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TDAS CYOA Cast - Outcast

So far...

  • Alejandro had a rather poor performance in the last challenge, but he still outranked you (by two places). Alejandro appears to be in a good position with his team; he doesn't seem to be targetted. Unfortunately for him, he seems to be falling in love with Heather...could this be his downfall?
  • Brick continues to be the more submissive member of his team, but is generally well-liked. He tries his best in challenges, and this reflects in his previous victory against Scott, winning for his team. Brick was delighted to hear that Charlotte loves him, and is currently the MVP of the team.
  • Charlotte is allowing other contestants to take somewhat of a leadership role in the team, and likes the idea of Cody being team leader. Charlotte also expresses concern at you bonding with the other team members (particularly Heather and Duncan), and that they could manipulate you into spilling team secrets. Charlotte was completely distraught to find out the actions of one of her best friends, and was shocked to discover it. Charlotte pushed down her emotions for the good of the team, and focused on Brick instead.
  • Cody has finally become team leader, upon OC's suggestion. While Cody now thinks that OC does believe in him, he can't help but not be completely content – being team leader is a lot of pressure, and Cody is unsure if he can handle such an important role. His team has lost three times, and Cody doesn't want to cause Loss #4. Even so, Cody did lead his team to victory in the previous challenge, restoring his confidence in himself a little bit. Cody seems to be eager to befriend Mike, although he is eager to befriend everyone anyway. Cody's incredible determination scored him a spot as one of the top-tier competitors, for the time being, scoring second on his team and fifth overall.
  • Courtney has come into a power struggle with Heather, increasing the number of conflicts on the Villainous Vultures team. Courtney also seems to be playing by a more strategic edge now, forming an alliance with Heather. Unbeknownst to her, Heather plans on betraying her as soon as she can. Courtney has also become colder to Duncan; rather than being a hothead, she refuses to speak to him unless she absolutely has to.
  • Dawn seems to be going through some sort of inner turmoil. Having been friends with animals all her life, it seems they suddenly don't like her anymore, after that vicious raccoon attack that she suffered on the roof. Dawn has also become an important asset to you, being one of the few contestants that knows what type of person you truly are, and being someone who you can come to with your problems. She gave you important advice on how to deal with Lindsay and Tyler.
  • Duncan seems to think that his position on the team is slipping, and he'll soon become a target for elimination. This is untrue, as he still received the first marshmallow, and has a very good challenge performance. It may be due to Courtney's increasingly harsh attitude towards him. Duncan clearly still misses Courtney, but he doesn't know how to convey his emotions to her.
  • Eva is not someone who's particularly fond of the drama lately. She's heavily disinterested in the drama. Even so, she primarily votes for contestants who are detrimental to the wellness of the team. In that sense, she's the most into the game right now, whereas everyone else is focused on their own personal interests. It helps that Eva is also a challenge beast, performing well in nearly every challenge so far. Eva's poor social game has been exposed to all in this episode, and may serve as her downfall if she can't control it.
  • Gwen is upset that her new (and only friend besides OC) turned out to be a bad person, and got switched to the other team. She has no other girl she can talk to now, finding them annoying, stupid, or overbearing. Gwen is also annoyed with OC, since he didn't listen to her advice about taking it easy sometimes, after he said he would.
  • Harold seems to be acting increasingly annoying to his teammates, especially Gwen, Charlotte and you. However, he maintains a higher standing than one would expect due to his clean record when it comes to drama, and good relations with Cody, who has a comfortable spot at the top of the pecking order.
  • Heather continues to try and solidify her place as a villain, blindsiding Jo to show off how evil she can be. In the process, she won Alejandro's heart...somewhat. Everyone is afraid of Heather now, knowing what she is capable of. She was in a strong conflict with Courtney for team leadership, and is now in a faked alliance with her. It remains a mystery for as to how Heather plans on using this alliance to her benefit, but it may result in anyone who dares to oppose her soon being gone. The original villain is back, and she's going straight to the top.
  • Justin has moved on from comparing himself to Alejandro and has now sunk even lower. One little cut was enough to convince him that he's ugly – and if Justin doesn't have his looks, what does he have?
  • Lindsay's self-confidence, similar to Cody and Justin's, seems to have taken a huge hit due to feeling put down by her team. So many contestants have been given a chance to lead the team – You, Harold, Charlotte and even Cody, but Lindsay has never been considered even once. Even so, Lindsay puts up a front of appearing as her usual dim, lovable self in an attempt to hide her sadness and not trouble anyone. Even her best friend, you, isn't doing anything to help her and it may result in Lindsay sinking into depression. It is also taking a toll on her challenge performance.
  • Mike found out that Zoey has been doing all sorts of nasty things behind his back in order to switch teams and be with him. This confuses him, as he always thought Zoey was a cool, relaxed girl who didn't do such things. He realized he doesn't know Zoey as well as he thought he did, and broke up with her reluctantly. He was also forced to switch to the Heroic Hamsters, putting him in a better situation than before, but still without Zoey.
  • Sadie has found a comfortable spot in the team, and is focusing more on making new friends rather than being focused completely on the competition.
  • Scott's popularity seems to get lower, lower, lower, and lower with every move he makes. Although to be fair, most of it is due to his own stupidity, such as causing the challenge to become harder with his bragging that he could handle an already difficult challenge. His disgusting habits helped him a lot in the challenge, getting him second place. He could've won if it wasn't for your interference, but he still won respect from contestants like Duncan.
  • Sierra is making a ton of excellent behind-the-scenes moves, such as voting with Duncan. The crazy thing is that Duncan has never even spoken to Sierra on strategic matters – she's managing to somehow predict every move that everyone makes, and at the moment, she's fixated on Duncan. Should Sierra choose to branch out, it may result in her dominating the entire team.
  • Tyler has shocked you yet again with the inner workings of his mind. Although you knew, to an extent, that Tyler seems to miss Lindsay after his actions in the paintball challenge, this is a whole new level. Tyler had a nightmare about Lindsay, in which he wanted to "stay with her", didn't want to leave her, and witnessed her crying in his dream. He also didn't tell you about any of this – you know because you witnessed him sleep, due to sharing a room with him. His situation is becoming increasingly troubling and he won't come to you with any of it, even though you want to help. Aside from that, Tyler also discovered that Zoey is his fake friend, which actually takes a lot off his mind. Tyler values his reputation a lot, but he wouldn't do anything underhanded to make it better. He stuck to his moral compass and was not even mad at Zoey for what she did, understanding her situation – although that might be because Tyler himself is going through problems involving love.
  • Zoey revealed a whole other side to her – her obsessive and clingy side. Specifically in respect to her ex-boyfriend, Mike. It turns out that Zoey has been cheating in the game, creating fake friendships and treating her friends terribly on purpose. However, none of it was by her choosing. It was so that she could be switched to the Villainous Vultures to be with Mike. She wanted to be there for her boyfriend who continuously suffered abuse at the hands of Heather, Duncan, Courtney, Alejandro, Scott and Jo. She couldn't bear to watch him suffer, and as a result, she lost her friends, any respect anyone held for her, but what hurt her most of all was losing her boyfriend.


It's late at night, and you're relaxing in the Spa Hotel with your entire team. You were in Sadie's room.

What are you talking about?

A: Strategy

B: Scary stories

C: Nothing, you're going to sleep

"Alright, I'm kinda tired now. Gonna head off to bed.", you say.

"W-Wait. Can't you stay a bit longer?", Tyler asks.

"I don't know Tyler, I'm pretty tired.", you say.

"Pleeeeease?", Tyler asks. You sit back down.

"Alright.", you say, sitting back down next to Tyler. Everyone in the team was there; Brick, Charlotte, Cody, Dawn, Gwen, Harold, Lindsay, Mike, Sadie, Tyler, and you.

"Let's tell scary stories!", Charlotte says. Everyone perks up at that idea. Harold flips off the lights, and Lindsay hands Charlotte a flashlight.

"I...I don't know. I get scared easy...", Cody says.

"I'm with Cody on this...", Brick says.

"Come on! It'll be fun!", Charlotte says.

"Oh...okay.", Brick says. Cody mumbles something to himself.

"Ha, what was that, Cody?", Gwen asks. Cody mumbles it a bit louder.

"Dude, you're gonna have to speak up.", Gwen says.

"I said, I might pee my pants, okay?", Cody asks.

"It can't get that scary.", Tyler says.

"I peed in the confessional once...well, twice. Nothing can get scarier than that!", Lindsay says.

"C-Can I start?", Mike asks.

"Sure.", Charlotte says, handing Mike the flashlight.

"So, it was last season. You guys remember how I used to sneak off often, right?", he asks. Everyone says that they do.

"Well, one night...I encountered this strange creature. It was covered in vegetation, it was really wet. It liked to rest in the swampy parts of the island. They say it emerges from the lake at night.", Mike says.

"Wh-What does it do?", Sadie asks.

"They say it comes after campers here.", Mike says.

"Impossible. It's never come after any of us.", Harold says.

"Yeah...but you're forgetting that this place used to be a real camp.", Mike says.

"U-Used to be...?", Cody notes.

"Oh yes. Why do you think it got shut down?", Mike asks. He had a devilish glint in his eyes; he was definitely enjoying this. Gwen looked unfazed.

"I'm not buying it.", Gwen says.

"Me neither. Fake!", you say.

"Oh, no. Definitely not fake, believe me.", Mike says. Mike switches the flashlight off, and Harold flips the lights back on. You all sit around silently for a while.

"Maybe it was a good idea to go to bed after all...", Tyler says, obviously scared.

"You can't possibly believe these, can you?", you ask.

"No!...Maybe!...So?!", Tyler asks.

"Look, it's not real. There's no proof.", you say. Suddenly, you all hear tapping on the window.

"Very funny, Mike.", you say.

"I'm right next to you.", Mike says.

"Uhh, right.", you respond. You all turn to the window. A thin, bony, dark hand slipped away as quick as possible.

"Wh-What was that??", Lindsay asks.

"Everybody, please stay calm.", Dawn says, sensing that everyone was tense.

"Whatever. It's just Psycho Chef trying to freak us out. Or one of the villains pairing up against us with Mike.", Gwen says.

"They didn't even like me, Gwen...", Mike says.

"You know what? That monster isn't real. And I can prove it.", you say.

How do you prove it?

A: Go outside with everyone and investigate.

B: Open all your windows and go to bed.

C: Don't prove it, admit that you're scared.

"...Let's go outside. Right now.", you say. Gwen, Charlotte and Tyler stand up.

"Let's do it.", Gwen says.

"R-Right now? In the d-dark?", Brick asks.

"Yes. Is that a problem?", you ask.

"He's afraid of the dark.", Charlotte says.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. We're all gonna be with you." you say, reassuring Brick.

"Okay...", Brick says. He stands up, along with everyone else.

"Allow me to lead.", Cody says, heading to the front.

"Are you sure, Cody?", you ask.

"Uh, yeah! I need to protect the ladies.", Cody says. All eleven of you head out.

"OMG, what if we make a game out of this?", Sadie suggests.

"What do you mean?", you ask.

"Like, whoever chickens out last wins!", she says. You consider it.

"Sounds fun.", you say. You all exit the McLean Spa Hotel. It's really late, so everyone is in the cabins. You see the lights flipped on in the Villainous Vulture's girls' side; the girls must be arguing. Probably Heather versus Courtney, too.

It's hard to adjust to the darkness, but the flashlights help.

"Which way is the monster again?", Gwen asks.

"Towards the lake. I think we'll have to pass Arts and Crafts for it.", Mike says. You all continue heading towards the lake.

"I'm so tired...", Lindsay says, yawning.

"In other words, you want to quit?", you ask teasingly.

"Um, I don't quit.", Lindsay says. You give her a list of times she's quit.

"Well I'm staying this time!", she says. You all continue on, as some people start to lag behind.

"Uhh, maybe I'll just leave.", Brick says.

"Aw, babe...", Charlotte says. Charlotte decides to leave with Brick.

"And so eleven becomes nine, nice.", Gwen says.

"Actually, seven.", you point out.

"Huh?", Gwen asks.

"Harold and Sadie. Where'd they go off to?", you ask.

"Must've gotten scared.", Gwen says.

"I'm Sadie losing at her own game.", you say. Soon, Dawn decides to turn in for the night as well. Cody, Gwen, Lindsay, Mike, Tyler, and you remain.

"Mike, you're not scared?", Tyler asks.

"Nah. I love horror movies, so I'm kinda used to it.", Mike says.

"You've never mentioned that before.", you say.

"I haven't? Weird.", Mike responds.

"I thought your favorite genre was action movies.", Cody says.

"Oh, I like those too.", Mike says. You all reach the Arts and Crafts Center. There you see a horrifying stack of human body parts. You all scream upon opening the door, watching the blood drip from the mutilated body. Cody ends up peeing his pants after all, and running off home.

"Let's get out of here!!", Mike says, shutting the door. In all the shock, you didn't notice Tyler getting really close to you and Gwen out of fear. Lindsay was running ahead to the lake, waving her hands in the air, screaming.

You all reach the lake, and there you see it; the silhouette of a creature coming out of the lake. The creature threw some sort of round balls at you, which emitted smoke. The next thing you know, you're passing out on the floor, and you feel Gwen's body falling on yours.

You wake up in the middle of the Spa Hotel with everyone else. And by everyone else, I mean the entire cast.

"Huh? What are we doing here?", Duncan asks.

"Hey, Duncan.", you say.

"Hi.", he says, cranky.

"What's wrong?", you ask.

"Nothing.", he says.

"You didn't get a good night's sleep?", you ask.

"Barely! These stupid girls wouldn't stop yapping at each other all night. It gave me a f**king headache.", he says.

"Oh yeah, I heard that.", you say, thinking back to last night – before things got all hazy.

"Huh? You spying or something?", he asks.

"Umm no! It's a long story.", you say.

"Sure.", he says, winking at you. A monitor comes down, revealing Chef.

"Welcome to your sixth challenge. You'll notice that you have all been put into the McLean Spa-Hotel.", Chef says.

"Yeah, what's up with that?", Courtney asks.

"I'll tell you, ya baby!", Chef says. Chef sips his tea for a while, teasing Courtney.

"Take a look at the doors.", he says. You turn to the double door of the hotel; one side was painted golden, and the other blood red. Justin tries to open a window, but it's locked firmly tight. You took a look at the doors; each side had the shape of a body carved into it.

"In an homage to season two's prison and doctor challenge, you have to look around the hotel and find the pieces you need to open the door. First team to open their side of the door wins.

Everyone immediately splits into groups and starts looking for body parts.

Choose TWO of your team members to group with.

Gwen and Mike

"Gwen, wanna go together?", you ask.

"Sure. We should bring along a third person too.", Gwen suggests. Everyone else had already partnered up except Mike. You weren't opposed to taking him.

"Mike, come with us.", you say. Mike readily accepts.

  • Heroic Hamsters
Brick, Charlotte, and Dawn
Cody, Harold, and Tyler
Gwen, Mike, and OC
Lindsay and Sadie
  • Villainous Vultures
Alejandro, Duncan, and Eva
Courtney, Sierra, and Zoey
Heather, Justin, and Scott

"Brick, Dawn?", Charlotte asks.

"I assume we're forming a team, right?", Brick asks.

"We're not forming a team, we are a team.", she says, winking at her two closest companions.

"Excellent.", Dawn says, and the three walk off.

"Alright Cody! It's all on us!", Tyler says.

"Maybe we should get a third partner? J-Just to help?", he says.

"Sure thing. Who do you have in mind?", Tyler asks.

"I'd say Mike but...he kinda freaked me out last night. Harold...?", Cody asks.

"Sounds awesome, bro.", Tyler says, forming their group.

"OMG, Sadie! We have GOT to partner up!", Lindsay says, grabbing Sadie's arm.

"Oh my gosh! Yes! We would be the best team!", Sadie says.

"With my hotness and your cuteness, we're practically unstoppable! Oh hang on, just let me touch up my eyeliner.", Lindsay says. The two girls get distracted.

"Ah, Duncan, mi amigo.", Alejandro says.

"What do you want?", Duncan asks.

"May we partner up for this challenge?", Alejandro asks.

"Whatever.", Duncan says, still cranky.

"Ooh, can I come?", Sierra asks.

"Move. I've got dibs.", Eva says. Sierra crosses her arms.

"You can't call dibs on Duncan!", Sierra says.

"Shut it.", Duncan says to Sierra. Sierra doesn't say another word.

"Ooh, Zoey! Can I work with you?", Sierra asks, waving at Zoey.

"You...want to work with me?", Zoey asks.

"Sure. Aren't you good at challenges?", Sierra asks.

"W-Well, I guess, but this is just the first time anyone on this team has spoken to me. Unless it was a threat.", Zoey explains.

"Silly Zoey!", Sierra says.

"Wait! I need a group. And it's either you guys, Duncan, or Heather.", Courtney says.

"You can come. But don't boss us around!", Zoey says.

"I am not bossy! I'm one of the most easygoing people I know!", Courtney says.

"Sure, Jan.", Zoey says.

"Wait a second, no one wanted to partner with me?", Heather asks.

"After what you did to Jo? No thank you.", Courtney says.

"Fine. Scott, you'll partner with me, right?", Heather asks.

"Sure thing!", Scott says.

"Good. Get to work. You too, Justin.", Heather commands.

"Who said I wanted to work with you?", Justin asks.

"Would you rather be with Miss C.I.T I.M.Bossy? Or Ale-better-than-you?", Heather asks.

"Alright, alright. Just stop...", Justin says.

"So, where do you wanna head first?", Mike asks.

A: Dining hall

B: Roof

C: Library

D: Ballroom

E: Basement

F: Attic

"I...don't know. Maybe we could just wander the halls for a while?", you suggest.

"We can do that.", Mike says. The walk makes you consider how little you know about the hotel. So many rooms left unexplored. No time to do it right now, though.

"I think the library is here.", Gwen says.

"What makes you say that?", you ask.

"Lindsay told me it was at the end of the hallway.", Gwen explains.

"Huh? What's Lindsay doing there? She doesn't read.", you point out.

"She said she's trying to become smart or something.", Gwen answers.

"Oh. Yeah, I heard that too...", you say.

"From Lindsay?", Gwen asks.

"...No.", you reply.

"Guys, let's go. The others are probably way ahead of us.", Mike says. The three of you head into the library. There's shelves and shelves filled with books, bean bag chairs, tables, and even a computer. You tried to switch on the computer, but it seemed to not be working. You tried the little tablets near the computer – same story.

"OC, focus. We're here to find puzzle pieces, not play on tablets.", Gwen says.

"I know, I know. I just haven't been in here before. Do you actually think there's a piece among all these shelves?", you ask.

"Doubt it. How would a piece fit in between the books and shelves? It's gotta be hidden somewhere here.", Gwen says. She turns the beanbags upside down, searching. You search the cabinets.

"How many pieces did Chef say there were?", Mike asks. You think.

  • 1 head
  • 1 neck
  • 1 chest
  • 2 arms
  • 2 hands
  • 1 lower body
  • 1 waist (to connect the lower body and legs)
  • 2 legs
  • 2 feet

"13 pieces.", you say.

"Oh wow. That's enough for everyone to find a piece.", Mike says.

"There's gotta be two pieces in some of the rooms. We just have to look harder.", you say. After searching a bit, you see some fingers peeking out of a shelf. You lean in and take a closer look. You move some books aside, revealing a hand of the cadaver.

You see a small opening behind the book you uncovered.

"The Villains found another piece! We should go!", Gwen says.

A: Investigate further

B: Leave it, move on

"Hang on, check this out.", you say, showing Gwen and Mike the opening you found. Gwen reaches in with caution.

"It's...some kind of crevice?", she asks. Mike pushes the shelf, revealing a pathway.

"This hotel holds a lot of secrets...", Mike says.

"No kidding.", you say. You try to climb inside.

"Wait, OC! Are you sure?", Mike asks.

"I kinda wanna know what's in there too.", Gwen says. She takes your hand, and you two climb in together. It's really dark. You walk through what seems to be some kind of tunnel. Mike eventually joins.

"Heh, it's dark. I kinda like that.", Mike says.

"It looks like it could collapse at any second.", Gwen says. To prank Gwen, you take your cadaver hand, and make it sneak up her shoulder.

"Whoa!", Gwen exclaims, jumping, and then punches your arm when she finds out you were pranking her.

"I'm just trying to lighten the mood.", you say. You hear rumbling above you.

"Crap, it must be one of the other groups searching for pieces.", Gwen notices.

"Well, at least we have ours.", you say, holding up the right hand you possessed.

"Yeah, and I won't be forgetting that.", Gwen responds. The rumbling gets louder.

"Guys! Look out!", Mike says, tackling you and Gwen forward. The three of you fall to the ground as the a section of the floor collapses onto the ground.

"Whoa, thanks for the save, Mike.", you thank.

"N-No worries, heh.", he says, worried.

"How did you know it was gonna collapse?", Gwen asks.

"Instincts?", Mike suggests.

"Nice instincts.", Gwen says. You continue to walk along the path, since the origin point was blocked off with rocks. It could be cleared, but it'd be rather time consuming.

"So apparently this branches off into three places.", you say.

"Oh. How do you know which way is which?", Gwen asks.

"There's a sign. Someone excavated this tunnel.", you explain.

"Which direction do we go in, then?", Gwen asks.

A: Dining hall

B: Ballroom

C: Basement

D: Hallway

"Let's head down to the ballroom.", Gwen says.

"I didn't know the hotel had a ballroom.", you say.

"Yeah, I didn't tell you.", Gwen says.

"Um, okay. Should I ask why...?", you ask. You assume it's because wanting to dance with your boyfriend is somewhat girly, and that's just not Gwen's style.

"You know I'm not into that kind of thing.", Gwen answers.

"Ah, I thought so.", you say.

You head into the ballroom, where you encounter Alejandro, Duncan, and Eva.

"Ah, the ballroom. How beautiful.", Alejandro says.

"Shut up, Lover Boy, and start searching.", Eva says, looking under tables and chairs.

"One must take the time to appreciate the beauty of life, my friend.", Alejandro says.

"I'm with Eva on this. Shut up, Alejandork.", Duncan says, searching on the other side. Gwen and Mike head off as well, whereas you see something from underneath the stage. You head under the stage of the ballroom, and search. You find a leg.

"Jackpot!", you whisper to yourself, reaching out for the piece. You feel it, and it feels a lot more like human skin than the hand. You grab it and pull it, but it seemed to be stuck.

"Ow! Let go of me!", Alejandro says. You immediately let go.

"Alejandro?", you ask.

"Oh, OC. That piece is mine.", he says.

"No, it's mine.", you reply.

A: Fight Alejandro for the piece

B: Let it go and find another

C: Let it go and move to another location

"Let go, OC.", Alejandro says, snatching the piece forcefully. Frustrated, you let go, causing Alejandro to fall back with the piece.

"OC, why'd you let him have it?", Gwen asks.

"You told me not to push myself too hard!", you say.

"Uh yeah, when it's your weakness. How is fighting Alejandro your weakness?", she asks.

"Well, um...let's just keep looking. This ballroom is huge.", you say. After a while, Gwen finds a piece on the chandelier.

Where do you go next?

A: Attic

B: Basement

C: Dining Hall

"Would anyone think to look down here?", Gwen asks.

"No, that's why it's a great place to search. No Ughlejandro to stop us.", you say. Your prediction is correct; it's totally empty.

You search around; it's dark, dank and uncomfortable.

"Ah, I kinda like it here.", Mike says.

"What are you? Some kind of freak? It's disgusting.", Gwen says.

"That's rude.", he responds. You walk around, and fall into a trap door. It seals shut rather fast, but you swear you saw Mike look at you. Gwen was on the other side. Mike jumps in, very silently.

"OC? Mike?", Gwen asks, turning around.

"Hey, glad I caught you.", he says.

"I think my leg is me out?", you ask.

"Sure, if you help me out in return.", Mike says.

"Okay?", you answer. Mike pulls your leg out harshly, hurting it a bit.

"Ow.", you say, trying not to make too much noise and showing weakness.

"What did you need?", you ask.

"I need you to...", Mike says, tapping on the trap door. He waits for a second – no answer. It must be soundproof.

"...break up with Gwen.", he says.

"What?? Why?", you ask.

"You two are too strong when you're together. Besides, she's totally not right for you. You're so perky, and she's Miss Gloom. She crushes your perkiness. What do you say?", you ask.

A: Fine

B: No!

C: Never!

"What? No way. I'm not breaking up with my girlfriend just because you're bitter about losing yours.", you say. Mike appears to...snap?

"You...what? Did you just say no to me?", Mike asks.

"Are you feeling okay?", you ask. He's normally so timid...

"I'm giving you one last chance. Break up with Gwen. Do it.", Mike says.

"Make me!", you say. Mike flips you over, and bends your arm behind your back.

"I'll let you go when you answer me. Yes or no.", he says.

A: Yes

B: No

"Like I said, NO!", you respond. Mike tightens his grip on you, then lets go, throwing you onto the floor despite your resistance.

"What's...wrong with you?", you ask.

"Nothing. I'm only looking out for you. But since you don't want my help...good luck. You just made a big mistake.", Mike says. You and Mike head back up, and Gwen doesn't seem to have found a piece. You head back to the hallway. Both teams have one piece remaining; your team has a foot left, and the other team has a hand remaining.

"Both teams are close to winning!", Chef says. Your team has no clue where to look.

A: Attic

B: Dining Hall

C: Roof

"Hurry, let's check the dining hall!", you say. You don't encounter a team – did they already check?

After thoroughly looking through the dining hall, you can't find a thing.

"This is so frustrating! We're gonna LOSE!", you exclaim. You're forced to head back, and Heather's group found the last piece.

"Where did you find that?", you ask.

"The attic. It was so dusty in there. It was disgusting!", Heather says.

"What are you talking about? You didn't do a thing! I did everything!", Justin says.

"Pfft...whatever.", Heather scoffs.

"The Villainous Vultures win!", Chef says. Zoey pushes the red side of the door, and it swings open. Some interns come in and replace both of the doors.

The time for the elimination ceremony comes.

"It's been a hard day, but at least you were sittin' in air conditioning!", Chef says. Everyone mumbles in agreement.

"Time to cast your votes.", Chef says. Your entire team glares at each other.

A: Brick

B: Cody

C: Charlotte

D: Dawn

E: Gwen

F: Harold

G: Lindsay

H: Mike

I: OC (Yourself)

J: Sadie

K: Tyler

"The votes are in. When I call your name, come claim yer marshmallow.", Chef says.

"Tyler.", Chef says. Tyler, excited, grabs his marshmallow.

"Mike.", Chef says.





"Brick, Dawn, Gwen, Harold, and Sadie have not yet received their marshmallows.", Chef says. The Villains seem to be especially interested.


"Gwen.", Chef says. You sigh in relief. After don't know.

"Brick.", Chef says. Then, you see Charlotte sigh in relief. Chef turns to Harold, Sadie and Dawn.

"All three o' ya got a lotta votes. The final marshmallows go to...

(Come on Harold, come on...)





















"Dawn and Harold!", Chef announces!

"What?!", Sadie gasps, shocked. She turns to all of you, angry.

"You know what? That's just fine, you, you...marshmallow eating freaks!", she exclaims, then runs off.

" that possible?", you ask.

"Who would vote for Sadie?!", Lindsay exclaims. Sadie starts crying.

"I thought I had friends besides Katie!", she says, sobbing. You and Lindsay walk up to Sadie.

"You do! We love you!", Lindsay says, comforting Sadie.

"Sadie, I did not vote for you.", you say. Sadie looks up, sniffing.

"R-Really?", she asks.

"Really.", you say.

"Besides, you have sooo many people who love you!", Lindsay says.

"Wow. I do?", Sadie asks.

"Wait for the Boat of Losers, you'll see.", you say. Sadie wipes her tears.

"Okay. I will.", she says. The Boat of Losers arrives, holding Katie and José. Alejandro gasps.

"You!", Alejandro exclaims. He crosses his arms and turns away.

"Ah, my beautiful Sadie!", José says, holding out his arms.

"OMG!! SADIE!!", Katie says, hugging her best friend.

"OH MY GOSH Katie!! I missed you, like, so much!", Sadie says.

"You have, like, no idea how amazing you were!", Katie says.

"I was only in six episodes.", Sadie says.

"But you totally rocked it!", Katie says.

"I agree, my love. You were indeed amazing.", José says.

"Aww, thank you!!", Sadie says, blushing.

"Let's go home now.", Katie says. Sadie turns around.

"Wait!", Sadie says. She turns to you and Lindsay.

"I...really enjoyed being with you guys! You're totally fetch!", Sadie says.

"Aww, we love you, Sadie!", Lindsay says, waving goodbye.

"BYEEEE!!", Sadie says, bursting into tears again.

Everyone on your team, except for Sadie, sits at the mess hall for dinner.

"I am so hungry today.", Charlotte says, digging into her food.

"OC, mind helping me out with something?", Mike asks. You're reluctant to answer.

"...Sure.", you say, leaving the Mess Hall with caution. You're led to a tree by Mike.

"Did you see Sadie's elimination?", Mike asks.

"...Um, yes?", you answer.

" just the beginning.", he says.

"Wait, WHAT?! You did that?!", you ask.

"I did. Your friends will be dropping like flies if you don't do as I say and break up with Gwen. Is that clear?", Mike asks. You gulp.

"...Yes.", you say. During dinner, last night's horror story comes up again.

"I know I said this last night but...I think we should find out the story of this monster once and for all.", you say.

You all walk up to the lake.

"You'll see! I'm not lying!", Mike says. You see something circling around in the water. You all back away, and Lindsay clings to you. Gwen rolls her eyes.

"It's just driftwood.", Gwen says. She pokes it with a stick, and a great, huge beast comes out of the water. It's covered in seaweed, algae and other sea vegetation. You all scream, and run. You're pretty sure Cody peed his pants again. Once you reach the forest, the creature runs in, and disappears into the night sky. Everyone stares in horror.

"Well...g-good night everyone.", Brick says.

"Yeah...good night.", Gwen says.

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