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TDAS CYOA Cast - Saving Private Brick

So far...

  • Alejandro and you did not interact much in the last challenge, but his fights with Heather are still going strong and don't seem to be going anywhere. The fact that Heather openly shouted that she hates him in the mess hall only fueled the fights (mostly by Alejandro teasing an irritable Heather).
  • Anne Maria's lack of knowledge of the other contestants seems to be catching up with her. It caused her to confuse you and Lindsay for dating, when in reality the two of you are actually just best friends. This lack of knowledge is in steep contrast to Sierra, and might just be her downfall.
  • Brick's social awkwardness when it comes to interactions continues, but he remains a friendly and loyal person. He mostly interacts with Charlotte. He still doesn't feel comfortable around you, still referring to you as "sir".
  • Charlotte at first liked you, but over time she's started thinking that you're somewhat of a bully and a weird person in general. This caused Charlotte to vote for you.
  • Cody has moved on from trying to be a leader to just trying to befriend one contestant. His self-confidence seems to have taken a real hit and it just gets worse and worse. He doesn't really tell anyone, which means no one knows what's going on except for OC, Harold, and Heather (who was informed by Harold).
  • Courtney's conflict with Duncan reached it's boiling point. She became fed up with his inability to communicate his feelings and showing no affection, believing she provides more to the relationship than Duncan does. Finding them incompatible, Courtney breaks up with Duncan, leaving both parties heartbroken. Now, she's focused on becoming team leader, but she has some heavy competition.
  • Dawn, once again, interacted with you. Despite showing herself to be extremely socially oblivious, Dawn understood OC's situation and gave him some advice on how to fix his problems with Cody. She also performed well in the last challenge, finding two of the six pieces.
  • Duncan's breakup with Courtney left him heartbroken, but it didn't stop him from performing well on the challenge. Duncan is now the main target for alliances from the rest, changing up the dynamics of the Villains team as they all aim for Duncan's loyalty (except for Courtney).
  • Eva's quest for friendship ended before it began, as she focused on the competition more. She's in it to win it, as shown when she roughly beat up Scott after he was found trying to make the team lose. Eva takes no prisoners, and she's aiming for the top.
  • Gwen is having trouble keeping her boyfriend in check, and serving as sort of a supervisor for her team at the same time. Despite showing maturity with OC, she still gets easily annoyed by some of the quirkier contestants.
  • Harold has attempted to step up as team leader, marking yet another contestant who has done so. Harold shows himself to be more competent as a leader than OC, but the team still lost under his leadership.
  • Heather seems to be interacting a lot with everyone. She and OC regularly talk, but it's come down to more teasing than strategy talk. She exclaimed her hatred for Alejandro in a public setting, embarrassing her in front of everyone. Along with that, her rivalries with Jo and Courtney are going strong, even though Jo has other support. Heather also seems to be fed information from other team members, giving her somewhat of an edge.
  • Jo assumes leadership similar to many members of her team, and is lucky enough to have Alejandro on her side, even if he only sided with her to enrage another contestant. Jo gets easily annoyed by incompetent team members, but still performs well in challenges.
  • Justin has found that almost anything he can do, Alejandro can do better. If Justin isn't Mr. Beautiful and Perfect, what is he?
  • Lightning has proved himself repeatedly to be one of the dimmest contestants in the show. He dyed his hair white, and that dye apparently seeped down into his brain (or at least, that's Jo's theory).
  • Lindsay seems to want to be team leader, but cannot properly justify her claims. She knows she has no real reason why she deserves to be a leader over the rest, but only wants a chance to prove herself.
  • Mike has been so bogged down by his team (that relentlessly bullies him) that he seems to be going through some mental turmoil. His only potential friend quit, leaving him the lone victim of the Villains' team's harassment. How much can Mike handle before something bad happens?
  • OC seemed to make some questionable decisions, including choosing to save CO over his best friend. He seems to be trying to make amends, but his mistakes tend to build up over time, causing the team to lose twice in a row.
  • Sadie, while she still misses her best friend Katie, has been encouraged by her fellow team members. One can see how she completes challenges well, and may even be a bit smart (or at least, more analytical than her best friend). Sadie continues to become more independent, but you never know what she might be thinking.
  • Scott is up to his usual game of sabotaging challenges. Last time, he attempted to sabotage the challenge in order to get Jo eliminated, since she has proven to be very capable at the game, but not a very popular contestant. He was quickly foiled by Eva, who has her eye on Scott like a hawk.
  • Sierra has blended into the background for now, competing well in the challenge, but could this be her strategy?
  • Tyler has proved himself to be fiercely loyal to OC to a fault, meaning manipulation is almost certain for the naive jock. It is vital that his closest friends realize this before more antagonistic contestants get their hands on Tyler's loyalty.
  • Zoey misses her boyfriend, but she's learned from Charlotte and is determined to be a strong, independent woman. She's become rather quiet now, but still speaks to remark on the current situation. She seems to be befriending a fellow loner.

Saving Private Brick

You went a day without a challenge, so you're sure there's gonna be one tomorrow. Despite that, you want to stay up a bit late and talk to Tyler.

Talk to Tyler?

A: Yes, I love talking to him

B: No, I want to sleep

"TYLEEEEERRRR", you say, jumping onto Tyler's bed.

"Hey OC!!", Tyler says, excited to see you as always. You look around; Cody went to bed early as usual, Harold was reading a magazine under his bed, and Brick was fast asleep.

"Did you know Chef allowed us to bring phones here?", you ask.

"Yeah, I have mine. You don't?", Tyler asks, pulling out his phone.

"No...I had no idea.", you say.

"That's fine. You can use mine whenever you want!", he says.

"Yay, thanks!!", you say.

"There's no Internet though.", he says.

"No signal?", you ask.

"Doesn't reach all the way out here, I guess.", Tyler says.

"Wasn't Sierra blogging earlier, though?", you ask.

"I don't know. Ask her.", Tyler suggests.

"Something might be interfering with the connection.", you observe.

"Yeah, maybe. Hey, did you listen to Beyoncé's new album yet?", Tyler asks.

"I haven't.", you say.

"Well, let's listen to it!", he says. You listen to a few songs from the album, but then you start feeling tired.

"I'm gonna head off to bed now.", you say, yawning.

"Yeah, same. Good night!!!", Tyler says.

(He's my best friend...he obviously won't betray me...)

Ask Tyler for an alliance?

A: Yes

B: No

C: Later

"Oh, wait, one more thing.", you say.


"You think we should, maybe, form an alliance?", you ask.

"With you? Of course!!", Tyler asks, as if he's been waiting for his moment.

"Awesome.", you respond quietly, not wanting to wake up any of the others.

The next day, you all gather for breakfast.

"Ya maggots got a one day break, so now it's time to get back into business.", Chef says.

"Great.", Gwen says sarcastically.

"We're going to be having a paintball fight. Any questions?", Chef asks. Everyone raises their hands.




"How long will it be?"

"Can I use the bathroom?"

"What's our reward?"

Chef Hatchet looks around, uncaring.

"Alright, shut up ya babies. Finish your food and meet me in the woods.", Chef says.

"Not eating?", you ask Heather.

"I ate enough back at the Spa Hotel. Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to.", Heather says.

"What business?", you ask.

"I need to get Duncan on my side. And the best way to do that is to flirt.", Heather explains.

"I feel like your motives are more geared towards making Alejandro jealous.", you say.

"As if. If you have an alliance, there's no way I'm not making one too.", Heather says. She gets up, and sits next to Duncan.

(What's she up to...? How does she know I have an all--HAROLD!)

A: Confront Harold

B: Confront Heather

C: Let it go, watch the others, and wait for the challenge

"Hey.", Heather says, sitting down with Duncan.

"What?", Duncan asks.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed...", Heather says.

"Cram it.", Duncan replies.

"Duncan, mi amigo, cual es tu problemo?", Alejandro asks.

"What?", Duncan asks.

"I asked, what is your problem?", Alejandro repeats.

"The fact that you're talking to me.", Duncan responds.

"Such harsh words from such a gentle soul.", Alejandro says.

"What did you just call me?", Duncan asks.

"Ooh, you're done.", Heather says, probably referring to his chances of being able to ally with Duncan.

"Duncan is not a good person.", Sierra says sternly to Alejandro.

"Pardon?", Alejandro says, turning his attention toward the stalker.

"He's been to Juvie twice, shoplifted, and then accused his father of doing it. Don't even get me started on Happy Nude Year...", Sierra lists. The villains start laughing.

"Not bad...", Jo says.

"Whoa, that's hardcore.", Eva says.

"You're so immature.", Courtney says.

"Too naughty for you, Princess?", Duncan asks. Courtney rolls her eyes.

"Your poor father...", Mike says sadly. Duncan looks at him.

"Who are you again?", Duncan asks. Mike sighs.

"Yeah, Mike. Don't question him.", Sierra says.

"Maybe you could stop getting mad at everyone.", Heather says to Sierra.

"It's not my fault everyone randomly opposes Duncan.", Sierra says.

"The best way to help Duncan is to be there for him, like me. His true friend.", Heather says.

"You don't even like me.", Duncan replies.

"How do you know? You're totally cute.", Heather says.

"Whatever.", Duncan says, shrugging her off, and focusing on Sierra. Courtney stands up, and slams her hands on the table, capturing everyone's attention.

"Enough already! You four are so transparent!", Courtney says, pointing to Heather, Jo, Sierra, and Alejandro.

"Who, me?", Alejandro asks.

"It's SO obvious that you three are trying to ally with Duncan. It's so pathetic. Not to mention Heather is totally trying to make Alejandro jealous.", Courtney says.

"I am not!", Heather says.

"Jealous, you say?", Alejandro asks, smirking. Courtney rolls her eyes.

"Hey Princess, I know.", Duncan says. This shocks the others.

"'re not mad?", Eva asks.

"Why would I be? I've got the power now. I'm in charge.", Duncan says. Jo bites her lip.

"Oh...", Heather says.

"That didn't occur...", Alejandro says.

"...Buut, I was never a fan of authority.", Duncan says. Alejandro, Jo and Heather breath a sigh of relief. Duncan laughs.

"Let's see what you guys can do. But for now, shut up and let me eat.", Duncan says. The four trying to ally with Duncan did not utter another word for the entire meal.

"I'm just glad our team isn't that crazy. Poor Duncan.", Zoey says.

"I don't think he cares. He's probably glad that he's got some power around here for once.", Gwen explains.

"I guess that's true. You should talk to him.", Zoey says.

"Duncan? We're not that close.", Gwen says.

"You two were pretty close back in season one.", Zoey points out.

"We haven't talked much since then. He's okay, I guess.", Gwen says.

"I think he's pretty harsh. He belongs on the Villains team.", Lindsay says.

(He's not that bad...)


A: Yes, defend Duncan

B: No, let them say what they want

"Yeah, he does.", Gwen says.

"Dude can't even communicate with his girlfriend right.", Zoey points out.

"No wonder Courtney dumped him.", Gwen says.

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to date someone like him.", Zoey says.

"Duncan isn't all bad.", Dawn says.

"What do you mean?", Zoey asks.

"He has a sweet side to him. Even though he doesn't show it.", Dawn says.

"His bad boy attitude isn't scoring him any points.", Gwen says.

"He's just trying to cover up his insecurities. You do it too.", Dawn says. Gwen shifts, uncomfortable.

"Okay.", Gwen responds, uncomfortable. Zoey looks a bit upset.

"Let's...not go there.", she says.

"Oh, I thought it was common knowledge...I'm sorry.", Dawn says.

Walking to the challenge site, who are you speaking to? Choose one first generation contestant and one second generation contestant.

Choice 1

A: Alejandro

B: Cody

C: Courtney

D: Duncan

E: Eva

F: Gwen

G: Harold

H: Heather

I: Justin

J: Lindsay

K: Sadie

L: Sierra

M: Tyler

Choice 2

1: Anne Maria

2: Brick

3: Charlotte

4: Dawn

5: Jo

6: Lightning

7: Mike

8: Scott

9: Zoey

"Gwen! Wait up!", you say, catching up to your girlfriend.

"Hang on, OC.", Heather says.

"What?", Gwen asks, glaring at her worst enemy.

"I just wanted to say that I think we should settle our differences. It's so childish to continue this.", Heather says. Gwen looks at Heather quizzically.

"What are you playing at?", Gwen asks.

"Nothing! I just think we should bury the hatchet. Not saying we need to be friends.", Heather says.

"There has not been a single moment where you've been nice to me.", Gwen says.

"What would I have to gain from lying to you?", Heather asks. She had a point.

"An alliance?", Gwen asks. Heather rolls her eyes.

"We're not even on the same team. Besides, I liked the way you handled your team in the last challenge. We cool?", Heather asks, extending her hand. Gwen shakes Heather's hand and smiles.

"Sure.", Gwen says.



OC: It's pretty obvious that Heather is just getting in good with Gwen because she wants to get on Duncan's good side. Duncan and Gwen are close friends, even if Gwen thinks Duncan is immature. That sneaky little witch...

-end confessional-

"I need to go catch up with my team. See you later!", Heather says, walking off. As if on a cue, Alejandro arrives.

"Gwen, my translucent beauty.", Alejandro says. You clear your throat loudly.

"Oh, forgive me OC. Gwen's beauty is merely captivating.", Alejandro says.

"I know. My girlfriend is very beautiful.", you say. Gwen seems bored, and turns away from Alejandro.

"Hey.", Gwen says dully.

"You seem down. Something up? Was it the Villains constantly bugging you?", you ask.

"Not really.", Gwen answers.

"Something's wrong. You can tell me.", you say. Gwen sighs.

"Dawn says I can't communicate my emotions well. She also says I intentionally cover up my insecurities.", Gwen explains.

"Oh. What about it?", you ask.

"Do you think it's true?", she asks. You think for a moment; when you met Gwen, she was very solitary and a total loner. She blossomed into someone more social, but you can still see her goth roots. You think back to Total Drama Action and World Tour.

"Not at all. Who told me to be less antagonistic in season two? That was emotional expression, wasn't it?", you say.

"I guess.", Gwen replies.

"Not to mention that you told me loved me. Do you remember?", you ask.

"Yeah. That was over a year ago...right before my World Tour elimination. Funny how things work sometimes.", Gwen says, smiling.

"Well, that wasn't you being insecure. It takes a lot of guts to admit you love someone. And I still love you.", you say.

"Me too.", Gwen says.

"Hey, lovebirds! Hurry up!", Anne Maria says. You walk ahead, as Gwen goes to talk to Zoey and Duncan. Seems she only talks to you, Zoey, and Duncan nowadays.

"Gwen, can we talk?", Duncan asks.

"Why not?", Gwen asks, still bored.

CARE1008261300001729 001 1280x720

Duncan and Gwen start talking, but you're too far ahead to hear them.

(Well, Gwen's talking to Zoey. Maybe I could try and be friends with Mike.)

"Hey, Mike.", you say.

"Oh, hey OC.", Mike says.

"How you doing?", you ask.

"Uhh...not too good.", he says.

"Aw, what's the matter?", you ask.

"Mostly just team difficulties.", Mike says.

"Oh right, I've seen. Your team is super dysfunctional.", you say.

"They are. Their only unity is picking on me, which isn't really unity.", Mike observes.

"You're right. Hang in there.", you say.

"It's mostly Duncan, too. That little punk...why I oughta give 'em a good slap on the wrist with my cane. Good for nothing delinquent...", Mike says.

"Huh...are you okay?", you ask.

"I'm fine.", Mike says.

"You sounded like one of your alternate personalities for a second. Chester, was it?", you say.

"I don't remember switching personalities. I usually notice.", Mike says.

"No, I'm pretty sure you switched. The only difference is that your voice didn't change.", you say.

"Why you little whippersnapper...! Stop tormenting me!", Mike says.

"Uhh, you did it again.", you say. Mike looks confused.

"I...really have no clue what you're talking about. It's just me here.", Mike says.

(Is this some kind of joke...?)

"Uh yeah, okay Mike.", you say, getting weirded out by Mike's antics.

"Umm okay see you later then!", Mike says. You, along with everyone else, arrive at the challenge site.

"In a nod to season one's paintball hunter challenge, and season two's war movie challenge, we're going to have a paintball fight.", Chef says.

"Great, where are the paintballs?", Duncan asks.

"You won't be using any. You'll be using leeches.", Chef says ominously. You all gasp.

"B-But they suck your blood...", Zoey says.

"I refuse to participate.", Tyler says.

"Ah, quiet down ya babies. I ain't Chris. They ain't real leeches – they're artificial. They stick to ya. If you get hit by one, you're out.", Chef says. You all sigh in relief. The thought of real leeches was horrifying.

"Choose a team leader first. Since the Villains won the last challenge, they get a three minute headstart.", Chef says.


Heather and Jo immediately begin arguing for leadership.

"Can you two shut up?!", Duncan asks, angered.

"Duncan's right. He should be team leader.", Jo says.

"I was just about to say that.", Heather says.

"But I said it first.", Jo retorts.

"You little-", Heather begins.

"Silence! Let us hear what Duncan is about to say.", Alejandro says.

"Shut up and start the challenge. We've got a headstart.", Duncan says.

"Good idea!", Heather, Jo and Alejandro all say.

"Well, we've got a bit of time to decide.", Dawn says.

"I'm out.", Harold says.

"Thank goodness.", Gwen says.

"No way. I ain't that type of person.", Anne Maria says. Cody doesn't even speak.

"I could do it...", Charlotte says.

"Oh my gosh, I would totally be a great leader!", Sadie says.

"Nooo I wanna do it!", Lindsay says.

"It could always be me.", you say.

What do you do?

A: Nominate Charlotte

B: Nominate Lindsay

C: Nominate Sadie

D: Keep trying to be leader

"What if we let Charlotte be leader today?", you propose.

"Excellent.", Charlotte says.

"OC?? Come on!!", Lindsay says, exasperated and upset.

"Alright team, we need to split up.", Charlotte says.

"I'll go with Tyler.", you respond.

"No, I'm picking for you.", Charlotte says.

"Oh...", you respond.

"We'll be going in teams of two. I'm going with Gwen.", Charlotte says.

The pairs
Anne Maria and Zoey
Brick and Cody
Charlotte and Gwen
Dawn and Lindsay
Harold and OC
Sadie and Tyler

You're with Harold – do you question it?

A: Yes

B: No

(Whatever, I'll just do with it)

"You guys can pick where you want to go though. But for now, we need to find the weapons!", CO says.

"Headstart over! You guys can go.", Chef says to your team. You all run off, not split into the groups yet. You arrive at a crossroads.

"Which way can we go? We need to reach the weapons fast.

"Left!", Zoey says.

"Right!", Brick says.

Which way do you go?

A: Left

B: Right

"I'm going with Brick!", you say. Several others follow suit, and no one really listens to Zoey.

"O-Okay...", Zoey says. She reluctantly follows. You all continue along the path, running as fast as you can.

"There! Run for the good weapons!", Gwen says. Suddenly, Heather and Duncan appear in front of you, smirking evilly.


"Never mind! Go for the crappy ones!", Gwen says. You all run toward the small crate, as Heather jumps up and down excitedly, hugging Duncan. Oddly enough, Duncan doesn't seem to refuse the hug. Meanwhile, Zoey was sitting on the ground by the villains.

"Zoey! Get up!", you say.

"Okay!", Zoey says.

"She was pushed down by her.", Mike says, pointing at Jo.

"What? She tried to take our equipment!", Jo says defensively. Mike glares at Jo.

"Shut up Mike.", Duncan says. Everyone laughs.

"Duncan's right. We need to divide the weapons!", Sierra says.

"Uh, yeah. Sure.", Duncan says.

"Ooh...a cannon...", Alejandro says, eyeing the cannon.

"Move over, I get the cannon.", Heather says.

"You don't have the necessary skill.", Alejandro says.

"Why you!-", Heather retorts.

"Quiet! I should get the cannon!", Jo says.

"Um, did any of you learn how to use advanced weaponry from a real military general?", Sierra asks.

"No...", Alejandro says.

"Oh look, there's something Ale-LAME-dro doesn't know.", Heather snarks.

"Why? Do you?", Jo asks.

"No! But I do know that Duncan did!", Sierra says, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"How do you even...? Never mind. Stalker.", Duncan says.

"Then it's settled. Duncan gets the cannon!", Sierra says. Duncan smiles.

"Heh, not a bad situation.", Duncan says. Sierra fist pumps triumphantly.

"Guess we know who has Duncan's vote.", Gwen says.

"Okay guys, it's time to split into your teams!", Charlotte says. Everyone receives a slingshot and a pack of artificial leeches.

"We need to pick a location!", Harold says.

(This is gonna determine the rest of the game for us...)

A: Towards the cave

B: Inside the cave

C: Towards the forest clearing

D: Into the forest clearing

E: Hunt for villains

F: Custom – Go to Chef's kitchen (TDWTfan23's idea)

"Let's go to Chef's kitchen!", you say.

"Wait, what?", Harold asks.

"You heard me!", you say.

"Are you okay?", Harold asks.

"I'm fine. Hurry!", you insist. Harold follows you.

"They can't find us here.", you say, hiding underneath a table in Chef's kitchen.

"Wow, good idea. But how are we supposed to shoot the Vultures?", Harold says.

"We don't. We'll still survive!", you say.

"It's still questionable at best.", Harold says.

"Harold, we don't have time for that right now. We have more important things to discuss.", you say.

"And what's that?", Harold asks.

"You telling Heather team secrets, of course.", you say.

"What? No I didn't!", Harold says.

"Then how did Heather know so many of our secrets? She knew Cody cried himself to sleep the other night!", you say.

"Why are you accusing me? I'm offended.", Harold says.

"Well, she said you told her.", you say.

"I didn't expose any secrets! I'm no rat! GOSH!", Harold says.

"Yikes, okay. But if it wasn't you, who was it?", you ask.

"I'm afraid to say this, but it must have been Tyler. He's the only one who could have known.", Harold says.

"T-Tyler? No. There's no way. I refuse to believe it.", you say.

"There's no other logical solution.", Harold says.

"There has to be another reason. It can't be Tyler. He would never!", you retort.

"Not much I can say.", Harold says.

"Yeah, you're right about that I guess.", you reply.


OC: Tyler? No way. It can't be. Never. Not in a million years... Right? Ugh, what am I saying? Harold's probably lying.

-end confessional-

"So...what now?", Harold asks.

"I guess we just sit here.", you say.

Some time passes.

"Ugh.", Chef says, opening the door.


"I need somethin' to drink. Those kids get too hyper.", Chef mutters to himself. He opens his fridge, right across from the table. You pray that he doesn't notice you.

Chef pops open a soda bottle, and sits down on the table. The table was a little rickety, so it hit Harold's head.

"OUCH! GOSH!", Harold shouts. Chef slams down his hand on the table. He stands up, and flips over the table with ease.

"No one...touches my stuff. No one...mocks me. But most of all, no one, EVER, comes in my kitchen. This is MY kitchen.", Chef says. Your heart POUNDS with fear.

"QUICK! Harold! Let's get out!", you shout. You and Harold run to the door, and Chef throws a huge knife at the door, horrifying you two.

"B**CH YOU THOUGHT!", Chef yells. He chases after you two, but you manage to escape through the window, and get back into the forest.

"AAAAAHHHHH!", you shout in fear.

"AAAAAHHHHH!", Chef shouts as a battle cry. You and Harold dive into the forest, narrowly avoiding Chef.

"Ah, what do we have here?", Alejandro asks.

"Oh h-hi!", you say. You reach around for your leeches, but they fell out somewhere, probably when you jumped out of the window.

"Like shooting fish in a barrel.", Alejandro says. He smiles evilly, and shoots you first, then Harold. His aim was so precise that it hurt.

"Ugh, I hate you!", you say.

"Join the club.", Alejandro says slyly.

"Get bent.", you reply.

"That's exactly what Heather said to me.", Alejandro says.

"SO?!", you say, annoyed by him.

"And she has a crush on me.", Alejandro says with a wink.

"I do not...if that's what you're implying!", you respond.

"I never said anything of the sort.", Alejandro says, laughing and walking away.

"I hate that guy so much.", you say.

Chef Hatchet takes you and Harold to the infirmary, where you were all resting in case anyone got hurt. On a TV screen, you watched the remainder of the challenge.

By the time you arrived, Anne Maria, Cody, Justin, Lindsay, and Tyler were already there.

(Yikes, four down from our team already? Not good.)

"Whoa, how'd you guys get here?", Tyler asks.

"Eva got me while I was managing my hair. It's not my fault, taking care of this beautiful hair is a full time job!", Anne Maria says.

"After Eva got her, Gwen saw me behind Eva and got me. The leech hit my face. I think it left a you see it?", Justin asks, getting close to you.

"Yes, I do. Now get away from me.", you reply.

"Is it ugly? It's ugly, isn't it...", Justin whines.

"Cody, what about you?", Harold asks.

(Guess we can't expect too much from poor Cody...physical challenges aren't his forte.)

"I, um, got shot by Eva to protect Gwen...", Cody says.

(Oh...never mind then...)

"Courtney got me! But you should've seen me! I was so good!", Lindsay says.

"You couldn't even find a hiding place, doll.", Anne Maria remarks.

"Well, I still tried!", Lindsay says.

"And then Tyler got caught while looking after Lindsay. He got shot by Eva, of course.", Anne Maria reports.

"Courtney caught me! She's so mean!", Lindsay says, crossing her arms. Hang on...Lindsay? But didn't Tyler break up with her?

"Wait, you stopped the challenge to look after Lindsay?", you ask.

"W-Well, yeah...b-but...I'm sorry.", Tyler says apologetically, his head hanging low.

"Uhh it's fine, I guess.", you say.

"Wait, how'd you get caught?", Justin asks.

"Uhh...let's not talk about that.", you say.

"Didn't you see it already?", Harold asks.

"You weren't even on the screen until the end, when Jalapeño shot you two. What happened?", Lindsay asks.

You relay the events to the group.

"Wow...that's even more embarrassing than mine.", Anne Maria says.

"Yeah, yeah.", you say, annoyed.

"That's okay! At least you tried!", Tyler says. Oh, that boy...

You focus on the screen to see the rest of the challenge.

"Alright everyone, I've got the cannon.", Duncan says.

"Duncan, look! Mike is trying to be relevant!", Jo says.

"Ugh, what does that guy want now?", Duncan asks, turning around. Jo sneaks to the front of the cannon, and prepares it.

"Yes!", Jo says. She accidentally pulls the string.

"Oh crap, no!", Jo says, covering her mouth. Duncan jerks around.

"Wait, Mike is over--JO!", Duncan shouts. Lightning, Duncan and Scott glare at Jo.

"Mike is now eliminated!", Chef announces.

"What was that for? Are you sha-dumb?!", Lightning asks.

"Yeah, not cool Joke.", Duncan says, glaring.

"What is WRONG with you? I get that he's Mike but seriously?", Scott asks. Suddenly, Zoey pops out of a bush, and shoots Jo.

"HEY! BORING GIRL!", Jo says.

"Take that, umm...Mean Nickname Giver!", Zoey says.

"QUEEN!", Tyler shouts from next to you.

"You little...", Jo says, running after Zoey. Zoey dodges, and faces Scott.

"Bye Felicia!", Zoey says, and shoots a leech at Scott.

"Aw, come on!", Scott says. Zoey turns to Lightning, but he manages to escape in time.

"You ain't catchin' the Lightning today! Sha-yeahhh!", Lightning says. Duncan runs away as fast as he could too.

"Darn! They got away!", Zoey says, scurrying off.

"Jo and Scott have been eliminated!", Chef announces.

Mike, Jo, and Scott all show up inside the hospital room.

"He's gonna need some treatment...", Chef says. He pushes Justin off the hospital bed, and puts Mike on there.

"Yeah, good job Jo.", Scott says, still glaring.

"Hey! I said sorry, okay?!", Jo exclaims. Scott rolls his eyes.

"Good luck getting Duncan's trust now.", you say with a smirk.

"Sh-Shut up!", Jo exclaims. You turn your attention back to the screen.

Right outside the cave, Sadie and Charlotte waited for Zoey's return.

"You don't think she got caught, do you?", Sadie asks.

"No way! Zoey's got mad skills!", Charlotte replies.

"Okay! I trust you!", Sadie says.

"Guys, we're gonna go out into the forest clearing, okay?", Gwen asks, tagging along with Brick.

"Fine by me. You two are the strongest players.", Charlotte says.

"Cool.", Gwen says, smiling. The two head off. Duncan and Courtney arrive.

"I told you to LEAVE ME ALONE!", Courtney says.

"And I'm telling you, we'll work better if we're partners. The others went off somewhere!", Duncan says.

"I don't want to be around you!", Courtney says.

"You think it's some kind of ideal situation for me? This is a challenge, Princess.", Duncan says, annoyed.

"Ugh, I HATE YOU!", Courtney says.

"Oh, because I'm HEAD OVER HEELS for YOU.", Duncan says, frustrated. Gwen and Brick glance at each other. Brick smirks, and shoots Courtney.

"OH! Aw, come on!", Courtney says. Brick shoots at Duncan, but the delinquent manages to duck, and shoot Sadie. The sweet girl is shot before she has time to make a second thought.

"Courtney and Sadie are both out!", Chef says.

"AAHHH!", Sadie screams.

"Whoa, nice one.", Gwen says.

"Thanks.", Duncan says. Just then, he realizes he needs to avoid Gwen. He hides behind a tree, and Gwen chases after him.

Duncan jumps out, and rolls to the other side. Gwen shoots at him, missing multiple times. Duncan misses too.

"Brick, get out of here!", Gwen says.

"Come on babe, you can do this! Don't let Cody's sacrifice be in vain!", you say to the screen.

"Yes, ma'am!", Brick says, rushing off. Duncan tries to shoot Brick, and NEARLY makes it. In the time that he gets distracted by Brick, Gwen manages to get a clear shot on Duncan's chest. Duncan collapses onto the ground, exasperated.

"Aw, man...", Duncan whines.

"Duncan is out!", Chef announces. Gwen gives Duncan her hand.

"You played well.", Gwen says.

"Better than you.", Duncan says with a wink. Gwen punches Duncan's arm playfully.

"As if.", Gwen says. She chases after Brick, as Courtney, Sadie and Duncan all enter the infirmary.

"You did pretty well out there, man.", you say.

"Whoa, Duncan!! You were incredible, dude!", Tyler says.

"Heh, thanks. I was no match for Gwen though. You know how to pick 'em, OC.", Duncan says. You all turn back to the screen.

"Come on. Get a move on, or you two are SO eliminated.", Heather says to Lightning and Eva.

"You can't eliminate White Lightning! I'm the best!", Lightning says.

"Keep it down, you'll let them catch us. Idiot.", Eva says.

"Now that's just plain mean.", Lightning says.

"And you're just plain annoying.", Eva says. Lightning stops after that. Heather stops Lightning and Eva.

"Wait.", Heather says.

"What now?!", Eva asks.

"I see her.", Heather says. Zoey shuffles around some bushes while heading back to the cave.

"Follow her.", Heather says. Eva and Lightning follow her. Eva steps on Lightning's foot, causing the jock to yelp out in pain. Zoey turns around, and dashes away in fear.

"AFTER HER!", Heather says. The three hunters chase after Zoey, as she makes failed attempts to shoot at them, missing each time.

"Don't even try, Zoey!", Heather shouts. Zoey arrives at the cave.

"Charlotte! Run! Now!", Zoey says.

"Wh-What?! Why?", Charlotte asks.

"There's no time! GET IN THERE!", Zoey says, gesturing to the cave. Charlotte looks confused, but dashes into the cave in a hurry. She watches behind a big boulder. Heather, Lightning, and Eva catch up to Zoey.

"You're done for now!", Eva says. All three shoot at her, and Zoey attempts to dodge them all. She dodges Lightning's...then Eva's...but Heather's gets her right in the leg.

"N-No!", Zoey says, falling to the ground. Charlotte glares, and shoots Heather and Lightning swiftly.

"Ugh!? Are you KIDDING ME?! WHO DID THAT?", Heather shouts.

"Sha-What?! No way!", Lightning exclaims. Charlotte attempts to shoot Eva, but accidentally trips.

"Oh no!", Charlotte says, panicked.

"You're mine now.", Eva says, successfully shooting Charlotte.

"Zoey, Heather, Lightning, and Charlotte are all out!", Chef says. The group of four arrive, and none of them look happy.

"Three against one? That's...not a bad strategy.", Duncan says.

"Too bad Charlotte swept up and caught you! Total BADASS move!!", Tyler says excitedly.

"Aww, thank you so much Tyler!", Charlotte replies.

"Pfft...Eva still got her.", Heather says.

"Salty much?", Zoey asks.

"Oh Codddyyy? Where are youuu?", Sierra asks.

"Cody! Tell me where you are! Now!", Sierra says sternly.

"Oh my, she doesn't know they were taken away.", Dawn says, worried.

"Huh? Who's that?", Sierra asks. She loads her leech gun. Dawn stays perfectly still.

"I can't shoot Sierra...I couldn't, even if I wanted to.", Dawn whispers to herself.

"I know you're there somewhere!", Sierra says. She sniffs the air, and it somehow leads her toward Dawn.

"Oh my god! FREAK!", Heather shouts at the screen.

"Found you, silly!", Sierra says. Dawn jumps back in fright.

"Sierra?", Alejandro asks.

"Alejandro! I found Dawn!", Sierra says happily.

"Nice work, chica!", Alejandro says.

"Sorry Dawn! If it helps, you're one of my favs from the second generation cast!", Sierra says, shooting Dawn. Dawn, covered in leeches, attempts to pull them out.

"Dawn is out!", Chef says. Alejandro and Sierra high five.

"Celebration's over!", Brick says, jumping out to surprise the duo. He shoots Sierra.

"Sierra is out!", Chef announces.

"Aw man! I was just getting into it, too!", Sierra says.

"Woohoo! Nice work, Brick!", Gwen says.

"Gwen! Alejandro is still here!", Brick says. Gwen facepalms.

"Ugh, my bad...", Gwen says, realizing her mistake of exposing herself.

"Good night!", Alejandro says, pointing his gun at Gwen. Brick gets his slingshot ready.

"Brick, he's not gonna-", Gwen says.

"FIRE!", Alejandro says, shooting at Brick, rather than Gwen. Gwen, expecting this, jumps in the way to protect Brick, getting shot with about seven leeches. You gasp in horror.


"Gwen!", Brick shouts, frightened. He glares at Alejandro.

"This is for OC!", Brick says, and effortlessly shoots Alejandro.

(Alright, Brick! Put all that training to good use!)

"Ay, me...", Alejandro says, defeated. Eva arrives.

"Ha! You're THAT weak?", she says. Brick shoots at her, but Eva ducks. Chef arrives, as Brick and Eva step into the forest clearing for the final showdown.

Dawn, Sierra, and Gwen all arrive.

"Gwen!! Are you okay?? You were SO amazing!", you say, gushing over your girlfriend.

"I'm fine...", Gwen says rather weakly. You set her down on a hospital bed.

"Just relax babe, and watch Brick dominate.", you say.

"Oh Coddyyyyy!", Sierra chirps.

"Aw, great...", Cody says, rolling his eyes.

You all focus on the screen again.

"Okay, Brick. No time to lose focus now.", Brick says to himself.

"Have fun talking to yourself?", Zoey says.

"Um Zoey that was very rude.", Sierra says.

"Sierra, Zoey, hush.", Gwen says, fixated on the screen. Eva looked intimidating; she wasn't fazed at all my the situation. She readies her gun.

"N-Not fair!", Brick says.

"Who said life was fair?", Eva asks, loading her gun. Brick shoots another leech, just barely missing Eva.

"Nice shot.", Eva says. Eva shoots, but misses.

"...Ha! You missed!", Brick says.

"Did I?", Eva asks. Brick looks behind him, and his leeches were knocked far away.

"Sweet dreams.", Eva says, shooting Brick. She smirks, claiming victory.



Heroic Hamsters:
12th: Anne Maria (Got too busy taking care of her hair, got shot by Eva)
11th: Cody (Sacrificed himself to protect Gwen, got shot by Eva)
10th: Lindsay (Is terrible at hiding, got shot by Courtney)
9th: Tyler (Went to go take care of Lindsay, got shot in the process by Eva)
8th/7th: Harold (Shot by Alejandro)
8th/7th: OC (Shot by Alejandro)
6th: Sadie (Shot down by Duncan)
5th: Zoey (Hunted down by Lightning, Eva, and Heather. Got shot by Heather.)
4th: Charlotte (Tripped into open view, shot by Eva)
3rd: Dawn (Shot by Sierra)
2nd: Gwen (Sacrificed herself to save Brick)
1st: Brick (Lost to Eva)

Villainous Vultures:
11th: Justin (Got shot by Gwen)
10th: Mike (Got shot by Jo's accidental cannon shot)
9th: Jo (Shot by Zoey as her team scolded her)
8th: Scott (Shot by Zoey as he scolded Jo)
7th: Courtney (Shot by Brick)
6th: Duncan (Shot by Gwen)
5th: Heather (Shot by Charlotte in retaliation for hunting Zoey)
4th: Lightning (Shot by Charlotte in retaliation for hunting Zoey)
3rd: Sierra (Went to find Cody and take care of him, got shot by Brick)
2nd: Alejandro (Shot by Brick)
1st: Eva (Defeated Brick)

23rd: Anne Maria (Got too busy taking care of her hair, got shot by Eva)
22nd: Justin (Got shot by Gwen)
21st: Cody (Sacrificed himself to protect Gwen, got shot by Eva)
20th: Lindsay (Is terrible at hiding, got shot by Courtney)
19th: Tyler (Went to go take care of Lindsay, got shot in the process by Eva)
18th/17th: Harold (Shot by Alejandro)
18th/17th: OC (Shot by Alejandro)
16th: Mike (Got shot by Jo's accidental cannon shot)
15th: Jo (Shot by Zoey as her team scolded her)
14th: Scott (Shot by Zoey as he scolded Jo)
13th: Courtney (Shot by Brick)
12th: Sadie (Shot down by Duncan)
11th: Duncan (Shot by Gwen)
10th: Zoey (Hunted down by Lightning, Eva, and Heather. Got shot by Heather.)
9th: Heather (Shot by Charlotte in retaliation for hunting Zoey)
8th: Lightning (Shot by Charlotte in retaliation for hunting Zoey)
7th: Charlotte (Tripped into open view, shot by Eva)
6th: Dawn (Shot by Sierra)
5th: Sierra (Went to find Cody and take care of him, got shot by Brick)
4th: Gwen (Sacrificed herself to save Brick)
3rd: Alejandro (Shot by Brick)
2nd: Brick (Lost to Eva)
1st: Eva (Defeated Brick)

Alejandro, Brick, and Eva all arrive. Brick was in tears.

"OMG babe, what's wrong??", Charlotte asks.

"I...I failed the team.", Brick says.

"Aww baby!! You did AMAZING! I'm SO proud of you!", Charlotte says, kissing her boyfriend.

"Don't feel down, man. You were great.", you say.

"Never seen a better performance.", Tyler says.

"Well, except for Eva's.", Heather says.

"Nice job, Eva.", Duncan says. The Villains begin praising Eva, and though she doesn't respond, you can see a hint of a smile forming on Eva's face. She was happy to receive the praise.

"Game over! The villains win, yet again! And as always, the Heroes are losers!", Chef says.


"Come on!"

"Not again..."


Before the elimination ceremony, you can interact with anyone and talk about anything. Choose.

1. Talk to Gwen casually, and ask her to help us in the vote to prevent our elimination, offering her a spot in the alliance with you and Tyler.

2. After that, tell Gwen to talk to Sadie (who is offered a spot in the alliance by Gwen, but courtesy of OC) and talk to Cody, Zoey, CO and Dawn individually without stating it to be OC's idea or mentioning an alliance.

3. Meanwhile, Sadie talks to Tyler and Lindsay (she doesn't bring up the alliance but tells TYLER that it is OC's idea and tells both of them that this is to prevent OC from elimination).

4. Gwen and Sadie ask the people they talk to, to vote for Anne Maria since she performed the worst in the challenge due to not concentrating and having her hair as her main priority, which could effect the team in the future. Anne Maria isn't told about this (duh) and while going to the ceremony, make sure you, Gwen and Sadie walk a bit behind the others (yet not too close) and discreetly signal to see how it went.

Chosen by: Geo1234

"Hey, Gwen.", you say as you all leave the infirmary.

"Hey.", Gwen says, rubbing her head.

"Aww, how are you feeling now? Come on, I'll walk you over to the cabins.", you say.

"Thanks.", Gwen says.

"You were so amazing today.", you say.

"Not amazing enough.", Gwen says regretfully.

"Aw, you're always so pessimistic.", you say.

"Shocker.", Gwen says.

"I don't know...I guess I'm not one to talk, seeing as I'm not feeling too good about my chances tonight.", you say.

"Yeah. You've been escaping elimination for a while now, haven't you?", Gwen asks.

"Guess I'm your bad boy.", you reply.

"I wish we could stop you from getting eliminated.", Gwen says. Your mind starts rushing with ideas.

"Hey, so, I have an alliance with Tyler. This goes without saying, but you're in too, right?", you ask.

"Of course.", Gwen says.

"That's great! We can use this to save me!", you say.

"Who do we vote for instead?", Gwen asks.

"The only person who did worse than me, of course.", you say.

"Huh? Lindsay, Tyler, Cody, and Anne Maria all did worse than you.", Gwen points out.

"Right, but Lindsay and Tyler are too popular to get voted off. Cody sacrificed himself for you, and you ended up getting fourth. That leaves Anne Maria, who lost because of her hair or something.", you say.

"That's true. I guess we're eliminating Anne Maria then?", Gwen asks.

"If we can. You need to tell Sadie though.", you say.

"Will do. We'll save you, OC. Don't worry.", Gwen says.

You reach the cabins, and immediately fall asleep after that challenge.

"Back on the choppin' block, ya losers.", Chef says, laughing.

"We know.", Zoey says.

"You don't have to remind us every time.", Cody says.

"Did I say you could speak to me?", Chef asks. Charlotte rolls her eyes.

"VOTE!", Chef shouts.

Who do you vote for?

A: Anne Maria

B: Brick

C: Charlotte

D: Cody

E: Dawn

F: Gwen

G: Harold

H: Lindsay

I: OC (Yourself)

J: Sadie

K: Tyler

L: Zoey

"Once more, these marshmallows represent safety. There were twelve last time, and twelve again. Unless one of ya wants to quit now, this is the end of the line for one of you.", Chef says.

You all shake your heads; no one wanted to quit.

"That's what I thought. The first marshmallow goes to...Charlotte.", Chef says, tossing his marshmallow at Charlotte. Charlotte gratefully catches it.

"Gwen.", Gwen smiles and collects her marshmallow.

"Tyler.", Chef says. Tyler beams, and eagerly collects his marshmallow.

"Harold.", Chef says. Harold looks surprised, as if he expected a few more votes against him.

(Don't worry Harold, looks like all the heat for this is on me.)

"Dawn. Cody.", Chef says. Dawn and Cody both get up from their seats; Cody was slowly yet fearfully rocking in his. The two smile at each other.

"Sadie.", Chef says.

"Oh, yay!", Sadie says, collecting her marshmallow.

"Thank you, thank you!", Sadie chirps.

"Zoey.", Chef says. Zoey gets up and collects her marshmallow awkwardly; as if she was trying to not be noticed, which was hard because, well, she was the center of attention at that moment.

"Anne Maria, Brick, Lindsay and OC; you four each received votes against you.", Chef says. You look worried, and glance at Lindsay. Lindsay smiles back at you sympathetically.

"Lindsay.", Chef says. Lindsay stands up, briefly holds your hand, and goes to collect her marshmallow.

"Brick.", Chef says. Brick stands up quickly, and collects his marshmallow.

"OC and Anne Maria; you two received the most votes.", Chef says. You roll your eyes.

"Not even surprised at this point?", Jo asks.

"And by a single vote, the camper taking the Boat of Losers is...", Chef says. You and Anne Maria both lean forward a little. Chef picks up the last marshmallow. He faces both of you; looking you both dead in the eye, one by one.

You and Anne Maria look at each other. You could feel the tension of the campers around you; it seemed completely unpredictable.

"Anne Maria.", Chef says. Your heart skips a beat, having avoided your third elimination in a row. You collect your marshmallow after nearly having to swallow back tears.

"W-What?", Anne Maria says.

"Bye, Anne Maria.", you say, upset. You didn't even get to know her.

"I guess I deserved that. No worries, hon.", Anne Maria says. You smile at Anne Maria.

"Still, you were a pretty good teammate. Good luck!", you say. Everyone says goodbye to Anne Maria.

"I'll miss you, Annie.", Charlotte says. Anne Maria blushes at all the attention, and sweetly waves goodbye to everyone. The Boat of Losers arrives. It's a group of girls, that have a tan job similar to Anne Maria and dress in similar clothes.

"Oh my gosh! It's my girls!", Anne Maria says.

"Hey girl!!", one of her friends says.

"Girl, you were absolutely fabulous in the game!", another says.

"You know, I think I wanna watch the rest of this show.", Anne Maria says. The girls get excited.

"Well, finally!", the second girl says.

"Bye Anne Maria!", your team says, waving to Anne Maria. Anne Maria, her eyes wide with happiness at being reunited with her friends, waves goodbye.

"Bye!!", she says.

"Another camper has been eliminated, and we're three episodes in. This game gets unpredictable, especially with Anne Maria's blindside. Who will be eliminated next? What new alliances will be formed? How much sweeter can Heather get?", Chef asks.

"Um, I'm right here!", Heather says.

"Find out next time on Total...Drama...All-Stars!", Chef says, closing out the episode.

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