Amazon, you're sending someone home.", Chris says.

"Wait, what?! But Alejandro lost too!", Ezekiel protests.

"Yeah, but none of your team made it to the finals!", Chris says.

Later, Heather says she wants to talk to you.

"Hey, OC...can you give me some advice? I don't know who to vote for.", she says.

"You're asking me for advice?", you say.

"Um, yeah. You think there's anyone else for me to turn to?", she asks.

"You're so good at this stuff, what's wrong?", you ask.

"I'm having trouble. Just help me.", she says sternly.

"Why should I? How do you know I won't mess it up for you?", you ask.

"Because no matter who you help me choose, it's not gonna make a difference. They're all total losers.", she says.

"Why do you need my help anyway?", you ask. Heather suddenly comes closer.

"That's not the real issue. I need help with something else.", she says, then quickly pulls back. You look at her blankly, confused.

Help Heather?

A: Yes, something seems to seriously be wrong

B: No, be glad she's having a rare moment of weakness

"Uh, okay, I'll help you.", you say. Heather drags you to jet's craft services area.

"Look, I need an alliance, and voting off Sierra's the best way to get good with Cody.", she says.

"Then vote off Sierra."

"I can't! She's really good at the game, even if she is a goofball."

"What about Izzy? She's a wildcard."


"Then that leaves Ezekiel.", you point out.

"Yes it does...", she said, thinking about voting off Ezekiel.

"But on the other hand, Sierra will never know that you're the one who voted off Cody.", you say.

"That's true too. It's all anonymous. Ah, OC, help me! I'm just not sure.", she says.

"Calm down, Heather. Why are you so fired up?", you ask.

"Because, my team is like, weird. At least I could rely on Gwen and Courtney.", she says. That got you thinking about Gwen.

"OC! Snap out of it.", Heather says.

"Yeah, well, I think you should vote for..."

A: Cody

B: Ezekiel

C: Izzy

D: Sierra

"...Ezekiel. Has he even helped your team out? At all?", you ask. Heather stops and thinks.

"Well, no.", she says flatly.

"Then there's your answer.", you say. Heather mumbles something.



"Heather, speak up."

"Thank you, okay. You're...not a total loser.", she says. You smile.

"Thanks.", you reply. And you meant it. After that, you had an awkward goodbye handshake/hug.


OC: So now I helped Heather, and she owes me, but not only that: I got rid of Ezekiel! Talk about two birds with one stone!

-end confessional-

Later, Alejandro pulls you aside.

"I saw you talking to Heather. What was so secretive that you had to be in the furthest corner of craft services?", he asks, and he sounded very suspicious. Meanwhile, Noah was in the corner...staring at you. He pointed at Cody and then he points at his red sweater vest.

"Well? Tell me.", Alejandro says impatiently.

(Wait...Cody Sweater Vest?), you thought. Noah pointed at his sweater vest again, mouthing the word 'red'

(Cody...Red? Cody Red...wait. Code. Red. Crap)

"OC, I demand an answer!", Alejandro says. You gulp.

What do you tell Alejandro?

A: Refuse to answer

B: Tell him the truth

C: Lie and say Heather likes you

D: Lie and say she was trying to form an alliance with you

"I...I don't have to answer to you!", you say rudely to Alejandro. He looks taken aback...

"What?!", he says, as you walk up to first class. Noah follows you.

"You could've handled that better.", he says.

"Did I have a choice? He kinda put me on the spot.", you point out.

"That's true, but that's also his thing.", Noah replies.

"I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow and see what happens.", you say.

Later, Ezekiel was voted off.

"Well, this is goodbye, dudes.", Ezekiel says, in an attempt to sound cool.

"Aw, well if it makes you feel any better, your fanbase grew! A little!", Sierra says to comfort him.

"That's wicked sweet, dawg.", Ezekiel says. Cody held back laughter.

"Oh, whatever. Just jump already.", Heather says. Ezekiel waves goodbye, then jumps. A little part of you actually felt bad for him. A veeeeeeery little part.


Cody: Sierra

Ezekiel: Izzy

Izzy: Ezekiel

Heather: Ezekiel

Sierra: Ezekiel

Bonus Clip

"Aw yeah, dawg! Best season ever, yo! Well, I did better in the first season but that doens't mean I can't do better next time! Aw yeah, The Zeke Man's coming at you, Total Drama! Comin' at ya hard!"

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