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  • Remaining Contestants: Eva, Ezekiel, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Katie, Lindsay, Noah, OC, Sadie, Tyler
  • Your friends are: Gwen, Heather, Katie (also your girlfriend), Lindsay, Noah, Sadie and Tyler, so nearly everyone is your friend (because you sneakily got rid of most of your enemies).
  • Your enemies are: As of right now, none.
  • You have no relations with Ezekiel and Duncan.

Search and Do Not Destroy

"Last time on Total Drama Island, the 10 remaining campers decided to relax a little, and the boys, who had won the previous challenge, decided to enjoy their victory. However, they were shocked when two other boys, namely OC and Ezekiel, returned to Camp Wawanakwa to compete more. After that, the teams were merged, and we just began an all-out torture fest on the campers. In the end, Heather and Eva competed - Eva's hardcore skills helped her seize the day, and she won that trailer. However, Heather manipulated Eva and is planning on doing some more spicy things to the already well cooked broth that is this show! Thanks to Heather and her new partner-in-crime OC, Izzy was the one who left the island. Will OC actually ever betray Heather? Will Heather continue to escape elimination? And will Katie ever do a challenge without her BF and BFF to back her up? Find out right now on, Total! Drama! Island!"

You watched Heather lecture Lindsay about how to properly swat flies without hitting her face, when Chris' voice boomed over the loudspeaker, then the sound of a cannon firing.

"Dang it, Eva moved her trailer...", he said, loudspeaker still on. Everyone gasped.

You all gathered at Chris' location where you saw a bunch of treasure chests.

"Awesome! We're gonna collect treasure! Woo!", Tyler told you.

"Close, Tyler, but not quite. You'll be...Eva, what's wrong?", Chris said, as Eva hovered near Chris, her face red with anger, breathing heavily down his neck.

"...alright! Alright! We'll just have the trailer delivered to your address!", Chris said, as a helicopter came by and lifted up the trailer...then dropped it in the water.

"Oops...", Chris said. Eva restrained herself from strangling Chris.

"Ooh, Noah, looking cute today...", Heather said. Noah got a quizzical look on his face.

"...Thanks?", he said.

Chris announced the challenge and you got your location for your key: the cliff.

(Wait, THE CLIFF?!) you think.

"How am I supposed to-", you begin.

"Stop asking that every day! Figure it out!", Chris snapped. Everyone separated.

"Okay OC, first we'll get the key from Chef's kitchen, then we'll go get yours.", Heather said.

"Wait, OC's helping me!", Katie exclaims. They both looked at you.

(Don't I get a say in this?!)

Who do you help?

A: Heather - Alliance before friendship

B: Katie - She's your girlfriend!

C: Neither of them - Attend to yourself before helping others!

"S-sorry Katie, Heather asked me first...", you say, as you reluctantly walk away with Heather.

(I can't believe I'm letting Heather play me like this...oh, wait'll I betray her!), you think to yourself.

"OC? OC?! Do you have a plan?!", Heather asks. You snap back to reality.

"Oh! Right, um, we should just go into the fridge and grab it!", you suggest. Heather goes inside the kitchen.

She makes her way through, and opens the fridge only to be greeted by Chef snarling at her. She shuts the door and, horrified, walks away.

"Great plan, genius!", Heather says.

"Alright, alright, let me think.", you say. How could Heather get her key?

"I know! I'll lower you down with a rope, and you grab the key from the fridge, then I'll pull you back up before Chef...before he...umm...what's Chef planning on doing to you anyway?", you ask. Heather shudders.

"Don't even think about things like that. Anyway, I have a better idea. I play helpless with Noah and then he helps me. What do you think?", she asks. You think about it - it does sound like it could work.

You hide behind the cabin, as Heather and Noah arrive.

"*sigh*, I just can't get the key am I ever going to win?!", she says.

"Oh...well, you're great...", Noah replies awkwardly.

"No, I'm not...I'm just a frail, helpless girl...would you help me?", Heather asks innocently.

"Wh-what?! Me?!", Noah asks, surprised.

"Please...", Heather says, and pulls Noah into a hug.

"Fine...", Noah replies, and he runs into the kitchen, and then there are some sounds that sound like slashing, a fridge opening, and an angry Chef Hatchet shouting. Heather approaches you.

"I'm making him come to me.", Heather says. You had to admit - she did play Noah pretty well. Noah soon comes out, screaming, as Chef tries to catch him.

"Thanks, Noah!", Heather says, then blows an air kiss in his direction. Noah tosses the key at Heather, who pockets it.

"Great, now go get your key.", Heather says.

"Wait, what?! I thought we were getting my key together??", you ask, surprised.

"Yeah, no. I have to go get Noah's key now and give it to him as a token of my affection or something. Here, hold my key", Heather replies.

You storm off, angry at Heather for ditching you, and make your way to the cliff. On the way, you see Ezekiel and he's trying to open the chest with his key...except it won't open.

"Hey, Ezekiel!", you shout. Ezekiel looks away, and you switch his key with Heather's.

"Oh! OC! My key ain't workin', eh.", Zeke complains.

"Try it again, I think it'll work!", you say, and Zeke goes back to the first chest to try again.

"Nope, can't do that just yet.", Chris intervenes. You walk away giggling like a little girl. Time is running short; you need to get to the cliff, but on the way there you find Katie and Sadie, and they're discussing something, in a hushed tone...could it be you? Then, Katie looks up right at you, and you two make eye contact.

What do you do?

A: Keep going to the cliff - You need that key quick, especially now that Heather's not helping

B: Talk to Katie and Sadie - If you go now, Katie will think you don't like her.

(*sigh* we made eye contact, I can't just leave)

"Hey guys.", you say. They both look at you. Sadie steps in front of Katie.

"Oh, hello OC! If that's even your real name!", Sadie says angrily.

"It's not...", Katie replies.

"Would you let me have this?!", Sadie remarks. Then she turns back to you.

"You made my best friend VERY upset when you chose Demon Heather over HER!", Sadie snaps.

"I'm sorry, Katie...I won't act like that again.", you say modestly.

"Okay, then I forgive you. I thought you had changed, but you're still the good old OC that I know and love.", Katie says.

"Wait, what? But, I had a whole speech planned--", Sadie begins.

"Can you tell me the speech later? I need to go get my key.", you say.

"Oh, well I already got mine, I can help you if you want...", Sadie says.

"I'll come too.", Katie says.

Then, all three of you climb the cliff and look down - the sea, the sharks, the safety ring...and...the key. Hanging on a branch. Halfway through.

"I think the only way to get it is to jump and hope you grab it...", Katie thinks.

"Nuh uh! We can climb down!", Sadie replies.

What will you do?

A: Jump down and grab it

B: Climb down and take it

C: Custom

"I...I don't think I have a choice but to climb down. Jumping would be too risky, especially since I'll probably land outside the safe zone...", you contemplate out loud. Katie crosses her arms.

You climb down the cliff using the harness from "Who Can You Trust?", with Sadie holding you up. You grab the key, and accidentally cut your arm. Sadie helps you back up.

"Finally! I got my key!", you exclaim, and proceed to help Katie and Sadie with their keys. Sadie easily gets hers, and then it's Katie's turn.

"Okay Katie, let's go find your key.", you say.

"Oh, OC, hold that thought. You need to help me get Noah's key. It's harder than it looks.", Heather comments.

"Umm, Heather, I'm busy."

"Umm, OC, I need you now.", she replies cruelly.

"*sigh* where is Noah's key?", you ask.

"It's on a pole in the lake with some loser sharks around it. I can't think of a way to get it.", she says.

What do you do?

A: Go with Heather again - her plan might fail if she can't get Noah's key

B: Refuse and help Katie - She's your girlfriend and you need to attend to her sometime.

"Sorry Heather, but this time I need to help Katie. Just throw some fish at the shark or something.", you suggest, leading Katie to smile. Heather grunts.

"Fine, I'll just get Lindsay to do it!", Heather replies.

You, Katie and Sadie walk along the woods path when you encounter Eva, who's repeatedly punching a tree and shaking several things off of it: apples, leaves, squirrels...

"Hi Eva!", Sadie says cheerily.

"What?", Eva asks bluntly. Sadie looks offended.

"Oh my gosh, Eva. We're just being nice.", Katie says.

"Yeah, rude!", Sadie adds. Eva looks up.

"Fine, hello. What?", Eva says.

(Not much of a change there), you think.

"What are you doing?" you ask.

"Looking for my key. What do you think?!", she shouts.

"How do you know your key is in this tree?", you ask.

"Because my clue is a tree!", she snaps.

"Yeah, but how do you know it's this specific tree?", Katie asks. Then, you take a glimpse at Eva's clue; it's not a tree, it's the loudspeaker post! No wonder she couldn't find it.

"Look at the top, it's really skinny like this tree.", Eva points out.

Set Eva straight?

A: Yes, tell her the truth - she might like you more

B: No, say nothing about it - she could get in the way of you winning

"Hey, um, Eva?", you begin.

"What?!", she says.

"That clue isn't a tree, it's the loudspeaker. See, this is the open part and it's skinny like a pole.", you point out. Eva has no expression.

"Oh...", she says. Then, she walks off to the direction of the loudspeaker. Later, you help Katie with her key and you all arrive to the chests.

"Umm, I never got my key...", Noah says. Just then, Heather arrives.

"Oh h-hey, Noah, I got your key as thanks...", she says shyly. Dang...she's good...

"Thanks, Heather...", Noah said, with a hint of smile.

Eva - Chips and soda - "THIS IS WHAT I GET?! Cheap show."

Ezekiel - Invincibilty Pass and a gift basket - "Wow!! This is coolio, eh!"

Duncan - Cologne - "Wow, this should come in handy..."

Gwen - A toaster - "What the heck am I supposed to do with this?"

Heather - Didn't open anything - "WHAT?! What's going on?!"

Lindsay - An accordion - "Ooh I've always wanted to learn how to play the accountant!"

Noah - Didn't open anything - "Well, it's not like I earned it..."

OC - A six pack of soda - "Cool reward, I guess..."

Sadie - Weird lamp - "Ooh, this thing is so fetch! This is so going in my room!"

Tyler - A sleeping bag - "Umm..."

Later, Heather pulls you aside.

"I don't know WHAT happened! I was sure that key would give me invincibility!", Heather exclaimed.

"How did you know?", you ask, getting curious.

"Can you keep a secret?", she asks.

"Yes, of course!", you reply eagerly.

(Finally, I get some dirt on Heather!)

"I've been spying on Chris and Chef for the past few challenges. That's how I've been doing so well.", she says. It hit you like a truck; no wonder!

"So, who are we voting off?", she asks.

You answer, but later you have certain events involving Heather and Eva...

Who to vote off?

A: Eva

B: Duncan

C: Gwen

D: Sadie

E: Tyler

"Oh, Eva, huh? Cool. I've wanted her gone for a while now anyway.", Heather commented.

Later, Eva pulls you aside. Naturally, you block your face.

"Listen.", Eva commands. You pull your hands off your face and look at her.

"Why did you help me earlier?!", she demands.

"Well...I saw that you could've lost and I decided to do the right thing by telling you.", you explain.

"B-but wouldn't that mean YOU could lose too?!", Eva asks. You nod.

"Yeah, sure, but it was still the right thing to do. My victory was a long shot anyway.", you reply.

"Hmm. What are you playing at, OC?!", Eva demands to know.

"N-nothing! I was just being nice!", you insist.

(She's like the Tin Man from that movie...), you think.

"W-wow...that's of you.", Eva says, rushing her sentence towards the end.

"Thanks, no big deal.", you reply.

"It kind of is! People aren't me...much...", Eva says, slowing down her speech.

"Well, I can imagine that sucking. You ever need a friend? Come talk to me. Katie, Sadie, Duncan, Tyler or even Lindsay. We're all willing to be your friend.", you say.

"I...had no idea.", Eva says. Then, she continues.

"I'm sorry for being such a pain in the back. Truth is, I thought it was how I could get far, but yet again my temper got the best of me.", she speeches.

"Hey, don't be like that! There's still time to make up for it! You're strong and athletic - just cool down a little! And remember - most of us WANT to be friends with you!"

(Oh crap, how can I tell her all of this?!)

You decide to go back to Heather and tell her you've changed your mind. You find her talking to Lindsay inside the Mess Hall. You spy on their conversation.

"But why don't you like OC?", she asks. It hits you like a bullet. After ALL the sucking up you did?!

"It's not that I don't like OC. It's that I don't like how he's dating that little Katie girl. You remember what she did to me!", Heather reminds Lindsay.

(Wait, what...?)

"Oh yeah, totally, but that kind of was your fault.", Lindsay says, getting a smack from Heather.

"Whatever! She's so the next to go.", Heather says.

"But if you vote off Katie, won't that crush OC?", Lindsay asks.

"Good. Two birds with one stone.", Heather remarks. Lindsay begins again,

"But the alliance-"

"-will be you, me, Tyler and Noah.", she finishes Lindsay's sentence for her.

"Look Lindsay, this is a game of intelligence. Not who-can-make-the-most-friends. It's survival of the fittest. Are you in or not?!", Heather says. A long pause and a sigh.

"I guess so...", Lindsay says.

"Perfect.", Heather says. You storm off in blind fury. HOW could Heather talk about Katie like that?! HOW could she plan to vote YOU off after all you did for that girl?!

(Oh, Heather, you just wait...after I'm done with you, you'll wish TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND WAS A DREAM!)

By night time, you're still contemplating what you heard, and you decide to act natural around Heather. But oh, you will have your revenge. At night, during the elimination ceremony, Eva was voted off.

"I guess I should have expected that.", Eva says. Everyone was surprised at how calmly she was taking it.

"We didn't vote you off because we didn't like you.", Tyler reminds her. This gets Eva's attention.

"What?", she asks.

"We voted you off because you're athletic and strong. You're too much competition for us!", Tyler explains. Eva blushes.

"Thanks...I guess losing isn't that bad when you put it that way.", Eva says as she boards the boat of losers.

"Bye Eva!!", Sadie shouts, right in Heather's ear.

"Ugh, why is she even still in the game?!", she asks you out of anger.

Hide And Be Sneaky

Remaining contestants: Ezekiel, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Katie, Lindsay, Noah, OC, Sadie, Tyler

Revision: You and Katie are dating, and Heather plans on voting Katie off because of something that happened while you were gone. On top of that, she plans out your elimination after Katie's. Find out her plans, and put a stop to it. Remember: you have her trust, she doesn't know you know all this - use it to your advantage!

You're dating Katie, Lindsay's dating Tyler and Heather's pretending to like Noah.

You, Tyler and Ezekiel sit inside your cabin, eating the snacks that Ezekiel won in the last challenge along with the six pack of soda you earned.

"So, um, what's this called?", Ezekiel asks.

"That's called a chocolate bar.", you answer.

(This kid's really clueless...)

"It's good, you should try it.", Tyler suggests. Ezekiel takes a bite.

"Mmm! This is good, eh!", he says. Tyler smiles.

"That's good, bro."

"Hey, where are Noah and Duncan? They're missing the junk food feast.", Tyler asks.

"Well, Noah's hanging with Heather-", you begin, but are interrupted.

"HEATHER?!", they both shout.

"Yeah, they're kind of a thing.", you answer, wondering why you're still lying for that girl. Just then, Duncan comes inside.

"You guys better not have eaten all the junk food.", he asks, as he sits with you and your friends

"Hey, so, as long as we're all gathered here, I want to discuss something.", Tyler says.

"Whoa, Tyler's getting into serious mode. Didn't know he had it in him.", Duncan comments.

"Thanks. I was thinking about the guys and girls ratio on the show. A few challenges ago, the girls outnumbered the guys by a lot, but we're catching up, and it's equal now. We can do this! Let's form a guy's alliance!", Tyler says.

"I'm in!", Ezekiel says.

"I'm in.", Duncan answers.

"OC?", Tyler asks. You try to avoid the question...

"Did you ask Noah yet?", you ask.

"Um, yeah. Earlier. So you in or not?", Tyler asks.

What do you answer?

A: Yes - the perfect chance to betray Heather, and with your friends no less!

B: No - You don't need to balance another alliance!

"Well...okay! I'll be in the Guy's Alliance!", you announce. All the guys cheer and you all immediately discuss who to vote off.

"Well, there's five of us and five of them so we could easily end up in a tie.", Duncan comments.

"I've spent a lot of time with the girls, and here's what I know: Heather hates everyone, Lindsay follows Heather, Katie and Sadie decide themselves and Gwen will vote off who she hates most - and right now that's Heather.", you explain.

"Wow. That's really informative.", Tyler says.

"Then we vote off Heather.", Duncan asks.

"We do.", you say.

(FINALLY! Heather's gonna pay for what she said about Katie!)

Later, Chris announces the challenge: Hide and go seek!

"Ugh, what are we, five years old?", Heather asks.

"You don't have to participate...", Chris says.

"Whatever...", Heather replies. Chris starts the countdown, and at zero everyone starts running.

Occupied hiding spots:

  • Under a patch of grass (Gwen)
  • Under a bed, in the bathroom, and other various stupid spots (Lindsay)
  • In Chef's kitchen (Heather)
  • In a tree (Duncan)

"OC, over here!", Heather says as the rest find a place to hide.


"I told you I've been spying on Chris and Chef. Chef has a route to decide where's he's going. Once the route is done, he strays and looks for everyone in different places.", she explains.

"So?" you ask.

"SO, we just need to hide somewhere outside of the route! I'm going to Chef's kitchen, I suggest you hide in the cave.", Heather suggests. You nod.

(Should I even listen to her...?)

A: Listen to Heather

B: Don't listen, go into the woods

C: Custom - Pretend to go to the cave, but then go under the dock.

"You're right, Heather. That's a great place to go!", you say. Heather smiles.

"Great. See ya.", Heather says. You head off into the woods, and as soon as Heather AND the Mess Hall are out of sight, you go to the lake with hollow bamboo as a makeshift snorkel.

You swim all the way to the docks, and go under it - and you hit your head a good four or five times, but you were okay.

You don't really know what happened after that. For the first ten minutes or so your heart was pumping. Then, after you settled down:

(I feel like I'm hanging with my cousins again)

Eventually, you hear the footsteps of a bunch of campers heading toward the dock.

(Oh crap! I'm next!), so you make your way to the other side and come out. Just as Chef is about to spray you, he gets shocked - you're already sitting on that chair! He gives a nod of approval.

(I mean, I know it's only Chef, but that little nod felt good...), you think. You see who's there: Lindsay and Noah. You climb down.

"Psst, Noah...", you whisper as you tag along with Chef.


"You're in the guy's alliance, right?"

"Yeah, of course. Tyler asked me first."

"Good, I know how you can get immunity."

"How?", he urges.

"Find Heather.", you say

"Where is she?"

"I already have immunity, so I'll tell you: She's in the kitchen.", you say, feeling proud for having dirt on Heather. Noah heads off to the Mess Hall, and Chef follows.

When you all arrive, Heather is no where to be found!

(What?! Where did that witch go?!)

You hear Heather screaming and grunting in the woods, so you all dash over there, and Noah tags Heather.

"Ugh, whatever LOSER! Duncan! Get out of this tree!", Heather shouted as she kicked the tree repeatedly and threw things at the top. Someone fell down...






"IZZY?!", you all shout.

"Oh, hey guys! I thought the RCMP came so I hid just like you guys!", she said.

"I thought you were eliminated?!", Chef asks.

"Oh I was but THEN, I decided not to go to the boat of losers because I hate going on boats, I had a really bad experience on a boat once when it crashed and we had to paddle it back to shore, like 4 guys got eaten by sharks, I didn't, haha, not me.", Izzy went on rambling. You all stared at her in disbelief.

"What's wrong? Is it my hair?", she asked.

Later, Heather found Duncan in ANOTHER tree, then soon everyone was found...except Tyler.

"Tyler? Where's he at?", Chef asks. You all spread out and look around the entire island; he's no where to be found...

Later, you all head back to the dock, and on the way to the woods exit, Katie steps on something soft.

"Eww, what is this? It's all soft...", Katie complains.

Chef takes a look at it, and uncovers a sleeping bag...and a sleeping Tyler! Snoozing away! Chef sprays Tyler in the sleeping bag, waking him up.

"OW! Nice going, dude! You got my bag soggy!", Tyler complains.

"Where did you get that?", Heather asks.

"I won it in the last challenge...", Tyler explains.

"Well, we already have a bunch of people with immunity, but I guess ultimate victory goes to Tyler for being the last one found!", Chris announces.

"Alright! To the extreeeeme!", Tyler shouts.

Later, the Guy's Alliance gathers again.

"Okay, so out of us five, who has immunity?", Tyler asks.

"That would be you, Noah and OC.", Duncan lists.

"Okay, the only problem is, the girls outnumber us again. They have Izzy now!", Noah reminds you all.

"But the girls are always fighting, eh. Even the two that work together, Heather and Lindsay, are always bickering. Well, it's mostly Heather...", Ezekiel states.

"That's the way, awesome job Tyler. How'd you think of that?", Duncan asks, referring to Tyler's sleeping bag immunity.

"Oh, I used my wits!", Tyler explains. Everyone got skeptical. Tyler sighs.

"Alright, I got tired so I just stuffed myself in there and took a nap, covered it with some leaves.", and everyone replies with agreement and how much more believable that was.

"Which girls have immunity?", you ask, getting back on track.

"Sadly, Heather has immunity so we can't vote her off.", Noah says.

"Other than her, Katie and Gwen have immunity for finding Tyler and Lindsay respectively.", Noah says again.

"Then the only options are...Lindsay and Sadie?", you ask.

"Yeah, that sounds about right.", Duncan says.

"Okay then, we vote for Sadie!", Ezekiel suggests. Everyone agrees.

"Wait, why Sadie?!", you ask

(If Sadie gets voted off...Katie won't be able to go on...)

"Because Lindsay's my girlfriend...", Tyler says.

"And we all like her!", Noah reminds you.

"Oh...right.", you say.

What do you tell them?

A: Agree to vote for Sadie

B: Give them a reason to vote for Lindsay

"W-wait guys! Don't forget that Lindsay is pretty much an extension of Heather! She always votes with her!", you plead.

"So do you...", Noah reminds everyone.

"W-well, I plan on betraying her!", you state proudly.

"What are you saying?", Ezekiel asks.

"I'm saying that, Tyler, nothing personal but if one of the guys is going to win then Lindsay's gotta go. Sorry.", you say. Everyone agrees. Later, you all gather at dinner before the elimination. You can feel the tension in the air.

"Hey everyone, let's play a game!", Lindsay says to brighten the mood.

"Ooh, sure!", Tyler says eagerly.

(The poor guy must be spending as much time as possible with her...)

"Okay, so everyone, one by one, has to admit something weird or funny about them!", Lindsay says.

"Cool." Duncan states

"Okay, I'll start!", Lindsay says.

Lindsay - Once one of the cheerleaders bit my hand during practice!

Duncan - I like to carve pictures of skulls into trees.

Tyler - I used to wear a cape and fly around like superman.

Next, it was Izzy's turn.

"OKAY so this one time I killed a-", Izzy began.

"Oh wait, wait, wait! I've got a good one!", says Ezekiel. He continued:

"In my audition tape for the show, I-"

"-No one cares Ezekiel!", Heather shouts, "Izzy, please continue."

"Hey, just let me speak, eh!", Ezekiel protests.

"NO, it's my friend Izzy's turn!", Heather demands.

(What's she playing at?!), you think.

"Now, Izzy, where were you?", Heather asks.

"So I killed a koala bear with my 'bare' hands, get it?! I'm so funny!", Izzy says complimenting herself.

"Oh, that's perfect!", Heather says evilly.

"Thanks, Heather!", Izzy says cheerfully.

Later, you all gather at the bonfire.

"The last marshmallow can go to either Sadie or Lindsay. Either way, a girl is going home today.", Chris announces. Lindsay looks worried; Katie and Sadie are looking at each other fearfully.

"The last marshmallow goes to Li-", Chris begins, but is interrupted by the sound of helicopters.

"Izzy! We know you are here! The RCMP has come to claim you!", the man in the helicopter announces.


"YOU'LL NEVER GET ME ALIIIIIIIIVE!", Izzy says, and throws a smokebomb, and escapes. After the helicopters vanished and everyone settled down, Chris continued.

"The last marshmallow goes to Lindsay.", he says. Lindsay collects her marshmallow happily, and Sadie starts crying.

"Sadie, don't cry! It'll be okay!", Katie says, but was crying herself.

"I can't believe I'm leaving...", Sadie says. You had to do something.

"Sadie, wait. You got SO far in the competition! You got tenth place! That's amazing!", you say. Sadie sniffles.


"Definitely! Don't worry, everyone thinks you did great.", Katie adds. Sadie smiles, and everyone gathers around her.

"Aww, you guys!", Sadie gushes.

"Goodbye, Sadie. You will be missed.", Chris says, hiding a tiny little tear that fell out of his eyes.

"Here Sadie, take this. I know how much you loved them.", Katie said, handing Sadie her marshmallow. And soon, everyone but Heather had handed Sadie their marshmallows as a farewell gift. Sadie starts crying again - this time out of joy. Katie smiles at you and mouths "thank you"

Sadie leaves, her arms filled with marshmallows and an even sweeter smile on her face.

Later, you confront Tyler.

"What the heck man?! You were supposed to vote for Lindsay!", you shout.

"S-sorry, I couldn't vote for my girlfriend...", he says.

"The girls must really hate each other if they all voted for Sadie.", Duncan comments.

"Umm...I kind of voted for Sadie too.", Noah admits, leading to a shocked reaction from you, Duncan and Zeke.

"WHY?!", Zeke shouts.

"H-Heather told me to...", Noah says.

(DANGIT! Heather's RUINING the alliance!), you think.'s only a matter of time before she gets her karma...

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