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So far...

  • Katie was voted off previously for poor performance in the challenge
  • Ezekiel, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Noah and OC are the Final 7
  • Heather's alliance was dissolved when she ditched you, and Lindsay ditched her, but the Guys' Alliance is still going strong
  • Note: Only 3 of these characters were in the original Final 7: Duncan, Gwen and Heather
  • You've made a big enemy of Heather, but your friendships with Noah, Lindsay and Gwen have never been stronger
  • Ezekiel seems to be a little ticked off at you; maybe find out what the problem is?

Wawanakwa Gone Wild

You all walked together as you and Lindsay discussed how awesome it was to be in the Final 7; and how your respective lovers are rooting for you back home, until you all get trapped in a wooden cage.

"Oh great. This again.", Ezekiel says. You all look at him.

"You've been trapped in a cage before?", Gwen asks.

"Yeah, I tried to put my pet dog in her cage but sometimes she's kinda feisty. Anyway I ended up stuck in there. It took my ma five hours to break the wooden cage with her nail filer.", Ezekiel said.

(How big is this guy's dog...?)

"Hello, campers!", Chris says. The only thing you wanted to hear less than Ezekiel's story was Chris' voice. He broke you all out of the cage, and told everyone to meet him at the Mess Hall.

You tried to eat the food, but it was so was just paste. Nothing more. You tried to see if you could eat it or if it was even edible while Chris explained the challenge and some other thing about animals and rangers.

You were looking forward to trying to get immunity again - four times in a row would be awesome!

He explains that the challenge was to capture an animal randomly selected for you.

You all arrive at the boathouse, and you have to capture a DEER.

  • Ezekiel: Frog, "Umm...which ones are frogs again?"
  • Duncan: Beaver, "Whatever, as if that's gonna be tough."
  • Gwen: Duck, "Whatever."
  • Heather: Bear, "WHAT?! Lindsiot gets a cute little furball, Ollie Loser gets a frail deer and I get BEAR?!"
  • Lindsay: Chipmunk, "Ooh, I love chipmunks, especially the ones that sing and dance and have genderbent versions of themselves in the sequel of their movies!"
  • Noah: Raccoon, "Great. As if there isn't enough vermin in my life."

In the boathouse, your options for hunting the deer a multitude of items, but you figure you shouldn't take too much.

What TWO items do you take?

A: Tranquilizer gun, already loaded

B: A net, nice and big

C: Deer feed, canister half-full (always be positive!)

D: Rope, decent length

You decide to take the gun and the feed.

"Hmm, it's half empty. Will you be able to catch and lead the deer back to the camp?", Noah asks

"It's half full, Noah.", you correct him. You can see him rolling his eyes from the corner of yours.

(A.N.: It's super cold so my fingers feel like popsicles and typing is hard lol)

The time ends, and Heather falls in front of you holding a net.

"That's so not going to hold a bear...", Gwen says to Heather.

"Okay, OC, I need you to win, so listen to me closely.", Noah says.

(He needs me to win? Must be for the Guys' Alliance...or does he actually think I can win this game?) you start thinking. Noah snaps his fingers.

"OC! OC! Listen to me! You need to stay quiet, they run at the slightest of sounds. But at the same time, be alert to your surroundings - if something is approaching you, you should know. And finally, don't be an idiot. Just be smarter than the deer.

Before the challenge, there was a quick Guys' Alliance meeting concerning finally voting off Heather, and the best news: The guys, for once after the merge, finally outnumbered the girls 4-3.

"Let's keep it up, guys! We can dominate this game!", Ezekiel says.

You immediately head into the woods following Noah's advice: Be quiet, be alert, and be smarter than the deer. You decide to head to the pond, and hide behind the bush. Complete silence other than the deer drinking water, completely vunerable.


A: Shoot - You might not get another golden opportunity!

B: Don't shoot - We can find another deer to bag!

You shoot straight, and you hear someone yelling "ow!", when you look's Lindsay!


"Huh...what's happening?", Lindsay says, getting dizzy.

"S-sorry Lindsay, you might be a little woozy, I kinda accidentally shot you with a tranquilizer dart.

"Oh...oh, that's okay...", she says slowly. You gently help her sit down.

"What are you doing here?", you ask

"Getting water...for the chipmunk...", she says.


(Well, she has her methods and I have mine.)

"Did you find a deer yet?", she asks.

"I thought you were one.", you admit.

"Okay...", she says.

"Do you need anything? Should I help you to the med tent?", you say as you pull out the dart.

"No...just...go.", she says, dizzy.

"A-are you sure, maybe I could-"

"OC, just go.", Lindsay says. You listen to her and walk away. As you're walking, you encounter a bear! You start running, but it persistently keeps chasing after you, chased you out of the woods and to the dock. You wanted to shoot it with the gun, but you didn't want to waste your darts.

You threw the canister of deer food at the bear and out came..a fish?! That wasn't in there before! The bear ate the fish as Heather caught the bear in her net and hit it repeatedly...until it passed out.

"Thanks for helping me out, OC.", Heather says, and dragged the bear to the cage.

"Heather, congratulations! You win!", Chris says, as Chef brings out her dinner.

"YES! Another day of invincibility!", Heather says.

"Not exactly. I said that the winner gets the dinner, not invincibility.", Chris explains.

"WHAT?!", Heather shouts.

"Well, at least you're safe from cleaning the communal washrooms...", Chris notes. Heather rolls her eyes, and walks off somewhere...probably to get someone's vote.

Later, you go off again into the woods with the little deer food you have left. You're about to lay it down to attract a deer, until a psychotic duck zooms in from no where and knocks you down. Gwen comes chasing it.

"That duck is crazy!! It's like, something from an old cartoon!", she shouts, annoyed.

(Oh great, I'm out of deer what?!)

Later, you find Noah trying to catch his raccoon, and fighting the Raccoon Robot Monster thing.

"What the f-", Noah begins.

"Noah, there's no time!!", you shout, and you start running. As you run, you tell Noah what happened. Noah ducks and catches a raccoon.

"Yes, I got one!", he exclaims. Lindsay, still dizzy, passes by and accidentally hits Noah, making him drop the raccoon.

"NOOO!!!", he screams, but you two finally got out of the woods to see that the bear and Gwen's duck are already in the cage...and so is a DEER?!

"Noah, look, there's a deer in there! You think it got there by itself?", you ask.

"Yes, because all animals love being trapped in tiny cages with bears. No, I put it there.", Noah says.

"You what? Really??"

"Yeah, well, you've been helping me out a lot lately, I just thought I'd repay the favour.", Noah explains.

"I have?", you ask.

"Sure. I mean, without you I would've been gone in like, the third challenge without any friends.", he speculates. You laugh.

"You think so?"

"I do. Anyway, I lost my bucket somewhere in the woods so I'm gonna need to go get something else. You should go find something to do.", Noah says.

(Maybe I could help someone out)

Who do you help with the challenge?

A: Lindsay with her chipmunk - how hard could it be?

B: Ezekiel with his frog - something's bugging him about you.

(Okay, well, I kinda owe Lindsay one for shooting her, but it's not like she wanted to be around me...)

So you head off to find Ezekiel, wondering where he might be looking for frogs. As you walk through one of the marshy places of the island, you step in a puddle and fall into it?!

(What on Earth?!)

Ezekiel passes by, and you wave at him,

"Zeke! Zeke! Come here! Help!", you yell. Ezekiel looks in your direction.

"Oh, OC!", he says, and helps you out of the deep, deep puddle.

"I thought I could help you catch a frog, looks like you ended up helping me...", you note.

"Oh, I don't need YOUR help.", Ezekiel says.

"Umm...okay? You sure?", you say.

"Pretty sure.", he says. After that, he ignored you. Not a single word.

Later, you all gather at the bonfire, and Noah arrives last with his animal, while Heather eats her delicious meal, as you all envy her.

"I'm here! I'm here!", Noah says, running as fast as he can with a raccoon in Chef's cleaning bucket. You all laugh.

You open the cage, and Noah dumps the raccoon out.

"Noah, looks like you'll be cleaning the communal washrooms!", Chris says with glee.

"Oh, great.", he says, and stands next to the rest of you.

"Tonight, you all vote!", Chris says.

That night.

"Since someone ate all the marshmallows a few episodes ago, and we've been using the backup supply, we've run out. So, I'll just show the confessionals on video!", Chris announces, leading to a huge gasp.

OC: I vote for HEATHER!

Ezekiel: I vote for OC.

Heather: Buh-bye, OC!

Noah: I'm so sick of her, just vote off Lindsay

Lindsay: I'm voting for Heather!

Gwen: Duncan.

You realized you and Heather were couldn't believe it. What if Duncan voted for you?!

Duncan: Well, according to the Guys' Alliance, I should be voting off Heather.

It hits you like a tidal wave made of sugar and cupcakes.

"YES!! FINALLY!", you shout.

"WHAT?! But I WON!", Heather shouts.

"You lost, and you're bald. GET OVER IT!", you yell out of happiness.

"NO!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!", Heather shouts, and kicks Chris' shin.

"Goodbye, Heather. I'm sure no one here will miss you.", Chris says.

"Byee Heather...", Lindsay says.

"UGHHHH!! YOU! OC! It's YOUR fault! You're going down if it's the last thing I DO!", she shouts, as Chef carries her to the boat.

"MARK my words, Chris McLean, you haven't seen the last of me! I'll sue! I'll call my lawyers! YOUR NAME WILL BE MUD ON EVERY BLOCK FROM HERE TO CHINA!", Heather yells along with some curses. You were too happy to care about what Heather was shouting at you. She's finally GONE!

That same night, you, Gwen and Lindsay celebrated the evil wicked witch Heather being gone, and the Guys' Alliance disbanded - Duncan pretty much revealed the whole thing and it was supposed to be a secret.

Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon

For the challenge, Chris divided you all into three groups: You and Ezekiel, Noah and Lindsay, and Gwen and Duncan.

For the first challenge, one person had to feed their teammate a meal.

You and Ezekiel can't decide who's eating and who's feeding.

What do you do?

A: Be the eater

B: Be the feeder

(He doesn't like me...maybe it'll be better if I take a bigger share of the work...)

"Umm, it's okay Ezekiel, I'll eat.", you say.

"Whatever.", he says and start shoving the food into your mouth. You see Gwen doing the same to Duncan.

"MMPH...MMPPH! Slow down Eze-mmph!", you say as Ezekiel rams the food in your mouth, not stopping. At this point, your mouth is full and you can't chew, so you pull away to swallow - it was disgusting!

"And Gwen and Duncan WIN!", Chris announces

(Dang it! Great job, Ezekiel...)

For the next challenge, you all had to go to Boney Island to put Beth's tiki doll back.

(I hate this's the reason I was eliminated! Well, and Heather.), you remember as you scornfully look at that doll.

"Throw it into the cave and return to the camp.", Chris announced from the helicopter.

"You ready, OC?", Gwen asks. You nod.

"Oh yeah, and one of you has to piggyback on the other!", Chris says. Duncan carries Gwen and Lindsay carries Noah (because Noah has the body strength of a kid and is surprisingly light).

"This is weird, but it works.", Noah notes on his position.

What do you do?

A: Carry Ezekiel - I still might be able to gain his trust.

B: Make him carry you - It's his turn to pull some weight (literally)

"Alright, bend over so you can carry me.", Ezekiel commands.

"Excuse me? I ate in the last challenge, so you're carrying me, buddy.", you say bluntly. Ezekiel looks a bit ticked off - clearly he's got a lot to learn about the real world.

You climb on to his back.

(Ew, does this guy ever shower?)

"Okay, we'll follow everyone else, turn left!", you say, and Ezekiel turns right.

"What ARE YOU DOING?! We're already behind!", you yell.

"Oops, I forgot which one was left.", he says as a lame excuse.

(No way he's that dumb.)

You try to find your way around to the cave, working off the faint noises of Duncan and Gwen going "woo!"

"Gwen! Duncan!", you yell as you find them on the beach.

"Woohoo!", Gwen uncharacteristically yells.

"Now you've got it!", Duncna exclaims.

"Oh, OC! Hey!", Gwen says happily.

"Guys, the cave is that way!", you say.

"Oh, no worries, I just wanted to get some memories with some pics! Come on, let's take a group photo!", Duncan says.

"Wait, what?", Gwen says.

"Umm, yeah. What's the problem?", Duncan says.

"Okay, I get that you want to have fun but that's enough pictures, Duncan. Let's go!", she says.

"Alright, alright. What are you two doing here?", Duncan asks as he and Gwen settle and go off.

" lost.", you say, viciously eyeing Ezekiel.

"Follow them!", you say to Ezekiel, and he starts running slower, and eventually he "trips", landing you both in the mud.

Finally, when you agree to let him piggyback, Chris arrives on his helicopter and announces that Gwen and Duncan won AGAIN.

"Wow, Duncan and two are a power duo!", Chris says. After you, Zeke, Noah and Lindsay dump your idols in the cave and make your way back to camp, Chris announces the final challenge: Stacking a totem pole of every eliminated contestant.

--Order of eliminated contestants (Read in Chris' voice)--

Courtney, LeShawna, Duncan, Trent, Justin, Harold, Cody (the drama brothers lol), Beth, Owen, DJ, Bridgette, Izzy, Eva, Sadie, Tyler, Katie and the vicious Heather!

--Back to main story--

"Alright, this isn't that hard! You were eliminated first, so...", you say.

"Don't remind me! I'm here now!", Ezekiel says.

"Umm, okay. My point is you were eliminated first, so you may not remember any of the eliminations before Izzy. So let me take care of those, it's the bigger load, so you shouldn't have much trouble.", you say cruelly - even though it was true.

You stack from Courtney to Cody, and can't remember whether Beth or Owen were eliminated next.

(Okay, Beth brought the curse which means Owen might have been affected...but wasn't he eliminated because he sucked in Chef's challenge?! Dang, I should have watched closer back at the loser island...nope, it was definitely Beth and THEN Owen...), you think. When you look back the screw-up-on-purpose Zeke tripped over and "accidentally" knocked down your entire stack.

"EZEKIEL!" you shout.

What do you say?

A: Shout at him, make him get lost in a corner and do it yourself

B: Let it go this one last time, it's the last challenge

"Ahem. Ezekiel, why don't I take care of the challenge? There's not much time left, and you should relax.", you say as sweetly as possible.

"Whatever, eh. It doesn't make a difference to me.", he says. You start, and you're all the way up to Bridgette when Chris announces that Noah and Lindsay won.

"I didn't even do anything! Noda told me to to sit down and put on nail polish!", Lindsay notes happily. Right after that, you drop an F-Bomb prompting everyone to stare at you.

"Which means either OC or Ezekiel are going home. F*** indeed, OC.", Chris announces. You also knock over your totem pole.

Later, the votes are announced.

"And the person going home is...OC!", Chris says.

"Huh?!", you say.

"That's what it says on the cards. There's only two votes that weren't for you.", Chris says.

"How could this be?!", you say, looking at Zeke, who's smiling smugly.

"I voted for you.", he says.

"WHY?! WHAT do you have AGAINST me?!", you shout, releasing all your anger.

"Heather told me to.", he says. Here's what happened: After failing with Noah, Heather told Ezekiel that he's the one she really likes - using Zeke's naive nature to her advantage, she pinned him against you.

"UGH! HEATHER!!", you shout into the sky. Chris chimes in.

"You know she wanted Katie gone too?", Chris says.

"I knew it, don't know why.", you reply.

"Check it out.", Chris said, pointing to the monitor. It shows Heather badmouthing you a day after you were gone - and Katie starting a fight with her.

"And their grudge just...grew.", Gwen noted.

"Oh, man...", you say. Gwen, Duncan, Noah and Lindsay walk you to the boat of losers.

Lindsay: "I...had a really good time with you OC. It was like, soo much fun going against Heather with you! I hope I see you soon...but like, not too soon, I mean I want to win.", she says, then kissing you on the cheek.

Gwen: "You made this place a little less sucky. I wish it didn't end this way, we should totally hang out more after the competition."

Noah: "Umm...without you, I would've had no friends, so...thanks. You're a great guy and we should stay in touch."

Haute Camp-ture

And then, you wound up at Playa Des Losers for the second time, and LeShawna immediately wanted to show you something - a bonus clip of the episode.

Ezekiel is shown, rigging the votes (like Harold in the original version)

"This is for...Heather!", he says.

Heather noted in: "That kid will do anything.", she said, bald. Leshawna immediately chased after her.

Your ranking: #6

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