Welcome to the premiere episode of the Total Drama: Choose Your Own Adventure's Total Drama All-Stars. Many changes have been made to this season from the canon version. First of all, there is a new cast. Second, Chris McLean is still in jail, so Chef Hatchet will be hosting. Third, the season will feature twenty-six episodes as opposed to thirteen. As for the rest, it remains a secret.


To start off, which of our existing characters do you want to play as?

A: Ollie Colt, also known as "OC". While friendly, OC is a strategist and does whatever it takes to win. Through his time on the show, he's made many questionable decisions. He's gained a lot of enemies, and loves his girlfriend Gwen and his best friends Lindsay and Tyler more than anyone.

B: Charlotte Oxford, also known as "CO". Incredibly confident, CO is sure of her ability to come out on top. Along with her skills, CO is considered very beautiful, something she definitely knows, and has a lot of friends as well. She loves her boyfriend, Brick, and her best friend Dawn more than anyone.


Your parents were out of town, so you were sitting on your bed and reading a magazine. There wasn't much to do in your hometown; you just graduated from high school. You're heading off to college in the fall and decided to just relax.

Later, you decide to go downstairs and check the mail. You open the mailbox. Coupon, coupon, wedding invitation, bill, bill, bill, and...something labeled "Total Drama Productions".

You sit down on your kitchen table and open the envelope.

Dear OC,

This summer, Total Drama is beginning its fifth season. Due to your past performances in the previous seasons, including coming in the Top 3 in Total Drama World Tour, you have been invited back to Camp Wawanakwa for Total Drama All-Stars. We hope you will accept, and compete for the one million dollar prize. If you accept, a boat will be there to pick you up on June 15th.

Signed, Chris McLean

"Well, after World Tour...I don't want to return. But on the other more adventure before college? Why not?", you think to yourself. You sign up for the season.

A couple days later, you're on your phone, checking your Tweeter account. Your followers blew up after World Tour; you regularly receive tweets from fans now, and you're following your friends too. Out of all your friends, Lindsay has the most followers.

The doorbell rings, so you head down to open it. Surprisingly, it's your best friend Tyler, who you haven't seen since Christmas break.

"...H-Hey...", Tyler says weakly.

"Tyler!! It's so great to see you, buddy!!!", you say, getting excited upon seeing your friend. You move aside, gesturing for Tyler to come in.

"My parents are out of town for a while.", you say. Tyler didn't talk much; he sat down on the couch and stared off into space.

"How've you been, man?", you ask.

"Meh.", he answers.

"School?", you ask.

"Failing. Everything.", he answers. Yikes.

"Any good games lately?", you ask.

"I don't know if you know this, but I'm terrible at sports.", Tyler says, clearly depressed. You pretend you don't know how clumsy Tyler is.

"I didn't know. I'm sorry to hear.", you say.

"It's alright. I shouldn't dump my stupid problems on you. I just had to get away from home for a while.", Tyler says.

What's your response?

A: Tell Tyler that his problems are never stupid, and press him for more information.

B: Let it go and take Tyler to go do something to get his mind off of things.

"If that's how you feel, I won't dwell on the matter too much.", you say. Tyler weakly smiles at you – he seemed tired.

"You wanna go do something fun?", you ask.

"Like what?", he asks. You rack your brain and try to think of something.

"I got it. Follow me, buddy.", you say, leading him to your backyard.

"So, are you excited for All-Stars?", you ask. Tyler sighs.

"I didn't really have a choice.", he says.

"Huh? What do you mean?", you ask. No response. You reach your backyard, and Tyler finally smiles at the sight of OC Jr., who has grown incredibly large at that point.

(A.N.: If you don't know OC Jr., reread Rapa Phooey)

"C-Can I play with him?", Tyler asks.

"You can do whatever you want.", you say to your friend. Tyler beams, and runs toward OC Jr., who actually seems to remember him. Not surprising, since Tyler has always loved him.

You go off into the corner.

"Hey, mom?", you say into your phone. Your mom greets you.

"Hey, so Tyler came over–"

"Tyler??? I love that boy!", she says.

"Mom, I know."

"Put him on the phone!"

"I can't, he's doing something."

"Alright. Why did he come over?"

"Well, I'm....not exactly sure. He won't tell me. Anyway, I was just wondering if he could stay over until the next season of Total Drama starts?", you ask.

"Oh of course! He can sleep in your room!", she says.

"Very funny.", you say. You say goodbye to your mom and hang up.

Two weeks pass, and the season begins. Over time, Tyler's mood has changed significantly, but not exactly back to his former self.

You both head out to catch the yacht.

"Wait, OC.", Tyler says.

"Yeah?", you ask.

"Can we, maybe, I don't OC Jr. to Camp Wawanakwa?", Tyler asks.


A: "Of course we can."

B: "I don't know..."

"Tyler, like I said a couple weeks back, we can do anything you want.", you say. Tyler beams at you again.

"Yay.", he responds. You two head back to the backyard, and climb onto OC Jr.

"Alright OC Jr., can you take us to Camp Wawanakwa?", you ask.

Heroes vs. Villains

"Welcome to Total Drama All-Stars!", Chef Hatchet says into a camera.

"Chris McLean is on"vacation", so to speak. So I'm hostin' this season. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? I didn't think so.", Chef shouts. He walks down the Dock of Shame.

"I didn't want to bring no new dumb cast with some stupid new kids, so I brought back twenty-six of Total Drama's best. In fact, Tyler and OC should be arrivin' any second now.", Chef says.

"Alright OC Jr., land right there.", you say. OC Jr. swoops down, and crashes into Chef.

"OMG! Sorry, Chef!!!", you yell. Chef groans. You and Tyler stand up, and OC Jr. flies away.

"Great start...", Chef mumbles, along with some choice words that would have to be bleeped out by the producers.

"First two...OC and Tyler. Next, we're introducing the finalists.", Chef says. Heather arrives, looking beautiful as always.

"Heather...", Chef says. Heather takes off her sunglasses, just like the first day of Total Drama. Without a word, she heads over to where you and Tyler were standing.

"And Jo's here...", Chef says.

"I'm here, and ready to win.", Jo says. Heather scoffs, and whispers to you.

"As if Miss Muscle could win.", Heather whispers. You giggle a bit.

"You got a problem with me?", Jo asks.

"Yes, but I'm better than you so I am allowed to.", Heather justifies. Jo glares at Heather.

"Next, Noah.", Chef says. Noah arrives.

"And another Revenge of the Island finalist, Charlotte.", Chef says. Charlotte steps out of her boat.

"Hey everyone! Nice to see you guys again!", Charlotte says.

"Hey Charlotte, nice to see you again too!", Tyler says.

"Oh, it's you.", Heather says.

"I remember you. Last time we met, you tried to kill me.", Charlotte says.

"It's okay, she does that with everyone.", Tyler says. Charlotte giggles. Heather rolls her eyes. Tyler and Charlotte continue to chat.

"Everyone, welcome Lindsay.", Chef says, bored already. Lindsay steps out, and something about her seems....different. You can't really tell. She seemed to have gotten taller...or something.

"Hiiii!", Lindsay chirps.

"Hi, Lindsay!!", you say. Lindsay's eyes grow wide with excitement upon seeing you.

"OC! Check this out! Lindsay points her chest out at you, and you get a full view of her chest.

"Uhhh Lindsay...", you say uncomfortably, glancing to the side to make sure Tyler didn't see, and, well...try to murder you.

"What?", she asks.

"Why are you showing me your...", you ask.

"Because, I got my boobs done! Don't they look fab?", she asks.

"Totally...", you say, trying to look away.

"Is there a problem? Is one of them too big?", she asks.

"No, they're perfect, it's just that...wouldn't you rather show Tyler?", you ask.

"Oh, he didn't tell you? Tyler broke up with me like, three weeks ago.", Lindsay explains.


"Ohh!! I see...", you say, absolutely shocked. How??

"And Gwen's here.", Chef says. Gwen!! You are INCREDIBLY glad she didn't see that little interaction.

"Hey.", she says, gloomily.

"Hey, Gwen!", you say, heading over to girlfriend. Gwen smiles upon seeing you.

"And Duncan!", Chef says. Duncan steps off the yacht and sighs.

"Back at this craphole?", he asks.

"Yes. You got a PROBLEM, maggot?!", he asks. Duncan isn't intimidated at all.

"Maybe I do.", he says confidently. Chef glares at Duncan, and Duncan smiles at him. He heads over to you and Gwen.

"I hate that kid...", Chef mutters. Eva arrives next, silently stepping onto the dock.

"Quit trying to look so tough.", Jo says, getting annoyed at Eva's quiet attitude.

"I'm not. Stop trying to look so weak.", Eva says.

"I'm not!", Jo responds.

"Shocker.", Eva says. Jo becomes speechless.

"Dawn has arrived.", Chef says. Dawn steps off the dock, without any luggage.

"Greetings, everyone.", Dawn says peacefully.

"Dawn!", Charlotte says excitedly. They start talking.

Justin arrives next, and steps onto the dock.

"Hey, Justin.", Gwen says.

"Hey.", he says, smiling at everyone.

"Welcome Alejandro, everyone.", Chef says. Alejandro arrives, smiling at everyone, his long hair blowing in the wind.

"Hello, my friends.", Alejandro says.

"I am not your friend.", Heather says venomously.

"Heyy Alejandro...", Charlotte says dreamily.

"Hola chica.", Alejandro says, staring into Charlotte's eyes. Justin glares at Alejandro.

"What does he have that I don't?", he mutters.

"Everything...", you say. Justin appears to be uncomfortable.

"Everyone's most hated C.I.T., Courtney!", Chef says.

"I'm the bias...", Charlotte says. Courtney steps onto the dock, a competitive expression already written all over her face.

"Hey, babe.", Duncan says.

"Hi.", Courtney says. Duncan appears slightly annoyed, and confides his feelings in you.

"Ever since she was an early out in World Tour, she gets annoyed whenever anyone brings up Total Drama.", he whispers.

"I guess I can see why, I mean she was kinda robbed.", you whisper back.

"Sure, but she doesn't have to sulk every time a commercial for this show comes on TV.", he says.

"She's Courtney. Did you expect anything different?", you ask.

"Our cadet, Brick, is here.", Chef says. Brick steps onto the dock.

"Private Brick McArthur, reporting for duty.", Brick says, saluting the contestants that had already arrived.

"Brick!!", Charlotte says. The two begin to gush over each other.

"Your aura is quite similar to Charlotte's.", Dawn says randomly, startling you.

"Uh...thanks?", you say.

"That's a good thing.", she says with a smile. You weren't too sure how to feel.

"And Lightning is here.", Chef says, completely disinterested. Lightning does a somersault and lands on the dock, catching his luggage.

"Lightning?? He was first out last season!", Jo says, outraged.

"I'm just that good! Sha-yeahhh!", Lightning says.

"His father paid a loootta money for him to be here.", Chef says. Everyone groans.

Harold arrives next, and breaths down Chef's neck.

" creepy.", Chef says.

"I've been told worse.", Harold says.

"Hey, Harold.", you say.

"What's up, dork?", Duncan asks.

"Not much, chicken legs.", Harold responds. Duncan is unable to respond.

"He got you there.", Gwen says. Duncan crosses his arms and grunts.

"Hmph. He just caught me off guard.", Duncan says.

"Sure, Jan.", Charlotte says.

"H-Hey! Go fawn over Brick.", Duncan says.

"And Sadie is here!", Chef says. Sadie steps onto the dock.

"EEEEEE I'm finally here!", Sadie says, hugging Chef, and lifting him up into the air.

"Yeah, yeah, go stand with the others.", Chef says.

"Ooh, when is Katie arriving?", Sadie asks.

"She ain't comin'.", Chef says.

"Wh-What? But she said she was...", Sadie says.

"She had a last minute cancellation.", Chef says. He pulls out a tablet, and calls Katie. She picks up, while on her bed, sick. Katie sneezes, and greets Sadie.

"KATIE! What happened??", Sadie asks.

"OMG, hi Sadie! I'm like, fully sick. So I couldn't come. Sorry for not telling you!", Katie says.

"B-But we were gonna win together!", Sadie says.

"I'm soooo sorry, Sadie! Win for me, okay? Try your best!", Katie says.

"I will!", Sadie says, and begins crying. You and Lindsay comfort her.

"Ugh, enough sobfest. Mike is here.", Chef says.

"Hey everyone...", Mike says.

"Ugh, it's the bland guy from last season.", Heather says. Mike doesn't seem to be too pleased by this.

"Hey! He happens to be my friend.", Charlotte says.

"Doesn't mean he's not bland.", Jo says.

"The Codemeister has arrived!", Cody says. Cody!!

"OMG! Hey, Cody!", you say.

"Hey OC, how's it going?", he asks. He turns to Lindsay

"Lindsay, what's good?", he asks Lindsay. You almost tell off Cody, before remembering that Lindsay and Tyler aren't a thing anymore – she's single now. Lindsay giggles at Cody's passes toward her.

"Yeah, yeah, we all love Lindsay. It's time for Sierra, who was actually Katie's last-minute replacement.", Chef says. Sierra, obviously hyper as usual, jumps onto the dock excitedly.

"Oh my GOSH!!! I'm on the All-Star season of TOTAL DRAMA!", Sierra screams, followed by a squeal.

"SHUT UP NO ONE LIKES YOU!", Eva shouts at Sierra. Everyone stares at Eva.

"What? We were all thinking it.", she says.

"Aww my Cody-wody has gotten so big!", Sierra says happily.

"I'm pretty sure I haven't grown that much.", Cody says.

"No silly, you grew six inches!", Sierra says.

"How do you know that just by looking at me?", she asks.

"I'm an expert at fashion design. I know these things.", Sierra says.

"Really? I thought it was because you're a FREAK.", Heather says.

"That too.", Cody responds.

"And Scott's here.", Chef says.

"Oh look, the failed antagonist from last season.", Jo says mockingly.

"Watch him be eliminated third again.", Charlotte says.

"No, that'll be Courtney.", Heather says. Courtney screams, and has to be held back by Duncan and you.

"You think that's funny?", Duncan asks. Fang comes out of the water, and waves at Scott.

"AAAAHHH!! SHARK!!!", Scott screams.

"What? You afraid now?", Jo asks.

"Y-Yes! Maybe!", Scott says, horrified.

"Alright, get outta here Fang. Gotta introduce the last contestant, Anne Maria.", Chef says.

"Hey everyone.", Anne Maria says, waving. You all wave back.

"What's she doing here? She was fodder to me!", Jo says.

"She still made the final four. She deserves to be here.", Charlotte says.

"Aw, thanks doll.", Anne Maria says, happily.

"Anyway, that's all. Come over to the bonfire to be sorted into your teams.", Chef says. You all begin to head off. Another yacht arrives.

"H-Hey, where's everyone going?", says the person who just arrived. It's Zoey.

"Oh yeah, I forgot she was here.", Chef says.

"Everyone forgets she's here.", Jo says.

"Actually, I just arrived. Were you about to leave without me?", Zoey asks.

"Alright, pipe down. I forgot.", Chef says. Zoey looks a bit upset, but doesn't say anything else. Mike walks with her.

On the way to the bonfire, who are you talking to? You can pick up to THREE first generation characters and up to THREE second generation ones.

First Generation:

A: Alejandro

B: Cody

C: Courtney

D: Duncan

E: Eva

F: Gwen

G: Harold

H: Heather

I: Justin

J: Lindsay

K: Noah

L: Sadie

M: Sierra

N: Tyler

Second Generation:

1: Anne Maria

2: Brick

3: Charlotte

4: Dawn

5: Jo

6: Lightning

7: Mike

8: Scott

9: Zoey

"Tyler, you okay?", you ask. Tyler nods, smiling.

"I really like Charlotte! She's super sweet and funny.", Tyler says. You smile at your friend.

"That's good to hear! So, um, I wanted to say this to you that day you came over to my house. When you apologized for dumping all of your 'stupid' problems on me.", you say.

"Fire away.", Tyler responds.

"Well, I just wanted to let you know that none of your problems are ever stupid to me. You're my best friend in the world and nothing can stand in the way of that.", you say. Tyler beams.

"I know!! I was just upset that day. Guess you know why now.", Tyler says, with a quick glance at Lindsay.

"It'll be okay. You've got me, Gwen, Cody...", you list.

"Yeah, I've got amazing friends.", Tyler says.

(I still wanna know why they broke up...)

"Move over, newbie!", Heather says, shoving Jo aside.

"You move it, failed antagonist.", Jo responds.

"Failed?! What's THAT supposed to mean?", she asks.

"You turned good. Way badass!", Jo mocks.

"I did.....not...", Heather says, slowing down. Jo strides ahead of her.

"Alright then, Old Heather.", Jo says, smirking.

"She has a point...", Alejandro says, progressing forward. Heather scoffs at both Jo and Alejandro.

"I'll show you two.", Heather mutters.

"Oh my, those two are very dysfunctional...", Dawn explains. You get startled again, not expecting her to suddenly be by your side.

"D-Don't do that!", you say.

"Do what?", she asks.

"Sneak up on me that way!", you say.

"Oh, I didn't mean to do that.", Dawn says.

"It's alright. Sorry, what were you saying?", you ask.

"Alejandro and Heather. They're very passionate of each other, but they just don't seem to get along...", Dawn says.

"That's not a shock. You saw World Tour, didn't you?", you ask.

"I did. But I can't detect emotions over a screen.", Dawn responds.

"I guess that makes sense. Wait, what am I saying? None of this makes sense...", you say.

"It doesn't to most people. I can help you later.", Dawn says.

"You think you could go talk to my friend Tyler? I think he needs help understanding his emotions.", you suggest.

"Tyler is very troubled right now, but it's for reasons beyond Lindsay. I would want him to be close to his closest friends at this time. Namely you, Cody...actually, I believe everyone is friends with Tyler.", Dawn says.

"He is. He's amazing.", you say, thinking about everything Tyler is going through. Even if you apparently don't know half of it.

"Dawn, hurry up.", Charlotte says. Without realizing, you and Dawn started lagging behind.

"Oops!", Dawn says, rushing ahead toward Mike.

"Hey, Dawn!", Mike says happily.

"Hey!", you say to Charlotte.

"Hiya! Remember me?", she asks.

"Yeah, from my cameo.", you say. You both stare at each other for a second.

"Hey, do you ever feel like you're being controlled by...someone?", you ask.

"I do! I thought I was the only one!", she says.

"Ha, you never are.", you say. Charlotte rushes ahead to Brick.

"Making friends with the newbies?", Gwen asks.

"Yeah. They seem pretty cool; Dawn creeped me out though.", you say.

"Really? What'd she do?", Gwen asks.

"She just snuck up on me. Apparently she's got a lot of potential tea on all of us.", you observe.

"Yikes. No one needs to know what's going on in here.", Gwen says, gesturing to her head.

"Speaking of tea, have you seen Duncan and Courtney lately?", you ask.

"Right? They're crazy.", Gwen says.

"Crazy in love. But it's so dysfunctional...", you note.

"It is. They need to get it together.", Gwen says.

"Be more like us?", you suggest.

"...Yeah. Like us. As if.", Gwen says, laughing.

"Heyy, Gwen. How's it goin'?", Cody asks. He glances at you and blushes.

"Whoopsie, my bad.", Cody says. You laugh; Cody can be so cute sometimes.

"It's alright, buddy.", you respond.

"So, what have you two been up to since World Tour?", Cody asks.

"Not much. Got admission into the same college as Gwen.", you say.

"Nice! I'm going to the University of Canada, you?", Cody asks.

(The University of Canada?!? How smart is this guy?!)

"Whoa, nice. I'm just headed to a local school...", you say.

"That's good too! You live in a pretty nice town, don't you?", Cody asks.

"Yeah, I guess.", you respond. Charlotte turns around to you.

"OC, come meet my boyfriend, Brick.", Charlotte says.

"Sure!", you say. You head over to Brick.

"Nice to meet you, sir.", Brick says.


"You don't have to call me that.", you say.

"He calls everyone "sir" and "ma'am" until he gets to know them. It's cute.", Charlotte says.

"Oh, okay.", you say. Maybe his way of covering up for social awkwardness? Finally, you arrive at the bonfire.

"It's time to sort ya all into teams. You'll be sorted based on past performances – Heroes vs. Villains.", Chef says.


Heather: I'll show Jo...I'll be on the villains team for sure. And I'll be running it by lunch!

-end confessional-


Jo: Heather probably thinks she's gonna be running the team. As if. I've got this team, and the entire season, in the bag. No one can stop me.

-end confessional-


Lindsay: *pees*

-end confessional-

"First up: the Villainous Vultures.", Chef says. Heather and Jo both step forward.

"Courtney.", Chef says.

"What? What did I ever do?", Courtney asks.

"Be annoying.", Chef says. Courtney crosses her arms.

"Mike.", Chef continues. EVERYONE gasps.

"WHAT?! But Mike is super sweet!", Jo says.

"You seem to care a lot.", Zoey says.

"Yeah, because he'll ruin the team cred with his boringness!", Jo shouts.

"The man lied to his girlfriend and EVERYONE else. Not cool.", Duncan says disapprovingly. Mike sadly walks over to the villains team.

"Scott. Justin. Lightning. Heather. Alejandro. Jo. Noah.", Chef says.

"As it should be!", Heather says, glaring at Jo and Alejandro.

"Wait, why is that dumb weakling on our team?", Jo asks.

"Ugh, he's such a loser.", Heather says.

"Why's he a hero?", Chef asks.

"Uhh...good point, I guess?", Jo says.

"Sierra.", Chef says.

"Huh? What did I ever do?", Sierra asks.

"Stalking?", Chef says. Cody sighs in relief.


Cody: I cannot be on the same team as Sierra again. I just...can't, okay?

-end confessional-

"Oh, alright. I'll miss you, Cody-bear.", Sierra says.

"Eva. Duncan.", Chef says.

"Whoa, I didn't expect that.", Duncan says, rolling his eyes.

"Next, the Heroic Hamsters.", Chef says.

"Excuse me, but how are hamsters heroic?", Gwen asks.

"It was either that, or the heroic hippos.", Chef says. Gwen sighs.


"Sadie. Dawn. OC. Cody. Charlotte. Gwen. Harold. Lindsay. Brick. Zoey. Anne Maria.", Chef says.

"Less controversy. Boring.", Heather comments.

"Yay, I'm a hero! Can I be Wonder Woman again?", Lindsay asks. Tyler almost said something to her, but stopped himself.

"This season, you'll be staying in the cabins once again.", Chef says. Everyone groans.

"Oh, quiet down ya big babies. Winners get to stay in the deluxe McLean-Brand Spa Hotel.", Chef says, showing an image of it on a TV screen. Everyone cheers.


"We have got to get in there!", Lindsay says to you.

"For sure.", you respond.

"Your first challenge will be an homage to Total Drama's first challenge: jumping off the cliff. Change into yer swimsuits!", Chef says.

You can talk to another male contestant while waiting. Who do you talk to?

A: Alejandro

B: Duncan

C: Lightning

D: Harold

E: Justin

F: Mike

G: Noah

H: Scott

You wait in line, thinking about what could be troubling Tyler.

"Hi.", Noah says. You turn around.

"Hey.", you reply.

"Why do you think I'm in the villains?", he asks.

"I don't know! You haven't done a single mean thing! Well, there was the time you called me lame. That time you called me dumb...then there was the time you called Tyler an immature idiot...what were we talking about?", you ask. Noah doesn't respond. You continue thinking about the times Noah's said mean things to you for no particular reason.

You change into your swimsuit, and to the foot of the mountains.

Chef explains the challenge. He gives everyone time to choose someone to drive the baby carriage. Your team comes into disagreement, so you decide to put in your two cents.

Who should drive the baby carriage?

A: Anne Maria

B: Brick

C: Charlotte

D: Cody

E: Dawn

F: Gwen

G: Harold

H: Lindsay

I: OC (Yourself)

J: Sadie

K: Tyler

L: Zoey

"Hey, maybe Brick could drive it?", you wonder. This will also be a good way to become friends with Brick; he didn't seem to be too open with you.

"Definitely. My man can do anything!", Charlotte says.

"Yeah, go for it Brick.", Gwen says.

"Make the team proud, Bobby!", Lindsay says happily.

(New season, same Lindsay.)

"I could've done it too, but maybe I should let the others have a chance at contributing too.", Harold brags.

"You couldn't push a feather, hon.", Anne Maria says sassily. Brick turns to you.

"I look forward to making my team proud, sir!", he says, and grabs onto the carriage, tight, with both hands.

"Alright, move aside, let me push.", Duncan says.

"Ha, as if I'm letting you do the work.", Jo says.

"What? Why should you get to do it?", Duncan asks.

"Pfft. Let her do it. She's a newbie. Let her prove herself to us.", Heather says.

"That sounds really elitist.", Mike says.

"Do you actually think I care, you irrelevant little-", Heather says before being interrupted by Alejandro.

"What Heather means is that we simply think-"

"No, Aletalkstoomuch, what I mean is that Jo is inferior and I'm the best.", Heather clarifies. Alejandro decides to give up.

"Alright then.", he says, defeated.

"Duncan, move. Now.", Heather says sternly. Duncan shrugs.

"Alright.", he says.


Duncan: I don't need anymore enemies. Might as well listen now, and see what I can do about Heather and Jo later.

-end confessional-

"No, you listen to me!", Heather says.

"He did.", Justin points out.

"Oh.", Heather replies, not used to Duncan listening to her.

"Sha-please! Jo is the worst at go-kart driving.", Lightning says.

I'll drive

"Ooh, conflict!", Heather says.

"But I'm also the shopping kart circuit racing champion!", Jo says innocently.


Jo: No, I'm not. The only reason I said that was because

-end confessional-


Lightning: Gotta respect championship status. Jo drives.

-end confessional-

"Alright, Brick and Jo are equipped with their baby carriages, and ready to go.", Chef announces.

"Ready to go down, Brick-for-brains?", Jo asks.

"Yes! Uh, I mean, no! Wait! I need more time!", Brick says.

"Too bad, you ain't gettin' any! Begin!", Chef announces, blowing his whistle. He moves out of the way, expecting everyone to just jump in.

"You think we're gonna go in there that easily??", Gwen asks.

"You did it in season one.", Chef says.

"We nearly died that day! No way are we EVER doing anything like that again!", Sadie says.

"Fine. I guess I can declare a winner then. And it won't be either of the teams.", Chef says. Everyone groans.

"OKAY!! Who's going first?", Zoey asks. No response.

"You guys are such babies.", Eva says, and gets ready to dive.


Eva jumps.

"I guess I can go first...?", Tyler suggests. You're not too hot on that idea, though.

"Hey, where's Dawn?", Charlotte asks. You all look around; Dawn is nowhere to be seen.

"And Dawn reaches the shore with her key, Eva following VERY close behind!", Chef says.

"Huh.", you all say.

"While they're gone, we should organize a game plan!", Cody says.

"That's a pretty good idea, Cody!", you say.

"What we need is a team leader, and I volunteer.", Cody says.

"Wait, what?", Gwen asks.

Let Cody be team leader?

A: Yes

B: No, suggest someone else (Who?)

C: Lead the team yourself

"Cody, I don't think that's a good idea.", you say.

"Huh? Why not?", he asks.

"Well, aren't you afraid of being under pressure? Being a leader is a lot of work.", you explain.

"I've been working on my leaderships skills and I think-", Cody begins, but is interrupted.

"We don't have time for this! OC, what do we do?", Anne Maria asks.

"To start off, the first person to jump should be..."

A: Tyler, because he's athletic

B: Sadie, because she needs confidence

C: Harold, because he probably has some sort of skills in diving

D: Cody, because he's small and can be carried easily on the carriage

"Okay Cody, I think you should jump first.", you say.

"But-", Cody says in an attempt to protest.

"Cody, there's no time!", Gwen says.

"Yeah, Dawn will be back any second if she doesn't have the key.", Charlotte points out. Cody looks upset, but unfortunately, there's no time to worry about him.

"Zoey can jump next, then Harold, Sadie, myself, Tyler...", you continue to list off.

"Here comes Brick!", Anne Maria points. Dawn looked determined in the carriage, quickly climbing back up.

"Sorry!", Dawn says.

"It's okay, there's basically a one in a million chance anyway.", Gwen says. Cody heads over to the cliff, and so does Noah.

"Finally, that liability will be gone and we can get something done.", Courtney says.

"I'll go next.", Heather says.

"No, I will.", Courtney says.

"You just want to go next so if you win, the team will trust YOU more.", Heather says.

"And you know that because that's your plan too.", Alejandro says. Courtney smirks at Heather.

"UGHHH I HATE you!", Heather shouts at Alejandro.

"CODY, JUMP!", your entire team yells at Cody.

"B-But...", he protests.

"WHAT?!", you all shout back, as Noah jumps. He hits the edge of the cliff, and lands far from the shore.

"I'm s-scared, okay?", he says. You all groan.

"CODY!", you all shout again. You couldn't tell what Cody was more afraid of; the team or jumping off the cliff. Eventually, he did jump – guess the team was scarier.


You all lean down and watch. Cody swims around, narrowly dodging a shark that was busy with Noah.

"Meh, he needs to toughen up.", Courtney says in reaction to Noah.

"Got one!", Cody announces, getting out of the water.

"Come on!", Brick says, as Cody jumps into the carriage. Brick has an easy time pushing.

"The heroes gain the lead!", Chef announces.

"Where IS that guy?!", Courtney asks, angry. Some time passes, and there is no one coming out of the water.

"Guess he died.", Heather says passively.

"Darn shame.", Duncan adds.

"Alright then, who's jumping next?", Courtney asks.

"Me.", Heather says.

"No, me!", Courtney shouts.

"Uh, I think he's coming back out.", Justin says. A shark goes to the shore, and spits out Noah.

"FINALLY!", Jo shouts, picking up Noah, and dropping him into the carriage roughly. Later, she comes back with Brick.

"HE FORGOT TO GET A KEY!", Jo screams. The villains facepalm. Jo leaves Noah on the ground, and makes Mike jump. Mike and Zoey get ready to dive.

"Mike.", Zoey says. Mike turns to face his girlfriend. Zoey kisses him on the cheek quickly before diving.


"Good luck.", she says sweetly. Mike jumps right after her, and Cody comes back up.


"S-Sorry for failing", Cody says when he comes back up, shielding himself.

"It's alright.", Gwen says.

"Come ON! You're SO getting eliminated next.", you shout to Jo, who was moving too fast.

"At least I'm trying...", Cody says, upset.

"OMG Cody, I wasn't talking to you!", you say, a bit surprised.

"Sure.", he replies, unconvinced. Damn it...

Finally, your turn arrives. You're jumping with Alejandro – great, Mr. Perfect.

You jump, and so does Alejandro. Alejandro shoves you to the side during the jump.

What do you do?

A: Shove back

B: Ignore him

C: Attack him some other way (specify)

You turn away from Alejandro, determined to dive and win this challenge.

"I would say it's been a pleasure, but we both know that's not true.", Alejandro says, shoving you aside again. You land far from the shore and land right on a shark.

"Uhh....nice shark!", you say, your heart beating. The shark, probably tired due to beating up Noah so hard, throws you to the shore. You jump back in to pick up a key, but by then, Alejandro is long gone.

"Come on, maybe we can catch up!", Brick says. You jump into the carriage.

"Bye, Noah!", you say. Noah moans in pain.

You finally reach the Spa Hotel, and Alejandro puts his key in. Jo pants.

"I haven't been this tired since I ran that septathlon!", Jo says in between catching her breath.

Alejandro puts in the key, and the door swings open.

"Finalmente!", he cries.

"Finally!", Jo cries, exasperated.

"The Villains win!", Chef announces. You and Brick groan.

The elimination ceremony begins.

"Welcome to the newly cleaned up bonfire.", Chef says.

"Why are they here?", you ask bitterly, referring to the villains.

"That's the brand new Peanut Gallery. Now, the winnin' team gets to watch the losin' team vote someone off.", Chef says.

"Interesting.", Heather says.

"The villains get a night in the Spa Hotel, as well.", Chef says. The villains cheer.

"Aw, come on...", you all groan.

"Ah, shut up ya big babies.", Chef says.

"Can we vote now?", Zoey asks, annoyed.

"Yes.", Chef says. You go into the confessional, one by one.

Who do you vote for?

A: Anne Maria

B: Brick

C: Charlotte

D: Cody

E: Dawn

F: Gwen

G: Harold

H: Lindsay

I: OC (yourself)

J: Sadie

K: Tyler

L: Zoey

(Who even IS Anne Maria? Did she debut this season?)

"The votes are in.", Chef says. He takes out a tray of marshmallows, and gives the usual spiel about what happens if you don't get one.

"I thought we were All-Stars, shouldn't he expect us to know this stuff by now?", Gwen asks you.

"Quiet!", Chef yells at Gwen.

"Alright, alright.", Gwen says, uncaring.

"The first marshmallow goes to...Tyler.", Chef says, throwing Tyler his marshmallow.

"Yay.", Tyler says. The next marshmallow goes to Charlotte. Then Dawn. Gwen. Harold. Lindsay. Sadie. Zoey.

"All four of ya got a lotta votes.", Chef says, looking at you, Brick, Cody and Anne Maria.

"The next marshmallow goes to...Anne Maria.", Chef says. Anne Maria catches her marshmallow gratefully.

"Next......Cody.", Chef says. You and Brick look at one another, concerned. Cody, who seems to be upset, picks up his marshmallow.

"The final marshmallow goes too...











"Both o' ya! This was a reward challenge!", Chef says, then begins to cackle loudly.

"Huh?!", you both exclaim.

"It's the first episode of All-Stars. As if I'm votin' someone off. Who you think I am? Chris?", Chef asks.

"Oh, you're WAY better than Chris.", Gwen says, hugging you, relieved.

"Yay, OC is safe!", Lindsay says, hugging you too. Meanwhile, Tyler was in tears and wiping them.

"Oh, quiet down ya babies. You both get to stay. For now.", Chef says ominously.


OC: OMG...I was almost out. What could I have done differently? I guess I shouldn't be such a Mr. Nice Guy. That's how Alejandro won. I've gotta play tougher more holding back.

-end confessional-

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