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TDAS CYOA Cast - The Newlyteamed Game

So far...

  • Alejandro and OC's rivalry continues and burns stronger than ever with OC's recent, and very humiliating, defeat at the hands of Alejandro in the previous challenge. It seems Alejandro seems to be OC's greatest match, as both times they have faced each other, OC has come up short. Other than that, Alejandro has been aligning himself with several different contestants – Duncan, Sierra, and even Jo. It may for strategic purposes, or to make Heather jealous.
  • Brick continues to do his best at challenges, still believing himself to be inept. Brick berates himself a ton after his failure in the previous challenge, believing himself to be a worthless member of the team, despite others telling him otherwise. It gets so bad that Brick ends up voting for himself in the last voting.
  • Charlotte stepped up as team leader – being the third contestant to do so after you and Harold. However, she has by far been the most successful leader. Despite this, the team still lost under her management.
  • Cody has regained a bit of his confidence back, but still seems to steer clear of OC – probably beneficial for him, but unbeknownst to Cody, he is indirectly causing some of the others (specifically the new cast) to grow a rather poor opinion of OC.
  • Courtney has lost hope at becoming team leader due to Duncan's growing influence on the team, which has prompted other contestants to try and win him over. Unfortunately for Courtney, she and Duncan were paired up in the previous challenge. Courtney's overall frustration with Duncan causes her to lose focus in challenges – something she needs to learn to grow up and conquer.
  • Dawn has found her new role on the team as everyone's "mental health" manager. The issue is that she's the only one doing it, making things rather tough for her. She seems to be especially fixated on Cody, and the two seem to have become good friends.
  • Duncan's uncaring and bad boy attitude is on full display to not just his team, but the entire cast as Duncan gets thrust into the spotlight of the Villainous Vultures. His incredible challenge game makes him a popular target for potential alliances. His loyalty seems to be leaning toward Sierra (and by extension, Alejandro), however anything can happen at this point. Duncan also seems to have trouble dealing with Courtney, since he still misses her, but is too insecure to say anything.
  • Eva continues to be the emotionless, stoic, hardcore member of her team that, after the previous challenge, everyone is afraid of. At first, she had somewhat of a role struggle for "strongest female" with Jo, but after Jo's screw-up in the last challenge, Eva has solidified herself as one of the biggest threats in the game. People are afraid to vote for her, not that they have any reason to.
  • Gwen took the role of a co-leader along with Charlotte, but in a sort of unofficial position. She is beginning to get fed up with her boyfriend's strange decisions as of late, and is more than willing to speak to him and make him get his act together. Aside from that, Gwen has befriended a fellow loner, and seems to be generally popular among the cast despite her closed-off attitude.
  • Harold has joined the club of "former leaders", along with OC and Charlotte. Harold was paired up with OC in the last challenge, where he revealed that he wasn't the one spilling team secrets to Heather. This surprised OC, and now he has no clue who's doing that.
  • Heather continues to manipulate OC through informing him that she knows everything that's going on. Despite this, she and OC seem to be in some sort of weird friendship (which neither party will ever admit). Heather has been trying to gain Duncan's loyalty, and is the only Villain who's forced to go at it alone, with no other help (since both Jo and Sierra have Alejandro's loyalty, and Sierra has her excessive information about everyone that she uses to her advantage). Still, Heather has the upper hand in ways that even you can't figure out; that said, this is Heather, and she's never been a predictable one.
  • Recently, Jo and Eva have been in a power struggle for the role of "Strongest Female". Of course, no one officially announced it, but it was an unspoken ritual that the team was undergoing. In order to solidify her position, Jo tried to take the team's cannon during the challenge, but ended up shooting a member of her team. This angered her competitors, and puts Jo under risk of elimination unless she can successfully gain Duncan's loyalty.
  • Justin has realized that the only thing he has left going for him is his beauty; without it, he's nothing, especially with contestants that are blatantly better than him at almost everything. Worrying about his looks so much has led to him being distracted from challenges, too.
  • Lightning continues to make his team angrier and angrier with his incessant stupidity.
  • Lindsay's poor hiding skills took a toll on her in the previous challenge. However, she was not under risk of elimination at all due to her soaring popularity among her team. Now, Lindsay is trying to figure out why Tyler would worry about her in the middle of the challenge, even though he broke up with her. She's tempted to ask her best friend, but doesn't want to get him unnecessarily involved in drama.
  • Mike has become subject to continuing torture from his team, who treat him like human trash. Mike even gets unintentionally hurt by his team, like when Jo shot a cannon of artificial leeches at him. His team, mostly Jo, Duncan, and Heather, constantly rag on him and don't let him live in peace.
  • OC made by far the stupidest choice during the challenge, taking both him and Harold to Chef Hatchet's kitchen, which ended up being a terrible decision. Chef caught them, and after a fight, OC gets shot by Alejandro and loses the challenge. This marks OC's second loss against Alejandro, and Alejandro knows that he's defeating OC regularly. For the third time in a row, OC avoided elimination, this time due to his quick thinking of forming an alliance with Sadie.
  • Sadie has found out that she's become more important to the strategic aspect of the game. She's one of the major swing votes and now she's realized it. Will she side with OC, or another side that's actually successful?
  • Scott seems to have a habit of antagonizing his fellow contestants. This will almost definitely become an issue later for him later.
  • Sierra has showed off her true strategy. She knows so much about the contestants, that she can actually use this to her advantage to make alliances. She displays her powers with Duncan, when she gets him the cannon for the paintball challenge (although Jo later steals it). Sierra also performs well in the challenge, and seems to be developing some sort of friendship with Alejandro.
  • Tyler and OC's alliance came into play in the last episode – in other words, quicker than OC had hoped. Despite this, it was successful due to Tyler's fierce loyalty towards OC. However, Tyler shows that he's loyal to more than one teammate. Tyler makes a questionable decision of caring for Lindsay after she's shot in the paintball challenge, causing his downfall in the challenge as well. The strange thing about this is that Tyler is the one that broke up with Lindsay, not the other way around. Does Tyler still harbor feelings toward Lindsay? If so, why did he ever break up with her?
  • Zoey seems to be fading into the background lately, probably on purpose. She tried to hide herself while collecting her marshmallow, as if not wanting to be noticed. She mostly sticks to her friends, especially her new friend Gwen, who she relates to on a high level, and her best friend Charlotte. Zoey is constantly worried about Mike, and is concerned about him since she can't do anything. Something hints that she may do something drastic to be with him.

The Newlyteamed Game

It's breakfast, and boy are you hungry! That challenge took a serious toll on you.

You start devouring your food.

"Whoa, you okay dude?", Tyler asks.

"Sorry. Yesterday's challenge just made me really hungry.", you say.

"You were barely in it.", Heather says. You glare at Heather.

"You're right, I'll slow down. Maybe you should too. Don't wanna ruin that summer body of yours, Heather.", you say. Heather scoffs, and looks at her nearly empty plate of luxurious "winner food".

"I do not eat too much.", Heather retorts.

"You've got a piece of bread in your bra.", Courtney says. You laugh.

"Don't LAUGH at me!", Heather says.

"OC, can't you just leave her alone?", Charlotte asks.

"Hey! Stay out of this!", Heather says to Charlotte.

"Yeah, sorry but this isn't really any of your business.", you say.

"Alright. Keep saying that when your constant arguing gets you eliminated.", Charlotte replies.

"That savagery though...", Zoey says. Lindsay and Tyler both stand up at the same time.

"Don't talk to OC that way!", they say in unison. The two look surprised, and briefly glance at each other.

What do you say?

A: Let them continue and join them in defending yourself.

B: Tell Lindsay and Tyler that they don't have to fight your battles.

"Thanks you two, for everything, but it's probably better if you don't get involved.", you say to your best friends. They nod in understanding and sit back down. Charlotte looks at you, arms crossed.

"What's your deal with the arguing anyway?", you ask.

"They ruin team morale. You're talking to someone on the other team. Said person is a manipulative witch. You annoy everyone. You might accidentally spill team secrets. Oh, and it's petty.", Charlotte says. Damn.

"Oooooooooh.", Zoey says.

"But it's my choice who I want to speak to.", you respond.

"Your choice? You're on a team! You should act like it!", Charlotte says.

"You know, Charlotte brings up a good point!", Courtney says.

"Ugh, not you too...", Heather says, annoyed.

"He's OC! Do you know what he can do?!", Courtney asks. You feel both proud and ashamed.

"So what? I'm Heather! We all know each other here!", Heather says. Alejandro decides to step in.

"What Courtney's merely trying to say is–"

"Zip it, Blahlejandro!", Heather says, cutting off Alejandro.

"Very well then.", Alejandro says, glaring.

"Don't tell Alejandro to zip it!", Sierra says.

"Is it Pick On Heather Day already?", Heather asks. The team groans.

"Victimization? That's low, even for you, Heather.", Jo says. Heather rolls her eyes.

"Whatever.", Heather says.

"Can you guys SHUT UP? I'm trying to EAT.", Gwen says. She didn't get much sleep last night due to her injuries.

"Don't tell me what to do, Gothball! You've got about as much say as Old Heather here!", Jo says.

"Oh, that is it!", Heather says. She picks up a piece of what remains on her plate, and throws it at Jo. This infuriates the Jockette, who then proceeds to create a full-blown food fight. Somehow, your team gets involved too.

(Chef is gonna be so mad when he sees this...), you think as you throw an overcooked pancake at Lightning.

Eventually, you run out of food and look around you. The walls, the contestants, everything's covered in food.

Chef walks in, and he's speechless.

"B-B-B-B....", he stutters. You all stand there, fearless, motionless.


"Cleanliness? There is an actual house for rats in here.", Heather says.

"DID I ASK YOU TO SPEAK?! FOR THE REST OF THE DAY, NO ONE SPEAKS UNTIL I SAY SO.", Chef asks. Not a single word from anyone. Not even Duncan.

"Good. I was going to let you relax today, but it's time for the challenge. GET CLEANED UP YA SISSIES.

You head outside to take a shower. Who are you talking to in the line?

A: Alejandro

B: Brick

C: Cody

D: Duncan

E: Harold

F: Justin

G: Lightning

H: Mike

I: Tyler

J: Scott

You end up right ahead of Brick in line for the bathroom. Mike, as usual, was all the way in the back since the others cut in front of him.

"Hey, Brick.", you say.

"Hello, OC.", Brick says. Huh. No more "sir".

"You're not even dirty? From the food fight?", you ask, looking at Brick, who was completely spotless.

"I try my best to avoid conflict.", Brick says.

"'d you do it?", you ask.

"Uhh...I hid under a table.", Brick says.

"Yikes, I thought the food got everywhere.", you say.

"That was...pretty crazy, I'll admit.", Brick says.

"Yeah, we really need some more team unity.", you say.

"That's really thoughtful of you.", Brick says.

"Thanks. How do you think we could do that?", you ask.

"Not sure. But I'll follow any orders from you and Charlotte!", Brick says. After that, you and Brick talk about things irrelevant to the game.

"Welcome to The Newlyteamed Game, a nod to last season's "Truth or Laser Shark" challenge. In this challenge, you will participate in a game that will test how well you know your fellow competitors. I'll ask questions that none of you know about each other.", Chef says.

"Well, if we don't know, how are we supposed to answer? This challenge is stupid.", Heather says.

"That's the point. You don't know.", Chef says. Heather rolls her eyes.

"Hey, come on. It could be fun! It's like a "how well do you know your friend" test!", Cody says optimistically. Many contestants glare at him.

"Alright, alright. I'll stop talking now.", Cody says.

A: Stay silent

B: "I think it's a good idea too."

C: "I agree, Cody. I like your attitude."

D: "Can we just start already?"

"I agree Cody. Nice attitude.", you say, shooting a glare back at the ones glaring at Cody.

"'s nice to know.", Cody says. He looks down on the table.

"First question for the team that won last time.", Chef says. He turns to the villains.

"Lightning. Which teammate of yours is from Hawaii?", Chef asks.

"Lightnin' don't know! He only pays attention to himself. No one else is important enough.", Lightning says, followed by bicep kissing. Chef presses a button, shocking Lightning.

"What was that for, man!?", Lightning asks.

"You're out. Next, Heroes. Zoey, which one of your teammates' lipstick is really chapstick with paint?", Chef asks.

"Ummm....I don't know. On the other hand, it sounds like a great idea.", Zoey says. Zoey braces herself, and gets shocked by Chef Hatchet.

"Oww.", Zoey moans, although the shock wore off quickly.

"Villains again. Heather, which one of your teammates has crush on you?", Chef asks.

"Oooooh.", everyone says.

"What tea...", Zoey says.

"Easy! Alejandro.", Heather says, smirking. Then, she gets shocked.

"WHAT?! Who else?!", Heather demands to know.

"I ain't tellin'. This question could come up again.", Chef says. Chef then turns to you.

"OC, which one of your teammates likes to drink tea?", Chef asks.

"Not me. I like to spill it.", Zoey says.


"I'm already out.", Zoey responds. Chef grunts in frustration.

A: Brick

B: Charlotte

C: Cody

D: Dawn

E: Gwen

F: Harold

G: Lindsay

H: Sadie

I: Tyler

J: Zoey

"Okay, think OC, think...", you say. The clock was ticking.

"...Dawn?", you say, bracing yourself. You hear a "ding!" sound.

"Correct! One point for the Heroic Hamsters, and probably the first time they've been in the lead this season!", Chef says, invoking laughter from the villains.

"Finally!", Gwen says.

"Back to the villains. Next, Duncan.", Chef says.

"Heh. Bring it on.", Duncan says..

"Which one of your This is rigged. Which one of your teammates got mad at a restaurant once, and shoved pasta down the manager's pants?", Chef asks. Duncan starts laughing.

"It's Courtney!", he says, laughing. Courtney's face turns red with embarrassment. Another ding sound.

"That's correct!", Chef says. Duncan fist pumps.

"Next question is for Cody. Which of your teammates peed their pants at school while talking to their crush?", Chef asks. You freeze.


" That actually sounds like something I'd do, heh.", Cody says. The clock was ticking, and Cody looked around. He made eye contact with you.

"NO LOOKIN' TO THE SIDE.", Chef says. Cody snapped to attention, then smiled.

"It's OC.", Cody says. The ding sound comes. Everyone laughs except for Tyler, even Gwen and Lindsay. You can feel cheeks getting red, like Courtney's earlier.

"Correct!", Chef says.

"Alejandro, which teammate secretly hates you?", Chef asks.

"Secretly? Oh my. Perhaps...Justin? No, he outwardly hates me. Sierra?", Alejandro answers. Ding.

"Correct!", Chef says. Sierra gasps.

"I do not!", Sierra says.

"The questions do not lie, chica.", Alejandro says. Sierra crosses her arms angrily.

"Harold, which one of your teammates likes jazz music?"


"Scott, which one of your teammates failed to make the football team two years in a row?", Chef asks.

"Huh? I don't even know anyone who...wait...Lightning?", Scott asks. Ding!

"Sha-what?! How do you even know that?!", Lightning asks.

"We interviewed your school.", Chef says.

"Well, now Lightning's the sha-captain.", Lightning says.

"Gwen. Which of your teammates owns three pairs of the same boots?", Chef asks.

"Um, how should I know? Who owns three pairs of the same boots?", Gwen asks. Shocked.

"Wait, I know this one! Can I steal?", Jo asks. Chef shrugs.

"It's Brick!", Jo says.

"Wait, we could steal?! No fair! I knew that!", Charlotte says.

"Only if you're on the other team.", Chef says.

"Fine. Is it my turn yet?", Charlotte says.

"Yes. Which one of your teammates hates to be called by her full name?", Chef asks.

"OC? That was easy.", Charlotte says. Shocked.

"What?! That was right though!", Charlotte protests.

"He said her real name, Smarty Pants.", Jo says.

"It's me.", Gwen says.

"Her real name is Gwendolyn. She hates being called that.", you explain.

"Sierra.", Chef says.

"Finally, an easy point!", Heather says.

"Which one of your teammates brought a cake to school and then threw it at another student's-"

"Eva.", Sierra says, before Chef can even finish. Ding!

"Whoa.", Heather says.

"Back to the Heroes. Tyler, which one of your teammates likes to play solitaire with a wizard's cape on?", Chef asks.

"Uhh....uhhh.", Tyler stutters.

"I know this! It's Harold!", Justin says. Justin gets shocked.

"TYLER NEVER GAVE UP OR ANSWERED WRONG!", Chef shouts. He rubs his head as if he was in pain.

"You idiots need to pay attention.", Chef says.

"Uh...Harold?", Tyler answers. Ding.

"Correct!", Chef says.

"Sweet!", Tyler says, smiling.

"How was I supposed to know we weren't allowed to answer?", Justin asks.

"Reality TV basics, Justin.", Sierra says.

"Eva. Which one of your teammates is a lesbian?", Chef asks.

"Huh? They probably have a crush on me.", Eva says.

"Answer the question!", Chef says.

"Um...Sierra?", Eva asks. Shocked.

"What?! Me?! I only love my Cody!", Sierra says.

"Yeah, in hindsight, that was a stupid answer.", Eva says.

"Can I steal?", Dawn asks.

"Yes.", Chef says.

"It's Svetlana. I remember she had a crush on Charlotte.", Dawn says. Ding!

"Correct!", Chef says.

"Next, Sadie.", Chef says.

"Ooh! I know everyone well!", Sadie says.

"Which of your teammates is afraid of the dark?", Chef asks.

"That's easy! It's Brick.", Sadie says. Ding!

"Correct!", Chef says.

"Courtney!", Chef says.

"Oh, great.", Courtney says, resting her elbow on the table, with her head on her hand.

"Which teammate's favorite food is anything sugar filled??", Chef asks.

"Who doesn't like sugar?", Courtney asks. She thinks for a moment.

"Oh. It's Sierra, isn't it?", Courtney guesses. Ding!

"Correct!", Chef says. After that, Dawn gets her question right, Mike gets his right, Lindsay gets hers right, Jo gets hers wrong.

"Brick. Which male teammate likes to watch chick flicks?", Chef asks.

"Hmm...", Brick says, thinking of a male who could potentially watch those movies. Wasn't you.

"...This is a wild guess, but is it Tyler?", Brick asks. Ding!

"OMG! That is SO cute!!", Zoey says.

"Yeah, it's me. I can't help it! They're just so cute sometimes.", Tyler says.

"Like you!", Charlotte says, giggling.

"Yay.", Tyler responds.

"Duncan, it's back to you. Round 2 has begun, and from now on, the questions will be about contestants from the other team.", Chef says.

"Alright.", Duncan says.

"Which Hamster sews their own clothes?", Chef asks.

"OH COME ON! Why does he get all the easy ones?!", Charlotte asks.

"Sadie.", Duncan answers. Shocked!

"Wrong!", Chef says.

"What?! But I specifically remember hearing that Sadie's clothes are hand-sewn!", Duncan says.

"Katie sews them, not me.", Sadie says.

"Pfft. Whatever! Same thing!", Duncan says.

"Come on guys. There's just five of us left! Me, Alejandro, Courtney, Mike and Scott!", Sierra says urgently.

"Back to OC. OC, which Villain got banned from two different gyms for "misconduct"?", Chef asks.

(Oh man, this is a tough one...)

A: Alejandro

B: Courtney

C: Duncan

D: Eva

E: Heather

F: Jo

G: Justin

H: Lightning

I: Mike

J: Scott

K: Sierra

"It's Eva, isn't it?", you ask. Ding!

"Another correct one!", Chef says. Then, Alejandro gets his question right. Cody gets his wrong. Scott gets his wrong. Tyler gets his right. Sierra gets hers right. Dawn gets hers wrong. Courtney gets hers right. Sadie gets hers right.

"Mike, which Hamster owns a pet hamster?", Chef asks.

"Easy. It's Zoey.", Mike says.

"Correct! Lindsay, which Villain won the South American skateboarding championship?", Chef asks.

"Ooh, I know this! Alelegdro!", Lindsay says, followed by her getting shocked.

"It's Alejandro, Lindsay.", Gwen says.

"Oh...oops.", Lindsay says.

"Round 3 has begun! Both teams have four contestants left! From now on, a question can be asked about any contestant in Total Drama!", Chef says. He turns to Mike.

"Mike, which contestant has only spoken twice in their entire life before Total Drama?", Chef asks. Mike thinks for a moment.

"Oh, it's B!", he says. Ding!

"Brick! Which contestant learned to swim when they were two?", Chef asks.

"Two?? Uh, I don't know...", Brick says. Zap! He's out!

"Ooh! I know, I know!", Sierra says. Chef turns to her.

"It's Bridgette!", Sierra says. Ding!

"Alejandro, which contestant once threw a party that lasted for three days nonstop?", Chef asks. Alejandro stops to think.

"Um...Owen?", Alejandro asks. ZAP!

"Wrong! You're out!", Chef says.

"Porqué ahora?", Alejandro asks sadly.

"Don't worry Alejandro, we'll win!", Mike says.

"I came so far...", Alejandro says. Chef turns to you.

"OC! Which contestant's favorite human organ is the placenta?", Chef asks.


Which contestant is it?


"That question is crazy, Chef. Who says something like that? Oh never mind it's Izzy isn't it?", you say. Ding!

"Correct!", Chef says

"Sierra! Which contestant used to have an eating disorder?", Chef asks. You all gasp.

"Chef, you can't just reveal something like that!", you say.

"That's low, even for you.", Duncan says angrily.

"How...could you? That's awful.", Gwen says.

"I don't want to answer, but I might fail the team. It's Lindsay.", Sierra says. Another gasp.

"Lindsay?!", you say, shocked. Lindsay was on the verge of tears. You hug her and tell her that everything will be fine.

"Moving on!", Chef says. He turns to Tyler.

"Tyler. Which contestant is lying about being your friend?", Chef asks. Another gasp.

"Wh-What? Someone's lying about being my friend?", Tyler asks. Chef nods, and you can almost see poor Tyler's heart breaking.

"Who...who would do such a thing? I can't accuse any of my friends like this.", Tyler says. Tyler gets shocked, his face upset – but not by the shock.

"Moving on.", Chef says.

"Wait, what? You're just gonna move on after doing that to poor Tyler?!", you exclaim.

"Quiet.", Chef says sternly. He turns to Courtney.

"Courtney. Which contestant's best friend is a pig?", Chef asks. Duncan laughs.

"Ooh, that's a GOOD one.", Duncan says. Courtney glares at Duncan.

"Whoever is best friends with Duncan, obviously.", she says, then getting shocked. Everyone goes "oooooh".

(Wait a second, can I steal it?)

"Chef, can I steal it?", you ask.

"You can, if ya get it wrong, you're out!", Chef says.

A: Steal the answer (if so, what's your answer?)

B: Let it go

"Oh...never mind then.", you say.

"Sadie. Which contestant has lived in a ghetto for most of her life?", Chef asks.

"OMG, that's easy! Leshawna! One of my best, best, best friends!", Sadie says. Ding!

"Correct, again!", Chef says. Sadie jumps up and down and claps.

"Yay!!", she says.

"Game over. The winners are...the Heroic Hamsters!", Chef announces. You all scream, cheer and squeal in delight. You hug Lindsay and jump up and down.

"Spa Hotel! Spa Hotel!", you all cheer.

"But the Villainous Vultures will have to vote someone off.", Chef says.


Round 1:
22nd: Lightning
21st: Zoey
20th: Heather
19th: Harold
18th: Gwen
17th: Charlotte
16th: Justin
15th: Eva
14th: Jo

Round 2:
13th: Duncan
12th: Cody
11th: Scott
10th: Dawn
9th: Lindsay

Round 3:
8th: Brick
7th: Alejandro
6th: Tyler
5th: Courtney
4th: Mike
3rd: Sierra


Heroic Hamsters:
11th: Zoey
10th: Harold
9th: Gwen
8th: Charlotte
7th: Cody
6th: Dawn
5th: Lindsay
4th: Brick
3rd: Tyler
1st/2nd: Sadie
1st/2nd: OC

Villainous Vultures:
11th: Lightning
10th: Heather
9th: Justin
8th: Eva
7th: Jo
6th: Duncan
5th: Scott
4th: Alejandro
3rd: Courtney
1st/2nd: Sierra
1st/2nd: Mike

Time to choose who you'll be sharing a room with in the luxurious Spa Hotel.

Who do you room with?

A: Brick

B: Cody

C: Harold

D: Tyler

"Alright men, time to choose roommates.", Brick says.

"I pick Tyler!!", you say quickly, grabbing Tyler's arm.

"Yay!!! We'll be up all night together!", Tyler says excitedly.

"I'll take Cody.", Brick says.

"What? I'm alone?", Harold asks. No one says anything. You go into the room with Tyler.

"I'm not even tired. This challenge was nothing compared to last time.", you say.

"I'm pretty tired.", Tyler says.

"Today must've been hard on you, buddy.", you say.

"I wish I knew the answer to that question.", he says.

"I know! Someone's faking to be your friend? Who could that even be?", you wonder.

"Well, I know it's not you.", Tyler says.

"Of course. I would never betray you.", you say.

"Can we stay up and try to figure out who it is?", Tyler asks.

A: Yes

B: No, let's talk about something else (suggestions welcome)

C: No, let's just go to sleep.

"Tyler, you already know the answer to that. Whatever you want.", you say.

"Yay!!", Tyler says.

"So, where do we begin? I guess you could start listing your friends. Well, aside from me.", you say. You take out a piece of paper and start noting it down.

"Well, there's Gwen...Cody...Duncan, Dawn, Sadie, Lindsay, Brick, Sierra, Zoey, Lightning-"

"Hold up. Lightning?", you ask.

"Yeah!", Tyler says.

"When did you and Lightning become friends?", you ask. Tyler stops and thinks.

"Well, we talked about sports for a while the other day. It was fun.", Tyler says.

"Oh. I guess that makes sense. Who else?", you ask.

"Harold...Mike...that's about it.", Tyler says.

"Mike?", you ask again.

"Yeah, I saw him get bullied BAD by his team! Man, I felt sorry for the poor guy. No one deserves to be treated like that. Unless he's into that kind of thing...? Do you think he's into that kind of thing?", Tyler wonders.

(He only talked to Mike because he was bullied? Those moments where Tyler makes you feel like a bad person happen too much, honestly)

"Alright, hang on a second."

Tyler's Friends (CYOA)

"I prepared a chart with all your friends, that way we can stay organized.", you say.

"Wow, you're so smart, OC!", Tyler says.

"Thanks!!", you reply.

"I don't think it's any of them. Cross out all the faces. It can't be any of them.", Tyler says.

(Poor Tyler, so naïve.)

"It's gotta be one of them, Tyler. Unless you forgot a friend?", you say.

"I don't recall.", Tyler says, running through the cast list in his head.

"Nope. There's you and me, then the twelve I listed.", Tyler says. You calculate in your head.

"So that's us fourteen, leaving eight people who you didn't name. I believe that's Heather, Alejandro, Justin, Jo, Scott, Eva, Courtney, and Charlotte. Wait, aren't you friends with Charlotte too?", you ask.

"It's definitely not her. I kinda...well, I wanna tell you why, but it was bad.", Tyler says.

"I highly doubt you could do anything bad. Tell me.", you say.

"No, you'll be disappointed.", you say.

"Tyler, I was a villain for an entire season. You doing one thing wrong isn't going to make me hate you.", you say.

"Alright, I...I...I eavesdropped on Charlotte, okay?", he admits.

"Is that...bad?", you ask. You two have very different moral compasses apparently.

"I didn't mean to!! I swear!! It's just, I heard her convincing the others to not vote for me after I kinda blew last week's challenge.", Tyler says.

"Oh. Okay, I guess that's a sufficient reason to exclude her. She really does seem to like you too.", you say.

"Yeah, I really like her too!", Tyler says.

"Hmm, who else can we exclude?", you wonder.

"I don't know. I hate to think one of my friends doesn't really like me...", Tyler says.

"I don't even know how that's possible.", you say.

Exclude two people from being Tyler's fake friend

A: Brick

B: Cody

C: Dawn

D: Duncan

E: Gwen

F: Harold

G: Lightning

H: Lindsay

I: Mike

J: Sadie

K: Sierra

L: Zoey

"Okay, I think Dawn and Lindsay are out.", you say.

"Why do you say that?", Tyler asks.

"Dawn's totally pure – trust me, I've talked to her probably just as much as you have. As for Lindsay...she's Lindsay. Do you really think...?", you explain. Tyler shakes his head.

"I don't think any of my friends could betray me like this!", Tyler says.

"Yeah, it's hard to believe that anyone would do something like this.", you say.

"What if it's me? What if I'm a bad friend?", Tyler asks.

(He has so much faith in his friends that he can't even bear to think they're the ones at fault here...poor Tyler)

A: "You're one of the best people I know."

B: "You're one of the best friends ever."

C: "No one could ever hate you."

D: "Yeah, guess you're not that great."

E: "I love you."

"You're one of the best friends ever, Tyler. They're the problem, not you.", you say. Tyler calms down a little after that.

"I guess. C-Can we stop now? This is making me a little uncomfortable, accusing my friends like this.", Tyler says.

"No worries. It's nightfall, we should be heading over to the bonfire ceremony.", you say.

"Yeah. I wonder which Villain is getting eliminated...?", Tyler asks.

"Yikes. Probably Mike. They hate that guy so much.", you point out.

"Noooooo! I like him!!", Tyler says.

"Me too, but it's not our team. Personally, I hope Alejandro gets eliminated.", you say.

"Yeah, he's so mean.", Tyler says.

For once, you got to sit on the Peanut Gallery instead of the Villains. You smirk at Heather. She glares back.

"Shut up.", Heather says.

"I didn't even say anything.", you respond.

"Wipe that smile off your face.", Heather says.

"I can't help the fact that seeing you lose is so much fun. Are you even under threat of elimination?", you ask.

"I'm Heather. What do you think?", she asks.

"You're New Heather.", you say.

"I guess it has some perks. Just wait until I can strike back at Jo. Ugh, I hate her.", Heather says.

"The votes tonight are really weird.", Chef says.

"Just read them out...", Jo says.

"Tonight I've got a special guest.", Chef says. On the monitor, Chris appears with note cards in his hands. He seemed to be in a prison cell.

"WHAT?!", you all shout, surprised to see Chris.

"Heh. Thought you'd seen the last of me, huh?", Chris asks.

"Yes!", you all scream.

"Well tonight, I'm here as a special guest star to read out the votes. I am, of course, the host.", Chris explains.

"You were the host.", Jo says.

"Zip it!", Chris says. Chef takes out the tray of marshmallows.

"I've got a special method of reading the votes today. I'm going to read out how many votes each contestant got.", Chris says.

"What's the point of that? Can't you just get it over with?", Justin asks.

"Shush! Heroic Hamsters, you may want to listen up. If you can guess who voted for who tonight, and tell Chef Hatchet correctly before the next challenge, then you'll win a very special reward.", Chris says.

"That's nice.", Charlotte says.

"Oh, it's more than nice. Trust me, you're gonna love this.", Chris says.

"Umm...well, what is it?", Zoey asks.

"I'm not telling you. But know this – it's a TOTAL game changer.", Chris says.

"Read out the votes already! I got nine episodes o' my soap operas burnin' a hole in my DVR.", Chef complains.

"Alright! Duncan, you received one vote.", Chris says.

"Hey! Whoever did it, I'll find you.", Duncan says, glaring at his team.

"Scott, you also received one vote.", Chris says.

"Gee, I wonder who did that.", Scott says, glaring at Eva.

"Ooh, I wouldn't glare at Eva so much, considering you got she got vote too, Scott.", Chris says.

"I-It wasn't me!!", Scott protests. Eva snarls viciously at Scott.

"Jo, you got two votes.", Chris says.

"Ha, afraid of me, aren't you?", Jo asks her team. Heather rolls her eyes.

"Mike, you also received two votes.", Chris says. Mike does nothing but sigh.

"The camper being eliminated actually received four votes.", Chris says.

"Wow, only four?", Courtney asks.

"The camper being eliminated is...











"Lightning!", Chris announces. Lightning looks shocked.

"Sha-WHAT?!", Lightning exclaims.


Lightning is eliminated.

"So long, Liability.", Jo says.

"B-But...this can't be! Lightning is the best person on this team!", Lightning says.

"Oh, can it already!", Chris says.

"You're done.", Chef says.

"Wait, you talkin' to the Lightnin'?", Lightning asks.

"No.", Chef says, turning the monitor off.

"WAIT!! I DIDN'T GET TO SIGN OUT! SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON TOTAL DRAMA ALL-", Chris says, as the monitor beeps off.

"He is just as annoying as always.", Alejandro says.

"You can't do this!", Lightning says. The Boat of Losers arrives, his father in it.

"D-Daddy?", Lightning asks.

"Ooh this should be good.", Jo says heartlessly. Lightning hopelessly flails like a fish in front of his father.

"I...I'm sorry I couldn't win...", Lightning says. His father doesn't say a word.

"B-But it was all Jo's fault!", Lightning says. His father gives a disapproving nod.

"Who, me?", Jo asks. Your team turns to her and tells her to shut up.

"Gee, sensitive much?", Jo asks. An ashamed Lightning steps on the Boat of Losers, leaving Wawanakwa with his disappointed father.

"That's all for this episode! Which family will be disappointed in their failure of a child next? Find out next time on Total...Drama...All-Stars!", Chef signs out.

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