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Image by Trent.

The Enchanted Franken-Forest


CO: Ever since Mike was eliminated, all the girls have been in the same cabin. When Anne Maria was here, it was...slightly less awkward. But now it's just super awkward again since NO one talks to each other, and if they do, it's usually an insult.

-end confessional-

Everyone did their things silently. Zoey carved an arrow in the corner, Jo punched her punching bag, and you sat on your bed, reading a fashion magazine.

(Ooh...I should buy that when I win the million), you think while looking at a particularly cute pair of boots.

"Looking at boots, huh?", Jo asks.

"Uh...yeah.", you say, surprised that Jo was taking an interest in fashion.

"Yeah, the military issued boots are top notch quality. I'd invest.", Jo suggests.

"Uh, right. Too bad military isn't my look. Darn!", you reply.

"Shame.", Jo replies, going back to her training.

"Are you sure you want to train with that injury?", you ask.

"Pfft, it hurt me. It didn't kill me. I'm not weak like Blandoey.", Jo says.

"But your hair is.", Zoey says, not even looking up.

"No it's not!", Jo says, putting her hand through her hair, and pulling a strand out. You chuckle a little at Jo's embarrassment.

"Savage, Zoey.", you remark.

"Not as savage as voting for your best friend's boyfriend.", Jo snarks.

Think of a good comeback to Jo!

"Too bad you had no boyfriend to vote out! But I'm not surprised you don't, considering you dress like you belong in Chef's dirty laundry bin.", you reply. Even Zoey looks up.

"Ouch.", Zoey says, going back to her carving. Jo looks shocked, and you know you won.

"Well, I'll be laughing when I'm holding a million, and you're flying through the air from a catapult.", Jo says with a glare. Uh oh.


CO: What do I think of the other two? Well, Jo's annoying as always, and Zoey's become kind of a...nutcase. So it's me and the freak show. I just wanna get out of this place. Don't get me wrong, I still wanna win, too.

-end confessional-


Jo: The other finalists? Hah, they can kiss my toned up butt! Their shiny heinies aren't getting anywhere near my money.

-end confessional-


Zoey: CO and Jo? They're both tough players. Cutthroat. Always have been, too. Wish I'd seen through CO earlier. As for Jo...well, I got what I needed to from her yesterday. Sorry Jo, but I'm not gonna make this easy for you. Ditto for you, CO.

-end confessional-

You all gathered at the mess hall for breakfast. Chef Hatchet, having just come out of the kitchen, explains the situation to all of you, reading off a note card.

"Welcome to the final three. You all have come very far, and are the most sk-...skillet, no that's not right...skiing? Bah, I can't read dumb Chris's handwriting. The point is, you losers are less losers than the losers who you made lose.", Chef says.

"I made most of those losers into losers!", Jo says proudly.

"Yeah, congratulations.", Chef says sarcastically, uncaring.

"So, um, where's Chris...?", you ask.

"He's in the infirmary for today. Since Jo's out, the only bed left was available for him.", Chef replies.

(Jo was in the infirmary...? Huh? Since when does she get hurt?)

"Uh, yeah, hehe. What's the challenge? I wanna win already.", Jo says.

"Don't get too cocky.", you say.

"I will get as cocky as I want, Ox-head.", Jo says roughly. Yikes.

"Today's challenge will take place in the enchanted forest. Follow me.", Chef says, leading you all to the forest. Except, the trip seemed significantly longer than usual – the woods are quite close to the campgrounds.

"Here we are.", Chef says, grandly gesturing to the forest. It looked like a normal forest.

"What's so 'enchanted' about this place?", Zoey asks.

"Oh, you'll see..hehehehehe...", Chef snickers, gesturing his arm toward the forest. You all walk in; and it's NOT a normal forest by any means.

You take in the view; there were trees, alright. There was a pond too. But the rest...the rest was nothing that encompassed the boundaries of normal. First of all, everything sparkled, as if the Fairy Dust factory had ane explosion here. There were mutant animals everywhere, and on top of that, mutant PLANTS.

"Ha, why are you all so scared?", Jo asks.

"Step to the right.", Chef says. Jo steps to her right.

"What's this supposed to prove?", Jo asks. The plant behind her spits out fire, setting fire to the ground directly beneath her, and just barely missing her.

"Hey! Not cool!", Jo says.

"Is that scary enough for you?", Chef asks.

"Pfft! No. I'm not afraid of anything.", Jo says.

"You seemed to be pretty afraid of Anne Maria punching you three days ago.", Zoey says.

"I was not scared.", Jo says.

"Whatever lets you sleep at night, blockbrain.", Zoey replies, ending the conversation.

"Here's the challenge.", Chef says, taking out another note card. Chris zooms in on his jetpack.

"That's alright, I can take it from here.", Chris says, snatching the note card from Chef. Chef looked grumpy – he obviously wanted to host.

"Well, the host with the most is back! You may now applaud.", Chris says. You yawned, Zoey stood blankly, and Jo checked her watch.

"Fine, let's just get on with it.", Chris says.

"Great!", you say.

"Your challenge is to find "Larry", my This is...The Enchanted Journey!", Chris says, not specifying what kind of pet this "Larry" is. An intern brings in a television set.

"This is Larry.", Chris says, showing you a GIANT Venus Flytrap.

Larry how scary

Larry, Chris's mutant Venus Flytrap.

"Yikes!", you say.

"That thing is messed up...", Jo says.

"ExCUSE me? Larry happens to be a dear friend of mine. Okay, so I forgot him after Total Drama Island. AND he SORTA got mutated. Details, details. The point is, you need to reclaim the flower that Larry has, and bring it to me at the finish line.", Chris says.

"Question. Where IS this Larry?", Zoey asks.

"Good question, ninja girl. Chef, if you will?", Chris says. Chef steps forward with a map.

"Oh good, a map.", you say, expecting some sort of hardcore pre-challenge to determine who receives the map.

"A map, which you all will receive a single piece of.", Chris says. Chef, almost perfectly, rips the paper up into three extremely neat pieces, and hands each of you one. Just your luck, yours was the most useless one – the middle piece.

"Chef and I will be waiting by the finish line. Make sure you pick up some note cards I've left around the forest, as they're helpful tips to aid you on your enchanted journey.", Chris says, flying off his jetpack with Chef.

(Where do I even begin...? I don't KNOW!)

A: Follow Zoey

B: Follow Jo

C: Ally with Zoey

D: Ally with Jo

E: Walk around in circles until you find a path

Zoey turns away, beginning her journey, and doesn't seem to be interested in forming any alliances.

"Zoey! Let's team up!", you say.

"I have the ending piece. It's no use.", Zoey says, continuing on her way.

"So, maybe we could go together?", you ask.

"Fine.", Zoey says, uncaring. You and Zoey walk together.

"Which piece do you have?", she asks.

"Middle.", you reply.

"Then Jo knows where the trail is. Our only choice is to follow her.", Zoey says.

"Are you sure? We're dead if she catches us.", you point out.

"If you have a better way, let me hear it.", Zoey says. Well, you didn't really have a better way.

"Alright, we'll follow Jo. Where did she go anyway?", you wonder.

"She couldn't have gotten far with that injury. Sure it's recovered, but she's not that great of a warrior.", Zoey says.

"How did she get that injury anyway?", you ask.

"Three days ago, during Chef's hunting challenge...I got a little revenge scheme in. Didn't work out as well as I thought, but I did end up injuring Jo's leg. That's when you remember that Jo was indeed injured after the challenge.

"Woah. Serves her right, though.", you say

"Yeah. She's so going down.", Zoey says.

"Let's just hope we can-", you begin, but are cut off by Zoey, you clamps her fist over your mouth.

"Shh. I see her up ahead.", Zoey says. Jo, looking at her map, then back at the trail, follows it.

"Million dollars, here I come!", Jo says, only then realizing that she should be quieter.

"We need a game plan.", Zoey whispers to you.

"What's the plan, captain?", you ask. Zoey sighs.

"'ve always been the more strategic one. You know that. What do you think?", Zoey asks, giving you several suggestions.

Use the element of surprise and...

A: Charge at Jo, but risk fighting her

B: Continue to follow her, but risk being caught

C: Attempt to ally with her

D: Retreat

"I know it's risky...but we have to continue following her. Even with her injury, attacking Jo is dangerous.", you say.

"That's true...", Zoey replies. Zoey climbs a tree with ease, scanning the area.

"I think she's heading west.", Zoey says, pointing west.

"Then that's where we'll go too.", you say. As you and Zoey walk, Zoey continues to fashion an arrow.

"That's pretty cool, Zoey.", you say.

"Thanks.", she replies.

"So are you, you know.", you say, as a random off-hand comment to make conversation. Zoey looked up, as if you said something that really got her attention.

"Wh-What?", she asks.

"I said you're cool. Didn't you know that?", you ask.

"You...You've never said that. That's all.", you say.

"Are you sure? I remember saying it before.", you wonder.

"Not once. No one has, in fact, and's all I've ever wanted to hear. Cool.", Zoey says, hiding her face. She seemed to be uncomfortable at the moment, so you dropped the subject.

You continue to walk, but Zoey stops you.

"Freeze.", Zoey says. You listen, and Zoey pulls you into a bush, stuffing leaves all over you.


CO: These grass stains are gonna take forever to come off :(

-end confessional-

"What happened?", you whisper.

"Shhhh.", Zoey shushes you, and after completely covering you, she covers herself. You roll your eyes around, trying to see what got Zoey in such a frenzy. Then you hear Jo.

"I know you're out there, whoever you are. Charlotte? That you? Or...maybe some mutant.", Jo says, walking around carefully.

"...Meh.", Jo says, going back to her path.

"Okay. It's safe to come out.", Zoey whispers to you after a while. You carefully exit. You walk around a little with Zoey, treading lightly.



And then Jo sees you. Everything freezes; your heart rate speeds up, and you're not sure of what to do next.


"Ah, CO. Finally ready to ally with the winning side?", Jo asks.

Your response?

A: Yes

B: No

C: I don't know

"No way! I'd never ally with you. Keep dreaming, sweatpants.", you say mockingly toward Jo.

"Huh. You are stupid.", Jo says, lunging at you. You dodge, as Zoey watches, hesitant to join in.


CO: And at that point I realized...I pushed Zoey away...and I had no friends. It was every girl for herself.

-end confessional-

Jo continues to jab at you, and you can't fight back – but Jo was about to corner you. You duck, as Jo punches a tree, making a bunch of acorns fall on your head. Jo is about to grab you when...

"No.", Zoey says. Jo quickly glances to Zoey's direction, and Zoey punches Jo hard, right on her face.

"Not today.", Zoey says. Jo covers her face, as blood starts falling out of her nose.

"You little FREAK!", Jo says. Jo smirks, and slides some acrons underneath your feet as you try to escape to Zoey. You trip, and Jo snatches your map piece. Zoey tries to fight her, but Jo pushes Zoey over, and takes her piece too.

"HA! Don't bother trying to win, weaklings. I've got this challenge in the bag!", Jo says. Zoey and you both chase after her, but Jo climbs a tree, and swings away on the vines.

"Follow her!", Zoey shouts. However, it gets too late and Jo gets shrouded in the trees, too far gone.

"D-Damn it...", Zoey says.

"I can't believe we let her do that.", you say, burying your face in your hands.

"I'm so sorry...I disappointed you. Just because I think I'm strong, it doens't mean I am...", Zoey says, much milder than she's been lately.

"", you say.

"S-Stop. Stop trying to make me feel better.", Zoey says. Zoey sits down on the ground.

"Fine. If words can't help...then actions will. You saved me once, and now we're going to win this challenge together.", you say. You give Zoey your hand.

What do you do now?

I'd guess we could always just try just running/swinging towards the direction they saw Jo swing off to.Mo

"She couldn't have gone far, right?", you ask.

"...What do you mean?", Zoey asks, hopeful.

"She couldn't have gotten far, I mean. We can still catch up.", you say. Zoey stands up.

"I like what I'm hearing.", Zoey asks.

"It's a little hopeless, but...", you begin.

"You know what we gotta do? We gotta take this hopelessness by the throat and end it. Let's go so I can win.", you say.

"I...", you repeat.

"Sorry...I meant we.", Zoey says.


CO: Even though Zoey's changed, she still has that cute habit of saying sorry a lot. Hm. Says a lot about how kind of a person she is, really...

-end confessional-

"Okay, so, she swung off in that direction. Let's move quick.", you say. Zoey jumps up, giving you her hand – like you had done earlier. She pulls you up into a tree, and you both chase down Jo.

"She's got all the pieces, which means she's headed in the right direction.", Zoey notes.

"Right. It's only a matter of time before-", you try to say, but you're suddenly interrupted by a HUGE chasm opening up, sending out a sharp and thick stream of radioactive goop at you two. You both scream, and jump to the next tree. You look back; the tree you were just on mutated, and grew arms. Then, it's eye opened, begins to CHASE you!

"How do we get away from this thing?!", you ask, in a panic.

"We can't possibly follow Jo, AND avoid this thing!", Zoey says. The tree growled when Zoey called it a "thing".

"Wait, can it understand us?", you ask. You both stop, and signal at the tree to do so.

Radioactive waste dripped from it's branches. It's leaves became a glowing green, showing off the tree's new mutated structure. It also became notably bulkier where the leaves should be. It's using it's roots as feet, which is how it moved so fast. Behind it, a path of trees lay, wasted to death.

"There are...many approaches we can take here. I don't know what will work though...", Zoey says.

What do you do?

A: Try to outrun the tree

B: Take a calm approach – Try to reason with the tree, calm it down.

C: Take a rough approach – Hide, attack it, try to "defeat" it.

"Alright...follow my lead, Zo.", you say. You carefully walk around – near the tree, not getting further away.

"Okay big guy....we don't want to hurt you. We just want to get away.", you say. The tree swings it's branches at you, but fortunately it's slow, so you manage to duck.

"Whoa there! I don't wanna hurt you! Let's just be civil here.", you say.

"CO, we need to hurry. Jo's probably already at Larry.", Zoey whispers. The mention of Larry seems to set the tree off, and it violently swings it's branches at both of you two again, knocking you into a hole, where you hang by the edge.

"CO! Hold on, I'm coming!", Zoey says, dashing toward you.

"Thanks so much, Zoey.", you say, as she pulls you out. However, as soon as she does so, she's knocked into the pit!

"AAAH!! I can't hold on much longer...!", Zoey screams. As soon as you're about to go save her, you see the tree monster bend over...exposing a weak spot!

The tree remained in a vulnerable position, meaning if you ditched Zoey and hit the spot, the tree would be done for, and you and Zoey would have a clear path through the forest, since the monster cleared most of it for you two.

What do you do?

A: Defeat the radioactive tree monster

B: Save Zoey

(I can't leave Zoey...)

You turn around, and pick up Zoey, lifting her out of the pit. The tree swings its large branches at you, knocking both of you forward, and right in front of Larry.

"Larry...", Zoey whispers. You both stand up in pain, looking at the huge monster in front of you.

After regaining some of your strength, you see that Jo has already climbed to the top of a tree.

"Not today, losers!", Jo says.

"Quick, we need to do something!", you say. Zoey is ahead of you – already formulating a plan.

She pulls out an arrow, and shoots it at Jo. However, she misses, hitting a branch.

"Damn...", you whisper under your breath.

"Wait for it.", Zoey says, as the branch begins to crack, and Jo falls right into Larry! You gasp, as Zoey watches, stoic.



Do you save Jo?

A: Yes

B: No

(Why do I do this...?)

You run up ahead, and confront Larry.

"Yeah, CO! Get the flower!!", Zoey shouts. You gulp.

"Alright up!", you say. You can see Jo punching the inside of Larry.

"Let me out, Venus Flycrap!", she shouts from inside. It sounds a little muffled.

"Hang on, Jo!", you say.

"Huh? What's that? I can't hear inside this dumb thing!", Jo shouts.

"I said HANG ON!", you repeat.

"Whaaaaat?", she asks. You look around to see what you can do to make Larry open his mouth.



What do you do?

A: Climb on top and force his mouth open

B: Throw swamp waste at him

C: Throw tree branches at him

D: Walk away

E: Custom

You reach down in order to pick up some toxic waste, but as soon as you pick it up, your hand starts BURNING!

"Oh my GOSH!! This hurts!!", you say.

"CO!! Come back!", Zoey shouts.

"I can't, Jo's in trouble!", you say.

Larry's drool begins to drip out of his mouth.

"Aw I have to?", you wonder. You're forced to wash your hands with Larry's drool.

You clamp your right hand, the burned one, with your left hand to soothe it a little.



Using your left hand, what do you do now?

A: Climb on top and force his mouth open

B: Throw tree branches at him

C: Walk away

D: Custom

You jump up, and take out your left hand. You tried to force Larry's mouth open, but this only resulted in your right hand hurting more.

"Ow ow ow ow ow!!!", you shout. Then you start to consider; what did Jo ever do for you, that you should go so far as rescuing her?

"CO, you can do it!", Zoey says. So suddenly Zoey wants you to. She starts running over.

"H-Hey? What's the big idea, Flycrap? Wh-What? Are those digestive juices?!", Jo exclaims.


You try to pry open Larry's mouth, but fail until Zoey comes along.

"H-HEEEEEEEEELP!!!!", Jo shouts. You and Zoey pull Larry's mouth open together, and Zoey gives one forceful kick, making Larry shriek in pain.

Jo jumps out, holding the flower in her hands.

"Haha, take that SUCKERS!", Jo mocks, running off. You and Zoey scream, running after Jo.

Suddenly, the ground starts shaking around you.

"Wh-What's that?!", Zoey asks.

"What's going on?! CO, did you eat too much again?", Jo mocks, as she has trouble running forward. You turn around and see Larry, chasing all three of you down like a maniac.

"OH MY GOSH SOMEONE HELP!!!", Zoey shouts.

"Jo, you'll pay for this!", you shout. Larry manages to cross both of you, and starts fighting for the flower with Jo.

"Let go of me, you overgrown weed!", Jo shouts.

"That's what you get!", Zoey says, snatching the flower from Jo. Jo trips Zoey, and they begin fighting. Zoey throws you the flower, as Larry slurps up Zoey.

"Ha! You either get Zoey, or you get immunity! Have fun with that!", Jo says.

What do you do?

A: Take the flower but sacrifice Zoey for immunity (Jack used his veto)

B: Throw the flower into Larry's mouth but save Zoey

You sigh.

"I'm sorry Zoey, but I can't let Jo win, or we're BOTH done for! I'll be back for you as soon as possible!", you say.

"Ah, the smart choice!", Jo says, chasing after you. However...

"AH! CRAP!", Jo says. You turn around see Jo, clutching her leg. Her injury from earlier must not have healed fully! You run past the finish line, claiming immunity.

"YES! YES YES YES YES!", you scream, excited about winning, forgetting Zoey for a moment. Chris comes along.

"Congratulations, CO! You now have a spot confirmed in the finale!", he says.

"Woohoo!!!", you shout. Chris takes the flower from you.

"Here, Larry! Look what I got for you, buddy!", Chris says, giving Larry the flower.

"Wow, you are unbelievable, McLean.", you complain, rushing over to Larry, having just remembered Zoey in the heat of the moment.

"I know, right?", Chris says, smiling at the camera. Larry sucks in the flower, and spits out Zoey, who was unconscious.

Jo, panting, begins to shout profanities at both you and Chris.

"Are you KIDDING me?!", she shouts.

"Good luck to both of you, Zoey and'll need it.", Chris says.

You visit Zoey at the infirmary later.

"Zoey? Are you okay?", you ask. Zoey has trouble moving.

"I...I don't think so. What happened after Larry swallowed me?", you ask.

What do you tell Zoey?

A: Tell her the full story (100% truth)

B: Tell her certain bits (50% truth, bends the story in CO's favor. You can specify which parts to tell her.)

C: Lie and tell her you had no choice (Almost no truth)



CO: I had already abandoned her...this wasn't the time to lie.

-end confessional-

"You, me and Jo got really close to the finish line. I had the flower, and I chose to win immunity over saving you.", you explained.

"Oh my god...", Zoey mutters.

"I was only trying to protect us, Zoey. We can both go to the finale now.", you say.

"Oh, I'll enjoy beating you there. Just wait.", Zoey says, with venom in her voice. You gulp. No more friends...

You, Jo and Zoey gather at the dock. They both stare at you coldly. They both wanted to defeat you more than anything in the world at that point.

"One of you girls is going to take the Hurl of Shame today. CO, it's time to make your decision.", Chris says.

You think, long and hard.

"Chris...I've made my decision. I'm taking...

A: Jo

B: Zoey

C: Neither, I quit

...Jo.", you say. Everyone gasps; even Jo.

"Um...okay then.", Chris says.

"Wh-What? Why me?", Zoey asks.

"Zoey, I know you're mad at me. And I don't blame you. What I did to you was awful, and I took your friendship for granted. I caused you to get injured and now you're bent on beating me in the finale. But...your body can't take more, Zoey. Look at you.", you say, gesturing to Zoey's frail body, covered in bumps and bruises, among other injuries. You felt guilt in every inch of your body.

"I still care about you a lot even if I pulled a bad move back there, and I don't want to see you get even more hurt in the finale. It pains me to take Jo but it's for the best.", you say, sad to see your friend go. Zoey looked shocked, but her eyes soon begin to calm down.

"I get it. Sorry we couldn't have our friendship finale – but I guess that plan was gone after the challenge.", Zoey says.

"Wait, so you're eliminating her and keeping me because...of friendship? Ha! I'll never understand you people.", Jo says.


Zoey takes the Hurl of Shame, and flies off into the dark night sky.

"CO and Jo, you two are our finalists. Tune in next time for the epic finale of Total...Drama...Revenge of the Island!", Chris says, closing out the show.

Exclusive clip

"Ugh, I should've known this was gonna happen. That's what happens when you trust someone in a cutthroat game like this.", Zoey says.

"No, move it THERE!", Heather says.

"Heather, it was there last week...", the intern says.

"I don't care. I'm right. And Chris said I had to do this because of...well, you know.", Heather says.

"Oh, move aside already.", Cody says, tired of Heather's screaming.

"Be my guest.", Heather says. Cody looks around the area, and positions the mattress.

"There. It's not that hard.", Cody says.

"And there she comes...", Heather says. Zoey flies through the air, and lands directly on the mattress.

"Pfft. I was gonna move it there anyway.", Heather claims. Cody narrows his eyes at Heather.

"Stop...", Heather says.

"Can you please stop screaming now?", Cody asks.

"Can't you go sit somewhere else?", Heather asks.

"I would, but this is the only place Sierra can't find me.", Cody says.

"Oh Codyyyyy! Where are you?", Sierra asks. Cody facepalms. Heather sighs.

"Fine, get under the chair.", Heather sighs. Cody smiles, and does as Heather says.

"And I thought the contestants from this season were weird...", Zoey says.

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