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TDAS CYOA Cast - Stuck Between a Cuff and a Hard Place

So far...

  • Alejandro finds himself falling head over heels for Heather with every move she makes – her unpredictability, her craziness, and her evil is getting to him. The only question is, can he handle it?
  • An unexpected twist occurred that featured Brick telling the team information about OC, rather than CO who usually does it.
  • Cody is having trouble functioning properly in challenges since Sierra tends to take over for him now.
  • Despite everything Courtney has gone through, it doesn't look like she's changed much from her cutthroat and vicious attitude. She is still a nasty competitor, even trying to beat Gwen despite the latter saving her life from a savage deer. Although, it may be because Courtney knows she's close to elimination.
  • Due to the effects of the moon, Dawn became super evil because of it. She became Evil Dawn, a vicious, menacing, malignant being that knows no mercy. This was due to being a Moonchild under the effects of the Blue Harvest Moon. She unleashed animals on the other team and was a big part in helping her team win immunity.
  • Duncan's lingering emotions for Courtney has made him reach out to others in a sort of cry for help. This led to Duncan noticing that Tyler is going through romantic troubles as well, so he talks to you about it. He's showing off his sensitive side a lot more, but threatens to kill you if you tell everyone about it. Along with that, he himself has admitted that he still misses Courtney, whereas Courtney shows no intention of getting back together with him.
  • Eva has tendencies to get into fights really fast, as shown in her interactions with Evil Dawn in the previous challenge.
  • You finally gave into Mike's demands and broke up with Gwen, leaving both of you heartbroken at this turn of events.
  • Heather's plan to continue solidifying her villainous status continues with her manipulation of Alejandro. After being labeled "typical" by the villain, she changed her entire personality for him and then revealed that it was all an act to trick him (and then keep him interested). Other than that, Heather revealed that she has been spying on everyone the entire time through the usage of the Spa Hotel's monitor room, and she likely knows the entire hotel inside and out. Heather is the only one, besides you, that knows about Mike's transformation.
  • Lindsay finally decided to stand up for herself and took charge of the challenge. Even though you and Evil Dawn didn't listen to her, she took off on her own. Gwen joined her, and Lindsay ended up reaching the finish line before you did.
  • Mike took things a step further to make you break up with Gwen – he pushed Harold over a cliff and nearly killed him. No one else has noticed, and you're still not sure what has come over Mike.
  • Sierra's smartphone recently broke, sending her into a frenzy and probably making her go crazier than usual. As a result of her withdrawal, she believed she was invisible, she questioned Cody's existence and then proceeded to find Cody and take him to the finish line during the challenge, despite being on separate teams.
  • Tyler has a strange disinterest in sports, which has suddenly come back. It seems to have something to do with his inferiority complex, which you still can't get to the bottom of. According to Duncan, Tyler still has feelings for Lindsay. You cannot confirm this without actually asking the jock yourself, but it seems to be a touchy subject – you wouldn't know for sure since you've never actually asked.
  • Zoey is still relatively unpopular among her team and seems to be spending a lot of time simply brooding. Her under-the-radar status may lead her to avoid elimination for a while, but how much more can she do?

Stuck Between a Cuff and a Hard Place

You wake up after your uncomfortable night, having broken up with Gwen the previous night. Everyone was watching you. Brick, Cody, Mike, and Tyler.

"Was I asleep for long?", you ask.

"Not really...", Cody says.

"You were...tossing and turning in your sleep.", Tyler says.

"You looked really uncomfortable.", Brick says.

"Oh...", you say.

"Are you okay...?", Tyler asks, worried.

"I'm fine.", you answer.

"You seemed to be really upset about something last night.", Cody says.

"I'm fine, really.", you repeat.

"We...know about Gwen.", Brick says.

"Oh. yo know?", you ask.

"Not much. Just that you apparently broke her heart.", Cody says.

"Her heart isn't the only broken one.", you say bitterly. Tyler moves and sits beside you.

"I'm with you all the way, OC.", he says. Your head slips back towards the wall. It hurt a bit, but you didn't really care.

"What happened though? I thought you two got along well.", Brick asks.

"Sometimes relationships just...don't work out, I guess.", you say.

"I totally understand.", Tyler says.

"I don't.", Cody says.

"Why not?", you ask.

"You were crazy about her in season three, you even made me stop flirting with her, but then you dump her? I just don't get it. Why?", Cody asks.

"It's been two years since that season. Things change.", you say.

"Do you still have feelings for her?", Cody asks.

"CODY! That's too personal.", Tyler scolds.

"You're right...sorry.", Cody says.

"It's alright.", you say.

"Is it? OC apparently broke up with Gwen to hook up with Heather.", Mike says. Everyone gasps, except Tyler.

"No way!", Tyler says, shaking his head.

"No joke. Brick saw them sneaking off into the Spa Hotel together.", Mike says.

"Is this true, Brick?", Cody asks.

"W-Well...yes. It's true.", Brick says. Cody looks surprised.

"How could you? I bet Heather told you to break up with Gwen.", Cody says.

"It's just a misunderstanding. I do not have feelings for Heather.", you say. Then, you hear shouting from the other side of the cabin, and things being flung across the room.

A: Investigate with the others

B: Clarify your relationship status

"Whoa. Wonder what's going on there.", Tyler says.

"It's none of our business.", you say.

"I guess so.", he replies.

"Well then, why did you hurt Gwen?", Cody asks.

"Look, sometimes, relationships just don't work out. I'm upset about it too.", you say.

"Then get back together with her.", Brick says.

"NO!", you shout. Everyone stops talking about it after that. Later, Chris announces the challenge.

Then, Chef calls everyone for breakfast. Who are you sitting with for breakfast? Pick up to three contestants.

A: Alejandro

B: Brick


D: Cody

E: Courtney

F: Dawn

G: Duncan

H: Eva

I: Gwen

J: Heather

K: Justin

L: Lindsay

M: Mike

N: Tyler

O: Scott

P: Sierra

Q: Zoey

You sit down with Cody and Lindsay, who were already sitting together. Duncan sits down with you as well.

"And then, I just left. And Gwen actually followed me!", Lindsay says.

"Whoa! No way!", Cody says.

"Hi, OC! I'm reenacting what happened during the last challenge.", Lindsay says.

"I can't believe you just left like that!", Cody says.

"I know, right? It was totally delicious! I've never felt so...emp-empop...", Lindsay stutters.

"Empowered?", Cody suggests.

"Yeah! Whoa, you really know your stuff, Cody.", Lindsay says.

"And you remembered my name! Nice!", he responds.

"I wrote out a bunch of flash cards to help me remember stuff!", Lindsay says, taking out her flash cards.

"They seem to be working well.", you say. Duncan was slouched down on the table, looking tired.

"You alright, Duncan?", you ask.

"Huh? Yeah...I'm alright.", he says.

"You look down.", you say, hoping he doesn't react negatively.

"You wanna make something of it?", he asks.

"...Not particularly.", you say.

"I just didn't sleep well. That's all.", Duncan says.

"Oh. You could've said that. We've all been there.", you say.

"You don't have to take it out on him.", Cody says.

"Shut up, geekwad.", Duncan says.

"Hey!", you and Lindsay both say in unison.

"There's no need to be so mean. I wanted to discuss strategy, so maybe you should be nicer around OC and his friends, since he's the only reason you're sitting here.", Lindsay scolds, silencing Duncan. Duncan sighs.

"Alright, fine. I'll go sit somewhere else.", he says. You try to stop him, but it's no use.

"Sorry, he just really gets on my nerves sometimes.", Lindsay says.

"It's okay, I think he gets on everyone's nerves sometimes.", you say.

"Except yours.", Cody says.

"I can't help it. He's slowly becoming one of my closer friends. He's actually...more vulnerable than people think. But don't tell anyone I said that, I'd rather not die.", you say. Lindsay giggles.

"Lindsay, you said you wanted to discuss strategy?", Cody says.

"Yeah! I think we should split the teams up based on who's best friends with who.", Lindsay says.

"Any specific reason?", you ask.

"Well, maybe the pairs would be bad, but I think it'd work out well. Like, you and me for example. We know each other so well, that our...umm, what's the word for when two people work like, super well with each other?", Lindsay asks.

"...Synergy?", you ask.

"Exactly! Our sin energy would be so good!", Lindsay says.

"I guess that's true. What pairs did you have in mind?", you ask.

"You and me, Cody and Tyler, Gwen and Dawn, Charlotte and Brick...the only one I can't figure out is Mike.", you say.

"Isn't he friends with Charlotte and Brick though?", Cody asks.

"Well, yeah, but doesn't he have multiple personalities?", Lindsay asks.

"That's true...", you remark.

"It's hard to sort him somewhere because of that.", Lindsay says.

"Can't argue with you there.", you say.

"Come to think of it, I haven't seen his personalities in a while.", Cody says.

"I think he's got it more under control now. Especially after Zoey helped him cope with it.", you say.

"Aww! That's so romantic!", Lindsay chirps.

"So let's let Lindsay be the next team leader.", you say in a hurry, after how long you'd been waiting.", you say.

"OMG! Yayy!!", Lindsay says, pulling you into a hug out of excitement.

"Haha, no problem. You earned it.", you say.

"I think that's it for strategy. So if you want to go to talk to Duncan...", Lindsay says.

A: Go talk to Duncan

B: Stay with Lindsay and Cody

"Hmm. Nah, I'm good. I'll stay here.", you say.

"Cody, you need a makeover.", Lindsay says.

"What? Why? The Codemeister has all the right charms for attracting the ladies.", Cody says.

"Okay, but your look is, like, so boy-ish!", Lindsay says. She turns to you.

"Right?", she asks you.

"Little bit.", you agree.

"If you want to attract the ladies, you need to look older.", Lindsay says, messing around with Cody's hair.

"How do you know what Gwen likes?", he asks.

"I'm a girl too!", she says.

"But you and Gwen are so different.", Cody says.

"Okay, true, but I've spent a lot of time with Gwen.", you say. Cody sighs.

"Alright, go ahead.", he says.

"Wait...Gwen?", you ask.

" know I've liked her for years.", Cody says.

(I don't want to tell him that Gwen will never go for him...but now is definitely not the time.)

"Oh. Good luck, I suppose.", you say.

"Thanks!", he says. By the time Lindsay's finished with him, the others begin to dote on Cody. But there's one thing you noticed that no one else seemed to...he looked just like Tyler.

"Welcome to your next challenge, maggots!", Chef says.

"We were maggots last year. This year, we're heroes and villains.", Dawn says.

"I KNOW! SHUT UP!", Chef shouts.

"Alright Chef Crazy, you gonna get on with it?", Duncan asks.

"Season one's Tri-Armed Triathlon paired you all up in BABY challenges, and season three's Olympics challenge tested you to your limits. But this is season five, and we're going beyond your limits here. You're going to be paired up. Each team will have three left over, so three of you will be working in a team of three.", Chef says. An intern comes and hands you a handcuff. He hands it to every other contestant, and two contestants receive some kind of three-way handcuff.

"When I call your name, get with your partner. First off, the Heroes: Brick, Dawn, and Mike are the the team of three.", Chef says.

"I look forward to serving you two well.", Brick says.

"Hmm, could've been worse.", Mike says.

"Next, Cody and Gwen.", Chef announces.

"Alright. The Codemeister is ready!", Cody says, swaggering towards Gwen.

"Oh, brother.", Gwen says, rolling her eyes.

"OC and Charlotte.", Chef says.

"WHAT?!", you exclaim.

"Are you serious?!", Charlotte asks.

"Come on!", you protest.

"Shut up!", Chef says. The intern handcuffs you and Charlotte together. You look at the only two left – Lindsay and Tyler...

"And finally, Lindsay and Tyler.", Chef says. Everyone gasps.

"You can't do that!", you protest.

"That's so uncool.", Gwen says.

"You can't!", Courtney asks, shocked like everyone else. Lindsay and Tyler, looking concerned, head over to each other.

"Next, the villains.", Chef says.

"What, you're just gonna move on like that?!", you ask.

"QUIET! Courtney and Heather.", Chef says. The two girls groan.

"Are you serious?!", Courtney asks.

"There is no way I'm working with that uptight, bossy little-", Heather says.

"I was a C.I.T.!", Courtney says.

"More like a B-I-T-C-", Heather responds. Courtney gasps.

"EVA AND SCOTT.", Chef shouts so he can talk over Heather and Courtney.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!", Eva screams. You wanted to laugh at her scream, never hearing it before; it's so deep.

"Oh COME ON! Give me a break!", Scott says.


"Really?", Scott asks.

"Yeah, I'll break all your bones.", Eva answers. Scott gulps.

"Duncan and Zoey.", Chef says.

"Wait, huh?! I have to be with Miss Goody-Goody?", Duncan asks.

"Serves you right.", Heather says.

"Shut up.", Duncan says.

"Ooh, is that the worst you could think of?", Heather asks.

"Stop it.", Courtney says firmly.

"Hey, maybe we can work well as a team.", Zoey says.

"Zip it. You do what I say, when I say it.", Duncan says.

"And finally, Alejandro, Justin and Sierra as the team of three.", Chef says.

"Oh no...", Alejandro whispers under his breath.


Alejandro: Piezas de m**rda! Son tan incompetentes!!!!

-end confessional-

"Hehe...excellent. We shall work well as a team.", Alejandro says.

"Yeah, unless you do everything better than me.", Justin says bitterly.

"Qué?", Alejandro asks.


"Wasn't planning on it.", Gwen says.

"These are your pairs. Or groups.


  • Brick, Dawn, Mike
  • OC and CO
  • Cody and Gwen
  • Lindsay and Tyler


  • Alejandro, Justin, and Sierra
  • Courtney and Heather
  • Duncan and Zoey
  • Eva and Scott

"You will compete in five challenges that will take place over the course of two days. The challenges are as follows: A free-for-all fight, a three-legged race, cleaning my kitchen, herding animals into a pen, and finally, a scavenger hunt. The first four will be done in your groups. Choose which one you want.", Chef says.


OC: I'm pretty sure most of these are just chores that Chef didn't want to do.

-end confessional-

"I'll pick which one we take.", Charlotte says.

"What if I want to pick?", you ask.

"Fine, which one do you want?", she asks.

A: Fight

B: 3-Legged Race

C: Cleaning the kitchen

D: Herding animals

"We'll take the fight.", you say.

"Huh? Why the fight?", Charlotte asks

"Think about it. We're the most physically capable.", you say. Charlotte looks around, and realizes that you're right.

"Okay, true.", she says.

"Then you're up first. You'll be up against...Eva and Scott!", Chef says. Sh**.

"You got an hour to prepare.", Chef says.

How do you prepare?

Prepare for the fight by first figuring out how to move in a way that you guys work and use your strengths together; then try to start doing some basic stretches and exercises (jumping jacks, push-ups, etc) then run for a bit and do some other exercises (cardio and endurance), finally talk to CO about how to psych Eva and Scott out (by analyzing their body language to try and guess their movements so you two can work to dodge and stuff) and by trying to use their weaknesses to distract them, one of them being their hatred for one another.

"Okay Charlotte, so we're smarter than them, right?", you ask.

"That's not a safe assumption to make.", she replies.

"But you know it's true.", you point out.

"Yeah, a little bit.", she says.

"So let's prepare with some exercises, then I've got another plan.", you say. You're a bit tired afterward, but you begin the discussion with Charlotte.

"So what we need to do is analyze their body language. Guess their movements and stuff.", you say.

"Okay...that", Charlotte says.

"No, no, no! You're doing it all wrong!", you say, commenting on Charlotte's bad form.

"What are you talking about?", she asks.

"You need to stand up straight so we're equal height.", you say.

"I am standing up straight.", she says.

"Then why aren't we the same height?", you ask, comparing your heights.

"Because you're taller than me.", Charlotte says.

"How tall are you?", you ask. She's the same height as you.

"Touché.", Charlotte says, standing up straighter. Tyler walks into the cabin.

"Hey, guys. I'm here to give you some pointers.", he says. Charlotte giggles.

"What? I'm serious.", he says.

"Okay Tyler, go ahead.", you say. Tyler attempts to get into some sort of fighting stance, but trips on a crack in the floorboards, and falls on his face. You and Charlotte can't help but laugh, even though you felt a little bad for him, as you usually do.

After an hour of prep, the time for the fight comes. Chef lets you and Charlotte into the ring, facing Eva and Scott. Eva was dragging Scott like a ragdoll, and the farm boy struggled to stand up.

"Let me get up!", Scott says. Eva pulls on the handcuff, sending Scott flying up and helping him stand. He dusts himself off.

"Finally!", he says, annoyed. The fight begins, and Eva's nostrils flare. Eva and Scott both send their opposite legs (as in the ones on the opposite side of the handcuffs) forward, along with their arms.

Predict their move!

A: Offensive, you need to defend

B: Defensive, you need to proceed with caution

C: Mixed, one offense, and one defense

"They're going for a defensive strike, I can see it.", you whisper to Charlotte.

"Alright. I trust you.", she says. You two proceed with caution, easing closer and closer, until Eva and Scott suddenly strike. They use a dirty tactic and strike one at a time, Eva slugging you in the stomach and Scott knocking down your legs. You find yourself unable to move, and knocking Charlotte down with you as you fall.

"Well...that was fast.", Chef says.

"Didn't think it would go down that hard.", Duncan says.

"Meh. Those three are weak anyway.", Heather says.

"Three?", Zoey asks.

"Yes. OC, Charlotte, and Scott.", Heather says.

"Hey!", Scott says.

"Please. You know Eva did all the work.", Heather says. Eva rolls her eyes and gets off the stage. Charlotte helps you up as you clutch your stomach in pain.

The next challenge is the three-legged race. You all return to the girl's cabin.

"Olympian Lindsay, Her Hotness declares that Tyler and I will compete in the three-legged race.", Lindsay says, standing on a stool in between everyone. She raises her arms up to get everyone's attention, yanking Tyler's arm up as well. Lindsay's hand gestures made Tyler have to quickly maneuver around them.

"Wouldn't Gwen and I be better for that, since we're both really fast?", Cody asks.

"Tyler and I are fast too.", Lindsay says.

"Oh, okay.", Cody says.

"I don't think we're faster than them.", Gwen says.

"I can be very fast.", Cody says with a wink.

"'s just...never mind. It's us two.", Lindsay says.

"Lindsay, you're team leader. You shouldn't be hiding anything.", you say.

"I just don't think we'd be good at the other ones.", Lindsay says.

"Let's see, the rest are cleaning Chef's kitchen, and then the animal herding.", Brick says.

"I already assigned Brick, Dawn and Mike to Chef's kitchen.", Lindsay says.

"I think we can handle animal herding. We've got Dawn!", Mike says.

"I was going to say that. Gwen and Cody can handle kitchen clean up.", Lindsay says.

"What? Why do we get the gross one?", Cody asks.

"Because Lindsay throws up from Leshawna's "Minty Blast" gum because it's "too minty fresh".", Gwen snarks. Lindsay frowns and nods.

"Lindsay and I aren't used to cleaning.", Tyler says.

"Of course you're not. You've been spoiled from a very early age.", Dawn says. Everyone looks at Dawn.

"Oh, I'm sorry, was that mean? I didn't intend for it to sound that way. Lindsay and Tyler just come from wealthy families. Although as a result, they have very little independence. That might even be why Tyler-", Dawn rambles.

"Dawn, that's enough.", you say.

"I'm so sorry! I don't realize when I go on rambles! Please, forgive me.", she says.

"All good.", Tyler says, giving Dawn a thumbs-up with his free hand. Lindsay looks confused due to the situation at hand. There is a short silence.

"Then it's Tyler and me next, then Cody and Gwen, and Brick, Dawn and Mike last. We need to win the next three, or we'll lose.", Lindsay says. You shuffle uncomfortably. Lindsay looks at you.

"B-But you did great, OC! Really! None of us could beat Evil!", Lindsay says.

"Eva.", you say.


"Never mind."

"The three-legged-race is now going to begin! It's Lindsay and Tyler versus Courtney and Heather!", Chef announces.

"Let's get on with this!", Courtney says.

"Put in the hurdles!", Chef says. Interns come and place hurdles.

"What? Th-That wasn't a warning!", Lindsay says.

"Don't worry Lindsay. I'm fast and flexible.", Heather says.

"Well, I can win. I've got Tyler on my team." Lindsay says, pulling Tyler's arm, and getting closer to him.

"You're pretty close to him for a broken up couple.", Heather says skeptically.

"At least I've actually had a boyfriend.", Lindsay.

"Burn.", Zoey says. Heather turns to Zoey, glaring.

"SHUT UP!", Heather says to her.

"Enough fighting! Begin!", Chef says. Courtney, Heather, Lindsay and Tyler take their positions. The two pairs begin running at their fastest speed. Lindsay trips on the first hurdle, and Tyler stops to help.

"Keep going!", Mike says.

"Are you crazy? He'd have to drag her across the ground!", you say.

"Whatever.", Mike says.

"Come on Lindsay, get up! You can do it!", Tyler says.

"Ugh, I'm okay!", Lindsay says. The two get up and continue running. Courtney and Heather are far off, and Lindsay and Tyler begin to catch up. The next hurdle comes.

"On three, okay? One, two, three!", Tyler says.

"Wait, do I jump on three, or after three?", Lindsay asks.

"Just jump!", Tyler says, but it's too late. Lindsay trips again, this time falling flat on her face.

"Oww...does it look bad?", Lindsay asks. Miraculously, her face is unharmed.

"You look perfect. Forget winning, we're going to get through this together.", Tyler says. They start running at a slower pace.

"Are you PSYCHO?! HURRY UP!", Charlotte says. Lindsay and Tyler manage to jump over one hurdle, then another, and the last one. They reach the finish line.

"FINALLY!", Heather says.

"Another win for the Villains!", Chef says.

"Lindsay, we can get over any hurdle. Just trust me.", Tyler says.

"I trust you. I felt safe in your arms.", Lindsay says.

"You're always safe with me.", Tyler says. Lindsay leans in for a hug, but Tyler reels back, declining it with his body. Lindsay awkwardly looks away.

"Moving on. Alejandro, Cody, Gwen, Justin and Sierra, follow me.", Chef says. Everyone heads over to Chef's kitchen, where the next challenge takes place. You all must watch from outside, while the five participating contestants are led inside.

"Cody and Gwen take the right side, while Alejandro, Justin and Sierra take the left. First side to completely clean wins.", Chef says.

"Dammit, they sent their three-person team to do this one.", Charlotte says.

"They've got the upper hand now...", you remark.

"Exactly.", Charlotte says.

"Oh...I'm sorry...", Lindsay says.

"Don't be. I'm sure you thought this out.", you say.

"You do everything I say.", Gwen says.

"That's the way I like it!", Cody says.

"You do everything I say.", Alejandro says.

"Why should we listen to you?", Justin asks.

"Yeah, Alejandro. Why not me?", Sierra asks.

"Or me!", Justin says. Alejandro pats his head, as if he has a headache.

"Must it be so difficult?", Alejandro asks.

"Not if you'd let me be leader.", Justin says.

"Begin!", Chef says. Alejandro, Justin, and Sierra continue to argue as Gwen cleans, while ordering Cody on what to do as Cody diligently did so. One thing you notice is that there is a hidden spot in the middle. No one else seems to have noticed, including the spectators. You should warn Gwen and Cody but on the other hand, telling Alejandro might be dangerous.

A: Warn Gwen and potentially save the team

B: Keep your mouth shut

"Gwen! Over there!", you shout, pointing to the dirt in the center.

"Where?", she asks. Alejandro drags Justin and Sierra over there. Alejandro actually reaches first, since Gwen and Cody took a moment to realize you were talking to them – they were deep into their work. You move your eyes around, knowing Gwen would understand what you're trying to say. She maneuvers her hand around, and Alejandro begins to talk to her.

"Ah, Gwen. Most translucent and wise queen.", Alejandro says flirtatiously.

"What?", she asks coldly. She warms up a bit when Alejandro touches her chin.

(HEY! That's my girl! ...)

Then you realize she's not.

"I...merely do not want you to get voted off. Can you not see? OC is trying to decieve you.", Alejandro says.

"Huh?", Gwen asks.

"He tore you away from your hard work. You lose, he gets eliminated.", Alejandro says, distracting Gwen as his hand snakes into the dirt.

"Don't listen to him!", Cody says.

"Wasn't going to.", Gwen says, slapping Alejandro.

"Ow!", he recoils. Everyone scrambles for a spot into the dirt, but it results in Cody's head getting hit pretty hard.

"D-Did we win?", Cody asks.

"Not yet.", Gwen says, picking up a dirty rag.

"You want me to clean with this?", Gwen asks.

"Shut up.", Chef says. Gwen rolls her eyes.

"I-I'll save you, Gwen. I'll be your hero!", Cody says, ripping off his shirt.

"S-See my muscles?", he asks. Gwen rolls her eyes again, and then picks up Cody's shirt.

"He won't like it, but...", Gwen says, using Cody's shirt as a rag. The Heroes win, but Cody has to go to the infirmary.

"Ooh, one of us should go with him. These things are dangerous.", Lindsay says. Chef unlocks Gwen and Cody's handcuffs.

Volunteer to go?

A: Yes, go to the infirmary with Cody

B: No, watch the next challenge

"We'll go.", you say.

"Yeah...we're done with our challenge, so why not?", Charlotte says.

"Fine by me.", Gwen says.

"Have fun!!", Lindsay says, waving goodbye.

Cody doesn't wake up for a while. Sierra storms into the infirmary, dragging Justin and Alejandro behind her.

"We're done with our challenge, may we not be released?", Alejandro asks.

"Why?", Chef asks.

"I need to use the bathroom.", Alejandro says.

"Ew, I'm not going.", Sierra says.

"Me neither.", Justin says.

"Fine.", Chef says, and unlocks Alejandro from the three-way handcuff.

"At last!", Alejandro says, walking off. Justin and Sierra are still handcuffed.

"Is my baby still asleep?", Sierra asks.

"Yep.", Charlotte says.

"Even Cody gets more attention than me.", Justin says.

"Do you ever stop whining?", you ask.

"Don't mock him! Poor Justin doesn't know how great he is.", Sierra says.

"Great? What part of me is great? Whatever I can do, Alejandro does better.", Justin says.

"Didn't you outrank him?", Sierra asks.

"What do you mean?", Justin asks.

"Well, you got suuuper in Total Drama Action, while Alejandro was eliminated in like, episode twelve. Lame!", Sierra says.

"That's true...", Justin says.

"You're the most successful antagonist the show has had.", Sierra says.

"What about J-", Charlotte says.

"Shhhhh. Jo is an Anti-Hero. Justin is a full-on antagonist, a-duh!", Sierra says.


OC: I'm...pretty sure Jo wasn't an Anti-Hero. Then again, I only watched that season for the cameos, so I probably wasn't paying attention too well.

-end confessional-

"Okay?", you respond.

"Honestly, you're right. I don't have to feel so inferior to Alejandro all the time. I can be just as good, or even better than him.", Justin says.

"Yup.", Sierra says. Justin is unlocked by Chef Hatchet so he can use the bathroom as well.

"So? What did you think?", Sierra asks.

"About what?", you ask.

"That performance of course. I made Justin think he has value. Now he might ally with me, securing another vote for me.", Sierra says.

"By lying to him?", Charlotte asks.

"Well, it wasn't a total lie.", Sierra says.

"Still, it was manipulation.", Charlotte says.

"OC, what do you think?", Sierra asks.

A: "Pretty impressive, if you ask me."

B: "Good for you if it works, not my style, though."

C: "That wasn't cool if I'm being honest."

"Good for you if it works, not my style, though.", you say.

"Oh, thanks.", Sierra says. Soon, Cody wakes up.

"OMG, Cody!!!", Sierra gushes.

"Ow. My head hurts.", Cody says.

"Aww, you poor thing...", Charlotte says. She kisses Cody's head and puts his head down.

"HEY! HANDS OFF MY MAN!", Sierra shouts.

"Yikes, okay.", Charlotte says, backing off. Sierra gives Cody a head massage.

"Hey, I think I'll be fine.", Cody says.

"Oh. Okayy!", Sierra says, continuing to check every inch of Cody's head.

The day ends, and everyone is told to go to bed. Everyone cries out in relief when they're separated from the handcuffs. You can tell Charlotte is relieved. Why doesn't she like you?

"I'm tiiiired.", Tyler says, flopping down onto his bed.

"Me too. Being handcuffed to Charlotte is a pain.", you say.

"Aww, you don't like Charlotte? I like her.", Tyler says.

"You like everyone.", you reply.

"True. That's because everyone has something to like about them!", Tyler says.

"I don't know...Charlotte seems to be fixated on me most of the time.", you say.

"Nah, I doubt that. She's just a little difficult to get to know. She chooses carefully when deciding who she lets into her life. Remind you of a certain girl?", Tyler asks.

(Maybe I could...)

A: Ask Tyler for advice

B: Don't, go to bed or talk about something else

"Tyler, what would you think I should do?", you ask.

"Y-You're asking me?", Tyler asks.

"Sure. You are my best friend, or did you forget?", you ask jokingly.

"I'd never!! It's just, I usually ask you. Anyway...I guess you should try to assert authority over her. Don't let her boss you around.", Tyler says.

"This coming from you?", you ask.

"What do you mean?", Tyler asks.

"You're so sweet to everyone. I can't see you "asserting authority" anywhere, that's all. But I'll try.", you say.

"Okay!! Good night!!", Tyler says happily.

"Back to your handcuffs.", Chef says, handcuffing everyone together. He handcuffs you to Charlotte again. The time for the last solo challenge, herding animals into a pen, begins. It's Brick, Dawn, and Mike against Duncan and Zoey.

"I'm sure we can win!", Dawn says.

"Definitely.", Mike says.

"Together, we can do anything.", Brick says.

"Pfft. Zoey and I have got this in the bag.", Duncan says.

"Those poor animals.", Zoey says.

"It is very unfortunate.", Dawn says.

"It's a challenge. We must do it.", Brick says.

"I feel very bad for them...", Dawn says.

"Who cares?", Mike asks.

"Your aura is very dark, Mike...", Dawn notes.

"Shh. Chef is explaining.", Mike says. Dawn looks at Mike strangely. Does she know...?!

"There are two pens separated by a fence. On one side, we have the Heroes' section. The Villains' section is here. Whoever can herd their animals in first wins.

"Come on, let's go.", Duncan says, yanking on the handcuff.

"Slow down. I'm not as fast as you.", Zoey says.

"I'm not going that fast.", Duncan says.

"That's what you think.", Zoey says.

"Come on, team.", Brick says.

"I....refuse!", Dawn says. Her expression is fiercer than usual, as if she put a lot of thought into the decision.

"That's enough.", Mike says, clamping his hand over Dawn's mouth. Dawn tries to speak, but Mike doesn't allow her to.

"Hey! Unhand her this instant!", Brick says. Mike holds up his free hand and puts it in front of Brick's face.

"After the challenge.", he says. Mike glares at the animals, and they immediately run from him.

"Hehe. Excellent.", Mike says.

"Oh my gosh! That's not Mike!", Zoey says.

"What are you TALKING about?! You just want to throw the challenge so he'll get voted off!!", Duncan says.

"That's not true. These animals are being caged against their will.", Zoey says.

"Okay, "hippie". I know all about how manipulative you are. Sweet Little Zoey who shows her true colors when it's convenient for her.", Duncan says.

"That's NOT true. I'm NOT like that.", Zoey says.

"Save it! Throw the challenge! Get voted off, for all I care.", Duncan says.

"How do we know you won't get voted off? You won't even cooperate. Not to mention you're so mean to everyone!", Zoey says.

"I'm mean to everyone?! ME?! You're the one who backstabbed poor Tyler just for your boyfriend. Obsessed much?!", Duncan scolds.

"At least I do something for someone I love. When was the last time you did anything for COURTNEY?", Zoey asks.

"Oh, you're really making this personal now, aren't you?", Duncan asks.

"You started it! And since when do you care about Tyler so much? Last I checked, he was just another one of your bullying victims. That's all you are. A bully.", Zoey says.

"Shut up! Tyler's basically a pet.", Duncan says.

"Hey!", Tyler says.

"He doesn't mean it.", you say.


OC: He definitely means it.

-end confessional-

"Shut it. Stay out of this.", Duncan says to you and Tyler.

"Well, I'm letting them go.", Zoey says.

"They're so close to the pen though! We could win this!", Duncan says. Zoey is about to release the animals when suddenly...

"The Heroes win again!", Chef says, pointing to the Heroes' pen, which is filled with animals. Chef comes down and opens the pen, allowing the animals to escape. They promptly stampede him.

"Ugh, this is all your fault.", Duncan says.

"Fine. Blame me.", Zoey says.

"I am.", Duncan replies. Duncan drags Zoey over to Brick, Dawn, and Mike. He yanks Mike's hand off Dawn's mouth.

"You're treating a girl like Dawn like that?! Get a grip.", Duncan says, glaring at Mike. Dawn looks at Duncan, baffled, yet amazed.

"It's time for the scavenger hunt. Here's a list of things you need to find.", Chef says. He begins listing off the things, and Charlotte quickly notes them down. Her handwriting was quite nice. Neat, but extremely girly.

Scavenger Hunt Items List

  • Baton
  • Boots
  • Rock shaped like Chef's head
  • Bandanna
  • Pack of Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails
  • Pan
  • Box of cereal
  • "I ❤︎ NY" T-Shirt
  • Hairbrush
  • Fametown poster
  • Mr. Coconut BONUS

"There's two of each item, so each team gets one. There's ten items total, and getting Mr. Coconut will give you a special award.", Chef explains.

You start traveling through the forest in search of the items.

"This way. Move it.", Charlotte says.

"What's the hurry?", you ask.

"We'll fall behind.", Charlotte says.

"Can't you just relax?", you ask.

"I CAN'T!", Charlotte says.

A: "Okay! You win! We'll do it your way!"

B: "I'm sorry...let's just try our best, okay?"

C: "We're partners in this, listen to me."

D: "Whatever. I can't wait to be done dealing with you."

E: "Who do you think you are? I have just as much say as you."

F: "I'm done with this."

"We're partners in this, listen to me.", you say sternly.

"I know, but I also know how we can win this.", Charlotte says.

"Really? How?", you ask sarcastically.

"We have to find at least three items to secure not being eliminated.", Charlotte says.

"Yeah, no kidding.", you say.

"Stop doing that. Snarking all the time.", Charlotte says.

"You're the one who doesn't leave me alone! Miss "Don't talk to anyone on the other team". It was pretty obvious you were talking to me.", you say.

"Who else? You're the one who insists on being Duncan's best friend. You saw how Duncan called Tyler a pet. Tyler isn't friends with anyone unless you are.", she says.

"What about you? He likes you.", you say.

"I meant anyone on the Villains' team.", Charlotte says.

"I didn't tell him who to be friends with. It was his own choice.", you say.

"You don't get it. What I'm trying to say is that you're...a risky person.", Charlotte says.

"Risky? Rude much?", you say.

"Don't act like you don't already know. You're always super problematic. I'm surprised you weren't placed on the other team.", Charlotte says.

"Maybe because I'm not a villain?", you say.

"People like Mike and Sierra are on that team.", Charlotte reasons.

"Yeah? Well, people like you are on this one.", you say. Charlotte gasps.

"WOW. And to think I thought you weren't all bad.", Charlotte says.

"What are you TALKING about? You've hated me since day one!", you say.

"Not entirely. Sure, we got off on the wrong foot but...I don't really hate you. It's just for the sake of the team.", she says.

"Trying to get me voted off every week helps the team?? How?!", you ask, getting increasingly frustrated.

"Because I'm the one who takes all the heat! I speak for everyone!", she says.

"Who's "everyone"?!?", you ask.

"The team, OC. My friends. They have problems with you.", she says.

"Then why can't they tell me themselves?", you ask.

"Well...I'm like, their..."spokesperson", I guess.", Charlotte says.

"No one says you have to be.", you say.

"I know, it's just easier this way.", she says.

"It's easier when you're hated?", you ask.

"Better than animosity among the team.", she says.

"If I had known, I wouldn't have been so cold.", you say.

"It's alright. I don't mind, seriously.", she says.

"I wish I had known that you were just trying to help the team. Hey, you know we can handle things peacefully, right?", you say.

"Yeah...I guess I should've talked to you about it. Still, it's gonna be hard to take sides with what's going on between the team.", Charlotte says.

"What do you mean?", you ask. Your heart beats rapidly; does she know about Mike??

"I know you don't want to hear this, but it's about the 'breakup'.", she says. ...You and...Gwen?

"What happened? Is this about that noise from earlier?", you ask. You think back to yesterday morning. You hear shouting from the other side of the cabin, and things being flung across the room.

"Y-You heard that? That's embarrassing. The girls got into a fight about the breakup...we kinda took sides.", she says.

"Damn. I didn't know it'd get that bad.", you say.

"I thought you and Gwen got along so well. I had to know there was some good reason you broke up with her.", Charlotte says.

"Umm...well there's nothing more than I can say other than, sometimes, relationships just don't work out.", you say.

"I think I understand. I hope it doesn't happen to Brick and me.", Charlotte says.

"I doubt it. You two seem to really be in love.", you say.

"You and Gwen were crazy about each other too.", she says.

"That was different.", you say.

"I guess. Anyway...we've wasted a lot of time. We should continue.", Charlotte says.

"Wait.", you say. Charlotte turns around.

A: "Thanks for explaining."

B: "I'm glad we can start fresh."

C: "Let's end this challenge already."

"Yeah, let's just end this challenge already. It's boring and tiring.", you say.

"Where do you want to start?", Charlotte asks.

"Umm, which one do you think would be the easiest to find?", you ask.

"Actually, I was thinking we could search locations in the forest instead. That'd break it up better. Your choice, though.", Charlotte says.

What do you do?

A: Location – Cave

B: Item

"Maybe we the cave?", you suggest.

"There are two caves. Which one are you talking about?", Charlotte asks.

"There's one near the clearing...and another with bears in it.", you say.

"Got it.", Charlotte says. On your way, you see Eva dragging Scott along a pond. You see Brick, Dawn, and Mike arguing over whether or not they should knock down a bird's nest to claim one of the prizes inside it, and Courtney and Heather nearly ripping each others' hair out.

"Here.", Charlotte says. You two sneak inside, and look around for something on the list.

"", Charlotte says.

"Maybe we should search based off of what could be well-hidden in here.", you suggest.

"You mean like something that would blend in?", Charlotte asks.

"Yep.", you respond. You look for something on the list that might blend in with the cave.

(A T-Shirt definitely wouldn't. Those shirts are white, so they would be pretty obvious in a dark cave like this, wouldn't they? Colorful posters too. Maybe the boots, or the pan?)

"I think it's either the boots or the pan.", you say.

"I suppose it doesn't really matter what the item is, as long as we get it.", Charlotte says. The two of you walk along, and then you accidentally step on something hard. You look down, and it's a pan.

"Found it.", you say.

"Alright, OC! Way to go!", Charlotte says. She takes the pan from your hand and examines it.

"Yeah, it's got the seal of approval.", Charlotte says.

"I didn't even know those were a thing for this. Did he say that?", you ask.

"Nope, but last year, the McLean-Brand Idols had them, so I assume these would too. Anyone can go into the kitchen, take a pan, and pass it off as one of the ones hidden here.", Charlotte says.

"True.", you say. You two exit the cave, and hear the loudspeaker.


"Huh. Charlotte, I know a location that will definitely have an item.", you say.

"Ooh, where is it?", she asks.

A: Waterfall

B: Canopy

C: Beaver dams

D: Pond

E: Bird's nest

"Let's go! It's gotta be over at the beaver dams.", you say. You and Charlotte head over, and find Eva and Scott near the dams. Scott goes into a dam.

"Come here, little beaver. I just want one of your items!", Scott says, reaching around. A beaver from outside the dam begins spanking Scott with it's tail.

"Ow! OW! OW! Let me go! I am not your wife!", Scott yells. Eva rolls her eyes, and harshly pulls a splinter-covered Scott out of the dam.

"N-Nothing in there.", Scott says.

"WOW ARE YOU SERIOUS?!", Eva asks. The two leave.

"Damn, guess my hunch sucked. Sorry about that.", you say.

"It's more than anything I came up with. Any other guesses?", Charlotte asks.

"No, I can tell you for sure where the next one is. Check it! We should go to...", you say.

A: Waterfall

B: Canopy

C: Pond

D: Bird's nest

"...the canopy!", you say.

"Like, climb the trees?", Charlotte asks.

"Yep, the highest part.", you say. You and Charlotte head over to the tallest tree in the forest, and begin climbing.

"This is ridiculous.", Charlotte says.

"Just trust me.", you say. The two of you reach a tall, thick branch. There's a hole in the trunk.

"It's probably in here. I'll reach in and see.", you say. You stick your hand in, and start groping around. Suddenly, something pulls you in. Charlotte sticks her head in as you fall.

"OC! I'm coooooming!!", she says, diving in. You fall onto the ground, and see squirrels all around you.

"Hehe...n-nice squirrels...", you say. The squirrels seem mad that you were climbing their home.

"Okay, so I was wrong again. Still, pretty roomy place you got here.", you say, looking around the rather large inside of the tree.

"OC, take my hand.", Charlotte says, pulling you up. You climbed to the top and jumped down the tree.

"So we were wrong. But this next location is a sure shot!", you say.

"Aw, come on.", Charlotte says, rubbing her head.

(I have to get it right this time!)

A: Waterfall

B: Pond

C: Bird's nest

"Alright Charlotte, I know what we need to do!", you say.

"I'm trusting you this last time, OC.", Charlotte says.

"Okay, okay. Don't worry.", you say. You take Charlotte over to the waterfall. Everyone had seen it, but miraculously you hadn't heard anyone come over here.

"We've gotta be quiet, this place can get loud.", you whisper.

"Good idea. I'll try to keep my voice down.", Charlotte says. You get closer to the waterfall. There's always a cave behind the waterfall, right? It's just, one of the clichés of television. And you're on television right now. You reached your hand through the water, which was hard because the pressure was pretty intense. You reached around, but quickly felt a rocky wall. Damn.

"Did you find anything?", Charlotte asks.

"Nope, it's empty. I could swear there would be a cave or something here. Some kind of opening.", you explain.

"Try again.", she says.

"Why? I already-"

"Just do it. Trust me.", she says reassuringly. You'd bonded with Charlotte quite a bit today...there was no reason to doubt her now. You reached in again, and searched a little harder.

"I think I feel something!", you say. Charlotte perks up and asks you to describe it.

"It's some kind of crevice. Hang on, it's getting deeper.", you say. You continue to drag your hand across, when suddenly it slips into a hole in the wall. Due to the unexpected nature of this, you nearly trip, but manage to keep your balance. You flail your hand around, eagerly awaiting a prize. What you find is better than one of the items on the list. You find the Mr. Coconut!

"Whoa! Look!", you say, pulling Mr. Coconut out.

"OMG! This is amazing!", Charlotte says.

"What was the reward for this again? Automatic invincibility?", you ask.

"No, I don't think Chef specified.", Charlotte says.

"Cool, then we get to be surprised.", you say.

"The challenge is now over! The Heroes win!", Chef announces. You reach out your hand for a high five, but Charlotte pulls you into a hug, which you accept.

"Another night at the Spa Hotel!", you exclaim in joy. You all meet back outside the forest.

"The Heroes have won, which means they get another night at the Spa Hotel. The Villains have to vote someone off. Tonight.", Chef says. The Heroes cheer, while the Villains look upset.

"Before I let you maggots off, did any of ya find the Mr. Coconut? STEP UP NOW.", Chef says. You and Charlotte step up.

"Only one of ya can win.", Chef says. You two look at each other.

"Charlotte, you should.", you say.

"No, you. I insist. You're the one who grabbed it anyway.", she says.

"I would have given up without you.", you say.

"Shut up and take the reward.", Heather says to you.

"Come on. I put you through so much already, let this be my way of compensating.", Charlotte says with a smile.

"Alright, okay!", you say.

"Your reward is a dinner with you and your significant other. But since you're a single LOSER, you can go with one of yer boring friends.", Chef says.

"Alright!", you say, happy about the reward.

Everyone finally got loose in the mess hall to eat. You grabbed your food and finally sat with Heather without worry of being considered a rat. After some talk about strategies and movies, Heather brought something up that seemed very unlike her. Actually, it nearly shocked you to hear Heather say such a thing.

"Look at her. Just sitting there.", she says.

"Who?", you ask.

"Zoey! Who else?", she asks.

"Keep your voice down. She'll hear us.", you say.

"You're kidding, right? She couldn't hear a police siren if it was two inches from her ears right now.", Heather says.

"What about her though?", you ask. You look at Zoey; she was upset, sitting in a corner. Her usual sad position.


"It's so obnoxious. Like, ugh! Can't she stop rubbing her sadness in our faces like that?", Heather asks.

"You don't really think that, do you? I doubt she can help it. She got separated from her boyfriend and everyone hates her.", you say. Heather exhales.

"I guess. ...I'm gonna go talk to her.", Heather says.

"Wait, what?", you ask.

"You heard me. She looks like...a fragile little animal. Or...a sad, ugly girl with no friends...", Heather says, as if she wasn't even talking about Zoey.

"Okay then. Have fun.", you say.

"I'm not doing this for fun.", Heather says.

"Jo was right, you really aren't all that bad, Heather.", you say.

"Whatever. It's not my fault she looks so pathetic. And pouty.", Heather says.

"You mean like you?", you say. Heather stands up and walks over to Zoey.

"So, um, I know we don't usually talk but just...listen! Okay?!", she says. Zoey looks up.

"You...You're talking to me?", Zoey asks.

"Don't get used to it.", Heather replies.

"Why, though?", Zoey asks.

"Shut up. You just...look upset. That's all.", Heather says. The two sit in silence together for a while.

"Better than being with Courtney.", Heather says after a short period of silence. Zoey giggles.

"She can be...a bit much, at times. Not her fault, really.", Zoey says.

"You are so naive.", Heather says, rolling her eyes.

"OC, it's time for your dinner. Who you takin'?", Chef asks.

Who do you take to dinner with you?

"...Gwen?", you ask. Everyone looks up. Gwen looks surprised.

"Gee, I just love when everyone MINDS THEIR OWN BUSINESS.", Chef exclaims. Everyone turns away. Gwen hesitates, but stands up. Cody looks upset. Mike glares at you from the corner of your eye.

"So...let's go.", you say.

"Sure.", she says. Over the dinner, it remained awkward for a long time. You tried to start a conversation.

"You know what this food reminds me of?", you ask, staring at your spaghetti.

"What?", she replies.

"The time I had dinner at your house, and your brother put a noodle up his nose to be funny. And then the noodle got stuck.", you say.

"Eww, don't bring that up now.", Gwen says, giggling.

"I can't help it. He ruined spaghetti for me forever.", you say.

"He was actually so embarrassed about that afterward.", Gwen says.

"Was he? I couldn't tell.", you say.

"Yeah, he always tries to make a good impression on you.", Gwen says.

"Haha, does he really?", you ask.

"He thinks you're really cool. Not to mention he and I are really close, so he wants to be liked by my boyfriends.", Gwen says.

"That's so cute. I wish I had a sibling as close to me as you two are.", you say.

"Yeah. Well, you have Tyler.", Gwen says.

"That's true. He's definitely like a brother to me. He told me once that he considered you like his sister, because of me.", you say.

"Huh? Why?", Gwen asks. You hesitate.

"", you say, immediately regretting saying that. The conversation immediately dies as Gwen has nothing else to say. The awkwardness descends upon the conversation again.

Later that night, it was time for the elimination ceremony. The Villains were filled with tension. Several of them glared at Zoey.

Finders Creepers (36)

"Welcome to the next bonfire ceremony. If I call yer name, come pick up yer marshmallow.", Chef says. Courtney waves goodbye to Zoey.

"Courtney.", Chef says. Courtney confidently stands up, smirking at Zoey.







"Justin and Zoey...the both of ya got a lotta votes against you. YOU SUCK.", Chef says. Justin and Zoey both look down. Justin twiddled his thumbs while Zoey continued to pout.

"The final marshmallow goes to...", Chef says.





















"Zoey!", Chef says, tossing the marshmallow at Zoey, who looks surprised, but scrambles to catch her marshmallow. She fails, and it falls on the ground. Justin stands up, slouching, upset.

"Awww!! Byeeee Justin!", Sierra says, waving.

"I guess...I was always meant to be a loser.", Justin says.

"That's not true!!", Sierra says.

"I've never won.", Justin says.

"Most of you plebeians haven't. Get over it.", Heather says.

"You're still really good looking. Not as much as my Cody-wody though!", Sierra says. Cody rolls his eyes, used to Sierra's flirting at this point.

"And beyond that? Look...", Justin says. The Boat of Losers arrives, not a single person on it. Ouch. Justin sighs, and slowly walks the dock, in a dramatic fashion. He looks back, expecting someone to say something to him. Chef gets annoyed.

"GET OUTTA MY HOUSE.", Chef says, kicking Justin into the boat. Justin sails away, still expecting sympathy from everyone. It seemed almost everyone was indifferent. You may have cared more, if you weren't hung up on one thing – how did Zoey not get voted off?

"You did it, didn't you?", you ask Heather.

"Did what? I do a lot of things.", Heather says.

"Save Zoey.", you say.

"...No.", Heather says.

"You hesitated. You never hesitate.", you say.

"That is not true.", Heather says.

"You did save her! It's the only way she would've not gotten voted off. But, why? What did you two talk about?", you ask.

"She's...not a totally uncool person, okay? She can even be...kind of decent sometimes. I don't want to talk about it.", Heather says.

"Do you...empathize with Zoey?", you ask.

"Ewww! No!", Heather says.

"Come to think of it, it kind of makes sense. You both sit sadly the same way. You both are really passionate about your personal interests. Not to mention neither of you are "sheep". You march to the beat of your own drums.", you say.

"Shut. Up.", Heather says.

"It's not a bad thing!", you say.

"I don't care.", Heather says.

"Okay. Don't accept it.", you say.

"I won't.", Heather says.

"I've got a real bed to sleep in.", you say.

"Shut up, again.", Heather says.

"Good night.", you say.

"Night.", she answers bitterly.


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