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TDAS CYOA Cast - Food Fright

So far...

  • Alejandro's relationship with Heather has never been so complex – contrary to everyone's beliefs, he doesn't like Heather, and does not have a crush on her. Meanwhile, Heather remains confused as to Alejandro's true intentions. Alejandro also seems to know his team pretty well – at least, he knew Sierra quite well. This could mean Alejandro is as observant as Sadie seems to be.
  • Brick has finally gotten used to OC, and no longer refers to him as "sir". He has also sworn his loyalty to both OC and Charlotte.
  • Charlotte seems to dislike OC more and more lately, and OC isn't really doing anything to aid it. Her relationship with Brick and her relations with her "group" are going strong as well. Even aside from her group, Charlotte is also very good friends with Tyler.
  • Cody displayed his usual innocence and optimism by saying that last time's challenge could potentially be fun. Met with glares, OC is the only one who supported his claim. This made Cody like OC more, possibly setting him on the road to forgiving him. Cody also seems to know OC unusually well, being able to easily answer a personal question about him. Perhaps he spent too much time with Sierra.
  • Courtney and OC seem to be developing somewhat of an awkward relationship. OC has started to understand and empathize with Courtney more and more, whereas Courtney seems to tolerate OC easier nowadays (but still makes a remark about his cutthroat attitude). Courtney still seems to be bitter toward Duncan, but only shows it when provoked.
  • Dawn and OC have become friends, to the point where OC was able to easily exclude her from being one of Tyler's enemies.
  • Duncan, despite trying to keep a façade of not caring about Courtney, seems to provoke her if he ever gets a chance to get his digs in. This is shown when he laughs at her previous actions during the challenge, angering his ex-girlfriend. Duncan's influence on the team is slowly going down in favor of Eva, and he'll have to do something fast if he wants to be back at the top of the pecking order.
  • Eva seems to be in a similar position as Duncan. Her poor performance has taken a toll on her reputation. However, she is still in a better position than Duncan since she doesn't have a habit of causing drama or being a delinquent. Eva also seems to hold some suspicion towards Scott.
  • Gwen seems to be getting a bit tired of her team's attitudes, only finding friends in OC and Zoey for now.
  • Harold continues his bad luck streak in challenges, but is determined to do better in the future.
  • Heather and OC continue their rivalry; in the previous episode, they wasted no time in starting a fight. This, in turn, caused the huge food fight, all due to these two's rivalry. Even now, Heather is receiving no respect from her team – they don't even think she's enough of a threat to vote off. This angers Heather, but rather than a hot rage, Heather keeps it cool and is biding her time until she strikes. During the challenge, Heather was shocked to find out that Alejandro doesn't, in fact, have a crush on her. This confuses her, as she always thought Alejandro has a secret crush on her. Heather now has to come to terms with her own emotions, along with facing her team and establishing her place.
  • Jo seems to be inclined to insulting Heather, finding her an easy target due to her unpopularity and vulnerability. Although, Jo can easily back up her insults with excellent strategic ability. She singlehandedly got Lightning eliminated in the last episode, showing off her significant strategic ability and establishing herself as a threat to be reckoned with.
  • Justin's lack of knowledge about anyone except himself, his vanity, and his general stupidity are taking a serious toll on him. He thinks about two things; himself and how he's always coming up short to Alejandro. This distracts him in challenges, and may just give him a bad standing with the team in the future.
  • Lindsay insists on supporting OC at all times; she feels some sort of strong loyalty towards him, even defending him in front of Charlotte. This dedication led to some awkward moments with Tyler. She seems to have trouble coming to terms concerning her standing with Tyler, even though OC doesn't know the full story. He feels bad for his two best friends, and wishes he knew what happened. Even though Lindsay's challenge performance is abysmal so far, no one has actually given her a chance to step up as team leader. Despite that, Lindsay doesn't seem to be under threat of elimination due to her excellent standing with most of the contestants.
  • OC has been made aware of the bullying that Mike is going through lately, thanks to Tyler telling him about it. You feel bad for Mike, but there's not really much you can do without potentially getting on Duncan's bad side. Not to mention that Mike is on the other team.
  • OC is finally improving his relations with Cody, but still needs to make things better with Charlotte. He seems to be a main source for drama on his team, which could prove to be an issue. OC won some points with his team by winning the last challenge with Sadie, and chose Tyler as his roommate.
  • Sadie has dominated the team and is now at the top of the pecking order, especially after her excellent performance in the last challenge, finally being noticed by everyone, and generally sweet attitude. Sadie's excellent performance implies that she knows everyone better than she lets on, and observes more than people notice. She seems to know a lot about her teammates. Sadie is carrying on well without Katie, although she does think about her every now and then. Katie and José are the drive that motivates Sadie to win.
  • Scott and Eva's conflict seems to be rising higher and higher, with both even voting for each other. Eva's reason to vote for Scott was that she thinks he's a rat, losing challenges on purpose, whereas Scott finds Eva a threat and wants her gone.
  • Sierra seems to be supporting several sides without clearly showing it. She's supporting Alejandro and Duncan both, in more ways than one. It's quite possible that she is secretly voting with them, although no alliance has been confirmed. Sierra seems to have some sort of extreme knowledge about everyone, the show, and reality TV in general. Sierra is bending the game in her favor and she knows it – after all, she's gotta win for Cody!
  • Tyler shows extreme loyalty to OC, as usual, but now it seems to be the same as Lindsay's. Tyler is going through a lot of emotional turmoil – despite being nice to everyone, and being an all around great person, it seems there's one contestant who is manipulating him and lying about being his friend. OC has only now realized how amazing Tyler's social game and interactions are, sparking an interest in how Tyler manages to do so. Being popular seems to come naturally to Tyler, but rejection doesn't. Due to how fiercely loyal Tyler is to his friends, he finds it hard to believe that anyone would dislike him, especially when he's done nothing but be a great friend to everyone. Due to this, he has begun to doubt his own ability as a friend and now thinks he is a bad person as a result of this event. OC is trying to help him, but this is something Tyler must overcome himself. Other than that, Tyler is now your roommate when staying in the McLean Spa-Hotel. He also got to show off his challenge game in the last episode, improving upon his poor performance in Saving Private Brick.
  • You have a theory that Zoey is blending into the background on purpose, as a sort of "under the radar" strategic move. Zoey can't help but be more social with Gwen, and seems to be trying hard to gain your girlfriend's approval.

Food Fright

You wake up rather early, having slept SO well last night.

(That was honestly the best sleep I've had since coming to the island.)

You see Tyler is still asleep.

A: Let him sleep

B: Wake him up

C: Walk around the hotel

You decide to take a walk in the hotel. It's huge, so there's a lot to see. You were on the second floor, and you didn't really know where to go. You didn't see much of the other side of the second floor – that's the girls' wing, and it was late last night so you didn't go. You wonder who Gwen was rooming with.

(Hmm...maybe Zoey? They seem pretty tight.)

You head out to the end of the hallway, where there was a door to the balcony. The hallway was so well lit last night, but now the lights were off since the windows were letting sunlight trickle in as the sun rose. You opened the door and were let out. You saw the sunrise – from a comfortable balcony this time, rather than the creaky roof of the cabins. You turned around to perhaps see the cabins, but the balcony was facing the other way. You notice some noise on the roof, and the sound of a plate crashing inside.

A: Investigate the noise on the roof

B: Investigate the plate crash

(What's going on up there...?)

You climb up the roof and reach the top. There you see Dawn fighting a couple raccoons.

"Please, stop!", she says, as the raccoons claw at her.

"Oh my god, Dawn, hold on!", you say, rushing to her aid.

"They won't listen! They're so angry!", Dawn says. She tries to speak to them, but they continue to claw at her. You kick the raccoons away off the hotel roof, and they scurry off somewhere.

"What's with them? I thought animals really liked you.", you say.

"They have been acting very strangely lately...", Dawn says.

"Let's just...forget it for a moment. How are things going with the girls?", you ask.

"Very good. We chose roommates and fell asleep rather quickly.", Dawn says.

"Ooh, nice. What were the roommates?", you ask.

"Charlotte and I, Gwen and Zoey, and Sadie and Lindsay.", Dawn says.

"Ah, so all the friends together.", you say.

"I heard Sadie and Lindsay laughing together in their room all night.", Dawn says.

"I'm glad they're enjoying themselves.", you say, smiling at the thought of their laughs.

Then, you and Dawn finish watching the sunset.

You head back down, but it seems that nothing was broken.

"Hey, I heard some noise coming from here. Everything alright?", you ask. Cody was sweeping the floor.

"Um, yeah. Harold dropped a plate earlier while doing a move.", Cody explains.

"It wasn't just any move! It was the Kung Fu Ultra Hand Wave of Terror.", Harold says.

"Uh, right. That.", Cody says.

"Can you not do that?", Charlotte asks.

"It was all in the name of martial arts!", Harold reasons.

"Harold, I'm trying to enjoy my morning.", Gwen says.

"So, we were thinking of having a team meeting, to discuss strategy and other stuff.", Sadie says.

"Oh nice, whose idea was that?", you ask.

"Cody's.", Sadie says.

(Wow, maybe Cody is fit to be a team leader...Maybe I should tell him that?)

A: Say it privately to him

B: Say it in front of everyone

C: Say it at the team meeting

D: Say it when he's not around

E: Don't say it

"Oh, nice. He'd be a pretty good fit for team leader.", you respond. This gets the attention of quite a few of your teammates.

"Soo...when does the meeting start?", you ask.

"As soon as Dawn and Tyler arrive.", Sadie says. Dawn comes down soon after. You all sit around.

"Um...who's rooming with Tyler?", Charlotte asks, looking at you.

"Me.", you respond.

"I thought so. He's not awake yet?", you ask.

"Nope. Well, last time I checked he wasn't.", you respond.

"Sorry to ask this, but do you think you could go wake him up? It'd be weird if I did it.", Charlotte says.

"The meeting's not super urgent, we can let him wake up on his own.", Lindsay says.

"I know, but I'd like to get it started.", Charlotte says.

A: Go and wake Tyler up

B: Let him wake up on his own

You head upstairs. The room is still a mess from last night. Tyler seemed to be squirming around in bed. You lifted his covers, and he was still fast asleep.

He was moaning something in his sleep. You stood back a little, listening to him closely.

"N-No...Lindsay...", he said. Whoa...

"D-Don't let go. Stay with me...", he said. This went on for a while.

"...I don't want to leave you..."

"...Just one more night..."

"...I can't do this..."

"...Don't cry, Lindsay..."

After that, a single tear went down Tyler's cheek. You had no idea what to do.

"T-Tyler?", you whispered.

"Oh...Lindsay...", he says. You slowly touched his shoulder. He instinctively shifted away.

"...I don't want to do this, Lindsay, but I have to..."

"...Stop crying!", he says.

"Tyler, wake up!", you say. Tyler, frightened, wakes up.

"OC...?", he asks.

"Hey, sleepyhead. We're about to start a team meeting.", you say.

"Oh man, did I oversleep?", he asks.

"No, you're good. sleep okay?", you ask. Tyler sits up.

"I slept fine, I guess.", he replies.

"Any...dreams?", you ask.

"No! Um, none that I remember...why are you asking??", Tyler asks, almost in a panic.

"No reason! I'm just asking. Are you okay?", you ask.

"I'm alright. Nothing to worry about, bro.", Tyler responds, shrugging off the issue.

"If you say so. Anyway, let's go. They're waiting.", you say. You and Tyler head down.

"It's about time!", Charlotte says.

"Sorry! I, um, had to use the bathroom.", you say.

"Let's just start.", Sadie says. You paid close attention to Tyler. He was clearly avoiding Lindsay's gaze.


OC: What did I witness back there? Was Tyler having a nightmare? ...About Lindsay? There's something strange going on here and these two just aren't telling me.

-end confessional-

"First order of business, we need to discuss relations with the other team.", Charlotte says.

"You mean the villains? As in, the ones who have manipulated us for four seasons now?", Gwen asks.

"...My point exactly. We need to be careful about talking to them. Some more than others.", Charlotte says.

"Wonder who you're referring to.", you say.

"OC, we know you talk to the villains more than anyone here.", Zoey says.

(Not my fault, honestly.)

"I guess.", you reply.

"This isn't a time for us to get complacent. It's our first win, and I want to keep it that way.", Charlotte says.

"So what we suggest is cutting off contact with the other team as much as you can. Especially the more manipulative contestants like Heather and Alejandro.", Zoey says.

"Oh, trust me, I don't want to be talking to Alejandro at all.", you say.

"That's great.", Zoey says.

"There's another thing I'd like to bring up. Earlier, OC said that he thought Cody would be a good fit for team leader.", Charlotte says.

"M-Me?", Cody asks.

"I can see it happening, honestly.", Charlotte says.

"Yeah, this team meeting was your idea.", Gwen says.

"Can you lead us to victory, Cody?", Charlotte asks.

"I...I'll try.", Cody says.

"I think that's all. Anyone else have anything to discuss?", Charlotte asks.

"Just try your best.", Sadie says.

"Yeah. We can so do it!", Lindsay says.

"Leave no man behind.", Brick says. A loud, harsh voice sounds out through the loudspeakers. It's Chef, of course.


"Um, my skin is way nicer than a cockroach's.", Lindsay responds.

"Yesterday, Chris, the idiot, said whichever one of you Heroic Maggots can guess the votes from yesterday gets a special prize. I wanna hear 'em NOW, before we begin today's challenge!", Chef says.

Present your votes!

Alejandro - Lightning

Courtney - Duncan

Duncan - Mike

Eva - Scott

Heather - Jo

Jo - Lightning

Justin - Lightning

Lightning - Jo

Mike - Lightning

Scott - Eva

Sierra - Mike

You present your votes, that you had spent all night thinking about.

"Alejandro, Jo, Justin and Mike voted for Lightning. Heather and Lightning voted for Jo. Duncan and Sierra voted for Mike. Scott and Eva voted for each other, and Courtney voted for Duncan.", you say.

"That is...






...WRONG!", Chef says.

"Yeah. Mike voted for Jo, not Heather. Heather was part of the alliance to vote for Lightning.", Zoey says.

"That's correct.", Chef says.

"How do you know that?", you ask.

"Simple. I snuck into the monitor room last night – it's actually located in the Spa Hotel – and watched all the confessionals so I could get that prize.", Zoey says.

"You...cheated?", Charlotte asks.

"Guess you could call it that. But I'm winning and you're not.", Zoey says.

"Zoey, I didn't expect that from you.", Charlotte says.

"Oh, what? I'm supposed to be sweet all the time?", she asks.

"Well, no, but this is so unlike you and–", Charlotte explains.

"Who cares? It's not even the worst thing I did. Remember Tyler's fake friend? It's me.", Zoey says. Tyler looks shocked.

(WHAT?! This is the LAST thing Tyler needs right now.)

"I thought you liked me...", Tyler says.

"Nah. I just needed your vote. How else would I have voted off Anne Maria?", Zoey asks. You all gasp.

" voted for Anne Maria?", you ask.

"Nope, I voted for you.", Zoey answers.

"What?? Why??", you ask.

"I couldn't risk making an enemy of Anne Maria in case the votes got exposed again and she didn't get voted off. Half the team votes for you on a regular basis.", Zoey says. You had to admit that was true.

"Oh...", you respond. Not much else to say.

"Zoey wins, but I have to move her over the Villains team. This is too much.", Chef says.

"What?! I'm not a villain!", Zoey says. Her facial expression and reaction made it pretty clear that she wasn't shocked.

"You can't make us lose our numbers advantage like that!", Gwen says.

"Fine. Decide which Villain you want. NOW!", Chef shouts.

Your team begins a discussion.

Which Villain should switch places with Zoey?

A: Alejandro

B: Courtney

C: Duncan

D: Eva

E: Heather

F: Jo

G: Justin

H: None

I: Mike

J: Scott

K: Sierra

"Chef, we've decided.", Cody says. Gwen steps forward.

"We pick...", Gwen says. The Villains give several different reactions...

Alejandro glares...

Courtney looks concerned...

Duncan looks scared...

Eva is indifferent...

Heather is fearful...

Jo is glaring...

Justin looks confused...

Mike looks upset...

Scott glares...

Sierra seems to be lost in thought...

"...Mike.", Gwen says. Everyone gasps.

"Good riddance!", Jo says, pushing Mike into the dirt towards your team.

"HEY!", Zoey shouts.

"What now?", Jo asks, turning her attention to the smaller girl.

"Just because you think you're all that, it does NOT give you the right to treat him that way.", Zoey says, her voice cracking.

"Oh, look who decided to be a hero now.", Jo says, smirking at Zoey.

"Sh-Shut up. He's my boyfriend...", Zoey says.

"I doubt he even knows who you are anymore.", Heather says.

"Of course he does.", Zoey says.

"He liked Zoey. Not...whoever you are.", Heather explains.

"I haven't changed at all...I just wanted to be with him.", Zoey says.

"Enough to betray my best friend?", you say coldly.

"I...I...", Zoey stutters.

"Excuse her. She's obviously insane.", Heather says.

"Okay, that's enough. Zoey, I can't believe you'd do something like that.", Mike says.

"Mike, I...", Zoey says.

"You what?", Mike asks.

"I just wanted to be with you.", Zoey says.

"And you felt that you had to hurt Tyler to do that?", Mike asks.

"I needed to switch teams. I had to be there for you, Mike.", Zoey explains.

"And how well did that work out?", he asks. Zoey becomes speechless. Alejandro chuckles.

"This relationship drama is getting so old. Just break up already, like everyone else.", Eva says.

"Eva, that's a terrible thing to say.", Sadie says. Eva rolls her eyes.

"Maybe...maybe she's right.", Mike says.

"Huh?? What are you saying??", Zoey asks.

"Zoey, maybe if you're willing to go this far...this relationship is kinda unhealthy. Trust me...I know unhealthy.", Mike says.

"Mike, no...It's not like that...", Zoey protests.

"Maybe you're right. But perhaps we should take a break...", Mike says.

"I can't believe this...", Zoey says.

"I'm sorry, Zoey.", Mike says.

"And you're just...doing it in front of everyone.", Zoey says.

"SERVES YOU RIGHT!", you shout. Tyler holds you back.

"OC, don't. Please.", he begs.

"She hurt you. I'm not taking that lying down.", you say.

"It's...not her fault. She just did it out of love.", Tyler says. You step back and cross your arms.

"Zoey, I can't imagine you doing something like this.", Charlotte says.

"I was a huge mistake.", Zoey says.

"Welcome to the Villains team. I'd show you the ropes, but you won't be here long enough for it to matter.", Heather says. Cody gives Mike a hand, and he stands with your team. You all look at Chef, who had taken a seat and was sipping tea, watching the drama.

"Can we...start the challenge now?", Mike asks.

"What? It's over already?", Chef asks.

Chef leads you all to some sort of obstacle course, with two HUGE pancakes.

"Is this why we didn't get breakfast?", Duncan asks.

"Yep. This is breakfast. Eat up, suckers. One by one, you'll all take this obstacle course.


"These are the four parts of your challenge. If you throw up, you're OUT!", Chef says.


"Pfft, what's so hard about that?"

"That ain't enough for you, ya baby? Fine then...", Chef says.

"No!! It is!!", you all shout in protest.

"Thanks to Scott, I'll introduce something I normally wasn't going to...", Chef says. Chef climbs into his helicopter and flies away.

"THANKS, SCOTT!", you all shout.

"What? I can't speak my mind now?", Scott asks. Eva seemed to be five seconds away from strangling him.

"Hey, OC?", Gwen says. You turn to Gwen.


"Good luck.", she says with a smile. You look into her eyes.

"Good luck to you, too.", you say.

"Do your best. And just...know your limits, okay? I don't want you to get hurt.", she says.

"I understand. Same to you. It'd crush me if you got hurt.", you respond. Chef's helicopter returned, with him inside, carrying something HUGE.



"Someone expendable should go first. And since Mike's gone, you're up Courtney.", Heather says.

"I am not next on the pecking order. YOU go.", Courtney says.

"Why should I?!", Heather exclaims.

"You're not even a real villain!", Courtney says, crossing her arms.

"Oh, don't you go there!", Heather responds.


Heather and Courtney argue for team leadership.

"We can be more organized than's up?", Cody asks.

A: Volunteer to go first

B: Don't volunteer

(I kinda have a weak stomach, and Gwen said not to push myself too to lay low for now)

"Alright then, I'll go!", Cody says. Cody walks to the starting line.

"GO ALREADY!", Heather shouts.

"Why don't we just make someone else do it?", Courtney asks with a wink.

"Oh...are you proposing an alliance to me?", Heather asks in a hushed voice.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. You in?", Courtney asks. Heather shakes Courtney's hand, but crosses her fingers behind her back.

"Let's just make someone else do it.", Courtney says, gesturing toward Duncan.

"I like the way you think...", Heather remarks.

"Duncan. You're up.", Courtney says. Duncan, who was busy carving something into a tree, looks up.


"You're up. Get to it! Chop chop!", Courtney says.

"I never volunteered, Princess.", Duncan replies.

"I took a leader's decision and volunteered you.", Courtney says.

"Who made YOU leader?", Duncan asks.

"Heather.", Courtney says.

"Heather?? As if SHE'S got any say around here.", Duncan says.

"Just GO already!", Eva says sternly. Duncan rolls his eyes.

"Alright, alright. I'm going. How hard can it be to beat the geekwad anyway?", Duncan says, giving up. He and Cody stand at the starting line, and Chef blows his whistle.

Cody and Duncan run, and reach the pancakes. Duncan starts scarfing them down.

"How is he eating so fast...?", Jo asks.

"Tastes just like the food back at juvie!", Duncan shouts at Jo, in between bites.

"Less yakking, more snacking!", Courtney scolds.

"Oh, shut it!", Duncan retorts, continuing to eat. Meanwhile, Cody wasn't faring as well. He had barely eaten anything, and was careful to chew his food.

", don't wanna choke...", Cody says. You all groan.

"It's a challenge, Cody!", you say.

"Fine, tag me!", Cody says.

A: Tag Cody

B: Let someone else tag

You shrink back and let someone else take over.

"Uhh...I can do it.", Mike says.

(Wow, seriously?)

"Really?", Gwen asks, puzzled.

"Sure...I mean, I should prove myself to the team.", Mike explains.

"That's...surprisingly mature.", Gwen responds. You head over to Gwen as Mike performs in the challenge.

"You don't seem like you're at your best..something up?", you ask.

"I don't know. I just feel like Zoey and I were getting close.", Gwen says.

"Hey, it'll be alright. I don't think she disliked you, honestly.", you say.

"I don't really want to be friends with someone who would hurt Tyler like that.", Gwen says.

"I get it. She did it out of love, and the only reason I'm not going over to Heather and demanding that she vote off Zoey is because of Tyler.", you say.

"Wow, really?", Gwen asks.

"Yeah. He even held me back when I was about to shout at her earlier.", you say.

"We're...pretty lucky to have him. How does he stay so perfect?", Gwen asks.

"Trust me, he's not perfect.", you say.

"What do you mean?", Gwen asks.

"Okay, this is like, SUPER private, but I'll tell you. It's something about Tyler, and even he doesn't know that I know this about him.", you say.

"OC, you're worrying me. What's going on?", Gwen asks.

"Tyler...still has feelings for Lindsay.", you whisper. Gwen's eyes grow wide.

"What?!", she whispers back.

"I heard him in his sleep. He was having a nightmare, and it seemed to have something to do with breaking up with Lindsay.", you say.

"But...but why? Wasn't it his choice?", Gwen asks.

"I don't know. He won't tell me anything.", you reply.

"I thought you two were super close. Why won't he tell you?", Gwen asks. That's a good question – why WON'T he tell you?

"I guess...I never asked? That might have something to do with it.", you explain.

"OC, you should try to be there for him.", Gwen says.

"I would, but last time that topic came up, he seemed to be depressed or something. Before the season started. Should I tell him I know about the dream?", you say.

"You can't tell him you were watching him in his sleep. That's kind of pushing it, even by you two's standards.", Gwen says.

"You're right. What to do...?", you wonder.

"Maybe just leave it until a good time.", Gwen says.

"I could try that.", you say.

Pick ONE contestant to talk to and say WHAT THE CONVERSATION SHOULD BE ABOUT.

Talk to Dawn about Tyler's situationAD744

(Alright, not everything has to be about the competition. And sometimes waiting for a good time isn't an option. I need to take a break and get help from someone. Who could help?)

You look around and see Dawn. You remember that she has some sort of telepathic or supernatural power, and you decide it would be a good idea to take it up with her.

"Hey, Dawn.", you say. You remember that Dawn was attacked by raccoons earlier today, and decide to ask her about that first out of concern.

"Hello, OC!", she replies.

"So, how are you doing now? You know, after that attack?", you ask.

"Oh, I'm doing just fine. I don't know what came over those animals...which is unusual for me. I feel cut off. I can sense them so easily usually. Speaking of sensing, you seem to be troubled.", Dawn says.

"Whoa. I actually am...", you say. You confess everything you saw to Dawn, and she doesn't seem to be surprised.

"Oh my. I knew it was bad, but...this bad. Tyler always dreams of his friends, and especially Lindsay. Now the dreams have become negative...", Dawn says.

"You...know what people dream of?", you ask.

"I do. You, for example, tend to dream about what's going on around you.", Dawn says. You remember your dream about kicking a "puppy" earlier; she wasn't wrong.

"I don't know, I just feel like I need to be there for him. As if I'm not doing enough.", you say.

"What do you mean?", Dawn asks.

"He's always so happy to see me, showering me in compliments, and just brightening up my day most of the time. I feel like I don't return the affection.", you say.

"That's not true at all. And you don't think that. You're just dazed by recent events. You are so important to Tyler.", Dawn says.

"", you ask.

"Of course. He relies on you for emotional support all the time. He's going through a tough time right now, and you're the only person he feels comfortable venting to.", you say.

"That makes sense, I guess. I just want to be there for him.", you say.

"And you are. But OC, you must understand that you can't get involved in everyone's lives. It is imperative that they overcome their problems themselves sometimes.", Dawn explains.

"I can't just stand to the side and let Tyler suffer. He wouldn't do that to me.", you say.

"Tyler is fiercely loyal, and this puts him in very bad situations. But Tyler is a different person from you.", Dawn says.

"That's true...", you say.

"I would recommend that you be there for Lindsay, though. You and Lindsay have been friends for longer and she's going through a lot more emotional turmoil than Tyler.", Dawn says.

"Whoa, really?", you ask.

"Lindsay and Tyler are both extremely positive people who never want to worry their friends. They'll never show off their sadness.", Dawn says.

"But...why?", you ask.

"It's just how they are. Lindsay knows how, and I hate to use this term..."dim" she is, and she feels like she has to compensate for it with her personality.", Dawn says.

"Lindsay is not dim.", you respond.

"It's wonderful that you think that, but Lindsay doesn't. No one will even let her be team leader. Her self-confidence is getting worse and worse.", Dawn explains. You were heartbroken, and ashamed that you didn't already know this.

"Why...did those two break up?", you ask.

"I don't know. Tyler seems to be trying to block it from his mind.", Dawn says.

"Poor Tyler...", you say.

"Indeed. I hope things get better.", Dawn says.

"Wait, last question. Should I tell Tyler what I know about him?", you ask.

"Personally, I think-", Dawn begins. You're snatched away by Charlotte, who exclaims that it's your turn. Surprise, surprise, your match is against Heather.

"Oh, it's you.", you say.

"Hi.", Heather replies. The loudspeakers sound, and you two run. You're about on-par with Heather's speed, until she speeds up and reaches the pancakes first. You manage to catch up due to her slower eating speed, and you two start the obstacle course.

You go through the challenge – the Bouncy Butts were surprisingly fun, the roller pins were hard, and the Grand Crusher HURT. After you come out of the Salad Spinner, you feel sick to your stomach.

Throw up?

A: Yes, you'll hurt too much if you don't.

B: No, you'll get eliminated if you do.

(I can't give up, I'll have to choke it down)

You block your mouth, careful to not throw up. You take deep breaths from your nose, and try to calm yourself.

(Ugh, WHY do I have such a weak stomach...?)

"Don't throw up, honey.", Heather says.

(If I lose to Heather...), you think. You start thinking of being voted off – especially after your past performances. The pressure just seems to build up, and you vomit.

"Ah great, now the interns gotta clean this up.", Chef says. A frustrated intern comes and cleans up the vomit.

"Ahahahaha!", Heather laughs. Then, she proceeds to throw up herself.

Your team glares at you when you return, and Heather's team glares at her.

You go sit on the bleachers with Heather.

A: Talk to Heather about strategy

B: Talk to Heather about others

C: Talk to Heather about life

D: Don't talk to Heather

It's pretty awkward between you and Heather as you don't talk. At one point, you see Charlotte peek at you, and smiles when she sees that you aren't talking to Heather.

Soon, the challenge comes to its ending point, with a lot of vomit everywhere. Chef called for a break, and the obstacle course was cleaned up. Brick and Scott, the only two contestants left, got a break.

"How...did Scott get so far?", you ask.

"He eats dirt, so I'm not surprised that he's handling this with ease.", Mike says.

"I guess. What about Brick?", you ask.

"He's gone through some sort of military eating training. You gotta eat fast if you're a soldier.", Charlotte says.

"Hey, Charlotte...does it scare you that your boyfriend is a soldier?", Sadie asks.

"No, why would it?", she asks.

"He...could go off to war one day.", Sadie says, worried. Charlotte stops and thinks about her response.

"I...have considered it. We've actually talked about it. I would never leave him though. I think...I'm in love with him.", she says. Sadie squeals. Charlotte hushes her.

"D-Don't say anything! I want to tell him when the time is right.", Charlotte says.

"OMG! That is so cute!", Sadie says.

"Totally cute!", Lindsay says. Charlotte blushes.

"Alright, get back in!", Chef says. Brick and Scott line up and glare at each other.

"You ready?", Scott asks.

"As ready as I'll ever be.", Brick says.

"On your marks...get set...GO!", Chef says, sending the two off. The one-minute timer doesn't sound; the two have to finish their remaining pancake. Since the villains had hardy members like Duncan, Jo and especially Scott, their pancake was considerably smaller than your pancake, due to the more weak-stomached members like you.

It comes down to those two near the grand crusher. Brick appears to be slowing down; he needed some sort of motivation!

What do you say?

A: "Soldier, pick up the pace or your line of duty is over!"

B: "Brick, you can do this! We believe in you!"

C: "Come on slacker, PICK IT UP! We don't have time for this nonsense!"

D: "If you lose, you are SO out!"

E: "Brick! You're better than Scott, you can do it!"

"Soldier, pick up the pace or your line of duty is over!", you shout at Brick. Something seems to click in Brick, and he suddenly gets a burst of energy. He stands up straight.

"I WON'T LET YOU DOWN!", he says, saluting you. Your team looks at you, surprised.

"Whoa, nice job...", Gwen says. Brick speeds ahead of Scott, who was beginning to feel full.

"Ohh...ate too was so good, though...", Scott says.

"Scott, hurry up or your sorry but is gonna be OUT!", Jo screams. With Jo's alliance, she could easily do that.

"I'm TRYING!", Scott says. He hurries on ahead, but Brick was already occupying the Salad Spinner. He exits...and holds back vomit. You all cover your mouths in fear.

Some time passes...

...and Brick...



Doesn't throw up!

"Brick wins for the Heroic Hamsters! The Villainous Vultures lose again!", Chef says. The Villains groan, and your team cheers. Brick come down, and you all lift him up.

"Brick!! Good job babe!", Charlotte says, pulling Brick in for a kiss. Brick blushes wildly.

"I-It was nothing, really! It was for the team!", Brick says.

"Brick, I LOVE YOU!", Charlotte says with an incredible enthusiasm. Brick's eyes widen, and he hugs Charlotte.

"I love you too!!!", Brick says.

"Aww!!", Sadie, Lindsay and the other girls (and Tyler) go. Eventually, everyone joins in at the adorableness of Brick and Charlotte.

"You're the best, babe.", Charlotte says.

"I'd be the best if you weren't here.", Brick says.

"Yeah, you're right.", Charlotte says, playfully, winking at her boyfriend.


Round 1:
21st: OC
20st: Heather
19th: Alejandro
18th: Lindsay
17th: Dawn
16th: Justin
15th: Harold
14th: Courtney
13th: Mike
12th: Zoey
11th: Sierra
10th: Tyler
9th: Sadie
8th: Charlotte
7th: Eva
6th: Gwen
5th: Cody
4th: Duncan
3rd: Jo
2nd: Scott
1st: Brick

Heroic Hamsters:
11th: OC
10th: Lindsay
9th: Dawn
8th: Harold
7th: Mike
6th: Tyler
5th: Sadie
4th: Charlotte
3rd: Gwen
2nd: Cody
1st: Brick

Villainous Vultures:
10th: Heather
9th: Alejandro
8th: Justin
7th: Zoey
6th: Eva
5th: Sierra
4th: Courtney
3rd: Duncan
2nd: Jo
1st: Scott

Later, everyone gathers for the Bonfire Ceremony. Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, Eva, Heather, Jo, Justin, Sierra, Scott, and Zoey gather to receive their marshmallows.

"Once again, ya villains have lost. YOU SUCK.", Chef says.

"We've won more than we've lost.", Alejandro says, rolling his eyes.

"Does it look like I care?!", Chef asks.

"No.", Alejandro responds.

"I'm tired tonight, so I'll get this started. The first marshmallow goes to Duncan.", Chef says.

"Yeah!", Duncan says. Scott looks worried. Jo smirks at him.


"Yay! Thank you, Chef!", Sierra chirps.

"Courtney!", Chef says.

"Thank you very much.", Courtney says politely.

"Eva.", Chef says. Eva takes her marshmallow without a single word.

"...Alejandro.", Chef says.

"Excellent.", Alejandro says. He smirks at Heather. Heather crosses her arms and glares at him.


"Ha!", Heather says, blowing a raspberry at Alejandro.

"Wait, what?", Jo asks.

"Surprised?", Heather asks. Jo clears her throat.

"No. You just performed really badly.", Jo responds.

"Justin.", Chef says.

"Of course, I get it after Alejandro. It's because I'm ugly, isn't it?", Justin asks. His team appears confused.

"Justin, you've got a little cut on your face there. Maybe apply a bandage?", Zoey suggest. Justin feels around his face viciously, and finds the cut.

"Oh no! My perfect skin! It's been tainted! I'm...basically a circus freak. Justin's head droops as he walks back to his spot. Chef turns to the remaining three who have not gotten a marshmallow – Jo, Scott and Zoey.

"The three of you have racked up a lotta votes today. Only two marshmallows remain on my tray. The second last one goes to...Scott!", Chef says.

"Huh? I thought Jo was....eliminating me?", Scott asks.

"Only you and Courtney voted for him.", Chef says.

"Wow, PRIVACY much?", Courtney says, annoyed.

"Hey!", Scott says, offended.

"What? You annoyed me.", Courtney says. Jo and Zoey look worried – neither of them had received a marshmallow.

"The final marshmallow goes to...", Chef says. Zoey looks worried, while Jo appears to be slightly uncomfortable. Chef looks them both, dead in the eye. He opens his mouth; then closes it.











"...Zoey!", Chef announces. Everyone gasps; including Zoey. Zoey cheers, and gratefully takes her marshmallow.

"WHAT?! But how?!", Jo demands to know.

"Didn't you have an alliance? What'd you do to them?", Duncan asks.

"They obviously preferred me over Jo.", Scott says.

"I wasn't even trying to vote YOU off, Dirthead!", Jo exclaims.

"Wait, what? Then who were you trying to...?", you ask.

"HER!", Jo says, pointing at Heather. Heather smirks, waving at Jo.

"Oh, your little plan? I found out ages ago.", Heather says.

"You...WHAT?! But how?! WHO TOLD HER?!", Jo demands. No one speaks up.

"She came to me...", Justin says.

"Same.", Zoey says.

"I can confirm; Heather plotted behind your back. And oh my, what a blindside.", Alejandro says.

"You...waste of skin!", Jo shouts at Heather.

"A waste of skin who's still in the game, unlike you.", Heather says.

"Ooooh.", you all say.

"I can't believe this...", Jo says.

"Yeah, yeah, it's always a shock.", Chef says. Chef picks up Jo, and carries her to the Boat of Losers, kicking and screaming.

"Whatever! I already have a bunch of money sitting at home!", Jo exclaims.

"Goodbye, Jo.", Heather says. Jo is greeted by her mother at the Boat of Losers. A big, tough, stern looking woman with piercing eyes.

"Oh, m-mom. Hey...", Jo says. Her mom simply looks down at her, and shakes her head. Jo's head droops low. Heather chuckles as Jo leaves Total Drama All-Stars.

"Our first blindside! Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on Total...Drama...All-Stars!", Chef says.


Alejandro: Eliminating Jo, and being so proud of it...My my, Heather has never shined so radiantly...Hehe. No! Estupido! Not now! Still...*sigh*

-end confessional-

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