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Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon

Main Events

  • The guests featured in this Aftermath show are: Ezekiel, Owen and Harold, and Gwen and DJ were shown in the Peanut Gallery as new additions. Blaineley was co-hosting with Geoff, and they seemed to get along better, despite Blaineley's (less frequent) attempts at creating drama
  • Geoff questioned Blaineley on why she was still on the show. She answered: "Hello, my fans. I'm Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran, and you may remember me from such hits as The Puppy Bachelorette. I'm here to dish out the latest dirt on everything Total Drama.". Geoff accepted the answer for the time being. Katie and Sadie remember binge-watching The Puppy Bachelorette.
  • Geoff also announced that this aftermath was a special telethon aftermath to raise money for the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, which is out of fuel. Geoff and Blaineley sang Save This Show. Total: $1000
  • Ezekiel's interview. Total: $1000
  • Blaineley showed a close-up of Alejandro falling into the volcano, and showed the result of the fall, which were terrible. (Sadie: "He used to be so hot!"). Total: $5000
  • Katie and Sadie were revealed to be dating Justin and Trent respectively. (Justin: "Sadly, I've become that desperate." Katie: "Shut up."), and Katie said that she was glad that she and OC both were able to easily move on from each other, and that she hopes to see OC soon. However, she asked Gwen a lot of questions about the type of girlfriend she was, comparing Gwen to herself (and making herself sound better). Total: $20,000
  • Harold's interview. Total: $250,000
  • The second installment of "Total Drama Fugitives" played, showing people who looked like Duncan and Courtney. Both were wearing spandex, and large black wigs, holding hands. Another video showed a Duncan silhouette spray-painting a public High School, and a Courtney silhouette grabbing his hand and running away as the cops chased after them. Geoff said that the first video was reported to be taken in Karachi, Pakistan and the second video taken in Muncie, Indiana. Blaineley questioned how they got so far, so fast. A close up from the Pakistan video showed what looked like their passports in Courtney's wig. Total: $290,000
  • They also played every embarrassing clip of Alejandro throughout the season, ending with his 'nude shot' and his elimination, from the second Chris gave the barf bag to OC, to Bridgette kicking him in the nuts, to him plummetting into the volcano. Total: $320,000 (the fangirls enjoyed the nude shot)
  • Owen's interview. Total: $325,000
  • Geoff then arranges for a surprise treat, which doubled as revenge on Blaineley. He released a bear on Blaineley, and said that for every $50,000 raised, he would throw in another animal. However, this destroyed the set. But after releasing more and more animals, they reached a lot of money. Total: $900,000
  • Eva came on screen and ranted about nearly everything while Geoff and Blaineley argued, then made preparations for another segment. Total: $950,000
  • Geoff ended the show by showing embarrassing clips of Chris McLean, similar to the ones in The TDA Finale, this one including him flirting with 6 foreign girls, Lindsay, and Chef, and getting rejected by all of them (except for the French girl who said she would take him to bed and 'slap him with it', but then laughed). Total: $1,000,000

Ezekiel's Interview

  • Ezekiel was asked about his future on Total Drama; "Do you think you'll return?", "Do you think you could've won?", however Ezekiel refused to speak
  • After about a minute of awkward silence, Blaineley couldn't take it anymore, because they were running short on time, and called in the next guest.
  • Money raised by Ezekiel's interview: $0.

Harold's Interview

  • Blaineley asked Harold to talk about anything interesting at all, but Harold started talking about what HE thought was interesting.
  • After Harold's failure to be an interesting person, Geoff asked him about Leshawna. Harold said a few choice words about Alejandro, but then changed the topic to his beautiful goddess Leshawna.
  • Harold then sang Baby during which a lot of money was raised. The Yeti replaced Cody.
  • Money raised by Harold's interview: $230,000

Owen's Interview

  • A clip of Owen's Best Moments On TDWT was played; mostly him farting and eating
  • An interview consisting of how he felt about his elimination and would be ever return to Total Drama was held. Owen said he didn't care because now he had time for eating, but he may participate in other reality shows, and said he would rather not return to Total Drama, but he would enjoy a good cameo.
  • However, his likability index showed that Owen was no longer a fan-favorite, leading Owen to question why. He became sad, and everyone glared at Blaineley for being to mean to Owen. Geoff apologized on Blaineley's behalf, and plotted revenge.
  • Money raised by Owen's interview: $5000

I See London...

You were so awake because you slept so much. Who were you talking to?

A: Bridgette

B: Lindsay

C: Brainzilla

D: Leshawna

E: Tyler

F: Noah

"Why are we in stupid ECONOMY class? We WON the last challenge.", Heather complained.

(A.N.: Sorry. Forgot to include Team Amazon in the choices. I'll make a second one)

"Izzy!", you say cheerfully.

"I am Brainzilla, and I-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Let's just do this again.", you say.

"Hi, BRAINZILLA", you say, annoyed by Brainzilla refusing to let you call her Izzy.

"Greetings, carbon based life form commonly referred to as Ollie. Your voice is very loud.", she says.

"Yeah, yeah...stop calling me Ollie.", you reply.

"Does that name not appeal to you?", she asks.

"Not especially. Hey, um, what do you think is gonna happen next?", you ask.

"Global warming. Radiation in smart phones will give millions cancer. And we all die.", she says.

"I...I meant for the game...", you say.

"Oh, I see. Brainzilla misunderstood. My prediction is that with Brainzilla's presence in Team Victory, they will win again. Team Amazon may lose because Sierra and Cody are incompetent.", she says.

"...What about my team?", you ask.

"You have a good connection with Noah and Tyler. They adore and respect you - especially the former, for some reason.

"Yeah...that's good. You think I can win?", you ask.

"Purely judging by mathematical calculations, Brainzilla cannot predict the outcome of the game.", she says.

"I wish I could not understand what you're saying. Ignorance is a bliss.", you groan.

"Incorrect. Brainzilla believes that knowledge is key. Oh, hey OC! It's so cozy up here in my head! HI!", Brainzilla says.


OC: Is it just me, or did Brainzilla sound like Izzy for a second there? I've been breathing in too much economy class air...

-end confessional-

"Uh, yeah. I'm gonna go...", you say.

Who do you talk to now?

A: Heather

B: Chef

C: Cody

D: Sierra

You decide to head up to the cockpit to talk to Chef, but he wasn't there. You poke around a little, and realize he may be up with Chris in first class.

You head up there, and spy on their conversation.

"But what if he 'takes them out', takes them out?", Chef asks.


"Legal says we're clear. Imagine the ratings!", Chris replies, standing next someone who was shrouded.

"Okay then. I'm going back to cockpit!", Chef shouts.

(Oh crap!)

Suddenly, you trip over something and make a noise. You bite your lip to prevent shouting - it HURT.

"What was that??", Chris asks, and the shrouded person looks up.

Quick! What do you do?

A: Reveal yourself to Chris

B: Run back to economy

C: Run to the cockpit

You dash back to economy in fear.

(Who was that?! Why did he stare at me like that?!)

"OC, calm down! You look like you saw a ghost.", Leshawna says.

" guys wouldn't believe what I saw up there!", you spit out. Everyone looked at you, fixated.

"What? Tell us already.", Heather says. Chef came downstairs and looked at you.

"OC, get in the cockpit.", he says. You try to protest, but he snarls at you. You follow him in, and sit down on the co-pilots seat.

"So Chef, what's up?", you ask casually.

"Quiet.", he says, annoyed.

"Come on, let's talk.", you say.

"I SAID BE QUIET!", he says.

"Meh, Chris doesn't listen to you. So I won't either.", you say. Chef grunts.

"What's troubling you, Chef?", you ask.

"Leave me alone.", he grunts in response.

"Chef Chef Chef Chef Chef Chef Chef Chef Chef." you say his name repeatedly.

"That's not gonna work.", he replies.

"It works with Noah every time, so I think it will.", you say.

"FINE WHAT?!", he shouts.

"I told you. What's the matter?", you ask.

"I ain't got my paycheck for this episode. Cheap weenie Chris ain't gon give it to me.", he complains.

"How about this, when I win the game, I'll give you a thousand dollars.", you say, feeling sympathetic for Chef. You FINALLY see him smile.

"Yeah, that sounds good - wait! You're not tryna bribe are ya? Cause that didn't work out so well with DJ last season...", Chef said.

"No, I'm just trying to be nice...", you say.

" you know you gon win?", he asks.

"I don't. But I might win.", you say.

"Eh...don't tell Chris, but you should probably watch out in this challenge. NOW GET OUT.", Chef shouts. You get startled.

"Uh, okay, okay, I'm going.", you say. Before you leave, Chef speaks up again.

"If you wan' come back, I'm right here.", he says.

You sit down with Tyler, who puts his arm around you and talks about Lindsay.

"Wait, why were you with Chef?", he asks.

"Aw, he's just lonely. I feel kinda bad for him.", you say.

You saw Sierra typing something into box. You laughed wayy too hard when Noah started mocking her.


OC: I'm so lucky to have a friend like Noah. I mean, he mocks me at every chance he gets, but that's just him, right? Hehehe...yeah. Noah's great.

-end confessional-

Later, it's finally time to land, so everyone gets their parachute.

"Ready, OC?", Noah asks.

"Yep.", you reply, and reach for a parachute - except there was only one left. This led to a VERY awkward position between you and Noah. And by awkward position, of course I mean sexual-looking position.

At a point, Lindsay's butt was right in front of Noah's face. And you knew Noah liked it.

"Oh my gosh Noah, you are disgusting.", you say, reacting to Noah's...excitement. Noah probably blushed.

"Noah likes...Lindsay's...butt. Okay, 78 characters left. What can I write? Oh, I got it! OC can feel...Noah's-", Sierra says as she wrote what she said.

"OKAY that's enough Sierra.", you shout.

"Ooh, sorry.", she said.

"If only it were that easy for me.", Cody said. You both land, and separate as quickly as possible.

Chris explains the challenge, and takes you to the "Changing of the Guards" challenge.

Who should be the one to strip the guard? [Note: After you choose, the song will begin]


B: Noah

C: Tyler

OC: It's creepy how they stand there, and don't even blink! I don't wanna see his bum, all naked and pink!

Noah: Hey buddy, Can we bribe you, to strip yourself down?

OC: I've had enough gay moments...

Noah: It's never enough, you clown!

Bridgette: No way, I can't strip him,  Geoffy will freak!

Heather: And I'm allergic to uniforms.

Lindsay: Okay, that's just weak.

Sierra: I made a vow that Cody's the only man for me!

Cody: Okay, so then I have to do it? Uh, hello!? Injury!? Ow!

OC: If we're gonna find that clue...

Heather: There's only one thing to do!

Sierra: Force someone to strip him down!

Heather, and Sierra: And, sorry, Cody, that's you!

Cody: Ow! Oh, wait!

Noah: If we're gonna find that clue...

OC: There's only one thing to do!

Noah: Force someone to strip him down!

OC and Noah: And Tyler, dude, that's you!

Cody: Sierra! Look! It's another me! And I think he wants to strip!

Sierra: Poor honey! Quick, get out of those things. And that will help, I bet.

Brainzilla: Alright fine, Brainzilla will do it!

Heather: We're doing what Chris proposed!

Bridgette: Force someone to strip him down!

'Lindsay, OC and Bridgette: Cause if we don't, we're hosed!

OC: Totally ho-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-osed!

The first ones to finish were Team Amazon, with Sierra quickly stripping down the guard, soon realizing it wasn't really Cody. Then, Team Victory finished, and finally only Team Chris were left.

"You lost rock paper scissors, stop throwing the challenge Tyler.", Noah says.

"I'm not, you try stripping a dude's clothes with your teeth.", Tyler says.

"No one said you had to use your teeth...", Noah says.

"Aw, man...", Tyler says, spitting out lint and then using his hands.

(This is oddly arou-...ahem...I said nothing...)

"OC, tell him to hurry up.", Noah says, nudging you.

"Tyler, hurry up.", you say, uncaring. Finally Tyler finishes, and you can't find the clue.

"You forgot to take off the hat.", Noah says angrily.

"Oh...ahehehe...", Tyler says, taking off the hat. The note flies right into Noah's hands. Noah instantly figures out that they have to go to Anne Boleyn's torture chamber.

"How do you know so much man?", you ask Noah on the way there.

"Uh, I don't know...", he replies.

"You've gotta tutor me one day.", you say.

"Hey, you're smart too.", he says.

"You think so? By the way, with Alejandro gone, there's a perfect chance for you to be the team leader.", you say.

(This is it! If Noah's team leader, his confidence will go through the roof! It's perfect! Oh OC, you've done it again!)

"Wow...really?", he says.

"Yep. You're doing it right now! The way you delegated the challenge to Tyler was brilliant.", you say.

"I didn't delegate it to him, we played rock paper scissors.", he reminds you.

"The details don't matter. What matters is that Tyler did the challenge. I mean, he's still mad at us, but he did it.", you say.

"Yeah, sorry Tyler, but it was for the game.", Noah says.

"Tyler?", you say. Nothing. You both turn around.

"Wh-where's T-Tyler?!", you ask, moving closer to Noah.

"I don't know...TYLER???", Noah shouts. No answer.

"This is creepy...", you say. You arrive at the torture chamber, still wondering and paranoid about where Tyler went. When you get there, Team Victory had also just arrived - seconds before you.

"We need to get back into the lead!", Lindsay says.

"Come on, hurry up! Who's gonna go?", Leshawna asks.

"Brainzilla cannot risk physical injury. One of you lesser minds must take on the challenge.", Brainzilla says.

"Wow, modest much Brainzilla?", Bridgette says.

"Bridgette, you're flexible. Why don't you do it?", Lindsay asks.

"You think so? I can try...", Bridgette says, and gets on the rack. She screams as Leshawna and Lindsay stretch her out, and then their note comes out.

"Can I read it...?", you ask.

"Nothing personal, OC. But this is a challenge.", Lindsay says, and the team dashes away.

"Oh great. Um, OC...what do we do?", Noah asks.

A: Follow Team Victory

B: Go on the rack

C: Have Noah go on the rack

"Hmm...I suppose one of us is gonna have to go on the rack...but who?", you ask.

"I can do it...", he says.

"No no no no no, pick someone else.", you say.

"Okay...? You do it.", Noah says.

"Perfect! Brilliant as always, Noah!", you say


OC: I probably should dial it down.

-end confessional-

The rack HURT like a *****

"**** Noah, hurry the **** up with this ******* stupid torture thing!! AAHH ****!! Hurts like a *****!!!", you shout as Noah grabs the note and gets you off the rack.

"I don't think I've ever heard you use that much profanity at once.", Noah says.

"...Sorry.", you reply. You start following Noah, assuming he knew where he was going.

"Noah?", you ask. You were a little afraid to ask him; his confidence is very fragile right now.

"Yeah?", he asks.

"D-do you know where we're g-going?", you ask.

"Why the stuttering?", he asks.

"I still don't know what happened to T-Tyler...", you say.

"The best we can do is complete the challenge. And, um, by the way...about Tyler. If we lose, we're voting him off, right?", Noah asks. That caught your attention.

"Huh?", you reply.

"If we lose. Tyler's going, right? Because I'm not going to vote for you.", Noah says.

"Oh...I guess so...", you say. You arrive at the Banquet Hall.

"Wow, this place is fancy!", you comment.

"Help me look.", Noah says as he sorted through the random fancy junk. You start helping him, and soon you find the clue in an egg or something. Then, the guard dogs arrive.

"Ah, don't sweat it.", Noah says, as you watch him chase away the dogs. Wow.

"Okay, let's go!", you say.

"Slow down, tiger. First we need to read the clue.", Noah says. He reads the clue, but looks clueless (get it? Don't kill me...)

"Uh...Double Decker bus maybe?", you say. Noah smiles.

"Way to use your noggin, my friend.", he says, and you to dash off back to the bus. Behind you, you can hear Lindsay's chirpy voice.

"Come on guys, it's over here!", she says.

"We're goin' as fast as we can!", Leshawna says.

"Give Brainzilla a break; she is the one who figured out the clues.", Brainzilla points out. You turn to Noah.

"Noah, we're in the lead!!", you say.

"I just hope the Ripper lets us stay in the lead...", Noah says nervously.

"Together, we can do anything. We should sign up for The Amazing Race together!", you say.

"Not now, be quiet.", he says. You do as he says, and you can almost feel the quiet.

"I think he's near.", Noah whispers. You get into the bus, and inch a little closer to Noah. Okay, a lot closer.

"OC, I need my personal space."

"Yeah, well I need my personal life."

"Alright, alright, just mmm...", Noah says, suddenly going silent.

"N-Noah?", you ask, too petrified to turn around. You move your hand around hoping to find his. Nothing. You hear someone banging on the glass booth.

"NOAH!", you shout, as he points behind you. It was that same guy!! The hidden one!! He had a knife in his hand...

"Woah buddy...c-calm down! Just...just let us go!", you say. He lunges at you.

What do you do?

A: Punch him

B: Kick him

C: Run around the bus

D: Custom

You kick him in the face repeatedly.


OC: It kinda reminded me of the time Gwen and I fought that psycho killer. It's a long story.

-end confessional-

"Get away from me!! DIE!", you shout. Noah tries to say something, but he was gagged so he couldn't. You turn to him.

"What??", you ask, but then you get captured too. While he was taking you away, he kicked you. A lot. He took you and Noah together, and once again you and Noah ended up in that same awkward position, except this time you were behind Noah.

The hidden man drops you and Noah in the plane, where you see Tyler, Sierra, Cody, Leshawna, Bridgette, Brainzilla and Lindsay.

"Hey guys...", you say, and you become horrified when you see the cameras.

"H-hey Tyler, good to see you...", Noah says.

"Is it? And here I thought you didn't want to see me anymore.", Tyler replies angrily.

"Tyler, we didn't mean...we're sorry, it's just...", you try to say.

"Yeah, just leave it dude.", Tyler says. You'd never seen him so mad; probably the last time you had seen Tyler genuinely angry was when he found out that you saw Lindsay in the nude.

"Well, we didn't lose...right? Then everything is okay. Chris, we didn't lose, right??", you ask.

"Nope, you're safe. Team Victory's members were caught first, so they lose...and here comes Heather now!", Chris says. Heather arrives proudly, holding a sack, and dumping out THE KICKING KILLER.

"I win!", Heather says. She unmasks the hidden man. GASP!

"Old man Jenkins?!", everyone yells.


OC: Wait who's old man Jenkins?

-end confessional-

Heather unmasks him again. BIGGER GASP!

"Ezekiel?!", everyone yells.

"I told him he can come back to the game if he avoids capture.", Chris says.

"I'm too good for this game.", Heather brags.

"How'd you get captured?", Cody asks you.

"Noah and I got captured together. Didn't you see it on the cam?", you ask.

"I wish! Sierra wouldn't stop kissing me. Remember those stairs? She started making out with me over there, and didn't stop until she started fangirling over the position you and Noah were in.", Cody explains.

"Ugh. Don't remind me.", you say.

"But if you don't let me back, I'll...I'll...the ratings will drop!", Ezekiel says.

"How?", Chris asks.

"Just let me back in, guy! If I'm in, the season will go on longer. And certain people will be gone sooner.", Ezekiel says, giving you a sharp glare. You give him one right back.

"Fine. By the way, you guys didn't find Duncan and Courtney?", Chris asks.

"We did!", Bridgette says.

"Then where are they?", Chris asks.

"They, um, kinda escaped...", Bridgette says.

"Great going, Bridgette. You're not so useful, now are you?!", Chris says angrily. Bridgette muttered something about Chris under her breath, and trust me - it was bad.

(Gotta love angry Bridgette)

"Team Victory, you will be facing elimination. Team Amazon, as a reward for winning the challenge, you get to kick back in first class and you get Ezekiel!", Chris says. Heather, Sierra and Cody groan.

"Not AGAIN!!", Heather shouts.

"Hey, I can be useful, eh!", Ezekiel says.

"He's right, we could give him a chance.", Cody says.

"Yeah, after all, Harold made a pretty big turnaround in Total Drama Action. He already had a big fanbase but no one thought he could win, maybe Ezekiel will do well too.", Sierra says.

"Rrrriiiight. Team Victory, barf bag time. Oh, and OC, stop sneaking around to watch. If you want to see, then just come.", Chris says.

"Hehehe...right.", you say.

At the barf bag ceremony, Chris criticizes them all.

"Bridgette, while your flexibility helped get a clue, you lost Duncan and Courtney. Leshawna, you did nearly nothing in the challenge. Brainzilla, you may have solved the clues, but your attitude is annoying everyone. Lindsay, you're perfect in every way.", Chris says. Everyone votes.

"The first barf bag goes to...Bridgette. Brainzilla, you get the next one.", Chris says.

"Excellent. Brainzilla expected as much.", she says.

"Leshawna, without you, there will be a lot less fabulous booty in the game. Lindsay, without you, there will be a lot more ugly in the game. Thankfully, I'm here to make sure the show stays beautiful.", Chris brags.

Lindsay and Leshawna look nervous.

"The final barf bag goes to...", Chris says.
































"Leshawna, you are safe. Lindsay, I am very sad about this, but it's time for you to go.", Chris says. Lindsay hangs her head low.

"Sorry, Lindsay. You played well.", you say to comfort her. Lindsay hugs you.

"Thanks, OC. When will I ever meet a guy as sweet as you? ...Found one!", Lindsay says as Tyler walks in.

"You're going...?", Tyler asks.

"Aw, we can hang out later when you win! I'll fly to your house from my private jet. I hope your runway is clean!", Lindsay says. Lindsay and Tyler kiss, she hits her head on the top of the door, and jumps.

"And so, Total Drama World Tour loses it's foxiest contestant. What drama will Ezekiel stir up? Can OC deal with it? Will Heather ever accept anyone except herself, and will Tyler ever forgive OC and Noah? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Woooooorrrlllld Tooooouuuurrr!!", Chris sings.


Bridgette: Lindsay

Brainzilla: Lindsay

Leshawna: Lindsay

Lindsay: Leshawna

Greece's Pieces

(I am so jealous of Team Amazon right now), you thought as you sat on the stupid seats of economy class, breathing in the stale stinky air.

"We need to win the next challenge.", Noah complains.

"We all know who's going if we lose.", Tyler complains. Again.

"Okay Tyler, we get it. We said we're sorry.", you say.


OC: Sadly, I know how Tyler feels. I've been under the threat of elimination. Pretty much all of season 1 when I was with Heather...and then when I wasn't...and then when I was again...yeah, it hasn't been a smooth ride for me. My point is, I want to make it up to Tyler.

-end confessional-

You saw Ezekiel talking to Cody in between economy and first class; which is where people go to have private talks, but at the same time, Heather and Sierra were having a conversation in the mess hall. At the same time, Brainzilla, Bridgette and Leshawna were up to something.

Which conversation do you spy on?

A: Ezekiel and Cody

B: Heather and Sierra

C: Brainzilla, Bridgette and Leshawna

D: Don't spy

"Excuse me, Noah and Tyler.", you say, and stand up. You creep up behind Ezekiel and Cody, but unfortunately the position you were hiding in forced you to stare right at Cody's butt.

(Sierra's right, his butt is nice...ahem...I should focus on their conversation...)

"And OC is the real problem, eh! So I help you get rid of Sierra, and you help me sabotage OC!", Ezekiel says.

"Well, I would love to vote off Sierra, but sabotage OC? He's a really cool guy, and he's always nice to me.", Cody says.

(Aw, thank you Cody.)

"Well, duh homie! Of course he'll be nice to you, ya knob! Don't you remember when he left you to die in season one?", Ezekiel asks.

"He didn't really leave me to die...", Cody retorts.

"For all he knew, you could have died bro!", Ezekiel says.

(His gangster attitude makes me cringe so hard.)

"Uh...", Cody says. You finally get a better view.

"Listen to me, Cody. Work together. We can do it.", Ezekiel says. He stares into Cody's eyes, and puts his hands on Cody's shoulders. Cody starts sweating, and pushes Ezekiel's hands away.

"N-no...I don't want this...", Cody says.

"You do, eh. Just trust me.", Ezekiel says.

"Are you sure?", Cody asks.

"I'm experienced...I'll be gentle, and guide you through it.", Ezekiel says.


OC: Did that sound really suggestive or do I have a really dirty mind? Probably both...

-end confessional-

"Cody, don't you remember how much pain you felt? I was there with you at the loser island, Cody...", Ezekiel says.

"Uhh...but...", Cody stutters.

"Has OC even talked to you recently?", Ezekiel asks.

"No...but that doesn't mean anything...", Cody says.

"When he was talking to you, he was just trying to make up for the fact that he let you die so you won't vote him off.", Ezekiel says.

"Maybe you're right...", Cody says.

"Do you think OC would be on your side in this conversation?", Ezekiel asks.

"Yes, definitely!", Cody says.

"I doubt it. We vote for Sierra, and then you help me take down OC.", Ezekiel says.

"F-Fine!", Cody says. Ezekiel leaves. Cody sighs, and sits down, face buried in his hands.

What do you do?

A: Leave

B: Talk to Cody

C: Chase down Ezekiel

You decide to just leave. Later, Chris calls everyone into crafts services. You stand next to Bridgette.

While Chris was explaining the challenge, he said that the Olympics took place in Rome. No one seemed to care, so no one corrected him.

Correct him?

A: Yes

B: No


You land in Greece soon, and Chris still thinks it's Rome. He explains the challenge, and that it's just like Olympics.

"There's three of you on each team. Representing their home country of Chris, we have Noah, Tyler and OC! From their home country of Amazon, Heather, Sierra and Cody! And from the country of Victory, Leshawna, Bridgette and Brainzilla!", Chris announces.


OC: The OLYMPICS!! I love the Olympics! Every four years my whole family, there's like twenty of us, travel to our beach house in Malibu and watch them ALL DAY LONG! I dream of the day I may become an Olympian. I know it's a long shot, and I'm not invested in it, but how cool would it be? I wonder if any of my fellow Total Drama contestants want to be Olympians?

-end confessional-

First, Chris takes you all to maze of pillars.

"OC, your eyes are twinkling.", Bridgette says happily.

"I love the Olympics and anything to do with them! Even one of Chris' stupid challenges!", you say excitedly. Bridgette giggles.

"Hey! I worked hard on these challenges!", Chris scolds.

He explains that this maze of pillars is guarded by Ermathian Boar (Did I spell that right?), and the boar has the gold medal.

"You look excited.", Noah comments.

"I'm in it for the gold, Noah! Bringing the goods home for Team Chris!", you say.

"So, I need one volunteer from each team.", Chris says.


A: Yes, I think I can win this one.

B: No, volunteer for a later challenge

"I volunteer for Team Chris!", you say eagerly.

"Wow, you do love the Olympics!", Tyler says.

"Tyler, as a fellow jock, you must understand the love of the Olympics.", you say.

"...Fellow jock? You're not a-"

"That doesn't matter, it's time for the challenge.", you say.

"I'll volunteer for Team Amazon.", Cody says.

"I'll do it for Team Victory.", Leshawna says.

"Great. Chef, what are your predictions?", Chris asks

"I think Leshawna's gonna win. If she don't, then OC's got it in the bag.", Chef says.

"Hey, what about me?", Cody asks. Sierra frowns.

"You got mauled by a bear in season one, dude. Aren't you like, scared of bears now?", Chris asks.

"I have just as much of a chance of winning as OC and Leshawna.", Cody says. Chris and Chef start laughing.

"No offense, Cody, but OC's been on the show longer than anyone else here, and Leshawna is the strongest girl in Total Drama history.", Chris says. Cody looked upset. You patted him on the back.

"Don't worry, buddy. I can't let you win, but I know you'll do well.", you say. Cody shrugs you off. Everyone leaves, and you all walk through the maze of pillars.

"Here, boar boar boar...", you say. You walk through the maze, trying to find your way around. You're tracking your progress through some random rubble and debris you see, leaving a trail of rocks to see where you've been.

You hear a growl in the distance, and you hear a girl screaming.

"Leshawna!", you yell, and follow the sound. Leshawna was pushed up against a pillar, looking horrified. The bear snarled at her.

Leshawna slapped the bear, then kicked it, and it ran away in fright.

"Wait, come back!", Leshawna yells. She turns to you and smiles.

"Good luck, OC!", she says, and chases after the bear.

You don't know which direction the bear went it, but you did find Cody.

"Uh...hi Cody...", you say. Cody crosses his arms and turns away.

"I...Can we talk?", you ask.

"No.", he replies.

"Why are you mad at me?", you ask innocently.

"B-because you're using me! Male Heather!", Cody shouts.

"I'm not like that...really...", you reply.

"You stopped talking to me after I forgave you! You just wanted to be safe from me!", Cody says.

"We're not even on the same team.", you say, rolling your eyes.

"Then...then you just wanted to get the weight off your chest. You don't even like me!", Cody says.

"That's not true! I do like you! You're an awesome, smart guy!", you say.

"You probably think Noah's better than me. I've done nothing but be nice to you all season.", Cody says.

"So? I've done the same!", you say.

(Wow, Ezekiel's really gotten in his head).

Chris arrives, and tells you it's time for the musical number.

"Chris, while I love to sing, I'm really not in the mood right now.", you say.

"Don't care. If you don't sing, you can kiss the money goodbye.", Chris says.

OC: I know what you're thinking, I hate me too!

Cody: I'm not sure why you think that, but yes I do!

OC: I know what I did, but I have a lot of regrets.

Cody: I doubt it! You just want my vote, don't you?

OC: Oh, Ezekiel's tricking you!

Cody: Not exactly, he spoke the truth!

OC: That's his evil plan! But that jerkface, couldn't ruin our friendshi-i-i-p!

Heather: He's got such a great voice. I can't make out the lyrics, speak up! 

Chris: Shush!

OC: Fine! I'm sorry! What should I do?

Cody: Let me win the challenge,

Leshanwa: Look out for that bear!

Cody: Ahhh! The pain, the pain! Too much to explain!

OC: I know my team's gonna hate me, Cause this is just insane! *OC saves Cody*

Cody: OC, you saved me! You're not to blame!

Leshawna: Thanks, mister boar bear, I guess I win this game!

And so, Leshawna won the challenge. You walked next to Cody, but didn't talk to him.

"Nice effort in the challenge...", he says.

"'re talking to me! What made you change your mind?", you ask.

"Ha, what didn't? You're so persistent! And you threw the challenge for me! You're a real pal.", Cody says.

"Yeah, nice job, OC. You didn't win the gold out here, but you've definitely got gold in here.", she says, pointing to your 'heart of gold'.

"I guess that's nice. I mean, it's no gold medal, but, still good.", you say.

"You can take my challenge if you want. You can still win that medal. I'm no good at physical stuff anyway.", Noah says.

Ask Chris if you can do wrestling instead of Noah?

A: Yes, I want a gold medal!

B: No, that first challenge was hard enough. It's Noah's turn now.

"Yes yes yes thank you!!", you say, hugging your best friend.

"Yep, I'm a super nice guy.", Noah replies.

"Chris, I'm willing to take Noah's place in Olympic Wrestling.", you say excitedly.

"Okay, first of all, it's just wrestling. Second, are you sure? You're pretty roughed up.", Chris says.

"Definitely! I really want a gold medal!", you say.

"Okay...", Chris says.

Except for you, the Team Amazon volunteer was Ezekiel and the Team Victory volunteer was Bridgette.

"Come on girl, Team Girl can win this.", Leshawna says.

"Don't mess up.", Heather says.

"I wont! Leave me alone!", Ezekiel says.

"Someone's agitated...", Sierra complains.

"What the shizzle, Sierra?", Ezekiel retorts.

"Shush, Zeke. Let's get to the teen fighting!", Chris says.

(That doesn't sound legal.)


OC: Is it just me, or have things gotten less gay lately? I'm indifferent, but at least it happening with Noah and Tyler is better than Duncan. Wait...did Chris stage those?

-end confessional-

(A.N.: It's true, Chris did set up all those gay stuff because OC was causing no romantic drama)

The fight began, and Bridgette was really awkward in the fight.

"Excuse me, carbon-based life form commonly referred to as Bridgette, Brainzilla insists that you go for a left hook!", Brainzilla says.

"I don't want to hurt anyone...", Bridgette says.

"Then why did you even volunteer?", you ask, dodging hits from Zeke.

"Brainzilla never wants to risk injury.", Bridgette says, and attempts to pin you down, but you push her away.

"KICK HIM IN THE DISHPAN, HOO HOO HOO!!!", Brainzilla yells, sounding oddly enough like Izzy.

(A.N.: If you got that reference, we can be best friends now)

"Just give up already!", Ezekiel yells.

"You wish! Do you know how badly I want that medal?! I can snap your neck!", you shout.

"I can curse you in 8 different languages!", he retorts.

"I feel like I'm not in this fight.", Bridgette says. Ezekiel pushes her, but grabs her breast by mistake. His cheeks become red like apples. Bridgette shouted at the top of her lungs and slaps Ezekiel. Ezekiel snaps back to his senses and pushes Bridgette off.

"Geoff ain't gonna like that...", Leshawna says.

"OC, I believe in you!", Tyler yells.

"Hey, OC, if anyone's gonna win, it'd better be you!", Bridgette says angrily.

"EZEKIEL GET TO WORK!", Heather yells.

What do you do?

A: Punch him in the face

B: Punch him in the stomach

C: Punch him in the groin

D: Kick him in the face

E: Kick him in the stomach

F: Kick him in the groin

G: Custom

"You may think guys are stronger than girls, but let me show their weak spot.", you say, and nail Zeke right in the groin. Everyone responds with an "Ooo!" or "Ouch!", or "Woohoo, go OC!", or in Heather's care, "Zeke, stop being a ball-aching LOSER!"

Zeke crouches down, but still tries to punch you.

(A.N.: Option C would've meant OC was touching Zeke's groin in a way...can't believe I just realized that)

"Uh, Zeke, I think you might want to give up...", Chris says.

"N-No...", Zeke says in pain. Bridgette crossed her arms and smiled at you.

"Perfect revenge, OC.", she says.

"Zeke, I really think you should-", Chris says again, but is interrupted.

"Alright, alright, I'll give up, eh!", he yells.

"Okay then. OC, er, I mean, Team I'm A Sexy Beast wins!", Chris says. Everyone groans.

"Are they going to let you say that line on national TV?", Noah asks.

"Maybe not, the censors are strict in US version. But it'll definitely make it to Netflix!", Chris replies.


OC: I feel like Chris likes Lindsay and me a little more than the others. Especially Lindsay. It's kinda creepy. Um...

-end confessional-

"That's one victory for Team Victory, and one for Team Chris. Team Amazon, you're falling behind, but you can make up for it in this last game.", Chris says.

"What happens if everyone ties?", Brainzilla asks.

"A simple tiebreaker involving nudity.", Chris says. Team Victory looked shocked - they're all girls.

"That's something to look forward to...", Tyler whispers to you, leading to you elbowing his stomach.

"You have a girlfriend.", you say.

"Tyler, I assume you'll be doing the race?", Chris says. Tyler puffs out his chest and steps forward. Heather volunteers for Team Amazon, and Brainzilla for Team Victory.

"Don't expect victory. I'm fast, and flexible.", Heather says, pulling her leg up to her head.

"That's nothing.", Tyler says, forming his body into a pretzel. Your jaw dropped.

"How does he do that?", Noah asks. Tyler stands up again, and Heather looked shocked.

"How do you...what...can boys' bodies even bend that...I need to rethink everything...", Heather says. Tyler smiles smugly.

"Brainzilla? Anything to add?", Chris asks.

"Brainzilla believes she is physically inept, but will try her best.", Brainzilla says.

"Right...", Chris replies. Everyone gets into position, and the race begins! Tyler and Heather speed off, and Brainzilla tries her best, but is incredibly careful. Then, she trips despite being so careful, and hits her head on one of the hurdles.

"Huh? What happened? Did the Milk Horses come back to reclaim my Macbook?", Brainzilla asks.

"BRAINZILLA, PICK IT UP!!", Leshawna shouts.

"Brainzilla? Who's that? I heart marshmallow sauce!", Izzy says.


"UGH! I can't lose to a loser jock!", Heather says.

"I'm not a loser! I'll show you!", Tyler says, and picks up the speed. He jumped almost complete splits through the hurdles. Wherever Lindsay was, she was swooning.

"Hey, Cody ma bro, don't you remember when OC put you in that full body cast?", Ezekiel says.

"Not the time, Zeke!", you yell.

"It wasn't his fault! We already settled it!", Cody says.

"But don't forget that he's best friends with Sierra - you think he'll vote her off?", Ezekiel says.

"I'm not listening.", Cody says.

"Don't you remember that you liked Gwen first, and OC stole her from you?", Ezekiel says. Then, he had Cody's attention. You gulp.

"Yep, imagine him kissing Gwen, thinking about how he basically punched your heart.", Ezekiel says.

"Shut up, Ezekiel!", you yell.

"Gwen...", Cody sighs.

"Imagine him making out with Gwen totally knowing that you liked her first. He broke the man code!", Ezekiel says.

"It's bro code, you idiot.", Heather says.

"SHUT UP EZEKIEL!! My romantic life is none of your business.", you say.

"Maybe you should shut up!", Ezekiel shouts. You and Ezekiel start shouting at each other, and Tyler and Heather both turn around to see.

"Tyler, stop that! TURN BACK!", you shout, and Tyler obliges.

"Look, Cody, I didn't mean to-", you begin.

"OC, be quiet.", Cody replies.

"No, Cody, it's just-", you say, but then...the last thing you saw was Cody's fist on your face. Blackout.

You awoke later, in first class.

"We...we won?", you ask.

"Yep. Thanks to you yelling at me to focus, I beat Heather by a margin!", Tyler says. You sit up and hug Tyler.

"Good job, man! I knew you could do it!", you say.

"Thanks.", Tyler says.

"I'm...I'm really sorry for planning to vote you off. We'll vote off whoever deserves it...that is, if we lose!", you say, getting a high five from Tyler.

"Where's Noah?", you ask. Noah was getting a massage and had cucumbers on his eyes.

"Thanks for caring, Noah.", you say.

"I was stressed.", he replies. You and Tyler both go down to see Team Amazon's elimination.

"You've all picked your choice, but tonight the choice is mine. The person taking the Drop of Shame will be...Sierra.", Chris says.

"What? Me? But...but why?", she asks.

"We put you in this season to stir things up. You did nothing but gush over Cody and talk about disturbing art on DeviantArt.", Chris says.

"I understand. Can I come back for the All-Star season?", Sierra asks.

"Huh?", Chris asks.

"Well, this show is based off of Surviv-", she begins, but Chef shoves the parachute in her hand and pushes her out.

"BYEEEE CODYYYYYYYY!!", she yells. Cody slumps down in relief.

Later, Cody and Heather both wanted to talk to you.

Who do you talk to?

A: Cody

B: Heather

"Um, hold on a second, Heather.", you say. Heather looked annoyed, but you needed to talk to Cody.

"OC, I-", Cody says, but he can't continue before you punch his arm.

"What the ****, Cody?! Why'd you punch my lights out like that?", you ask angrily.

"Okay, I guess I deserved that. I mean, I gave you a black eye, but I'm really really sorry.", Cody says.


  • OC holds up mirror*

OC: What...I do have a black eye...

-end confessional-

"You little miserable...", you say, muttering profanities at Cody. These continued for about a full two minutes, and Cody didn't say a word.

"I'm sorry. I do like Gwen, and Ezekiel manipulated me. I shouldn't have been such a jerk to you. If it weren't for you, I would've been mauled twice by bears this season. You are a good friend.", Cody says, and hugs you. You decide to hug him back.

"It's alright, Cody. Why the hugs?", you ask.

"I'm just really happy that Sierra's gone.", Cody says.

"Yeah, you seemed happy.", you reply.

"Hey, to apologize I want you to have this.", Cody says.

"No need, bro, we're totally even.", you say. Cody insisted, and gave you a PDA.

"You don't want it?", you say.

"I already have a newer model back home. My parents got it for me since I kinda, um, aced my exams and stuff.", Cody says.

"You're academic?", you say, surprised.

"Um, kinda...", he says.

"Why are you so ashamed? That's really cool. Today's nerds are tomorrow's leaders.", you say. After that, Cody tells you all about how he'd rather have girls swooning over him than be the president of the school's Einstein Club.

"So your parents are rich, and that's how you afford all that stuff?", you say.

"Yeah, I guess. I guess cool life isn't for everyone...Am I just brains?", Cody asks.

"No man, you're cool to me.", you say.

"Really? You mean it? That...that really means a lot to me, OC.", Cody says.

"I'm gonna get back to first class. See ya.", you say.

"Bye.", Cody says.

"Oh, wait!", you say.

"What is it?", Cody asks.

A: Do you wanna come up to first class with my team?

B: Thanks for the PDA, can you show me how it works?

C: What do you plan on doing about your team?

D: I heard your conversation with Ezekiel earlier...

"Do you, um, do you wanna come up to first class with me and the rest of my team?", you ask.

"Yeah!!", Cody says excitedly, and eagerly follows you.

"Where are you going?!", Heather asks angrily.

"Up to first class. With OC.", Cody says. Heather glares at you.

"Don't try any funny business.", Heather says.

"We'll be talking strategy all night, Heather.", you say. Later, you won the burping contest.

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