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So far...

  • You became friends with Noah, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Gwen, Izzy and Lindsay.
  • You made an alliance with Heather, Lindsay and Katie.
  • You have a crush on Katie.
  • Gwen kissed you, which made you enemies with Trent, but he was voted off.
  • Ezekiel, Courtney, LeShawna, Duncan and Trent have been voted off.
  • Screaming Gophers: Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Gwen, Noah, Cody, Owen, Izzy, Justin, OC
  • Killer Bass: Harold, Duncan, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Tyler, DJ

Phobia Factor

The Screaming Gophers sit in their hot tub, you included, simmering in their own anger for losing.

"Cheer up guys, at least we still have this hot tub!", Beth says happily. Heather sneers.

"Whatever. We have to stop losing.", Heather replies.

"You know we only lost once, right? Don't freak out.", Justin says warmly.

"Really? How about this, pretty boy?! If we lose again, YOU'LL be voted off!" Heather snaps, silencing Justin. Heather was venting to you earlier; she's stressed that you might be voted off next. When you asked her why, she says that your poor choices lead the team to think you're unusable. After that, you handed all responsibility to Heather from then on, and now it seems like Justin is the next target.

"Heather, calm down. Do you really want to let the Bass see us arguing?", Noah asks in his usual uncaring tone. Heather calms down and relaxes herself into the hot tub. Duncan is the first to approach your team.

"Hey dudes, we just wanted to share some of our dessert with you. We got like, a lot, and we couldn't finish all of it.", he said nicely.

"Yeah, because your team is full of losers, so you have no more people.", Heather said, still angry.

"Woah, what's her deal?", Bridgette asks. Tyler smiles at Lindsay, but she doesn't notice because she's busy talking to you.

"Hey, OC, you want some cake?", DJ asks.

"Oh sure!", you answer. You do love cake!

"It's got these great nuts in 'em. I loved it.", DJ says, talking about the cake. You immediately spit out the cake the the ground. You're allergic!

"Woah, what happened?", DJ asks.

"Sorry, I'm allergic to nuts. My tongue swells up.", you tell everyone...except you can already feel your tongue swelling. You spit out the last bit of nuts.

"Itss my worth fear", you say, since you can't speak properly.

"That's nothing, my worst fear is ninjas. They're sneaky and kill you in like, seconds." Harold muses. Eventually, everyone's shared their fear.

"Katie, what abouth you?", you say, trying to sound cool with a swollen tongue.

"Umm, I don't know. I'm not afraid of anything.", she says proudly.

"What about bad haircuts? Remember that time at the beach at the end of the year party when a jellyfish got stuck on your head and it looked like a wig?", Sadie said.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Bad haircuts are the worst! Remember when I had to ask Devin MacArthur (RR reference what up) to pee on my head because he was the only one willing to do it? Ugh, he's such a skeeze. If I ever date someone, make sure it's someone sweet and nice.", Katie says.

(Duly noted), you think.

"Oh you mean, like OC?", Lindsay proposes. Immediately, your cheeks turn red and you feel like slapping Lindsay's tongue out of her mouth.

"Haha Lindsay! Yeah!", Katie says jokingly. Or maybe not jokingly...either way, your heart leaped.

"Anyway, bad haircuts are the worst! I love my hair!", Lindsay says.

"I'm nothing without my hair.", Justin says, agreeing with the three girls.

"And your abs...", Beth swoons.

Everyone else also pipes up. Heather's fear is sumo wrestlers, Gwen's is being buried alive, Beth's is being covered in bugs, Cody's is having to diffuse a time bomb under pressure, Noah's is being chased by a wild bear, Owen and Izzy's were flying, Duncan's was Celine Dion music store standees, Bridgette's was being alone in the woods, Tyler's was chickens, DJ's was snakes and Eva tried to convince everyone that she wasn't afraid of anything.

"You totally are, Eva.", you say.

"No I'm not. Shut it.", Eva replies bluntly.

"Come on Eva, you can tell us! We're your friends!", Katie says.

"I'm afraid of NOTHING!", Eva shouts. After that, everyone left the topic.

After Chris announced the challenge, everyone was shocked. You were up first. You had to eat an entire bowl of nuts.

"Chris, he's allergic!" Gwen objects.

"It's not deathly, is it? It's fine!", Chris said. God, you really did hate him!

"Remember OC, you're on thin ice right now.", Heather reminds you.

What do you do?

A: Do the challenge - for the team. The swelling's only for approximately 8 hours.

B: No way! Everyone else can compensate!

"It's okay, Gwen. I'll do the challenge.", you say bravely. Everyone takes one step back and watches intently. You pick up a handful of assorted nuts, and shove them into your mouth. You chew, and you can already feel your tongue swelling, but eventually you get it down. Your team cheers loudly, and you hear a "ding!" for your team!

"Nice job, dude!", Chris says to you. You go to the bathroom to wash your mouth to get rid of any remaining nuts, and when you come back, Lindsay, Katie, Sadie and Justin are wearing the ugliest wigs ever.

At the amphitheatre, Heather took care of the sumo wrestler with your help, Noah was smart enough to remember that you need to dominate a bear and intimidate it (thank you Scarlett) and DJ held a snake in his hands. Later, Gwen asks you to help her through the challenge.

"Here, take this walkie-talkie. At least I can access you. Goodbye cruel world...", Gwen sighs. You head off to watch Lindsay and the others take off their wigs, counting down the time. They take the wigs off.

"Oh my gosh! Katie I never realized you had such pretty hair!", Sadie says.

"Me neither! Sadie, your hair is the cutest!", Katie replies.

"You both have cute hair!", Lindsay pipes in.

"Wow! We never even noticed Lindsay's hair!", Sadie says. And that's how those three became friends. However, on your way back, Owen and Izzy were landing, and Chef's bad piloting made the plane's WING drop on your leg, and the walkie-talkie fell out of your hands, you couldn't reach it!

"Aw man, not another lawsuit from dropping a plane on someone!", Chef complained.

"Chef?! Get that plane off of OC!", Owen shouted. Chef lifted the plane's wing with Chris' help.

What do you do?

A: Go to Gwen by yourself

B: Remind Chris about Gwen

"Chris, go help Gwen! Her time is up!", you yell frantically. Chris casually walks to Gwen and digs her out. Gwen had fainted inside. Gwen, a bit ticked off, comes to you.

"What the heck happened here?", she says.

"Plane accident...", you say in pain. But, after a quick trip to the infirmary you get better. In the end, Eva, still claiming she had no fear, had to do ALL of them, and succeeded.

"She is so leaving next!", Heather complains.

Who's leaving the Gophers?

A: Gwen

B: Cody

C: Justin

Up The Creek

I'd like to start by saying thank you everyone for all of your support! I hope you're liking the story so far!

Screaming Gophers: Heather. Lindsay, Beth, Gwen, Cody, Noah, Owen, Izzy, OC

Killer Bass: Bridgette, Duncan, Harold, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Tyler, DJ

Chris announced the challenge of riding the canoes to Boney Island, and first up, you get to decide who YOU want to take the trip with! This will, of course, be one of those conversation scenes.

As a quick recap, here's your relations with your team: You have an alliance with Heather and Lindsay, you're good friends with Cody, Noah and Izzy, you have an awkward tensiony relationship with Gwen, and you've hardly spoken to both Owen and Beth. While we're on the subject, your relations with the Bass are as following: You have romantic interest in Katie, you're friends with Bridgette, Sadie, Tyler and DJ, you've hardly spoken to Duncan, and Eva hates you just like she hates pretty much everyone.

Who do you share a canoe with?

A: Heather - could lead to possible alliance discussion, and something Heather has on her mind...

B: Lindsay - could lead to conversation about how to handle your crushes on the other team...

C: Gwen - could lead to talking out the weirdness between you two as of late...

D: Cody - could result in a second alliance through strengthening a friendship...

E: Noah - could result in a second alliance through strengthening a friendship...

F: Owen - will form a relationship with someone you have no relations to...

G: Izzy - wild card!

H: Beth - will form a relationship with someone you have no relations to...

"Lindsay, you wanna canoe together?", you ask.

"Umm, I was gonna go with Sadie but...okay!", she says excitedly. Boy, this girl would get happy over just being alive! It's quite admirable actually.

"Sadie's in the other team, Lindsay...", you remind her.

"Oh. Bummer.", she says. The two of you get into the canoe and start paddling. Lindsay doesn't paddle, instead she works on her tan. On your lap. In a short skirt. Not that she'd be much help anyway.

"So, Lindsay, um, you still like Tyler?", you ask, hoping to initiate a conversation about the crushes.

"Mmhmm. Isn't he a cutie?", she says, and points to him, struggling to use his paddle properly, then hitting himself in the face with it.

"Right. Adorable.", you agree sarcastically. You continue paddling, and you bring up Katie.

"So, Lindsay, what do you think of my crush, Katie?", you ask

"OMG! Katie is so cool! I love her! She's one of the sweetest people on the island.", Lindsay accounts.

"Good. I don't want Heather to know about our crushes, or we could get kicked out of the alliance.", you say.


"Sadly, yes.", you say. As you both think of what to do, you look at the other pairs on the boats: Heather and Beth, Noah and Owen, Cody and Gwen, Duncan and DJ, Katie and Sadie, Eva and Tyler, Bridgette and Harold. For some reason, Izzy was no where to be found. Until, of course, you saw Izzy with increasing speed. Izzy was paddling with her hands, and the canoe was getting faster and faster. Izzy pushed down on the canoe with one foot, and it went hurtling up. Lindsay sat up to watch until you pushed her head down.

"DUCK!", you shout. And Izzy's boat, just like that, zoomed ahead of everyone else. Gwen and Cody's boat came next to yours.

"That is one crazy girl.", Gwen complains. You and Lindsay agree.

"So, OC, you think Gwen will go out with me?", Cody whispers to you.

"I heard that.", Gwen says, startling Cody. After they've separated from you, you continue talking to Lindsay.

"Umm, OC, I had an idea if you want to hear it...if you don't, it's okay!", she says.

"Why wouldn't I want to hear it?", you ask.

"No one really listens to my ideas much.", she says.

"Oh, that's a shame. Go ahead, I'll listen. It's probably a really good idea!", you say, expecting Lindsay to say something bubbly as usual.

"What if Heather finds out? If she kicks us out of the alliance, we should form our own alliance with Katherine, Sadie, Koala, Taylor and Beth!", she says. By which of course she means Katie, Sadie, Cody, Tyler and Beth.

"That's actually a really good idea! But first let's make sure you know your boyfriend's name, Lindsay.", you say.

Accept Lindsay's offer to form an alliance should anything go wrong?

A: Yes, it's always good to have a lifeboat in case of emergency!

B: No, what if Heather finds out and tries to eliminate you?

You're nearly at Boney Island, and you decide to tell Lindsay you'll join the alliance, on your own conditions.

"Lindsay, I'll accept your offer.", you tell her.

"Really? Cool!", she says happily.

"But I have a few conditions.", you state.

"Oh sorry, I don't think boys can use my stuff.", she says. What?

"What are you talking about?"

"Heather said-"

"Never mind. Anyway, my conditions are that you CANNOT tell Heather under any circumstances. Two, if somebody from the list of people you named gets eliminated when we set this plan into action, if we have to set it into action, then we don't select someone to take their place.", you state. Lindsay thinks for a moment.

"...ok!", she responds.

"Good. Anyway, we've got to get this canoe across fast.", you remind her, as you speed up the rowing. When you all arrive, Izzy was waiting there for you guys.

"Come on guys, what took you so long?", she scolds. The Bass arrive first and go forward. Your team follows them, and when the woolly beavers arrive, Cody throws the bread at them. You reach the crossroads, and the Bass go left. Which way do you go?

A: Left

B: Right

"Guys, let's go left! We need to catch up to the Bass, and safety in numbers!", you remind everyone. Everyone agrees and they follow you. You finally catch up to them, since apparently Duncan got some injury which you couldn't see. Everyone except Owen had reached camp, and he was severely lagging behind.

Chris arrives on a helicopter and announces the next challenge, saying that the Gophers are officially in the lead, and so your team scrambles to collect firewood. Heather immediately takes Lindsay and they run off, so who will you go with?

A: Noah

B: Cody

C: Izzy

D: Beth

E: Gwen

F: Wait for Owen

(Maybe I should go with Gwen. I mean, we work on challenges really well together!), you think.

"Hey Gwen, let's go look for firewood!", you suggest.

"Are you sure you don't want to go with Heather?", Gwen says bitterly.

"Heather's taken Lindsay, so we can go together right?" you ask again.

"Whatever.", Gwen says, uncaring.

"Hey, I'm sorry about what happened with the whole burying thing. You know why I couldn't make it.", you reason.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's go.", Gwen says, a bit less bitter. But that's Gwen for you. As you two walk, Gwen starts talking about her feelings.

"...and it's just that I can't stand being around Heather anymore. She's such a pain in the butt.", she complains. You're hanging on to every word, because it's how you feel about Heather.

"Well Gwen, I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to strike to betray her.", you say, reducing your voice to a whisper. Gwen smiles.

"So, how are you planning on doing that?" she asks. That question hit hard. You hadn't really planned anything yet besides one day her off.

"Well, I think I have Lindsay on my side.", you tell her.

"Oh yeah, that, I know. You're talking about the backup alliance you have planned right?", Gwen asks. You're a little surprised.

"Umm...yeah. How much did you hear?", you ask, making sure she doesn't know too much.

"I didn't hear much, all I heard was that you, Lindsay and a few other people will make an alliance if your alliance with Heather doesn't work out.", she accounts. You sigh with relief. She didn't know about Katie...

Just then, Lindsay appeared.

"OC! OC! Heather told me to tell you that she's giving us both a warning.", Lindsay said.

"Wait, what?! Lindsay, you told her?!", you said, raising your voice.

"I didn't! Heather said she's not gonna discuss it with you, but if you do something like this again she'll have you personally eliminaed.", Lindsay said. Oh crap...this was bad.

"What's going on?", Gwen asks.

"Heather found out about the back-up alliance somehow.", you tell Gwen.

"What??" Gwen says. She's about to say something else when Heather comes.

"I just talked to Cody, and I hope Lindsay told you, OC: You're jumping on your already PAPER thin ice. Get a grip. Ah, Gwen. Looking fetch, as always.", Heather snapped. You felt your heart sank. So much for the plan. Heather and Lindsay leave.

"Dammit Cody.", you mutter under your breath.

"Cody? He's the worst. He's so annoying.", Gwen complains.

"Oh, he sucks right now. Remind me to tell you what he's actually like when I don't want to crush his face.", you say angrily. Gwen puts her hand on your shoulder.

"Well, you've always got me. Anyway, let's get back to the challenge.", Gwen says as she leans in for another kiss. You back away.

"Wait, Gwen, I have something to tell you...", you begin.

"What is it?", she asks.

What do you do?

A: Tell Gwen that you like Katie, and not her

B: Lie, and say it was something else

C: Tell her you don't like her, but don't tell her about Katie

D: Ignore her

"Gwen, I like you. I really do, but just not in a relationship way. I honestly think of you as a very good friend.", you admit.

"Wait, WHAT? You mean I kissed you and I told you how I felt about, like, everything and you don't even like me?! How could you do this??", she said, getting angrier and angrier.

"Who DO you like then?!", She shouts. You silently say,


"KATIE?! YOU LIKE KATIE?!", she screams. You try to hush her but you know it won't have much effect.

"You know what?! Forget you then. Let's just complete the challenge, and we can talk about this later.", she says. She picks up some wood, puts half on her shoulders and throws the rest at you.

(I'm pretty sure she said everything she needed to say...), you think as you nearly have a heart attack: Heather was watching behind a tree.

After Izzy blew up the entire site, but still getting your team the win, Gwen went with Izzy, and fortunately Gwen was so pissed that every time Izzy tried to speak, she shut her up quick, meaning Izzy never helped the other team.

Heather meanwhile pulled you away on to her boat. You could feel a lump forming in your throat.

(I can't believe I'm in trouble with so many people at once...), you think. At least Katie doesn't know.

"So, OC, what do you think of Katie?", Heather says. Just that sentence makes you want to curl up and escape reality.

"I know you like her, and that's okay.", she says. You perk up a bit - is it too good to be true?


"Oh yeah, it's okay if you want to be kicked out of the alliance.", she snaps. Oh...

Then, she continues.

"You've done a lot to hinder this alliance, and I can't take it anymore, OC. As punishment, I'm taking you OUT of the alliance for the next 3 challenges"


"But if you can manage to stay in the game for that long, I'll let you back it. Got it?", Heather says cruelly. You nod.

"And in that time, you are not allowed to privately talk to Lindsay."

When you all get back to camp, the Screaming Gophers won and the final marshmallow was set to go to either Eva (upon Heather's command) or Harold (because he messed up big time by burning the paddles), and it went to Eva.

Harold went home.

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