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So far...

  • The All-Star season has begun, and twenty-four of Total Drama's best contestants have returned.
  • Alejandro and your rivalry has continued. Other than that, he is having regular conflicts with Heather, and seems to get along with Jo and Courtney rather well – mostly by opposing Heather.
  • Anne Maria seems to be the more sassy of your team members. You dislike her, but she doesn't know.
  • Brick has trouble getting to know all the classic contestants, letting them walk all over him. This may spell trouble for him if one of the more antagonistic characters catch the drift.
  • Charlotte seems to be much more relaxed and less determined on winning than she was last season. She's also fast friends with Tyler (although this may be because she reminds Tyler of OC)
  • Cody seems to be trying to take a leadership role in the team, and seems to be quite confident in his abilities. Even after he was shut down, Cody still has trouble participating due to no one wanting to listen to him. He was heard crying into his pillow last night.
  • Courtney is very angry about the previous seasons, and refuses to go down without a fight. She's been treating Duncan very roughly, however Duncan understands the predicament. She, Jo, and Heather are in a power struggle.
  • Dawn has startled you on multiple occasions with her creeping around, yet she seems to understand you very well.
  • Duncan appears to be having relationship troubles with Courtney. Her angry attitude makes her hard to handle for Duncan, and he seems to already hate being on the show.
  • Eva seems to be very no-nonsense this season; doesn't look like she's changed much since her TDI days. She seems to have something missing; perhaps she longs for friendship.
  • Gwen is glad to finally be back on the show with OC, and not on a team with Heather and Courtney. She seems to be much more relaxed this season, and her relationship with OC is smooth-sailing. Although, she is having trouble interacting with the newer contestants.
  • Harold is excited to try out his new skills on the island, having gained the All-Star status, and he plans to put it to good use.
  • Heather has returned, and is being accused of turning "good". This enrages her, as she still considers herself the queen bee among all the villains. Has she truly turned good? Will Jo and Alejandro get to her? Or is she still the manipulative queen of villainy that we all know?
  • Jo is once again determined to win at all costs – no one has EVER won two seasons before, but she's hell-bent on being the first one. To do so, she needs to crush potential threats Heather and others, which is exactly what she's working on.
  • Justin may have ranked fourth in Total Drama Action, but he still seems to be developing an inferiority complex to Alejandro. How will he cope?
  • Lightning, being the daddy's boy he is, convinced his father to pay Chef to let him return. Can Lightning redeem himself and make his father proud, or is he doomed to be a fodder?
  • Lindsay seems to have broken up with Tyler, but she's unfazed. Gwen told OC that she's not the same in private as she is in public, but refused to give more details. OC being Lindsay's best friend should get to the bottom of this – but how?
  • Mike is having trouble adjusting on the Villains team. He doesn't consider himself a bad person and never will. He's suffering anxiety from fear of elimination, along with the fact that his Multiple Personality Disorder seems to be out of control again.
  • Noah got hurt.
  • OC wants to cover up for past mistakes he's made in the past, and is determined to win. He had to shut down Cody's ideas, and significantly reduced the boy's self-confidence. Along with this, OC also caused his team to lose by letting himself be a pushover to Alejandro.
  • Tyler appeared at OC's doorstep two weeks before the season began. He seems to be depressed about something, and OC thinks it's because of breaking up with Lindsay. However, there's clearly more. Tyler seems to be a social butterfly with the new contestants, although he obviously still misses his ex-girlfriend, Lindsay.
  • Sadie has been separated from her best friend, Katie, and is having trouble coping with this new environment. Her friends are there for her, but Sadie must learn to be there for herself.
  • Scott has returned and been dubbed the "failed antagonist", a laughingstock among his team. He has also developed a fear of sharks due to his interactions with Fang.
  • Sierra has decided to stop focusing on Cody, no matter how dreamy he is, and instead use her very extensive knowledge of Reality television to dominate the game and come out on top.
  • Zoey has once again been forgotten by everyone, after thinking that everyone finally likes her from the previous season. Having to deal with rejection from everyone except Mike, CO and Dawn, can Zoey gain the respect of her teammates? Or will she be eliminated trying?

Evil Dread

You all return from the elimination ceremony, and you feel nervous. So does Brick. Cody hasn't looked at you once.

The boys decide to choose bunkmates. Who do you bunk with?

A: Brick

B: Cody

C: Harold

D: Tyler

"Alright, let's split this up. Who's bunking with who?", Tyler asks. You felt bad for Cody after your treatment of him earlier today.

"I'll bunk with Cody.", you say. You turn to Cody; he's already on the top bunk. You wanted the top bunk, but you decided not to say anything.

"I can bunk with Brick.", Harold says.

"Affirmative.", Brick replies.

" mean I'm alone?", Tyler asks, turning to you.

"Uhh well, I already chose...", you say, unable to think of why you didn't bunk with Tyler.

"Alright then...", Tyler says, going to the bunk alone.

(It's so hard to please everyone...)

Harold takes out a deck of cards and plays with Brick, while Tyler goes straight to sleep. You're not tired, and Cody's playing on his phone.

"So, Cody...?", you say.

"Hey.", Cody says, still not looking at you.

"How've you been?", you ask. Cody shifts uncomfortably; as if talking to you is actively causing him pain.

"I'm fine.", Cody says. His lip quivered. His voice cracked a little.

( he about to cry?)

"Oh, th-that's good to hear then! Anyway, I'm tired so I'll just go to bed.", you say, and pretend to go to sleep. After a while, you fall asleep.

You dream about a little puppy. A cute puppy. Without being able to help yourself, you kicked that puppy, sending it flying at the wall. You wake up, feeling uncomfortable. You check the time; 6 AM. Everyone was still asleep except for Brick.

"OC? Are you okay?", Tyler says, waking up almost instinctively.

"I'm...I'm fine.", you say.

"Alright. I'm going back to bed.", Tyler says, with a yawn. You try to fall asleep as well, but can't shake that uncomfortable feeling. You get up and climb to the top of the cabin to watch the sunrise.

"Beautiful, isn't it?", Dawn asks. Once again, she startles you. You nearly fall off, but Dawn catches you.

"Heh, I guess you're watching the dawn...", you say.

"I am. It's beautiful.", Dawn replies.

"No, it was a pun.", you respond.

"I don't think I understand.", Dawn says.

(Dang, this girl needs to get out more...)

"So what're you doing up so early?", you ask.

"I like to wake up early in the morning to check my tea leaves and meditate a bit.", Dawn explains.

"Oh, sorry, am I interrupting?", you ask.

"Not at all. You seem troubled, though.", Dawn says.

"How'd you know? You know what, pretend I didn't ask.", you say flatly.

"Like I said yesterday, it's all in your aura. Did you hurt someone?", she asks.

"More like multiple someones...", you answer.

"Oh my. Human relationships are fragile, OC. Take care of them. Nurture them.", Dawn says.

"Yeah, you're right...", you say, staring at the sky. The sun came up so beautifully, you forgot you were at Camp Wawanakwa for a while.

Later, it was time for breakfast. You all head to the mess hall.

"OC, where were you?", Harold asks.

"Oh, I woke up early and decided to watch the sunrise.", you explain.

"Getting up early? Doesn't sound like you.", Harold observes.

"Yeah, I had a bad dream.", you answer.

"Okay then.", Harold says. You sit down by yourself to try and figure things out. Before you can get a single thought in, Heather sits by you.

"Wow, you really did a number on Cody.", she says.

"Huh? What do you mean?", you ask.

"I mean, you destroyed his self-confidence. So villainous, I love it! You'll be on the same team as me in no time. You know, me. The greatest and original Total Drama villain.", Heather says.

"I'm not a villain, Heather.", you say.

"Really? Didn't you cause most of the eliminations in season one?", she asks.

"You started that alliance.", you reply.

"But whose decisions were all the eliminations?", she asks. You sigh.

"Mine.", you answer.

"Exactly. You are a villain. After all, you made Cody cry!", Heather says excitedly.

"What's with you and wanting me to be a villain? What are you pla--wait a second. How do you know I made Cody cry? Even....Even I didn't know that.", you say.

"Oh wow, some team leader you are. Yikes.", Heather says mockingly.

"Heather, how did you know that?", you ask.

"Harry Hou-weenie told me.", Heather says.

"Harold? Why would he be telling you stuff about us?", you ask.

"I don't know. Ask him.", Heather suggests.

"I will...", you say, getting suspicious.

"Anyway, keep up the good work on destroying Cody's self-esteem. So delicious!", Heather says.

How do you respond?

A: Insist that you're not a villain like she thinks you are

B: Change the subject by teasing her about Alejandro

C: Get up and sit somewhere else, with someone else (who?)

"You know what else is delicious?", you ask. Chef serves the food, and Heather picks at her plate.

"Definitely not this.", she says.

"You and Alejandro.", you say.

"Ew, I hate that guy.", Heather says.

"Are you suuure?", you ask, teasingly.

"Yes. I'm sure I hate him.", Heather says.

"That's not what I saw.", you say.

"What are you playing at?", Heather asks.

"You seemed pretty concerned when he jumped into the water. That's all.", you say.

"I do not care about him.", Heather says.

"Sure, Jan.", you reply.

"WHO'S JAN?", Heather shouts.

"It's a meme.", Zoey says.

"Huh? How do YOU know this?", Heather asks Zoey.

"What? I spend a lot of time online.", Zoey says.

"Because you have no friends.", Heather responds.

"Drag me.", Zoey says simply, going back to her food. Heather grunts.

"Love can be a powerful emotion, you must have trouble dealing with it.", you continue.

"Alright OC, I think that's en-", Gwen says.

"I DO NOT LOVE ALEJANDRO. I HATE THAT GUY!", Heather shouts, interrupting Gwen. Everyone turns to face Heather, and she turns red.

"Crap.", she says.

"...Tea.", Zoey remarks. Heather slumps down on her seat, and continues picking at her food.

"I hate you too.", she says to you.

"Okay, Old Heather.", you say. Heather gasps.

"OC, that's enough!", Gwen says. She takes you to the side.

"Do you realize that you were eliminated last time?", Gwen asks.

"Wha? No way.", you respond.

"Oh, yes way. You did not make a good first impression after how you treated Cody. I wouldn't be shocked at all if you were out first.", Gwen says.

"But it's because of how I was a pushover to Alejandro.", you explain.

"You think that's why. If you don't know the real reason, I can't help you there.", Gwen says, walking away.

"Gwen...", you say, but she was already gone. You sit down with Tyler.

"Aww, what's wrong buddy?", Tyler asks.

"I don't know. I just keep feeling like I'm messing up.", you say.

"Don't worry about it. We're all having trouble. I can't even talk to Lindsay.", Tyler says.

"Huh? Why not?", you ask.

"I feel like if I talk to her, I'll accidentally spill the tea about...nothing. Never mind.", Tyler says.

"Since when do you say 'spill the tea'?", you ask.

"Zoey taught me.", Tyler responds.

"You're really getting along with the newbies, aren't you?", you ask.

"I guess.", Tyler says, unsure of how to respond.

"Well, you're probably the only one. None of us can seem to adjust or find common ground. Guess it'll take a while. Good for you, though.", you say.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, you watch the Villains' conflicts continue.

"I am not sitting next to Brightning! His stupidity is probably contagious!", Jo says.

"Lighting ain't sittin' next to this rat.", Lightning says to Jo.

"Ugh, you guys are such babies.", Duncan says.

"Fine, you sit next to him then.", Jo says.

"Alright, here's what we'll do. Just make Mike sit in between you two.", Duncan says. Mike, who was peacefully eating his food in the corner of the table, looks up.

"Hm?", he asks.

"Mike, get up.", Duncan says.

"But I'm eating...", Mike says.

"Get up.", Duncan repeats.

"You can't tell me what to do.", Mike protests. Duncan glares at Mike.

"A-Alright, I'm getting up.", he says, standing up. Duncan snaps his fingers then points down at the the chair where Mike was to sit. Mike quietly picks up his tray and sits there.

"Fine, that works. For now.", Jo says, sitting down.

"Mike is only a bit of an improvement from her.", Lightning remarks.

"You would say that about anyone except yourself.", Jo says.

"If you were me, you'd do that too!", Lightning says.

"Oh my god, you guys are so annoying.", Duncan says. He gets up, and sits on your table.

"Hi.", you say.

"Move over.", he says. You scoot over a little, not wanting to get the Mike Treatment. Duncan doesn't say much; he mostly just taps his head. Tyler attempts to start a conversation.

"So, Dunc-"

"Shut up.", Duncan responds, before Tyler can barely even get a word in.

"What's your damage?", you ask. Duncan sighs.

"Alright, I'm sorry, okay? My team is just driving me nuts. They're all annoying.", Duncan explains.

"Why are you even on the Villains team?", you ask.

"Stereotypes.", Courtney says, walking over.

"Guess that makes sense.", you say. Lindsay, Harold, Sadie, Charlotte, Zoey, Gwen, Cody and Brick stand up and move as soon as they see Courtney sitting down. That leaves you, Tyler, Duncan, Courtney, Dawn and Anne Maria on the table. Courtney crosses her arms.

"Some team. Dividing itself in half like that.", Courtney says.

"Even if that was the case, they're still better than our team.", Duncan says.

"Our team is fine, with me leading it.", Courtney says.

"Leading? You think you're leading the team? As if!", Duncan exclaims.

"What is that supposed to mean?", you ask.

"You couldn't lead a group of baby chickens that imprint on you!", Duncan says in frustration.

(That's not a good idea, Duncan...)

"Are you SERIOUS? HOW am I not a good leader? I was a C.I.T.!", Courtney shouts.

"You're bossy, rude, loud, and annoying.", Duncan says.

"Did you just...", Courtney says, unable to finish her sentence out of shock.

"Whoa...not cool, man.", Tyler says. The part of your team that walked away glare at Duncan.

"I knew it. I knew you didn't like me anymore.", Courtney says.

"Look, Courtney, that's not the case.", Duncan says defensively.

"Yes, it is. This has been going on for two years now, Duncan. You're obviously annoyed with me and don't say anything. That's it, isn't it?", Courtney asks.

"Well...", Duncan tries to explain.

"I don't know why I expect you to be able to share your emotions. You never do! Sorry Duncan, but I don't think I can do this anymore. We're done.", Courtney says. Everyone gasps; Duncan and Courtney, one of the longest-running couples in Total Drama, are breaking up?!

(First Lindsay and Tyler, now this?! What is going on??)

"B-But...", Duncan says, in an attempt to protest. Courtney stands up.

"Don't bother.", Courtney says, and walks away. Dawn, Anne Maria, and Tyler walk away, disgusted by Duncan. Duncan buries his faces in his hands.

"Crap. I really messed up big this time...", Duncan says.

What do you do?

A: Move away from Duncan, disgusted by his attitude

B: Support him and try to help

"I'm sorry.", you say, upset for Duncan.

"Whatever...", Duncan says, shrugging you off.

"If you want to talk about it..."

"No.", Duncan replies.

"You sure? You know you can tell me anyth-"

"I said no.", Duncan says sternly. You don't say anything after that. Later, you're called for the challenge.

"Back in Total Drama World Tour, the contestants traveled to the Love in France.", Chef says.

"Actually, I think it's pronounced Louvre.", Courtney says.

"In the Love, they had to find pieces of a broken statue and piece it together.", Chef continues.

"Louvre", Courtney corrects again.

"So I've broken up pieces, not from the Love. You have to dig them up and construct the sculpture on the platforms you're standing on.", Chef says.

"LOUVRE!", Courtney shouts.

"DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE?!", Chef shouts.

"No...", Courtney responds.


"Oooooooohh", everyone goes.

"I'm Chef snatching weaves.", Zoey remarks.

"First team to build up their sculpture wins. The winning team gets to spend the night at the McLean Spa-Hotel and gets a box of luxury soaps and other toiletries, that will supply them for the rest of the season.", Chef explains.

"We need to win...I wanna get in that spa hotel!", Charlotte whispers to you.

"You may want to choose a team leader.", Chef says. Heather and Jo are immediately at each other's throats.


"Alright team, let's get to work!", Charlotte says.

"Wait, why are you team leader?", Gwen asks.

"No one else stepped up.", Charlotte explains.

"You didn't give anyone else a chance.", Gwen points out.

"I can find the pieces easily, let me be team leader!", Harold says.

"No.", Gwen replies.

"Um, did you go to Archaeologist Steve's Archaeology Camp?", Harold asks.

"No.", Gwen replies.

"Then I'm the only one who is truly qualified for this challenge.", Harold says.

"Whatever, Harold.", Gwen says.

"The Villains get shovels.", Chef says, as an intern brings a box full of shovels.

"Excellent.", Heather says, picking up her shovel. Lightning takes out two, leaving Heather with none.

"When one hand gets tired, I'll use this one!", Lightning says.

"You can't have two!", Heather exclaims.

"Why? You afraid I'll outshine you?", Lightning asks. Heather snatches a shovel from Lightning's hand, and slams him in the face with it.


Lightning, after Heather slams his face with a shovel

"I should totally be leader!", Lindsay says.

"Why?", Charlotte asks.

"Because I'm the hottest.", Lindsay says.

You can either nominate yourself for leader, or support someone else.

A: Nominate yourself

B: Charlotte, because she's strong

C: Harold, because of his skills

D: Lindsay, because she's hot.

"If I could maybe give my two cents?", you ask.

"Sure, if they'll even listen.", Gwen replies.

(Best to play it safe here)

"Why don't we go with Charlotte? She's already shown that she has a natural sense of leadership and confidence.", you suggest.

"Fine.", Gwen answers.

"Alright then, let's begin. First off, we're dividing our area into three sections. Pick a section, everyone! We'll cover more ground that way. Harold and Cody, since you're good with this stuff, you two stay on the platform and piece the sculpture ", Charlotte says.

Everyone randomly picks a quadrant.

Which one do you pick?

A: Section 1, near the ocean, with Brick, Charlotte, and Lindsay.

B: Section 2, near the ocean, with Gwen, Sadie, and Zoey.

C: Section 3, closer to the platform, with Dawn, Anne Maria, and Tyler

You head over to the first quadrant with Brick, Charlotte, and Lindsay.

"Hiiii!", Lindsay chirps, excited to see you.

"Hey, Lindsay.", you reply, digging your hands into the sand.

"My nails are gonna get SO ruined!", Lindsay remarks, upset.

"Then we should win!", you say.

"You're right! Those classy nail files are almost as good as the ones I have back home.", Lindsay says.

"Oh, I've seen those. Do you really need ten, though?", you ask, remembering seeing it among all the other expensive items when you went to Lindsay's house.

"Well, of course I need it all!", she explains.

"But you're already so pretty.", you say.

"I don't do it to make other people think I'm pretty, silly. I know I'm pretty!", she says.

"If only we all had your confidence, Lindsay.", you say.

"OMG, was that conceited?", Lindsay asks in a panic.

"Nah, you're good.", you say with a wink. Lindsay digs into the sand, trying to be careful not to mess up her nails. That doesn't last long. You walk away when she starts screaming.

You go to the edge of your quadrant, and meet Anne Maria.

"Hey, OC.", she says while digging.

"Hi.", you reply, digging deep.

"You and Lindsay are pretty cute, y'know?", she says.

"What do you mean?", you ask.

"You two make a good couple.", she says. You blush.

"Lindsay and I...we??? We're", you say, flustered. Anne Maria looks confused.

"We're not dating. Haven't you seen this show?", you ask.

"Not really. I just watched a couple episodes of World Tour, and I saw Lindsay helping you with some problems. It was adorable.", Anne Maria says.

"I'm with Gwen...", you say.

"Oh. You'd look cute with Lindsay.", she says.

"Thanks?", you respond.

"Ah, help me!", Charlotte cries out.

"OC, help!", Lindsay cries out. Charlotte and Lindsay were both falling into separate crab pits.

"Uhhh...", you say, caught between the two.

Who do you help?

A: Charlotte

B: Lindsay

You rush over to help Charlotte, and so does Brick. You awkwardly step away, but also keep your hands out, unsure of what to do.

"Um...I can handle this, sir.", Brick says.

"I, I know...", you say

"Then why did you come help?", he asks.

"I was just looking out for a teammate.", you answer.

"Your friend is falling in though.", Charlotte says, pointing at Lindsay. Brick rushes over, but Lindsay falls in before he can catch her.

"Ow, ow, ouch! Ow, my hair!", Lindsay shouts. Brick pulls her out. Lindsay dusts herself off.

"My hero!", she says, hugging Brick.

"It's no trouble, ma'am.", Brick responds.

"I was gonna help.", you say.

"Oh, it's okay. I'm fine.", Lindsay says. She yelps, and pulls a crab that was pinching her butt. She throws it into the pit.

"Let's just...keep searching.", Charlotte suggests.

"Good idea.", you respond. Anne Maria gives you a disapproving look; why was she watching anyway?

What do you do now?

A: Continue searching

B: Apologize to Lindsay

C: Take a break

"Hey, Lindsay."

"Hi.", Lindsay responds, digging into the sand more carefully.

"Sorry for, um, not helping you back there. I don't know what came over me.", you say.

"Well, my butt hurts now. But it's okay.", Lindsay says, smiling.

"Thanks, Lindsay. You're the best.", you reply.

"Thanks!", Lindsay replies. Lindsay gets back on her knees, and pulls a bunch of sand apart.

"OMG!", Lindsay exclaims, pulling a piece out.

"Yes!", you say, handing the piece to Anne Maria.

"You handled that well.", she says to you.

"Anne Maria, for the last time, Lindsay and I are not dating.", you say calmly.

"I know. A person can handle issues with friends too...", she points out.


Current statistics:

  • 2/6 pieces. Found by Dawn and Lindsay.


  • 1/6 pieces. Found by Sierra.

"I found a piece!", Mike exclaims.

"Move over, White Lightning's got this in the bag!", Lightning says, shoving Mike into the sand and taking the piece.

"Hey, I found that...", Mike says.

"Well I'm puttin' it in.", Lightning says.

"Alright, Lightning!", Scott says excitedly. Lightning throws the piece onto the sculpture as if he's playing football, causing the entire thing to come crashing down.

"Great! More work!", Heather shouts.

"Great job, Liability!", Jo insults.

"You guys are just jealous that I'm so strong!", Lightning says, flexing his muscles.

"Stop having daydreams about yourself and HELP.", Heather shouts.

"If they were your muscles, you would too.", Lightning says, kissing his biceps. Heather and Jo walk away.

"Ooh, yeah! Lightning's beautiful! Mhm, sexy beast!", he says, kissing his biceps.

"Hey, I found a piece.", Justin says, looking at the others excitedly.

"Excellent. I found two.", Alejandro says casually.

"Whoa. Nice work.", Eva says, carrying the pieces onto the sculpture.

"Yeah, good job Alejandro.", Courtney adds. Justin crosses his arms.

"Come on guys, the villains are in the lead. They've got four pieces!", Gwen says.

"It's hard to dig without shovels.", Zoey says.

"I know, but we can still try.", Gwen says.

"I found another, but it's really heavy!", Dawn says. Cody tries to help, but fails.

You tug at the ground, and you think you've found a piece. On the other hand, Dawn and Cody were struggling and no one seemed to be helping them.

What do you do?

A: Help Dawn and Cody

B: Dig up your piece

"Dawn, Cody, I'll help.", you say, leaving your section.

"Why, thank you.", Dawn says, as you three lift up your piece together. Dawn seems to blush a little.

"Yeah, thanks.", Cody says flatly.

"You're welcome...", you respond. What now?


OC: I try to help Cody, and he doesn't even seem grateful. What's his deal?

-end confessional-


Cody: Yeah, I guess it was kinda cold to act like that towards OC...I don't know...I just wanted to prove that I could do something to help, even if was to just one team member.

-end confessional-

Current statistics:

  • 3/6 pieces. Found by Dawn, Lindsay, and Dawn again.


  • 5/6 pieces. Found by Sierra, Lightning, Justin, and two from Alejandro.

"Oh my gosh, I totally just found one!", Sadie says. She passes it to Harold, who puts it in.

"That's four pieces! Nice job, Sadie!", Harold says excitedly.

"Thank you!", Sadie says, blushing. You decide Sadie could use some encouragement.

"Yeah Sadie, good work! We'll cruise through the game with you on our side!", you say sweetly.

"OMG thank you so much, OC!!", Sadie says happily, blushing and giggling at you.

"Come on, get a move on!", Eva says, growing more and more impatient by the minute.

"I'm trying! My shovel is stuck!", Scott says, groaning.

"YOU'RE JUST TRYING TO MAKE US LOSE AGAIN!", Eva screams, her hands forming into fists.

"Pfft, I am not!", Scott says.


"The hatred...", Charlotte remarks.

"I don't eat rats!", Scott responds.

"YEAH BECAUSE THAT'D BE CANNIBALISM. WAIT YOU'RE FROM A FARM WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW?!", Eva exclaims, enraged at Scott's stupidity at this point.

"I'm TRYING to pull it out!", Scott says.

"Allow me.", Alejandro says.

"Uh, you don't have to...", Scott remarks.

"YOU'RE RIGHT. MOVE.", Eva says, shoving Alejandro aside, and pulling out the shovel with ease. Her nostrils flared as she glared at Scott.

"What? I'm tired.", he says.

"GET. TO. WORK.", Eva says sternly, shoving the shovel into Scott's arms, knocking him down.

"Alright, alright.", Scott says impatiently.

"You should just let Lightning do all the work! Sha-yeah!!", Lightning says.

"No wonder this guy was first out last season. Does he ever sha-shut up?", Gwen asks, rolling her eyes.

"Aw, he's not that bad.", Zoey responds.

"Why don't you look at what he's doing and get back to me on that?", Gwen asks, gesturing to Lightning.


Lightning digging in the water

"Okay, that's just sad.", Jo says. You and your team start laughing at Lightning.

"Stop! Stop it! Stop laughing!", Heather says, angry that her team was being humiliated like this. Heather facepalms.

Jo walks over to Lightning and crosses her arms.

"You done yet?", she asks. Lightning looks up and realizes what he was doing.

"Lightning was just checking!", he says to justify his actions.

"Why does he always refer to himself in the third person...?", Justin asks.

"He's even vainer than you.", Courtney responds.

"Have fun talking to yourself?", Jo says to Lightning.

"Um Jo that was very rude.", Courtney remarks.

"Can we stop trying to insult each other and get to work?", Heather asks.

"Of course the do-gooder Heather wants us to work together.", Jo says, walking toward Heather.

"Do-gooder? I'll show you do-gooder.", Heather responds.

Evil 1

"How's that for a "do-gooder", huh?"

– Heather

Sue 2

"Woohoo, I found another piece!", Zoey says. You all cheer, and you search for that spot where you had found a piece.

A lot of time passes.

"We are now two hours into the challenge, with both teams tied up at five pieces. This raises a pertinent question.", Chef Hatchet says. He looks at both teams.


Heather: "This challenge is stupid!"

Zoey: "We don't have shovels!"

Scott: "I keep getting hurt!"

Lightning: "I'm amazin'!"

"Hurry up! I got dinner plans.", Chef says.

"With who?", Courtney asks condescendingly.

"NONE O' YA BUSINESS!", Chef shouts back.

"Geez, okay...", Courtney responds, going back to her digging.

"I found it!", Duncan says, holding the piece up.

"Alright, Duncan!", Mike says, taking the piece.

"Move over.", Duncan says, snatching the piece back.

"THEY'RE ABOUT TO WIN!!!", Harold shouts at your team. This catches Duncan's attention, and he starts running toward the platform. You finally find where your piece is, and pull it out.

You're too far from the platform! What do you do?

A: Throw it to Dawn, who is close to the platform

B: Throw it to Tyler, who is close to the platform

C: Throw it to Anne Maria, who is close to the platform

D: Throw it directly to Harold, who is on the platform

E: Throw it to Zoey, who is very athletic

F: Don't throw it and run to the platform yourself

"Dawn, catch!!", you say, throwing the piece to Dawn. Even though everyone around you were screaming in terror, you kept your cool and threw the piece to Dawn with as much as accuracy as possible. Dawn catches the piece in her arms, but is unable to carry it.






"I'm's so heavy...", Dawn says, struggling. You all run over to help her, but it becomes a mess when you all are rushing toward her.

"The villains win again!", Chef says. You all breathe out, tired. The villains breathe a sigh of relief as Duncan smiles, leaning against their sculpture.

"Alright, Duncan!", Heather cheers.

"Way to go!", Jo cheers.

"Not bad, Juvie.", Eva says.

"Yeah, not too shabby.", Scott says.

"YOU DON'T GET TO SPEAK.", Eva screams. Scott steps back.

"Yes ma'am.", Scott says obediently.

"The villains get to enjoy another night at the Hatchet-Brand Spa Hotel. As for the Heroes...", Chef says, turning to you guys.

"You bit the biggest! You're votin' someone off, tonight!", he says.

"Back again on the loser's area, I see?", Heather asks.

"Oh, shut up.", you say.

"It's all thanks to you and Dawn that the team lost anyway.", Heather says.

"Then I guess she'll be out.", you say, rolling your eyes.

"Nope. She found two pieces. You found one, and didn't even manage to get it to the podium.", Heather mocks.

"Bye, Heather.", you say.

"I'm just stating the facts.", she says.

"BYE HEATHER.", you repeat.

"The sheets are so uncomfortable. Only seven hundred thread count...", Heather continues. You groan in agony of listening to Heather brag.

"Meh, I'll just take Mike's.", Heather says, shrugging.

"I don't care.", you say.

"I know you don't.", she says.

You all sit around the campfire, as the Villains watch your team smugly.

"Back again? Guess you'll never know the luxury of the McLean-Brand Spa Hotel.", Chef mocks, adding his usual cackle.

"McLean-Brand? You just said Hatchet-Brand earlier.", Zoey says.

"Yeah, turns out Chris had it copyrighted. Dumb host...", Chef says, mumbling something under his breath about Chris.

"Can we vote now...?", Anne Maria asks.

"Yes.", Chef says.

Who do you vote for?

A: Anne Maria

B: Brick

C: Charlotte

D: Cody

E: Dawn

F: Gwen

G: Harold

H: Lindsay

I: OC (Yourself)

J: Sadie

K: Tyler

L: Zoey

"The votes are in. It's not too shocking...but for some added drama, I'll play the votes. Spicy...", Chef says. He clicks a button on a remote, and begins playing the confessionals.


Dawn: I don't think I can bring myself to vote for anyone. For this vote, I refrain. It was partially my fault that we lost too...I can only hope the team forgives me.

Sadie: Oh my gosh...I don't know! I like everyone! I guess Dawn, because she's fully creepy and wasn't strong enough to lift the sculpture piece. I'm sorry!

OC: Hard decision. I'm probably on the chopping block again too. But...Dawn.

Anne Maria: I don't know what that Harold kid's problem is...or why he's here. Did he ever even get far? I don't know.

Cody: *sigh* I vote for OC...

Lindsay: I'm voting for Harriet. He picked his nose earlier! Like, eww!

Zoey: I don't like bullies. And from the looks of it, OC is one to Harold. Sorry!!

Tyler: I'm voting for Harold, 'cause I know OC's on the chopping block. No way is he getting voted off. I'd rather eliminate myself.

Harold: It is with great pains that I say...I vote for...OC.

Gwen: Not wasting my time. Harold.

Charlotte: Uh, I don't know...OC? Can't think of anyone else. I thought he was cool, but he's actually kinda...weird.

Brick: I...I don't know. I can't just eliminate someone like this. On the other hand, it's for the good of the team. I vote for-

-end confessional-

"Stop...", Noah says.

"Quiet down and let the votes finish!", Jo says.

"Yeah Noah, stuff it.", Duncan says. Noah doesn't even look at Duncan. He simply walks out of the Peanut Gallery.

"What are ya doin?!", Chef asks.

"I...I quit.", Noah says. Everyone gasps, except for Anne Maria.

"Who is that, again?", Anne Maria whispers to you.

"Good riddance.", Heather says.

"But, why?", Brick asks.

"Yeah, don't you want to win?", Charlotte asks.

"No. I've had it with this show.", Noah says.

"What do you mean?", you ask.

"What do I mean? All that's happened to me since I got here is that I've been bullied. Nothing more...nothing less.", Noah says, his voice cracking a bit.

"So you're quitting, leaving us with a man down?", Justin asks.

"I can't take it anymore. You guys are just...awful. I miss...I miss being on the same team as OC and Tyler.", Noah admits.

"Ugh. Whatever.", Heather says. The Villains pick up their marshmallows, and throw them at Noah.

"I know I wasn't the best friend...and I could be really mean at times, probably one of the most flawed people you know, but I really have been trying to change.", Noah says.

"Aw, that's okay! Nobody's perfect!", Tyler says. Noah smiles.

"Th-Thanks, Tyler.", Noah replies.

"Keep trying.", Courtney says, annoyed.

"At least you're not as bad as them.", you say, referring to the villains.

"Anyway...I guess this is goodbye.", Noah says.

"I still don't care about you. Anyway, time to debut the elimination method. This season, we're going back to the Boat of Losers. Waiting for you on the boat is a loved one.", Chef says. Noah walks down the Dock of Shame, upset, his head hanging low.

He reaches the Boat of Losers, and no one is there to pick him up. You feel kind of bad for him. The Villains laugh at Noah as he leaves.

"That was the very first elimination on Total Drama All-Stars! Tune in next time for more shocking twists, drama, and...DID YOU JUST TURN AWAY FROM THE SCREEN? I SAID TUNE IN! See you next time on Total...Drama...All-Stars!", Chef says dramatically, sternly, then dramatically again.

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