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The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

You start dreaming about being back home. Ahh, how you missed home! Your bed, your parents, your room. Then, your room slowly started to flood. Huh? You began to drown when the water reached too high, until you suddenly woke up!

"What's going??", you ask, shocked about being in the middle of Lake Wawanakwa.

"Sorry, had to wake you up somehow.", Anne Maria says. You glare at her, and climb onto the raft.

"Oh, CO, I'm glad you're awake.", Dawn says.

"Yeah, thanks Anne Maria.", you say somewhat bitterly. You look around.

"So...what are we doing here?", you ask. You think back to last night, at dinner, which was the last thing you could remember.


"Enjoy dinner, suckers! Turkey butt-o-lini!", Chef says.

"Butt-o-lini? Gross...", Anne Maria says.

"You'll eat it, and you'll LIKE it, maggot!", Chef shouts.

"Actually she's a Rat.", Dawn says cluelessly

"Quiet, creepy girl.", Chef says. You sit down with your food on the table, eating with Dawn and Anne Maria. As you chew, your memory gets hazy. You and Anne Maria talk about hair products, and as you do fall asleep.

End Flashback


CO: As if things weren't bad enough with Dakota's dumb elimination, now we're stuck in the middle of the lake? GREAT.

-end confessional-

"Hello campers! You'll notice we've let you all go for a...swim.", Chris says on a megaphone. You all groan.

"Stop whining! First team to get to shore wins an AWESOME reward for the second part of the challenge! But be warned, there are some, umm..."surprises" in the water!", Chris says.

"Surprises...?", Zoey asks. Anne Maria rips out the post and starts paddling.

"Come on, help out.", Anne Maria says. Dawn starts paddling using her hands. Then, as you paddle, a huge mutant SQUID comes out of the water!

"D-Dawn!! HELP!!!", you shout.

"He's too angry! I can't speak to him!", Dawn says.

What do you do?

A: Fight the squid

B: Let Anne Maria fight the squid

"Paddle faster guys! I've got this!", you say.

"Uh, you sure?", Anne Maria asks.

"Yeah, don't worry about me.", you say. You jump onto the squid, punching it in the face, fighting off the tentacles. The mutant squid lets out a shriek, piercing your ears.

"OMG die already!", you shout, punching the beast's eye.

"CO, stop!", Dawn says. You get down as the squid holds his eye in pain.

"Don't blame me. That thing attacked our raft.", you say.

"It's calm down. Let it go.", Dawn says peacefully.

"K. You're the boss.", you reply. The squid goes away, back into the water. You sigh in relief, and help Anne Maria and Dawn paddle.

"Anne Maria, my arm is tired. Let me use the post.", you say.

"No way, I ain't getting my arm wet in this dank lake.", Anne Maria says.

"Come on, just a little while. We're in a CHALLENGE, you know?", you ask.

"No way. Find your own post.", Anne Maria says.

"Just let me use it for a while!", you say.

"No! It's mine!", Anne Maria says.

"Ladies, please, we can settle this peacefully and-", Dawn says.

"SHUT UP DAWN!", you and Anne Maria shout at Dawn, fighting over the post.

"But the other team is gaining the lead!", Dawn says.

"Which is why I should take the post!", you say.

"You've sure got enough energy in your MAN ARMS to fight ME!", Anne Maria says.

"You've sure got enough spray tan on to rub off on the post!", you retort. Anne Maria gasps, and flings you into the water, holding the post victoriously. To retaliate, you pull her into the water as Dawn grabs the post from her, glaring at the two of you.

"You both are bickering like children.", Dawn says.

"Uh...uh oh!!", Anne Maria says.

"What now?!", you ask, frustrated with her. And you see Anne Maria's skin...MELTING?!

"Ah...uh...HELP!!!", Anne Maria says. You and Dawn quickly help Anne Maria back onto the raft, as her skin continues to melt...or shed...until ALL her skin is melted.

"Aw, this sucks...", Anne Maria whines.

"Uh, what is this?!", you ask.

"My...spray tan...", Anne Maria says.

"You're so...flesh colored...", Dawn says.

"Yeah, no kidding Freak-a-zoid. Now the only thing I have left is my hair.", Anne Maria says sadly.

"Okay this is just weird. You look normal now.", you say.

"What, you saying I didn't look normal before?", Anne Maria asks.

"No...", you say.

"Come, we've still got a challenge to win.", Dawn says. Finally, you and your team arrive first to the shore.

"And the Toxic Rats steal the lead! For coming in first, you guys win a map and compass of the island. Good luck.", Chris says. The Maggots arrive soon after, getting "penalty belts" and a metal detector.

"And now...", Chris says, showing a monitor with some girl. The screen becomes clearer, and it's...GWEN?!

"Chris, Chris, where are you?!", Gwen asks.

"Yeah, see, Gwen and I were having a prank war and it kinda went too far.", Chris says, glaring at Chef.

"What? I play to win.", Chef says. Chris's cell phone rings.

"Oh look, it's Gwen. Heeelllooo, Gwen?", Chris says tauntingly.

"That's horribly dangerous!", Zoey says.

"You've gone too far this time, McLean. If you think you can keep me in here with this dough boy, you've got another thing coming. Once, I find you, I'm going to rip out your t-", Gwen says sternly and angrily. Chris hangs up.

"Yeesh. Someone's not happy. Your challenge today is to rescue Gwen and another one of this season's duds that we put in with her.", Chris says, showing Sam, knocked out on the screen.

"The dude ate a TON of Chef's Butt-o-lini and went Snoozetown all over Chef's kitchen, so we dumped him in there with Gwen.", Chris says. Sam farts in there, forcing Gwen to stick her nose in her top.

"This guy needs to eat healthier, seriously...", Gwen says.

"Wait, if they're in a wooden chest, then how is this metal detector going to help us?", Jo asks.

"It's not. That's why it's called a PENALTY. And if you dump it, your team is out.", Chris says. Jo grunts angrily and gives the metal detector to Brick.

"So they get a map and compass...and we get junk. Niiice.", Jo says sarcastically.

"That's what brings in the ratings, Jo.", Chris says with a wink. The teams head off, but you soon encounter an obstacle.

"Which way do we go...?", Anne Maria asks.

A: Go straight through the swamp – it's faster

B: Go right through the path – It's safer

"Come on guys, we've got the lead!", Anne Maria says.

"We must decide quickly...", Dawn says, starting to think about which way to go.

"Well, knowing this island – and I do – I think the swamp would be filled with some freaky fish mutants or something. It's probably best that we go through the safer path.", you say.

"And I ain't getting anymore water on my skin.", Anne Maria says, feeling her now pale skin.

"Come on! Those Rats have got the lead!", Jo shouts.

"Come on Zoey, you gotta go faster!", Brick says.

"I'm trying! I'm not all athletic like you guys!!", Zoey says, panting in between every few words.

(Poor Zoey, she hardly fits in on her team)

"The map shows a clear but much longer route...we'll have to move quick.", Dawn says.

"You don't have to tell me twice, sweetheart.", Anne Maria says. You, Dawn and Anne Maria head off - but Anne Maria leaves an arrow pointing toward the swamp. Huh?

You take a look at the path ahead of you, and see the thick forest in between the swamp and the path, extending the path to where Gwen and Sam are buried.

"Oh, I do hope Gwen and Sam are okay! They must be low on air by now.", Dawn says, as you all ran as fast as you could. You turn right, then left, then left again...because the path only went one day and it was confusing and curvy.

"Wow, this path winds a lot...", Anne Maria comments.

"Check the compass. It should tell us which way north is.", you say.

"Um, Dawn has it.", Anne Maria says.

"The path only goes one way, so there's no point in checking.", Dawn explains. You hear a rustling in the trees...and suddenly, out of the trees, a bear comes and attacks!

"AAHH!! We're gonna get mauled!!", Anne Maria shouts.

"Calm yourself!", Dawn says. She gets closer to the bear.

"Now, beautiful creature of Mother Nature, why are you upset?", Dawn asks. The bear roars, and throws Dawn aside, slamming her against a tree. The bear charges at you and Anne Maria. 

"Oh no you didn't! Don't you DARE get near my hair!", Anne Maria says, punching the bear.

"Dawn, are you okay?!", you ask.

"It could have been worse. The bear is merely upset about something. What, I do not know.", Dawn says.

"You know what? I'm going to find out.", you say. You observe the bear. From head to toe...

  • It seems like someone ripped the top of it's fur out...and the bear put it back on? 
  • One of it's teeth are chipped. You can't tell the the time of the wound.
  • It's chin seems to be slightly bruised. The wound looks nearly healed.
  • It's chest area seemed to have a purple spot? The wound looks fresh.
  • The bear's stomach is grumbling. No wound visible, but it seems to be painful.
  • The bear's legs are pushed together – almost as if it was hit in the groin.
  • One of the bear's feet look slightly bent in the wrong way.

Why is the bear mad?

(Ahh, I can't tell! We should get out of here.)

"No, CO, we can't leave the bear!", Dawn says.

"Stop reading my mind!", you reply.

"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do, princess?", Anne Maria asks.

"I have no choice.", Dawn says. She jumps onto the bear's back, riding the bear as it tried to throw Dawn off. You watched in fear, petrified by Dawn's actions.

The bear continued to rage, but Dawn didn't falter. She pressed the bear somewhere above it's eyes, and the bear calmed down.

"Shh, little one...", Dawn says, soothing the bear.


"Leave the bear to it's territory. Some vile fiend gave this poor bear a purple nurple.", Dawn says.

"Well, that explains that...", you say.

"A purple what...?", Anne Maria asks.

"No time to explain. It's kinda gross.", you reply. You, Anne Maria and Dawn hurry toward the finish.

"Oh no!! I lost the map...I'm so sorry!!", Dawn says.

"How'd you lose it?!", Anne Maria asks, frustrated.

"It must have been when the bear attacked. I still have the compass...but what good is it?", Dawn says. When you arrive, the Mutant Maggots have already started digging.

"Ha ha! Come on, Sir Leaks-a-lot, dig!", Jo says.

"Brick, how'd you find the key?", you ask.

"Turns out the metal detector helped after all." Brick says.

"We just have to find the chest.", Zoey says.

"Yeah, no kidding, Boring Girl!", Jo retorts.

"We can still find the chest! I hope that bear doesn't return though...", Dawn says eagerly.

"Ah, I gave some wimp bear a nice purple nurple to get him away from me earlier.", Jo comments.

"Let's just start digging. Come on!", you say. You, Anne Maria and Dawn start digging.

"Eww, I'm ruining my manicure.", Anne Maria complains.

"You also ruined your tan, so get over it.", you say.

Where do you check? (Note: It's NOT in the same place as the original)

A: Near the swamp

B: Near the bushes

C: Where the Maggots found their keys

The three of you start digging near the swamp.

"It's gotta be around here so-LOOK OUT ANNE MARIA!!", you shout, as an alligator flings itself at Anne Maria. Fortunately, Anne Maria is able to punch the croc, and send it back into hiding in the swamp.

"I've dealt with enough today. First we're trapped in the middle of the lake, then Miss Goody-Goody loses our map, and now THIS.", Anne Maria says, looking at her muddy hands.

"It'll be worth it when we win immunity.", you say, continuing to dig.

"Oh my, how deep did Chris bury these two?", Dawn asks.

"Why don't you ask us?", Zoey says. You three turn around, and see Jo punching a hole in something, which turns out to be the chest.

Chris arrives on his helicopter.

"The Maggots have won! ...AGAIN...", Chris says, looking disappointed by your team.

"Aww...", you, Dawn and Anne Maria moan.

"HA! Looks like Team Maggots has triumped again.", Jo says.

(Which means JOKE is safe for another week...)

"Toxic Rats, you'll be meeting me tonight for another elimination ceremony.", Chris says. Later that day at lunch, who are you talking to?



A: Anne Maria

B: Brick

C: Dawn

D: Jo

E: Mike

F: Zoey

You chose C: Dawn.

You pick at your food, hoping it's not more "butt-o-lini."

"Something wrong, Charlotte?", Dawn asks.

"Aside from the food...we're gonna be a two person team tomorrow.", you say.

"It is indeed sad, and it will be hard for us to win challenges. But we can do this.", Dawn says.

"And I think we can agree on the vote too...", you say.

"As much as it pains me to vote off Anne Maria, it must happen now.", Dawn says.

"Yeah...", you sigh, hoping you can get through more elimination ceremonies until the merge.

"But were pretty awesome today.", you say.

"Was I?", she asks.

"Totally. You fought a bear head-on, and...won. Kinda. Even if you did lose the map, it was pretty awesome to watch and you saved our lives.", you say.

After dinner, it was time to vote someone off.

"Toxic Rats. You've lost once again. And you guys were in the lead!", Chris says.

Who do you vote for?

A: Anne Maria

B: Yourself

C: Dawn

"Tonight, I have two marshmallows on my plate, and three campers in front of me. This means one of you will not receive a marshmallow. I'd try to make some suspense here, but the elimination is very one-sided and obvious.", Chris says. He glances at you momentarily.

"The camper being eliminated tonight is...", Chris says.











"Anne Maria.", Chris says. You sigh in relief.

"W-What??", she asks, nervous.

"Yep. It's Hurl of Shame time, baby!", Chris says.

"B-But you can't eliminate me.", Anne Maria says. Then, her worried expression turns into a smirk.

"I have th-this!", Anne Maria says weakly, taking out the McLean-Brand Chris Head. You and Dawn gasp...HOW?!

"But where did you find it??", you ask.

"It was on top of the cliff...", Anne Maria says.

"Wow. That means the person with the second most votes will be eliminated. That camper is...", Chris says.

"...Dawn. Goodbye, sweetie.", Anne Maria says. Bigger gasp.

"M-Me?? But why?", Dawn asks.

"You lost the map for us! It's bye-bye for you now!", Anne Maria says.

"How COULD you??", you ask.

"What, you prefer I vote for you? It's a game, and we're here to play.", Anne Maria explains.

"Sorry Dawn, but you're out.", Chris says. Dawn pulls out a trash bag.

"It's okay. I've been collecting many keepsakes from Camp Wawanakwa, which I will sell online to raise money for these poor mutated creatures to have a real home.", Dawn says.

"Wow...", you say.

"That's so...nice.", Anne Maria says.

"Nice, but pointless.", Chris says.

"I'll really miss you, Dawn. You're the only one who's been with me here since the beginning.", you say.

"Aww, Charlotte. I'll miss you too.", Dawn says. Then, Dawn takes the Hurl of Shame and is eliminated.

"Who will take the Crazy Catapult next? Will their elimination be as shocking as this one? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Revenge of the Island!", Chris says.

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