Well, thanks for reading my Total Drama CYOA! I had SO much fun writing this! I hope you guys continue to watch for Total Drama Action, and remember: there is no TDDDDI, I'm skipping right to TDA (for reasons), so stay tuned! Because I know you guys want it, here's a full elimination table of the season:

Total Drama Island Elimination Table
Ranking Contestant Reason for Elimination
#23 Courtney OC chose to eliminate her due to her annoying nature and CIT experience
#22 LeShawna Heather arranged her elimination for being her enemy
#21 Duncan OC requested his elimination since he thought Duncan was a potential threat
#20 Trent He began to target OC, so OC arranged his elimination to avoid him
#19 Justin He failed to complete the challenge, and OC didn't trust him.
#18 Harold Ruined the Killer Bass' chance at victory
#17 Cody Since he got mauled by a bear, his team thought he was unable to compete
#16 Beth Voted off by her team for cursing them with the idol from Boney Island
#15 Owen Voted off for his incompetence in the challenge
#14 DJ He blew the challenge due to being distracted by Heather's chest
#13 Bridgette She refused to eat the last dish and cost the girls the win
#12 Izzy OC chose to vote her off
#11 Eva OC and the alliance wanted her gone due to being a major threat
#10 Sadie The choice was either Lindsay or Sadie, and the contestants liked Lindsay more
#9 Tyler Quit to protect Lindsay from the sudden death elimination
#8  Katie Voted off by Chris due to her poor performance in the challenge
#7 Heather Everyone voted her off for her previous actions and betrayal of Lindsay and OC
#6 OC Ezekiel rigged the votes due to Heather seducing him and telling him to do so
#5 Noah Playa Des Losers voted him off by accident
#4 Geoff Chef voted him off because he disliked Geoff's constant-party attitude
#3 Ezekiel Lindsay and Gwen ganged up on him for causing OC's elimination and secretly working with/for Heather
#1/#2 Lindsay Gwen was faster than her in the finale race and won; [Alternate Version] Tyler told her there was a huge bag of makeup waiting for her at the end and she won
#1/#2 Gwen She won in the finale race due to her superior athletic ability; [Alternate Version] She lost due to Tyler's intervention

WOW that's a big change from the original elimination table. I think everything is different besides Gwen in the finale. And I'm sorry but I'm a sucker for all-girl finales, TD never gave us one! Sue me.

Also, I gave Gwen the win she was (kinda) cheated out of in TDI. However, the money was still taken from her in TDDDDI and everyone who was in the water was still there, except OC who was added because Chris thought he was a good drama maker and brought him back because of his unfair elimination.

And yes, Gwen still does like OC, but she won't admit it to avoid complications. And about TDAS, to qualify you'll need to fulfill at least one of these:

  • Get to the Final 7 twice or the Final 3 once
  • Create a lot of drama (which at this rate is highly possible)
  • Have developed relations with almost all the campers (and you have quite a few of them)
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