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Runaway Model

(A.N.: Yes, we're finally back with another CYOA blog! The last one really dragged, huh? I hope you guys enjoyed the extra long episodes! Cause it's probably gonna stay that way.)

You woke up before everyone else. After the venom wore off from three days ago's challenge, you've been waking up about an hour before everyone else.

What do you do with your extra time?

A: Go for a run

B: Search for the immunity idol

C: Go for a swim

D: Be creepy and spy on everyone

You have chosen to search for the McLean-Brand Chris Head. Now: Pick TWO locations in Camp Wawanakwa to search.

The Stage and the Boathouse


CO: I need to find that idol. Not only will it protect me from elimination, but it won't help people like Mike or Jo!

-end confessional-

(Well, last time I checked the Arts and Crafts Center and Chef's Kitchen...and nothing. I guess I can head to the stage and boathouse this time around. I'll probably find Mike at the stage.)

You decide to head over to the stage for a bit. You run into Jo on the way there.

"Ah, hey CO.", she says.

"Hey Jo. Why are you up so early?", you ask.

"I could say the same to you. I'm on my morning jog.", Jo says.

"But you always wake up with everyone else.", you remind her.

"I go back to sleep. Gotta keep this body fit! It doesn't just happen you know. One day, I want to be a cop! I get to stop bad guys and show off how RIPPED I am!", Jo says.

"That's surprisingly deep of you, Jo.", you reply.

"R-really? Thanks, CO.", she says, as you two jog together.

(This girl really gives me some needed exercise)

"Woah, what's that?", Jo asks. You see that white cat; the same fluffy white cat with the laser eyes! Jo starts heading toward it.

A: "Um, Jo, I wouldn't do that if I were you..."

B: "Jo, stop! That cat is dangerous!"

C: "Have fun with that."

(A.N.: I decided to name it Snowbelle, since it combines Snow (it's color) and Belle (a female name, since the cat is female. Geo and Stry inspired it, so they get the double count next time. Just vote normally.)

"Don't tell me what to do, Charlame! I'll do whatever I want and LIKE it!", Jo says. She gets closer to the cat.

"What are you even trying to do??", you ask. Jo slowly walks toward it.

(I'd get in the way, but I kinda wanna keep my body)

"Hey there, kitty cat! Get over here p–", Jo says, but is interrupted by her screaming. The cat glares at Jo, as her pupils become wider.

"Oh...crap.", Jo says. You look away in fright, but you decide to take a peek. The cat fried Jo's eyebrows off!

"What?! I don't feel a thing!", Jo says. You gasp.

"J-Jo, your eyebrows!", you say.

"Who cares about eyebrows? Just another girl thing..."

"Um, looks like you won't have to worry about the 'girl thing' now..."

"What are you talking about, Charlotte?", she exclaims. You take out your pocket mirror.

"Take a look."

"WHAT?! What happened?! My face looks...b-bald!"

"I told you! I TOLD YOU not to mess with the cat!", you say.

"Wh-whatever! Eyebrows don't matter!", Jo says, but tries to hide her face.

"You should probably go wash your face. I don't know what lasers can do to your face.", you say. You wanted to laugh at Jo, but you also felt a little sorry for her. But for now, you had to search for that idol.

As you head over to the stage, you see the cat following you.

"You're just lonely, aren't you?", you ask. You lift up the cat with extreme caution.

"I think I'll call you Snowbelle.", you say.

You look around the stage, checking under every bush and behind every part of the seats and curtains. It was only when you were about to leave that you saw it...

...a loose plank.

You rip the plank up, but no Idol. Sad.

Next, you head over to the boathouse. Only fifteen minutes or so until everyone wakes up.

You enter the dark and dusty boathouse. Check the shelves, nothing. Open some containers...more nothing. But then you hear some rustling and a bit of clanging sounds. You jump a little.

It was coming from behind a tarp.

Move the tarp and find out what made the noise?

A: Yes, find out what made the noise

B: No, get back to camp in time

You slowly creep closer and closer to the tarp, and clench it in your hand. You unhook it from both sides, and see something dark covering itself.

You see a flashlight, and point it at whatever the thing is.

"Wh-what are you doing here?"

"Who are you?", you ask.

"It's just me.", the person says, uncovering their face. It was Mike!

"Wait, Mike?! What are you doing here?", you ask.

"I, um...I'd rather not be outside."

"Why? Come talk to us. Don't be holed up in here."

"I'd rather not..."

"Why not?"

"I've never really had friends. Every time something seems to be going well, I don't know why, but it just gets ruined."

"Maybe you should stop trying to be an actor and be yourself.", you say to Mike with a smile.

"It's not really a choice. I'd rather be alone, Charlotte.", Mike replies.

"What do you mean it's not your choice?", you ask.

"Ever since I was a kid...I've, um, been really dedicated. Just don't get too close to me, I'd rather not.", Mike says.

"You're mysterious, and I think Zoey likes that about you."

"Look, I have some stuff I need to deal with, and I don't want other people to get caught up in the mess that is my life."

(Aw...that's kind of sad...)

You shifted your gaze around; no McLean-Brand Chris Head.

"Well, Mike...I gotta go now, but I still think you don't have to be so shy.", you say. You leave, and find the other girls, Zoey, Dakota, Dawn, Anne Maria and Jo in the bathroom.

"Wait, what happened to you anyway?", Anne Maria asks.

"Stupid cat did this to me.", Jo says.

"She has a name, you know. It's Snowbelle.", you say.

"Oh, look who's here.", Jo says.

"Jo, hold on.", Dakota says. Dakota takes out a makeup kit.

"What?? I don't want sissy makeup!", Jo says.

"Oh, just be quiet for once! She's trying to help you!", Anne Maria says.

"Don't get in the way, Spray-per-view!", Jo says. Dakota starts drawing eyebrows on Jo (or however that eyebrow makeup thing works).

"Ooh, perfect!", Dakota says.

"Wow, your eyebrows actually look good, Jo.", you say.

"R-really?", Jo asks. She looks in the mirror and smiles.

"Wait, no! I don't care for this stuff. I'm the tough girl.", Jo says.

"Tough girls don't have to be tough all the time.", Zoey says, smiling warmly at Jo.

"Just because you were bullied as a child, it doesn't mean you have to compensate the strength you lacked forever.", Dawn says.

"Shut up, everyone...", Jo says, leaving. After you all come out of the bathroom, you hear Chris's voice through the loudspeakers.

"Report to the Auditorium, campers! Your next challenge is ready.", Chris says.

You all head to the auditorium, and there's a runway now.

"This is the state-of-the-art Total Drama Island Runway!", Chris says.

"You maggots are gonna participate in a challenge here!", Chef says.

"But first, has anyone seen Mike?", Chris asks.

(Oh no, he doesn't know the challenge has begun!)

What do you do?

A: Go get Mike yourself so no one finds out about his personal place

B: Tell Zoey where Mike is so he'll start trusting her more

"Psst...Zoey! I know where Mike is.", you say.

"Really? Where is he?", Zoey whispers back.

"He's in the boathouse. Go find him, I'm sure he'll appreciate it.", you say.

"Thanks, Charlotte. You're a real pal.", Zoey says. She heads off.

"I know where Mike is, I'll find him.", Zoey says. A minute passes.

"I'm giving those two lovebirds Mike and Zoey thirty more seconds. If they're not back, then the Maggots are down two players.", Chris says. Jo glares in the direction that Zoey went, and soon enough, the two return. Mike sits next to you, and Zoey next to Anne Maria.

"Thanks so much CO, that was really awesome of you.", Mike says.

"No problem. I can see you really like Zoey.", you say.

"I really do. She's an awesome girl.", Mike replies.

"Alright campers, now that everyone is here,", Chris says with a swift glance at Mike, "We can begin today's challenge. Throughout the world – Paris, London, America, Dubai, and even Japan – Fashion is very important. Today, you are going to create your own styles.", Chris says.

"Pfft, fashion is a crappy waste of time.", Jo says.

"Says the girl with designer eyebrows!", Anne Maria retorts.

"I didn't ask for these.", Jo says, glancing toward Dakota.

"They look good on you!", Dakota says.

"Is your hair longer, Jo?", Zoey asks.

"Yeah, I forgot to cut it yesterday. It grows fast.", Jo says.

"You're gonna be so pretty! Well, if you tried.", Dakota says.

"N-No I'm not! I don't want to, and I never will be a 'pretty' girl! Shut up!", Jo says.


CO: Is Jo insecure about her looks? Does she hide her insecurities behind her toughness?

-end confessional-

Goal for this episode: None, win the challenge.

"I never even said you guys will be dressing yourselves.", Chris says.

"I pick Jo as a model, then!", Dakota says.

"Dawn's our model, then!", you say.

"I never said you guys have to choose a model either. Jump to conclusions much?", Chris asks.

"Then spit it out, McLean!", Jo says.

"See for yourself. Introducing the most beautiful, the hottest, the most gorgeous, the best body in Canada, a national treasure for her awesomeness...", Chris says. Everyone turns their attention to the runway; and Lindsay pops out of a suitcase with new boots!

"Hi everyone! Don't you love these new 'Fashion Boots' I got? They're totally trending!", Lindsay says.

"It's true! #Lindsay'sFashionBoots is really high up on Twerter!", Dakota says.

"It's Lindsay!!! Dakota, you're on your phone AGAIN?!", Chris asks. Dakota smiles sheeplishly.

(He never introduced anyone else like that....)

"I thought it broke.", Zoey says.

"I did what Bridgette said at kept it in dry rice for three days. Worked like a charm.", Dakota says.

"Turn it off, Dakota.", Chris says sternly.

"Wow! We get to dress an actual model!", Zoey says.

"I never said you'll be dressing the beautiful Lindsay either.", Chris says.

"Um, yeah you did.", Anne Maria says.

"Oh. Well, I lied. Ahahaha.", Chris laughs. Everyone groans.

"Oh for the love'll be dressing one of the mutant animals.", Chef says.

"Where do we get one?", Brick asks.

"Where do you THINK you can get one? Anywhere on the island. You guys have got half an hour. Find a "model", dress it, and the three judges will judge. Chef Hatchet, who's a famous fashion designer in Paris, the beautiful and talented Lindsay, and the hottest of all of us, me, will be the judges.", Chris says.

"Eww...", Dakota groans.

"Okay, fashionistas! Get to work!", Chris says.

While on the way to the forest, what do you do?

A: Ask Dawn why Jo is so insecure, maybe help Jo.

B: Ask Jo directly, she might not like people talking behind her back

C: Remind Dakota that Sam is in danger

D: Tell someone about Sam's situation, you choose who.

"Hey Dakota."

"Oh, hey CO!"

"I bet you're excited for the challenge."

"Yep, vertical stripes are SO in style!"

"Cool! But we have something important after the challenge..."

"...We do? What?"

"You know, Dakota..."

"...I don't."

"Don't make me say it..."

"...But I don't know"

"...Fine, I'll tell you."

"I don't remember."

"A certain boy...for crying out loud, Sam!", you say.

"Right...Sam...he's cool...", Dakota replies. Facepalm.

"No Dakota, he's in danger.", you say. You catch Dakota up, reminding her that Sam has one week left before his terrible fate.

"R-Right. What should we do?", Dakota asks.

"We need to..."

A: Warn Sam and leave it there

B: Sabotage Sam and get him fired

C: Get Chris off the island before then

"Well, we could try and get Chris to leave before Sam's deadline.", you propose. Dakota stops and thinks about it.

"I guess it could work, but wouldn't Chris potentially get mad at us?", she asks.

"It's okay, Sam's life is worth more than some jerk liking us.", you reply.

"Okay then. We'll rendezvous at this tree in ten minutes.", Dakota says.

(Dakota knows the word rendezvous...? She's never used such a big word before.)

You arrive with the rest of the Rats, with B holding Snowbelle cautiously.

"CO, please tell Snowbelle to let us dress her up!", Dawn says.

"The other mutants are gross.", Brick adds. Dawn glares at Brick.

"Don't call them gross. They are living beings with living feelings.", Dawn says.

"Hey Snowbelle, can you let us dress you up? We'll leave you alone afterwards.", you say. Snowbelle thinks about it, and agrees.

"You're gonna have to listen to my friends here, I gotta do something elsewhere.", you say calmly and patiently.

"'re so good with animals...", Brick says.

"Charlotte, you can go torment Chris now.", Dawn says.

"How did you...oh, right.", you say.

"Why do you have to torment Chris?", B asks.

"We need to get him off the island in three days. Or Sam will be in danger. Dawn can fill you in.", you say, taking off.

"Of course.", Dawn says.

You meet Dakota at the rendezvous point.

"Okay, let's try a short one, and see how we should go about this.", you say.

"Yeah, we don't wanna take too long for the challenge.", Dakota says.

"Okay, we'll need multiple plans then..."


The choice will be chosen from the FIRST person to comment!

  • Plan A
  • Summary: Convince Chris that his mother is hurt and he needs to get to her immediately.
  • Process: For this, they'll need to steal Chris's cell phone.
  • Plan B
  • Summary: Make Chris drive to the nearest city
  • Process: Steal his wig
  • Plan C
  • Summary: Stop him from wanting to show his face on television
  • Process: Put glue in his shampoo

"Let's go with...Plan C.", Dakota replies.

"Alright then.", you say. You and Dakota head toward Chris.

"Hii, Chris...", Dakota says flirtatiously.

"Hey, Dakota...I'm kinda busy here.", Chris says. Dakota backs away, and Chris turns to Lindsay.

"Hii, Lindsay...", Chris says flirtatiously.

"I don't give up that easy. My flirting is what got my ex-boyfriend to buy me my phone. And the backup. And the backup of the backup.", Dakota says evilly.

"So, you wanna go back to your quarters and...have a soda?", Dakota asks.

"No.", Chris replies.

"Pfft...Rude!", Dakota says.

"Ooh, I love soda! She's so cute!", Lindsay says.

"Who...?", you ask.

"Soda, silly! Cola's friend!", Lindsay replies.

"Soda and Cola....", Chris mutters.

"Who are they...?", Dakota whispers to you.

"No idea.", you whisper back.

"Lindsay, their names are Katie and Sadie, not Cola and Soda!", Chris snaps.

"Oh, oops...", Lindsay giggles.

"Where were we, Chris?", Dakota asks.

"But...", Lindsay says.

"Oh, would you shut it already, Lindsay?!", Dakota snaps.

"I was just gonna say I wanted a soda too.", Lindsay says.

"Then it's settled! To my quarters!", Chris says. But on the way, you stop and take some glue. You, Dakota and Lindsay enter Chris's quarters.

"Wooooww...", you say. There was a butler, expensive furniture, a large smart TV mounted on the wall, a bar, an intern serving at the bar, a minifridge, and paintings everywhere, of Chris and otherwise. And there was SO much gold.

"It's alright, I guess.", Dakota says.

"My bathroom is nicer than this.", Lindsay remarks.

"Hey! I'm on a BUDGET!", Chris says.

"That minifridge is so tacky.", Dakota says.

"SO tacky...", Lindsay adds.

Lindsay sits down at the bar and starts talking to Chris, while you and Dakota find yourselves in the bathroom.

"Okay, time to initiate Operation Humilation!", you say. You take Chris's shampoo, and empty out the bottle.

"No no no, you don't empty it out! Let me show you.", Dakota says. She puts shampoo in WITH glue, but mostly glue. She mixes it up with Chris's toothbrush, washes the toothbrush, and puts the shampoo back.

"Don't you think he'll smell glue?", Dakota asks.

"Where did you learn all this?"

"Trial and error."

"Girls, get out here!", Chris shouts. You and Dakota get startled, and hurry out.

"What were you two doing in there...? Alone...? For so long...?", Chris asks.

(Ew, what a pervert...)

"We were, um....that's none of your business. We were powdering our noses.", you lie.

"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Suure...", Chris says.

"Well, we gotta go now...", Dakota says.

"Why were you two even here?", Chris asks.

"I love Mewtwo!", Lindsay remarks. You and Dakota grab Lindsay and leave.

"Why? I was having a soda.", Lindsay says.

"You do NOT want to be with that hot mess any longer.", you say to Lindsay.

"Charlotte, what color should Snowbelle wear?", Brick asks.

(Hmm, gotta think fashionably about this...)

What color should Snowbelle wear?

A: Pink with vertical stripes

"Hang on, I'll ask Dakota for some fashion advice.", you say. You go over to the Maggots and see Anne Maria and Jo arguing.

"FASHION is useless! Chris wants to be impressed with something basic, which is why I say we put sweatpants!", Jo says. Sasquatchanakwa struts.

"You're so wrong, Jackhammer. Chris wants to be wowed! What do you know about fashion anyway? Look at your hair...", Anne Maria says.

"Quiet, Tanzilla. I'M the leader of this team.", Jo says.

"Yup, that's why we lost last time.", Anne Maria says.

"Helmet hair!"


"You're SO eliminated next!", Jo says.

"Charlotte, what are you doing here?", Dakota asks.

"Um, I was wondering if I could get some fashion advice.", you ask. Sam sees you both, and runs over.

"Dakota is giving fashion advice??? Can I hear?", Sam asks.

"You...wanna hear from me?", Dakota asks.

"Yes, of course! You're so pretty and well put together!", Sam says. Dakota blushes.

"Aww...thank you! Sure, of course I'll help you two!", Dakota says. Dakota sits down with you and Sam under a tree.

"So, for you Sam, you need to wear vertical stripes! It'll complement your, um, healthy physique.", Dakota says.

"Vertical stripes! Got it!", Sam says.

"I told my team about the stripes too.", Dakota says.

"As for you Charlotte, you're gonna need a pretty big makeover....", Dakota begins.

"*ahem* Not for ME, for Snowbelle...", you correct her.

"...oh. Pink. With those vertical stripes I told Sam about.", Dakota says.

"Gotcha.", you say.

"Wow, I thought you were just the looks, but turns out you're the brains too. You're like my dream girl!", Sam says.

"R-Really?? You think I'm smart? No one has ever come to me for advice before...", Dakota discusses.

"I can't see why! You're brilliant.", Sam says.

"You really are. You should become a designer one day.", you say, and head back to your team.

"Brick, pink with vertical stripes.", you say.

"Ok.", Brick replies.

"Huh, you're pretty good at that, huh? And here I thought you were just the muscle.", you joke.

"Y-You think so? I've never really tried my hand at fashion...", Brick says.

(This is my chance!)

A: "Well, I think you're really great at it! Keep up the great work!"

B: "I think guys who are good at fashion are like, the sweetest thing ever!"

C: "Aww, well you're really talented Brick. In more ways than one!"

D: "Great. Now hurry up, we're running low on time!"

"Y-You think so?", he asks. Brick starts blushing.


"I really do.", you reply.

"Alright campers, report back to the runway and debut your styles!", Chris announces on the loudspeakers.

"Get ready to lose, Charlame!", Jo says.

"To you? You don't know a thing about fashion, Joke!", you reply.

"I may not, but these two idiots do.", Jo says, referring to Dakota and Anne Maria. You all gather back at the runway and head backstage. Chris starts playing runway music.

"Up first is the Toxic Rats!", Chris announces.

"With her chic pink ensemble which compliments her white fur very well, Snowbelle's ensemble works well with her physique, complimenting her nicely. Our result is a graceful blend of cute and elegant; a combination which works wonders for her.", you announce on the microphone.

"Ooh, this seems interesting.", Lindsay says.

"I hate fashion...", Chef groans. Chris, who was sitting in the middle, taps on the table lightly. Lindsay takes a sip of her water, and Chef sighs heavily.

"Come on, Snowbelle!", you say. Snowbelle, who was ready to walk, heads over to the runway. She walks to the end, showing herself off from all angles.

"Woah, now THERE'S a cat I'd want to be seen with in public!", Chris says.

"Aww!! She's SO cute!!", Lindsay exclaims.

"Meh.", Chef groans.

"Who knew the Toxic Rats had actual FASHION sense?!", Chris exclaims, giving your team an 8.

"That is one fabulous kitty!", Lindsay says, giving your team a 1.

"I thought you liked it?", Dawn asks.

"I do!", Lindsay says. She takes a look at her scorecard.

"Oh, oops.", she says, correcting her mistake and flipping the card upside down - 10!

"I don't care.", Chef says, giving your team a 5.

"The Rats have acquried a decent score, with a total of 23. Can the Maggots top it?", Chris narrates. Snowbelle returns backstage, dumps the outfit, and leaves.

You see the Maggots (specfically Mike and Jo), sending out Sasquatchanakwa. Anne Maria narrates their design's description.

"Sasquatchawhatsit struts on stage like any man would, showing off his big muscles and even bigger smile. Truly, Sassybeastthing has a flair for fashion, as his clothes say 'awesome, but humble'. It is definitely a power combination, and revolutionary in the world of fashion. Furthermore–", Anne Maria continues, but is tackled by Dakota.

"YOU IDIOT!", Dakota shouts.

"What's going on back there?", Chris asks. Anne Maria takes the mic.

"N-Nothing!", she says, turning it off.

"What's your problem?!", Anne Maria exclaims.

"I said VERTICAL stripes!", Dakota says.

"No you didn't sweetie, you just said STRIPES!", Anne Maria retorts. Dakota's face goes red.

"Oh no...", she moans.

"Woah...what is this?", Chef asks.

"He looks fat.", Lindsay comments.

"You're right, Lindsay. The horizontal stripes hardly complement Sasquatchanakwa's husky physique...", Chris adds. Sasquatchanakwa's belly sticks out, and he lets out a mighty roar.

"Wh-What's going on??", Chris shouts.

"Oh no! He's angry!!", Zoey shouts.

"Well, calm him down!", Chris shouts at Zoey.

"I don't know how!", she shouts back. Sasquatchanakwa roars again, as Sam tries to calm him down."Nice beast, nice beastie...", Sam says.

Sasquatchanakwa throws Sam to the side.

"Chris, help Sam!", Dakota says. Sam, who hit a tree, lifts himself up and tells Dakota he's fine, but Dakota hears a snapping noise coming from his arm.

"Eh, he can help himself. Let's move on before this guy gets too angry!", Chris says. Sasquatchanakwa roars again, grabbing Lindsay.

"AAAH!! Somebody help me!!!", Lindsay shouts. Everyone gasps.

"NO!!! NOT LINDSAY!! EVERYONE, THE CHALLENGE IS OFF! THE NEW CHALLENGE IS TO SAVE LINDSAY!", Chris shouts, horribly concerned. You gasped and rolled your eyes at the same time; Sasquatchanakwa was heading to Boney Island!

"We need to rescue Lindsay before she gets hurt!", Dawn says.

"B, you can come up with something, right?", Brick asks. B strokes his chin...and comes up with something! He takes Chris's spare jetpack.

"Everyone, hold onto me tight!", he says. He takes out some sort of thruster from his coat, and attaches it, and you all zoom off to Boney Island! You land right on Boney Island's skull.

"How do we get down??", you ask Dawn. You turn to B.

"Any ideas?", you ask. B looks around, and shakes his head. You turn back, only to see that Dawn is gone.

"DAWN? Where are you?", you ask.

"I'm down here!", Dawn shouts, waving her hands. She was already on the bottom!

"How'd you get there so fast?!", you ask.

"Come on! You have to jump! I'll catch you!", Dawn shouts.

What do you do?

A: Jump, it'll be faster

B: Find another way down

"Ok Dawn, I'm coming down!", you say. You jump, and soon find yourself stuck in midair!! You flail your arms wildly, and Dawn tells you to stop.

You look around you, and the birds are holding you up. At first, you get scared, but they slowly lower you down. When you're closer to the ground, Sasquatchanakwa ROARS loudly, frightening the birds. They drop you, but Dawn catches you.

When you fell, you felt fine, but heard a snapping noise...probably nothing major.

"Now, Brick!", Dawn says. Brick jumps, and the birds lower him down, except this time, Sasquatchanakwa did not roar. Same happened with B.

"We have to hurry and save Lindsay! It's our duty!", Brick says. You all run toward the scaffolding, and find Sasquatchanakwa climbing up rapidly with Lindsay.

"HEEEELP!!!", Lindsay shouts.

"The beautiful princess has been captured by the evil beast!", Sam says, running toward your team.

"Sam! What's going on?!", you ask.

"*pant* *pant* You guys have to save her! Chris says it's too dangerous to climb up the scaffolding.", Sam says. The Mutant Maggots arrive.

"WE already have a plan! We're gonna distract Sasquatchanakwa with something even more beautiful...ME!", Jo says.

"I'm not sure that's gonna work...", Zoey says.

"WHY? You think I'm NOT beautiful?", Jo asks.

"No, that's not it....", Zoey says.

"What? That's exactly it. You're uglier than a bag of trash.", Anne Maria says.

"Then BEAUTIFY me!", Jo says.

"I see...this is your excuse to look better!", Dakota says.

"Pfft...that's ridiculous! Don't stereotype me!", Jo says.

"What? I'm doing the exact opposite...", Dakota replies, rolling her eyes.

"Move aside, I'll make ya hot.", Anne Maria says.

"Not in this lifetime, Metal Head!", Jo retorts.

"I'll do it.", Dakota says.

"We need to think of a plan to save Lindsay before the Mutant Maggots do...", Dawn says.

As Dakota put makeup on Jo, your team tried to think of a plan.

"I don't think we have a choice...", you say.

"What do you mean?", Brick asks.

"We have to climb the scaffolding.", you reply. You and the rest of your team behind you follow you up.

"Use a combo for this level of the scaffolding!", Sam says, as the barrels come down.

"Whaaat?", you shout.

"Up Up Down Left Up Down Down Down Up!", Sam says.

"What does that mean?!", Dawn asks. You think you realized what it means....

"It's video game speak! It means..."

A: Jump, Climb, Duck, Run, Jump, Climb Down, Duck, Duck, Jump

B: Jump, Jump, Duck, Run, Climb, Duck, Duck, Cimb Down, Jump

C: Jump, Jump, Duck, Run, Jump, Duck, Duck, Duck, Jump

D: Climb, Jump, Climb down, Run, Jump, Duck, Climb Down, Climb Down, Jump

Three barrels come your way!

Jump, Jump!

But, one barrel is going to hit your head!



Five more barrels coming your way!


Duck! Duck! Duck!


You made it to the end of the scaffolding.

"Lindsay, come on!", you shout, almost reaching Sasquatchanakwa."

"The world just isn't READY for your kind of beauty, Sasquatchiwaka!", Lindsay says. Sasquatchanakwa sighs.

"Ohhh Yeti!", Jo says seductively. She a GIRL.


CO: Great, so Jo chooses NOW to look like a pretty girl?!

-end confessional-

"I told you I'm a miracle worker!", Dakota says angrily.

"Yes, you are Princess!", Jo says.

"You have to act like a lady to fit the look.", Zoey says.

"Fine. Oh dear Zoey, let us rescue Lindsiot from the beast.", Jo says.

"Uh...sure.", Zoey replies.

"Come and get some!", Jo says, and starts twerking.

Sasquatchanakwa roars, grabs Lindsay and chases after Jo.

What do you do?

A: Quickly grab Lindsay

B: Chase after Sasquatchanakwa

C: Let him chase Jo with Lindsay

"Lindsay, grab my hand!", you say. Lindsay reaches out, but Sasquatchanakwa throws Lindsay down, and grabs you instead!

Then, he climbs even HIGHER in the scaffolding!

"!", you say, hitting Sasquatchanakwa's arms repeatedly, to no effect.

"We have to rescue Lindsay!", Dawn shouts. Lindsay fell down the scaffolding, screaming, and Jo catches her.

"Wow, thank you! You're so strong, like my boyfr-Oh, you're a girl.", Lindsay says.

"People can tell now.", Dakota says. 

"That beast won't take CO and get away with it!", Brick says. B tries to stop Brick, but Dawn holds him back.

"No. He does this action out of love.", Dawn explains. B gently pulls back, as Brick zooms ahead, charging toward Sasquatchanakwa.

"Brick! Stop!", you say, not wanting Brick to get hurt. Brick charges ahead, and slams into Sasquatchanakwa, sending him off the scaffolding, with Brick snatching you by your arm at the last second.

"I' glad you're okay.", Brick says. You can feel yourself blushing a little.

"Thanks for saving me, Brick...B-But, we lost...", you say.

"It doesn't matter. You're the only trophy I need.", Brick says.

"As a twenty-first century woman, I oppose that, but as a girl...aww!", you say.

"The Mutant Maggots win! Good job for rescuing Lindsay!", Chris says as he pulls Lindsay up on his helicopter. Chef provides canoes for all of you, and on the ride back, who are you rowing with?

A: Anne Maria

B: B

C: Brick

D: Dawn

E: Dakota

F: Jo

G: Mike

H: Zoey

"B, let's go into a canoe together.", Dawn says. B smiles and nods, and they head off together.

"Come on, Actor Boy!", Jo says, pulling Mike away from Zoey, who he was about to go with.

"Zoey, need a partner?", Brick asks.

"Aren't you already going with Anne Maria?", Zoey asks.

"Pfft, let's face it, with this manicure, I ain't doing any rowing.", Anne Maria says. Brick, Zoey and Anne Maria go together.

"That leaves us.", Dakota says, and you were going to go with her anyway. You two jump into the canoe and row.

"Oh, you should row, um, my arms are tired.", Dakota says.

"The canoe requires two people, or it'll take forever to get back to camp.", you say.

"Oh...can we rest for a few minutes?", Dakota asks, fiddling with the paddle.

"Is something wrong?", you ask.

"No, let's go.", Dakota says. You begin rowing, and Dakota flails the paddle around.

"Dakota, stop that.", you say, wiping off the water that was spraying onto your face.

"S-Sorry.", she says.

"Wait, I get can't row!", you say, figuring it out.

"Pfft! No! .....Yes.", she replies.

"It's really easy.", you say, showing her how to row.

"Thanks, Charlotte. I'm just...not used to work.", Dakota says.

"I assumed that.", you say.

"What's that supposed to mean?", she asks.

"Nothing, it's just that a lot of rich girls have life handed to them on a silver platter."

"Wow, that's rude. I didn't think you were so shallow, CO."

"I'm not. It's a long story, and one I'd rather not repeat."

"Tell me!"

"Fine, if you insist, Dakota. It's just this girl at school who gets EVERYTHING because 'daddy' gets it for her.", you explain.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, she's got friends and popularity just because she's not afraid to throw around a few bills. Like I can afford to do that. She was Prom Queen, and no shock at all, her boyfriend Prom King. The ONLY thing I had on her last year was being President.", you explain.

"Well, think of it this way, which one of you is gonna have an easier time getting into college?", Dakota asks.

"Oh, she definitely will. Her DAD OWNS a university.", you say, annoyed at the girl in question.

"Oh...I'm sorry, Charlotte, for being so quick to judge.", Dakota says. You sigh.

"It's not your fault. By the way, what did you DO to Jo? She looks like a real girl now instead of...wrestler...", you say.

"It's amazing what can happen when a girl WANTS to look pretty.", Dakota says.

"You mean...Jo?! Actually WANTS to look pretty? OUR Jo?", you ask.

"Yes! It's amazing! But, like, don't tell anyone. She says if word gets out, she'll lose her iron grip on the team.", Dakota says.

"I think she's right. But your secret's safe with me.", you say.

"By the way...I don't think our prank worked.", you say.

"Why not?"

"Because...look.", you say, pointing to Chris, who came out of his personal shower.

"Huh? Why didn't it work??", Dakota asks.

"I have no idea.", you say.

"I know. He wears a WIG! Of course he doesn't use shampoo.", Dakota says.

"Then why would he keep shampoo in his bathroom?", you ask.

"Maybe it's for show? Not everyone knows he wears a wig.", Dakota says.

"Oh...then which prank should we use?", you ask.

"I don't know. You're the prankster here.", Dakota asks.

  • Plan A
  • Summary: Convince Chris that his mother is hurt and he needs to get to her immediately.
  • Process: For this, they'll need to steal Chris's cell phone.
  • Plan B
  • Summary: Make Chris drive to the nearest city
  • Process: Steal his wig

"Hmm, let's go with Plan B.", you say.

"Alright, but stealing his wig is gonna be tough...", Dakota says. You two arrive on the island, and it begins to drizzle.

"I love the rain!", Dakota says happily.

"Me too!", Sam says.

"Really? Do you like playing outside when it rains too?", Dakota asks.

"Um, no. More like playing Mario Kart inside.", Sam says.

"Oh...", Dakota says.

"Dakota, we don't have much time.", you say.

"Right. Sorry Sam, we can meet up in a bit.", Dakota says.

"Oh...ok...b-bye...", Sam says sadly.

"SAAAAAM! I need someone to massage my feet while I tan!", Chris shouts.

"Aw, again? It's the sixth time today...", Sam sighs.

"Hey, I didn't hire you to complain! I get enough of that from the contestants!", Chris exclaims. You could see Dakota extremely sad; and you had to admit, you felt sorry for Sam.

"Sam, Charlotte and I are about to do something...DON'T make a noise pleaseeee!", Dakota says. Sam looks nervous.

"Okay then...", he replies.

You sneak up behind Chris with Dakota, and you snatch his wig slowly!

You both run away, giggling, and stuff the wig in Dakota's suitcase.

"It's so oily...", you say.

"I know, he must have done something wrong today with his hair.", Dakota says.

"Yeah. Anyway, see you later Dakota. I hope Sam is okay...", you say.

"Me too...I can't stand the thought of Sam getting hurt.", Dakota says.


CO: And now it's time to look for that Idol! But...I just can't get Sam out of my head.

-end confessional-

Where do you search for the Idol? Pick TWO places to search.

Beach and Under the Docks

(Hmm, it could be somewhere around the Dock of Shame area...)

You decide to head to the Dock of Shame first, as the rain continued. It was cold, and it hit you like icicles. You slowly dipped yourself into the water, shivering. You move your hair out of your eyes.

You open your eyes, looking around the water. You pick up some rocks and shuffle them around, not finding anything. You search the bottom of the dock; nothing.

You decide to head over to the beach. You dig around for half an hour; not a thing. The rain got heavier, so every time you dug up some sand, the rain covered it up.

You were completely wet, and you decided it was time to go back – it obviously wasn't in the beach. The rain got heavier, and you heard thunder.

Scared, you hurried back to the Rats' girl cabin to dry off.

You ran toward the cabins, constantly wiping raindrops off of your face. You keep running, and feel cold, as the raindrops get faster and harder, slamming into you.

You fall into a pool of mud, and only your face isn't covered in mud. You look up, and see someone giving you their hand.

You take their hand, and see it's Brick holding an umbrella.

"Hey, clumsy...", Brick says.

"Thanks for helping me...again.", you say.

"Nice role switch, isn't it?", Brick asks.

"Don't get used to it.", you say playfully. Then, you feel another shiver.

"We should get you inside before you get a cold.", Brick says, holding his umbrella over your head. And then...Brick kisses you.

"Time to go vote for someone...", Brick says. When you arrive at the Campfire Ceremony, you see the Mutant Maggots were there too.

"Charlotte, why do you smell so rank?", Chris asks. Chris was wearing a large hat covering his head.

"It's just mud...", you say.

"Well, you stink. Go take a shower, geez.", Chris says.

Who do you vote for? (Note: From now on, if you don't provide a legitimate reason for your vote, it will NOT be counted)

A: Brick

B: B (Trixie used her veto)

C: Dawn

"CO, for being the biggest help to your team this time, you are safe.", Chris says. You'd be happy, but one of your friends are going home.

"Dawn, you are also safe. Brick and's down to you two.", Chris says.

"W-Why me? I always help the team.", B says.

"I don't know. But the final marshmallow goes to...", Chris says.



















"Brick.", Chris says, tossing the final marshmallow to Brick, and the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom to B. B dodges it.

"Sorry dude, but you're out.", Chris says. B sighs, and heads to the Hurl of Shame sadly.

"Goodbye B, I'll miss you...", you say.

"Then...why did you vote for him?", Chris asks. You glare at Chris, and slap off his stupid hat, revealing his bald head. B turns around and laughs.

"Ugh!", Chris says, fleeing. Chef arrives.

"Any last words, Bev?", Chef asks.

"Thank you, everyone, for becoming my friends. I am usually very shy but I feel better around you all. Goodbye.", he says.

"You were a loyal member of our team, cadet.", Brick says to B with a salute. B takes the Hurl of Shame. Chef begins to sign off.

"Wait, one more thing.", Chef says.

"What NOW?!", you ask.

"I need the strongest member of each team. Who's it gonna be?", Chef asks. Brick and Dawn look at you.

Respond to Chef?

A: Yes

B: No

"No one? FINE. You there, soldier boy!", Chef says. Brick salutes Chef.

"Yes, sir?", Brick asks.

"You're going on the Maggots team.", Chef says. You, Dawn and Brick gasp.

"N-No! Not now!", you say. Brick...your enemy?! How could this be?!

"As for the Maggots...any volunteers?", Chef asks.

"I", Jo says, before Dakota panics and takes out a pocket mirror, shoving it in Jo's face. Jo stares at her own reflection.

"Quiet, Man-Girl! I'm the toughest girl on this team.", Anne Maria says.

"Great, you're on the Rats.", Chef says. Anne Maria sits down where Brick was sitting and starts filing her nails.

"Can the Toxic Rats ever stop being such losers?", Chef asks, getting a sigh from your team, "Will Sam and the other interns celebrate now that Chris is gone? Find out next time on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!", Chef finishes, putting on a party hat.

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