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So far...

  • Sadie was voted off previously, and Izzy came back but was chased off somewhere by the RCMP.
  • Ezekiel, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Katie, Lindsay, Noah, OC and Tyler are the Final 9.
  • You're running two alliances at once: Heather's alliance and the Guys' Alliance
  • You are still dating Katie, and there is a mystery surrounding her and Heather while you were gone
  • Heather is trying to get Katie off the show in order to get you off guard and make you leave
  • Note: Sorry that Gwen hasn't received any screentime lately, but she'll play a major role in Hook, Line & Screamer and until she's eliminated (unless she gets to the finals. Remember, nothing is planned).

That's Off The Chain!

Before the challenge, all nine of you were gathered around the beach. You, Ezekiel, Duncan, Gwen, Katie and Tyler were playing with a frisbee. Meanwhile, when you glimpsed at Heather, she was swatting Lindsay with a fly swatter. Tyler tries to catch the frisbee, fails and falls into the sand on his face.

"OC, come here for a minute.", Heather says. You walk to Heather.

(Every second I spent with this girl is agonizing), you think.

"Tell Lindsay what a bad idea a girls' alliance is.", she says.

"Lindsay, it's a bad idea because none of you girls get along unlike the guys, have fun.", you say lazily. You slowly walk away, hearing bits and pieces of their conversation...

"Did you hear that? Something is going on with the guys. Maybe they have an alliance of their own...", Heather thinks.

"Then there's another reason to make another girl's alliance!", Lindsay says, getting a swat from Heather.

"Hey, OC, it's time for the second Guy's Alliance meeting, you in?", Noah asks. Katie was sitting by herself in the corner.

"I don't know...I should talk to Katie.", you reply.

"Your call. But you've been spending a lot of time with her, you know we'll have to cut her loose one day, right?", Noah asks, looking a little concerned for you.

"Yeah *sigh*, I let me have this.", you reason. Noah nods and heads off to the cabin with the guys. Next, you see Heather walking behind them, but following them...

What do you do?

A: Console Katie because of Sadie being gone.

B: Go to the Guys' Alliance meeting

C: Find out what Heather's up to

You decide to pursue Heather, and eventually you find her listening to the guys outside the cabin.

(We really should talk quieter)

You creep up on the OTHER side and listen as well.

"...and that's why I think we should vote off Heather next.", Duncan says. Noah immediately rejects the idea.

"What are you talking about, Noah? We've been planning on voting off Heather forever!", Tyler argues.

"F-fine...we'll vote off Heather.", Noah said.

"Hey, don't forget that the alliance needs to make some sacrifices. After all, I had to vote off my girlfriend.", Tyler retorted.

"Except you never actually voted her off!", Noah replied harshly.

"N-neither did you!", Tyler argued.

"Woah guys just chill out, eh. None of us like Heather except Noah.", Ezekiel pointed out.

"No, OC just adores Heather.", Tyler says.

(Wait, WHAT?!)

"Yeah, that's probably why he's not here - strategizing with Heather or something", Duncan adds.

"Hey guys, calm down. I know OC and he would never go behind our backs. He doesn't even like Heather. He plans on voting her off. Plus, he told me he wants to comfort Katie. He's a good guy.", Noah explains. Suddenly, you feel a twinge of guilt for abandoning Katie

"Alright then, moving on from OC, we're voting off Heather?", Duncan asks.

"But Heather keeps winning immunity!", Ezekiel adds, posing another problem.

"Then we do everything in our power to stop it.", Noah says definitively. Everyone says:

"1, 2, 3 GUYS ALLIANCE!", and separate. You sneak around the corner of the cabin as Noah exits and Heather immediately approaches him - neither of them have noticed your presence.

"Noah, so nice seeing you...where have you been?", Heather asked flirtaciously.

"Umm...uh, with the guys of course...", Noah answers.

"Really? What were you talking about...?", Heather asks sweetly.

(Heather being sweet is like Izzy acting's just not natural)

"Oh, we were just talking about how we were gonna vote off...Gwen!", Noah says. WHAT?!

"That's great! I never liked Gwen. Thank you, Noah!", Heather says, and walks away. Noah waves goodbye to her.

What do you do?

A: Confront Heather

B: Confront Noah

C: Confront the guys (minus Noah)

D: Don't do anything, see how things turn out and go to Katie

(How could the guys talk about me like that?!)

You decide to confront the guys - confronting Heather would easily end badly, confronting Noah could spell trouble - after all, while he did lie to Heather he also defended you in front of the guys...

You walk into the cabin, as Ezekiel, Duncan and Tyler are still sitting on their bunks. You realize how awkward and uncomfortable this was.

"Nice of you to join us...", Ezekiel says, breaking the silence.

(What do I even ask them?)

"So where were you?", Tyler asks.

"I was, um...with Katie.", you say, trying to make it match Noah's story.

(I wonder if they'll lie to me...?)

"Oh, ok.", Tyler says.

"So, who are you guys planning on voting off...?", you ask them.

"Heather, obviously. You weren't here so let me break down the meeting for you.", Duncan says. You agree.

"So we decide to vote off Heather because she has Lindsay, and because she's gotten a lot of people eliminated. We got Noah on board too.", Duncan explained.

"Really? So, you assume I'll vote for Heather too?", you ask.

"Y-yeah...unless, you...aren't planning on betraying....her...", Duncan answers.

"Oh, I am. But, funny story, I saw Heather spying on you guys when I walked by!", you say. Everyone's shocked.

"Oooh that Heather!", Tyler says angrily.

"And, when Noah came out, he told Heather that you were voting for Gwen...", you add innocently.


"So, do you guys think Noah has a secret alliance with Heather?", you ask

"No...", Tyler replies.

"Yeah, isn't that weird? Anyway, I think Chris is calling us for the challenge. We should head out."

You all head towards the Arts and Craps Crafts Center upon Chris' call, and then he announces the challenge: making bikes! You get excited, since you love riding bikes. You overhear Heather trying to convince Noah to make her bike for her; Noah claims he doesn't know how to make a bike, which doesn't add up - he's really smart, and if there's something he doesn't know, then you can be sure he will go to the ends of the Earth to know it.

"Okay then, Lindsay, I guess you'll be making my bike. You see Chef's motorcycle with the fancy turbines and engine? Dismantle it. Build my bike for me, and we can win together!", Heather claims. Lindsay nods.

What do you do?

A: Convince Lindsay not to build Heather's bike

B: Talk to Noah about what's going on

As Lindsay enters the Arts and Crafts Center and locks everyone out, they decide to read the manual. You decide to talk to Noah.



"Can we talk? Over there?", you ask, pointing to the empty corner. Noah follows you there.

"Is something wrong?", he asks.

"Yes. Very Wrong.", you answer bluntly.

"Well, you can tell me anything, OC.", he says.

"Okay...I need to tell you something I shouldn't be telling you.", you say, looking around - no Heather anywhere.

"I...I know something about you and Heather...", you admit. Noah's shocked.

" know about me and Heather?", Noah asks.

"Not just know...I'm the one who told Heather to flirt with you for your vote. Sorry Noah...", you admit sadly. Noah looks upset.

" could you do that? Lie to me?", he asks.

"It's not like that! I only wanted her to string you along because you're my friend and it wouldn't be fair if the alliance is forced to kick you out! And, hey, don't pretend that I'm the only one who lies; tonight we're voting off Gwen, I presume?", you ask.

"You heard that?!", Noah asks, shocked again.

"I heard the whole thing.", you answer.

"Well, I might as well come clean, since you know so much: I'm counter-playing her playing of me.", he says. And suddenly you're confused.

"Heather's gunning for all the guys who aren't on her side, but I am on her side, meaning I'm pretty much safe.", Noah answers.

"Woah...I really underestimated you. So we're working together?", you ask. Noah smiles and nods.

"Also, I heard how you defended me in front of the guys...thanks...", you say.

"Anytime, my friend. I mean, you are the first friend I ever made in this game. Remember day one?", Noah asks. You two remember fondly your conversation with Noah mocking several people, and you laughing in response.

The contest begins, and everyone has their bikes - and you, of course, built your dream bike, which Chris loved.

Later, you make it to the preliminary round along with Tyler, Lindsay and Heather.

(It's not fair that she used Chef's engine...she'd fail if I took it out secretly...)

Sabotage Heather?

A: Yes, sabotage her

B: No, don't do it

(Yes, Heather deserves it!)

You take a screwdriver and a wrench and unscrew some nuts and bolts - the bike was surprisingly light. You remember Heather saying it only weighs two ounces (Gwen: "Like her brain..."). But, you don't mess with it too much - don't want it to seem obvious. Suddenly you feel a tap on your shoulder, and your heart nearly falls out of your chest.

"Hey, OC.", Noah's voice sounds through your ears. You relax a little.

"Um...I'm not cheating or anything.", you lie.

"Nice try. Disconnect the blue wire, and you're all set.", he says. You do as he said.

"How do you know so much?", you say, marvelling at his intelligence.

"Guess it's a natural thing. Come on, you have a race to win. You're good at riding, by the way.", Noah said.

(Why does Noah's approval feel so good...?), you wonder.

The race begins, and Lindsay's bike speeds ahead of Heather's.

(Why's Heather going slow?!), you wonder. What's she playing at?

Meanwhile, Tyler zooms ahead of you but is taken down by the oil slick after manuvering through the mines. You follow Tyler and get through the mines, and when you look back - Heather did the same.

But since you looked back, you started skidding a little on the oil slick, and then Heather caught up to you.

"YOU'RE OUT OF THE ALLIANCE!", Heather shouts over the noise. You can't believe it - Heather's officially an enemy.

"Here's a little farewell gift!", Heather cries, and punctures your tire with her pocket knife. You start shouting and skidding, and oil is all over your bike.

Then, since the beach formed a natural ramp of sand, you fly over it and land in an unflattering position on Chef.

"And OC is the WINNER!", you shout. You're too hurt to care. Next, Tyler arrives.

Heather tried to push a button on her bike, but it didn't do anything - the blue wire. Then, Heather's bike fell apart! She carried it in her hands then ran to the finish line, while Lindsay got stuck in the piranha lake. While Lindsay was still stuck on piranhas, she arrived shortly after Heather.

"I'm sorry Lindsay...but it's your turn to leave.", Chris says, his heart breaking. He really liked having Lindsay on the show.

"Wait, what? Heather? OC?", she says. A lump forms in your throat...Lindsay's leaving...

"I can't protect you. I'd have to give up my invincibility, and that's too risky. You understand, right?", Heather asks.

"B-but, we're BFFs...OC?", Lindsay asks. You didn't want to give her your immunity though...

"I can't, Lindsay. Blame Heather - she kicked me out of the alliance.", you say menacingly toward Heather. Heather rolled her eyes.

"Heather, how could you?!", Lindsay protests.

"Whatever. You weren't good enough, so I can't keep you safe. Goodbye, Lindsay.", Heather says cruelly. You glare deviously at Heather.

" ARE mean!", Lindsay shouts.

"Don't care. Have fun on the loser boat. Say hi to Leshawna for me.", Heather says sarcastically. At this point, everyone is steaming and Lindsay looks like a soda bottle about to burst.

"So everything everyone says about you is true! Like how you're a lying, two-faced backstabbing little ******* ***** ****** ***** ****** ******!!!", Lindsay shouts. You were shocked - Lindsay, the cute, nice, bubbly, sweet girl was shouting these kind of things at Heather.

"And that's just what OC says about you!", Lindsay says. Your eyes widen - not out of shock. Out of happiness. You can see Gwen smiling from the corner of your eye.

"And, not to mention what everyone else says! I defended you! I told them you were a good person - but they're right! You are a ******* *****!", she continued. The kind of words she used in those sentences...should never be repeated. You didn't even notice until she was done that you had a huge grin on your face.

"I'd rather spend the day staring at Owen's BUTT than go shopping with you! And P.S....your shoes are tacky!", Lindsay shouts. Heather's in absolute shock, and everyone is cheering for Lindsay.

"Whatever. I'm invincible. No one can touch me.", Heather says. Your pent up anger is all released with what you do next.

"You wanna bet?!", you shout, and push her right into the piranha lake. Heather swims back up, piranhas stuck to her leg, arm and hair. She rips a piranha out of her hair, ripping out a big chunk of her hair, and Chef removes the rest of them. Heather lunges at you, until Chris pulls you apart.

Lindsay smiles at you, and hugs you really hard.

"I'm really going to miss you.", she says. Someone started was Tyler. He whispered in your ear:

"OC, I can't win this game. Lindsay may or may not be able to. But if there's one thing she can do, it's help YOU defeat Heather. So, goodbye.", he says. Wait...what? You didn't want Tyler going home.

"Wait, I'll go home instead of Lindsay!", Tyler announces. Cue gasping.

"Are...are you sure, Tyler?", Chris asks.

"'re a pretty, awesome girl and the best girlfriend I've ever had. If anyone can win's you.", Tyler says. Everyone goes "aww"

"! That's not fair!", Heather says.

"You're upset, aren't you? Two new enemies in one day...that's a record, Heather.", you say mockingly. Meanwhile, Katie holds your hand and smiles.

" just wait, OC. I have it in for YOU.", Heather says menacingly.

"I don't think so.", you say.

Everyone gathers at the dock for Tyler's sendoff. Eventually, he comes to you.

"Well, OC...this is goodbye.", he says warmly. You can't help but give him a big hug, and maybe shed a tear. Okay, you did...

"Yeah, I had a good time with you.", you say.

"I didn't like you at first...but I'm really glad we became friends. See you later.", Tyler says, and goes home.

"Bye bye Tyler! I'll win it for both of us!", Lindsay says sweetly.

Hook, Line & Screamer

Remaining contestants: Ezekiel, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Katie, Lindsay, Noah, OC

Since the last elimination, you've been helping Lindsay out to help her cope with Tyler's super romantic elimination.

"He's so sweet...I'll be so guilty if I lose.", Lindsay says.

"It'll be okay. Tyler has faith in you that you can win. And truth be told - he told me that he wants you to help me beat Heather.", you admit to her. Lindsay stops moping.

"Really? Let's do it then.", Lindsay says.

"There's the Lindsay I know!", you say. You can't help but smile whenever Lindsay's happy - it's contagious.

"Hey...", Gwen says.

"Oh! Gwen! We haven't talked in forever.", you say.

"I don't think there's gonna be a challenge today. You think we could just...hang out?", Gwen asks. You smile.

"Definitely. We can hang out all day before that movie they're showing us.", you say.

You and Gwen head to the dock for some relaxation.

"This game is driving me crazy.", Gwen says.

"Tell me about it. I nearly got killed in the last challenge.", you say, thinking about Heather puncturing the tire on your bike.

"Yeah. It was pretty cool how you sabotaged her though.", Gwen says.

"How did you know about that?"

"Noah told me. He's been talking to me a lot nowadays for some reason.", she says.

"Well, you're one of the few normal people left to talk to."

"That's not saying much. There are so many crazy people here and then there's Heather.", Gwen says.

"You wanna watch the movie?", Gwen asks.

"I don't know, I'm kinda tired.", you answer. Just then, Zeke, Duncan and Noah arrive to tell you about a Guys' Alliance meeting.

"That's okay, you can go.", Gwen says.

You head off with the guys to the Guys' Alliance meeting #3, and have Lindsay stand outside as guard.

"So, who are we voting off tonight?", Ezekiel asks.

"What if it's another sudden death challenge like last time?", Duncan wonders.

"I can't believe we lost Tyler.", Noah adds.

"Yeah, I really miss him.", you say.

"Okay, since Tyler's gone that means boys and girls are equal again! Who do we vote off next?", Ezekiel asks.

"Well, Heather of course. We need to try again to not let her win.", you say.

"We got close last time. Nice performance on the bike by the way, OC.", Duncan notes.

After the movie, you see Chris and Chef leaving, and you all read the newspaper about the psycho killer.

What do you say?

A: Call Chris out on his BS and take your nap - you're tired.

B: Try to think of a game plan - it's obviously a challenge.

C: Get worried and tell everyone to stick together.

"Oh no! We're gonna DIE!", Lindsay shouts.

"Oh man, this is could they leave us like this?!", Katie wonders. Noah rolls his eyes.

"Come on you guys. Scary movie and then suddenly this psycho killer appears? I'm not buying it. Chris is just trying to freak us out, as always.", Heather says. You had to agree with her - not that you would admit it. Since Heather's hair got...damaged...she's been keeping it in a ponytail, not that it helps much.

"Guys, calm down. It's clearly a challenge, and we should treat it as such. Chris could have shown us that movie to get us ready for the challenge.", you remark.

"Yeah, I mean, it does sound like fun. I've always wanted to be in a horror movie.", Gwen admits. You look at her.

"Really? Why?"

"I don't know, it sounds like fun.", she says. Gwen is many things; odd is one of them.

"Hey, Chris! If you're listening, you could have rented a movie that took place at an actual summer camp! Idiot.", Heather adds.

"G-guys...look at this...", Ezekiel says, and he picks up Chris' hair gel.

"He would never leave his hair gel...", Lindsay says. You, Gwen and Noah all roll your eyes.

Later, after finally convincing Lindsay and Katie that it's only a challenge, everyone gathers at the bonfire with Gwen's chart.

"Alright, so everyone's still here. Let's do a head count...Duncan, OC, Katie, Noah, Lindsay, Ezekiel...where's Heather?", Gwen asks.

"I think queenie went to go take a shower or something.", Duncan says.

"Whatever. She's so losing. Now, I think I've seen the most horror movies from all of us, so here's the rules: number one, don't go off alone. Heather's already broken that one. Number two, IF you go off alone, never go into the woods. Number three, IF if you're stupid enough to go into the woods, never MAKE OUT in the woods. Number four, never shower alone. Heather's a goner. Number five, the party dude is a prime target right after the innocent girls.", she explains. Duncan, Lindsay and Katie suddenly look really nervous.

"I don't want to break rule five, but I really have to use the bathroom.", Duncan says nervously.

"Ugh, fine. But someone needs to go with you, and the rest of you need to stay here. Any volunteers to go with Duncan?", Gwen asks, looking at you, Ezekiel and Noah.


A: Yes, you know a lot about horror movies, there's no way that psycho's getting you!

B: No, best to play it safe for now and let one of the other two go

"OC?", Gwen asks. You shake your head - there is no way you're giving up immunity! You'd be the first Total Drama contestant to get three immunities in a row! Or, well, maybe.

"It doesn't matter, eh, I'll just go.", Ezekiel says. So the two head off to the bathroom.

"How long do you think they'll last?" Gwen asks.

"About a minute. Give or take a minute.", you say mockingly. Noah laughs.

"I'm just gonna stick with you guys.", Noah says.

"Yeah, I'm scared to go off alone.", Lindsay says.

"I know right, me too. Oh, really should brush your hair.", Katie says. The two start talking about hair, and walk off, not listening to you, Gwen or Noah.

"They're too stupid to exist.", Gwen says. After a while, Ezekiel comes running. You three were discussing strategy. he comes, panting.

"!", he shouts. Gwen, Noah and your eyes widen, and Gwen snatches the chart and you all run.

"He got Duncan!!", Ezekiel says in a hurry.

"Wait, there's an ACTUAL KILLER?!", Noah shouts.

"What else happened?", Gwen shouts as you four were running.

"Well, I saw Katie and Lindsay on my way here...he headed towards them and stopped chasing after me!", Ezekiel reported.

"Where are we even going?!", Noah shouted over the chaos.

"I DON'T KNOW!! The woods??", Ezekiel replies.

"Did you not hear my rules, Ezekiel?! OC, where do we go?!", Gwen asks you.

Quick!! Where do you four escape to?!

A: The cave - it's dark and you can easily hide there

B: The cabins - you can sit down and think about what to do

C: The mess hall - there's two entrances to escape from

D: The beach - A wide open space

E: The dock - Escaping through the water would make escaping easier

"Run to the beach! It's wide open!", you shout back to Gwen, as you four take a detour to the beach, and on the way, Noah trips.

"GUYS!!", Noah shouts. For about two seconds, you halt and go back and forth, deciding whether or not to save Noah, and those two seconds feel like a lifetime, until Gwen pulls you.

"There's no time, we need to help us three!!!", she shouts, as you three arrive at the beach. You hear a chainsaw and gulp.

"Poor Noah...", you say.

"It doesn't matter right now. What matters is us winning this challenge.", Gwen points out.

"Yeah, you act like an actual killer got to him, eh.", Ezekiel adds. You try to calm down, and get closer to the water, and jump a little when you make contact - it's very cold. You can hear the sound of footsteps and a chainsaw starting up.

"Gwen, Zeke, I think we need to get out of here.", you say.

"You're right...", Gwen says. You both jump into the icy water.

"Ezekiel, come on!", you say, Ezekiel for some reason was lost in his own world. Gwen throws a rock at him, and finally he comes back to reality.

"I'm coming!!", he says, annoyed, but not before the psycho killer comes. You didn't see what he did, since you and Gwen ducked under water, and swam for all you were worth. After a lot of swimming, you two end up in the boathouse.

"S-s-s-so...c-c-c-cold...", you say, shivering like never before. Gwen brings a few tarps and wraps them around you, then smiles.

"You were really brave back there, OC.", she says about your performance.

"Oh it w-w-was're n-no less...", you say, a bit warmer. Gwen gets closer to you.

"I'm kinda cold too, if we stay close then we can conserve body heat.", Gwen says. She reaches into her shirt.

(What's she doing...?), you wonder cause you a nasty lil boy (jk)

"I managed to keep this dry...ish...", Gwen says, taking out the chart where Duncan, who was on the corner, has been smudged off by the water.

"Doesn't matter, he's out anyway.", you say. Gwen crosses out Noah, Duncan (the ink blot that's left) and Ezekiel.

"How do think Heather, Lindsay and Katie are doing?", Gwen asks.

"I have no idea.", you reply sadly.

"You seem like you're warmer than before."

"I am, thanks Gwen.", you say gratefully.

"Okay, we need to work out a new plan. Originally we were going to just stay at the bonfire. Look how well that worked out. Chris is really giving it to us today. Any ideas?", Gwen asks.

"Maybe we should stay here for safety.", you suggest, not wanting to go anywhere.

"I know you're cold but we have to go somewhere to win. There's no safety here.", Gwen remarks.

"I don't want to head out just yet.", you say.

"Fine, we'll wait five minutes for that killer to go away. But that's it.", Gwen says. After the given five minutes, Gwen forces you to stand up.

"I'm so hungry...", Gwen says.

"I told you to have the popcorn during the movie.", you say.

"And you were right, but that's not helping us now, is it?", Gwen says.

"Let's just go to the mess hall.", you say.

"Fine, but keep up with me.", Gwen says. You both arrive at the Mess Hall, and you sit in the corner, snuggled up with your tarps while Gwen fixes up a couple sandwiches for you two. You can't see very clearly, so you rub some of the water from your eyes, but it's still kinda dark. You see someone behind Gwen, and you shout:

"Gwen, look out!!", you shout. Gwen turns around.

"AHH!", she shouts, and then the unseen man trips Gwen, and tries to hurt her.

(Aahh!! Why does this feel so familiar?!)

What do you do?

A: Intercept and save Gwen

B: Save yourself and run

In an act of bravery, you jump up, leaving your warm tarps behind and land straight in front of the psycho killer.

"What's your deal, man?!", you shout. He takes off his hook and his hand is's just all scabby. You feel like vomitting.

"D-dude...!", you shout

"OC?!", Gwen shouts. The killer takes off his mask and punches you in the stomach, leading you to kick him right in the crotch out of impulse. He doubles over, and tries to attack you again, until everyone arrives and yells "OC!! GWEN! THAT'S THE REAL PSYCHO KILLER WITH A CHAINSAW AND A HOOK!"

(Was the full title necessary?)

Your heart skips a beat - WHAT?! You and Gwen stand up and pick up chairs and throw them at him. Your chair hits his face, and he guards his face.

"H-hey!! Stop that!! Alright, I'll stop...", he says. Everyone's watching with horror.

"I was treated way better in prison!", he says. You and Gwen recover from your near-heart attacks as Chris puts you both in the tent with all the camera footage to calm down.

"Wait, so that was the real...?", you ask and everyone nods.

"But then who was the one capturing everyone else?", Gwen asks. They explain that it was Chef.

"And, because you two did such a great job, you both win immunity tonight!"

(YES!! Immunity three times in a row! I mean, I never got immunity all by myself, but whatever. Feels nice.)

"Who's going home then?", you ask.

"I'm sorry, OC, but you'll have to say goodbye to your girlfriend Katie.", Chris says somberly.

"Wh-what??", you say. Chris points at the camera. It shows Katie and Lindsay, running from the killer and Heather coming out of the shower and shaving her legs. Katie, already shaken up, runs screaming from Heather as Heather tries to tell her it's only her. Lindsay and Heather stay in the bathroom, and when they leave, the killer captures them.

"Oh...", you say sadly.

"I...I can't believe it. I thought I was doing so well.", Katie says.

"You were Katherine!", Lindsay says.

"It's alright, Katie. We all make mistakes.", you say.

"But why Katie? She wasn't even eliminated first.", Gwen states.

"True, that was Duncan. And he was supposed to be eliminated first, but Katie got scared much worse. And by someone who wasn't even Chef. Or the real killer.", Chris explains.

You all gather at the Dock of Shame of Katie's sendoff.

"Well, this is goodbye...for now.", Katie says.

"Wait, this is a little goodbye gift. I figured I owed you one after what you did when I was eliminated.", you say, and then pull Katie close and kiss her.

"Bye, Katie.", you say with a smile. The boat arrives, and Sadie with it. Both the girls screech with happiness, and embrace, leading for a sweet sendoff. You all wave goodbye, except for Heather, who's smirking.

"Don't think this is throwing me off my game, Heather. Not. One. Bit.", you say definitively.

Later, Gwen approaches you.

"Um, OC? Thanks for saving me. You thought you could've been eliminated, but you helped me anyway. Can I just ask...why?"

"Why? Because you're an awesome friend. You helped me throughout the whole challenge. If anyone deserves to win, it's you, Gwen.", you say. Gwen smiles.

"Sorry about Katie being gone.", she says.

"No biggie. I still have you and Noah, right?", you say.

"Oh, don't worry. We'll always be friends.", Gwen says as she heads off to her cabin.

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