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  • Screaming Gophers: Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Gwen, Noah, Cody, Owen, Izzy, OC
  • Killer Bass: Duncan, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Tyler, DJ
  • Your friends are Lindsay, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Katie, Sadie, Tyler and DJ.
  • Your enemies are (temporarily) Heather and Eva (mostly one-sided from you).
  • You have no relations to Beth, Owen, Duncan and Bridgette.
  • You have a crush on Katie
  • Things are very awkward between you and Gwen, who likes you. Oh crap...I made a love triangle by accident, and finally:
  • Heather has kicked you out of the alliance for 3 challenges.
  • Eliminated contestants: Ezekiel, Courtney, LeShawna, Duncan, Trent, Justin and Harold.

Paintball Deer Hunter

"Hey, OC, look what I got!", Beth said, showing off some little tiki statue thing to you. You really weren't in the mood for happiness. "H-hey, Gwen!", you called when Gwen passed by. She coldly ignored you. Ouch. Chris explains that the challenge is a paintball "deer" hunt. "And since there are an odd number of players on each team, there will be 4 deer on the Bass and 5 the Gophers. The rest of you are hunters. Hunters: Heather, Beth, Noah, Owen; Duncan, Katie, Tyler; Deer: Lindsay, Gwen, Cody, Izzy, you; Bridgette, Sadie, DJ, Eva "WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M A DEER?!", Eva shouts. "Them's the rules, Eva.", Chris complains. Eva promptly kicks him and walks angrily into the forest. The rest of the deer run into the woods during the headstart, including you. Where do you go? A: On the right path with Izzy B: Straight ahead with Cody and Sadie C: Towards the mountain with DJ D: Climb a tree "Hey, Cody, why don't I go with you? We need to talk.", you say. "Umm...sure.", Cody says, a bit suspicious. As you, Cody and Sadie walk on the forest path, you pop the question. "Back when we had to ride to Boney Island, how much did you hear of my conversation with Lindsay when you and Gwen approached us?", you ask. Cody looked nervous. "Umm...not m-much. Just that you were making a back-up alliance.", he admits. So, the same thing Gwen heard. "Cool. Did you tell anyone...maybe Heather?", you ask. Cody's sweating now. "W-well...", he starts, and is interrupted by Sadie's interception. "Don't bully him, OC!", she says. "Sadie, please stay out of this, and I mean that in the most polite way possible.", you explain. Sadie crosses her shoulders. "Hmph." "So, Cody, did you tell Heather or not?", you ask again. "Okay, fine, I did! But I didn't tell her everything! She's smart, she put two-and-two together!", Cody sputtered out. "Then WHAT did you tell her?", you wonder, getting more and more curious. "All I told her was that you and Lindsay were making your own alliance if your alliance with Heather didn't work out! That's it, I promise! I didn't know it was case sensitive information!", Cody admits. You mull it over for a minute. "Fine, I believe you.", you say, and then Cody hugs you. "Thank you! I don't need another contestant scaring the pee out of me...", he says, then blushes. "Wait, she made you...?", you say in disbelief. "Sadly, yes...", he says, sighing. "Toughen up, my friend. Anyway, we should stick together, we might be able to win.", you suggest. Just then, a paintball hits the back of your head, hard, and you fall forwards. "OC! Are you okay?!", Sadie cries. Owen jumps down from a tree. "Oops...I thought you were Eva.", Owen admits. "YOU WHAT?! TRYING TO SHOOT ME DOWN HUH DOUGH BOY?!", Eva screams. "Eva, quiet down, the other hunters will hear you!", Sadie cries out to Eva. "QUIET!", Eva shouts, then goes closer to Owen, and takes his gun and proceeds to shoot him, making you and Cody double over in laughter as Sadie watches blankly. "YOU WANT SOME?!", Eva shouts, then starts shooting you and Cody as the two of you try to escape. "Umm, Eva, can I have my gun back?", Owen shouts, leading Eva to throw the gun at him. Then, Eva storms off. "That girl is intense.", you say. Then you notice that Cody hardly got any paint on him. "'re good!", you tell him. "I'm small, but I'm pretty quick. You could say I'm skilled at this kind of stuff.", he boasts. "Really? How'd you get so good?", you ask. "Oh, you know...dodging spitballs in Math class and stuff...", he tells you, making you laugh. After some more walking, Cody separated from you two, saying he was gonna go hide somewhere, and Sadie was still with you. You two ended up at the end of the forest, and saw Lindsay go into the Mess Hall. "Oops, we should turn around.", Sadie says. "Hold on, what's Lindsay doing in the Mess Hall? Let's wait here.", you say. Soon, Katie arrived having taking the same path. (Wow, do they have the same exact thoughts?), you think. Soon, Lindsay comes out. "OC, I'm giving you five minutes to escape since you're my friend...a really good friend.", Katie said somewhat warmly. What do you do? A: Stay for longer and risk getting paintballed: What's Lindsay up to? B: Escape - you can question Lindsay later (A.N.: Yes, I know I'm updating quicker than usual but here in Dubai it's 11:34 PM. I mean I don't go to school or anything but I'm still sleeping when the western world is online, so I have to update before I hit the hay, although I don't go to sleep before like 5 AM usually) "Wow...thanks Katie!", you say, and you can feel yourself blushing. "Ooh, Katie, look, he's blushing!", Sadie says. Darn it Sadie! "Ahaha you're right! He is. You're so cute, OC. Now hurry up before someone from my team sees us!", she says, and you run off, thinking about Katie. You bump into Noah, who seems to be looking for someone. "Noah? How's it going?", you ask. "Terrible. I've been looking for someone this entire time, but they keep slipping through my fingers. Also, you look like a hair dye job gone horribly wrong.", he notes, and then you remember the paint on your hair. That's gonna take forever to remove... "Yeah, I know. It was Owen's fault.", you complain. "I need to find either Bridgette, Sadie, DJ or Eva. Have you seen any of them?", he asks. "I was with Sadie a while ago, but I forgot which way she was. I think Eva stormed off that way earlier, maybe go check in that direction?", you suggest. "Hmm, I'll try. Thanks.", he says. You continue heading down the path you were on and you hear a growl, and you see Cody with some berries in his hand and...a bear! The bear looks like he's gonna maul Cody, and Cody looks horrified. Quick! What do you do? A: Help Cody by attacking the bear B: Help Cody by throwing a rock at the bear C: Divert the bear's attention to you D: Run away! Save yourself! (I can't fight a bear! Sorry Cody, I really am!), you think, and dash away to the opposite direction. You keep running until you can't hear the bear roaring anymore, and then the guilt washes over you. (What have I done?! I just abandoned poor Cody...) (But what would I have done? As Heather said, I'm already on thin ice...) Later, Chris calls you all back and surprisingly, YOU and Cody are the only ones on your team who didn't get hit by a bunch of paintballs...including the hunters. You only had three hits, one on the back of your head, one on your leg and the last one on the back of your shoe, the last two being from Eva and the first being from Owen. Owen: "Eva did it..." Heather: "This is lame and STUPID" Beth: "..." Noah: "I thought this would be mentally challenging. No, because no one here is a good sport." Chris declared the Bass the winners, and the Gophers had to vote someone off. It was almost unanimous. Cody was the one getting the boot, after all...he was in a full body cast.

If You Can't Take The Heat

Screaming Gophers: Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Owen, Gwen, Noah, Izzy, OC

Killer Bass: Duncan, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Tyler, DJ

Cooking challenge time! Chris had you all set up a delicious meal - all for him!

"I'm officially Head Chef. You agree with me, right, OC?", Heather asks coldly. You reluctantly agree.

"Good.", she said. At this point all you really wanted to do was rip her head out.

"Okay, we need an appetizer, an entree and a dessert. Obviously, since I'm Head Chef we'll be cooking first class meals. For the appetizers, we'll need...", Heather continued to ramble on and on about fancy dishes, but you watched Katie.

(Wow, she looks good in an apron! She probably looks good cooking. I could get used to that. ...Was that sexist?)

"...OC! OC! Are you listening?!", Heather shouted. You tune back into the real world.

"Uh, uh, yeah of course!", you lie.

"Great. Then repeat what I just said about dessert.", Heather snarked.

" said we have to cook...some fancy ice cream...?", you think.

"No. I said we're crafting a creme brulee.", Heather said, accent and everything.


"Don't you remember? You told me yourself you know how to make one.", she says. That is true, back in during The Awakathon challenge, you and Heather had a bunch of conversations to keep yourselves awake and one of them had to do with cooking.

"Yeah, I remember. I'm on it!", you say eagerly, hoping to get back in her good books.

"Good. Who will you be working with? Lindsay and I are working on the entree together, so that leaves you...

A: Beth

B: Owen

C: Gwen

D: Noah

E: Izzy

"Um, I guess I'll work with Gwen...", you say, hoping you can patch things up between you two.

"Of course you will.", Heather says. Then, suddenly she pulls you close.

"I'll be keeping my eye on you two. No funny business!", she says in harsh tone. You nod, then you and Gwen get to work. You start directing her on the ingredients she needs to gather.

"Okay, first we need to preheat the oven to 300 degrees,", you say as you do it, "and we need to gather these ingredients. I've written them down on the list, and we'll have to go to the food truck and gather them. I took the bigger list so you wouldn't have to do much work.", you say kindly. Gwen ignored you, took her list and walked to the trunk. Suddenly, a spoon hit the back of your head.

"Not me, man. Eva.", Duncan says. At this point you feel like crying. Nothing's going right. You take your list and gather your ingredients, and meet Gwen back.

"Duck!", you shout and you push Gwen's head down. A fork goes flying past you and hits the wall.

"CAN'T YOU PEOPLE DO ANYTHING RIGHT?! IT'S PASTA, IT'S NOT HARD!", Eva shouts as she dictates how to make the perfect pasta sauce while doing it all herself, "because my team is incompetent", is her reasoning.

Gwen comes back and dumps the ingredients onto the table.

"Wow, you're quick.", you say, despite the fact that she got back after you.

"Okay, now I'll beat the egg yolks while you gather four tablespoons of sugar and vanilla.", you say. Gwen takes out the ingredients and dumps them in the bowl you're beating the eggs in.

"See, now it's all thick and creamy, meaning it's perfect for something rich like creme brulee.", you explain. Heather passes by.

"Rich like me", she says then leaves.

"Now we pour it into the saucepan until it boils. Could you do that while I go to the bathroom? Make sure it's almost boiled, then pour it onto the top pan of the double boiler.", you instruct while showing her the apparel and procedure. You then leave, hoping she can do it right.

When you come back, she's finished it.

"Awesome job, Gwen. I really mean it, this is great!", you say - and she actually had done a good job. She still ignored you, and you were basically on the verge of tears.

"Okay, Gwen we need to talk. I have done nothing but be nice to you, be as cool as I can to you today and you still refuse to talk to me. WHAT'S YOUR DEAL?! I get that I was a jerk for not telling you that I like Katie, but people make mistakes. I've liked her since the beginning, she's so pretty and cool, and it's not like you're not! Please, just get over it. I'm sorry, and you should be too.", you say, out of sheer anger, then see tears coming down on your hands. Gwen's anger disappears.

"'re really sorry?", she asks.

"Yes. I am!", you say. Gwen pulls you in and hugs you.

"I'm really sorry for the way I acted. It was totally out of line.", she says. You look at her as she wipes your tears away.

"There's no need to cry...come on, we'll finish the dish ourselves!", she says as she prepares the presentation. You soon get happier; Gwen likes you again, but this time as a friend. It was only when you looked around that you saw the true impact of what you just said: everyone heard that you like Katie.

You look at Katie and she dropped the spoon she was holding and just stared at you in disbelief

However that was an issue for later, because Gwen brought up something which made you curious.

"Hey, have you noticed that idol Beth's been taking everywhere with her?" she asks. You look around; Heather's glaring at you and Beth is putting her idol on the table.

"I have been wondering about that.", you say. You approach Beth.

"Beth, what's that tiki doll thing?", you ask.

"Oh this? This is my good luck charm! I got it from Boney Island. Isn't it cute?", she asks, and everyone gasps.

"Beth! You IDIOT...STUPID...DEGENERATE!", Heather shouts.

"What?!", she says, as you all shout at her about the curse, and Heather takes over, flinging the worst insults at Beth while she opened her makeup bag because her eyebrows were gone for some reason.

"You know what? Beth made an honest mistake, and we're all tired of you Heather.", Gwen said. She snatched Heather's makeup bag and threw it at Izzy. The Bass watched, fixated, as it circulated, as Heather played the monkey in the middle. Soon it landed in your hands; a crucial decision.

What do you do?

A: Throw it into the freezer! You have Gwen, you don't need Heather!

B: Give it back to Heather - they won't get mad, and you need Heather's trust

C: Throw it to someone else

With all the adrenaline flying around the room, and Bass shouting "Go Go Go Go" and your own team shouting "Freezer! Freezer! Freezer!", there was nothing in the world you wanted more than to throw that makeup bag into the freezer and trap Heather in...but you knew you couldn't. As is normal for teenagers, they want a fight. You're not giving them one. Heather was holding out her hand, and you gave the makeup bag to her.

"Aww...", everyone sighed. But just as quickly that they got involved, it was that quick that they went back to work. It was fun but no one really cared. You could see Heather's smirk.

"Good choice, OC.", she said on one of her walk-by-OC-and-Gwen trips.

"That was fun.", Gwen said.

"Ahahaha...yeah.", you said. You couldn't stop thinking about Katie. There were still 5 minutes left until you had to present the dishes to Chris. Sadie approached you.

"Um, OC, Katie ran out. I think you should talk to her.", she says. You consider Sadie's offer.

A: Go talk to Katie - you don't need more awkward relationships.

B: Don't talk to Katie and finalize the preparations for the dish.

"Sorry, I can't. I have to finish the challenge.", you tell Sadie. You look at Gwen - approving smile. You look at Heather - glaring. The secret you tried to hard to hide, let out in one stupid move.

"Oh. Then I'll have to go...", Sadie says, and runs off to find Katie. You finish the dish, and feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

You finish the creme brulee and everyone presents their dishes to Chris

The Gophers' appetizer: 6/10, Noah, Izzy and Beth can't cook too well.

The Bass' appetizer: 10/10

The Gophers' entree: 10/10, Heather knows her stuff...

The Bass' entree: 15/10 ...but the Bass were just better.

The Gophers' dessert: 10/10, you and Gwen are a good team

The Bass' dessert: 7/10, and the Bass are the winners.

"Once again, the Gophers will be facing elimination. I think we know who's going.", he says, eyeing Beth.

Later, you approach Katie, somewhere around the evening.

"Hi Katie...", you start off. Katie looks up.

"Oh, hey OC. How's it going?", she says quietly. You sit down next to her.

"I meant what I said about you being cool and hot."

"You didn't call me hot."

"I don't have to.", you say, and Katie blushes, and moves a bit closer to you. You can feel your ears getting hotter.

"You're so sweet. Back in the kitchen, I wanted to tell you that I liked you, but I kinda couldn't.", she said.

" like me?", you ask. Katie smiles and nods.

"After that confession, who wouldn't be able to like you?", she said.

"Well, someone from my team is going home, and if I'm lucky it won't be me. I hope we spend lots of time together.", you say smoothly.

"Ooh. Sadie's gonna wanna know every word of this conversation. Also, she needs to interview you to see if you're fit to be my boyfriend, but that can wait. Let's just enjoy this moment.", she says. You two stare off into the sky and watch the sunset together.

That night, the elimination ceremony took place.

Who do you vote for?

A: Heather

B: Lindsay

C: Beth

D: Noah

E: Owen

F: Izzy

G: Gwen

"It's down to you three. Owen, Beth and OC.", Chris says.

You feel a bit nervous.

"The next marshmallow goes to Owen.", and Owen catches the marshmallow in his mouth.

"The final marshmallow goes to..."

Beth's nervous, and so are you. Heather's smirking, Lindsay's nervous, Noah looks concerned, Izzy and Owen are uncaring and Gwen looks the most worried...







"What?!", you shout. How could this be?! You're being ELIMINATED?!

"Bye, OC...I'd say it was fun, but, let's face wasn't.", Heather said. You point a finger at Heather.

"You! It was you who did this!", you shout.

"Oh, I only voted for you...", Heather says. You turn to everyone else.

"You're dating the enemy...sorry.", Beth says. Lindsay refuses to make eye contact.


"Sorry to see you go.", he says.

"We'll miss you...", Lindsay says, still looking down. Gwen tries to smile and waves goodbye.

"It's your own fault you know. YOU keep messing up in challenges. YOU make a bunch of enemies, and YOU date the real enemy. No wonder you're leaving.", Heather says. Was she right?

(I did make a lot of bad choices...), and you start to think of the things you did wrong, when Gwen starts talking.

"Bye, OC...", she says. You're about to leave, when Katie arrives.

"I found out you were leaving, and I just...", she says, and she pulls you close, startling you, and then she kisses you, and you kiss her back. Lindsay and Beth go "aww"

Katie hugs you, and you hug back, and eventually the kiss ends.

"I'll really miss you. Thank you for being one of the best guys I've ever met. I'll never forget you, OC."

"Wait, call me Ollie Colt.", you admit. You hardly ever tell people your real name, but Katie's an exceptional person.

"Ollie? Sounds like a girl's name.", Owen says goofily, and everyone laughs.

"I don't care, I think it's adorable.", Katie says, and kisses you one more time. You hold hands as you step onto the boat, and your hands slip away as the boat separates from you.

"Goodbye, Katie..."

"Goodbye, Ollie..."

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