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TDAS CYOA Cast - Moon Madness

So far...

  • Alejandro fought with you again during the challenge. Backing out cost you, and you wound up with another loss against Alejandro. According to his reaction upon seeing José, he still has a rivalry with his brother.
  • Brick tried to face his fear of the dark, and managed to temporarily overcome it due to yours and Charlotte's help. He seems to have joined Charlotte's trio.
  • Charlotte has unintentionally formed her own trio, consisting of herself, Brick and Dawn.
  • Cody tried to be brave for his team, believing that a team leader should be brave. During the hunt for the monster (both of them), he tries to keep a brave front but ends up peeing his pants both times.
  • Courtney has tried to find friends, but very little members of her team actually want to spend time with her. The only allies she is able to find are loner Zoey and crazy Sierra. On top of that, she finds that she really does miss Duncan, despite being the one to break up with him.
  • Dawn is part of the Brick-Charlotte-Dawn trio.
  • Duncan seems to have secured control over his team; Sierra, for example, does everything he says. He tells her to stay quiet, and she doesn't say another word. He also seems to be getting closer to Eva.
  • Eva seems to be developing a friendship with Duncan, or at least aligning with him.
  • Gwen and you have never been closer, yet a malevolent force wants you two broken up.
  • Harold was nearly eliminated in the previous elimination ceremony.
  • Heather's popularity among her team seems to be at an all-time low. No one wanted to partner with her.
  • At this point, everyone has realized that Justin is just an inferior Alejandro. Can he redeem himself in time?
  • According to Gwen, Lindsay has taken off in pursuit of knowledge. This could be another effect of her wanting to be a successful team leader.
  • Something seems to have changed inside Mike, or maybe he was always this way – he seems to have become more malevolent, and wants you to break up with Gwen.
  • Scott has no respect on his team and has been reduced to doing slave work for Heather.
  • Sierra is becoming increasingly submissive towards Duncan in an effort to gain his loyalty. The strange thing is, it's actually working.
  • Tyler is by far one of the most popular contestants, and he doesn't even know it. Should he learn and (somehow) tap into this popularity, Tyler could easily dominate the entire game.
  • Zoey and Sierra are becoming good friends.

Moon Madness

You wake up, Gwen and Mike immediately on your mind. Tyler is fast asleep. You think back to what Mike told you last night. You gather your thoughts, and map out what you know so far:

  • Mike isn't who he appears to be.
  • He wants you to break up with Gwen.
  • Until you break up with Gwen, your allies will be picked off, one by one.

You go into deep thought about what to do; on one hand, if you break up with'd crush the both of you. On the other hand, your friends will suffer if you don't.

Break up with Gwen?

A: Yes

B: No

(No, what am I thinking? I can't. Doesn't matter what happens.)

Tyler wakes up.

"Huh? Aw man, I woke up early.", Tyler says.

"Wait, we did?", you ask. Tyler points to the window. It was dark out.

"Oh, I must have been so lost in thought.", you say.

"I was really tired after last night's challenge, I thought I'd sleep the whole night.", Tyler says.

"Me too. I had a bad dream last night too...", you say.

"Whoa, you did?", Tyler asks, concerned. He climbs onto your bed, and you sit up. Cody, Harold, Brick and Mike are...oddly, fast asleep.

"Yeah.", you answer.

"What was it about?", Tyler asks. You try to recall your dream; it was about Mike and Gwen.

Confide in Tyler?

A: Yes, he's our friend and should know

B: No, we don't need to trouble him

"Well...", you say, and gesture for Tyler to lean in closer.

"Mike thinks I should break up with Gwen.", you say.

"That's it?", he asks.

"But it was based off of a real event. It happened yesterday.", you explain. Tyler looked surprised.

"Wh-What? When?", he asks.

"During the challenge. I partnered with him and Gwen. When we reached the basement, we found some sort of lower level of the Spa Hotel.", you say.

"Oh, man. What happened next?", he asks, quite interested.

"So, he locked the two of us in there, leaving Gwen out to search on her own. Once we were down there, he told me to break up with Gwen. I said no, so he pinned me down, hard, and told me to break up with Gwen again.", you say.

"That doesn't sound like Mike.", Tyler says.

"He said if I don't, he'll pick my friends off one by one.", you say.

"Whoa! Is that how Sadie got voted off?", he asks.

"I guess...? I'm still not sure how or why he did that. In my dream, it was kind of just a rehash of that scene, but it was...strange.", you say.

"What do you mean?", he asks

"Like, I was smaller, and Mike was bigger...I was completely helpless, whereas in real life I wasn't. Although I guess I am kind of helpless now...", you say.

"Don't worry. We'll get through this together.", Tyler says.

"B-But don't tell anyone.", you say.

"Why not? They should know. No one is allowed to treat you like that.", Tyler says.

"I'm worried that if Mike's friends find out, they'll get mad at you and me for spreading rumors.", you say.

"Okay, that's a valid concern. I got you.", he says.

"Between you and me, after last night, I'm kind of scared of Mike. But we're not letting him win.", you say.

"For sure.", Tyler says.

"Anyway, heading back to sleep?", you ask.

"Nah, I'm surprisingly well-rested. What time is it anyway?", he asks.

"Yikes, it's one o' the day. How is that even possible? Did Chef actually let us oversleep?", you wonder.

"Hmm...maybe it's an ecl...elip...", Tyler tries to answer, having trouble pronouncing the word.

"An eclipse?", you ask.

"Yeah! That! A Solar Ec...that thing.", Tyler says.

"Maybe. I didn't hear of one, though.", you say.

"I hope there's no challenge today.", Tyler says.

"I mean, this is All-Stars; it's gotta be tough.", you remind Tyler.

"True. Only the best will win, and we're the best.", Tyler says. You high-five Tyler, but then realize that the others were still asleep, and quiet down.

"I think the others will wake up soon.", you say.

"Yeah. I'm gonna go get something to eat.", Tyler says.

"Alright. I need to go use the bathroom. I'll join you in the mess hall in a bit.", you say.

"Nah, I'll just bring my food back here.", Tyler says.

"Okay, cool.", you say. You get up to use the bathroom.

"Oh, and OC?", Tyler asks. You turn around.


"Th-Thanks for confiding in me like that.", he says.

"Heh, I should be thanking you, buddy.", you respond.

"Well, you help me so much, so it feels good when I can help you in return.", he says.

"Any time.", you say. You head outside, feeling incredibly well-rested. You look up and see the moon; it really was a solar eclipse.

You used the bathroom, and headed back to the cabin. You saw Tyler with a tray of food.

"Hey, I got some for you too. I assumed you were hungry.", he says.

"I don't really feel hungry, but thanks.", you say. As if on cue, your stomach grumbles.

"Your heart is saying no, but your body says yes.", Tyler says.

"Alright, I'll have some. If we do have a challenge, I wouldn't want to compete on an empty stomach.", you say, taking some butter and toast.

"You wanna play some football after this?", Tyler asks.

"Sure.", you say, finding something strange about that statement. Then you figure it out – this is the first time Tyler's wanted to do anything sports-related. The jock himself...wanted nothing to do with sports up until now.

(Should I ask him if he's lost interest in sports? Maybe I'm just exaggerating...but then again, this is Tyler, and I know him pretty well...)

A: Ask Tyler why he lost interest in sports

B: Let it go and continue the conversation at hand

C: Work it into the conversation somehow

"Did you bring a football with you?", you ask.

"Uh...yeah.", Tyler says. He takes out a brand new football.

"That's not your football.", you say, remembering all the times you've played football with Tyler.

"Yeah, um, I got this one three weeks before the show started.", Tyler says.

"And it's unused? Haha, doesn't seem like you.", you say.

"Yeah. I'm...not into sports that much anymore.", Tyler says. LIES!

"No way! But you're Tyler. The king of jocks!", you say.

"I...I'm really not. I'm no good at sports.", Tyler says.

"Sure you are!", you say.

"OC, I know my strengths and weaknesses.", he says.

"Okay, Tyler, what are your strengths?", you ask. Tyler takes a deep breath.

"Nothing.", he says. Your heart breaks.

"That's such a lie.", you say angrily.

What's Tyler good at? Show him!

He's strong, especially his fingers. He's also a great friend to everyone. He is forgiving, and wasn't even mad at Zoey, just saddened. Also, even if he's not the most coordinated, he's got such strong determination.

He's also really good looking. -- Cody

"You're good at so many things! Don't you have super strong fingers?", you say.

"Oh yeah. I broke a piano once!", he says.

"Not to mention you're a better friend than anyone. You wanted to know about my dream just so you could help me out, and you're the only person who understood Zoey earlier. You weren't even upset, even though she hurt you the most.", you say.

"Well, I guess I kinda understood where she was coming from.", he says.

"Also, maybe you're not the most coordinated, but I have never seen anyone more determined than you, Tyler.", you say. You stand up and walk out of the cabin with Tyler.

"Yeah...I am, aren't I?", he says.

"Not to mention, you're pretty good looking.", you say, just in case you needed one extra one. Tyler blushes.

"Yay, thanks OC.", he says.

"After football, we should play soccer.", Tyler says.

"I didn't know you were into soccer.", you say.

"I've only played it a few times, but my parents told me stories of how much fun they had playing it back in Italy.", Tyler says.

"You're Italian?", you ask. Despite knowing him for so long, that's something he hadn't brought up before.

"Well, yes and no. I have Italian heritage, but I'm Canadian, like you.", Tyler says.

"Oh, okay. Cool.", you say, and proceed to tell Tyler what your heritage is. After that, the two of you play football under the moonlight – harder than it seems. After about fifteen minutes of playing, Duncan comes outside.

"Hey.", he says.

"Morning, Duncan.", you say, in between catches.

"Good morning, Duncan!", Tyler says excitedly.

"Nice, football. Mind if I join?", Duncan asks. Tyler seems concerned and glances toward you. Is it safe to let Duncan join...?

A: Sure

B: Maybe later

"Sure.", you say, tossing the football to Duncan. Duncan easily catches it, and tosses it to Tyler.

"So, did you guys see...", Duncan says, gesturing to the moon.

"Yeah. Tyler and I think it's a solar eclipse.", you say.

"Seems like it.", Duncan says. After a while of ball passing, Duncan takes a break to use the bathroom. Tyler comes closer to you.

"I think Duncan needs some time with the boys after Courtney.", Tyler says.

"But...Charlotte said...", you respond.

"Isn't friendship more important than the game?", Tyler asks.

(Well, how am I supposed to respond when you put it that way?)

"Yeah...", you reply. Duncan comes back.

"Let's keep going.", Duncan says. After a while, the ball hits the window of the Spa-Hotel, hitting Alejandro.

"Ouch!", he says, coming towards the window and glaring at Duncan, who threw the ball. This pretty much wakes everyone up, and they come out.

"OC, I miss my Cody!!", Sierra says to you.

"Oh. What happened all of a sudden?", you ask. As far as you could remember, Sierra had been stable enough up until now. Sierra takes out her phone.

"My phone broke!", she says, bursting into tears.

"It'll be okay, Sierra.", you say, comforting her.


Sierra: Look at my hand. It looks so weird without my phone! And without my phone, do I even exist? And if I can't talk to him, does Cody exist?!

-end confessional-

You take a look at Sierra talking to Zoey.

"Zoey, can you see me? Am I here?", Sierra asks Zoey. Zoey seems to be off in her own world. Sierra screams at the top of her lungs in Zoey's ear.


"OW! What was that for!?", Zoey exclaims.

"I thought you couldn't see me!", Sierra says.

"What?!", Zoey asks, unable to hear.

"I thought I was invisible. Thanks, Zoey.", Sierra says, smiling. Heather walks out, arms crossed, looking upset. She pulls you aside.

"We need to talk.", she says.

"About wha-", you ask.

"Alejandro is creasing me so much.", Heather says.

"You two sound like you're married already.", you say. Heather glares at you, and starts telling you what happened inside the Spa Hotel.

"He started whistling through his nose while I was trying to enjoy my meal.", she says, narrating the biased story.


"And then, he called me TYPICAL HEATHER.", Heather says, angry.


"Can you believe it? NO ONE calls me TYPICAL.", Heather says.

"Yikes, seems like you two have serious issues.", you say.

"I'll show him who's "typical". Just you wait.", Heather says. Chef calls you all over for a challenge.

"A challenge. Now? Seriously?", Scott asks.

"Ah, quiet down. This moon is a rare Blue Harvest Moon. It makes nice animals turn mean, and normally mean animals turn nice.", Chef says. You glance at Dawn.

"Oh my. No wonder the animals have been acting so's this moon. They must have been sensing it.", Dawn says.

"You okay, Dawn?", you ask.

"I'm fine, but OC, I'll need special assistance in this challenge.", Dawn says.

"Why?", you ask. Just then, Chef tells everyone to look up.


"Whoa!", everyone says.

"That's the Blue Harvest Moon. They say it appears in this region every ten years. It affects the wildlife, too. Actually, it's probably not even the moon itself. Some think that the spirits that haunt this camp come out at this time of year, and their presence makes the animals act strangely. And take a look.", Chef says. A group of bunnies appear.


"You need to race from here to the finish line here. Just gotta get from Point A to Point B.", Chef says, showing it on a map.

Moon Madness Starting Point

Point A

Moon Madness Finishing Point

Point B

"Okay everyone, group up, quick!", Cody says.

"This challenge is gonna be a piece of cake!", Heather says, holding her map.

"You mean a piece of pie.", Alejandro says. Heather glares at Alejandro.


"Listen you-!"

"BEGIN!", Chef says, blowing his air horn.

Choose your three partners!

A: Brick

B: Cody

C: Charlotte

D: Dawn

E: Gwen

F: Harold

G: Lindsay

H: Mike

I: Tyler

"Gwen! Lindsay! ...Dawn! Come on!", you say, as everyone begins running off. Dawn giggles menacingly, and you could swear you saw an evil glint in her eye. Dawn covers her eyes with her hair, and the four of you run away.

"Where do we begin?", Gwen asks.

"Well, according to the map, there's two locations we can go through to reach the suspension bridge.", you say, from memory.

"I hope one of them is an open field.", Lindsay says.

A: The outer woods

B: The hills

"Um, we can go through the hills.", you say.

"What's the other option?", Gwen asks.

"The outer part of the woods. That just seems dangerous, considering all the animals around.", you explain.

"Look at that moon, Gwen. Isn't it pretty?", you ask, as you walk along the hills.

"Yeah, it is. Almost makes you forget we're in the middle of a challenge.", she says.

"Uh, you're right.", you say. You, Dawn, Gwen, and Lindsay continue along, at a faster pace.

"These mortal scum will bow before my might. I shall have the world taken over before long...", Dawn says.

"What was that?", you ask.

"Silence, knave.", Dawn says to you.

"Umm...okay?", you ask.

"How dare you speak to me, inferior being?", Dawn asks.

"We're teammates?", you say.

"Hmph. I know no team. I am above these petty things you call teams.", Dawn responds.

"Are you feeling okay?", Gwen asks.

"Quiet. I no longer wish to hear your incessant drivel.", she says. Gwen rolls her eyes.

"I don't know what her deal is.", she says.

"Cramps?", Lindsay guesses. Dawn slithers around the hills, taking a look at the surrounding area.

"Hehe...excellent. I have found my next target...", Dawn says. She looks upon the group of Alejandro, Heather, Courtney and Scott.

"I believe some sabotage is in order...", Dawn says malignantly.

"Umm...what?", you ask.

"How else do we win? We must sabotage the competition, therefore acquiring victory and rendering me safe for the night. Join me, inferiors.", Dawn says.

Join Dawn in sabotage?

A: Yes

B: No

"Okay, okay, sure.", you say.

"Ooh, is this a game?", Lindsay asks.

"Yeah. It's called Sabotage.", Gwen says.

"Stand back, mortals.", Dawn says.

"I thought you wanted our help.", Gwen remarks.

"Hmph. As if I require assistance from your feeble existences.", Dawn replies. You, Gwen and Lindsay stand back.

"Come before me, my army!", Dawn says.

"", Gwen asks.

"You realize this isn't a war right?", you ask. Dawn immediately turns around, venomously glaring at you evilly.

"Silence, fool.", she says sternly. Dawn closes her eyes, and faces up towards the moon. Suddenly, you see angry animals approaching from all sides.

Moon Madness Bird

Birds fly in...

Moon Madness Bird 2

...from all sides.

Moon Madness Bunnies

A huge gang of bunnies make their way over.

Moon Madness Squirrel

Even a group of squirrels are summoned...

Moon Madness Deer

And an angry looking deer.

"After them!", Dawn says, pointing at the Villains' group. The animals chase after them, and the bunnies seem to particularly hate Scott.


The bunnies attack Scott.

Coming later than the others, a HUGE alligator arrives.

"Oh...crap.", Gwen says.

"Worry not, petty trash. The beast will only attack those I tell it to.", Dawn says.

"Hey, don't call Gwen that.", you shout. Dawn snarls at you, and you back away.

"My hero.", Gwen says sarcastically. Your shouting catches Heather's attention.

Good luck, Gwenny!

"Hiiiiiii, OC!! This challenge is so much FUN!

– Heather

You wave back at Heather, confused.

"Hi, Heather.", you reply.

"Beast! After the girl!", Dawn says, pointing at Heather.

"Dawn, NO!", you respond. It's too late though, and the alligator runs after Heather. To your surprise, Heather hugs it, horrifying Alejandro, Scott and Courtney.


"Aww, come here you cute little thing! I love you!"

– Heather

Eventually, the four are chased away by the animals, and are forced to scatter. Alejandro and Heather go together, though.

"Hahahahaha!! Excellent!", Dawn says maliciously. You all continue along, with Dawn's army trailing behind you. Eventually, it was slowly lost. The bunnies were left to torment Scott, and the birds were unleashed on Sierra.


"Okay, that's enough.", Lindsay says. Dawn turns around without even moving her feet – as if it was levitation.

"Did you just question me?", Dawn asks.

"Yeah! We need to get this done, and if you're just gonna not do anything, we're leaving.", Lindsay says.

"Gotta agree with Lind-", Gwen says.

"SILENCE SCUM.", Dawn responds.

"Well, that's just not nice!", Lindsay says. She grabs your hand.

"Come on, OC. We have a challenge to win.", she says.

"Fine by me. You coming or not?", you ask Dawn.

"I will give you my accompaniment, only because I have business to attend to further towards the finish line. Come.", Dawn says. Despite telling you to come, she allows Lindsay to take the lead. Dawn covers the rear, possibly looking out for anyone else to attack.

"Wait, which way is it to the suspension bridge?", Lindsay asks, turning toward you. You try to remember the map.

"The quickest path is through..."

A: Mt. Looming Tragedy

B: The woods

"I think it's through the woods.", you say.

"Are you sure?", Lindsay asks.

"Yeah. I saw the map.", you explain.

"But we went so far from the woods when we came here.", Lindsay says.

"I know what I saw, Lindsay.", you say, leading your team. Lindsay appeared to be confused.


OC: Okay, maybe I should've heard Lindsay out more, but to be fair, she's not the brightest tool in the shed.

-end confessional-

You head right into the woods.

"I'm telling you guys, the suspension bridge is right past this.", you say.

"No, listen to me!", Lindsay says. Her tone surprises you; Lindsay has never been this assertive. You stop.

"When we came here instead of the woods, we went far from the path. We're supposed to go through Mount Looming Tragedy to reach back to where we were.", Lindsay says.

"Lindsay, that makes no sense.", you say. Lindsay crosses her arms.

"Fine. I'll just go by myself then.", she says.

"I...think I'll go with her.", Gwen says.

"Dawn?", you ask.

"I require the services of the beasts located within the vicinity of this forest. Come.", she says. You stroll into the woods, and maybe it was due to the night time, but you didn't know where you were. You had never been to this part of the woods.

"Oh, man.", you say under your breath.

"Does something trouble you? Tell me. I shall destroy their very being.", Dawn says.

"No, we just have to make it to the bridge fast.", you say. You hear an animal roaring, and get scared. You start running.

"STOP! Slow down! Obey me!", Dawn says, chasing after you. After running for quite a while, you crash into Duncan.

"Ow! Hey, watch it.", Duncan says, annoyed.

"Sorry, Duncan. I got freaked out by some noise...", you say.

"Pfft. It was probably some little bunny.", he says.

"The bunnies are scary in this moon.", you say.

"AHAHAHA! Fresh meat!", Dawn says.

"Dawn?", Duncan asks, confused to see Dawn acting that way.

"Don't ask.", you say, to explain her new personality.

"Animals, att-", Dawn begins to say. You shield Duncan.

"No! Stop! These are my friends.", you say. Dawn glares at you.

"Fine. Stand down.", she says to her animals. The animals back away.

"Uh, are they actually listening to her?", Duncan asks.

"Let's GO already.", Eva says.

"You go when I say you can go!", Dawn says.

"Shut up.", Eva says.

"How dare you challenge me?", Dawn asks.

"You think this is bad, Veggiehead?", Eva asks, lifting up her fist.

"Blasphemy!", Dawn says, frustrated.

"I'll show you blasphemy!", Eva says.

"Do not try to scream louder than me.", Dawn says.



"SHUT UP GRASS HAIR!", Eva shouts.

"YOU SHUT UP, INFIDEL FIEND!", Dawn yells back.

"I AM HOTTER THAN YOU!", Eva says.


"Can you two SHUT THE F**K UP?! You're giving me a f**king headache.", Duncan says. You look at Duncan, a bit surprised at his language. Then again, this is Duncan we're talking about.

"What? They're getting on my nerves.", he says.

"Do you even know where we are?", you ask.

"Not a clue. Eva and I have been wandering around here forever.", he says.

"Oh. Guess we should find our way to the suspension bridge.", you say.

"I'm down with searching with you two. As long as these two stay separate.", Duncan says, gesturing to Dawn and Eva, who were fuming at each other.

"I LEAD!", Eva says.

"NO, I LEAD!", Dawn says.

"No, I lead.", Duncan says. Eva and Dawn both turn to stare him down, but Duncan glares back. Eventually, the two give in. First thing Duncan does is separate them.

Dawn and Eva hang around the back, while Duncan keeps you up front with him.

"Hey, do you think Tyler is okay?", Duncan asks.

" you care?", you ask.

"Uhh, I don't. I just noticed it, that's all. And since you're like, in love with him...", Duncan says.

"Hehe, you do care, don't you? You don't have to hide it.", you say.

"I don't care. Now shut it.", Duncan says.

"If you must know, Tyler still has feelings for Lindsay.", you say.

"Heh, so weak.", Duncan says.

"Don't even. I know you miss Courtney.", you say. Duncan glares at you.

"No I DON'T.", he says. Even though he tried to appear fierce, his eyes had a hint of weakness in them. He softens a little.

"Alright...maybe a little. If you tell anyone, you'll be very peaceful in the bottom of the ocean.", he threatens.

"I won't. Geez. It'll stay in between us, okay?", you say.

"Thanks...", Duncan says.

"What are you so worried about? It's natural to miss your ex. Especially when you were with her for three years.", you say.

"I don't normally miss people, okay? This feels...weird.", Duncan says.

"That's called emotions.", you tease.

"I know what it is, I'm just not used to feeling them so strongly.", he says.

"You always have me, Duncan.", you say.

"You're okay, but you're not Courtney.", Duncan says, sighing.

"Maybe you two should talk things over?", you suggest.

"With her?! No way.", Duncan says.

"Who's really the problem here? Courtney, or your inability to talk?", you ask.

"What kind of question is that? I can talk fine.", he says defensively.

"Okay, okay. It's not my place to meddle in your affairs, but if you ever need anything, I'm here for you.", you say.

"Thanks.", he responds.


Duncan: He's...there for me? Did he mean it? What does he want from me? Unless he...really wants to help?

-end confessional-

"I think we're here.", you say, looking at the broken suspension bridge.


"Heather! Courtney! Alejandro!", you yell.

"Well, FINALLY!!", Courtney says, shouting at Duncan and Eva.

"Hiiiiii OC!! It's so wonderful to see you!", Heather says cheerfully. Alejandro shivers.

"Hey again, Heather.", you reply.

"What are you waiting for? Come on!", Alejandro says. Duncan and Eva run ahead and walk on the bridge. You and Dawn join quickly. The bridge shakes.

"Wh-Whoa!", you say.

"You get used to it eventually...", Alejandro says. The bridge breaks, and Heather falls.

"HEATHER!", you scream, holding out your hand in vain. Alejandro catches her.

"NO!", he shouts. Heather turns to him, and glares.

"HA! I knew you still cared!", Heather says.



Courtney: Heather was...pretending?!

-end confessional-


Heather: As if the moon affected me. But as long as I keep Alejandro guessing, I'll always have the upper hand.

-end confessional-

Eventually, the seven of you make it across, and are greeted by Scott.

"Aww, I hope Gwen and Lindsay make it across soon.", you say.

"Such foolish plebeian...they did not listen, and will now suffer.", Dawn says.

"Wait, Gwen and Lindsay haven't made it across? Let's make this a bit harder then.", Courtney says.

"Courtney, NO!", you and Dawn shout.

Middle finger

"Good riddance.", Courtney says.

"Excellent plan, Courtney.", Alejandro says.

"Um, NO. What if our teammates hadn't made it across? Huh? Huh?!", Heather asks, angry.

"She's right. Terrible plan, Courtney!", Alejandro corrects.

"Wh-Whatever.", Courtney says.

"Come back here!", Heather says, chasing after Courtney. Alejandro sighs a happy sigh.

"You two are messed up.", Duncan says. You progress onwards.

"Oh, blah, blah, blah! I broke the bridge, so what?!", Courtney asks.

"You just made a grave mistake.", Dawn says.

"Yeah, no kidding.", Heather says. Dawn sends a deer after Courtney.

"H-Hey! Stop!! HELP!", Courtney says. Gwen and Lindsay arrive from the other side.


"Courtney! Hang on!", Gwen says. Meanwhile, Alejandro, Heather, Duncan, Eva and Scott were already gone.

"Gwen! Wait!", you say.

A: Stop Gwen and head to the finish line

B: Let Gwen save Courtney

"What?", Gwen asks, running.

"Nothing.", you say. Gwen jumps in between Courtney and the deer, shoving a tree branch in it's mouth to keep it busy.


"Come, peasant. We must cross the finish line before the Blue Harvest Moon takes leave.", Dawn says.

"No argument there.", you say. You make it to the finish line, and no one is there except for you, Dawn and the five Villainous Vultures that crossed you.

"The others already went back to the cabins. There was a reaaal bad accident. Hehe.", Chef says.

"An...accident?", you ask. You turn to Duncan.

"Don't look at me. I'm as in the dark as you are.", he says.

"Here comes Courtney!", Heather says.

"Run faster Courtney, or we'll lose!", Alejandro says.

"She knows that. She doesn't need you narrate, Blahlejandro.", Heather says, annoyed.

"Ooh, you enrage me so!", Alejandro says.

"Who's typical now?", Heather asks a fuming Alejandro. You all look up as the moon went back to normal.

Back to normal

"Let's go!", Gwen says. The two start running.

"Oh my, what happened?", Dawn asks.

"Are you kidding?? You went all psycho evil crazy and tried to kill everyone!", you tell Dawn.

"Oh dear, it must have been because of the moon.", she says.

"Umm...", you say, speechless.

"I'm known as a Moonchild for a reason.", she says.

"COME ON COURTNEY!", Heather cheers.

"YOU CAN DO IT, GWEN!", you shout.

"Gwen, thank you so much.", Courtney says.

"Hey, you'd do the same if our positions were reversed.", Gwen says.

"Maybe I would. But the thing is, I need to win a challenge here.", Courtney says.

"I can respect that.", Gwen says.


Courtney and Gwen racing to the finish line.

"Sorry Gwen, but I can't do this. I'm too close to elimination.", Courtney says, tripping Gwen.

"Whoa! Hey, what's your deal?!", Gwen asks. She gets back up fast, but Courtney makes it past the finish line just in time. You collapse onto the floor, tired.

"Ugh, I'm so sorry...she tripped me.", Gwen says.

"I know. Let's just keep this in between us.", you say.

"You did it, Courtney!", Alejandro says.

"Nice job.", Scott says. Eva simply nods.

"Good work. I like your style.", she says.

"Thank you!", she says.

"Yeah, playing dirty. Great.", Gwen says, dusting herself off.

The elimination ceremony begins.

"The Heroes lose again. Villains, you get another night at the McLean Spa Hotel. You also receive McLean-Brand Hot Chocolate.", Chef says.

"No way! That stuff tasted like junk last season.", Zoey says.

"Shut up! It's been remade, by yours truly.", Chef says.

"Great, now we can die with chocolate breath.", Duncan says. An intern hands up the mugs, and the hot chocolate actually tastes pretty good. You look around you, and notice that one of your teammates is missing.

"Normally, this would be the moment where you would all vote someone off.", Chef says.

"Then let's get to it. I'm tired.", Heather says.

"Harold is too injured to continue. I dunno how it happened. It was away from the camera's sight. Sneaky little maggot...", Chef says. Harold, in a full body cast and wheelchair, comes in. Everyone gasps.

"Oh my gosh!! Henry!! How did this happen?!", Lindsay asks, doting over Harold, who is unable to speak.

"Dawn! Can you figure it out?", you ask.

"I...I'll try!", she says. Dawn goes over to Harold.

"He doesn't know. All he knows is that he heard the tune of "In The Hall of the Mountain King". Nothing else...", Dawn says, crying.

"Aw, man. I can't believe this...Harold, you get better, okay?", you say.

"I'm seriously gonna miss you, dude.", Tyler says.

"Get well soon, Harold.", Charlotte says. Brick salutes at Harold.

"You served your tour of duty well. Goodbye.", he says. Cody was simply speechless.

"You were my best friend, I'll really miss you. I hope you get well soon...", Cody says. Even the villains told Harold to get well soon. The Boat of Losers arrives, carrying Leshawna. She says nothing, a somber look painted on her face as she takes Harold away. As you all head back to your cabins, no one says a thing – everyone was upset and confused.

The next day, everyone receives word that Harold is recovering well. No challenge, but everyone's spirits seem to have lifted quite a bit. You and several other campers sit around outside the cabins idly. Slowly, everyone scatters until it's just you, Heather, Charlotte and Brick remaining.

"OC...I have something. We need to talk. Now.", Heather says.

"Okay-", you say, but glance at Charlotte. She was glaring at Heather.

"It's about Harold.", Heather whispers. You're conflicted; if you go off with Heather like that, Charlotte sitting right there...

A: Go with Heather

B: Don't go

(Ugh, this is important...)

You stand up, leaving CO behind. She appears to be shocked. Heather leads you into the Spa Hotel.

"What are you doing?", you ask, worried about entering the Spa Hotel.

"Just be quiet.", Heather says. She carefully opens the door, and cringes when the door creaks.

"Come over here.", Heather whispers. She leads you through the halls, and you see Courtney.

"What is he doing here?", she asks.

"I'm just...bringing him in for some tea.", Heather says.

(Oh yeah, this is tea for sure.)

"What's your problem? Shouldn't you be off yelling at Duncan?", Heather asks. Courtney scoffs.

"Fine.", Courtney says, leaving. Heather continues to lead you down the hallway, and you get a few more glares. Finally, you leave them all behind and come to the end of the hallway. Heather unlocks the door, and you enter. It seems to be a dark room filled with screens.

"Whoa...what is this?", you ask.

"It's the monitor room. I'm the only one with access here. It's TOP secret so you can't say anything.", Heather whispers.

"I won't.", you say.

"And stop talking so loud! Whisper!", Heather whispers. Heather starts tapping on they keyboard. She seems like she knows what she's doing.

"How do you know how all of this works so well?", you ask.

"I've been coming in here for a while. I discovered this place at the start of the season.", Heather says.

"Wait, what?! So that's how you knew about all the team secrets?! Harold was never a mole after all??", you ask.

"Nope.", Heather answers simply.

"...This must be how you knew Jo was planning on eliminating you too.", you say.

"Exactly.", Heather answers.

"You're...devious. Wow.", you say.

"And they thought I turned good. Ha.", Heather laughs.

"You really showed them...except you'll get voted off as soon as they find out.", you say.

"I don't plan on them finding out. I also don't plan on getting voted off.", Heather says.

"One more question before you tell me about Harold.", you say.

"Fine, what?", Heather asks, loading a file.

"How did you know a bunch of information if your team lost?", you ask.

"Easy.", Heather says. She walks over to the other side, bends down, and lifts up a piece of the carpet, revealing a trap door. It turns out that there's a tunnel leading down. You assume it goes from the Spa Hotel to some unknown location.

"Wait...Gwen, Mike and I discovered some tunnels earlier. That's what these must have been for...", you say.

"Yep. Are we done here?", Heather asks.

"Yes, yes. Let's get down to business.", you say. Heather covers up the trap door, and it's like it wasn't even there. The file loads, and it turns out to be a DVD titled "Moon Madness: Harold, Mike, Cody".

"What's Moon Madness?", you ask.

"Must be the name of the episode.", Heather says, skipping about two-thirds through the video. It shows the suspension bridge, still intact. It must have been before you and Courtney got there.

"Here.", Heather says, letting the video play. The video shows

"Oh, a suspension bridge? I can cross this, easy! Come on, Mike.", Harold says.

"Yeah, we should hurry, I bet Cody's already ahead of us.", Mike says.

"How did we get separated anyway?", Harold asks.

"Who knows? This moon does crazy stuff. I saw Dawn earlier, she looks crazy evil!", Mike says.

"That's weird, I don't remember passing by Dawn.", Harold says.

"It was during that, umm, detour we took.", Mike says.

"That's when we got separated from Cody! I hope Dawn didn't get him!", Harold says, concerned.

"We don't have time to worry about that.", Mike says.

"We have to go back for him!", Harold says.

"We can go back later, Harold. For now, winning is the task.", Mike says.

"I can't just leave Cody. He's one of my best friends.", Harold says.

"Fine. If you're not going to help me win, then you're useless to me.", Mike says. Your heart begins pumping.

"What do you mean?", Harold asks.

"Harold, I'm afraid I have to cut you loose.", Mike says.

"You're separating from me?", Harold asks.

"You'll wish I was separated from you.", Mike says.

"Wh-What are you saying?", Harold asks, backing away. Mike begins to follow Harold slowly, until Harold backs up against the cliff. Harold takes one more step, causing a few pebbles to fall down the cliff. Harold turns back in horror of the sight, and Mike pushes him. Harold clings to the edge of the cliff.

"Finally, that anchor is out of my way. Now to win this challenge.", Mike says, in a rather deep voice. He whistles "Hall of the Mountain King", and strolls off.

"S-Someone help!! I could die!", Harold says. He clings with all his might, but eventually, the rock comes loose, causing Harold to fall all the way down. You shield your eyes to prevent you from seeing Harold go "splat", but even Heather is human enough to turn it off before then.

"We have to show this to the others.", you say.

"I know. This is dangerous.", Heather says, taking out the DVD.

"That's quite enough.", Mike says. His voice seems to be much deeper than usual.

"Hey! Where did you come from?", Heather asks.

"That's none of your business.", Mike says. He snatches the DVD from a surprised Heather, and breaks it in half.

"Oh...", Heather says in disappointment.

"I suggest you don't come back here, and you don't try to mess with me.", Mike says. He leaves through the trap door, leaving you and Heather wide-eyed and horrified.

"He just...j-just...", you stutter, unable to utter another word.

"OC...we need to stop him.", Heather says.

"There's no way. He's insane.", you say.

"Are you sure? He has to have some weakness.", Heather says.

"He said he'd stop getting rid of my friends if...if I broke up with Gwen.", you say, reluctantly.

"Break up with Weird Goth Girl. Now.", Heather says.

"I...I c-can't. After all we've been through.", you say.

"OC, lives are at stake here.", Heather says.

"I doubt he'd hurt anyone else. He could get caught.", you say.

"ARE YOU ACTUALLY RISKING IT?!", Heather shouts, then clamps her mouth shut, realizing where she is. You groan in mental pain.

A: Break up with Gwen

B: Refuse

"...No. I'll do it. I'll break up with Gwen.", you say.

"Good. Knowing what this guy has already done, I'm probably on the chopping block next.", Heather says.

"Why you? I get that we're close, but I'm much closer to Tyler and Lindsay.", you ask.

"Isn't it obvious? With you and Gwen gone, your sphere of influence on the team is, in large part, gone too. He'll be going for your influence on the Villains team. As if you have any influence over me, but Mike might not know that.", Heather says.

"Yeah, that makes sense. Okay then...I'm off.", you say.

"You'll have to take the trap door, going from here would risk the others catching you.", Heather says. You take Heather's advice and leave from the trap door. Following the tunnel with caution, and your heart beating fast, you arrive near some sort of stand covered by a sheet. You don't feel like uncovering it, so you just find your way back to camp and go into the cabin. You expect everyone to be asleep, but the cabin turns out to be empty. You hear talking over on the girl's side, so you assume everyone is there. You turn out to be right when you go in, and everyone was sitting in a circle. There were several sheets and pillows on the floor where everyone was sitting. Tyler seemed to have saved you a seat.

"Hey everyone.", you say.

"OC! We've been waiting for you, silly.", Lindsay says.

"Oh, sorry. I was dragged away...", you say.

" Heather.", Charlotte adds.

"Yes. By Heather. You seem to have a serious problem with that.", you say.

"We were about to talk about the challenge yesterday.", Gwen says.

"Oh. How about we go first?", you suggest, trying to delay the inevitable breakup as long as possible. You, Lindsay, and Gwen retell the story in great detail – Dawn had no idea what had happened, and seemed quite interested.

"I just can't imagine Dawn acting like that.", Charlotte says.

"Must've been different from your side, huh?", Gwen asks.

"Brick got really scared. In hindsight, I should've seen that coming and brought someone else with me. I thought I could handle it.", Charlotte says.

"Sorry...", Brick says. Charlotte kisses her boyfriend on the cheek.

"Don't be sorry, you did great. I'm proud.", she says.

"Cody, what about you?", you ask, curious to know what happened after Cody got separated from Mike and Harold.

"Well, I just happened to find Sierra, and spent the rest of the challenge with her. She actually took me to the finish line.", Cody says.

"Sierra...took you to the finish line?", Lindsay asks.

"That's not gonna ride well with her team.", Gwen says.

"I agreed to keep it secret.", Cody says.

"Mike, what about you?", Charlotte asks.

"Oh, me? It was just your basic run-through. Nothing special.", Mike says.

"Weren't you partnered with Harold?", Gwen asks. You wanted to warn Gwen to be careful. Everyone silences upon hearing that name.

"He got separated from me when we took some detour. I don't was his idea. I probably took a wrong turn by mistake.", Mike says somberly.

"Moving on!", Lindsay says.

"W-Wait. Gwen, can I talk to you outside?", you ask. Gwen stands up, and you take her out.

"I...don't know how to tell you this.", you say.

"What's wrong?", she asks.


How do you break up with Gwen?

Tell her that you still love her, and always will, but that the relationship could be an obstacle during the game, and that it might be wise to take a break. Strong emphasis on the "break." It's not a "break-up." It's a "break." Clarify that it's not permanent, and tell her (being vague, and not saying anything about Mal) that it's best for everyone that way.

Another thing we could include, but I'm a little hesitant to: Make sure it's obvious there is not someone else. ESPECIALLY make sure it doesn't seem like the "someone else" is Heather. It would probably be a little suspicious. Going off with Heather, coming back to team meeting, then breaking up with Gwen. Bad signs there. Make an absolute promise to Gwen that this temporary break-up is not because we are over her, or want someone else, but just that it's the safest thing to not make ourselves vulnerable. The only reason I'm hesitant about the last part is because saying it might seem a little suspicious. Then again, I think she'd trust us.

" you. I always will.", you say.

"I love you too.", Gwen says.

"But the thing is...I...have to break up with you.", you say.

"This is a joke, right?", Gwen asks hopefully.

"No...I just think that the competition is weighing heavily on our relationship and...we need to take a break.", you say.

"I see...", Gwen says.

"It's just best for everyone this way.", you say.

"Huh? Best for who?", she asks.

"It's just...better. The way things are now is dangerous. What if we're targetted for being in a relationship?", you ask.

"Are you actually placing the game over our relationship?", Gwen asks.

"No! I just think we should take a break, only for the competition.", you ask.

"I have NO idea what this means, OC.", Gwen says.

"All I'm saying is a temporary break!", you say.

"Yeah, right after you snuck off with Heather, too?", Gwen asks.

"Ugh, why is Charlotte such a blabbermouth...", you say.

"It wasn't her. It was Brick.", Gwen says.

"That's not what it looks like.", you say.

"Then what was it?", Gwen demands. You consider telling Gwen about Mike, but then he looks out the window. You gulp.

"She was just showing me something.", you say.

"Why can't you tell me?", you ask.

"I'm not into Heather, I promise.", you say.

"Spare me.", Gwen says.

(If I tell her that Heather wanted to show me the monitor room, Heather will get eliminated for sure. I can't do that to her, no matter how nasty she is...)

A: Tell Gwen about the monitor room

B: Hide the truth

(But on the other hand...this is Gwen.)

"She was taking me to the monitor room in the Spa Hotel.", you whisper. Mike glares.

"What? Why?", Gwen asks.

"B-Because...", you say.

"OC...are you okay? Why are you sweating?", she asks.

"Sh-She's been spying on us. She told me Harold was the rat, but that was a lie.", you say.

"Oh sure, tell me this now. When Harold's eliminated. Of course. I'm appalled, OC. I thought you were better than this. I know when you're lying.", Gwen says. You sigh.

"I'm sorry Gwen, I can't tell you the truth.", you say.

"Ugh! I hate today.", Gwen says, running inside. You hear some yelling inside, and all the boys are forced out. They look confused, wondering what on earth happened.

"Can we go to bed now?", Tyler asks.

"Yes...", you say. All night, you can't help but think of Gwen...and what you've just done to her. You try to tell yourself that it was for the good of everyone. That night you learn that a broken heart ignores reason.


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