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Riot On Set

You're woken up by a thump on the bottom of your bed and the sound of Chris shouting through a megaphone. It was DJ who hit the bottom of your part of the bunk.

"Ugh. Morning guys.", you say.

"Mornin'", Duncan replies, as everyone moans in response.

"How are you so awake?", you ask.

"Gotta stay alert when you're like me.", Duncan says.

"...What do you mean?", you ask.

"You know, running from the feds and stuff. Nothing major.", he says as he gets dressed. You get closer to Duncan.

"Hey, Dunc, thanks for the advice yesterday but Gwen's a little peeved at me.", you say.

"That's no prob, you gave her the night to cool down. Just explain it to her like an adult, dude. You can always get advice from me, I'm right here. I mean, as long as you trust me...", he says, talking about you eliminating him for lack of trust (and finding him a threat).

While Chris explains the challenge, you...

A: Take more advice from Duncan on what to do

B: Try to fix things with Gwen

C: Stay quiet and listen

"Anyway, the petting zoo job sucked.", Gwen ended.

"Gwen, um, I'm sorry about what I said yesterday. It was random and uncalled for, and if you want to date Trent I won't stop you.", you say. Gwen smiles.

"Aww! I was never going to date Trent, but that's really sweet OC. Anyway, we better pay attention.", Gwen says.

"And now, Gwen and Trent will pick the teams.", Chris says.

"Alright, I pick OC!", Gwen says excitedly. Trent looks ticked off, as if he wanted to pick you.

(Oh wow I got picked first for something)

"Okay then! I pick the beautiful Lindsay!", Trent announces.

(Huh? Is he trying to make Gwen jealous or something?), you wonder.

"Umm...okay. I pick Duncan.", Gwen says definitively. Trent looks shocked.

"What, you're making a harem or something?!", Trent shouts. Gwen, and everyone else stare at him in disbelief and shock.

"Fine, who do you pick then?!", Gwen says angrily.

"I pick Justin!", Trent says.

"Great, fill your team with the good looking people.", Gwen says.


"I guess I'll go with Leshawna.", Gwen says next.

"The sisters are back in town!", Leshawna announces proudly.

(So far so good, she's picking all my friends.)

"Alright, I'll pick Beth, because I like keeping my team happy!", Trent says, making Lindsay happy that another girl is on the team and Beth happy since she gets to be on the same team as Justin.

"I'll pick the funnest guy around, Owen!", Trent says.

"Aw yeah! Party with Trent! We'll be playing hard all night!", Owen shouts.

"Umm...don't say it like that.", Trent says, disgusted.

"I'll go with Bridgette.", Gwen says, as Bridgette smiles.

"Fine, I pick Izzy!", Trent says, making Owen AND Izzy two very happy people. Trent looked mad.

"Come on DJ, you're with us.", Gwen says as DJ happily walks over to your team, and high fives you and Leshawna.

"Wait, so I'm the last one picked? That's a total mistake guys, because my mad skills are like, the most useful thing in the game.", Harold says.

Tell Gwen to take Harold?

A: Yes, an extra member can always come in handy!

B: No, Harold will hold us back and Duncan won't stop bullying him

"Gwen, just take Harold and end this.", you whisper. Gwen rolls her eyes at Harold's kung-fu moves.

"I have awesome stealth moves.", he says

"Alright, fine, I pick Harold if only to shut him up.", Gwen says.

"Wise choice.", Harold says, standing next to you.

"Umm...Harold, you may not want to stand next to me...", you say. Duncan pulls down Harold's pants.

"Hey dork, these are my stealth moves.", Duncan laughs. You feel ashamed for chuckling a bit.

Chris explains the challenge, then adds that all the equipment has to be taken up the hill. On the way you decide to pass the time by talking to one of your team mates. Who will you talk to?

A: Duncan - ask him if he can stop bullying Harold

B: Harold - Get to know him better

C: DJ - a friendly chat

D: Bridgette - help her cope with Geoff's absence

E: Gwen - talk team strategy

"We need someone big and strong to push the trailer. DJ?", Gwen asks.

"I'm not doing it! What if I slip and fall? How can I deal with hurting someone?", DJ replies.

"Come one, DJ, you're our only hope!", Gwen says.

"Hey, DJ...what if you pulled the trailer, and Bridgette and I stood on the other side and pushed?", you suggested. DJ smiled a bit.

"Yeah, I think that would work.", DJ says. Gwen smiles.

"Nice idea, OC. You and DJ kinda saved the day.", she says.

You and Bridgette push the trailer up the hill together and talk.

"So, Bridgette, you getting along okay?", you ask.

"I'm f-fine...", she says, her voice cracking.

"I bet Geoff is rooting for you back home."

"You think so? Yeah...of course he is..."

"And he doesn't want you to lose!", you say.

"Yeah!", Bridgette says.

"Wave hello to Geoff!", you say. Bridgette turns to the camera breaks the fourth wall and waves, and you do the same.

"And I'm sure Geoff wants you to try your best, Bridge.", you say.

"You know what, OC? You're right. I'm gonna try my best, for Geoff!", Bridgette says, and hugs you. You can feel her new burst of energy by her pushing the trailer.

When you get to the top, you find out that you got to the top before the Grips and you cheer. As Chris explains the next challenge, Trent starts flirting with Gwen, but Gwen's ignoring him. Then he taps his head...9 times? And starts flirting with Gwen again.

Chef hands out the files with the skits in them, and as everyone immediately singles out Duncan as the person who should play the character, you notice an error in the script: It got switched with the Grips' skit.

Point it out?

A: Yes, do it, everyone will thank you for it, and Duncan will trust you more

B: No, if we have the wrong script that means the Grips have the wrong script

(Hmm, better just leave it)

"Duncan, you've gotta play the role of the street thug!", Gwen pleads

"Don't typecast me, Gwen", Duncan says.

"Come on? Please?", Gwen says.

"Fine.", he says. Chef comes.

"DJ's gotta do it.", he says bluntly. DJ looks as if he's pretending to be surprised, like when someone spoils your surprise party but you have to pretend to be surprised and happy...except he didn't look too happy.

"Umm...OC?", Gwen asks.

"If he can pull it off, I don't see why he can't do it.", you say.

While everyone gets DJ prepped for the role, you watch the other team.

"Hey, LINDSAY, why don't you play the role? BEAUTIFUL actresses are a necessity and YOU'RE definitely HOT.", Trent says, trying to get Gwen's attention. Gwen wasn't paying attention. Meanwhile, Izzy tried to plead Trent for her to play the role, but Trent wasn't listening.

Lindsay tried to play the role, but she's not really the thug type.

Later, DJ plays the role and Chef starts bawling.

(Lindsay's acting wasn't bad either...I mean, for the wrong skit, it wasn't bad. And why is Chef crying?!)

"I think *sniff* we have a winner!", Chris says, and runs away quickly.

(Oh tin man, you do have a heart!), you think to yourself about Chris.

Later, the Grips have to vote someone off, and you all finally get lunch - you're starving! As usual, you hate having lunch alone - feels lonely.

Who do you talk to during lunch?

A: Lindsay - she's your friend and you haven't talked much

B: DJ - he looks a bit tense

C: Izzy - She's always got something weird interesting to say

"Hey, DJ, you're looking tense. Is something the matter?", you ask nicely.

"N-nothing! Why would you even ask?! MAMA SPICE.", DJ says randomly. You're puzzled.

"Umm...right. How's it going? Anything new?", you ask.

"New?! What do you mean new?! Like a new alliance?!", DJ says in a panic.

"Oh my gosh dude calm down, I'm not accusing you of anything. Just talking to you, man to man.", you say.

"Oh...okay...heh heh...", he says, taking deep breaths.

"Can I tell you something?", he asks.

"You can tell me anything man.", you reply. DJ gets closer and talks in a hushed voice.

"I'm in a secret alliance with Chef. He asked me earlier before we started the acting challenge, said he was gonna toughen me up, make me a man y'know.", DJ explained.

"What's so bad about that? Sounds cool. I mean, if Chef weren't a psychopath.", you note.

"Yeah, but he told me that it's an illegal alliance. I'm not being honest! Imagine what my mama would say if she knew. She'd have my skin grilled for the raccoons, but the worst part would be her disappointment in her little boy.", he says, making you chuckle a little.

"Haha, you're not even close to little, DJ. You're big, strong and you don't need to listen to Chef if you don't want to.", you say...but then you think.

(The reason we won...was because of DJ...crap.)

And then you add, "but of course Chef could help you win a bunch of money, so just keep doing what you're doing.", you say.

"But Mama...", he says.

"Will be happy with the money."

"Excuse me?! Are you implying Mama is some sort of coattail rider?", DJ asks.

"What?! No I'm not! *sigh* okay, the truth is that if you have this alliance then our team will get further in the game. But...just do what you think is right. Sorry for trying to manipulate you.", you admit. DJ smiles.

"Thanks for being honest with me, OC. You're a real friend.", he says.

(I usually have people wrapped around my finger like a string...DJ's so kind and such a softie it's hard to put him in that kind of situation...I wonder who the Grips are voting off.), you think to yourself.

Later, the Killer Grips (Lindsay, Justin, Beth, Owen, Trent and Izzy) have the first elimination of TDA after the teams were picked.

"You've all cast your votes and made your decision. The Glided Chris Awards go to...Lindsay, Izzy, Trent and Owen. The final Gilded Chris Award remains.", Chris says. Justin and Beth look nervous.

The last Gilded Chris goes to...








"Aww...I'm going home?", Beth asks.

"Sorry Beth, but it's time for the lame-o-sine.", Chris says.

"Goodbye, everyone! It was short but fun!", Beth says sweetly.

"I know we just became friends but I'll miss you Betty!", Lindsay says.

"Thanks Lindsay. And it's Beth.", Beth replies.

"Oh, sorry. I'm not that good at the alphabet.", Lindsay says.

"I'll miss your hotness, Justin. Good thing I have a boyfriend for myself back home!", Beth says. Everyone gasps in shock.


"Yeah! My boyfriend's name is Brady and I met him-", she begins.

"Just go already!", Chris shouts. And so, Beth leaves, leaving little impact or significance.

Bonus Clip

"I guess it's a little disappointing that I got eliminated so early. At least I got farther than Heather!", Beth says cheerfully.

"But I was hoping to redeem myself from what I did last season. Oh well, at least I made new friends! Like Lindsay! I guess everything was good after all!", she says.

Beach Blanket Bogus

  • Remaining Contestants:
  • Screaming Gaffers: Bridgette, DJ, Duncan, Gwen, Harold, Leshawna, OC
  • Killer Grips: Izzy, Justin, Lindsay, Owen, Trent

The scene opens at breakfast.

"These eggs are so crappy. I hate mornings.", you say grumpily.

"Oh, they're not so bad. At least we have each other.", Gwen says sweetly.

"Hey, why so down man?" Duncan asks.

"Nothing, I'm just sick of this show.", you say.

"We're only like three episodes in.", Duncan notes.

"Whatever.", you reply.

"If you're feeling down, just turn around. I know you don't like Trent.", Duncan says.

"What's wrong with Trent? He's-" you say, but are interrupted by Duncan picking you up and shifting your position to face Trent's plate, and you watch the salt and pepper tops come off and all of it spill onto Trent's plate. You and Duncan both start howling with laughter, as Gwen fails to see the humor.

"Whatever.", Gwen says. Trent throws a pinch of salt back - to avoid bad luck - and almost on instinct, he throws it into your eye.

"AHH! WHAT THE HECK TRENT?!", you shout, as Gwen settles you down and gently dabs your eye.

"There, better?", Gwen asks.

"Yeah, a bit.", you say. It felt good...having Gwen's hand on your cheek...

On your way out of the crafts services tent, Leshawna stops you.

"Hey, this is just an idea and I haven't told him yet, but I was thinking, you me, Harold could form one heck of an alliance. You game?", Leshawna asks.

"Why not the rest of the team?", you ask.

"It's not that I don't like them, but come on...there can only be three finalists, OC. And I think we have a good chance to make it!", she says.

"Maybe...but...are you saying Harold because he listens to everything you say?", you ask.

"Harold is sweet and really useful when he wants to be. He's a valuable team member! And he's cute.", Leshawna says cheekily.

"Well...", you think.

(Leshawna has always had my back. Without her, a lot of people here would still hate me...)

"You don't have to answer right now. As long as you answer before the teams merge or before I think of anyone else, the offer is still up.", Leshawna says.

What do you say?

A: Accept - alliances are good, especially with friends.

B: Decline - no need for a repeat of last season's alliance drama

C: Tell her you'll get back to her - think about it for a while, then answer.

"Yeah, I'll think about it. I'm really glad you gave me the option though, Leshawna.", you say.

"No problem, we're all friends.", Leshawna replies. You two head off to Chris, and he starts explaining the teen surfing movie challenge.

"YOU MEAN LIKE WEST SIDE STORY?!", you blurt out. Everyone stares at you.

"What is that?", Lindsay asks.

"I think it's some movie from the 20s or something...", Justin says.

"Hello? West Side Story? One of the greatest movies of all time?", you add.

"Yeah, of nine generations ago...", Gwen says.

"Thank you, OC, for not being totally culturally insensitive. As for the rest of you, watch more classics.", Chris says. Chef nods.

"Hey, I know about this genre too!", Harold says.

"So you've seen West Side Story?", you ask.

"Pfft, seen it? I love that movie. My favorite scene is when-", he begins.

"While I'd love to chat about the movie, and trust me, I really would, we're on a schedule here and we need to get on with the challenge.

On the way to the set, you and Harold chat it up about your favorite movies that you have in common.

(Harold and I have more in common than I thought...I'd bring up my love of anime but no way I'm saying that in front of everyone...), you think.

He explains the challenge, and you realize you have no idea how to surf.

(Time to call in a favor)

"Hey, Bridgette...", you say.

"Oh, what's up OC?"

"Can you give me some surfing tips? At least so I can stay on the board?", you ask.

"Oh, sure!", she says, and gives you some tidbits about how to stay on the board.

Killer Grips

Izzy - Succeeds

Justin - Fails

Lindsay - Succeeds (not really she just clung to the surfboard on her stomach)

Owen - ?? (Chris gave them the point anyway)

Trent - Succeeds

Screaming Gaffers

Bridgette - Totally ROCKED it! Highlight moment for Bridgette

DJ - Failed

Duncan - Succeeded

Gwen - Failed

Harold - Failed

Leshawna - Failed

OC - Succeeded

The Grips won 4-3, and so Chris took you on the bus to Camp Wawanakwa.

"Aw man, not here again...", you say.

"This place was the worst. The water here is so bad for my hair.", Lindsay said.

You laughed along with everyone else when Chris asked if you all wanted to reflect on your memories.

"Since the Grips won the last challenge, they can go first.", Chris says.

That's when you think of an idea to take down Trent.

(Maybe, if I secretly tell Lindsay to take charge for once, as she's been WANTING to do, everyone will stop respecting Trent as leader...and he's gone!)

Do you do it?

A: Yes, tell Lindsay to step up as leader and sabotage Trent

B: No, lay low stay away - what if someone finds out?

(Yeah, I'm just gonna pass on that...)

"OC, you coming or not?", Gwen asks.

"What? Where?", you ask.

"Dude, we're going to go break down those crappy buses and stay here a while." Duncan explains. You didn't get it but you went anyway.

"I like breaking things.", Duncan explains on the way there.

"Do you even know how cars work?", you ask.

"No, but I know how to make them not work.", he replies. You think about how you used to help your dad with his car back home. All three of you break down the buses and return. Harold has already started on the Taj MaHarold while the other team's castle looks like a mess.

"Wait, one more flag!! One more flag!", Trent says. And the castle collapses.

"NOO!", Trent says.

"Grips, you only have half an hour lost your lead.", Chris says. You and Duncan hung around on the side.

"Guys, help us!", Harold yells.

"It's a reward challenge, chill out.", Duncan said. Leshawna grabbed you both by the shirts.

"I don't care if it's a reward challenge or an elimination one, where I'm from we work hard on everything. So get your head in the game or I'll put your heads in the sand.", Leshawna threatens.

So you two got to work on the castle, as Lindsay started to yell at Trent on the side, near your team.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!", Lindsay shouts at Trent.

"I was just using the number 9...", Trent says. You and Duncan both stare.

"I don't care! Our team is gonna lose! We have to work together as leaders, cause Trent, you're not cutting it!", Lindsay says sharply. You were surprised at Lindsay's attitude.

"Lindsay, I-"

"Don't 'Lindsay, I' me, Trent! Doesn't matter what you're doing, your team comes first.", Lindsay says. Trent started to get mad.

"Before being a Grip, I'm a man and I'm trying to do something!", Trent shouts back.

(What's he trying to do??)

"You can do that afterwards! Right now, we have a challenge to win!", Lindsay asserted.

"Right...", Trent said, hanging his head low. Afterwards, the Gaffers won, but Lindsay still managed to make a surprising amount of progress.

"Well then, I guess we'll have to collect some firewood. Everyone go collect firewood, and meet me back here for the tie-breaker challenge.", Chris said.

Who do you collect firewood with? (A.N. It can be from either team, you're just collecting wood)

A: Gwen - talk about the team, how she's doing

B: Duncan - Ask him why he bullies Harold

C: Lindsay - Discuss her stepping up as leader

D: Izzy - Use her to get some information on the Grips

"Hey, Lindsay!", you say as you both head off to collect the firewood.

"Oh! OC!! Hey!", Lindsay says excitedly.

"You're happy, aren't you?", you ask.

"Yes! I finally stood up as leader and guess what? It was successful! Kinda.", you say.

"So now you and Trent are both the leaders? What was going on with that whole number 9 thing?" you ask.

"I have no idea. Then again, I don't have an idea about most things.", she replies.

"What made you step up as leader anyway?", you ask.

(Maybe she'll take over the thing you know, Trent's in that stinky limo going home!)

"Well, no one really listened to my opinion back home. I was always the middle of the pyramid, and the third choice.", Lindsay said.

(What?), you thought. You didn't understand what she was saying, but you let her go on.

"And with Heather gone, as you know she kinda suffocated me, the line was open for leadership! Trent's not really a good leader, and if my team is gonna win, we need a good leader. If I establish my place as leader now, no one will challenge me later! It's stratelogialisitic!", Lindsay explained.

"That's...actually pretty smart. I totally underestimated you, Lindsay. Good for you!", you ask.

"Thanks! I'm so voting off Justin the next chance I get. He's useless, and I don't really find him that hot anymore.", Lindsay thinks.

"Oh wouldn't you rather vote off, umm, Trent?", you ask hopefully.

"No, silly! It has to be Justin!", she says.

"Oh...right...", you say.

You bring the firewood back, and Chris announces the "Watusi-Twist-Mashed Potato-Dorky-Old School" dance off.

Your team needs to select one person to dance, and that person will be...

A: Leshawna

B: Harold

C: You

"Umm...I'll volunteer.", you say. Everyone looks at you, and Gwen smiles.

You're up against Trent, and you decide to do your best. After a long dance battle, with both of you trying your best, and Trent getting...closer to Gwen, Chris delcares Trent the winner.

"Sorry guys.", you say.

"That's okay, OC. At least you did your best.", DJ says.

"Yeah, and besides, like you said, it's only a reward challenge.", Bridgette adds.

"And Trent's got some serious moves.", Leshawna says.

Later, while the Grips have their beach party and the Gaffers are stuck watching, Gwen pulls you aside.

"We need to talk about things.", she says.

"What kind of things?", you ask.

"Do you have any idea how you're acting?!", Gwen asks you.


"You're acting like Heather!", Gwen shouts.

"Like Heather?!", you exclaim.

"Yes. You keep trying to strategize, you keep trying to get people voted off and you only. Care. About. Yourself! You were so nice and sweet in season one, where's that OC? I miss him.", Gwen said. At that last part, her tone soften.

"I'm sorry, Gwen. I didn't know I was being like that.", you reply.

"Well, you were. And I believe it's time for an attitude adjustment. Tell me, why do you hate Trent?", Gwen asks. You couldn't lie to Gwen...

"He hates me. Tried to get me voted off last time.", you admit.

"But, you ended up voting him off.", Gwen says.

"Thanks to Heather. He's one of the people who never forgave me.", you say.

"Who else didn't?"

"Umm...Justin. Probably Cody. Duncan hated me but he doesn't anymore.", you explain.

"Yeah, he talks about you enough.", Gwen says.

"And Trent keeps trying to impress you.", you add.


"It's just..."

"What?!", Gwen demands.

"I try to say that I don't want him to get to you because he might sabotage our team...but the real reason is that, well...", you begin.

"Go on. We need to talk more! I can help you OC!", Gwen says.

Tell Gwen you like her?

A: Yes, tell her. It would surely simplify things, and she deserves to know.

B: No, lie to her. There's no way she'll find out the truth anyway. Tell her later.

(A.N.: Thank you beautiful people for picking A)

"The real reason, Gwen,", you say, but then trail off. Gwen stares at you, expecting an answer.

(I do like her...)

"Ever since Katie dumped me, I've been spending a lot of time with you and I realized...I like you, Gwen.", you admit.

"R-really?", she asks.

"Yes. After the season one finale, you came from the island and, remember how much we used to hang out with everyone else at the loser resort?", you asked.


"And then that million dollar thing happened...and in that two day gap between seasons, I couldn't wait to see you again.", you admit. Gwen pulls you into a hug and kisses you.

"I like you too, I just...didn't admit it.", Gwen admitted to you. You were speechless. Then she added:

"But I don't like you when you act like Heather. Chill out, be more human. Like you were before.", Gwen says. You smile.

"Maybe I will.", you whisper.

Now that the episode is over,

Will you join Leshawna's alliance?

A: Accept

B: Decline

C: Don't give an answer yet

"Hey, Leshawna."

"Hey, boy. What's going on?", Leshawna asks.

"About your alliance, I'm gonna pass. But thank you so much for the offer.", you say politely.

"Mmm. This is about Gwen and you being nicer, isn't it?", she asks.

"Wow, how did you know?", you ask.

"I know everything. Just kidding, Gwen told me. She really likes you, boy. You better be good to her.", Leshawna says with a Leshawna amount of sass.

"Oh yeah, OC, even though you declined, we're still a team and you're still my peep, so if we're going further, we're going further together.", she says, motivating you.

"Yeah! We're friends and we stick together!", you say happily.

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