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So far... Surprise! You're not escaping Total Drama Island that easily!

  • Screaming Gophers: Heather, Lindsay, Gwen, Izzy, Noah
  • Killer Bass: Duncan, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Tyler
  • Eliminated Contestants: Ezekiel, Courtney, LeShawna, Duncan, Trent, Justin, Harold, Cody, OC

Playa Des Losers

I'm gonna to a run-down of what happened during your stay in Playa Des Losers. When you got there, you already had a lot of enemies. Courtney, LeShawna, Duncan, Trent, Justin and Harold all knew that your alliance was the reason they were gone; and you realized how many people you got eliminated.

Trent was even angrier because of how you "betrayed" Gwen, and Cody hated you for not helping him even a little with the bear attack; although he had recovered.

At first, it was LeShawna who forgave you, who then convinced Ezekiel, Courtney and Harold to forgive you. Soon, Playa Des Losers got a little more relaxed, and I say a little because you still had a few enemies who had a bone to pick with you.

What happened while you were gone?

After the next episode, Who Can You Trust, Beth came to the loser resort due to the curse.

Then after Basic Straining, it was Owen who couldn't keep up with Chef's training and came next.

X-Treme Torture featured Heather's chest being on display to DJ, who uncharacterisically ogled and got himself kicked off.

Brunch of Disgustingness merged the teams into boys vs girls: Noah, Duncan, Tyler; Heather, Lindsay, Gwen, Izzy, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie and Eva. Despite the girls' large numbers, they lost, and voted off Bridgette, who refused to eat the last dish, dolphin hot dogs.

(A.N.: I know that BoD was a reward challenge, but since I added an extra character I had to make it an elimination challenge)

Fortunately, after you all watched "Brunch of Disgustingness", Chris arrived to tell you that you have the opporunity to return to Total Drama Island. You, of course, accepted the invitation because there was no way you were staying here with like 4 people that wanted to hurt you. Along with you also went Ezekiel, both times Chris feeling that you two never had a real shot at the game. You disagreed, but not to his face.

No Pain, No Game

Remaining Contestants: Eva, Ezekiel, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Katie, Lindsay, Noah, OC, Sadie, Tyler.

Obviously, you were ecstatic to find out that you got to be back in the game, but you didn't know how everyone would react.

Eva: "You're back? Great, you can try and ELIMINATE ME again!"

Duncan: "Welcome back, man. Kinda boring without you here."

Gwen: "I'm...really glad you're back. I missed you."

Heather: "Whatever."

Izzy: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I like, totally missed you and how much FUN we used to have! Wasn't it, like, the best time ever?"

Katie: "You're back?! Yay! Sadie, look, OC's back!"

Lindsay: "This is so cool! I thought no one could come back...?"

Noah: "Hey old buddy. Missed you. Why would you come back to this craphole?

Sadie: "Oh. My. Gosh. You're back! We missed you so much!"

Tyler: "Awesome dude, great to have you back"

Chris announced the challenge, and on the way there, Heather asks you a question.

"Remember when I said you're out of the alliance for 3 challenges, and if you survive you're back in? Well, you're here now. What do you say?", Heather asks.

"Well? I need an answer. Right now."

A: Accept - Another chance to betray Heather? Sign me up!

B: Decline - I don't need another fiasco like last time

(A.N.: Now that the teams are merged and we're deep into the game, I'll be focusing more on the challenges)

"...Sure. Thanks, Heather...", you say. Heather smiles her evil smile.

"Alright everyone, let's begin round 1 of the challenge. Contestants Remaining: Eva, Ezekiel, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Katie, Lindsay, Noah, OC, Sadie and Tyler. I guess it would've been easier to say everyone."

"Good. Then we won't have a problem.", she says. You all arrive at the venue for the challenge, and first up to be tortured is: Tyler!

"Tyler, your challenge is to: copy Chef's intense yoga moves.", Chris reads from a card. Chef lays out a yoga mat, wearing yoga pants, which he looks terrible in.

"Alright, this is so up my alley! I'm great at yoga!", he says. Chef pulls his legs and twists them to his neck, then a loud cracking sound is heard.

"Eww!", everyone says.

"Yeesh...Tyler, you'll just have to mimic the one...I don't think Chef can do any more...", Chris says. Tyler easily mimics the move, and then has difficulty getting back to normal.

"Next, Duncan with......sitting in a barrel of leeches!", Chris announced, leading Duncan to be the first one out after lasting 9.999999999999999999999999999 seconds.

Next, Ezekiel was eliminated due to the fact that he fainted but the poison ivy effects, then Lindsay was out after her head nearly got shaved, and Noah couldn't make the one lap around the island.

"Alright, we're ending round two with one final torture: OC!", Chris announced.

"OC, you have to drink half a jug of milk in ten seconds! Hope you're thirsty!", Chris says.

"Wait, what?! What if I throw up?!", you protest.

"If you do, you'll still be in the challenge."

(Oh great...)

Do you do the challenge?

A: Yes, I want immunity and that trailer!

B: No, it could mess up my system. Plus Heather's protecting me.

"Fine, I'll do it.", you say, and then you pick up the jug. It was cold. And of course, it was full fat instead of 2% or something cause Chris loves to torture you. You take the milk, and chug it down as everyone yells "CHUG CHUG CHUG!"

Finally, you down all the milk - and just in time too!

"You're safe, OC.", Chris says, and you go back to your seat next to Heather. You feel it rising...and you let out a big burp.

"Eww!", Heather says.

"And now we begin round too! Remaining contestants: Eva, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Katie, OC, Sadie and Tyler."

"Once again, Tyler, it's your turn."


"Your challenge is to jetski behind Chef for ten seconds! To the beach everyone!", Chris said. The beach, which was pretty much next to where you were, had Chef waiting on his jetski.

"Ooh, that's gonna be tough, Tyler...", Lindsay said.

"Yeah, you wiped out pretty bad the first time when you came to the island.", Chris remarked. Tyler puffed out his chest.

"I can do it!", he said. And he couldn't. He did have an awesome wipeout though (Right onto Lindsay).

"Great, then we progress. Next victim: Izzy, with the poison ivy mudbath."

"Cool! I've always wanted to know how that feels!", she said.


Chef, wearing gloves, puts the poison ivy on Izzy's face. Ten seconds finish, and Izzy refuses to let the poison ivy come off.

"It feels so...good...", Izzy says calmly. You can hear Heather mutter "freak show" under her breath.

"Izzy, you stuck it out but you're eliminated for breaking the rules. Heather, you're next with the marshmallow waxing!", Chris announces. Izzy leaves, her face completely messed up. Heather experiences the same thing as Lindsay - screams, but in the end likes the result.

"Nice.", she says.

"Heather, since you didn't complain at all, you can choose who goes next.", Chris says. Heather looks at you.

(Uh oh...)

"I choose OC. With the New Age music challenge.", she says. New Age...what?

Chris puts the headphones on your head and HORRENDOUS music starts playing. I mean, not enough for you to give up and go, but still pretty bad. You hear the "ding" over the headphones and be glad it was over.

"Why, Heather, why?!", you say.

"I used your turn - I made you do the easiest challenge. He won't select you until the next round. You should be thanking me.", she explains. After some thought, you realize she's right.

"Next victim is Katie with Skunk Jumping!", Chris says.

"More like Skank Jumping.", Heather mutters.

"What was that?!", you angrily say. Heather looks at you.


"I heard you!"

"Forget about it.", she said. But there was no way she said that for no reason.

"What's...Skunk Jumping?", Katie asked.

"Glad you asked, Katie! You see, we have these tree stumps with skunks in between. Jump from one stump to another and make it to the end!", Chris explains (basically Trent's challenge in the real thing). Katie steps up to the beginning, and starts shivering.

"I c-can't do this!", she exclaims.

(Should I help her?!), you think. Maybe some moral support? On one hand, she's your girlfriend, but on the're also competing against her.

A: Give Katie moral support - She'll love you for it

B: Don't help Katie - It's not like she'll notice

"Katie! I know you can do it! You're fast and skilled!", you say, trying to help. Katie perks up.

"Yeah, if anyone can do it, it's you! Remember you won gold for track and field at school while I was in that pie eating contest?", Sadie said. Just the thought of any food made you want to vomit...

"Aww, thanks guys!", Katie says as she blows a kiss in your direction. Then, Katie begins the challenge, but slips a little - she doens't fall, but a skunk sprays her, spot on, and Katie nearly vomits herself.

"Ooh! Katie's out!", Chris says.

"Tough break...", you mutter to yourself.

After Katie, it was Sadie's turn.

"Ooh! I love this game!", Sadie says.

(Easy for you to say, Sadie! You got to have ice cream), you think.

"Sadie, for this challenge you have to do a pull up and hold yourself up for ten seconds.", Chris says.

"That's easy!", she remarks.

"She doesn't do very well in sporty things...but don't let that fool you, Sadie is very hardworking", Katie assures you. However, Sadie tries her best to do the pull up but breaks the pull up bar.

"Oh...this show's props are so cheap!", she says in denial.

"Suuuuure...", Chris says.

"Alright, round 3, and the remaining contestants are: Eva, Gwen, Heather and OC!"

(AN: I'm gonna wrap this up now)

Gwen loses when she has to dodge the turtles that Chef plays hockey with (same as Duncan in the real version), and you lose when, due to your increasing bad luck, you just so happen to get stuck in another eating challenge. You vomit and fail to complete, resulting in round 4 being consisted of Heather and Eva.

"Okay guys, last round! Heather and Eva - you're both in it to win it."

"Eva's hardcore, can you handle her?", you ask Heather.

"I'm so winning this.", she says.

"Eva, you'll have to survive ten seconds in a box with Sasquatchanakwa!", Chris says, pointing to a box and the yeti being stuffed into it.

"I can handle this.", Eva says with confidence. She steps inside the box, and the next ten seconds are intense, lots of yelling and screaming...and Eva comes out WEARING the yeti's fur.

"Nice work, Eva!", Chris exclaims. Eva goes back to her seat and smirks at Heather.

"Eva, if Heather fails to complete her challenge, then you will win immunity!", Chris exclaims.

(Third place...not to shabby...), you think.

"Heather, you'll be competing in a log-roll against the Russian bear.", he says, beginning to describe LeShawna's challenge in the original version.

Heather steps up to the log, and tries to keep up, but can't. She comes back up with piranhas biting at her, when Chef comes and removes them, as everyone laughs at her.

"And the winner is, Eva!", Chris says. Eva immediately takes the keys and runs happily to her new trailer.

"As Eva enjoys her new luxury trailer stocked with food, the rest of you...figure out who to eliminate!"

Later, Heather approaches you and asks to walk to Eva's trailer with you.

"So, Katie told me that she and Sadie will be voting with me thanks to you being her boyfriend, which gave me an idea...I should get my own boyfriend.", she says.

"All the guys hate you."

"Yeah, but I can...seduce them. Now I just have to choose who. Oh, hold this.", Heather says, and knocks on Eva's door.

"What?", Eva says after she opens the door.

"Hey, just as a note, Chris has a cannon set up pointing at your trailer. You may wanna move it in the morning and fool Chris.", Heather says. Was that true?

"Really? That does sound like Chris. Hmm...thanks Heather.", she says begrudgingly.

"Oh, no problem. Although, I would like you to vote with me...", Heather says. Eva mulls it over.

"Fine, I can't see any side effects. Who will it be?", Eva asks.

"OC?", Heather asks.

A: Ezekiel

B: Duncan

C: Gwen

D: Izzy

E: Noah

"Great Then it's settled. Psycho Hose-Beast is going home.", Heather said, and then pulls you aside.

"Now, as I was saying: I'm gonna get one of the guys' votes. Who do you think I should pick?", Heather asks.

(Wait, what?! How can she ask me something like this?!)

Who should Heather trick into an alliance?

A: Noah (Advantage: Smart in challenges)

B: Ezekiel (Advantage: Easy to trick)

C: Duncan (Advantage: Strategic with a good challenge game)

D: Don't help Heather pick a guy

"Hmm...well, I think Duncan's got some pretty good strategizing skills, but maybe not...Also, Zeke would be an easy target, but let's face it - he's nearly useless in challenges...", you think.

"Who does that leave?", Heather asks.

"Noah, of course.", you say. You start to feel bad for manipulating your friend, but realize that it's gonna help him get far in the game too.

"You're not just saying that because he's your friend right? Convince me.", Heather says. You think for a second.

"That's easy. He's smart, and his brains have carried him pretty far into the game.", you argue.

"No, his friendship with YOU has carried him far in the game. But fine, I'll flirt with him a little then he'll be wrapped around my finger like a string.", Heather says deviously.

"He'll be hard to convince...", you remind Heather.

"I'll start in the next challenge.", she says.

That night, the votes were down to Heather and Izzy, and Izzy was the one who went home.

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