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Aftermath III: Can't You OC The Real Me?

Guests: Duncan, Courtney, OC and Gwen

Duncan's Interview

  • During Truth or Electrocution, he was asked several questions, including:
  • How he felt about Courtney's debut. He claimed he didn't care, which was a lie
  • He also claimed he didn't care about his elimination or the money, another lie
  • When asked about how he feels about OC, he said "he's alright, I guess.", and this was a truth.
  • They play an exclusive clip of Courtney strategizing as Duncan followed her around like a puppy

Courtney's Interview

  • She was asked about how she felt about her humiliating defeat, and she brought up how she took down OC with her
  • Bridgette objected, saying it was more like OC took down Courtney
  • Geoff said it was a hilarious fight with both the contestants acting like children
  • Courtney stated that she was disgusted and refused to talk about her elimination
  • Geoff and Bridgette debated on whether Courtney was good or bad, and OC good or bad. Geoff claimed OC was Courtney was playing the game the best way she could, while Bridgette said the way she played wasn't fair
  • Courtney questioned whether Bridgette and her were really friends
  • Bridgette stated that she didn't want to be friends with Courtney if she was like that
  • Geoff asked everyone whether they supported OC or Courtney; most people said OC, except for Duncan

OC's Interview

  • During Truth or Electrocution, he was asked several questions
  • When asked about his stance on Courtney and his elimination, he claimed it was unfair and he wants another chance like Harold (truth)
  • When asked if he actually liked Duncan and wanted to genuinely be his friend, OC said yes (This was lie)
  • He admitted that the truth was, he only wanted Duncan for his vote but soon grew to like him (truth)
  • He was shown the clip where Leshawna voted for him, and asked about it. OC claimed he was indifferent (This was a lie)
  • Then he said he wanted to know WHY Leshawna did it. After finding out that Courtney and Justin blackmailed Leshawna, he said he forgives Leshawna, but not completely. (Truth)
  • OC's final question was whether he truly wanted to be friends with Courtney when she debuted or not. He answered, truthfully, that he did.
  • After this, Courtney wholeheartedly apologized to OC, and OC did the same. Bridgette aww'd, then proceeded to take care of Geoff (then they cut to commercial to avoid catching THAT horror show on camera)

Gwen's Interview

  • Gwen was asked if she thought she was a significant part of the season. She answered no.
  • She was asked if she still had feelings for Trent; she answered yes, but claimed she liked OC way more (truth)
  • She was asked about what her hardest moment on the show was; she answered it was when all her friends fell sick in One Flu Over The Cuckoos and she felt helpless (lie)
  • She admitted that the real one was during the Disaster Movie challenge, when they were drowning
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Special Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Elimination Table

Total Drama Action Elimination Table
Ranking Contestant Reason for Elimination Episode of Elimination
#16 Heather She was voted off due to her past actions during TDI Alien Resurr-eggtion
#15 Geoff The contestants were annoyed with his constant making out with Bridgette Alien Resurr-eggtion
#14 Beth Trent believed she was the weak link of the Grips and arranged her elimination Riot On Set
#13 Bridgette Voted off by the Gaffers for her weak performance in the challenge 3:10 To Crazytown
#12 DJ Voted off due to Justin stealing the code won in another challenge, costing them the challenge Masters of Disasters
#11 Trent Voted off by Lindsay and Owen due to Lindsay asking OC's advice on who to vote off Full Metal Drama
#10 Duncan OC, Gwen and Leshawna voted him off to prevent him from dominating the game with Courtney Ocean's 8 - or 9
#8/#7 Courtney Voted off by Gwen and OC for being bossy and manipulative Million Dollar Babies
#8/#7 OC Voted off due to helping the other team on multiple occasions Million Dollar Babies
#6 Gwen Justin manipulated Lindsay and Owen to vote her off to save himself from Leshawna Super Hero-Id
#5 Izzy Justin managed to win immunity by successfully trashing the hotel room, and everyone voted for Izzy Rock 'N Rule
#4 Justin Harold won immunity and asked Leshawna and Owen to vote for Justin, to avenge DJ and as revenge for the blackmail 2008: A Space Owen
#3 Owen Owen the only one who was unable to make it back to the set in time Top Dog
#2/#1 Leshawna Leshawna got more votes than Harold from the Peanut Gallery. The Aftermath IV: Who Wants to Win A Million Dollars?
#2/#1 Lindsay Lindsay got more votes than Leshawna from the Peanut Gallery The Aftermath IV: Who Wants To Win A Million Dollars?

A Tribute To OC

Credit goes to DarkMaster999 for the tribute after Episode 7. Good job! Geoff and Bridgette Last Longer Thanks To You (From Episode 2 - Alien Resurr-eggtion)

As the four of you walk around trying to find the eggs, Geoff and Bridgette arrive too, making out.

"Woah, woah, you think you guys can join us? No way, the kissing couples always get taken out first in horror movies.", Duncan notes. That is true but...

(I can't believe I'm doing this. Wasn't I responsible for like 10 eliminations last season? What's wrong with me? Uh, whatever. Right now I need allies and fast.)

"Heyyyyy, Geoff, Bridgette!", you yell. They both stop kissing and look at you.

"Hey guys! Buddies! PAY ATTENTION!", you shout, startling everyone.

"Why?", Geoff asks.

"You want to lose out on a good MILLION BUCKS?!", you say. They both think.

"Stop making out and get your head in the game, come on, let's go.", you say. They blush, stop kissing and follow you.

"Not bad, OC.", Duncan says.

"Hey, um, OC...thanks for that.", Bridgette says.

" problem.", you say.

"At this rate, we could've been eliminated first or something! Would've been a disaster!", she contemplates. You laugh a bit.

"Haha, yeah I guess you would have. It's no problem really." you say.

"You're not working an angle here, are you?", Geoff asks.

"Wh-what do you mean?", you reply.

"You know how last season you manipulated a lot of people and even got a bunch of them voted off?", he says, making Duncan glare at you. Facepalm.

"No, Geoff. I am not trying to manipulate you."

"Oh. Cool."

Heather Kisses You

(From Episode 2 - Alien Resurr-eggtion)

"EXCUSE ME?! I am getting voted OFF?!", Heather shouts.

"Yes yes it's always a shock. This season, we don't have a Boat of Losers, so you'll be leaving through the Lame-o-sine! Goodbye.", Chris says.

"This...this can't be TRUE!", Heather says.

"You already had your limelight last season, Heather. Leave already.", Chris says, losing patience.

"I demand a recount! Nooooo!!", Heather screams.

"Would someone call security and get this girl out?", Chris says.

"Fine. If I have to leave, I'm doing this first.", Heather says, grabs you and KISSES YOU FOR TEN SECONDS.

"Bye, OC...", Heather says flirty.


Both Heather and Geoff leave.

"What just happened...?", you ask, mesmerized by the kiss.

"Yeah, yeah, you got kissed by your hot enemy, it's happened to all of us. The rest of you are safe. Good night.", Chris says, as everyone stares at you.

OC Helps Bridgette Cope With Geoff's Absence

You and Bridgette push the trailer up the hill together and talk.

"So, Bridgette, you getting along okay?", you ask.

"I'm f-fine...", she says, her voice cracking.

"I bet Geoff is rooting for you back home."

"You think so? Yeah...of course he is..."

"And he doesn't want you to lose!", you say.

"Yeah!", Bridgette says.

"Wave hello to Geoff!", you say. Bridgette turns to the camera breaks the fourth wall and waves, and you do the same.

"And I'm sure Geoff wants you to try your best, Bridge.", you say.

"You know what, OC? You're right. I'm gonna try my best, for Geoff!", Bridgette says, and hugs you. You can feel her new burst of energy by her pushing the trailer.

OC Makes a New Friend

(From Episode 3 - Riot On Set)

"Umm...right. How's it going? Anything new?", you ask.

"New?! What do you mean new?! Like a new alliance?!", DJ says in a panic.

"Oh my gosh dude calm down, I'm not accusing you of anything. Just talking to you, man to man.", you say.

"Oh...okay...heh heh...", he says, taking deep breaths.

"Can I tell you something?", he asks.

"You can tell me anything man.", you reply. DJ gets closer and talks in a hushed voice.

"I'm in a secret alliance with Chef. He asked me earlier before we started the acting challenge, said he was gonna toughen me up, make me a man y'know.", DJ explained.

"What's so bad about that? Sounds cool. I mean, if Chef weren't a psychopath.", you note.

"Yeah, but he told me that it's an illegal alliance. I'm not being honest! Imagine what my mama would say if she knew. She'd have my skin grilled for the raccoons, but the worst part would be her disappointment in her little boy.", he says, making you chuckle a little.

"Haha, you're not even close to little, DJ. You're big, strong and you don't need to listen to Chef if you don't want to.", you say...but then you think.

(The reason we won...was because of DJ...crap.)

And then you add, "but of course Chef could help you win a bunch of money, so just keep doing what you're doing.", you say.

"But Mama...", he says.

"Will be happy with the money."

"Excuse me?! Are you implying Mama is some sort of coattail rider?", DJ asks.

"What?! No I'm not! *sigh* okay, the truth is that if you have this alliance then our team will get further in the game. But...just do what you think is right. Sorry for trying to manipulate you.", you admit. DJ smiles.

"Thanks for being honest with me, OC. You're a real friend.", he says.

Gwen and OC's First Moment

(From Episode 4 - Beach Blanket Bogus)

"Whatever.", Gwen says. Trent throws a pinch of salt back - to avoid bad luck - and almost on instinct, he throws it into your eye.

"AHH! WHAT THE HECK TRENT?!", you shout, as Gwen settles you down and gently dabs your eye.

"There, better?", Gwen asks.

"Yeah, a bit.", you say. It felt good...having Gwen's hand on your cheek...

OC's Dorky Side Brings Him Closer to Chris and Harold

(From Episode 4 - Beach Blanket Bogus)

You two head off to Chris, and he starts explaining the teen surfing movie challenge.

"YOU MEAN LIKE WEST SIDE STORY?!", you blurt out. Everyone stares at you.

"What is that?", Lindsay asks.

"I think it's some movie from the 20s or something...", Justin says.

"Hello? West Side Story? One of the greatest movies of all time?", you add.

"Yeah, of nine generations ago...", Gwen says.

"Thank you, OC, for not being totally culturally insensitive. As for the rest of you, watch more classics.", Chris says. Chef nods.

"Hey, I know about this genre too!", Harold says.

"So you've seen West Side Story?", you ask.

"Pfft, seen it? I love that movie. My favorite scene is when-", he begins.

"While I'd love to chat about the movie, and trust me, I really would, we're on a schedule here and we need to get on with the challenge.

On the way to the set, you and Harold chat it up about your favorite movies that you have in common.

Gwen's Famous Lecture

(From Episode 4 - Beach Blanket Bogus)

Later, while the Grips have their beach party and the Gaffers are stuck watching, Gwen pulls you aside.

"We need to talk about things.", she says.

"What kind of things?", you ask.

"Do you have any idea how you're acting?!", Gwen asks you.


"You're acting like Heather!", Gwen shouts.

"Like Heather?!", you exclaim.

"Yes. You keep trying to strategize, you keep trying to get people voted off and you only. Care. About. Yourself! You were so nice and sweet in season one, where's that OC? I miss him.", Gwen said. At that last part, her tone soften.

"I'm sorry, Gwen. I didn't know I was being like that.", you reply.

"Well, you were. And I believe it's time for an attitude adjustment. Tell me, why do you hate Trent?", Gwen asks. You couldn't lie to Gwen...

Gwen Kisses OC

(From Episode 4 - Beach Blanket Bogus)

"Well, you were. And I believe it's time for an attitude adjustment. Tell me, why do you hate Trent?", Gwen asks. You couldn't lie to Gwen...

"He hates me. Tried to get me voted off last time.", you admit.

"But, you ended up voting him off.", Gwen says.

"Thanks to Heather. He's one of the people who never forgave me.", you say.

"Who else didn't?"

"Umm...Justin. Probably Cody. Duncan hated me but he doesn't anymore.", you explain.

"Yeah, he talks about you enough.", Gwen says.

"And Trent keeps trying to impress you.", you add.


"It's just..."

"What?!", Gwen demands.

"I try to say that I don't want him to get to you because he might sabotage our team...but the real reason is that, well...", you begin.

"Go on. We need to talk more! I can help you OC!", Gwen says.

Tell Gwen you like her?

A: Yes, tell her. It would surely simplify things, and she deserves to know.

B: No, lie to her. There's no way she'll find out the truth anyway. Tell her later.

(A.N.: Thank you beautiful people for picking A)

"The real reason, Gwen,", you say, but then trail off. Gwen stares at you, expecting an answer.

(I do like her...)

"Ever since Katie dumped me, I've been spending a lot of time with you and I realized...I like you, Gwen.", you admit.

"R-really?", she asks.

"Yes. After the season one finale, you came from the island and, remember how much we used to hang out with everyone else at the loser resort?", you asked.


"And then that million dollar thing happened...and in that two day gap between seasons, I couldn't wait to see you again.", you admit. Gwen pulls you into a hug and kisses you.

"I like you too, I just...didn't admit it.", Gwen admitted to you. You were speechless. Then she added:

"But I don't like you when you act like Heather. Chill out, be more human. Like you were before.", Gwen says. You smile.

"Maybe I will.", you whisper.

Lindsay and OC's Unfortunate Meeting

(From Episode 5 - 3:10 To Crazytown)

"Yeah, but they're too thin! Leave it to Chris to cheap out on everything from food to blankets.", Gwen complains.

"Alright, I'll get you more blankets.", you say. You stand up and go to the girls' trailer, and quickly put your head down as you see Lindsay CHANGING into her bikini.

"OH MY GOD! OC!! KNOCK FIRST!", Lindsay yells.

"Me?! You're the one changing in the trailer! Lindsay use the bathroom!", you shout as Lindsay covered herself in a blanket.

"It was so hot though...I is so hot!", Lindsay exclaims, as she puts her clothes on under the blanket.

"God, Lindsay. Just give me a blanket. Wait...not the one you're using!", you yell.

OC Saves Duncan

(From Episode 5 - 3:10 To Crazytown)

In the next challenge, the Grips were the cowboys and the Gaffers were the cattle.

When you were all running, Duncan was cornered by Justin.

"OC! You have to help him!", Gwen shouts.

You run as fast as you can, and then jump right in front of Justin, but you forgot to push Duncan away!

Justin swings the rope, and catches you both, making you a bit closer to Duncan than you wanted to be.

(First Lindsay, now this...), you think.

Duncan and OC's First Moment

(From Episode 5 - 3:10 To Crazytown)

Justin swings the rope, and catches you both, making you a bit closer to Duncan than you wanted to be.

(First Lindsay, now this...), you think.

"Ha! Have a good time, you two!", Justin says mockingly, then pushes you down...leaving Duncan on top of you.

(Duncan's on top of me...ew. Why'd I have to put it that way?)

"Move, Duncan.", you say.

"You think this is fun for me?", he asks. You both wiggle around a little, but the rope was tight and wiggling felt increasingly awkward. Gwen came over and giggled. She tried to run, but ended up getting caught - that cold was taking a toll on her.

"Chris, untie us already!", Duncan demanded.

"I would, but the fans are gonna like this even more than that time Noah kissed Cody!", Chris beamed. You and Duncan groan.

"And I thought this was supposed to be a kid friendly show. This is NOT kid friendly.", Duncan said angrily. After staying in that position for a much longer time than you wanted (which is to say not at all), and you getting tired from Duncan on top of you, Chef finally unties everyone.



"Hey, OC, about earlier...", Duncan says.

"You mean when you were on top of me?", Duncan asks.

"Yeah...that. It didn't, umm..."


"It didn't mean anything, right? I'm just saying...", Duncan says. What?

"I'm not sure I understand. It didn't mean anything.", you say.

"Oh good, for a second there I thought...y'know...", Duncan tries to say.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Just don't think about that way.", Duncan says. You nearly barf.

"Ew, dude.", you say. You and Duncan both awkwardly laugh.

"Hehe...yeah...good night.", Duncan says. You decide to end the awkwardness.

"Don't worry man. It was just Chris being a turd like always.", you say.

Duncan and OC's Second Moment

(From Episode 7 - The Chefshank Redemption)

"Sorry ginger baby, but some things you're good at, and a lot of things you're not. Next time maybe.", Leshawna says comforting Harold.

"Okay...", he says. You all climb in, and try to get comfortable. The Killer Grips chose Owen as their pusher yes I realize what that sounds like. You find a comfortable spot.

"Umm, OC, move.", Duncan says.

"Where? There's no space.", you point out.

"Anywhere except my lap.", he says. You blush intensely when you see you are sitting on his lap.

"Get a room, you two.", Harold says in an attempt to both display his anger and get back at Duncan. You all can feel the cart moving at a fast pace.

OC Helps Gwen Through Her Claustrophobia

(From Episode 7 - The Chefshank Redemption)

"Guys, I'm gonna prove myself to you now! Ninja Steve's Ninja Camp moves...ACTIVATE!", Harold says, as he starts scraping the dirt away fast.

"Aaahhh!! It's getting smaller!", Gwen yells.

"Gwen?! What's going on?!", Leshawna asks.

"It's the ground! I have claustrophobia!", Gwen explains. You remember back in the Phobia Factor challenge, Gwen was scared of being buried alive. You hold Gwen in your arms.

"It'll be okay, Gwen. We'll be out soon, and we'll win!", you say.

I can't finish this right now since my computer is acting screwy, I'll do it later.

True Help for a Friendship and the Sign of Your Habit Change

 (From Episode 8 – One Flu over the Cuckoos)

"Hey, guys, wait. I think it should be DJ who gets the reward. He's the only one who really studied, and he always works hard for our team. Do you know a more lovable person?", you say. DJ smiles, as if he knows the real reason you're doing this.


OC: "Trust me, DJ needs this. The stress of being with Chef all day is getting to him. A little time with his Mama, a little spa treatment and he'll be good as new."

-end confessional-

"Yeah, I agree. DJ, go ahead.", Leshawna adds.

"Yeah, why not?", Duncan says. Gwen just looks at you and smiles. DJ heads into the Lame-o-sine.

"Mama!!", he shouts.

"My big boy DJ! I've been waiting to see you!", Mama exclaims. They drive away.

Later, Gwen has a chat with you.

"OC, you're unbelieveable.", she says.

"In a good way or a bad way?", you ask.

"The good way! What you did for DJ was amazing! Thank you, OC, you've really changed.", Gwen says.

"Well he was really stressed, it was the right thing to do.", you reply.

"I'm so proud of you. And also, you need sleep. We both do, actually. Good night.", Gwen says.

"Good night.", you say.

Making a Friend Stand for himself

(From Episode 9 – Sand Witch Project)

"Everyone, I have an important announcement to make. I am in an alliance with Chef.", DJ says. Everyone gasps, even you - you can't let everyone know that you knew.

"DJ?! What are you doing?!", Chef shouts. Chris arrives.

"I saw the cameras. Chef?!", Chris says, sounding pretty ticked off.

"I can't do this anymore. I'm lying, I'm cheating, not only on my team, not only to my Mama, but to my integrity. From here on out, Chef, I am no longer a part of your alliance.", DJ says.

"Now, DJ, let's not be hasty.", Chef says, as if the alliance could still be saved, even though it couldn't.

"I know, back home, Mama is watching the show and smiling. I love ya, Mama.", DJ says, with a single tear...

"DJ, I'm glad you told us.", Leshawna says, and slaps him.

"What you think you're doing?!", she says.

"That's not like you.", Gwen adds.

"At least you told us. Sorry for slapping you, come here.", Leshawna says, and pulls DJ into a hug, which DJ gladly accepts.

Duncan and OC : One Hand Washes The Other

(From Episode 10 : Masters Of Disasters)

(Aw man, the others have already gone ahead!), you think.

"Uh...this can't be good...", Duncan says.

"Duncan, hang on!", you say, and you jump over a stream of lava to reach him, and tackle him to the other side, where you reach the monkey bar things.

You both start running up.

"Thanks for that, OC.", Duncan says. While you're running, you've almost passed Trent when you trip, and hurt your ankle pretty bad.

"Oh crap!", you yell.

"Oh, dude...", Duncan says, looking at you. He whips his head forward and back, at you, then lifts you up. You try to run, but you keep falling and it's getting worse.

"Duncan, just go, at least win the challenge.", you say.

"No way, man, come on!", Duncan says, and carries you on his shoulders, all the way to the end. Unfortunately, Trent beat you to it. But, the Screaming Gaffers won since Lindsay and Justin never made it to the end, and Chris gives the paper to DJ.

Trent’s Out For Good

(From Episode 11 – Full Metal Drama)

"He's so the next one to go!", Gwen says.

Later, to everyone's shock, Izzy arrives in the mess hall.

"Hey guys! Guess what, I was here the whole time, but I was in, like, hiding! Also, Trent got voted off. Fun!", Izzy says.

"Umm...", everyone says.

"Where were you hiding?", you ask.

"Oh, there's this spare mattress in one of the sets.", Izzy said.

(Wait a second...THAT'S why the mattress was lumpy...)

"Why are you in our team?", Duncan asks.

"It's like, way more fun to be part of the winning team!", Izzy says.

"Right...", Gwen says.

"Who got voted off?", you ask.

"Trent.", Izzy says.

"How ironic...", Leshawna adds.

“Hypnotizing” Owen

(From Episode 13 – Ocean’s Eight - Or Nine)

"Uh, let's not use the explosive.", you say. Duncan shrugs and puts it back in his pocket.

"Hmm...maybe we could try to pick the lock?" Gwen asks.

"What could the combo be?", you wonder.

"Stand back, kids, let me see.", Duncan says, and starts messing with the lock. Then he punches the door.


"Huh, that usually works when I stuff the dweebs back home into their lockers...", Duncan says.

"Duncan, this is a bank heist, not a high school.", you point out.

"No kidding.", Duncan says.

"Guys?! Is that you??", Leshawna asks.

"Yeah, we're here! Trying to get you out!", you shout.

"Oh good! It's a bit suffocating in here! But I did get a nice nap...", she says.

"Leave it to Leshawna to nap when she gets kidnapped.", Duncan says.

"I have an idea!", you say. You go back to crafts services and bring leftovers from breakfast and use it to bait Owen.

"Oooooweeeeen...get the foooood...", you say slowly.

"Foooood?", Owen asks.

"Yes, foooood...", you say, and dangle the bowl in front of him. You chase him and throw the bowl to Gwen, who sets it in front of the gate.

Owen slams into the gate, knocks it down and hits Leshawna.

"Come on Leshawna, let's GO!", you say. The four of you start running, and reach the bank. The Grips are not too far.

A Little Of a Revenge To DJ

(From Episode 14 – One Million Bucks, B.C.)

You take your smaller bone, and slam it right on Justin's face.


OC: Something about that was relaxing.

'-end confessional'-

"Ow! Hey! Not the face!", Justin says. He had a big red bump on his nose. You couldn't help but laugh, and while you did, you threatened to hit his face again.

"My face can't take this torture! I quit!", he says, and jumps down.

"The Gaffers win!", Chris says, and brings the big mammoth ribs for them. Same events progress, with the ribs falling in the tar pit and the egg being 'reclaimed' by the mother.

Double Elimination and a Goodbye

 (Episode 15 – Million Dollar Babies)

"No, I'm just gonna send both of you home.", Chris says.

"You can't do that!", Courtney says.

"Um, yes I can.", Chris says.

"But why would you do that?!", Gwen asks.

"Well, frankly, both of you are really annoying me. And to think I liked you, OC. The show's lost a lot of money because of you, Courtney.", Chris says angrily. Chef picks you both up and drags you both kicking and screaming.

"This isn't the end of me! YOU'LL be hearing from MY lawyers!!", Courtney shouts.

"Yeah yeah, whatever, pipe down why don't you?", you say to her. She starts trying to scratch you, and Chef throws you both into the Lame-o-sine. You stick your head out the sun roof and wave goodbye to everyone.

"Bye everyone!", you shout. Everyone waves goodbye. Gwen quickly catches up as the Lame-o-sine starts up.

"Wait, before you leave...", Gwen says, and kisses you.

"That's a great goodbye gift. Win for us Gwen!", you say as the Limo drives away. You also see Leshawna smirking at Justin for some reason.

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