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Well, I don't know if this has been done before, it probably has, but I want to make my own CYOA with you guys as your own OC in Total Drama Island. Chris selected 23 contestants (the original 22 plus you) and now you're on Total Drama Island, where you can decide some things!

For starters, let's go for your first choice:

1. Are you a boy or a girl?

A: Boy

B: Girl

2. Which team will you join?

A: Screaming Gophers

B: Killer Bass

The choices you make will affect you for the rest of the game! Let's see if you can make it all the way!

Episode 1: Not So Happy Campers

You've been sorted into your team, and now you're walking up the hill! Who do you talk to on your team?

1: Heather

2: LeShawna

3: Lindsay

4: Beth

5: Cody

6: Owen

7: Justin

8: Noah

9: Katie

10: Gwen

11: Trent

12: Don't talk to anyone

Upon a random choosing, since it was a 4-way tie, Noah has been chosen.

"Umm...hi!", You say to Noah. He looks short, but intimidating - like he could crush you to death with words.

"Hello", he replies back.

"So, um, crazy challenge huh? Going up a cliff?", You ask him, wanting to start a conversation.

"I guess so.", he replies bluntly.

"You don't talk much, do you?"

"It's a personality trait."

"Well, we can be friends right?"

"Are you trying to make an alliance with me?", Noah asks suspiciously

"N-no! Just trying to make a friend!", You answer, getting annoyed by this guy's audacity.

"'s just, people don't try to be my friends much. But whatever. I guess we're friends...buddy.", He says.

"Cool. What do you think of the others?", You ask him, hoping to learn more about poor Noah.

"Most of them are oddballs."

"Hehe...yeah, what can you do?"

For the rest of the way up, you and Noah have a pleasant conversation about your favourite books. Finally, everyone reaches the top of the cliff. Chris explains the challenge to everyone, and then you jump.

BUT, there are SHARKS! You didn't land in the Safe Zone. However, Cody just jumped and he's right next to you - what do you do?

A: Push Cody in front of you and swim away

B: Take your chances with the shark

C: Help Cody escape with you

(Maybe I should help Cody...I mean, he never did anything wrong to me.), you think.

Cody screams in horror, and then promptly pees his pants. Reluctantly, you lift him up on your shoulders and try to take him into the safe zone, until your savior arrives. A beautiful savior: Justin.

Justin's beauty distracts the sharks, and with his muscular arms, he carries you and Cody to safety on the shore while the sharks carry him.

"Th-thanks!", Cody says, nervously. His hands were shaking.

"No problem", you reply.

"Umm...I'm Cody.", Cody says awkwardly.

"I know. Nice to meet you Cody."

"Did you, um, notice me..."



"Yeah, I did. It's okay bro, happens to the best of us."

"I know you're only trying to make me feel better, but thanks.", Cody says gratefully as you walk to Noah.

"Congratulations, you survived your first challenge.", Noah said slightly mockingly. You all look up: Only 3 people haven't jumped yet: Heather, LeShawna, and Owen. Katie switched to the Killer Bass with Izzy a while ago, so you get kinda glad that you didn't talk to her - after all, making friends with your own team would probably benefit you in the long run! Cue fight scene, and soon everyone's jumped. Chris declares the Screaming Gophers, your team, the winners and announces the next challenge: to build a hot tub.

In the hot tub challenge, your team groups up in a relay sort of thing (pretty much the original one) and you get stuck right between LeShawna and Heather, who still haven't made up.

"LeShawna, go faster! We're gonna lose, and I'm pretty sure they're gonna vote your big butt off!", Heather remarked at LeShawna's slow pace.

"First off, I'm tryin' to stop the water from spillin'. Gimme a break.", Leshawna replies angrily.

"Then why was Trent moving faster than you with no spill? Lazy.", Heather said, correct, but still mean. LeShawna glared.

They start fighting and make you pick a side. You know there's no getting out of it. Whose side do you pick?

A: Heather, because you know her type - she'll make your life miserable as an enemy

B: LeShawna, because she's more likable and probably in the right here.

"HEY! OC! I'm right, aren't I? Big butted rap star wannabe should pick up the pace?!", Heather asks.

"Tell this skinny rich white chick that I'm only helpin' our team!", LeShawna rertorts.

"Well LeShawna, maybe you could go a bit faster? You know, for the sake of the team?", you answer. LeShawna glares and Heather smirks in triumph.

Later, due to the argument with you, LeShawna and Heather, your hot tub wasn't complete. Thankfully, Trent managed to pick up the pieces while Izzy rapidly hammered them together at an inhuman pace, and you marginally one - you would have been disqualified for late entry, but the Bass's hot tub was terrible.

Afterwards, while the Bass is doing their elimination, your team celebrates and Heather pulls you aside.

"So, why did you help me back there?", she asks.

"Because you were right - LeShawna was slow.", you say, hoping that Heather might form an alliance with you.

"So, my plan is to take two people to the final 3 with me. I WAS originally thinking of choosing two idiots like those two" - she points to Lindsay and Owen - "but maybe having someone smart like you would work better instead. You in?"

Will you join Heather's alliance?

A: Accept

B: Decline

(Oh wow! This is an amazing opportunity!)

"Yes, Heather, I will join your alliance."

"You just made the best decision of your life. Help me choose who else to take - Lindsay or Beth?", Heather asks.

"I don't think you should ask right now. Maybe in the next challenge?", you reply.

"Hmm. Smart. The whole LeShawna thing would've blown over too. I knew there was a reason I picked you. Anyway, night.", Heather says, heading toward her cabin.

"...Night.", you reply. (Wait, am I into HEATHER?! She's mean, but she is hot...I don't think so...that Katie girl was pretty cute...), you remember as you realize you kind of wanted Katie to stay on your team.

"Look, I don't know what game you're playing OC, but you seem smart. Why are you teaming up with her?", LeShawna asks you. Noah approaches you as well, having finished dancing with LeShawna in victory.

"Can I tell you a secret? I'm planning on betraying her - you've seen these type of shows, the villain always gets far by manipulating people. I'm counter-manipulating Heather. But...don't tell her.", you explain.

"Smart. I underestimated you.", Noah replies. You beam - Noah's approval feels good!

Also, as a side note, would anyone care to give our OC a love interest? It can be anyone who doesn't already have a canon TDI pairing or a love interest (e.g. the on-and-off Harold and LeShawna), which leaves Eva, Katie, Beth, Sadie and Heather.

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