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TDAS CYOA Cast - Masterchef Wawanakwa

So far...

  • Alejandro found himself manipulated by Heather's charms, and ended up voting for Justin over Zoey. Even though he doesn't realize it, he's slowly falling more and more in love with Heather, letting her control his game.
  • Brick, while also serving as one of the team's leaders, has become more submissive to Mike, due to Mike's scary new shift in personality. This could spell disaster for Mike's victims, having Brick on his side.
  • Cody apparently still has feelings for Gwen, and now that she's single, he's not afraid to express those feelings. However, he's confused about why Gwen still shows no interest in him, and upset that OC invited Gwen for dinner.
  • Courtney has developed heavy rivalries with Heather and Zoey, to the point where she tried to get Zoey voted off, but failed. Her influence on the team is waning, but does she have a plot to restore it somehow?
  • Dawn has started trying to get her visions about the others under control when she's telling everyone – which is difficult because she can't tell what she should say and shouldn't say.