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3:10 To Crazytown

Gwen sneezed, and you brought her yet another blanket from the girls' trailer.

"How can I have a cold in this weather?!", Gwen exclaims. You look up at the sky and shield your eyes. It was so hot!

"The only thing hotter than the weather is you, Gwen.", you say in an attempt to cheer her up.

"I'd love that if I weren't dying here.", Gwen replies.

"You need anything?", you ask.

"Maybe some more blankets.", she says. Your eyes widen.

"Gwen, you already have three!", you say.

"Yeah, but they're too thin! Leave it to Chris to cheap out on everything from food to blankets.", Gwen complains.

"Alright, I'll get you more blankets.", you say. You stand up and go to the girls' trailer, and quickly put your head down as you see Lindsay CHANGING into her bikini.

"OH MY GOD! OC!! KNOCK FIRST!", Lindsay yells.

"Me?! You're the one changing in the trailer! Lindsay use the bathroom!", you shout as Lindsay covered herself in a blanket.

"It was so hot though...I is so hot!", Lindsay exclaims, as she puts her clothes on under the blanket.

"God, Lindsay. Just give me a blanket. Wait...not the one you're using!", you yell.

You go outside and see Trent sitting next to Gwen, and Gwen drinking from Trent's water bottle.

(Don't be mad at Trent, stay cool OC, stay cool...) you think to yourself as you approach them.

"Hey, guys...", you say.

"Thanks for the blankets OC!",  Gwen said.

"No problem, my beloved Gwen.", you say passive-aggressively.

"What do you mean 'my beloved'? You two going out?", Trent asks.

"Surprise! Yes we are!", you say happily, even though you and Trent both know what that means.

"What? Gwen, I thought you and me had something special...", Trent said.

"Sorry, Trent. But we're still friends, right?", Gwen asks.

"Yeah...sure. Definitely. Catch you later, guys.", Trent says.

"You okay, OC?", Gwen asks.

"I'm just peachy.", you say, getting a bit worried about Trent.

"I know Trent's kinda mad right now but don't try to conspire and get him voted off...for me, please?", Gwen asks. You sigh.


Soon, Chris arrives and announces the Western Themed challenge.

"Hey, OC, Gwen told me about your new attitude adjustment.", DJ tells you.

"Really? I think she told everyone.", you note.

"I think it's really sweet that you're fixing your attitude. I didn't want to say anything. Just remember, we're all friends here on the Gaffers. None of us hate you.", DJ says. You smile. That is true.

Chris explains the challenge; jump from the top of the diving board to the 'horse'.

"Since the Grips won last time, they get to go first!", Chris says as if that was a good thing. Here's how everyone stacked up:


Trent - Failed

Izzy - Succeeded

Owen - Succeeded, but they needed a new horse

Lindsay - Succeeded, trying to show she's a good leader

Justin - Failed, didn't want to risk falling on his face


Gwen - Failed, refused to do it because of her cold

Bridgette - Failed, didn't want to hurt the horse

DJ - Failed, too scared

Duncan - Succeeded, with ease

OC - Succeeded

Leshawna - Failed, jumped too far

Harold - Failed, Duncan untied his shoes so he tripped

"And the Grips win!", Chris says. Everyone looks at Duncan.

"Duncan, there is no reason for you to torture poor Harold", Leshawna says, getting pissed.

"Hey, I did the challenge.", Duncan says defensively.

"Whatever, doesn't matter.", Gwen says. In the next challenge, the Grips were the cowboys and the Gaffers were the cattle.

When you were all running, Duncan was cornered by Justin.

"OC! You have to help him!", Gwen shouts.

(On one hand, if I help, I'll be captured, but if I don't...Gwen will think I'm just in it to win for myself...)

Help Duncan?

A: Yes, jump in the way and prove to Gwen you've changed

B: No, your team can still win if you don't!

You run as fast as you can, and then jump right in front of Justin, but you forgot to push Duncan away!

Justin swings the rope, and catches you both, making you a bit closer to Duncan than you wanted to be.

(First Lindsay, now this...), you think.

"Ha! Have a good time, you two!", Justin says mockingly, then pushes you down...leaving Duncan on top of you.

(Duncan's on top of me...ew. Why'd I have to put it that way?)

"Move, Duncan.", you say.

"You think this is fun for me?", he asks. You both wiggle around a little, but the rope was tight and wiggling felt increasingly awkward. Gwen came over and giggled. She tried to run, but ended up getting caught - that cold was taking a toll on her.

"Chris, untie us already!", Duncan demanded.

"I would, but the fans are gonna like this even more than that time Noah kissed Cody!", Chris beamed. You and Duncan groan.

"And I thought this was supposed to be a kid friendly show. This is NOT kid friendly.", Duncan said angrily. After staying in that position for a much longer time than you wanted (which is to say not at all), and you getting tired from Duncan on top of you, Chef finally unties everyone.

"The Grips win again! And, Gaffers, you know what that of you is going home!", Chris announced. You all look at each other nervously.

Later, Gwen and Leshawna talk to you.

"I can see you've really changed, OC. Thank you.", Gwen says.

"Yeah man, that was really cool, despite what happened afterwards.", Duncan said as he passed by.

"I'm impressed. Keep up the work, boy.", Leshawna adds.

"I know we have to vote someone off, but one thing's for sure, it's not gonna be you, OC. I knew that the real you was still in there somewhere.", she said. You smiled, and felt a little warm inside.

Who will you vote off? (Gwen was cut out for obvious reasons)

A: Bridgette (Failed the first challenge)

B: DJ (Also failed)

C: Duncan (The only one who succeeded along with you)

D: Harold (Failed)

E: Leshawna (Failed)

"The final Gilded Chris Award goes too...Harold.", Chris says, as he tosses the award to Harold.

"Goodbye, Bridgette.", Chris says. Bridgette looks upset.

"Wait, Bridgette!", you say, holding out your hand.

"Yes, OC?", Bridgette asks hopefully.

"You may not have gone far, but you played the game well. Remember your highlight moment surfing?", you say. Bridgette smiles.

"Thanks, OC.", she replies.

"All I'm saying is, you may not have won, but I'd consider this a success for you. And just like DJ said to me earlier; we're all your friends.", you say. You can see Gwen smiling at you from the corner of your eye. Bridgette hugs you, Gwen, Leshawna and DJ.

"See ya girl. Say hello to Geoff for me.", Leshawna says.

"I will. Bye, everyone!", Bridgette says as she gets in the Lame-o-sine.

"Chris, are you crying?", Gwen asks, as Chris cried due to the sad goodbye.

"N-no...I'm just sad that...that Harold didn't leave...", Chris lied.

Later, DJ and you had a conversation in the Boys' Trailer

"Chef's really mad at me.", DJ said.

"Really? Why?", you ask.

"I don't know. I should be mad at him, I mean we lost the last two challenges! He better pick up the pace or this alliance is over.", DJ says, trying to be assertive.

(I'm a little worried that DJ's gonna have some difficulty with that...)

"So you don't know why he's mad at you?", you ask.

"Well, it might be because I tried to add some of my Mama Spice into the food today. He stopped me before I could.", DJ replied.

"Mama Spice? Let me try some.", you say, and DJ lets you try it from the canister. It was amazing.

"This stuff is so good. You need to put this in the food, DJ!", you say.

"I'll try, maybe be a little more sneaky.", DJ says.

"So, is that where you go in between challenges? To Chef's kitchen?"

"Yeah, Chef and I strategize. It gets more and more stressful.", DJ says.

"Hang in there, man.", you say.


"Hey, OC, about earlier...", Duncan says.

"You mean when you were on top of me?", Duncan asks.

"Yeah...that. It didn't, umm..."


"It didn't mean anything, right? I'm just saying...", Duncan says. What?

"I'm not sure I understand. It didn't mean anything.", you say.

"Oh good, for a second there I thought...y'know...", Duncan tries to say.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Just don't think about that way.", Duncan says. You nearly barf.

"Ew, dude.", you say. You and Duncan both awkwardly laugh.

"Hehe...yeah...good night.", Duncan says. You decide to end the awkwardness.

"Don't worry man. It was just Chris being a turd like always.", you say.

Aftermath I: Heather's Downfall

Events of Aftermath I: Heather's Downfall

  • After Geoff and Bridgette were eliminated, they both got jobs as the Aftermath hosts
  • They interviewed Heather and asked her what it was like to go from best to worst
  • Heather got mad and punched Geoff
  • Beth's interview was long and boring and she kept talking about her time on the show
  • In exclusive clips, they showed:
    • Various clips of Chef and DJ talking strategy, including one where Chef says Harold should be the next boy on the Gaffers to leave, and DJ trying to sneak Mama Spice into the food
    • They showed Duncan pulling various pranks on Harold
    • Trent and OC flirting with Gwen
  • Everyone took sides - Team Trent or Team OC
  • Team Trent consisted of Heather, Geoff, Cody, Ezekiel, Courtney and Beth
  • Team OC consisted of Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Tyler and Noah

The Chefshank Redemption

DJ shakes you awake.

"OC...OC, wake up!", DJ whispers.

"Yeah...yeah, what?!", you say, half-asleep.

"I'm gonna go see Chef, you in? You can just stay outside.", DJ said.

"Now why would I go with you?", you ask.

"Chef told me Chris is planning on locking us in later. You really wanna be locked in with Owen in the morning?", DJ asks.

"Hmm...I don't know. Will Chef see me?", you reply.

"I'll give you the special signal. I'll say butter knife, okay?", DJ says.

"Oh...okay.", you say.

Go with DJ?

A: Yes, you're hidden and it's better than staying here with Owen

B: No, if Chef catches you you're done for!

"Sorry, DJ. I think I'll pass and take my chances here.", you say.

"Oh. It's just, I hate facing Chef all on my own.", DJ admits.

"You'll be okay, DJ.", you say and go back to bed.

(A.N.: I wish these plots would go somewhere >.>)

Later, Duncan wakes you up.

"OC! WAKE UP! WE'RE STUCK IN HERE!", he shouts. You're startled and wake up, to see everyone trying to escape through the top of the trailer, mainly Owen, as everyone tries to stop him.

"Owen, you can't do it! It's just not logical!", Harold says.

"I can still try!", Owen says. You facepalm.

Try to convince Owen to back off?

A: Yes, do it

B: No, let them be

"Owen, move.", you say bluntly over the screaming.

"Whaaaat?", Owen asks.

"I said MOVE!!", you say louder. Everyone stops, and Owen moves.

"Okay...sorry.", he says. You roll your eyes...but like, in your head.

"Thank you. Chris is just gonna come and let us out.", you say, and as if on cue, the door clicks open. Everyone rushes out, while you stay to ask Owen something.

"Owen, why'd you listen to me when everyone else was saying the same thing?", you ask.

"Well, you're really smart...and kinda scary. Besides I couldn't hear the others cause everyone was shouting. And I was thinking we might miss breakfast.", he said.

(Me?? Scary?? No...), you think. Chris explains that the locked trailers were only the beginning of the prison theme, and you all went to the set of the next challenge: The Prison Food challenge.

"Isn't Chef's food already prison food?", you ask, getting Gwen and Duncan to laugh.

Your team decides for the Grips to send Lindsay to eat the meal, while the Grips decide on Harold.

"Psst...OC.", Gwen whispers.


"Lindsay's not gonna last a second. The other day she threw up cause Leshawna's breath mint was too 'minty fresh'.", Gwen notes.

"Maybe you should put some in the dish.", you joke. Lindsay and Harold step into the cages. First to vomit loses. Before Harold stepped in, he pointed something out to you.

"Watch me regain my worth on this team.", he said. Okay...?

When they started, Lindsay already looked like she wanted to puke.

"Close your eyes!", Izzy suggests, and Harold does the same. Izzy's team glares at her.

"What? LEAVE ME ALONE.", Izzy shouts.

"MMM!! This is sooo good!! Does it have a lot of trans fats?", Lindsay asks.

(Delicious? It looks like donkey crap.) you think.

"How does she think it's good? It looks like donkey poop.", Gwen notes. You chuckle.

"I was just thinking that. How cruel can Chris get?", you ask. Gwen nods, as everyone watches Lindsay and Harold.

"Gwen, do you think I'm scary?", you ask. Gwen looks puzzled.

"I don't think anything is scary. You saw those pictures of my friends.", Gwen answers.

(You're asking the wrong person, OC.), you think.

"I can' gross!", Harold says, and then vomits, as everyone takes a few steps back.

"And the Grips win! Lindsay, you can stop now! STOP!!", Chris yells. Lindsay looks up, and her face is covered in the food.

"This means the Grips win an advantage in the next challenge, they won the Golden Shovel!", Chris announces, handing the shovel to Owen.

You all went underground to escape the "prison".

"Okay, who's gonna push the cart?", Leshawna asks as she climbs into the cart.

"Whoever it is won't be able to lift that.", Duncan says, referring to Leshawna's 'larger backside'. Leshawna grunts.

"Gwen and I are women. We're not pushing.", Leshawna says out of anger.

"I don't see any women here.", Duncan jokes.

Who should do it?



C: Duncan

D: Harold

"I can do it! I'm going to regain my team's honor!", Harold announces.

"Umm...sorry Harold, but DJ's stronger...", you say.

"He's right...", Gwen says.

" honor...Leshawna?", Harold says, turning to Leshawna.

"Sorry ginger baby, but some things you're good at, and a lot of things you're not. Next time maybe.", Leshawna says comforting Harold.

"Okay...", he says. You all climb in, and try to get comfortable. The Killer Grips chose Owen as their pusher yes I realize what that sounds like. You find a comfortable spot.

"Umm, OC, move.", Duncan says.

"Where? There's no space.", you point out.

"Anywhere except my lap.", he says. You blush intensely when you see you are sitting on his lap.

"Get a room, you two.", Harold says in an attempt to both display his anger and get back at Duncan. You all can feel the cart moving at a fast pace.

"Too bad we're at a disadvantage due to our numbers. Usually it's a good thing.", Gwen says.

"Yeah, but they have Owen.", Duncan says.

"That's not a problem for them.", you say, looking at the Grips' cart. Justin is holding a piece of bacon on a fishing rod in front of Owen, and they were zooming ahead!

"DJ, pick up speed!", Leshawna yells. DJ focuses, wipes the sweat, and looks at you, and pushes hard yes I know leave me alone. He nearly caught up with Owen, but lost in the end. Your team climbed out as Owen chomped on his bacon.

"The Grips win again!", Chris announces. 

(Rub it in, why don't you?), you think. The next challenge begins, and you all use your stupid cheap spoons to work. On the other team, Izzy is shovelling away at an inhuman pace as the team cheers for her.

"Prison break is harder than it looks.", Leshawna complains.

"Come on guys, we can do this!", you say, as you try to dig with the spoon. You all go in, and Harold steps up front, which was hard because it was a pretty small space.

"Guys, I'm gonna prove myself to you now! Ninja Steve's Ninja Camp moves...ACTIVATE!", Harold says, as he starts scraping the dirt away fast.

"Aaahhh!! It's getting smaller!", Gwen yells.

"Gwen?! What's going on?!", Leshawna asks.

"It's the ground! I have claustrophobia!", Gwen explains. You remember back in the Phobia Factor challenge, Gwen was scared of being buried alive. You hold Gwen in your arms.

"It'll be okay, Gwen. We'll be out soon, and we'll win!", you say. Then, Harold's arm makes a cracking noise.

"Owwww!!", Harold yells.

"Harold baby what happened?!", Leshawna shouts.

"Arm...cramp. It'll be fine, I can't shovel anymore...", Harold says as Leshawna holds him in her arms.

"I knew he couldn't do it.", Duncan says.

"I've had just about enough of you, juvie boy! You're always pickin' on Harold, and I've never, not once, seen YOU do well in one of the challenges. Go ahead and show me, scrawny white boy! Show me how you're all that and Harold's just a dork!", Leshawna rants, as everyone stares shockingly at her.

"Fine then!", Duncan says, as he uses the spoons and his hands to claw his way out for everyone. You all finally escape, Gwen wrapped around you.

"Is it helping?", you ask Gwen

"A little bit. Thanks, OC. You make me stronger.", she says. Your face lights up and your heart warms. When you finally escape, the Grips already won, with Trent holding up the shovel like a trophy.

"The Grips win! Which means the Gaffers will be voting someone off.", Chris says, looking at your team.

Later, that thing Owen said about you being scary was still bugging you. Why would he say it?

Who do you discuss it with?

A: Confront Owen about it directly

B: Ask Lindsay

C: Ask Duncan

D: Ask DJ

(It's probably best to just ask the person who said it)

"Hey, Owen!", you say. Owen got startled and faced you.

"Oh hi OC.", he says.

"About earlier today...", you begin


"What did you mean when you said I was scary?", you ask.

"'s just that last season you were one of the biggest threats. You got like ten people eliminated and you were allies with the most scary person, Heather, AND you defeated her! And then she liked you and kissed you! It was kind of weird...and sometimes you're mean...", Owen says.

"I'm mean...wait, I'm trying not to be...and I'm not scary. The only reason I allied with Heather was so that I could betray her!", you explain.

"Yeah I know. But I scare easy too.", Owen says.

"Oh...well, thanks for clearing it up, I guess.", you say.

"No problem. You shouldn't dwell on something I say anyway.", Owen says.

"Why? Your opinion matters too, Owen."

"Yeah but no one really listens to me. I didn't even want to push the cart today, Justin said I had to or we would lose. And that bacon was facon! Who would commit such a crime to make facon?!", Owen explains

"Well, Owen, I may not be on your team, and this may come back to bite me in the butt, but let me tell you that what you have to say matters. I was on the same team as you, Owen. You're a hard worker, even if you're goofy sometimes, and what you say has value.", you say. Owen smiles and pulls you into a bear hug.

"Aww thanks OC! I'll remember that next time Trent says he wants you gone!", Owen says. You clear your throat.

"Ahem...right.", you say.

"Hey, DJ's calling you.", Owen says. You go to DJ after saying goodbye to Owen.

"Hey, OC. I was wondering, could you come with me to Chef? Again you can just stay hidden...please? You didn't even go last time.", DJ asks.

"I don't know, DJ...", you say.

"Come on, I need to talk to him about something and I'm too afraid to talk to him on my own.", he explains.

"You won't be able to see me anyway...", you point out.

"Yeah, but moral support, man! At least I'll know you're there! Please?", DJ asks. You sigh. You see Trent and Lindsay...and it seems like Trent is mad at Lindsay!

What do you do?

A: Go with DJ. He's your friend and you said no last time

B: Spy on Trent and Lindsay, something's going on and it can't be good

(Well, I did refuse last time...doesn't matter what those two are doing...)

"Yeah DJ, I'm with you.", you say. You and DJ walk to Chef's kitchen and DJ goes inside. You can easily hear their conversation:

"Hey, Chef. I'm here. With no one else. Alone. Just you and me.", DJ says.

(Smooth, DJ, smooth)

"Okay then. This time you gotta vote for Harold.", Chef says bluntly.

"Wait, Chef, why aren't you helping my team win challenges?", DJ asks.

"Because, I'm breaking alliance rules, just like you! Stop addin' Mama Spice!", Chef scolds DJ, then cackles his signature cackle.

"Sorry Chef, but I can't serve a dish I'm not proud of.", DJ says.

"It don't matter to me! I ate terrible food in the army, and look at me now! You callin' me SCRAWNY?!", Chef yells.

"N-no, Chef! I'm just sayin', wouldn't hurt to add some.", DJ retorts.

"Boy it don't matter. Stop it!", Chef says. You peek inside, and when Chef turned around, DJ added the Mama Spice anyway.

(Oh, DJ...)

"Okay Chef, umm, I'm going okay.", DJ says.

"Bye.", Chef replies. DJ comes out and starts talking to you.

"Chef wants me to vote for Harold. Why you think that?", he asks.

"Probably cause Harold's the reason we lost. I've been thinking of voting for him too, but I'm not sure. I mean, he really wants to try hard.", you say.

"Yeah, but trying hard with no results isn't getting us anywhere.", DJ notes.

"I guess that's true. Let's just wait for the ceremony and see what happens.

  • cue awesome elimination ceremony theme*

"Screaming Gaffers, you've arrived here yet again. Pick up your voting devices and select the person you want to send home.", Chris says.

Who will you vote for?

A: Harold

B: Leshawna

C: Duncan


E: Gwen

"The last Gilded Chris Award goes to...Duncan.", Chris announces.

"Aw yeah! See ya, dweeb!", Duncan says excitedly and collects his award. Harold looked disappointed, but was smiling.

"Harold, baby, are you okay?", Leshawna asked sadly.

"Yes, my fair Leshawna, I am fine.", Harold says, his voice cracking a bit.

"Aww, Harold...", you say. Harold stands up.

"Goodbye, Total Drama Action. Goodbye, Screaming Gaffers, and my beautiful Leshawna.", Harold says.

"See you man. You were a great addition to the team.", you say.

"Yeah, it was really cool how you tried your best. Maybe next time.", Gwen says. Leshawna decided to chime in again.

"I don't know anything about ninjas or magic or whatever the heck you talk about, but honor is something I know about, ginger baby, and trust me; the way you tried to improve yourself to regain your self worth, was honor enough.", Leshawna says sweetly.

"Wow, Harold, you look happier than I've ever seen you. And hey, you've put up with more crap than I could ever have. You're strong, even if you don't look it and if you don't think you are.", you say.

"Thanks, OC. And Leshawna.", Harold says. He turns around.

"But before I leave, there's something I have to do.", Harold says, and pulls down Duncan's pants. He ruffles Duncan's hair.

"See ya later, Dun-can't! I've been wanting to say that for weeks!", Harold says like a geek, but in his own Harold way.

"Whatever. Don't you have a limo to catch?", Duncan says. Harold turns around.

"Wait, Harold, I'm sorry.", Duncan says. Everyone silently gasped.

(Duncan actually apologized?!)

"Shouldn't have done all that stuff to you. You're a good kid. See you later man.", Duncan admits. Harold goes to the limo.

"Wait! You forgot something!", Leshawna said.

"What?", Harold asked. Leshawna ran to him, and pinned him down, and gave him a big kiss, Leshawna style.

"That.", Leshawna said.

"I'm glad I forgot. Goodbye, Leshawna. I'm rooting for you!", Harold said, and climbed into the limo, and drove away and everyone waved goodbye.


"Yeah, I went pretty early. Guess I couldn't cut it in prison.", Harold reflected.

"But, I would say I got the best prize of all...Leshawna! And of course, I got to pull down Duncan's pants AND call him Dun-can't! Wasn't that hilarious? Wasn't it?", he adds.

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