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One Flu Over The Cuckoos

"I already miss Harold. That sweet boy.", Leshawna sighs.

"*yawn* I'm too tired to care about that right now. Good night, guys.", Gwen says.

(A.N.: I'm like, super tired right now so I'll write the rest when I wake up.)

"Owen, make sure my bed is made.", Trent told Owen calmly.

"Yes sir!", Owen said like a soldier. What??

Owen tried to open the trailer door, but it was stuck.

"Come on!! It's like what my mom did the to the fridge after I ate that whole chocolate cake in one night! It was my brother's cake and it was gooood.", Owen reflected. You tried opening the door; it was locked, and so was the girls' trailer.

(What's going on? Chris locked them this morning too)

"I'm so not ready for this! I need my beauty sleep or I totally get bags under my eyes! Like Gwen!", Lindsay said. Gwen rolls her eyes.

"I'm really not in the mood for this right now.", Gwen retorted. Lindsay looked confused. An ambulance came by.

"It's the fuzz! Gotta camoflage!", Izzy yelled, then jumped behind a bush.

"Ahahaha! She's so funny!", Owen said. Chris announced the doctor challenge and gave you a long, thick textbook which made you tired just looking at it. Then, he drove away after the pizza arrived.

"There is no way I'm doing this.", Leshawna said.

"Come on, Leshawna. A challenge is a challenge. Plus, there's pizza.", you say.

"I've had enough for today! A stupid prison challenge, and my Harold baby's gone. I'm going to bed.", Leshawna says, and leaves. You, Gwen and Duncan head to the Mess Hall, when you notice DJ's gone.

(Aw man, he must be with Chef.)

"Anyone seen DJ?", Duncan asks.

"Oh...oh yeah, he's...hey look what's that??", you blurt out, pointing at the tent flap. Gwen and Duncan both look, and DJ comes just in time.

"Hey guys, I'm right here, nothing suspicious, just me. You never notice me, Duncan!", DJ says. Duncan looked confused.

"Uh...whatever.", Duncan replies.

"Let's just get back to this.", Gwen said, already frustrated.

What do you do?

A: Eat the pizza and study

B: Don't eat pizza and study

C: Eat the pizza and don't study

D: Go to bed


OC: "I've made a lot of weird decisions last season, not just weird but risky and...well, mean. Owen and Gwen gave me a wake up call: I need to calm down. So here's my strategy, I'm gonna lay low for a while. Yep. Then, when it's time, Trent's gonna get what's coming to him!"

-end confessional-

(A.N.: Yay! OC used the confessional for the first time! Translation: I just remembered that OC CAN use the confessional)

"Yeah, you're right Gwen.", you say, and pick up the dusty book and open it. It was so weird, it was almost as if Chris put dust in it on purpose.

(The hell is a Sissypants Mcgee?), you wonder, never hearing such a medical term. You take a bite of the pizza. It was amazing...and tasted like Mama Spice.

(Oh, DJ, you've done it again!)


OC: "How on Earth am I supposed to help DJ when he's DIGGING HIS OWN GRAVE?! He needs to stop using that spice. Wow, this confessional is useful..."

-end confessional-

"These are kinda weird terms.", Duncan notes.

"I was just thinking that.", you say, as Duncan slams the book shut.

"Yeah, I'm going to bed. Night, guys.", Duncan says. You, Gwen and DJ were left.


OC: "It was just me and Gwen in there, romantic...oh, and DJ was there too...I think."

-end confessional-

"You have pretty eyes.", you say, looking at Gwen's eyes darting left and right on the pages.

"Thanks. You have nice hair.", Gwen said, not even looking up. You laugh a bit. Next thing you know, neither of you are studying and you're feeding each other pizza like a cliche romantic chick flick.

"I'm just gonna leave you two alone...", DJ says, and goes off somewhere to study.


OC: "I'm addicted to the confessional!"

-end confessional

Morning comes, and neither of you studied. You're all in the hospital set, and out of all the Gaffers, DJ's the only one who studied. You, Gwen and Duncan ate pizza and Leshawna did...pretty much nothing.

Chris lets you all in and announces the challenge. You and Gwen gulp. You didn't study a thing!

"Did we actually waste all our time?!", Gwen whispers to you. You nod in agreement.

"Sadly, yes.", you reply.

(So I'm dating Gwen and this is how I manage it? Ergh...)

You don't get a single question right, thankfully DJ was able to carry the whole game on his shoulders and was strong enough to survive the eel attacks. He whispered a few answers into everyone else's ears.

Later, the sores on Owen and DJ appear, Chris leaves.

"Owen, you're burning up! Much like my passionate soul...", Izzy notes.

Here's how everyone was:

  • Owen: Sores, lemony burp
  • DJ: Sores
  • Justin: Itchy lips
  • Lindsay: Diarrhea
  • Izzy: Speaking in tongues
  • Trent: Temporary blindness
  • Duncan: Diarrhea

"Wait, why isn't anything happening to me?", Leshawna asks.

"Nothing's happening to me, either!", you note.

"I'm fine too...", Gwen adds.

"Well, we need to find out what's going on!", Leshawna says.

(That's probably the challenge...but my under-the-radar strategy...)

"I'm in. OC?", Gwen asks.

Go with Leshawna and Gwen?

A: Yes, go with them and solve the mystery

B: No, stick with your strategy and lay low, help the others out

"Well, I'm not sick, so I'm coming too!", you insist. You all exit the room through the ceiling, and make your way to the Mess Hall.

"Aw man, Chef must've cleaned them out!", Gwen says.

"Let's check the trailers!", you suggest. The three of you rush the trailers and split up, you found one on DJ's bunk. You grab it and take it back to Gwen and Leshawna. Gwen and Leshawna examine the book, while you take a bite of the pizza, but you drop it on Gwen's arm.

"Hey!", Gwen says, and she starts itching.

"What's wrong with this pizza??", you say. After some examination...there was itching powder and laxatives in it! Suddenly, you had to use the restroom!

"I gotta go! Must be the laxatives!", you say, and Gwen follows you.

"Why wasn't it as bad as everyone else?", Gwen asked.

"Cause we didn't eat that much!", you remind Gwen.

"OC, Leshawna, let's go!", Gwen says. You all return, slamming the door open and explain to everyone what happened. Same events as the original, and Chris appears.

"OC, Leshawna and Gwen, thanks to you, the Screaming Gaffers win!", Chris says, and your team cheers. Chris presents the award.

"I want it!", Gwen says

"No way, I totally deserve it!", Duncan retorts.

"For what? Being lazy?", Gwen asks.

Who should get the reward?

A: DJ - He's the only one who properly studied

B: Leshawna - she helped save everyone

C: Duncan - Umm...

D: Gwen - she also helped save everyone

"Hey, guys, wait. I think it should be DJ who gets the reward. He's the only one who really studied, and he always works hard for our team. Do you know a more lovable person?", you say. DJ smiles, as if he knows the real reason you're doing this.


OC: "Trust me, DJ needs this. The stress of being with Chef all day is getting to him. A little time with his Mama, a little spa treatment and he'll be good as new."

-end confessional-

"Yeah, I agree. DJ, go ahead.", Leshawna adds.

"Yeah, why not?", Duncan says. Gwen just looks at you and smiles. DJ heads into the Lame-o-sine.

"Mama!!", he shouts.

"My big boy DJ! I've been waiting to see you!", Mama exclaims. They drive away.

Later, Gwen has a chat with you.

"OC, you're unbelieveable.", she says.

"In a good way or a bad way?", you ask.

"The good way! What you did for DJ was amazing! Thank you, OC, you've really changed.", Gwen says.

"Well he was really stressed, it was the right thing to do.", you reply.

"I'm so proud of you. And also, you need sleep. We both do, actually. Good night.", Gwen says.

"Good night.", you say.


DJ and his Mama are in the Lame-o-sine.

"Mama, let me tell you about all my new friends!", DJ begins.

"Oh no you don't. First you're gonna hear from me. How dare my boy be a cheater!", Mama shouts.

"But Mama, Chef made me...", DJ says.

"I don't want any excuses! You are going to end that alliance right now!", Mama scolds. DJ nods silently.

"Yes Mama.", he says and gulps.

The Sand Witch Project

Important A.N.: "Masters of Disasters" will be an ELIMINATION challenge due to the show needing an extra one.

Since there was no challenge, everyone was just sitting around doing nothing. You were kicking a ball with Duncan and Justin.

"I really hope there's no challenge today.", Duncan says.

"That'd be awesome, just a day to chill. Especially since the next challenge is gonna be elimination.", you note.

"That gives me stress, which is bad since it can cause wrinkles.", Justin adds.

(Every time this guy speaks I feel like rolling my eyes all the way around)

Soon, Chris calls you all to the fake mountain, and you all groan. A challenge...

But, on the way, you could talk to someone, as usual, and you're going to talk to...

A: Owen - find out what his deal with Trent is

B: Lindsay - find out what Trent was getting mad at her for earlier

C: DJ - Ask him how the spa was

"Hey! Lindsay!", you say as everyone makes their way up the hill.

"Oh hey OD!", Lindsay says cheerfully.

"It's OC. I feel like we have these large gaps in between the times we talk to each other. Let's stop that.", you say. Lindsay nods.

"So, what's up...OC...", Lindsay said as if trying to remember your name. After some casual conversation, you bring up the question.

"That's what Izzy did to the pizza? Eww!", you reply to Lindsay's story.

"I know right!"

(I'm worried about Lindsay...I should ask her...)

"Lindsay, what does Trent keep talking to you about?", you pop the question.

"Umm...what do you mean?", she asks.

"I think you know what I mean.", you say seriously. Lindsay looked upset.

"Okay, but come closer.", Lindsay says, gesturing for you to come closer.

"He's mad at me for trying to be team leader, or like, co-leader her hotness!", Lindsay explains.

"How can he be mad at you? And why?", you ask.

"Well anger is like, an emoticon! And I had to step up as leader, all he did was make everything nine times.", Lindsay says.

"Do you know why?"

"No...he said it was his lucky number, but he's not saying why. Once he did mention something about it helping him vote you off, but I don't see how that's gonna happen since he keeps making us lose.", Lindsay notes.

"There are flaws in his strategy. My team's not gonna vote me off.", you reply.

"You never know.", Lindsay says.

"I don't mean to trouble you but what else can you tell me? I'm worried about you, Lindsay.", you say. Poor Lindsay...

"I'm trying to be leader but Trent won't let me! OC, can you help me? You're one of the smarterest people I know!", Lindsay requests.

What do you tell Lindsay?

A: Vote off Trent and take over as leader

B: Stop trying to be leader

C: Stand up to Trent and become the team leader

D: Custom

"Well, Lindsay, you know that I want Trent gone, but it wouldn't be fair if I sabotaged him. I say you stand up to him, show him who's boss.", you say.

"Really? You think that would work?", Lindsay asks.

"I can never say that it's fool proof, but it's worth a try.", you say.

"What if my team votes me off?", Lindsay asks.

"Why would they do that?", you ask.

"Because Trent has like, leadership! He tells everyone to vote for a person and that person goes! Like Beth.", she explains.

(Wait, is that why Owen's always listening to Trent? He's afraid?)

"With your leadership, there's no way the team will vote you off.", you say. You all arrive, and Chris explains the special effects with the squib and the challenge. A horror movie challenge.

"Aw yeah! Gwen, we killed the last horror themed challenge!", you remind Gwen.

"I remember, we've got this in the-", Gwen says, but is interrupted by you.

"Don't jinx us!", you say. Gwen purses her lips. Both teams begin the Scream-Off. Your team starts arguing about who the 'scarer' should be.

Who should scare for your team? (Chef won't make DJ do it)


B: Duncan

C: Gwen

D: Leshawna

E: You

Which couple should be in the makeout scene? (Choose according to your scarer choice)

1: You and Gwen

2: You and Leshawna

3: DJ and Leshawna

4: DJ and Gwen

5: Duncan and Gwen

6: Duncan and Leshawna

Open Field Scare

Duncan scaring DJ:

Duncan arrives holding a chainsaw, turns it on and gets really close to DJ and screams.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!", DJ yells, then calms down after a while.

"Where'd you get the chainsaw?", DJ asks.

"Found it on the ground on the way here.", Duncan answers.

Score: 50/50

Izzy scaring Owen:

"HHAAAAAAAAAA", Izzy shouts, actually looking scary.

"You're not scary, you're adorable!", Owen replies. Izzy looked horrifying at that point.

"Th-that's scary...", Owen replies.

"SCREAM Owen, or I'll remain in your nightmares...", Izzy said creepily.

Score: 25/50

Bathroom Scare

Duncan scaring Leshawna:

Same as DJ, arrives in the bathroom with the chainsaw and yells.

"AaaaAAAAAaahhhHHHhh.", Leshawna said lazily.

"You could've tried a bit more.", Duncan said.

"I did well enough.", Leshawna answered.

Score: 30/50

Izzy scaring Justin:

Izzy arrives in the bathroom and scares Justin.

"Aaaahh.", Justin says calmly.

"What's wrong with you?!", Izzy yells.

"I can't risk my pipes any further. What good is a sexy bod like this without my manly tones to back it up?", Justin asks. Izzy makes a barfing notion.

Score: 5/10

Make-Out Scare

Duncan scaring OC and Gwen:

You and Gwen were lying on the sofa and making out, urm, because the script say so....

(Alright, I hope Gwen remembers that we agreed to scream as loud as possible).

You hear the horribly startling sound of the chainsaw, and you and Gwen both scream at the top of your lungs, to the point where your throat hurts.

Score: 45/50

Izzy scaring Lindsay and Trent:

"I'm not kissing Trent! I have a boyfriend!", Lindsay says.

"Like I want to kiss you!", Trent replies.

"Well, you know you want to.", Lindsay says stupidly.

"If you don't do it, you'll lose...", Chris says. Lindsay and Trent get super close, then quickly pull apart after a little peck. Lindsay and Trent groan, and Izzy arrives.

"So not in the mood.", Lindsay says, but they both scream anyway.

Score: 30/50

"The Gaffers win!", Chris announces. Your team cheers, and you imagine Trent being voted off.

"Now for part two of the challenge!", Chris says. Okay, not so fast, I guess.

Your team gathers outside, waiting for Chris to arrive.

"The Grips are sitting like sitting ducks at craft services! You have to scare them!", Chris says, and describes some dumb story he told them.

Duncan was the one who thought of the idea, after a couple failed attempts. You all peeked inside.

"WAIT! I SAID WAAAAAAAAIT!", Lindsay shouts. Everyone freezes.

"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE", Owen screams, and continues to run. Everyone else was staying. Izzy, Justin and Trent followed suit, and Lindsay gave up and left after the ghost detectors went off.

"The Gaffers win!", Chris announces.

Later, you have two choices...

A: Spy on the Killer Grips' team meeting - Lindsay's standing up for herself, Trent is mad at Owen.

B: Give DJ advice on what to do next with Chef

You decide to have a talk with DJ.

"I don't know, man. Chef wants me to give him half the money if I win.", DJ reports. Your jaw drops.

"HALF the money??", you exclaim.

"Yeah, man, I can't give him that much. And you know that chainsaw that Duncan found during the scaring challenge? Chef put it there. I can't handle this, man. What should I do?", DJ asks.

"Hmm...", you wonder.

(How can I help DJ?)

A: Quit the alliance, quit the game (like in the real version)

B: Tell Chris privately, to avoid everyone finding out

C: End the alliance in front of everyone, apologize to Chris

D: Stand up to Chef and tell the team

(I'm dealing with a lot of this stand up for yourself stuff today aren't I?)

"DJ, honestly, I think you need to stand up to Chef. Show him that you're not gonna let him push you around, and tell the team!", you say confidently. DJ thinks.

"I...maybe...okay, I'll do it!", DJ says. Later, you decide to go watch the elimination ceremony. Lindsay and Izzy were the bottom two.

"The last Gilded Chris Award goes to...", Chris begins.






"Lindsay.", Chris announces. Lindsay happily hops up and takes her trophy.

"Sorry Izzy, but it's time for you to leave.", Chris says.

"I'm not going ANYWHERE. That's not my name.", Izzy says.

"She *sniff* likes to be called E-Scope...", Owen says while tears fall down his big cheeks.

"Someone get me a pen.", Chris says, and changes the name to E-Scope.

"Happy? Now go!", Chris shouts. Izzy finally leaves, after shouting something about a dress rehearsal in the Lame-o-sine.

Later, you decide to finally follow Trent and whoever he's getting mad at. It was Owen.

"You see Owen, you didn't listen to me, and I eliminated Izzy.", Trent said.

"But why?", Owen asked.

"Well, I'm giving you another chance. We need to work together to vote --- I mean, win.", Trent says.


"I guess you're right...thanks, Trent...", Owen says.

"No problem, man.", Trent replies. Next, he pulled up Lindsay.

"Do you wanna kiss me again?", Lindsay asks.

" I just wanted to tell you that you were this close to elimination.", Trent said.

"I know that...I'm just trying to help.", Lindsay says.

"I saved you. But from now on, leave the leading to me.", Trent says.

"No! That's enough! Whenever YOU take over as leader, our team loses, and someone that's not you gets voted off!", Lindsay says. Trent looked shocked, and you did too.

"I'm telling everyone. I'm even telling Owen that you made us all vote off Izzy to send a message to him!", she shouts.

"W-wait, don't do that! I'm sorry!", Trent says.

"Sorry's not gonna cut it, Trent. I'm the new leader!", Lindsay says with newfound confidence. You can't help but smile - Lindsay finally learned to stand on her own feet.

"Lindsay, I can have you voted off!", Trent snaps.

"Then go ahead. TRY. Cause I'm done being a follower! Lindsay's her own person now!", Lindsay says, and stands up straight.

"Ergh...I'm going to bed.", Trent says. You finally leave, and Duncan comes.

"Hey, OC, DJ's telling everyone to gather at Chef's kitchen for some reason.", he tells you. You follow him. There everyone was, sitting at the table: Gwen, Leshawna, DJ and...Chef.

"Everyone, I have an important announcement to make. I am in an alliance with Chef.", DJ says. Everyone gasps, even you - you can't let everyone know that you knew.

"DJ?! What are you doing?!", Chef shouts. Chris arrives.

"I saw the cameras. Chef?!", Chris says, sounding pretty ticked off.

"I can't do this anymore. I'm lying, I'm cheating, not only on my team, not only to my Mama, but to my integrity. From here on out, Chef, I am no longer a part of your alliance.", DJ says.

"Now, DJ, let's not be hasty.", Chef says, as if the alliance could still be saved, even though it couldn't.

"I know, back home, Mama is watching the show and smiling. I love ya, Mama.", DJ says, with a single tear...

"DJ, I'm glad you told us.", Leshawna says, and slaps him.

"What you think you're doing?!", she says.

"That's not like you.", Gwen adds.

"At least you told us. Sorry for slapping you, come here.", Leshawna says, and pulls DJ into a hug, which DJ gladly accepts.

"Wait, so all those challenges we won...were thanks to Chef?!", Duncan asks.

"Well...yeah.", DJ admits.

"Chef?! You and I have a lot of talking to do.", Chris says, and drags Chef away. You could see DJ's confidence.

"I'm proud of you, buddy.", you say.

"Thanks, man.", DJ says.

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