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Masters Of Disasters

(A.N.: I said earlier that this would be an elimination challenge since we have more characters this time around)

Everyone sat at breakfast, eating the now disgusting food.

(I wish DJ still cooked for us...)

"Why is Chef's food so gross all of a sudden?", Justin asks.

"I know, it's like he got it from his bathroom.", Lindsay adds, looking like she's gonna vomit.

"Hey, Chef, what happened?", Trent asks Chef. Chef, meanwhile, was glaring at DJ. DJ gulped.

Chris arrives and explains the challenge. You all head to the set for the "Earthquake of Inevitable Pain"

It begins, and you all start running as Chris throws things at you all. You got hit with quite a few golf balls.

Suddenly, you can see Chef's giant book (his manifesto) flying at Owen...going right for his jaw!

What do you do?

A: Save him, he may not be on our team but at least you'll be able to deflect it

B: Don't save him, it's not our problem - we need to win!

(A.N. Omg guys tysm for putting up with my psychotic updating schedules you're the best)

"Owen! Watch out!", you shout. Owen turns around, the book flying right at him. You jump, and kick the book away.

"Thanks OC! I owe you one.", Owen says, and keeps running.

(You owe me one, huh? I'll remember that...)

Everyone keeps running, and about halfway through, Lindsay and Justin are out, but your whole team is still in.

"My face can't handle this kind of trauma from the golf balls! I'm out!", Justin says.

"Ow! Owww!! That HURTS!", Lindsay says.

Next, the lava starts coming down, and Duncan is about to fall in. If he does, he'll be out. You smell the lava.

(Is that...tomato soup? Ew. I hate tomatos), you say, covering your nose.

"Uhh...guys?!", Duncan shouts. Meanwhile, Gwen, DJ and Leshawna are already ahead.

On one hand, Trent is almost caught up and you'll finally get a chance to beat him, but on the other hand, Duncan needs help.

What do you do?

A: Save Duncan and try your best

B: Forget Duncan, beat Trent finally

(Aw man, the others have already gone ahead!), you think.

"Uh...this can't be good...", Duncan says.

"Duncan, hang on!", you say, and you jump over a stream of lava to reach him, and tackle him to the other side, where you reach the monkey bar things.

You both start running up.

"Thanks for that, OC.", Duncan says. While you're running, you've almost passed Trent when you trip, and hurt your ankle pretty bad.

"Oh crap!", you yell.

"Oh, dude...", Duncan says, looking at you. He whips his head forward and back, at you, then lifts you up. You try to run, but you keep falling and it's getting worse.

"Duncan, just go, at least win the challenge.", you say.

"No way, man, come on!", Duncan says, and carries you on his shoulders, all the way to the end. Unfortunately, Trent beat you to it. But, the Screaming Gaffers won since Lindsay and Justin never made it to the end, and Chris gives the paper to DJ.

Before the next challenge, Chef wrapped your ankle in bandages and said it wouldn't take too long to heal - just don't put pressure on it.

(A.N.: You'll be spending Full Metal Drama with the handicap, but you'll be okay by Ocean's Eight - Or Nine)

"Aw, it'll be okay, OC.", Gwen says to comfort you.

"I know that, it still kinda blows.", you say.

"At least you did it for a teammate. That's what matters.", Leshawna says.

"Yeah, without you we would've lost.", Duncan adds.

The next challenge begins, and it's less stress on your leg.

"At least there's not too much walking in this challenge.", you say.

"Yeah, just take it easy boy. We've got this covered.", Leshawna says. The water level starts rising.

"Guys, look.", Gwen says, pointing at the combination lock.

"That must be what the paper is for!", Leshawna exclaims.

"DJ, give me the paper.", Gwen says, reaching out for it.

"Umm...I don't have it.", DJ says.

"What do you mean?", Leshawna asks.

"I mean, I don't have it.", he repeats.

"Dude, Chef gave you the paper.", Duncan says.

"I must've lost it! It wasn't my fault! I swear I kept it right here in my hand!", DJ says.

(That's odd...), you think.

"Guys, relax. DJ, do you remember the symbols on the paper?", you ask.

"", he says. Everyone groans. Everyone scrambles in their pockets, their clothes, shoes, even their hair to find that paper, to no avail. When the water was about knee length, everyone panicked, but soon the water level went down.

"You don't think...?"

"Could it be...?"

"No...I can't believe it..."

Those were everyone's reactions.

"The Grips...won...", Leshawna says, and everyone escapes. Chris meets you all outside.

"Oh, oh, good you''re safe!!", he says, breathing heavily.

"You actually care about us?", Gwen asks.

"! I was worried paycheck!", Chris lies.

"But in the control room, you said you were worried about them dy-", Chef is interrupted by Chris.

"Shushhhh! Shut it, Chef! I was NOT concerned!", Chris lies, again.


"The Killer Grips win, which means the Screaming Gaffers have to vote someone off.", Chris says.

"What are you talking about?!", Gwen exclaims.

"What ever do you mean?", Chris asks innocently.

"We JUST had an elimination challenge! This is a REWARD challenge!" she says, and everyone agrees.

"Yeah, turns out we didn't plan too well, and we need an extra elimination challenge.", Chris says.

Who do you vote for?

A: Gwen

B: Leshawna


D: Duncan

"And the last Gilded Chris goes to Leshawna.", Chris says, as Leshawna's worried face fades.

"Aw, man...", DJ says sadly.

"You played the game well.", you say.

"Yeah. At least I lost with my dignity! And that's all that matters.", DJ says. Everyone gets a big, cuddly hug from the world's strongest softie.

"*sniff* I can't be this sad twice in one day...", Chris says, trying to hide his sadness.


"Mama!!", DJ says to his Mama, who was sitting in the limo, waiting for him.

"My little poopie-doo! I was waiting for you! I am so proud of you!", she says.

"I know Mama. I could feel the disappointment from you, so I ended it. Mama didn't raise no fool!", DJ says.

"I'm glad I raised my Devon Joseph right! Let's go home baby, I'll make you your favorite dinner.", Mama says.

Special Bonus Clip


Justin: "I'm so glad I stole that paper from DJ. My team won, and I won some respect points. Personally, I think Lindsay wanted to vote me off. Maybe this could be the start of a great, villainous season for me..."

-end confessional-

Full Metal Drama

  • Screaming Gophers: Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, OC
  • Killer Bass: Justin, Lindsay, Owen, Trent

(A.N.: Okay guys sorry for the long wait, I didn't have much time/was too lazy to watch the episode. I haven't seen TDA as much as I've seen TDI, and most of it is kinda hard to remember. Bear with me here.)

You and the rest of your team waited outside the ONLY working stall for the bathroom, and you really had to go. Finally, it was your turn after Justin came out.

"Sorry, I need extra time in the bathroom, you know, for beauty treatment.", he says.

(What? What's he gonna do in the bathroom?), you think, and then quickly stop thinking about it.

"Finally!", Gwen exclaims, and runs into the stall.


OC: You know what? DJ's not that careless. He's definitely not the one that lost that paper...I think some foul play is involved, but even if it is...who could have done such a thing?

-end confessional-

You all gather for the challenge, where you all were blindfolded and taken somewhere. However, when you took off the blindfolds, you saw that you and everyone else were on a plane!

While Chris was getting something ready or something like that, you decide to talk to someone.

Who do you talk to?

A: Leshawna - maybe she can help you figure out who sabotaged DJ

B: Duncan - ask him about his strategy, he's an expert on war movies

C: Lindsay - see if she'll spill any info about the sabotage

D: Owen - ask him how he's faring now that Izzy's gone

"Hey, Owen.", you say, sitting next to your large friend.

"Oh, hi OC.", Owen says sadly.

"Are you upset because Izzy's gone?", you ask

(Huh, kinda straightforward...oh well.)

"Yeah. I miss her. I miss how she acted crazy and then acted normal and I loved the way she shuffled cards! I used to love it when she would love me like she does!", Owen says.

"Aw, big guy, trust me - you'll see Izzy again, soon!", you say reassuringly

"You think so? Thanks OC! You're a real pal!", Owen says. Soon, it's time to jump.

"Umm...", you mutter, unsure.

"Come on, OC!", Gwen says as she picks up a parachute. Jumping with Gwen wouldn't be so bad...

"Um, yeah, turns out in World War I, there were no parachutes.", Chris said as he snatched Gwen's chute and threw the rest off the plane.

"Oh crap...", you say. Gwen holds out her hand.

"We don't need a parachute!", she says. You hold her hand and jump, and you're the first ones to land...on a mattress five feet below the plane. What really hurt was Owen CRUSHING EVERY BONE in your body.

"Owen....GET OFF ME.", you yell.

"Oops. Sorry.", he apologizes. The mattress felt lumpy.

Chris explained the next challenge, which was to create the explosion. The choice was easy - give the reigns to Duncan.

You, Gwen and Leshawna were able to relax knowing that Duncan had it under control. When he was done, it formed a skull.

Next was the Killer Grips' explosion: it sucked, but Chris liked it more.

Lindsay had finally taken over as "co-leader", and their explosion was CHRIS' FACE!

"I LOVE this!! One hundred points to the Killer Grips!", he announces.

"Aw, man...mine was totally better!", Duncan comments.

"I can't believe we lost again...", Gwen adds.

"Not yet! There's still one more challenge.", Chris says, and reveals the Chest of Mind Blowing Secrets.


"The Grips have to protect this chest, and you, the Gaffers, must take it from them. Plan wisely.", Chris says. You and your team go to the base as you remember all the times you played Capture The Flag with your cousins.

"OC, we're making you temporary team leader.", Gwen says.

"What? Why me?", you ask.

"You played capture the flag...?", Gwen says.

"Oh...right. I forgot I told you that.", you say.

"You told all of us.", Leshawna says.

"You kept talking about it on the way here, like you wanted to be the leader.", Duncan explained.

"Oh. I thought that was in my head.", you say, blushing.

What strategy should the Gaffers go with?

A: Attack immediately.

B: Send someone to scout (specify) (Gwen)

C: Spy

"Guys, I think Gwen should go scout the enemy for us.", you say.

"Why me?", Gwen asks.

"Remember back in TDI, during the hide and seek challenge? You did really well.", you remind her.

"So did you, I mean, you won immunity.", she reminds you.

"Technically it was because I helped Chef. Tyler was the one who earned it, but anyway, I still think it should be you.", you say.

"Alright then.", Gwen says, and heads off.

"You could say she's using the...hide and seek method...", you joke, making Duncan and Leshawna groan.

"Okay, while Gwen finds out some info, we should start planning.", Leshawna says.

"Maybe we'll wait for Gwen to come back, then we can plan our attack.", you say.

"I'm gonna get a net. Trap at least one of them.", Duncan says.

"That's a terrible idea! We need to get a paper and a pen and strategize our next attack!", Leshawna reasons.

"No, strategizing never works! We need something that'll work no matter what!", Duncan retorts.

"Yo juvie boy, you don't get it! Planning it what wins wars!", Leshawna argues.

"I don't know my war history, but I'm really sure that a TRAP will stop them.", Duncan says.

"No one's gonna fall for a stupid trap!", Leshawna says.

"Have you seen them?! They're all idiots! We've got dumb blondy, pretty boy, other pretty boy and Owen.", Duncan says.

"Fine! You do it the way YOU want to, and I'll do it the way I want to!", Leshawna says confidently.

"Fine then!"


"Double fine!"

"Double double fine!"

"TRIPLE fine!"

"OC, tell Duncan his idea is doomed to fail.", Leshawna says.

"OC doesn't lie. OC, tell Leshawna that we need to make traps to guarantee victory!", Duncan says to you

"Um, guys, both are good ideas -", you say

"But MINE is better!", Leshawna says.

"OC?!", both of them yell.

Who do you side with?

A: Duncan and his idea for a big net

B: Leshawna and her idea for strategizing

"Sorry Leshawna, but I gotta go with Duncan...", you say.

"Alright! Leshawna, you can go work on your strategy but my main man OC and I will be hard at work doing REAL man stuff!", Duncan says


OC: Is it just me, or did that not sound quite right?

-end confessional-

As you and Duncan get to work on his plan, Justin arrives, holding up Gwen and putting her down.

"Next time, try to have a decent scout...", he says as he left.

"Sorry guys.", Gwen says. After that, you ask Gwen what intelligence she gathered.

"Well, this attack's gonna be easy. They're split; Owen's listening to Lindsay, and Justin and Trent are their own teams.", she explains.

(Wow, talk about dysfunctionality...)

"I'm just glad we're working together!", Gwen says.

"Uh...hehehe...about that...", you say. Gwen facepalms.

"Don't tell me...", Gwen says. You nod. You explain the problem to Gwen, and she decides to help Leshawna to make things fair.

Soon, Chris announces you only have fifteen minutes.

"The net's ready.", Duncan says.

"I've worked out multiple strategies, actually.", Leshawna says. You take a look.

"OC? Which one should we use?", Leshawna asks.

A: Attack from the left behind the bushes, throw the net at Justin

B: Attack straight up front, throw the net at Owen

C: Attack from the left on the trees, throw the net at Trent

D: Stay there and plan more

"I like Plan C, where we attack from the left and throw the net at Trent.", you say, smiling.

"You just want to throw the net at Trent.", Gwen says.

"Dammit. You figured it out.", you joke.

(I mean that is a plus point)

"No but seriously, they're all separated and taking out Trent would be easier.", you explain. You all sneak off, and manage to take out Trent and trap him in the net. 

Duncan runs past Justin, who was too afraid about his looks being damaged to properly fight Duncan. Duncan easily threw him aside, and ran for the chest. Leshawna, meanwhile, made sure that Trent didn't escape from the net.

You whipped your head around to find Lindsay, but you couldn't see her!

Duncan tried to escape with the chest, but it was difficult since they attached another box and heavy weights to the chest.

Duncan ran, but Owen body slammed him.

What do you do?

A: Send Gwen to take the chest and run

B: Take the chest yourself and run

"Duncan! Pass!", you shout, and Duncan understood. He threw the chest at you, and you picked the entire thing up: The chest, the box, and the weights attached. You cut the weights loose, and feel yourself being unburdened. Finally you release the box.

When you start trying to unattach the box, Lindsay pops out!

"LINDSAY?! You're insane!!", you shout. Lindsay tackles you to the ground, and Justin catches Gwen before she can do anything, and Owen still has Duncan pinned down.

You only have one hope left: Leshawna.

But naturally there are risks. As Leshawna watches the struggle of OC vs. Lindsay, she also has to keep watch off Trent - who's slowly breaking out of the net.

Suddenly, an opening appears!

On one hand, you could keep running but risk Lindsay catching you, and on the other hand, you could throw the box to Leshawna, take care of Lindsay, but risk Trent escaping.

Naturally, there were a billion other possibilities.

What will you do?

A: Keep it and run, but risk Lindsay

B: Throw it to Leshawna, but risk Trent

C: Custom

"LESHAWNA!! Catch!!", you yell, and Leshawna holds out her arms. Lindsay shoves you, you lose your aim, but Leshawna slides forward just in time to catch it, and you pin down Lindsay and motion for Leshawna to run.

Leshawna does her best, meanwhile Trent finally breaks out.

"Oh no boy, I'm not losin' to YOU!", Leshawna says as she gracefully mercilessly elbows Trent's stomach, causing him to double over, and continues running as fast as she can to your base.

"Mmmph...someone he-mmmph!", Duncan shouts as Owen was still pinning him down.

"Ahh!! Let me go, Justin!", Gwen shouts, kicking and screaming as Justin drags her along to catch Leshawna. Meanwhile, everyone except Owen had left and Lindsay gave up on trying to pin you down.

Leshawna finally reached the end, getting your team the win!!

"The Gaffers win! The Gaffers win!!", Chris announces


OC: Wow, that was intense. Probably the hardest challenge yet!

-end confessional-

After the surprise of nothing being in the chest, you all realized it was just typical Chris.

Meanwhile, the Grips had to vote someone off.

Later, Leshawna approaches you.

"Hey, OC, great leadership out there.", she says. You smile at her compliment.

"Thanks, Leshawna!"

"By the way, I think I know who sabotaged DJ.", she says.

"How did you know about that?", you ask, not realizing that Leshawna had the same sabotage theory.

"Doesn't matter. I think it was Justin. Watch out for that boy.", she says menacingly.

"J-Justin?! He's so quiet...", you remark.

"Exactly! No one knows a thing about him.", she says.

"If only we could vote HIM off...", you say.

Afterwards, it's Lindsay who needs to have a chat.

"Hey, OC, it's kinda hard being leader. Can you help me?", she asks.

"Lindsay, are you sure that's a good idea?", you ask.

"Pfft, sure! Why wouldn't it be?", she asks.

"I'm on the other team...", you remind her.

"Ohh yeah...but I know you won't steer me wrong!", Lindsay says cheerfully.

(Damn, she's right...)

" do you think Omar and I should vote off?", Lindsay asks

"I think you should vote for..."

A: Trent

B: Justin

"Lindsay, if you want to be the full time leader of your team, then Trent needs to go!", you say.

(I just chose helping Lindsay over avenging DJ. Was it the right thing to do?)

"I think you're right. Thanks, OC!", she says, kisses you on the cheek politely, and leaves.

Later, right before the elimination, Trent says he needs to talk to you.

"Been a while, hasn't it, Trent?", you say.

"Yeah, it has! How much time have you spent wrecking my relationship with Gwen?!", he shouts.

"What relationship? You never had anything!", you say. He puts his hand on his head, as if he had a headache.

"Urgh. I can't wait to have you voted off.", he says.

"Just a hunch, but I think you're going home today, Trent.", you say confidently.

"Yeah, right!", Trent replies. You and Trent roll your eyes at the same time.

"What do you want?", you ask rudely.

"Stop talking to Lindsay! She's not on your team. Next time you talk to her...your whole team will know!", he says.

"So? My team already knows I'm friends with Lindsay.", you say.

"I'll put a little twist on it.", he says.

Finally, it was time for the elimination. What do you do?

A: Go watch the elimination

B: Stay with Gwen, Leshawna and Duncan.

Everyone decided to go chill in the mess hall.

"Good job, team! We've lost more challenges than we've won, but this time we were successful thanks to teamwork!", Gwen says.

"Yeah we were! I'm really proud of OC for handling the separation so well, and of course his quick thinking, nice job man.", Duncan says.

"Well, I'm proud of Leshawna - the way you took down Trent was awesome!", you say.

"That's just how I roll. No one's gonna mess with my team. I'm proud of Gwen, she was brave enough to scout for us, even if she did get caught.", Leshawna says.

"I think Duncan totally won it for us - he took Owen's entire body weight and he made that net that caught Trent.", Gwen says.

"All in all, a great day for the Screaming Gaffers.", you say.

"We stumbled a little, but we got back on our feet.", Duncan says. You look at Leshawna.

"Should we tell them?", you ask.

"I think we should.", Leshawna says.

"Guys, we think Justin is the one who stole the paper from DJ in the submarine challenge.", you say.

"Wait, why?!", Gwen asks.


"I heard him from the confessional trailer.", she explains.

"Aw man, that's not cool man.", Duncan says.

"He's so the next one to go!", Gwen says.

Later, to everyone's shock, Izzy arrives in the mess hall.

"Hey guys! Guess what, I was here the whole time, but I was in, like, hiding! Also, Trent got voted off. Fun!", Izzy says.

"Umm...", everyone says.

"Where were you hiding?", you ask.

"Oh, there's this spare mattress in one of the sets.", Izzy said.

(Wait a second...THAT'S why the mattress was lumpy...)

"Why are you in our team?", Duncan asks.

"It's like, way more fun to be part of the winning team!", Izzy says.

"Right...", Gwen says.

"Who got voted off?", you ask.

"Trent.", Izzy says.

"YES YES YES!! FINALLY!!", you shout. Everyone stares at you.

"*ahem* I"

"Wait a second...", Duncan begins, "you mean to say Trent scored number nine? That's hilarious!!", Duncan says, laughing 

(A.N.: He actually got #10, but Courtney hasn't debuted yet.)

"How ironic...", Leshawna adds.

"The teams are so unbalanced! It's like, five people here and three there! It's craaaaazy!!", Izzy says.

After sorting out the whole E-Scope issue with Chris, he let Izzy stay, but made her join the Killer Grips like how she was originally.


Trent sits in the Lame-o-sine, totally bummed out.

"Yeah, I guess the way I played the game was sorta unfair. And mean. But doesn't matter, I mean it's over now, so no point in thinking about it. It's totally out of my life now.", he says.

"You still have to go to the aftershow.", the cameraman says.

"Wait what? There's an AFTERSHOW?! Crap...", he says.

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