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So far...

  • You made an alliance with Heather, Lindsay and Katie.
  • You have developed a crush on Katie.
  • Killer Bass: Duncan, Harold, Geoff, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Tyler, DJ

Not Quite Famous

During lunch, Chris tells you all to meet him at the amphitheatre, where he announces the challenge: A talent show.

When you all return, Heather, Lindsay and you are the judges. Your team needs 3 talents, and when Heather declares you, Lindsay and her as the judges, Gwen starts to leave, and naturally Cody follows.

(That's probably a bad idea...), you think. You look at Heather, and she's too busy preparing for her ballet performance.

What do you do?

A: Talk Gwen out of leaving

B: Let Gwen go

C: Follow her

"Hey, Gwen, wait up...let me come with you.", you say sweetly. Gwen smiles.

"Sure...I mean, whatever. If you want to.", Gwen says. Cody follows you and Gwen. You turn around.

"Umm, Cody, could you...?", you begin. Cody backs away.

"Oh, sure, you want some alone time.", he says, and winks.

"So, what's up?", you ask.

"Nothing. Heather's a pain in the butt.", Gwen complains.

"Aww, she's not so bad.", you say, defending Heather for some reason.

"Believe what you want.", Gwen says, walking in a different direction.

"Alright, hold on, I need to tell you something. I'm not really friends with Heather, I'm just waiting for a chance to betray her.", you say defensively. Gwen turns around.

"Wow...that's sneaky. And here I was thinking you were the do-gooder type.", she says kind of flirtaciously.

"Me? Oh heck no, I'm all bad boy right here.", You reply, getting a laugh from her.

"You're drawing something?", you ask, looking at her book.

"Umm, writing.", she says.

"Cool. Anyway, we should probably head back. Heather would get pretty pissed. You doing anything for the show?", you ask Gwen as the two of you head back to camp.

"Not really. You?", Gwen asks.

"Oh man, no, I couldn't.", you say modestly.

"Hey, I'm going for a swim, you wanna come?", Gwen asks. Then, Heather pulls you aside.

"Did you Lindsay?! On your way back?!", Heather says, out of Gwen's hearing range.

"No...", you reply. Where was Lindsay supposed to be?

"Look, I needed Lindsay to see what you and Gwen were up to."

"Gwen and me? I was just telling her that she should come back."

"Good. Now go find Lindsay.", Heather commands, as if she's in a hurry to make you leave.

What do you do?

A: Go find Lindsay like Heather said and see where she got herself to

B: Spy on Heather and see why she was in a hurry to make you leave

You decided to listen to Heather and go find Lindsay. After searching nearly everywhere, you end up near the dock of shame and see Tyler tied up in his own yo-yo string, as Lindsay spies on him.

"Lindsay, what are you doing?!", you ask Lindsay angrily. Lindsay gets startled and drops her binoculars and shouts. Tyler turns toward the two of you, giving you a look.

"I was just...looking.", Lindsay said slyly

"At Tyler's butt?"

"It's a cute butt, see for yourself.", Lindsay says, as Tyler walked up to you and her without Lindsay noticing.

"So...what's going on?", Tyler asks cluelessly.

"Umm...I was just grabbing Lindsay for a little meeting with the team.", you lie.

"Sure. Lindsay, why don't you go and we can meet up later?", Tyler suggests. Lindsay agrees and walks off.

"Yeah, I'll just be heading out too.", you say in a hurry.

"Look man, I don't know if you noticed but I'm kinda into Lindsay. You totally like her dude, and that's alright, but let me have her bro. Bro code, I helped her with that roach when we came here. Remember?", Tyler said, again sounding dim. Him and Lindsay are definitely perfect for each other.

" worries, man, Lindsay's just a friend.", you retaliate.

"Yeah, but I've got my eye on you.", Tyler says jokingly, then trips on a tree branch. Somehow he doesn't look like much trouble.

But, as you make your way back to camp, Trent approaches you.

"What the heck man?! You know I've got a thing for Gwen!! How could you just, ugh.", he says. You open your mouth to protest, but Trent doesn't want to hear it.

"Look, just let me be with Gwen. You know she's mine and not yours.", Trent said in anger. That's infuriating!

"Hey, "man", Gwen's not your personal property. Get off your high horse, and listen to me instead of continuing to argue about your crush. Gwen and I aren't a thing, and even I liked her it's not your decision to tell me not to like her.", you retaliate. Trent is silent for a moment.

"Y-you're right. Sorry man, It's just, Gwen's really cute and I didn't really get a chance to make a move on her yet.", Trent replies.

"Well you did that thing back in the Big Sleep challenge, that's something.", you reply, trying to help.

"That was a whole week ago. I just wish I could move this along, y'know?", he vents.

"No problem man. You've got looks and you're a cool guy. Gwen's totally gonna go out with you.", you say, as you realize Heather's going to be super pissed and you make your way back to camp.

The talent show is almost over, and Heather steps up.

"Heather?? I didn't know you were performing.", you say.

"Oh, this is why I needed you gone - so I could give you a little treat! Enjoy the surprise.", Heather says, as she steps up to the stage, sits down, and starts talking.

"I decided to showcase team spirit through a collaboration. So without further ado, with words by Gwen, performance by me, enjoy.", Heather began, as she took out a notebook - which you recognized as Gwen's diary.

"So there's these two guys who I'm both into. I thought I was into him, of course, I mean, he plays guitar! I know it's a cliche but I love guys who play guitar. And he's a hottie. But the other guy, he's so sweet and just as cute. I don't know what to do, but I think I like him better. We had a meaningful conversation by the dock, and I wish I could keep talking to him! Can't wait to just sit, and talk about things with him.", she read out. You turn around. Gwen's gone, and Trent's angrily staring daggers at you. You gulp.

"Thank you!", says Heather. She gets no applause - everyone's either too disgusted or too shocked, especially Trent and Cody.

Later, you begin telling Heather off, but she doesn't want to hear it. All she wants to hear is who the Killer Bass should vote off - while Harold's beatboxing was good, Chef Hatchet was astounded by the hilarious drama of Heather's reading, and the Gophers won. Again.

Here are the performances:

Trent: Musical performance. Score: 7/9

Justin: Modelling. Score: 8/9

Heather: Reading Gwen's diary. 9/9

Brigette's handstand: 0/9

DJ's performance: 2/9

Harold's beatboxing: 9/9

"So, Harold and Eva have been pretty good this season. One of them is going. Your call, OC.", Heather says.

Who should the alliance vote off?

A: Eva

B: Harold

D: Duncan

E: Geoff

"I'm so running this game.", Heather says before you all decide to head to bed.

The Sucky Outdoors

Screaming Gophers: Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Gwen, Noah, Cody, Trent, Owen, Izzy, Justin, OC

Killer Bass: Harold, Duncan, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Tyler, DJ

"A new day, a new challenge, and a new elimination ceremony", Heather mused as you all headed toward the bonfire, where Chris called you. You all received your challenge, camping, and while you walked to your campsite, a rather interesting conversation went down.

"I think the Bass are gonna have an easier time coming back since they're less in number.", Heather thought.

"Yeah but we've only lost one challenge! We'll win for sure!", Owen said excitedly. Meanwhile, Gwen walked about ten feet behind the group, looking more upset than ever.

(Maybe I should comfort her...)

"Gwen, why so sad?", you ask.

"Like you don't know."

"Look, Heather can be a little...overbearing, but she did get us the win. And trust me, no one even remembers the stunt she pulled. It's all in the past now.", you say, as Izzy comes up to you two.

"Oh, are you talking about how Heather read out Gwen's diary? Oh my God, that was so crazy, it was like wooo, but seriously Gwen you have a crush on Trent and OC, nice pick but, like, wow. Oh you know, this one time I had a crush on this guy in my Calculous class but he totally got like, run over by a truck and now he can't move! Fun!", she said rapidly as she went back to discussing hunting techniques with Owen.

"She's psychotic.", Heather said, as she pulled you away from Gwen. Soon, you arrive at camp and the whole team splits the duties. Trent asks you what you want to do.

What will you do?

A: Set up the tent with Noah, Cody and Trent

B: Go fishing with Owen

C: Find firewood with Heather and Lindsay or Beth and Justin or Gwen and Izzy (you choose)

"I guess I'll go look for firewood. I'm good at that kind of stuff.", you say, and head off with Gwen and Izzy. As you walked, Gwen helped, but she still looked upset.

"Gwen? You're still down?", you ask.

"Yeah. Sorry.", she sighs.

"Wait. Sit down, we can talk through this.", you say in an attempt to comfort her.

"Umm, shouldn't we be collecting firewood?", Gwen asks.

"Don't worry about it, Izzy's got it under control.", you say, pointing to Izzy, who's carrying about fifteen logs of firewood on her back.

"It's actually a funny story! My uncle died in the woods while we were camping so we had to cremate his body in like 5 minutes so that's how I learned to carry so much firewood! Wait, I don't think we ever cremated him...he's probably still in!", Izzy said, as she hopped off.

"She's crazy. Do you think any of the stuff she says is true?", you ask Gwen.

"Of course not. The RCMP, her uncle, and all that other stuff are blatant lies.", Gwen objects. You lean in closer to Gwen.

"Gwen, I want to tell you something. There's someone at camp you really likes you. It's -", you begin to talk about Trent, and then Gwen pulls you closer...AND KISSES YOU! At first you try to decline the kiss, but then you accept it. Gwen pulls back, smiling and blushing, thinking you liked her.

"Thanks OC, I really needed that...", Gwen says softly. As you look around, you see Trent, mad as ever. He runs toward you.

"What...why...I thought we had an agreement! You knew I liked her!", Trent begins, and you try to calm him down, but he's getting closer and louder.

What do you do?

A: Ration with him - tell him the truth, and avoid any conflict

B: Tell him he doesn't own Gwen, and it's her choice to who she likes

In the event of a tie, I used a random number generator.

"Look Trent, I told you this once and I'll tell you again, you don't own Gwen. She's not your property, so get a clue and accept it.", you say harshly. Trent looks like he's about to go ballistic, until Izzy shows up and throws a log at his head.

"Oh sorry hahaha.", says Izzy. You sigh in relief.

As you go back to camp, you pass by Katie and Sadie, who got lost in the woods and are eating berries.

"Oh, hey guys, what are you doing here?", you ask them.

"We saw these berries and we just HAD to eat some!", Sadie says excitedly.

"But we're kinda lost now.", Katie admits. You don't want to tell her where the Bass camp is, but something about her eyes, looking so helpless, makes you do it anyway.

"I...I saw them head in that direction.", you say, since you saw Duncan flirting with Bridgette there earlier. They thank you and walk off. As soon as they leave, you regret it.

At the end of the challenge, the Screaming Gophers lose and have to vote someone off, and Sadie excitedly told everyone it was you who helped them get back

"You've been messing up a lot lately, and I can't keep you in the alliance if you keep doing this.", says Heather.

"Sorry!", you say.

"I'm giving you one chance. We're going to decide who to vote for, and if you make the smart choice, you stay.", says Heather.

Who will the Screaming Gophers vote for? Choose wisely, as it will decide whether Heather keeps you in the alliance or not.

A: Justin

B: Beth

C: Gwen

D: Noah

E: Cody

F: Trent

G: Owen

F: Izzy

"Wait, what? You're eliminating me? But why?", Trent asks your team. Everyone muffles some sound, no one really wanting to answer.

"Get over it.", Heather says coldly.

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