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Million Dollar Babies

You're awoken by Chris' trumpet.

(A.N. This is gonna be a quick one, since there's not much to do with this episode)

"That's it, I'm moving to Canada. Except I'm already there.", Justin complains.

"Aw, what's the matter guys? Challenges are fun!", Owen says. You both stare at Owen.

"What? Sorry...", he says. You all head outside, and as you eat your spaghetti, Chris explains the challenge.

(Sports? Oh great...), you say.

After the preliminary round, here's how everyone is sorted:

Slo-Mo Boxing: Owen VS Gwen (Gwen's blows didn't affect Owen)

GreatBadminton: Lindsay VS Courtney (Courtney lost...almost as if she did it on purpose!)

Wrestling: Izzy VS OC

Slam-Dunk: Justin VS Leshawna (same as original)

After Lindsay against Courtney, it was your turn. Your chance to turn it all around.

The fight against Izzy begins, and the ball pit falls on you two. You climb out of the balls, and scan your surroundings...but where's Izzy? You see some balls shifting around on the left, but also some right in front of you...

Which side to you jump to?

A: On the left

B: In front of you

C: Away from the shifting balls

(Umm, maybe I should move away a bit...), you think, and slide backward. Izzy jumps out and pounces on you, but you manage to flip her over, and suddenly you're flipping each other over repeatedly.

You pick up Izzy and throw her against the wall.

"Esquire will never give up this easily!", she shouts.

"Wait, who's Esq-waaahhhh!", you shout, as Izzy does a long jump to the other side, pulls you by the shirt and slams you against the wall.

You pick up the balls and start throwing them at her, to which Izzy thwacks them all away.

She climbs onto your shoulder and rides you like a horse.

"Get off me, Izzy!", you shout.

"Izzy's gone! Esquire is here, and she's ready to FIGHT!", Izzy shouts. You lift her up, and throw her into the ball pit.

You see a diaper that looks like a shark fin.

Throw it at Izzy?

A: Yes, stuff it in her mouth and make her give up.

B: No, hide it and make sure she doesn't find it

C: Put it on her head so she can't see

"Hey, Izzy! Heads up!", you shout, and throw the diaper over her head. She holds out her arms in front of her.

"Heyy who turned off the sun? This is just like the time at my ex boyfriend Graham's house when he turned off the lights and said he was booty hunting!", Izzy recalled.

(Booty hunting...?)

You tripped Izzy as she walked, and she hit

"Mama?", the baby asked Izzy. After that some intern or someone took the baby away.

"What?! I'm a mother?! Which ex-BF is the father?!", Izzy demands to know.

"Iz-Esquire, do you know how baby making even works?", you ask as you get farther from her.

"Well duh, everyone knows. You order one from the grocery store, duh.", Izzy says.

"WHY would the grocery store have babies?", you ask.

"Well when I went there, there were a bunch of babies scattered around without anyone there! I call it bad working on the employee's side.", she says.

(I need to hurry this up, there's only so much Izzy I can take).

How do you get Izzy to give up?

A: Put her in a headlock

B: Use rope to tie her legs together

C: Tie her arms behind her back

"I got you now ESQUIRE!", you shout, and put Izzy in a headlock.

"Urk!! Esquire cannot be stopped this easily, fool!", Izzy shouts, despite not being able to move.

"OC is the winner!!", Chris announces.

"I won?! I won!! Awesome!!", OC cries out.

(A.N.: Crap. I just found out that even though it's tied, the Grips still have their 'Chris' cheer and they win...)

So the Grips won the challenge, and everyone was in craft services eating.

Who are you talking to?

A: Gwen

B: Leshawna

C: Courtney

D: Lindsay

E: Owen

F: Justin

G: Izzy

"Gwen!", you say, greeting Gwen as you both sit down.

"Hey, OC!", she replies.

"So, how about that challenge today huh? It was brutal.", you say.

"I'll say. I can't believe we lost just because the Grips had to stroke Chris' ego.", Gwen complains.

"I know, I know.", you say.

"I'm so sick of this place.", Gwen says.

"I understand, I'm sick of it too.", you reply. You two relax for a while before Courtney stands up.

"Excuse me, everyone, I have something to show you all.", she says.

(This can't be good)

"I want to show you a few clips on my PDA, I call it: OC the Traitor.", she says.


Gwen looks at you, confused. Then, Courtney plays the clips of you helping out Lindsay and Owen. Every. Single. Conversation. You. Had.

"The Gaffers could have won so many challenges, if it weren't for OC...", Courtney says.

"S-so?! I was helping my friends! I was being a good person!", you reply.

"Is this good?", Courtney asks, then plays the clip where you asked Lindsay to vote off Trent when she asked you for advice.

"OC?! How could you?!", Gwen demanded.

"Gwen, this isn't what it looks like!", you say. Everyone looks at you angrily

"And don't forget...he's Male Heather! He caused you, you AND you to be eliminated last season!", she says, pointing to Leshawna, Izzy and Justin respectively. You slouch down as Leshawna crosses her arms at you, and Justin glares at you.

Everyone's (except Lindsay and Owen) mad at you, glaring, as Courtney smirked.

What do you do?

A: Immediately apologize to everyone

B: Apologize only to Gwen and tell her to vote for Courtney

C: Run away, come back for the Elimination Ceremony

"Wait, everyone!", you say in the middle of everyone's shouting.

"What, traitor?!", Justin shouts.

"Oh, shut up, Justin!", you shout.

"Don't you feel like helping him out?", Courtney asks.

"Shut it, Courtney.", you say harshly.

"Ooh, touchy.", she says.

"I just want you all to know that whatever I did, I did with the best intentions. Lindsay, Owen, tell them.", you say.

"Umm...I'd rather not get involved...", Owen says, for fear of Courtney targetting him - Lindsay shakes her head.

(Are they serious right now?!)

"Look, I'm sorry everyone. I thought it was the right thing to do at the time, but...I guess I was wrong. I'm sorry. Trent was like, bullying Owen...and Justin was...", you trail off.

"Justin was WHAT?", Courtney asks.

Tell everyone the truth about Justin?

A: Yes, they should know he sabotaged DJ!

B: No, you don't have any evidence and Courtney knows that

"I'll tell you what Justin was!", you yell.

"Then. Say. It.", Courtney says angrily. Everyone leans in a bit closer. You take a deep breath.

"Justin...sabotaged our team during the Disaster Movie challenge. He stole the paper from DJ and made our team lose.", you say. Everyone gasps.

"I did no such thing!", Justin yells.

"Oh save it, Justin!", you shout. Everyone starts whispering and talking amongst themselves, until Courtney yells.

"QUIET! OC, what PROOF do you have?", Courtney asks.

"I, umm...Leshawna! Leshawna thinks so too!", you say. Leshawna attempts to speak up, but is cut off by Courtney.

"Doesn't matter. If Leshawna doesn't have solid proof then you can't prove it, Mister Accuse-a-lot!", Courtney says.

"But...he did do it!", you say.

"Say what you will, but you still don't have proof. I'm a CIT and a future lawyer, don't even try to argue with me.", Courtney says confidently.


OC: I don't know how much longer I'm gonna last in this game. Is it normal to want to rip Courtney's head off?

-end confessional-

The Gilded Chris Ceremony started.

The Killer Grips were there too.

"The first Award goes to...Gwen. Leshawna.", Chris says. You look nervous; Courtney sure doesn't, which is weird because you and Gwen both voted for...Leshawna! You forgot to talk to Leshawna about it.

(I just assumed Leshawna would vote for Courtney...okay, but she did!)

"OC, the fiasco at Crafts Services is reason enough for you to be on the chopping block. As for you, Courtney, you're bossy, mean, everyone hates you, you lost your challenge and-", Chris says, but is cut off by Courtney.

"Whatever. Okay! Just give me my stupid statue already!", Courtney says impatiently.

"I can't do that.", he replies.

"WHAT?! Why NOT?!", Courtney shouts.

"Because the last Gilded Chris statue goes to...", Chris says. You can't help but smile! You're safe!





"Neither of you! It's a tie!", he says. Your jaw drops.

"What do you MEAN it's TIE?!", you yell.

"I mean, neither of you get it! You both got equal votes!", Chris says.

"Oh great, so it's time for a tie breaker now?", Courtney asks.

"No, I'm just gonna send both of you home.", Chris says.

"You can't do that!", Courtney says.

"Um, yes I can.", Chris says.

"But why would you do that?!", Gwen asks.

"Well, frankly, both of you are really annoying me. And to think I liked you, OC. The show's lost a lot of money because of you, Courtney.", Chris says angrily. Chef picks you both up and drags you both kicking and screaming.

"This isn't the end of me! YOU'LL be hearing from MY lawyers!!", Courtney shouts.

"Yeah yeah, whatever, pipe down why don't you?", you say to her. She starts trying to scratch you, and Chef throws you both into the Lame-o-sine. You stick your head out the sun roof and wave goodbye to everyone.

"Bye everyone!", you shout. Everyone waves goodbye. Gwen quickly catches up as the Lame-o-sine starts up.

"Wait, before you leave...", Gwen says, and kisses you.

"That's a great goodbye gift. Win for us Gwen!", you say as the Limo drives away. You also see Leshawna smirking at Justin for some reason.

Bonus Clip

"I can't believe I was gone this quickly! Oh no...what's gonna happen to me during the Aftermath...?", Courtney says.

"There's an Aftermath?", you ask.

"I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU!", Courtney shouts.

"Hey, we're both gone now, so does it really matter?", you ask. Courtney sighs.

"I guess not.", she says, and starts...crying?

"Are you crying?", you ask.

" I'm not!", she says.

"Courtney, you don't have to cry...", you say.

"Leave me alone!", she says. And the rest of the time was mostly silence.

Your Ranking: #8/#7

Dial M For Merger

Remaining Contestants: Gwen, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen

  • Everyone was still shocked about the Double Elimination
  • Gwen was really missing OC
  • Leshawna revealed that Justin and Courtney tried to blackmail her; since Courtney was gone, Justin was helpless
  • Izzy won the first challenge (to claim the package)
  • Lindsay won the second challenge (to diffuse the bomb)
  • Leshawna guaranteed Justin that he's going to get what's coming to him

Super Hero-Id

Remaining Contestants: Gwen, Harold, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen

  • Chris brought back Harold since he tried hard and was robbed
  • Harold won immunity, and Leshawna planned for Justin to be eliminated
  • Unfortunately, Justin manipulated Lindsay and Owen into voting for Gwen
  • Gwen was voted off

Next Episode: Aftermath III

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