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The Big Sleep

So, let's continue where we left off - Episode 2, The Big Sleep! You've formed an alliance with Heather, which she wants to expand, while you secretly plan against her, with your two new friends Noah and LeShawna to help you out. (this feels a lot like Mean Girls).

"Good morning, OC. Ready for another challenge?", Heather asks. You reply by groaning. You're quite tired.

"Chris, you look really buff in those shorts.", Heather remarks.

"I know.", Chris retorts.

"You're flirting with Chris?", you ask

"Yeah.", she replies bluntly.

"Hey, um, so I was thinking about our alliance...", you begin.

"What about it?"

"How would you feel about including someone who's not on our, say, Katie?", you ask, going right into it.

"Katie? What does she have to offer our alliance?", Heather asks.

A: Tell Heather you like Katie

B: Lie and make up some other reason why Katie should join

(Well, I'm already lying to her about my loyalty...what have I got to lose?)

"I think she's athletic and if we get her vote, we also get Sadie's vote. Right?", you proposed, hoping to hear a yes.

"She's on the other team, but...maybe. Their team sucks anyway.", Heather laughed.

"So...when will you ask her?", you ask.

"Patience. Alliances are something you handle with care, OC."

Later, after the run and feast, it's time for the actual challenge: The Big Sleep.

"This is stupid challenge. What do you think?", Gwen asks you.

"Yeah...totally stupid. Maybe they're saving the creative ideas for a future challenge."

18 hours in, Katie and Sadie seem tired...but not too tired.

"Is it time now?", you ask Heather.

"Yep. You wanna stay here while I talk to her?"


Heather walks up to Katie, and pulls her away from Sadie.

"Katie, I wanted to ask you something. I have this alliance, and I was wondering if you'd join me in it. OC here told me you'd be a perfect fit. You wanna come to the final three with us?", Heather asks.

"Umm, I'll only enter if you let Sadie in too.", Katie replies.

"Sure thing! See, every time your team loses, you just tell her who to vote for!", Heather replies sweetly.

"But, how will I know?"

"I'll tell you of course. It's easy-peezy!", Heather says.

"Oh...then sure!"

Later, Heather also asks Lindsay. You flirt with Lindsay but stop when Tyler makes a dirty look at you.

"You can't date him! He's on the other team! You can't inter-team date!", Heather reprimands Lindsay. Good thing you didn't tell Heather about Katie!

"Hey, Lindsay, don't tell Heather, but I've got a thing for someone on the other team too. It's our little secret!", you say to comfort Lindsay. Lindsay smiles back at you.

After an attempt to steal Chris' coffee and failing, you fall asleep. Gwen promptly wins, and you all celebrate.

"Great. Now we need to tell Katie who to vote off. Apparently, Katie's friends with Tyler, Bridgette and DJ now, so we've got some extra firepower.", Heather says.

"I made friends with them for their vote. Okay, maybe not - they're good people.", Katie says.

"Good, then that limits our options to Courtney, Duncan, Geoff, Harold and Eva. I was thinking of taking her MP3 Player, but there's no need to sabotage their team if we have Katie. Nice thinking, OC.", Heather compliments you.

"Lindsay? Any thoughts?", you ask.

"Umm...I'm not sure.", Lindsay replies.

"Well then, OC, it's your choice. Congratulations. Let's run through some basic info. We could eliminate Courtney due to her CIT experience, Duncan seems pretty strong, but he makes his team unstable. Did you see what he did to Harold? EVERYONE likes Geoff, and that's bad. Eva's strong, but not really a team player. And Harold...he's not really good at anything. Your pick?", Heather asks you.

Who should Katie tell the others to vote for?

A: Courtney

B: Duncan

C: Geoff

D: Eva

E: Harold

"How about Courtney? You know, during our hot tub party a few days ago, I overheard her saying she's gonna dominate the whole game. It would be a huge in-your-face if she got voted off second.", you suggest.

"Yeah, and it's not like they'll be hard to convince, Courtney was almost voted off last time too!", Katie remarked.

And so, Courtney was voted off, despite her claims that it was fixed.


The game of dodgeball begins, and you're pretty good! It's you, Heather, Lindsay, LeShawna and Cody up versus Eva, Geoff, Bridgette, Katie and Tyler.

Tyler tries to shoot for your team, but hits Lindsay, and they walk off somewhere. Heather looks at you, angry at Lindsay, and catches a ball from Bridgette, making Bridgette out. Heather, angry as ever, squeezes the ball in her hands until it's out of air. She gets a penalty and walks off to Lindsay.

(It would probably be better to not stop her), you think.

You continue to play, as LeShawna easily takes out Geoff and Tyler, until Katie takes her out. You didn't want to take out Katie, but you were saved when Cody turned Katie away with his ultimate throw. It's you and Cody versus Eva. The last thing you see is Eva shooting a ball right towards you.

You wake up in the infirmary, with Heather and Lindsay next to your bed. Lindsay's covered in bruises from the game.

"Wh-what happened?", you ask, still hazy.

"Eva took you out big time. Great job voting off Courtney.", Heather remarked.

"I'm sorry, but maybe it will help!", you argue.

"Anyway, Lindsiot here is on probation for the time being. At least you don't like anyone from the other team.", Heather says, rolling her eyes. Lindsay winks at you.

You and the other two girls go back to the game, where Eva single-handedly takes out everyone, without even breaking a sweat. The only person who hasn't gone yet: Noah. Everyone tried convincing him to play, but he wasn't budging.

"Aren't you Noah's friend, OC? Convince him to play!", Gwen says.

"Noah, please play. You could at least try.", you say and make your signature puppy-dog eyes at him. Noah finally gives in.

"Alright, alright, you wore me down. I'll play."

Surprisingly, Noah's small size and gracefulness helped him on the court, he was able to dodge. The problem was playing. Unfortunately, it was down to Noah versus Eva and Harold, who had to play. Without Courtney there, no one dared to wake up Duncan.

Eva violently threw a ball at Noah. This time, you got a good look. Eva's muscles pumped up as she shot the ball viciously, and it sped toward Noah, but Noah ducked in time. It hit the wall, and smashed into Eva from the front, making her technically out.

Noah and Harold were left. Neither of them could throw, and both were getting tired. Finally, it was Duncan who finally woke up and threatened to rip out Harold's sinuses if he made them lose, and the Screaming Gophers suffered their first loss.

Later, Heather approached you.

"Look, I know your decision in the last challenge made us lose but thanks to you being friends with Nerdly over there, we almost won. So I'll give you one last chance.", Heather said.

"Th-thanks...", she said. She never told you who to vote for...

So who will you vote for?

A: Gwen

B: Trent

C: LeShawna

D: Owen

E: Izzy

F: Noah

G: Cody

H: Justin

I: Beth

Sorry, I know this was a short one, which is why I wrote two episodes together. Trust me though, Not Quite Famous will be filled with choices!

"And the final marshmallow goes to...", Chris announced, showing two contestants who didn't have marshmallows - LeShawna and Noah.


"Thank you very much.", Noah said.

"Wh-what?! How could you do this?", LeShawna said to no one in particular.

"Bye LeShawna.", Heather said passive-aggressively. Gwen patted LeShawna on the shoulder.

"If it makes you feel better, I'll miss you. And you did make some great friends.", Gwen said.

"Thanks girl."

And just like that, LeShawna gracefully left the island.

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