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"Yo! Chris McLean here, on another season of Total Drama! You've seen our 23 competitors battle it out over 8 weeks of their summer vacation for the grand prize of a hundred thousand dollars. Over that time, our VIP Gwen managed to snag the money, lose the money, and lose it again! But Gwen and 14 other campers are back for another season of...Total! Drama!! ACTION!

Events of Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island:

  • You paired up with Katie, Sadie and Gwen
  • Katie needed to tell you something, so she pulled you aside to tell you
  • She said she wanted to break up since she thought the relationship wasn't working
  • However, you did end it on good terms. Katie and Sadie separated from you and Gwen
  • You, Gwen and the rest of the TDA cast ended up in the water and were selected for TDA

Your Relations With The TDA Cast:

  • Neutral relationship with Beth, Harold, Owen, DJ, Geoff and Bridgette
  • Enemies with Duncan, Courtney, Justin, Heather and Trent
  • Friends with Gwen, Lindsay, Leshawna and Izzy (one-sided on her side)

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Total Drama Action


Which team will you be on? [Note: This will happen at the end of Alien Resurr-eggtion] [Note: Courtney's team is undecided since the team you chose may win or lose at the end of the episode she debuts in]

A: Screaming Gaffers (Consisting of Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, DJ, Heather and Harold)

B: Killer Grips (Consisting of Trent, Lindsay, Justin, Beth, Owen and Izzy)

Monster Cash

You all arrived at the set of Total Drama Action.

(I can't believe I'm back here. Who else is here? Oh crap...don't tell me Justin, Trent, Duncan AND Heather are here?! At least Gwen and Lindsay are here...hey! Beth got her braces off!)

"Beth, you look great!", you say.

"Thanks! I got my braces off between seasons!", she replies. Beth's sweet.

"That's cool! You look a lot prettier! Good for you!", you say cheerfully.

"Yeah Beth, you look totally stylish!", Lindsay adds.

"Not bad, Beth. Hot as ever.", Justin says as he stares at himself in Beth's reflection.


"I think it's so attractive when people don't have braces!", Izzy says.

"I don't have braces...", Owen chimes in to Izzy.

"Do I know you?", Izzy asks.

"Yes, I'm Owen...", she says.

"I'm kidding! Who do you think I am? Lindsay?", Izzy says mockingly as Owen follows her like a little puppy.

"Hey! I'm not that...fur...forgot...person who forgets things!", she says trying to make up for the fact that she is.

"It's okay, Lindsay.", you say comforting her.

Soon, Chris arrives and puts you all on a bus toward some movie set.

"Where d'you think we're going?", you ask Duncan, who you got stuck sitting next to.

"Don't ask me, how would I know?", he said. It was rough, but not especially rude. You arrive at a movie set which looks like Owen was eating it and then fell asleep, as Chris explains that a monster was here previously, which is why the set is abandoned or something.

Soon, the challenge begins to escape the monster! You run as fast as you can, but the monster's no where in sight. The first people you see after running are Geoff and Bridgette, who soon get captured.

You can hear the monster pounding behind you, and in front: Gwen!

"Gwen, over here!", Trent yells.

"Gwen, no, this is the right way!!", you shout back. Gwen whips her head left and right, trying to decide, before she jumps into your arms, narrowly avoiding the monster, and starts running beside you.

Where do you go?

A: In one of the buildings

B: Keep running straight

C: Find more contestants to team up with

As you and Gwen ran, there came a crossroad. On the left side was Heather, DJ and Izzy, and on the right side, Justin, Beth and Leshawna.

Who do you join? (Okay I swear a full update after this choice)

A: Left side with Heather, DJ and Izzy

B: Right side with Justin, Beth and Leshawna

"Okay, let's go right! Quick!" you yell at Gwen. As you run, Gwen asks you,

"Why'd you choose right?"

"Because HEATHER isn't there! Come on!", you say as you finally catch up with Justin, Beth and Leshawna.

"Hey, OC!", Beth yells over the noise.

"Hey Beth!", you yell back.

"This challenge is crazy!", Leshawna yells. You all yell back in agreement.

"My perfect skin can't handle this much sweat and wind force!", Justin says as you roll your eyes.

"Aww, you could never look ugly!", Beth shouts. You all start running top speed, but it doesn't look like you're getting any farther from the monster, until Justin trips you, and you fall down the hill. You start rolling and tripping as everyone else runs ahead.

You slide right under between the monster's feet and land next to Izzy.

"Oh! OC! Hey!", she says.

"Oh, hi Izzy.", you reply as you hold your neck in pain.

"Watch this!", Izzy says as she jumps up and kicks the monster in the face. CRAZY?!

"HAAA!", Izzy yells as she battles it out with the monster, who then...carries her to the trailers?! Wait, no...there's a bouncy castle there. You took the time to escape, alone, trying to find your way through.

Who should you find but Trent.

"Oh, it's you.", he says rudely.

"Look Trent, there's the monster, right there, and he's coming for both of us! We need to form a temporary truce!", you say. Trent shakes your hand, then pushes you for the monster.

"Oh crap. F*** you Trent!", you yell, as the monster grabs hold of you...and Trent too. You both land in the bouncy castle.

(I know I lost but this is still kind of fun).

Later, as usual everyone arrives one by one and Owen is the last to arrive.

During the food frenzy, Owen eats all the food and Chris reveals that's it's totally inedible. You can't help but laugh. However, Owen did win for you!

After the cabins are fixed, you have to choose your bunkmate. Who do you choose?

A: Duncan

B: Harold

C: Justin


E: Geoff

F: Owen

G: Trent

"DJ, share a bunk with me? I'll take top.", you suggest.

"Sure!", he replies, as you two set up your stuff. Meanwhile, Harold's looking for his underwear.

"Hey! Where's my underwear?!", he shouts, as you refuse to look his way.

"Oh, was that your underwear? Sorry! I thought I should put it on the roof!", Duncan says, and everyone starts laughing except Harold.

Alien Resurr-eggtion

So, Duncan's been giving you the cold shoulder the whole time you've been there, even during group chats between all the boys.

At breakfast, Chris gathers you all and you get an eyeful of "Mama Alien" Chef, and can't help but laugh along with everyone else. When Chris explains the challenge, you immediately turn to Gwen - you LOVE alien movies! You, Gwen and Duncan start chatting away, but right after Gwen agrees with you that "Alien Chunks" was the best alien movie ever, you can see Duncan look your way and even smile a a friend.

(Am I really...does Duncan finally like me??), you think.

During the challenge, you team up with Gwen and Duncan since you hadn't finished your conversation.

"Hey guys! Wait up!", DJ says.

"Hey, big guy. You wanna stick with us?", Duncan asks.

"Yeah, OC, you in?", DJ asks.

"Oh, when did you two become best friends?", Gwen asks.

"We stayed up pretty late talking about random stuff. Poor DJ misses his mom.", you say nicely. DJ smiles.

"Well, I'm glad you and DJ are friends, since you're both the sweetest people I know.", Gwen says.

"What about me? I'm basically a pixie stick.", Duncan says jokingly.

"Yeah, an expired one.", Gwen teases.

As the four of you walk around trying to find the eggs, Geoff and Bridgette arrive too, making out.

"Woah, woah, you think you guys can join us? No way, the kissing couples always get taken out first in horror movies.", Duncan notes. That is true but...

What will you say?

A: Convince them to get their heads in the game - they'll thank you and you'll have two new allies

B: Leave them alone, if they want to kiss that's their choice. Easier game for me.

(I can't believe I'm doing this. Wasn't I responsible for like 10 eliminations last season? What's wrong with me? Uh, whatever. Right now I need allies and fast.)

"Heyyyyy, Geoff, Bridgette!", you yell. They both stop kissing and look at you.

"Hey guys! Buddies! PAY ATTENTION!", you shout, startling everyone.

"Why?", Geoff asks.

"You want to lose out on a good MILLION BUCKS?!", you say. They both think.

"Stop making out and get your head in the game, come on, let's go.", you say. They blush, stop kissing and follow you.

"Not bad, OC.", Duncan says.

Other groups:

  • Justin, Beth, Lindsay and Leshawna
  • Owen, Izzy and Harold
  • Heather alone
  • Trent alone

"Hey, um, OC...thanks for that.", Bridgette says.

" problem.", you say.

"At this rate, we could've been eliminated first or something! Would've been a disaster!", she contemplates. You laugh a bit.

"Haha, yeah I guess you would have. It's no problem really." you say.

"You're not working an angle here, are you?", Geoff asks.

"Wh-what do you mean?", you reply.

"You know how last season you manipulated a lot of people and even got a bunch of them voted off?", he says, making Duncan glare at you. Facepalm.

"No, Geoff. I am not trying to manipulate you."

"Oh. Cool."

You all continue to walk, still not knowing exactly where to go.

"You know, the eggs are usually in the boiler room.", Gwen thinks.

"Then we should go there.", Duncan says.

"Umm...we passed by the boiler room earlier, I saw it.", you say carefully, because if you're wrong Duncan will have a reason to kick you out.

"Lead the way then!", DJ says cheerfully. You backtrack and reach the boiler room, and all six of you (You, Gwen, Duncan, DJ, Geoff and Bridgette), collect your eggs and make your way outside the boiler room and out of the set.

Unfortunately, Chef arrives at that second.

"Oh crap!", Gwen shouts. Chef starts shooting, and you all make it out without being shot, except Duncan, Gwen and Geoff lost their eggs.

"Aw man!", Duncan says.

"Oh great, we can't go back in! Chef's waiting for us!", Gwen says.

"This is...depressing. But no worries, right?", Geoff says.

"Psst...OC, give one of them your egg. No one's gonna vote you off.", Bridgette says. You do the math; right now it doesn't seem likely.

Who do you give your egg to?

A: Gwen

B: Duncan

C: Geoff

D: None of them

"Gwen, here, take my egg!", you say as you all escape Chef. But when you escape, Chris the slimeball drops slimebombs on you!

(Are you KIDDING ME?!), you shout as you cover Gwen, who has one of the three surviving eggs. Gwen's necklace nearly falls into the sewer, but Trent saved Gwen's necklace in time.

"Th-thanks Trent...", Gwen says.

"Yeah, nice move Trent.", you say. Trent glares at you.

(Wow, this guy can really hold a grudge...)

Chris told you who won immunity and told you you had to tell the other boys.

You reach the boys cabin, and tell them the news.

"Hey guys, Trent and Gwen won immunity, so you two will be on separate teams tomorrow. Oh yeah and Heather lost her wig so she's totally bald now.", you say, laughing your head off - the sight of Heather humiliated like that was pretty darn funny.

Everyone cheers for Trent except...Duncan. Duncan walks to you, puts his arm around you and takes you out of the cabin without saying a thing.

"I need to ask you something.", Duncan asks. You nod.

"What is it?", you ask.

"First of all, before I ask, you need to know that Trent isn't going to budge. He's very mad at you about the elimination. Trust me, I know how it feels. I was in that same situation before I found out you were okay.", he explains.

"Then I should stop trying to befriend him?", you ask.

"Exactly. Your efforts are going to waste, man. Take my advice and just keep him away from Gwen.", he says.

"Wait, from...Gwen?!", you exclaim.

"Yep. Trent still likes Gwen, I mean I can see why, she's hot, and he's liked her since season one before you voted him off. Not sure who Gwen likes though.", Duncan says. You mull it over.

"So you're saying if I don't do something, Trent will have Gwen wrapped around his finger? How do you know?", you say, skeptical at Duncan's idea of a crush.

"You saw the way Trent saved Gwen's necklace earlier, and the way Gwen smiled. That's romance budding, man.", Duncan says, gives you a light slap on a back and goes back to the cabin.

"Just don't make any bad mistakes.", Duncan says, and walks away.

What do you do?

A: Go talk to Gwen, you're friends and you can talk about things.

B: Go talk to Trent and tell him to back off of Gwen since they'll be on separate teams

C: Talk to someone else (Custom)

(I don't want it to seem like I'm getting in between her and Trent...)

"Hey, Gwen...", you say. Gwen was sitting by a rock, writing or drawing something in her journal.

"Oh, hey OC. What's up?", she asks.

"Umm, I just wanted to talk to you about Trent.", you say.

"Trent did the sweetest thing earlier today. He saved my necklace! I haven't thanked him for it. I should go.", she says and gets up.



"Just...take my word for it and don't let Trent control you. Don't listen to him if it means betraying us, or throwing the game or anything.", you say.

"It's not cool that you think Trent would do that. Goodbye, OC.", Gwen says flatly.

(That didn't go as well as expected...)

Chris announced that two people are getting voted off, and everyone was SHOCKED.

Which TWO people will you vote for? (A.N. I'm gonna leave this for a while since there is a huge list of choices)

A: Heather

B: Beth

C: Harold

D: Owen


F: Geoff

G: Bridgette

H: Duncan

I: Justin

L: Lindsay

M: Leshawna

N: Izzy

(Follow-up A.N.: Because I know you guys read these I'm gonna take this space to state that it genuinely annoys be that Katie and Sadie were the only original contestants to never get a second chance at Total Drama. Seriously.)

"The Golden Chris Awards symbolize immunity this season. The first two go to Gwen and Trent, for winning. The next ones go to Beth, Harold, Owen, OC, DJ, Bridgette, Duncan, Justin, Lindsay and Leshawna. There are two left.", Chris says.

"Heather. Everyone still hates you from last time. Good luck with that. Izzy, you're crazy, no one knows what you'll do next. And Geoff, everyone's annoyed with your constant kissy kissy with Bridgette.", Chris says.

"But I stopped...", he says.

"A little too late, buddy. Goodbye, Heather and Geoff.", Chris says.


"EXCUSE ME?! I am getting voted OFF?!", Heather shouts.

"Yes yes it's always a shock. This season, we don't have a Boat of Losers, so you'll be leaving through the Lame-o-sine! Goodbye.", Chris says.

"This...this can't be TRUE!", Heather says.

"You already had your limelight last season, Heather. Leave already.", Chris says, losing patience.

"I demand a recount! Nooooo!!", Heather screams.

"Would someone call security and get this girl out?", Chris says.

"Fine. If I have to leave, I'm doing this first.", Heather says, grabs you and KISSES YOU FOR TEN SECONDS.

"Bye, OC...", Heather says flirty.

"Aw man, I really thought I could win this time.", Geoff says.

"I'll miss you, Geoff...", Bridgette says, hugging her boyfriend.

"Win for the both of us, okay?", Geoff says.

"Oh, for sure! Bye!!", Bridgette says. Both Heather and Geoff leave.

"What just happened...?", you ask, mesmerized by the kiss.

"Yeah, yeah, you got kissed by your hot enemy, it's happened to all of us. The rest of you are safe. Good night.", Chris says, as everyone stares at you.


Heather and Geoff sit in the Lame-o-sine.

"I miss my Bridgette...", Geoff says.

"Oh, get over it you big baby.", Heather replies.

"I'm not the one who got a kiss. From someone who you're not even dating. He doesn't even like you.", Geoff says rudely.

"Well, I like him. Doesn't matter now anyway. Take a nap or something.", Heather says, as she stares out of the window.

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