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Aftermath II: The B-reak of Dawn

This Aftermath features not one, not two, not three but FOUR smashing Aftermath guests. All these campers have played a major role in the story so far, but as usual, not all of them could make it this far. Watch them dish it out and talk about their time on the show on the newest Aftermath show.

Grand Chef Auto

"Hey! Chris McLean here, on another episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! Our Final 6 have put up with dangerous, life-threatening challenges, crappy (and sometimes mutated) camp food, radioactive danger, mutated animals, and worst of all – each other! But no one is closer to the million than these six. I wouldn't want to be you:

  • "Lightning...
  • ...Sam...
  • ...Scott...
  • ...Staci...
  • ...Cameron...
  • ...B...
  • ...Dakota...
  • ...and Dawn!"

"This is our final six...", Chris continues.

"...And soon, six will become five, as those solid five competitors inch closer and closer to the epic finale. Who will not be there? Find out right now on TOTAL...DRAMA...REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!", Chris says.

You wake up and see Anne Maria. She's got her spray tan back on.

"I see you're back to your old look, Annie.", you say.

"I bet you missed it.", she replies.

You were still mad at Anne Maria. In the last Campfire Ceremony, she got Dawn voted off. Oh, how you missed Dawn.


CO: Oh, Dawn. If you're watching, I miss you so much! But you probably knew that already.

-end confessional-

You need to get on Anne Maria's good side, and the best way to do that is to talk about things she likes. What do you talk to her about?

You guys gave a bunch of options, so pick three from the selection below.

A: The game

B: Fashion

C: Her hair

D: Life before the show

E: Why she uses so much hairspray

F: Vito

"So, Anne Maria."

"What's up?", Anne Maria asks, while styling her hair.

"What do you think of the competition, as of right now?", you ask.

"Uh, it sucks. I haven't gotten a spa day in weeks, hon.", she replies.

"What about who's left?", you ask. This should help you gain some info...

"Mike, Zoey, Brick and Jo?", Anne Maria asks.

"Sure.", you say.

"Okay...but you first. Start with...Jo.", Anne Maria says.

(Oh man, I gotta choose my words carefully here...)

What do you say about Jo?

"She's a strong competitor"

"You think so?", she asks.


"Meh, I took take her down, if I wanted to.", she says.

"Why don't you?", you ask.

"I'd break a nail, duh!", Anne Maria explains.

"Right, we ladies have to look after ourselves in a place like this...", you say, rolling your eyes in your head.

"And Jo is way tougher than that other girl, but even Jo's got some sorta soft side to her. What's Zoey's deal anyway? And that boy who crushes on every lady 'cept you? Mike?", Anne Maria asks.

What do you tell Anne Maria about Mike and Zoey?

"Mike and Zoey have a thing for each other, but they both have a bit of trouble expressing their feelings for each other. Mainly Mike, who seems to act like a bunch of different people for some reason."

"Mike...and ZOEY? No way, hon. Mike, or should I say Vito, is into me! Zoey's just a schmuck who's trying to get her hands on my man.", Anne Maria says. Her stupidity and entitlement was enraging you.

"Vito doesn't exist, Anne Maria! He's one of Mike's characters! We've been over this, Anne Maria!", you snap.

(A.N.: Big thanks to my good friend Jack for helping me out with this update)

"What do mean "character"? Vito can't keep his hands offa me.", Anne Maria insists.

"And what about the mines, where he hit on Jo?", you retort.

"What are you tryin to do, wreck our relationship? Well, I ain't having it!", Anne Maria snaps. You take a few deep breaths.


CO: If I need to make Anne Maria my ally, I'm gonna have to ignore her blatant stupidity and just...

-end confessional-

"Look, let's not argue about this, I'm not even into Mi- er, Vito. Let's just move on, sound good?", you say.

"You know what, yeah, let's just move on.", Anne Maria says, rather...quickly...

(Wow, that was easier than I thought...too easy.)

"Anyway, enough about Vito. How about the man you've had eyes for?"

"Excuse me?"

"I mean that cadet, Brick. I saw how you look at him, what do you think about that guy?"

A: Take an honest route – Talk about Brick lovingly

B: Take a strategic route – Talk about Brick as a competitor

C: Take no risks – Give no notable opinion on Brick

D: Or, if you have a better idea – Custom

"Oh, Brick! I love that guy so much. He's such a sweetheart. Not to mention he saved Zoey and Mike's lives!", you gush.

"Uh huh...what else...", Anne Maria asks, uncaring.

"Oh, I could talk about Brick all day.", you continue.

"Do you think he has a shot at winning the game?", she asks.

A: Yes

B: No

C: Maybe

What should your sign be during the challenge?

1: Star

2: Heart

3: Custom

What should your paint color be during the challenge?

T: Blue

U: Aquamarine

V: Dark Purple

W: Yellow

X: Steak Sauce

Y: Cyan

Z: Pink

"Oh yeah, Brick's totally got a shot at winning this!", you gush.

"Yeah, yeah, that's nice cupcake.", Anne Maria says, getting bored of the topic at hand.

(Next topic...)

"Your hair looks fantastic today! ...As always, of course! Question: How do you get it like that?", you ask, buttering her up. Anne Maria blushes and pets her hair a little.

"Just a little skill, honey. I've spent four years perfecting my hair! It look me three months to find the perfect spray, too!", Anne Maria says, shaking a can of hair spray.

"Wow, you do all that work just to impress guys?", you ask, wonder how anyone could possibly subject themselves to that. Anne Maria suddenly looks offended.

"Excuse me? I do this for MYSELF! As if I care how boys think I look!", Anne Maria says.

(Wow, so we're not that different after all...)

"But isn't it wrong to like guys for their looks and not expect the same?", you ask, getting the ball rolling on a conversation.

"I don't. Why does everyone think I prefer surface over substance?", Anne Maria asks.

(She has a point, she prefers Vito over Mike even though they look exactly the same)

"Maybe because you freaked out when your spray tan wore off?", you retort.

"I just like looking beautiful for myself. If I'm not beautiful, there's not much left, y'know?", she says.

"Anne Maria, that's not true! You're so much more than your looks. After today I can safely say that.", you say, smiling at Anne Maria.

"Thanks, doll. You ain't so bad yourself.", she says, and gets to work on her hair.

"So, you like Vito for his tough personality?", you ask.

"Yeah! I wouldn't expect you to understand though, seeing your taste in guys.", Anne Maria says.

"True, Brick and Vito are miles apart personality-wise.", you say.


CO: It's so sad...Anne Maria can never be with Vito. I hope she finds someone just like Vito for her.

-end confessional-

"Breakfast time, SUCKERS", Chef announces through the megaphone.

"Weird, I wonder where Chris is...", you comment. You and Anne Maria head to the Mess Hall.

"Hey Charlotte, you wanna hang out after breakfast?", Zoey asks.

"No way, I want Char to hang out with me!", Mike says.

"Calm down you two, CO obviously wants to sit with me. We are the two toughest campers remaining.", Jo says.

"She's MY girlfriend! I don't know why we're arguing but I felt the need to clarify that!", Brick says.

"Alright, move it.", Anne Maria says, pulling you ahead.

"What was that, Anne Maria?", you ask.

"Don't let them put you on the spot like that.", Anne Maria says. You think for a while.

Who do you sit with?

A: Jo

B: Mike

C: Zoey

"Uh...I'll just go sit with Mike.", you say.

"Come on, Bland One.", Jo says.

"I told you stop calling me that...", Zoey says.

"No, you said stop calling you "Boring One". This is completely different.", Jo retorts.

What do you talk to Mike about?

A: Anne Maria

B: Brick

C: Jo

D: Zoey

E: Sit in silence

"Jo, can't you just leave me alone?", Zoey asks.

"I would, but it's too much fun to bother you.", Jo says.

"C-Come on, CO.", Mike says. You go ahead and sit with Mike. Jo sits with Zoey, and Anne Maria sits with Brick, conversing with him. Zoey sits in silence, ignoring Jo. Eventually, Jo gets bored of bothering Zoey and leaves her alone.

"Good morning, campers. I have a special surprise for you after your meal. Meet me by the cabins.", Chris says, and leaves. Chef arrives, with a vat of mashed potatoes.

"Breakfast time, suckers!", Chef says, dumping giant loads of mashed potatoes on your trays.

"Mashed potatoes for breakfast...?", Zoey asks.

"Better than the slop he usually gives us.", you say. Chef glares at you, and empties the entire vat on your tray. You stare at the huge pile of mashed potatoes in front of you, taller than you.

"So, have you been?", Mike asks.

"Fine. You?", you ask.

"Not great, but is anyone?", he says.

"What was that whole scene with you, Zoey and Jo?", you ask.

"Uh, I don't know what they want but I do want to tell you something.", Mike says.

"Sure, go ahead.", you say.

"I, umm...I'm really glad you gave me a chance and helped set things up between Zoey and me. Really cool of you.", he says.

"No problem! Why haven't you made any more moves on her?", you ask. Mike hasn't been doing much for Zoey lately, which seems weird.

"I...I'm afraid.", Mike says.

"Why? She's not a shallow person, I personally guarantee you that.", you say.

"I know, Zoey is...amazing.", Mike says.


CO: Well, I wouldn't call Zoey "amazing", so it seems Mike really likes her. It's pretty cute, actually.

-end confessional-

"Then why can't you do something about it? Make it more than a crush, Mike.", you say.

"Charlotte, I can''s just...issues.", Mike replies.

"I guess that's your decision. I push people on a lot of things, but romance isn't one of them. I know Zoey likes you too, by the way, if that's what you're afraid of.", you say. Mike lights up a little, but not as much you expected.

"I......I know. But I just can't ask her out or get too close to her. Every time I do, I always hurt them. I can't....I can't hurt Zoey. She's special, and she's already been hurt so much.", Mike says.

" really like her.", you say. Mike nods.

"I do!!", Mike says.

"And, you can't tell me what the problem is?", you ask. Mike shakes his head.

"Not an option. This is depressing...can we talk about something else? What's with you and Anne Maria? Last I saw, you two were at each other's throats.", he says.

"For the record, I only voted for her because it was either her or Dawn. Dawn was so robbed, by the way, gotta say that.", you clarify.

"Yeah, she was a sweetheart.", Mike agrees. You could tell he liked her, but something about the way he acted when Dawn was brought up As if he was relieved that Dawn is gone. What could that be?

"I did talk to Anne Maria this morning before breakfast. She's actually a very sweet person when you get to know her.", you say.

"Yeah, I wouldn't know.", you say.

"What are you talking about? You've talked to her a lot. Flirted with her, in fact...", you say, starting to get a bit mad at Mike again for leading Zoey on. Mike acts as if he suddenly remembered something.

"Oh! Right! Of course, yes, that's all an act. Heh, you know how we actors are.", Mike says.


CO: He'! What's going on here??

-end confessional-

"Mike, what do YOU think of Anne Maria? Not "Vito" or whoever your character is.", you ask.

"She's alright, but...", Mike says, but is cut off by Anne Maria.

"You're just "alright" too. I see VITO was all an act!", she says angrily, and slaps Mike for playing her.

"You don't understand!", Mike protests.

"Understand WHAT, honey?", Anne Maria says, steaming.

"N-Nothing...I deserved that...", Mike says.

"For sure. You're on thin ice not just with Zoey but with every girl. I can't wait to see you flirt with CO.", Anne Maria says harshly.

"Worry not.", Mike says. You were a tiny bit offended, but also relieved.

"Hurry up and EAT!", Chef says. You take a spoon and dig into the mashed potatoes; they actually weren't bad.

"Huh? We're being treated nicely AND there's a surprise in store? What's going on?", you ask.

"You'll see. NOW SHUT UP!", Chef shouts. The mashed potatoes start shaking...and come right down on you. Gross! You shake it off and find Zoey, since she wanted to talk to you after breakfast.

"CO...would you be interested in making an alliance?", Zoey asks.


CO: Huh? Really? Who asks for an alliance like that...?

-end confessional-

How do you respond?


"Wow! Really?? I'm so glad!", Zoey says, extremely relieved. She sniffs the air.

"Do you smell...mashed potatoes? Like the breakfast?", she asks.

"Yeah, the whole pile fell on me. I managed to get most of it off, but as you can see it didn't work out too well when I tried to get the smell off.", you reply.

"Oh...ew. We should get you cleaned up. You got a change of clothes?", Zoey says.

"Nope, they're all dirty. Either way, we have to go to the cabins for Chris's big news.", you say.

"What do you think he's gonna tell us?", she asks.

"Not sure...I haven't watched this show that much.", you say.

"Really? Which one seasons have you seen?", she asks.

"Umm...I saw season one, but my favorite season is Total Drama World Tour.", you say.

"That's a great one! My favorite is Total Drama Action – I totally relate to Beth. I've seen this show, like, so many times though. I'm guessing one of the campers are returning, like season one, the teams are merging, or there's some big new challenge that's really deadly.", Zoey guesses.

"Those sound likely. Let's see. Anyway, what do you need an alliance for?", you ask.

"For getting farther in the game, of course. What do you think of voting off Jo in tonight's Campfire Ceremony?", Zoey asks.

"Definitely. She needs to go already. She's a huge threat, and she had DAKOTA voted off.", you say.


CO: No one knows that I'm the reason Dakota is gone...and they don't need to find out anytime soon.

-end confessional-

"True, true. Then it's settled. We vote Jo off.", Zoey says. Fortunately, Jo was far ahead enough not to hear. She had probably reached the cabins already.

"By the way...weren't you able to match up to Jo's speed before?", Zoey asks.

"This island's kinda taken a toll on me. I'm not used to pushing my limits like Jo is. Crappy food, crappy beds...kinda gets to you eventually.", you say.

"I know what you mean. Although the beds and food aren't what's getting to me.", Zoey says, quickly glancing at Jo, then at Anne Maria.

"Anne Maria's not so bad. Can't say the same for Jo...she's a manipulative, athletic bi-", you say, but are cut off by Chris when you arrive at the cabins.

"Welcome, campers! It's been a hard 4 weeks for you guys so far; but you did make it to the Final Six, so be proud! You've survived one of the toughest Total Drama seasons to date.", Chris says.

"Woohoo! We ARE the best.", Anne Maria says.

"Good job, everyone.", Brick says.

"Fortunately for CO and Anne Maria, the teams are now...merged!", Chris announces. Everyone cheers – no more teams!

"Wow, you were right Zoey!", you say.

"I know my Total Drama!", Zoey says, with a smile.


CO: Finally! Now NO ONE can get in my way as I make my way to that cool million dollars.

-end confessional-


Jo: Now to show them who's REALLY in charge around here.

-end confessional-


Zoey: I never thought I'd make it to the Total Drama merge! Now that I'm's time to win. Uh...if I can.

-end confessional-


Mike: Alright! The merge! And my Multiple Personality Disorder hasn't completely ruined things for me! I can get the girl AND the money! Sweet!"

-end confessional-


*Anne Maria applies hairspray*

Anne Maria: I'm sure that I'm the favorite to win. I mean, look at me! I've got more style than all the other campers combined. Especially Brick. Military look is so 2001.

-end confessional-


Brick: Private Brick McArthur has made the merge. Father...if you're watching, I hope you're proud of me.

*Brick salutes and sniffs, but has a proud smile on his face.*

-end confessional-

"For your first challenge as the merged contestants, you'll be...riding Go-Karts!", Chris says. Another cheer.

"I love Go-Karts! I build them with my dad ALL the time! Then he'd pretend to be a burglar, and I'd catch him. He'd tell me what a great job I did as Officer Jo.", Jo says, with an almost...innocent tone.

"That's nice Jo. Not really. First, you need to go into Chef's kitchen and find one of six keys to the go-karts.", Chris says.

"Hey Chris man...they gon' wreck my kitchen.", Chef says.

"Relax, dude. You can just clean it up afterwards! I got you a gift.", Chris says, and gives Chef a mop.

"This is from my kitchen.", Chef says, annoyed.

"Never said it was new.", Chris says.

"I hate mah life.", Chef says.

"And what would a challenge in this season be without one of the classic competitors from last season? Chef, bring him in.", Chris says. Chef wheels someone who's tied up on a dolly. You get a closer's Duncan!

"Oh my gosh!!! It's DUNCAN!! I've ALWAYS wanted to meet you!", Zoey gushes.

"Dude, you're like, the coolest Total Drama contestant ever!", Mike says.

"Ugh, why am I here, McLean?", Duncan asks.

"Contract.", Chris simply replies.

"This is so lame. Let me OUT already. You're treating me like a crim-.....oh.", Duncan says.

"Yeah, don't think you'll get off that easy. Duncan here is going to demonstrate the challenge for us!", Chris says.

"Ha! After what you did to OC, the screech twins, Lindsay, Zeke and Gwen, forget it! I'm OUT!", Duncan says.

"Okay, Lindsay's kidnapping was totally not my fault! Sasquatchanakwa was in a BAD mood that day. And Gwen's only started off as a prank.", Chris says.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Save it for your mother, who I know you call everyday.", Duncan says. You all start laughing. Chris narrows his eyes at Duncan.

"Let him out already, Chef. Let's just get this over with.", Chris says. Chef unties Duncan.

"Woohoo! Later, LOSERS!", Duncan says, and runs off into the forest.

"Huh. Should've seen that coming.", Chris says.

"It's Duncan, what did you expect?", Chef adds.

"...True. Anyway, GO!", Chris says. You all dash back to the Mess Hall, and begin looking for the key.

Where do you search first?

A: In the trash

B: In the cabinets

C: Under the counter

D: In a potato sack

E: A jar

"Hey, red! Come here!", Anne Maria says.

"I have a name, you know.", Zoey says.

"Alright. Look in this trash bag for me.", Anne Maria says.

"What?? No way!", Zoey says.

"Fine, I thought we could be friends but I guess not.", Anne Maria says.

"Alright, alright...", Zoey says, and stick her hand inside the trash bag.

"Ow! Ow! Owwww!!", Zoey says, as a raccoon scratches her hand, clinging onto it. Zoey hits the raccoon against the wall, as Anne Maria reaches inside the bag and snatches the key.

"Ha! Got it!", Anne Maria says.

"Hey...that should be mine!", Zoey says.

"Ya snooze, ya lose sista", Anne Maria replies. Zoey slams the raccoon against the counter one last time, breaking it and helping her find a key under it.

"Oh, cool!", Zoey says.

"Come on, I don't have time for this!", Jo says, pulling open cabinets.

"I'll work to my strengths...", she says, and rips out cabinet doors, exposing each to have some nasty food in it, a rat or...a key!

"Ha! Finally found one!", Jo exclaims.

"Hmm...where could the key be...?", Brick wonders.

"Alright, just gotta find a key...", Mike mutters to himself. He and Brick eye a jar at the same time – and they know it's a race to who can get to it first. Jo smirks evilly.

Mike and Brick dash to the jar, knowing there's a key in there. Jo, being closer to Brick, trips him!

"Agh! Not the time, Jo!", Brick says.

"Sorry, Polame Cadet!", Jo retorts. You decide to tell Jo off.

"Hey, what was that for, huh? Why are you picking on Brick?", you say confidently.

"Because, Charlotte, he's a threat. Or at least more than MIKE. As if Noodle Arms could win anything on his own.", Jo says.

"Wow, Jo. Your plan worked out so well.", you smirk, glancing proudly at your boyfriend, who was holding a golden key.

"W-Well! I", Jo mumbles, trying to justify her actions.

"And what's this...?", you ask, stepping on something hard. You reach into the potato sack you stepped on...and find a key! You swing it in front of Jo's face.

"Stop that!", Jo says, trying to snatch your key. You pull it away before she can take it.

"Alright campers, you have your keys. Time to rev 'em up!", Chris says. He leads you all to where Chef has parked all his go-karts; a pretty impressive collection.

"Wow! These are pretty nice, Chef.", Jo says. Chef mumbles something angrily back at her.

"This is why I don't pay people compliments. That, and I'm better than everyone else.", Jo says.

"He's not referring to you, Jo. Still grumpy, Chef?", Chris asks.

"They destroyed my entire kitchen!", Chef says.

"Anyway...welcome to Grand Chef Auto! You've each been given a can of spray paint and a GPS – you have to drive around the island and mark the "landmarks" that have been programmed into your GPS. They are the Rock Wall of Mt. Looming Disaster, the spooky tree in the haunted forest, and the tippy-top of a giant totem pole.", Chris explains.

"That sounds kinda fun actually.", Brick says.

"Here's where it gets fun. You have to steal your go-karts...from Chef!", Chris exclaims proudly. You all glance at a furious Chef. Zoey gulps.

"The camper who tags all three landmarks first wins immunity...AND they choose who will be eliminated tonight.


CO: I have got to win today's challenge!

-end confessional-

"Aaaaand....GO!", Chris says. Chef glares at you all.

"Ooh, Chef's gonna stare us to death. Big deal.", Jo snarks.

"Nobody touches my stuff. Nobody.", Chef says. He snaps his fingers...and mutant laser squirrels come out!

Everyone begins to dash around madly in fear...what are you doing?

A: Hiding until they go away or find a new target

B: Running around with them to avoid the lasers

C: Flirting with Brick

D: Grabbing a go-kart before anyone else

(Okay, the best option right now is to escape and HIDE!)

You run away from the go-karts, into a big pile of tires. Your heart pumping, you duck to avoid being seen and untie your hair. Your hair was pretty long; you never noticed. You take in all the chaos around you, and duck into the tires further. You heard the lasers zapping everyone and everything – except you.

You think you're safe until Chef finds you.

"Game over! You're coming with me, maggot!", Chef says, quickly looking around to see if Dawn was there to correct him.

"No! Let me GO!", you shout, kicking Chef's stomach.

"Get her, squirrels!", Chef shouts. The mutant squirrels dash toward you, and tackle you, biting you all over.

"OH MY GOSH WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?", you shout.

"You got covered in mashed potatoes at breakfast, genius!", Jo exclaims. Oh wanted to facepalm, if the squirrels weren't biting at your hands.

"Svetlana to the rescue!", Mike shouts, swiftly sweeping away the squirrels.

"Wow, thanks Mike!", you say.

"I am not Mike! I am the athlete, Svetlana! Who are you, beautiful woman?", Mike asks. You blush.

"Uhh, I'm Charlotte.", you say.

"Oh my...Svetlana becomes flustered around you!", Mike continues, blushing.

"Okay...?", you say.


CO: Umm...what...? Does Mike have a crush on ME now?

-end confessional-

"Get away from her beautiful face!", Mike shouts, slapping away the squirrels.

"Are you KIDDING me? Really, MIKE?", Zoey shouts.

"Huh? What's....CO...what's going on?", Mike asks.

"You just rescued me from squirrels while calling yourself "Svetlana". And you were really, heh, charming, too.", you say.

"I, umm....ohhh right, of course. Heh.", Mike says, running toward a go-kart. You quickly search for the go-kart that matches your key.


"Ah! Let me go!", Brick says.

"No way! You're done, son!", Chef says, throwing Brick into the jail cell.

"You too, Annie!", Chef says, capturing Anne Maria, who was also searching for the right kart.

"Not today, Cheffy!", she says, spraying Chef with hairspray. Chef begins to cough, and Anne Maria escapes.

"Nobody touches my stuff, and NOBODY sprays me with cheap hairspray!", Chef shouts.

"Why? Cause it reminds you that you got no hair?!", Anne Maria says.

"Ooh, shady AF.", you say, laughing and getting into your kart. Chef manages to catch Anne Maria.

"I'm gonna break out!", Brick says.

"Take it up with your prison guard!", Chef says, pointing at Fang, who growls at the two.

(Aww...poor Brick. I can save him, but that would mean saving Anne Maria too...)

You take a look at your GPS. The two closest locations are the big rock and the spooky forest tree.


The three landmarks: The big rock, the spooky forest tree, and the totem pole.

What do you do?

A: Continue onward

B: Break out Brick and Anne Maria

"Okay, I can't just leave Brick and Anne Maria there.", you say. You swerve your go-kart around to them.

Think of the best possible plan to rescue Brick and Anne Maria!

Here's the situation:

  • You're in a go-kart, and Jo is in the lead.
  • Brick and Anne Maria are imprisoned and you need to rescue them. (Mostly Brick)
  • Fang is guarding the prison and is chained to a post there.
  • Your go-kart is the second best one.

So, we have a grappling hook and a decently fast kart. Our friends are trapped behind an iron fence, and there's a shark guarding them.

Not sure if this will work, but here's my idea. We throw the grappling hook at the bars, and attach the other end to our kart. Then we slam on the pedal to open the bars. Hopefully, they'll run out before Chef or Fang can catch them.

Suggested by: Jack

(I'm probably going to regret this, but here goes nothing...)

You take out your grappling hook – you usually had it with you at all times – and pull the trigger towards the bars.

"ANNE MARIA! BRICK! HURRY!", you shout, hoping they hear you over the sound of mutant squirrels and revving go-kart engines. You slam the gas on your go-kart, going as fast as you can. You hear the bars slamming open, making a smashing sound, and then Anne Maria and Brick cheering. However, the bars hit Fang's chain, and set him free!

Fang starts chasing after you, as you start screaming and trying to get away.

"Not so fast, bignose!", Anne Maria shouts, and gives Fang a face full of hairspray. As Brick gets into his car, Fang starts coughing and then sits on the back of Brick's go-kart.

"Don't worry Charlotte, I'm coming! We can do the challenge together!", Brick says. Gulp.

"Uhh, no thanks!!", you say. Fang was glaring at you. Brick starts his go-kart up, and it's the golden one.

"Aw, man! I got slow one.", Brick says. Fang taps his shoulder.

"Oh, Fang. Not now.", Brick says, and goes back to trying to figure out how to make the go-kart move. He looks down, and sees that there are no wheels!

"Huh?! So much for a fast car!", Brick says. Fang gets off, annoyed. You glance at Brick.

Give Brick a tow?

A: Yes, he's your boyfriend

B: No, you're already behind

(Okay, I'm already behind, but at the same time I don't want Brick to lose too...)

You back up quickly, and attach the rope to the kart.

Fang rushes at you, super fast.

(He's NEVER ran that fast before!!)

"AAH! Get away from me, you glorified goldfish!", you shout, shielding your face.

"Woah, woah, woah boy! Settle down!", Brick says. Fang looks at Brick. He covers one side of his face with his hand, and whispers to Fang.

"She's my girlfriend, so maybe you could let it go this one time?", you ask. Fang snarls a bit, but backs off.

"'ve got some serious connections, Brick.", you say, tying the rope to Brick's dud kart.

"Oh, well, heh, thanks.", he replies.


CO: If I don't win the money, I hope Brick does. Heck, sometimes I feel like he deserves the money more than me, or anyone here really. I bet his dad would be so proud of him if he won.

*CO smiles to herself*

-end confessional-

"Okay, we need to decide which direction to go in. Mt. Looming Tragedy is closer, but that means everyone else is heading over there too. However, the forest in the tree has the second longest path, but it'll probably be empty.", you say.

"You're so smart, Charlotte.", Brick says, smiling. You feel yourself blushing, but you hold it down so you can focus on the challenge.

"Thank you, Brick. What path do you think we should take?", you ask.

"I'm sorry, I just don't know...I'm conflicted.", Brick says.

(I guess it's up to me then...)


Only users with a Total Drama character as their icon can vote!

A: The big rock near Mt. Looming Tragedy

B: The spooky tree in the forest

"Okay, I think we should just go to the big rock near Mount Looming Tragedy. Everyone's there for a reason. It's probably easier to mark, too.", you say.

"Good enough for me.", Brick says. As you drive, you see Anne Maria hitting the engine of her car. She was actually slower than you!

"Hey CO! Why are you going so slow?", she asks.

"Um...", you state simply, pointing behind you.

"This is so car is breaking down.", Anne Maria says.

"Why? What happened?", Brick asks.

"I'm not sure honeybun, I was driving along at top speed, then suddenly the engine just gave up on me. Lame!", Anne Maria says.

"You probably ran out of gas.", Brick says.

"Uh no, the gas meter is on E. That stands for Extra fuel right?", Anne Maria asks. You wanted to facepalm, but you didn't, because to be fair you didn't know much about cars either.

"No ma'am, it stands for "Empty".", Brick says.

"Great, what am I supposed to do now?", Anne Maria says.

"Charlotte could give you a-", Brick begins.

"No.", you interrupt.

"Right...we're already behind. Sorry Anne Maria, we have to focus.", Brick says.

"I wonder if my hairspray has any fuel in it...?", Anne Maria wonders.

"Probably not.", you say as you drive away.

"Oh well, I need a hair break anyway.", Anne Maria says, and starts spraying. Fortunately, you're able to get away fast enough. Soon, you reach Mount Looming Tragedy, and see Mike, Zoey and Jo. Why are they all still there?

"CHRIIIIIIS! I F**KING HATE YOU!", Jo shouts, falling down from the top of the mountain, hard.

"What did he do this time?", Brick asks.

"Well, BRICK FOR BRAINS, the genius decided to cover the entire mountain in VEGETABLE OIL, making all the paint come off! Now we have to climb to the top to win. Fortunately for me, I'm a champion rock climber. I don't know about you chumps.", Jo mocks.

"Zoey, you need my help?", Mike asks.

"No thanks, Mike McCheaterPantsPerson!", Zoey..."insults".

(She really should work on her insults...)

"It...It's not my fault, okay?!", Mike says.

"Who's fault is it then?! Vito's?!", Zoey asks, angry.

"Zoey we're in the middle of a challenge!", Mike says.

"Oh, get comfortable. With that dumb oil Chris set up, we're not getting anywhere fast.

"I didn't set up any vegetable oil...Dang, why didn't I think of that?!", Chris asks.

"But then who did it...?", Chef asks.

"AGH! Duncan! That idiot!", Chris says, and drives off on his ATV to hunt for Duncan.

"That enough proof for you? Spill the tea, Mike.", Zoey says.

"Spill the tea...?", Jo asks.

"IT'LL CATCH ON!", Zoey shouts.

"Yeah, when people become as bland as you...", Jo replies.

"Alright Mike, I...I want an explanation!", Zoey says softly.

"Okay, okay...the truth is...I have a disease called Multiple Personality Disorder.", Mike says.

"D-Don't lie to me!", Zoey retorts.

"I'm not lying! I really do!", Mike says.

" actually have a disease?? How? Why?? What??", Zoey asks.

"I'll explain. My Multiple Personality's just taken over my entire life. I can't BE a normal person, Zoey. And I knew that my personalities would eventually hurt you. They always do. One time, one of my personalities landed me in juvie.", Mike says.

"So you stayed away from protect me?", Zoey asks.

"Yes! Because I really like you. But my personalities...they just ruin everything. They're all different parts of me, the BEST parts of me, and I'm nothing by myself.", Mike says.

"Is that why they all have different crushes...?", Zoey asks.

"Oh, then that explorer one has the best taste in women!", Jo says, still trying to climb but slipping.

"Mike, is that why you keep isolating yourself from everyone?", you ask.

"Uh...yeah. I've never really had friends...whenever I do, they either think my personalities are cooler than me, or get freaked out.", Mike says.

"But Mike...aren't they YOUR personalities?", Zoey asks.

"Yeah...", Mike says.

"Then they ARE you!", Zoey says.

"What do you mean...?", Mike says.

"Well, that acrobat one! You HAVE those skills, Mike! Your disease just makes you project yourself as someone else when you use them.", Zoey says.

"You''re right! I can do those things myself!", Mike says. He tries to jump on top of the rock like Svetlana would, but fails.

"I'm...gonna need some practice.", Mike says. Zoey helps Mike up.

"Everyone else may find your personalities better, but my favorite is Mike.", Zoey says.

"I'm sorry Zoey, but we just can't be together. I want to, so much, but it's just not safe for you.", Mike says.

"Mike, you need to go to therapy or something. I have faith that you can overcome this.", Zoey says.

"No Zoey...WE can overcome this. Together.", Mike says.

"Y-You mean it??", Zoey exclaims.

"I do.", Mike says, and pulls Zoey into a hug.

"FINALLY!", Jo shouts.

"I know right!! I've shipped them together all season!", you say.

"No, CharLAME! The oil finally came down and I can paint on this stupid rock now.", Jo says, spray painting a circle with a cross through it.

Zoey spray paints a pink heart, and Mike spray paints a check sign. You and Brick step up to the rock.

"Ladies first.", Brick says. You spray paint a star, and Brick spray paints a peace sign.

"Ooh, pretty! You're quite the artist, Brick."

"Th-Thanks! I kinda want to go to...never mind. It's not important.", Brick says.

"You're right. We've got a challenge to focus on!", you reply.

"Where to next?", Brick asks.


Only users without a Total Drama character as their icon can vote!

A: The Totem Pole

B: The spooky tree in the forest

"Let's head to that spooky forest tree.", you say.

"Alright, if you insist.", Brick says. You drive to the tree, Mike, Zoey and Jo ahead of you. You could hear Anne Maria catching up, too.

"WHY! IS! IT! SO! SLOW!", you shout.

"I think I know...", Brick says.


CO: Okay, so basically, Jo has the fastest cart, then Zoey, then Mike and now Anne Maria is faster than me because I have to tow Brick. If I didn't love that boy...

-end confessional-

"Alright, then I guess we just have to sabotage the others. We have no other choice.", you say.

"N-No ma'am. I am firmly against that idea.", you say.

"Brick, we need to win. Can we at least sabotage Jo?", you ask.

"Sorry CO, but if we're gonna win, we're gonna win fairly.", Brick says. You slump down.

"Fine.", you surrender.

"CO! Hurry up!", Zoey says turning back toward you.

"Zoey, I'm trying.", you say, gesturing to two karts.

"Oh...sorry.", Zoey replies. Zoey speeds up her cart, and Jo looks mad.

"Not so fast, Bland-y!", Jo says, pushing Zoey off her cart.

"You are NOT gonna win!", Jo says. You all enter the forest; Jo gets way ahead of you all.

"Zoey, take my hand!", Mike says, turning back for Zoey.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me!", Jo says, zooming back to Mike.

"Not today, lovebirds!", Jo says, ripping off Mike's shirt.

"Ay yo, where's Anne Maria?!", Vito yells.

"Oh my...", Zoey says.

(That's the side effect to Mike telling EVERYONE about his disease...), you think to yourself.

"This isn't good...", Brick says.

"Come on, Mike. She's over that way.", Jo says.

"Ehh...I think I'll stay with Zoey.", Vito says.

"Umm...what?", Jo asks.

"'re not Vito?!", Zoey asks.

"I think...I think telling someone about my Multiple Personality Disorder helped a lot and "shocked" the personalities out of me for a while, Zoey. I just want to be with you.", Mike says.

"Let's win this and be together!", Zoey says, joining hands with Mike. Mike helps Zoey back into her cart, as Jo is already far gone. You catch up to Mike.

"That was SO romantic!", you say to him.

"You got her good by pretending to be Vito!", Brick says.

"Hehe, thanks guys.", Mike says.

"Alright CO, let's SLAY this game!", Zoey says.

"Slay...?", Jo asks from afar.

"IT. WILL. CATCH. ON.", Zoey shouts back, irritated.

"Yeah, in BORING TOWN!", Jo insults.

"Your "Zoey is boring" jokes aren't even funny anymore!", Zoey says, crossing her arms.

"They kinda are!", Anne Maria says, as she catches up, and ZOOMS PAST YOU ALL.

"Anne Maria?! How are you going so fast?!", you exclaim.

"Check it out!", Anne Maria says. She gestures to the back of her cart, where she attached at least ten cans of hair spray, and they were somehow propelling her forward as they sprayed.

"Who knew Anne Maria was smart...", Brick says.

"That girl has a lot of layers, Brick.", you add.

"They're just hidden by the layers of fake tanner.", Zoey says.

"Here we are!", Jo says, quickly climbing the tree and spraying.

"See ya later, losers!", Jo shouts, and zooms off.

"Okay, now to win!", Anne Maria says. However, she can only spray a line across the tree before she zooms back off.

"IT'S A SNAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaakeee...", she shouts, as her voice fades away. Zoey laughs, and draws her symbol after Mike.

"Great, last place...", you mutter as you paint your star onto the tree.

Suddenly, a message comes on the GPS device. It's Chris. His voice was weird and broken up.

"We decided, that, three land! Landmarks was-wasn't enough and so I added ano-ther one. It is a do-ozy, just go to the mountain si-side and mark...mark...mark...mark...mark...SFOI...mark it! McLean OUT!", Chris says in the message.

"Huh? Isn't that where Mount Chrismore is?", CO asks.

"Must be.", Zoey says.

"Zoey, why are you still here?", you ask.

"I can't watch and drive, CO. That's not safe!", Zoey says.

"OUCH!", Mike says, as his cart rams into a tree.

"See what I mean?", Zoey asks.

"Okay, well, this is our chance to get in the lead.", CO says. Suddenly, the tree falls on Zoey's cart.

"OH MY GOSH!!! Why!!", Zoey shouts.

"Hahahahahahahaha!", Duncan laughs, holding an axe.

"UGH! Duncan!", Zoey shouts, and tries to move the tree.

"Allow me.", Brick says, helping Zoey move the tree. You join them, and get the tree off.

"So much for safe driving...", Zoey sighs.

"See if it still works.", CO says.

"She.", Brick corrects.

"Huh?", you ask.

"Vehicles are feminine.", Brick explains.

"It works! But slower...", Zoey says. You and Brick speed off, and you turn to your boyfriend.

"Brick, we need a strategy to get in the lead. We're in 4th place right now. What do we do?", you ask.

What do you do?

We look for a shortcut, and if that doesn't work, make out with Brick until the challenge ends. (Suggested by: Sun)

"We could try and find a shortcut...", Brick says.

"I guess we could. Let's see, we're in the middle of the forest, and we need to get to the totem pole.", you recap.

"The totem pole is near camp, isn't it?", Brick asks.

"Yeah, but we need to be quick, with that new landmark around.", you point out.

"Jo's probably already gotten there...", Brick says.

"Then there's no time to lose!", you say. You and Brick quickly drive to the totem pole, and by the time you get there, Jo is already gone.

"See ya later, suckers!", Jo shouts at you two, driving away.

"Oh COME ON!", you shout, and begin to climb. Brick boosts you up.

"Oh, hey CO!", Mike says.

"Hi Mike!", you reply, climbing to the top.

"Where's Anne Maria?", you ask.

"She crashed into one of the cabins.", Mike says, pointing at Anne Maria.

" hair hurts...", Anne Maria says, as her spray cans run out.

"Oh dang. I guess she's done for the day.", you remark.

"Then it's you against me, Jo, and Zoey.", Mike says.

"I suppose so.", you reply.

You spray the top of the totem pole as Mike slides down.

"Perfect!", you say.

"CO! Look out!", Mike shouts. Just then, you notice Snowbelle on the top of the totem pole, your hand about to smash into her.

"Oh my gosh!!!", you exclaim, not wanting to hurt the cat. Snowbelle looks at you, confused. You fall down, having lost focus due to the surprise of seeing her.

"CO!", Brick calls out, and catches you.

" Brick.", you say.

"CO, I think I should drop out of the challenge. There's no way I'm going to win anyway, and I'm only holding you back.", Brick says.

"You...You'd do that for me?", CO asks.

"Of course! I'd throw a challenge for you any day.", Brick says.

A: Let Brick leave the challenge

B: Convince him to stay

"No way, Brick! I've come this far with you, and I'm going right to the end! Anne Maria's already out, which bumps us up to third place!", you say excitedly.

"CO, I insist that you let me sit this one out.", Brick says.

"There's no time to argue, Brick! We need to get a move on!", you retort. You jump back into your cart, as Zoey arrives.

"CO! I'm glad I caught you! You need to stop Jo from winning!", Zoey says.

"What?? I know that.", you say.

"It's more urgent now, Charlotte! Before I thought she was going to vote off her worst enemy here, Anne Maria, but I think she's going to vote off Mike if she wins!", Zoey says.

"Wh-What?! Why would she do that?!", Brick exclaims

"Because he and I are so close now! He's a threat!", Zoey says.

"I don't know how I'm going to beat her if my cart is so slow...", you reply.

"Wait, I have an idea!", Zoey says.

"Really? What is it?", Brick asks.

"Brick, you have to take my cart!", Zoey says.

"I...I couldn't!", he says.

"Dude, I totally owe you one! Remember when you saved Mike and me from the mutant gophers back at the mines? You could've been seriously hurt, but you saved me!", Zoey says.

"My man's got a heart of gold.", you say.

"Exactly! Take my cart Brick, and don't waste any more time.", Zoey says.

"Thank you so much Zoey.", you say.

"No problem! Don't forget, we are in an alliance, CO.", Zoey reminds you.

(A.N.: For those who forgot:

"You'll see. NOW SHUT UP!", Chef shouts. The mashed potatoes start shaking...and come right down on you. Gross! You shake it off and find Zoey, since she wanted to talk to you after breakfast.

"CO...would you be interested in making an alliance?", Zoey asks.


CO: Huh? Really? Who asks for an alliance like that...?

-end confessional-

How do you respond?


"Wow! Really?? I'm so glad!", Zoey says, extremely relieved.

It's not like I forgot! Pfft! As if!)

As you dust some branches and leaves off the top of Zoey's cart, Brick removes his golden cart from yours, making your ready to go.

"I know you said you wanted to stay with me and didn't want me to drop out, but I insist that you drive ahead of me, CO.", Brick says.

"Fine, I'll do that much.", you say.

"Good luck, you two!", Zoey says, waving goodbye to both of you. You both drive away.

"That Zoey...she's something really special, isn't she?", you say.

"She definitely is.", Brick replies.

"Okay Brick, let's do this!", you say.

"Yep! BriCO for the win!", Brick shouts.


CO: "BriCO"...I kinda like the sound of it!

-end confessional-

"You know what? In honor of Zoey, the reason we're still in the game, I'm going to say let's SLAY this challenge!", you say.

"She was right, it does catch on!", Brick says, right before you speed up and are forced to leave Brick behind.

You get stuck at a fork in the road.

(Let's see...there's the rocky path, which leads right to Mount Chrismore...then there's that long one...what to do? What to do? I can't even tell which one the others took. For all I know, Jo could have taken the longer one for safety. Why is this game always so full of crossroads?)

Which path do you take?

A: The rocky, but shorter, path

B: The smoother, but longer, path

Since I cannot update today, I'm doing something a little different.

Who should make a cameo in The Enchanted Franken-Forest?

A: Alejandro

B: Beth

C: Cody I lowkey wanted this one to win

D: Courtney

E: Eva

F: Justin

G: Leshawna

H: Trent

I: Sierra

(I guess it's more of Jo's style to take the shorter path, but I'm not Jo. The longer path it is.)

You begin driving at top speed, and you feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

"CO?! Which path did you take??", Brick calls out.

"The path to victory!", you shout, triumphantly.

"That's great, but which...", Brick continues, but is drowned out due to you getting too far away.


CO: Huh, I hope that was nothing important.

-end confessional-


"Alright, which route could Charlotte have taken...", Brick ponders.

"She's never been one to avoid risks. Then again, this challenge is reaching a critical stage and she may want to play it safe...ah! Think, Brick, think! What would Charlotte do?", Brick continues to wonder. He snaps his fingers.

"I know! She would have taken the shorter one, so she could catch up with Jo! Probably!", Brick says.

And, back to CO...

"Finally!", you shout, reaching Mount Chrismore.

"What?! How did YOU get here so fast?!", Jo asks, shocked.

"I'm full of surprises!", you say.

"You ditched Brick?", Jo asks.

"I did not ditch Brick! We separated!", you say.

"B-But I shipped you two!", Jo says, pretending to be sad, then starts laughing.

"That's NOT what I meant, Jo! Move over!", you say.

"AHHHH SOMEONE HELP ME!!!", Mike says, flying through the air!

"Mike, what's the big idea?!", Jo shouts.

"That thing threw me!", Mike says, pointing at the Hurl of Shame.

"Who put it THERE?", you wonder, running to Mount Chrismore before Mike can get to it. Sadly, you're too late, since Mike was literally hurtling through the air.

"C-Can I still win?", Mike asks. Brick arrives, panting, out of his kart.

"Woah, what happened to Mike?! Why is he so roughed up?", Brick asks.

"He got hurled through the Hurl of Shame somehow...", you explain.

"Hey, Captain Whizz! What happened to your kart?", Jo asks.

"The tires popped...", Brick says sadly.

"Huh? How did Jo get through then?", you wonder.

"I am a master of Driver's Ed! I've taken the test nine times!", Jo says proudly.

"It took you nine tries to pass Driver's Ed?", you ask.

"No, it took two. I took the other ones to show off to those wimps down the street who said they did it in one try.", Jo explains.

"Woohoo!!!", Mike says, as he slides down the mountain, spraying the side of Mount Chrismore.

"Alright! I won!", Mike says, as he lands.

"OUCH! Butt burn...", Mike says sadly.

"Ha! I guess you're butthurt, Mike!", Jo jokes. you roll your eyes.

"Why would I be butthurt? I won.", Mike says.

"That's not what I...oh, never mind.", Jo says. Chris arrives on his ATV, just as you, Jo and Brick spray the mountain for...satisfaction?

"WHO DID THIS?!?!?!", Chris shouts.

"I won, Chris!", Mike says.

"NO! This one was NEVER one of the landmarks!", Chris exclaims.

"But a message came on the GPS devices saying that it was.", you point out.

"Who could have done this? Chef, any idea?", Chris asks.

"Uhh...D-Duncan! That bad, nasty kid!", Chef lies.

"Ugh! Duncan! He's been messing with me all day! Why did we ever bring him back? He only did this because we forced him back.", Chris complains. Duncan pops out of a bush.

"Sorry, dude, wasn't me.", Duncan claims. He takes out a remote, and pushes a button on it.

Suddenly, the entire mountain EXPLODES, making debris fly everywhere! You shield Brick before he can shield you.

"That was me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!", Duncan laughs, as he runs away.


"Wait, so do I win or not...?", Mike asks.

"NO! Since the first person to tag all three landmarks was Jo, she wins immunity!", Chris announces.


"No way..."

"Aww, come on..."

Zoey arrives on her kart.

"Mikey!! Did you win??", Zoey asks, running to her boyfriend. Mike sighs.

"No...I didn't. Sorry.", Mike says, sadly. Zoey giggles.

"That's okay! It would only be bad if-", Zoey says, but is interrupted.

"I won!! Woohoo!", Jo cheers.

"...Never mind.", Zoey says.

"Hey, don't interrupt Zoey when she's talking!", Mike says.

"Mike, you don't have to fight my-", Zoey begins, but is once again interrupted.

"​Who cares what she says? It's Zoey!", Jo says, getting a laugh from both herself and Chris. You and Mike jointly glare at Jo, as Zoey awkwardly holds her arm, unsure of what to say.

(A.N.: Credit goes to Geo for that wonderful line.)

"Anyway, Jo is safe and can vote off whoever she wants tonight. See you losers at the bonfire ceremony tonight!", Chris says.

That night...

"Since Jo will be sole vote tonight, there are no marshmallows.", Chris says.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!", Brick shouts, who was especially hungry.

"So, Jo, who's going home?", Chris asks.

"Let's see...eenie, meenie, mini mo...who's the biggest lose-eo? It's Brick.", Jo says, smirking.

"WHAT?!", everyone shouts. Anne Maria sighs a huge sigh of relief.

"You...YOU DEVIL MONSTER!!", you shout viciously, trying to attack Jo, but being held back by Brick.

"Let me GO, Brick! She voted you off!", you shout.

"Charlotte, it's over!", Brick says. After a few seconds, you calm down forcefully.

"Sorry Brick, but you're done like dinner. Which you won't be having here!", Chris jokes.

"Not the time, Chris.", Zoey says.

"I can't believe this...and to think I wanted to go to the finale with you, just earlier today, Brick.", you say sadly.

"I wanted to go with you too, but it's just not meant to be. It was a pleasure meeting all of you.", Brick says. You, Mike, Zoey and Anne Maria salute Brick. Brick is about to climb on the Hurl of Shame, but first...

"Wait!", you say. Brick turns around, and you tackle him with a hug, and kiss him.

"I'll really miss you, Brick.", you say.

"As will I, Charlotte. Win for the both of us.", Brick says.

"You know I will.", you say. And with that, Brick takes the Hurl of Shame.


CO: Ohh, I know EXACTLY why Jo did this. Trying to wreck me, huh Jo? Well, it's NOT gonna work. You'll have to try a lot harder than that to break

-end confessional-

Brick's exclusive clip

You have headed back to your cabin from the challenge, sulking over the fact that you lost despite your hardest efforts. The sun is dimming, the elimination ceremony is in less than an hour, and you have never felt more vulnerable in the entire game.

It is then that you see Brick, sitting down shamefully on the steps.

"I'm sorry one of us is likely to get eliminated tonight Charlotte." He tells you.

(Time's running out for me to make my move… I need to do something about this.)

"It's not going to end that way Brick." You say, now close by to your boyfriend with a towering presence. "Because I'm going to make today the best day of your life."


"Shh." You move in, like a serpent encircling her prey, coiling up to strike.

"What if someone sees us?" Brick whines, although he would quickly be silenced.

You lean in to start gently kissing the cadet at first, as each peck comes more and more quickly until it becomes full-on making out. The both of you are in utter paradise.

"Oh yeah, Charlotte..." Brick moans.

"Mmm... you like it when I kiss you?" You ask, taking Brick's happiness as a yes.

This is so thrilling! Now your arms are wrapped around his torso, feeling up his muscular frame... oh how you loved those muscles. They were so much bigger than any of the other guys you had made out with back home.

"Oh..." You squeal, really getting into the now nonstop kissing. That is, until eight simple words made your faces as red as Zoey's hair.

"Woah... uh, guys? I need to get inside." A familiar voice says, confused in more ways than one.

It was Zoey.

"Oh, sorry Zoey! How much did you see...?!" You ask, clearly uncomfortable.

"...A lot... I'll just come back later..." She meekly says as she darts back to where she was. Finally back alone, you have Brick cornered again. "Now where were we..."

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