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Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon

Who are you talking to, and what are you talking to them about?

A: Anne Maria

B: Jo

C: Mike

D: Zoey

After breakfast, you go back outside the cabins to relax before the day's challenge.


CO: In the last bonfire ceremony, Jo got Brick eliminated. I am SO done with that girl. She is going down.

-end confessional-

"Hey, Zoey.", you say, as you sit down next to the rock that Zoey always sits next to, burying your face in your hands.

(A.N.: Omg Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj actually have two songs together :o I thought Side to Side was the only one but the Pinkprint has one called "Get On Your Knees")

"CO! Hi!", Zoey says, smiling. You slouch down, and sigh.

"Aw. What's wrong? Oh, it must be...yeah.", Zoey asks. She always knows when something is troubling you. Although, to be fair, anyone would know. Especially Jo. At least Zoey has the decency not to say it out loud.

"Yeah, he always brightened up my day.", you say.

"He brightened up everyone's day! But do you think Brick would want you to mope around like this? He'd want you to win!", Zoey says.

"Pfft! Brick's not an idiot, Blandoey! He knows that there's only one winner contender for this season.", Jo says proudly.

"Aww, thank you Jo!", Zoey says, blushing.

"Uh...right.", Jo replies.

"What do you want, Joke?", you ask harshly.

"Been a while since you've used that nickname, CO.", Jo says with a wink.

"Do you think I care?", you reply.

"Oh! So harsh!", Jo says sarcastically.

"I'm trying to have a conversation with Zoey and here you are, butting in.", you say.

"I only butt in when I'm doing my squats! Watch this!", Jo says, then starts squating very fast.

"Ha, can you do that?", Jo asks.

"Ignore her, CO.", Zoey says, annoyed.

"No problem. So anyway Zoey, where did you get that top?", you ask.

"I actually made it myself! Where'd you get yours? It's cute!", Zoey says.

"This? It's actually an original-", you begin.

"Everyone, please gather in the camp for your next challenge!", Chris says.

"That didn't come from the loudspeaker...", Zoey says.

"Well? Spill the beans! Where'd you get the top?", Jo asks. You look at Jo, confused. You all look up, and see a HUGE zeppelin floating in the air. Mike arrives.

"Huh? What's going on here? Is there an eclipse?", he asks, referring to the darkness caused by the shadow of the blimp, before he sees it. Anne Maria exits the cabin.

"What's going on?", she asks. You point up.

"Woah! I have never seen a balloon that big! Is it Chris's birthday?", Anne Maria asks. The blimp comes down, and Chris exits.

"Everyone, this is my beautiful zeppelin!", Chris says. A pathway extends, crushing Chef, allowing for Chris to step down.

"Today, you all get a very special treat!", Chris says.

Zoey: "Ooh, espressos?"

Mike: "Ice cream?"

Anne Maria: "Spa day?"

CO: "A hot shower?"

Jo: "A physical challenge??"

"Even better! Everyone, meet classic competitor...Heather!", Chris says. Heather, glaring viciously at everyone, steps out of the zeppelin. Chef groans as Heather steps on him, uncaringly.

"Oh my's the Heather!", Zoey says.

"Wow...", Mike says.

How do you feel about Heather?

A: Strongly love

B: Love

C: Neutral

D: Hate

E: Strongly hate

"You''re Heather! The classic TD villain!", Jo says.

"Your hair grew back well.", Anne Maria says.

"CO, aren't you going to say something to Heather?", Zoey whispers to you.

"No. I don't respect her and her tactics.", you say.


CO: Heather reminds me too much of Jo for my own liking. And speaking of Jo, who is she working with anyway? Anne Maria hates her, and Mike and Zoey probably do too. Wait a second...who is Anne Maria working with?

-end confessional-

"Heather, greet the newbies...", Chris says.

"Sorry, I have a policy of not talking to losers.", Heather says.

"She said it!!! She said "losers"!!!, Mike says like a fanboy.

"You realize she insulted you, right?", Anne Maria asks.

"But she still called ME one!", Mike says excitedly. Anne Maria and Jo roll their eyes.

"Heather will demonstrate today's challenge.", Chris says, putting a jetpack on Heather.

"Wait, what?!", Heather exclaims. Chris presses a button, and sends Heather flying through an obstacle course, all over the place.

"SOME-BODY HEE-EE-EEE-EELP MEEEE!!!", Heather shouts, landing face-first in the dirt, and groans.

"That seems safe enough.", Chris declares casually. Heather glares at Chris, and so does Mike.

"Heather and Chef, back into the zeppelin. As for the rest of you, you'll all be drawing from this hat to see what you have to build.

I've randomized the choices, now you pick when you want to pick.

A: Pick first (Mo used his veto)

B: Pick second

C: Pick third

D: Pick fourth

E: Pick fifth

"Me first!! Me first!!", you say.

"No way! I'm picking first!", Jo says.

"CO, you can pick first.", Chris says.

"What?! Why?", Jo asks.

"We're going alphabetical. Deal with it.", Chris says.

"I'LL DEAL WITH YOUR-", Jo shouts, but is interrupted by Zoey.

"Hey! This is a kid's show!", Zoey says.

"Can it, Boring One.", Jo says harshly. You reach into the hat and pull out...a picture of a bird?

"I'm supposed to build...a bird?", you ask.

"Wings, to be specific.", you say.

"HOW am I supposed to build a bird?", you ask.

"That's for me to know, and you to...probably not find out.", Chris says.

"Who's next?", Chris asks, followed by Jo shoving Mike aside.

"A hot air balloon? How could you get more fru-fru-la-di-da?", Jo asks.

"A rocket ship, cool! I've always wanted to be an astronaut!", Mike says

"A plane? I ain't got no time for that.", Anne Maria says.

"Huh, a helicopter? How...? What? Where do I even begin?", Zoey asks.

"Chris, let me take a different one.", you say, attempting to reach into the hat.

"Nope. We're all out.", Chris says.

"Greeeaaat.", you say sarcastically.

"You guys can search through the junkyard for your materials. Before you ask, yes, all the materials you need are there AND they are intact.", Chris explains.

Where do you begin?

A: Ask someone for help (specify who)

B: Try to catch some birds

C: Sabotage the others and hope you find something

D: Custom

Firstly needs a frame for the wings, maybe metal poles (preferable aluminium), as well as one large middle frame where the wings connect to. Some kind of canvas sheet to cover the wing part (material that a hot air balloon is made from would work). There can be hand grasping structures on the end of the wings.

In order to make it a bit more bird like, feathers can be glued on, but it would be safer to get that from a pillow rather than ripping them off the mutant birds.

Proposed by: Stryzzar


CO: Okay, I'm gonna map out my plan here so vile Jo doesn't hear me. There's no way I'm ripping off feathers from those poor birds just to win a challenge. Not only is it too painful for those animals, but it's not going to work. Instead, I can attach metal poles with a metal framet to a canvas sheet to cover the wing part. But what can I use...?

*CO begins to think, tapping her chin*

CO: I got it! I can use something similar to material used for a hot air balloon. I guess I should attach some sort of handles too. And for some extra style, let me add some feathers in. Huh..."style". Dakota, if you're watching this, I think you really left an impression on me. Anyway, I'll do that if I've got the time, of course.

(Off screen)

Anne Maria: Ay CO, are you almost done in there? Some of us gotta talk too.

CO: ...So much for not letting anyone hear. As I was saying...

*Confessional camera runs out of battery*

-end confessional-

As you walk back to the junkyard, you stop by the cabin.

Who's pillow do you take feathers from?

A: Yours

B: Anne Maria's

C: Jo's

D: Zoey's

"Alright...let's see...", you say, entering the cabin.

(Why are Anne Maria's pillows so much bigger than mine? Oh wow...Zoey's pillows are so soft...Jo's pillows are so warm! No wonder she gets such a good night's sleep. Who wouldn't with these pillows?)

"Okay let me just take some out of mine. No harm done.", you decide, putting the feathers from your pillow into a bag.

You return to the junkyard.

"Where did you go?!", Jo asks.

"None of your business.", you say to her.

"Ooh, touchy.", Jo says.

(I need to find aluminum poles...that'd be best for the wings I'm going for...)

You continue to walk around until you see the only person with aluminum poles...Anne Maria.


What do you do?

A: Ask Anne Maria for the poles

B: Ask Anne Maria for the poles and an alliance

C: Ask Anne Maria for the poles, an alliance AND tell her how big her pillows are.

D: Don't ask Anne Maria for her poles

E: Don't ask Anne Maria for her poles, but ask for an alliance

F: Don't ask Anne Maria for her poles, but ask for her an alliance and tell her how big her pillows are.

"Hey, Anne Maria!", you say pleasantly, approaching her.

"Oh, hey doll.", she greets politely.

"How's your plane coming along?", you ask.

"Not good. I've never even been in a plane!", she says.

"Really? Just out of curiosity, what are you using those poles for?", you ask.

"These? Charlotte, I don't know what I'm doing with ANY of this stuff! As far as I know, a plane is a chair with wings attached.", she says.


CO: Maybe if I help her out a bit, she'll be my ally...?

-end confessional-

"Well, you'll also need an engine to actually lift the chair. I guess you could find one around here. Maybe I could take those poles off your hands, they look like dead weight.", you suggest.

"Please! I said it to Chris, I ain't got to no time for building planes. Now that I'm outta hairspray...", Anne Maria leans in close, "...I had to steal some from Chris.", she says.

"Wow, that's hardcore.", you say, remembering the day you and Dakota replaced Chris's shampoo with glue.

"Thanks. It's a real thrill, but risky. You think he'll kick me outta the show?", she asks.

"No, unless someone rats on you of course. But I'd never.", you say.


CO: The fact that she trusts me with that kind of secret means Anne Maria is either really stupid, REALLY trusts me, or...both?

-end confessional-

"Speaking of being kicked out of the show, do you think we should form an alliance? You know, since Mike and Zoey are probably going to vote together from now on?", you ask.

"Look, I'll be straight with you. Jo already asked me, and I can't juggle too many alliances at once. Sorry.", Anne Maria says bluntly. You feel flushed.

(Damn...I only have one choice now...)

Use Anne Maria's secret against her?

A: Yes, you need an alliance to survive.

B: No, there's no need to play dirty.

"Hm. Guess there's not much I can do then.", you say, walking away with the poles. You finally manage to build your "bird", just as you planned.

"Hey, CO! Did you test out your vehicle yet?", Zoey asks.

"Just about to!", you say, flapping your arms. It was quite tiring, but you kept at it in hopes of being able to fly. You went up to a higher point, then jumped off. Rather than flying, you were gliding and slowly came back down to the ground.

"Maybe try readjusting that a little?", Zoey suggests, fidgeting with your wings.

"Don't let her touch your wings! They'll get the Bland Disease.", Jo says.

"No one asked for your opinion, Jo. Just like no one ever asked you out on a date.", Zoey says, mad at Jo.

"Wh-What?! How did you know that?!", Jo asks, embarrassed.

"It was obvious.", Zoey says, glaring at Jo with her arms crossed.

"Zoey be roasting.", you say.

"Pfft...fine! I don't need this.", Jo says.

"Neither do we, but which one of us walked over here just to start conflict?", Zoey asks.

"Alright, alright, I'm going.", Jo says. Jo walks away.

"Wow, that was impressive, Zoey.", you say.

"Thanks, CO!!", Zoey says, blushing.

"Alright, so what are you doing to my wings again?", you ask. Zoey continues to fidget, until something snaps into place.

"My parents are too cheap to buy me a new sewing kit, so I have to fix the one I own all the time.", Zoey says.

(That's kinda lovable)

"Oh, cool. So you're good with mechanical stuff?", you ask.

"Not really, but I can always try.", Zoey says.

"Sweet! Let's try this out now.", you say. You repeat the flying motion, and this time you're actually able to fly!!

"Thank you SO much Zoey!! You're the best!", you say.

"I'm...the best? Is...that it? I mean, uh, thanks!", Zoey says.

"What's better than the best?", you ask.

"N...Nothing. Nothing at all.", Zoey says. What?

"Okay then. So, are you done with your helicopter?", you ask.

"Yeah! I was really stubborn at first, not sure why. Then the pieces just sort of started to appear, and I just gave in.", Zoey explains. You laugh a little.

"Alright, should we head over to the challenge site and practice a little?", you suggest.

"Let us do so.", Zoey says.

Meanwhile, inside Chris's zeppelin...

"I'm gonna win SO many Gemmie Awards for this episode!", Chris gloats. Chef rolls his eyes, as Heather walks around the zeppelin.

"Chris, how many do one of these things cost?", Heather asks.

"I paid twenty grand for it. It's top of the line!", Chris says.

"Where'd you get that kinda money?", Chef asks.

"From the prize money, of course.", Chris says, pointing to the million dollar case sitting in the corner.

"Why is that with you?", Heather asks.

"I needed to convince the other contestants not to give up. And what makes people to stupider things than the motive of cold, hard cash?", Chris asks.

"You took twenty grand outta it.", Chef says bluntly.

"I was joking! I'm not THAT cruel.", Chris says.

"So, Heather, how've you been since Total Drama World Tour?", Chef asks.

"Don't talk to me.", Heather says. Chef looked disgruntled.

"Feeling grumpy today, Heather? I bet you wish you were a contestant and had another chance at that money.", Chris says.

"Oh, I have a better chance at the money than you think...", Heather mouths under her breath.

"What was that?", Chris asks.

"I didn't say anything. Jeez McLean, get your ears cleaned out every once in a while.", Heather says, annoyed.

"Uh...okay?", Chris says, weirded out by Heather.

"Is this your collection of Gemmie Awards? There's so many.", Heather says.

"Yep! I've won 15 Gemmies, and 10 of them are for Total Drama episodes.", Chris says. Heather eyes the million dollar case, and tries to keep Chris distracted. Heather takes out her phone, and plays a song VERY LOUDLY.

"Heather, turn that DOWN!", Chris says, annoyed. Through all the noise, Heather picks up a Gemmie Award, and hits Chef violently, knocking him out.

"Oops, sorry. So, which episodes did you win the Gemmies for?", Heather says, turning the music down.

"Oh, let's see. Hook, Line, and Screamer...Get a Clue...Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles...", Chris begins listing. Heather creeps up behind him, and slams him hard with one of the Gemmie Awards. She looks at it.

"Oh look, this one is for Get a Clue.", she says. She glares down at Chris, who fell onto the ground.

"That money is going to be MINE, McLean! And there's NOTHING you can do to stop me.", Heather says.

"Wha...huh?", Chris asks. Heather shoves both him and Chef out of the Zeppelin, causing them to fall onto a pile of junk. Heather takes the wheel, and laughs at Chris.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (51)

Heather laughs at Chris and Chef as she hijacks the zeppelin, stealing the million dollar prize.

You, Zoey and Mike rush over to Chris.

"Oh my gosh, Chris, are you okay??", Mike asks.

"'s just that Heather got my zeppelin. With the money in it.", Chris says. You all gasp and shout "WHAT?!"

"Whatever, it's not my money.", a tired Chris says.

"B-But she ran off with your zeppelin!", you say.

"And all your Gemmie Awards.", Zoey points out.

"M-My Gemmies?! NEW CHALLENGE! EVERYONE, STOP HEATHER!!", Chris shouts. Jo and Anne Maria arrive and spring into action. Meanwhile, Heather pops out of the zeppelin for a second, throwing down Gemmies and shouting at Chris.

"You want a piece of me, huh?! You want a PIECE?!", she shouts, throwing down Gemmie Awards.

"W-Wait, I'm not finished yet.", Anne Maria says.

"I don't care! Get a MOVE on! Here, you can use these mutant goat eggs to help you.", Chris says.

"Where did you get these...?", Zoey asks.

"That's not important!", Chris says.

To recap, here are the vehicles everyone built:

Anne Maria – A plane (Incomplete)
Charlotte – A bird
Jo – A hot air balloon
Mike – A rocket ship
Zoey – A helicopter

"Alright! Time to put the Apollo-Mike into action!", Mike says, jumping into his mini-rocket. Jo jumps into her hot air balloon, and Zoey sits down on a chair she used for her helicopter. Meanwhile, you start flapping your arms in hopes of being able to catch up to at least one of them.

What's your next move?

A: Confront Heather directly

B: Try to take down the zeppelin

C: Try to ally with someone (you choose)

You chose: Zoey

(Ugh, this isn't going to get me anywhere. I have to ally with someone, and I gotta make it quick. Jo and Anne Maria are out of the question...Mike is already too far gone...that leaves Zoey. I like these odds.)

"Come on, helicopter! Don't be mean to me now! You're not Jo.", Zoey says, hitting her helicopter. Suddenly, the propeller starts moving wildly.

"No! I didn't mean it! Calm down, please, I love you!", Zoey says.

"Zoey...?", you say. Zoey turns around fast and tries to hide her helicopter, embarrassed.

"Oh!! Charlotte! H-Hey! Ignore's, get it.", Zoey stutters.

"I...think I do. So, you need a partner?", you ask.

"Sorry, you know I like Mike. But if I was single, I would totally-"

"No no no, I mean a partner for the challenge!!", you reply in a hurry.

"...Right. I knew that! I was only...joking. No wait, I was accepting of the LGBT community. Hang on, that doesn't apply here...let me think...", Zoey says.

"There's no time! We need to stop Heather or else the money and immunity is gone from our hands.", you say.

"Alright, hop on then! Cool wings, by the way.", Zoey says.

"Thanks. So, um, what's our strategy?", you ask.

"I'm not sure. I didn't think I'd get this far, in all honesty.", Zoey admits.

"We could storm the zeppelin?", you suggest.

"That'd be really tough. How many goat eggs do you have?", Zoey asks.

"4. I snagged an extra one when Jo wasn't looking.", you say.

"Heh, nice! But we can't use these. Give them to me, if uhh, that's okay with you.", Zoey says.

"What? Why not?", you ask.

"We just have one quick stop to make. We need to return these goat eggs to their nest!", Zoey says.

"Now?", you ask.

"Yes! I can't let them get harmed. There is life in here!", Zoey protests.

"Do you even know where the nest is?", you ask.

"Pfft, of course I do! You don't? I thought everyone knew where all the animal habitats are. What did you do in all your free time?", Zoey asks.

(Look for the immunity idol...)

"Okay then...", you say, thinking.

Let Zoey return the eggs to the mutant goat's nest?

A: Yes

B: No

You sigh. You also remember Dawn.

"I guess we can. No harm...I doubt the others are getting anywhere fast.", you say. You turn to Heather, who is rapidly tossing Gemmie Awards at the others.

"I'll stop Hea-" – Mike gets hit – "...Mommy?"

"Oh my...true that. Let's go then!", Zoey says. You hop onto her helicopter, and you two set off for the mutant goat's habitat.

"Shouldn't be far from here...", Zoey says. You turn around at a cliff, and find the mutant goats, frantically searching for their eggs.

"Ah...they look mad.", Zoey says.

"I think they're upset. Look at their eyes – filled with worry.", you point out.

"Wow, that's true. How'd you notice that? You're really observant.", Zoey says.

"I guess it's just all the time I spent with Dawn.", you guess, remembering your fond memories with your friend.

"Aww. I bet you miss her.", you say.

"I really do. I was really upset when she was eliminated.", you say.

"It's the same with me when Cameron was eliminated.", she says.

"You two were friends?", you ask, as Zoey inches closer to return the eggs.

"We're...from similar backgrounds. Neither of us have any friends back home.", she says.

"You have me now. And Cameron seems sweet.", you say, with a smile.

"He is!", Zoey says, as she puts the final egg in. A goat snarls at her, flying above her. Zoey turns around.

"What's that awful breath-oh hi goat...", Zoey says awkwardly. You gulp.

"Come on Zoey! We gotta go!", you say.

"N-Nice goat! I didn't mean to harm you! I was just returning your young!", Zoey says.

"They won't listen! They're too angry! We gotta get out of here!", you say.

Zoey jumps back onto the helicopter, and steers you both away.

"Alright, which way was Heather again?", Zoey asks.

"WHO CARES??? We need to ESCAPE!", you shout.

Which way should Zoey go?

A: Left

B: Right

C: Straight

(A.N.: Oh my god I cannot believe you guys picked the right choice are you psychic or something)

"Uhh!! Go straight!!!", you spit out, saying the first direction you could think of. Zoey sped off ahead, as the goats somehow got faster.

"Does this thing go any faster??", you ask, shouting.

"I want to say yes, but I don't want to lie!", Zoey shouts back. The goats come, and ram into the helicopter, throwing you forward but jerking you onto Zoey painfully.

"I see the zeppelin up ahead, what do we do??", Zoey asks.

"I don't know!", you reply helplessly. The goats attack again, as Zoey falls below.

"ZOEY!", you shout. You try to control the helicopter and fly after her, but you can't go fast enough. Zoey falls onto one of the goats, which starts shaking wildly.

"S-Stop! P-Please!", Zoey asks helplessly.

(Think CO...think! What would Dawn do...? ...THAT'S IT!)


"O-Okay!", Zoey says timidly.

"Uh, hi!", Zoey says to the goat. The goat snarls.


"I...I don't know how!", Zoey says nervously.

"I can't help you there, Zoey, but I'm coming for you!", you say, swooping down to Zoey. However, since you don't know the controls of the helicopter, it becomes tough.

"See ya later, LOSERS!", Jo announces, entering the zeppelin. Anne Maria follows, and Mike spirals out of control.

"Ha-ha! Take that, stick man!", Jo mocks.

"I am not that skinny!", Mike shouts back.

"Because that's SUCH a problem!", you shout at Mike, rolling your eyes.

"Alright, that's enough!", Zoey says, snapping. She grabs the goat by the horns, pulling them hard.

"You listen to me now!", she says. The goat's expression goes from anger to seriousness.

"I was only trying to help! Be a good goat and take me and my friend to that zeppelin! SHE'S the threat, not me! So, help me! ...Uh, please. If that's, you know, okay with you.", Zoey explains. The goat backs up a little...and flies toward the zeppelin.

"OMG Zoey, you did it!", Mike calls out at Zoey. Zoey waves to Mike. You follow Zoey into the zeppelin, and are forced to ditch the helicopter and your wings to enter.

You, Zoey, Jo and Anne Maria face Heather.

"Hey! Stop!", Heather says.

"Why should we, huh?", Anne Maria asks.

"If you do, I'll...I'll share some of the money with you! Here!", Heather says, throwing a small wad of hundred dollar bills at your feet.

"Nice try. I came here for the entire thing, and nothing is gonna stop me.", Jo says, charging at Heather. Zoey becomes scared.

"I...I don't like fighting.", Zoey says.

"Yeah?! Then get outta here, loser!", Heather shouts, throwing a Gemmie at Zoey.

Intercept Jo and Heather's fight?

A: Yes

B: No

If yes, what do you do?

1: Attack Heather

2: Attack Jo

If no, what do you do?

X: Retreat with Zoey

Y: Try to stop the zeppelin

"Okay, move aside...uh! Let me try to figure this out...", you say, skipping the very epic Heather versus Jo and heading to the control panel of the zeppelin.

"Zoey you know stuff come here.", you say, calling Zoey over.

" that one.", Zoey says.

"Why?", you ask.

"It will activate...I mean...disarm the...I don't know, I've been getting lucky all day.", Zoey claims. You start pressing random buttons.

"What's the worst that could happen?", you wonder. You press a bunch of buttons; but to be fair, they were educated guesses. Sorta. You just avoided the big red one. The zeppelin turned around, did a 360 flip, made coffee, fired ducks out of a cannon and then the air from the zeppelin began to be sucked out, causing the zeppelin to fall, and slowly crush you all.

"We gotta get outta here!", Jo says, slamming Heather against the wall.

"Ugh, let go of me, newbie!", Heather shouts, kicking Jo in the stomach.

"You won't get me that easily!", Jo says. Mike comes in.

"F-Finally! Take this Heather!", Mike says, throwing a Gemmie at Heather, knocking her out.

"Nice work, pencil.", Jo says. Jo takes over the control panel, pushing you aside, filled with adrenaline. You try to fight Jo, but it's no use as you need to get out. Jo kicks out Chris's box of Gemmies, and you all exit, with Jo following closely behind. As the zeppelin falls into the lake, Heather slips out at some point, unconscious, rather than sinking with the zeppelin.

Panting, you all rest in front of the cabins that evening.

"That...was amazing! Pure gold, just like my Gemmies!", Chris says, hugging a Gemmie which said "Best Host" on it.

(Best Host my ass)

"Can we NOT do something as dangerous as that again?", Zoey asks.

"I'll see. Maybe I'll take it easy on you guys next week.", Chris says.

"Suuure.", Anne Maria mocks.

"Speaking of which, Jo wins immunity for stopping Heather and taking down the zeppelin. Also, she rescued my babies! The rest of you are on the chopping block tonight.

"Listen up, Charlame.", Jo says.

"What do you want, Jo?", you ask.

"I need you to vote with me.", Jo says.

"HA! Nice joke.", you say.

"Not really. You need to vote for Mike.", Jo says. You cross your arms.

"And why would I do that? Mike is my friend. Do you know what a friend is?", you ask.

"Who has time for friendships?", Jo asks. You cover your nose at Jo's stench.

"I guess you feel the same way about deodorant, too.", you remark.

"I haven't had a chance to shower today...", Jo complains.

"Anyway, get real. I'm not voting Mike.", you say.

"Oh, okay! I suppose you're voting for Zoey then.", Jo replies.

"No. Stop that.", you say.

"Aaah, I see! You want to be in the final four with me and the lovebirds. Of course, I'll be voting for you, and you think the lovebirds will vote for each other? YOU'RE the one who needs to get real, "sweetheart".", Jo says. Damn. She had a point...

"Fine. Then let the chips fall where they may.", you say.

"Elimination time! Each of you, cast your votes.", Chris says.

Who do you vote for?

A: Anne Maria

B: Yourself

C: Jo

D: Mike

E: Zoey

"You've all cast your votes and made your decision. When I call out your name, come claim your marshmallow.", Chris says. Jo glares, Zoey appears nervous, Mike glances at everyone, and Anne Maria files her nails.

"Jo.", Chris announces. Jo, pleased with herself, claims her marshmallow.

"CO.", Chris announces next. You quickly glance at Zoey; guilty for what you had just done to her.

"Zoey.", Chris says next. Zoey, nervous, holds hands with Mike momentarily before taking her marshmallow.

"The final marshmallow goes to...", Chris says, looking at Mike and Anne Maria, who both appear to be very nervous.
















"Anne Maria.", Chris says. Anne Maria gasps, and claims her marshmallow gratefully.

"Wh...What? B-but how?", Mike asks.

"Why don't you ask Charlotte? She was the swing vote.", Jo says. Everyone except you and Jo gasp; even Chris gasped.

"Why would you SAY that?", you ask angrily.

"That's cruel, even for me.", Chris judges.

" could you?", Zoey asks, tearing up.

"I'm sorry Zoey...Mike...was a threat.", you say, trying to justify your actions.

"Zoey! It'll be okay. You're one of the sweetest and awesomest girls I know. You can DO this!", Mike says. Zoey begins to tear up.

"Thank you, Mike. I'll...I'll miss you so much. I wish I had memory with you that I could keep with me... You'll always be in my heart, though.", Zoey says. Mike climbs into the Hurl of Shame.

"Wait! I have something for you, Zoey. To, uh...remember me by.", Mike says. Zoey runs up to her boyfriend. Mike shyly pulls something out of his pocket.

"It''s not much, but-", Mike begins.

"Doesn't matter! I love it! Thank you so much, Mike!", Zoey says gratefully.


Mike gives Zoey a necklace to remember him by...


...And they share a kiss before Mike takes the Hurl of Shame.

Exclusive clip

Mike screams as he takes the Hurl of Shame, and lands painfully on Playa Des Losers.

"I told you to move the mattress a bit to the left! Get it right!", Heather scolds.

"We know...", the intern says.

"You better get the next one right.", Heather says. Mike feels for his chest; his necklace is gone. He sighs, but smiles when he thinks of Zoey.

"Hey, lover boy. Get up. I'm having a party here soon and you're not invited.", Heather says.

"Geez, sorry.", Mike says, standing up.

"If you were sorry, you would have moved by now. Chris is letting me use the Total Drama budget to hold a party and I'm not letting you ruin it.", Heather says.

"You seem especially grumpy today.", Gwen says, reading a book.

"Well, what do you expect? He tried to sabotage me!", Heather says.

"You almost killed me...", Mike says.

"Did I give you permission to speak to me?", Heather asks. Mike looks dumbfounded.

"Now go play with the other newbies. Shoo, shoo.", Heather says. Alejandro looks at Heather, amused by the way she treated Mike.

"Oh great, what do you want?", Heather asks, turning to Alejandro.

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