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Finders Creepers

(A.N.: Well, it's great to be back! I hope you guys enjoyed having a different writer for a change. I was going to write this episode tomorrow just to spite ArtDraw, but why make you guys suffer?)

It was late at night. The forest was pitch black; much like the sky above. Sam, who is now an intern, brought lanterns and laid them out around camp. You were so scared of going outside; tonight was so creepy. Everyone went about their business, as usual. Dawn knew this and decided to stay inside to comfort you while she meditated.


CO: I know I haven't said anything, but I think I like Brick. I mean, I don't, like, love him or anything! That's crazy! But...he's kinda cute. And he's so nice to everyone. I need to find out if he likes me back.

-end confessional-

"Dawn, does Brick like me?", you ask.

"I can't tell you that, CO.", she replies.

"Why? You tell me everything!", you say.

"It's unnatural for me to use my powers to meddle in your relationship. It can cause adverse effects.", Dawn says.

"I don't get it.", you say.

"Is it beyond your understanding? I'm sorry.", she says. You grunt.

"Wait, you like Brick? Why does no one like me? Why don't I like anyone?", Staci asks. You head outside to see Zoey knitting while sitting against a rock.

"Hey, Zoey.", you say.

"Hi, CO! It's so cold tonight!", she says. You were inside, so you hadn't noticed, but now you were shivering.

"Yeah, now that you mention it, it kinda is.", you reply.

"Sorry!", she says.

"Don't apologized.", you retort.

"Sorry. I'm Canadian.", she explains. You both laugh.

"Do you think tonight is especially creepy?", you ask.

"Yeah, it's so spooky. I'm getting chills.", Zoey says.

"Why don't you spend time with a friend? That's what I did with Dawn.", you say.

"I prefer to be alone. Want me to knit you some mittens?", she asks.

"Yeah, sure. Anything to get the cold away. I didn't know you knit, that's kinda cool.", you say.

"Thanks! No one's actually complimented me about that before.", Zoey says.

"Hey, let's go to the Main Lodge, at least it's indoors.", you say.

"Can't", Zoey says.


"Mike's in there. You won't believe what happened to me last night.", she says.

"What happened?", you ask.


"Hi, Mike!", Zoey says.

"Oh, hey Zoey! You wanna see something cool?", Mike asks.

"Sure! Anything! Uh, except fire, haha! I mean...yeah, don't show me fire.", Zoey says.

"Okay, so *deep breath* HEY, what's going on?", Mike asks.

"Huh?", Zoey asks.

"Of all the good for nothing...why are these beds like sandpaper?! Back in my day, we used to sleep on more comfortable sandpaper!", Mike says.

"Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone wanted to come to Arts and Cra- Oh...I see you want to be alone, Zoey.", Staci says with a wink.

"W-wait, no! Staci, wait for me!", Zoey says.

"Yeah, that's right girlie! Run from the filthy communists while ya still can!", Mike says.

-End Flashback-

"That's so weird...", you say.

"I know! Mike's been so normal until now.", Zoey says.

"What do you think happened?", you ask.

"It's obviously because of me, CO. He doesn't like me, and I being too in-his-face. I wish I could read emotions! I'm so jealous of Dawn.", Zoey says.

"Don't be, she has trouble making friends too. What you're saying about Mike is definitely strange. As if this night weren't strange enough.", you complain.

"You're really scared, aren't you?', she asks.

"I am, Zoey, I am.", you reply.

"Anyway, that's why I can't go to the Main Lodge - who knows what Mike will do now.", Zoey says.

"Maybe we should just ask him. You can't live your life wondering if a guy likes you or not!", you say, dragging Zoey to craft services,


CO: Zoey needs to learn that if you like a boy and don't know if he likes you back, then you shouldn't avoid the problem! Gosh, some girls are so immature. I am such a good friend.

-end confessional-

"Hey, Mike, you have some explaining to do.", you say.

"What is it?", Mike asks.

"What are you doing rejecting my friend Zoey here so rudely?", you ask. Zoey seemed petrified.

"I didn't...wait...ahaha! Those were jokes!", Mike says.

"J-jokes?!", Zoey asks.

"Stand down, Zoey.", you say.

"Yep! See, I have these, um, characters! And I wanted to show Zoey one of them!", Mike says.

"You have terrible timing.", you say.

"I know...", Mike says.

"Well, I just want to talk to Mike.", Zoey says.

"Oh...okay!", Mike says. Mike trips on a table and a loose nail rips his shirt off.

"...Oh!", Zoey says, surprised.

(He's so skinny, how does he have abs?)

"Ay, yo, where am I at right now?", Mike asks.

"Hey there, baby. Come here often?", Anne Maria asks.

"'Ey ya see, now there's a bod.", Mike says.

"Excuse me?", Zoey asks.

"Wasn't talkin' to you, princess.", Mike says.

"You ain't Mike, what's your name hot stuff?", Anne Maria asks.

"The name's Vito, but you can call me yours.", Vito says.

(He's kinda smooth...)

"Uh...", Zoey says.

"Let's go, Zoey.", you say, taking her out.

"That was terrible, CO!", Zoey says.

"I know, and I'm sorry!", you say.

"I thought Mike liked me!", Zoey says.

"I guess you could spend more time with the girls."

"I can't, okay! It's hard for me to make friends.", Zoey says.

"I understand, it's just that there's nothing I could do!", you say.

"Ever since I was a kid, I've never wanted to change myself, but no one in my home town is like me! Making friends is impossible.", Zoey says.

"It's not impossible.", you reply.

"Just...give me a while, CO. To think about things.", Zoey says. You let Zoey go, but you were going to cheer her up.

"Ah, I see you made No-Friends Flower cry, huh? Didn't think you had it in you.", Jo says.

"It's not like that, Jo.", you say.

"No need to hide it. I'm impressed.", she says.

"It's really not like that.", you say. You try to protest more, but Jo leaves.

"Just don't overdo it, kay?", Jo says.

What do you do?

A: Find Brick and find out if he likes you or not

B: Catch up to Jo and try to beat her in a race

C: Go look for the McLean-Brand Chris Head

(Sorry guys, this NEXT choice is the special choice.)

Here's how this next choice will work - since CO's already very scared, you have until she gets too scared to find it. You get two tries to find it, and if neither one is correct (the location is pre-determined), then CO gets too scared off the night and goes back to Dawn. And no, you can't ask Dawn, she can only sense living things. So, NOW we have a Special Choice:


Which TWO locations do you choose for CO to search?

You chose Chef's Kitchen and the Arts and Crafts Center!

"Maybe it's in the Arts and Crafts Center?", you think. You head over there, and search under the tables outside the shed - obviously nothing. You find Staci sitting on one of the tables, shivering.

"It's cold, right?", you ask.

"Y-Yeah! But I have a cold!", Staci says.

"What? How?", you ask.

"Remember when I got stuck in that ice block? Th-that's how.", Staci says.

"Ooh, I hope you feel better. Let me get some blankets for you! Wait, come into the cabin, Staci!", you say.

"Oh...okay!", she says. The poor girl was barely able to move, but you wrapped her up in her blanket, and left Dawn to watch over her.

"I hope she feels better.", you say.

"Me too.", Dawn says. You're about to leave, when...

"Don't move the third shelf, you'll get very hurt.", Dawn says. She knew what you're doing! That kinda shocked you.

"Thanks Dawn.", you say. You go back to the shed, and Jo passes by.

"Bored?", she asks.

"Yeah, I need something to do. Don't you think night fell kinda early today?", you ask.

"Meh, I never notice anything except whatever's in front of me getting closer and closer.", Jo says.

"Well, at least you're determined.", you say.

"Thanks, Charlame.", Jo says.

"Don't mention it, Joke.", you say. You continue to search, making sure no one was around. You feel pretty relieved - without that jerk Scott around, you feel a little more free. You poke around a little, and avoid the third shelf like Dawn says. You feel someone poke your back. You get startled, jump and hit your head on the ceiling.

"OW! AHH!", you scream, but when you turn around, it's only B.

"Oh, hey B...sorry about that.", you say. B gives a thumbs up - probably saying he's okay. He points to the shed.

"You need to go in the shed? Okay then. You're probably gonna build some new crazy contraption, huh?", you ask. B nods happily.

"Good for you. That's okay, I'll wait.", you say. You step outside, and B shuts the door. You sit down, and keep hearing the creepy animal sounds. Finally, after an eternity, B comes out and you look inside - the third shelf is empty. Maybe that's why Dawn didn't want you touching it? Cause B needed it?

"Come on, it has to be around here somewhere...", you say. But there were a plethora of other things to see. You think of taking one of them. What do you take?

A: Grappling hook

B: Rope

C: Bag of marshmallows

D: Stick

E: Chris' secret magazine stash

F: Throwing stars with Harold's name on them

G: Some Mama Spice that DJ left behind from the last season he was in

H: A copper wire

"Cool! A grappling hook! Let's see what else is in here...rope, of course...marshmallows? This must be where Chris stores them. A stick? This place is a dump. Ow! These are sharp! Why would Harold leave these here? Hmm, seems DJ left this...ooh! Still so good! And...some wire. Like I said, a dump.", you mumble. You take the grappling hook and stash it away.

Next, you search Chef's Kitchen. It was incredibly, horrendously dark in there. You turned on the light, and were greeted by an angry Chef Hatchet waving his hand at you. You nearly have a literal heart attack.

" MY kitchen. No one is allowed in my kitchen.", he says, picking up a pitchfork.

"AAAH!!", you scream, as you run around in circles trying to escape the madman. You shoot your grappling hook at him, and he falls.

"OOF! GET BACK HERE!", he shouts.

"No way, psycho Chef!", you shout, getting the heck out of there.


CO: *pant* *pant* Okay, I can hide in here!

Chef (from afar): I'M COMIN' FOR YA!!

CO: AAHHH!!! *pees* Awwwww!!!

-end confessional-

You hear the sound of an airhorn as you drop a brick on Chef. Chris calls you all over and you gather for the challenge.

"Campers, your next challenge is taking place right now.", Chris says.

"Y-You In the dark?", Brick asks.

"Yeah, you scared, G.I. Joke?", Jo asks.

"Yes it is, Brick. Do you have a problem?", Chris asks.

"N-no. No sir!", Brick says, standing up straight. You get closer to Brick.

"That's okay, I'm scared too! I've been inches away from fainting all night!", you say. Brick smiles.

"Your challenge is to search for three hidden souveniers in three different locations throughout the island.", Chris says.

"WHAAAT?", Sam shouts.

"Sam, are you okay?", Dakota asks, as Sam tries to clean out his ear.


"Woah, calm down dude.", Mike says.

"WHAT?", Sam asks.

"Anyway...annoying interns aside...this challenge is a scavenger hunt. The three locations you need to go through are the Haunted Forest...the Cemetary...and the cave.", Chris says.

"Oh, great!", you shout, annoyed.

"Since when does the island have a Cemetary?", Cameron asks.

"Yeah, I've run through this island at least a hundred times by now.", Jo says.

"It only appears at night.", Chris says.

"That's scientifically impossible.", Cameron says.

"Yeah, and it doesn't happen!", Staci says.

"The first team to find each souvenier will receive a clue as to where they can find the next one. You guys start in the forest. Beware of booby traps.", Chris says, pulling up a map to show where they had to go.

"Uh...what does a giant spider represent? I can't stand spiders...", Cameron says.

"Oh yeah, there's this giant mutant spider crawling around the island. It almost attacked Chef.", Chris says.

"It had big, cold black eyes, and it's hairy leg brushed up against me...*shiver*", Chef recalls. You gulp. You were getting more and more scared by the second, but you didn't want to admit it.

"As I was saying about the booby traps. Stick together, cause you'll be penalized for any member of your team that you lose.", Chris says. Everyone gasps. Your team arrives first, and you find the clue. While Dawn picks it up and reads it, you talk to Brick.

"So, uh, Brick.", you say.

"Yes, ma'am?", he asks.

"You still scared?", you ask.

"Affirmative. It's better being in a team.", Brick says.

"I agree. So, I know this is random, but do you wanna, maybe hang out later?", you ask.

"Of course! With who?", Brick asks.

" Just the two of us.", you say. Brick looks nervous.

"I...I don't feel that way about you, CO.", Brick says.

"Oh...are you sure?", you ask for clarification.

"Yes. I apologize. I didn't know you felt that way.", Brick says.


You look at Dawn.

"The first souvenier is in a tree...guarded by a pest.", Dawn says.

"I'll get it!", Staci says. She struggles to climb up the tree, and falls into the bushes several times.

"Dawn, why didn't you tell me that Brick didn't like me?", you ask.

"I told you, I cannot meddle in relationships that aren't my own.", Dawn says.

"Yes you can! You can do whatever you want!", you say.

"It's not that simple, CO, there are limitations-"

"No, there aren't! You knew Brick didn't like me, and you let me hear it anyway!"

"CO, it's not like that!"

"Just forget it, Dawn."

"I know you're upset."

"Yeah, tell me the stuff I already know.", you say. Staci falls to the ground.

"Ouch! I got it!", Staci says. Then, a giant tentacle comes out and takes Staci in, and then the tentacles come out again! You, Dawn, Brick and B look pretty worried.

"HELP!! HELP!!", Staci shouts from inside. It was then that you saw it - that white cat! The one that likes you!

What do you do?

A: Tell the white cat to burn the monster's tentacles.

B: Use your grappling hook to stop the monster

C: Do nothing

"Hey! It's you!", you say to the adorable little furball.

"Who is that?!", Brick asks. You ignore him.

"Furball, burn those tentacles!", you command. The cat shoots laser eyes at the tentacles, and the monster swings it's tentacles around in pain.

"*pant* *pant* G-guys!!", Sam says.

"Sam? Where did you come from?", Brick asks.

"From...from the cabins *pant*", Sam replies.

"You mean the cabins fifty feet away?", you ask.

"You should get into shape.", Brick says.

"I wanted to warn you guys about the spider!", Sam says.

"We already know there's a giant mutant spider crawling...creepily...ew...", you say.

"What?! So I came all the way here for nothing? Hey, what's that?", Sam asks, pointing to the tentacles, still swinging wildly.

"Oh, that thing captured Staci.", you say.

"Oh. If this were an anime, kids wouldn't be allowed to watch. Hehe.", Sam giggles. Staci gets thrown out, and you all gather around her.

"Staci, are you okay?!", Dawn asks.

"I'm...fine. And so is the souvenier!", Staci says. Your team cheers.

"Sam, guess what we found?", you ask. You turn around, and you can't see Sam.

"Sam? ...Sam??", Dawn asks.

"Where did he go?", Brick asks.

"Speaking of which...where's B?", you ask. B's no where to be found either.

"B!!! BEVERLY!!!", Brick yells, horrified. Someone taps your shoulder, and you jump a little.

"*gasp* It's B!", you say before you even turn around.

"Oh, he's so silent that we didn't even know he was still here.", Brick says. B smiles and shrugs.

"Can we go now? My ankles are aching.", Staci says.

"Yes, indeed, we should go.", Dawn says. You, Dawn, Staci, Brick and B progress - with you staying extra close to B, since you were scared.


CO: Why was I so close to B? Obviously, it's because I wanted to protect him. Like, duh...*CO looks at the camera, scared*

-end confessional-

You here a wolf's cry and a loud roar. You cling to B's sleeve. You feel like you can hear B chuckle a little.

"I'm scared, B. Don't judge me.", you say. B gives you a thumbs up.

Suddenly, the Mutant Maggots jump out and attack Staci, taking the souvenier with them!

"Hey! Come back here, thieves!", Staci shouts.

What do you do?

A: Go back for another souvenier

B: Chase after the Maggots

"HEY!! COME BACK HERE!", you shout. B tries to hold you back, but realizes it's best that you go and get that souvenier back.

"Come and catch me, Oxfreak!", Jo shouts. You felt like a bull, rushing toward your target.

"Hey, calm down!", Anne Maria shouts.

"Noodle-arms, catch!", Jo shouts, throwing the souvenier to Mike.

" it! Zoey, catch!", Mike shouts. Zoey seemed reluctant, but caught it.

"Zoey! Over here!", Cameron yells. Anne Maria reaches out for it. Zoey throws it to Anne Maria.

"Everyone, formation 3!", Jo shouts. Formation 3?! Jo planned this far?! Everyone tossed it up, and ran around really close to each other in circles, and then ran in separate directions.

What do you do?

A: Tackle one of them

B: Call your team

C: Go back for another souvenier

D: Custom

IF you chose to tackle...who do you tackle?

1: Anne Maria

2: Cameron

3: Dakota

4: Jo

5: Mike

6: Zoey

ALSO: After this episode, there's a special Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Aftermath that will be available on a user extension of mine, details will be available when I finish writing it. Hopefully it can further develop the characters.

(I bet Anne Maria has it! That Jo is just being a filthy trickster!)

You tackle Anne Maria, and then shove her over. No souvenier!

"Where is it?!", you ask.

"I don't have it, kay?", she says. Her hands were shaking...she's lying!

"Yes you do!", you say. You reach into her hair and pull it out.

"Hey, don't touch the poof!", Anne Maria says, fixing her hair and running back to her team. Your eyes widen.

"Uh...g-guys? Where are you?", you ask, shaking. It was so dark, and you couldn't see your own hand. You fearfully walk around very slowly...your heart was pumping harder than ever. You felt like you were in a horror movie, except this time you could actually die. You hear leaves rustling, and you nearly scream.

"CO!", you hear someone exclaim. You scream out in horror.

"CO, calm down! It's only me!", Dawn says.

"Oh...h-hey Dawn.", you reply.

"I know you aren't very happy with me right now, but Brick's gone missing!", Dawn says.

"What?!", you exclaim.

"Yes, hurry!", Dawn says. You meet up with B and Staci, and they're really happy when you reveal that you got the souvenier. You get to the cemetary, and the Maggots are already there. Anne Maria glares at you.

"Nice fight you put up, Lame.", Jo says.

"Thanks, Joke.", you reply.

"We already got a new one.", Mike says.

"How? That fast?", you ask.

"You were in the woods for a long time.", Staci says.

"I didn't take you for a chicken.", Jo says to you.

"I'm no chicken.", you say.

"Prove it.", Jo says.

"I will.", you say.

"There's no time, CO.", Staci says. You, B and Dawn head over to the gravestone while Staci makes sure the Maggots stay away.

"Don't worry, we'll get our own souvenier this time.", Jo says.

You brush the gravestone.

"June 6, 1806?", Staci asks.

"Isn't that...666?!", you ask. You SCREAM.

"CO, it's okay!!!", Dawn says, holding you as you squeeze her hand.

(A.N.: I'm listening to this at 0.5 speed, in the dark, and it's scaring the s*** out of me)

"Dawn, I think I'm about to have a heart attack.", you say.

"The next souvenier is in here.", Staci speculates, and whispers, so she doesn't startle you. Your hand was shaking, and you uncovered the dust on the gravestone. You couldn't even do it properly because of how shaky your hand was.

"CO, let B take over.", Dawn says. You cling to B's sleeve.

"Wow, your eyes are so wide.", Staci whispers. B accidentally pushes the gravestone while dusting it off, and a mutant animal comes out.

"AHHH!!", you shout, petrified. The thing turns INSIDE OUT.

"I-I-It's an eldritch abomination!!", you say.

"No, it's just shedding it's skin.", Dawn says. You feel something cold hit your leg...something icy...

You point at the mutant.

"It's p-poisoning me!", you say, brushing it off.

"CO, you need to calm down! It's all in your head.", Staci says.

"Think happy thoughts, Charlotte. Remember when you learned to ride a bike? Remember your Sweet 16 birthday party? Remember the first time you went on a shopping spree?", Dawn says. You calm down a little, but that mutant's eyeballs bulged out and landed on your feet.

You yelp and shiver, and you're about to cry.

"Be brave, CO! Do you think winners are crybabies? I don't mean to be harsh, but you need to toughen up! Enough already!", Staci says. Staci's confidence shocked you.

"Y-You're right.", you reply. You were still super scared, but you decided to hide it. Staci pulls out the souvenier.

"The Maggots are already ahead!", Dawn says. You four hurry after them.

"Where's the rest of your group, Jo?", you ask.

"Diva Damsel got taken, and the boring girl.", Jo says.

"Wow, I thought Cam would be the first to go from your team.", Staci says. Everyone, especially Cameorn, looks at her.

"What? We were all thinking it...", Staci says.

"True.", Jo says.

"I'm right here.", Cameron says. Meanwhile, Anne Maria and Mike started making out in the corner.

"Ooh...Vito~", Anne Maria moans.


What do you do?

A: Throw a rock at Mike

B: Continue looking for the last souvenier (G+T used his veto)

(Stupid Mike, telling Zoey he likes her and then kissing Anne Maria)

You, B, Dawn and Staci head to the final souvenier location. Your anger at Mike had somewhat distracted you from your fear. But it was still there.


CO: I thought B would be gone by now, then I realized he wasn't because I was holding onto the guy so tightly.

-end confessional-

"Sorry, B.", you say. B looks like he's in pain, but gives you a thumbs up. You ease up on the squeezing.

"Dawn, how much farther?", Staci asks. Staci looks around.

"D-Dawn?!", Staci asks.

"Staci, p-please tell me that you and Dawn are playing a prank on B and me.", you say. Staci nervously shakes her head.

"I hope B and Dawn are playing pranks on us.", Staci says. A worried B shakes his head. Mike and Anne Maria pass by, making out.

"Anne Maria? Where's your team?", you ask.

"Mmph~ Huh? W-wait. Jo? Cameron?! Where are you guys!?", Anne Maria asks.

"Ay, calm down hot stuff. Let's keep making out.", Mike says. Anne Maria glares at Mike.

"They may be annoying but they're still people, Vito! Where could they be?", Anne Maria asks.

"It's called survival of the fittest, baby.", Mike says.

"Well, we can still win. Didn't you guys have a liar girl and Ms. Spooky on your team too?", Anne Maria.

"Yeah, Dawn got taken and liar girl...*gulp* AAAHHHH!!!!", you scream.

"Ha, then that means it's even!", Anne Maria says, but she seems quite afraid and worried.

"Come on, B! We're not losing to these stupid tacky lovebirds!!", you say, trying to sound brave.

"Hey! Don't call us tacky!", Anne Maria says. You go on forward, but then you remember that Dawn had the map.

"Which way do we go?", you ask. B looks around.

"Do you know which way the cave is?", you ask. B shakes his head, and pulls out a compass.

"Maybe this could help...I don't know how though...", you say. You look around; owls hooting, animals roaring and the faint sound of crickets. Trees everywhere, and the branches looked like they were reaching out to snatch you painfully.

You gasp, and B checks your heartbeat.

Which way do you go?

A: Keep going straight

B: Stray off the path right

C: Stray off the path left

D: Follow Anne Maria and Mike secretly

One more question. How long do you guys want Total Drama All-Stars to be?

1: 13 episodes, same as the original. This will follow the same pattern as all the other seasons, with OC playing through them until he is eliminated.

2: 26 episodes. The extra 13 episodes will be dotted around the season after Saving Private Leechball.

And one last question about the cast:

X: Keep the cast same as the original

Y: Change the cast to fit the CYOA with 14 contestants (same as original)

Z: Change the cast to fit the CYOA with more contestants

"Okay, let's just follow Anne Maria. Safety in numbers, am I right?", you ask. B nods. You jumped behind a bush and saw Anne Maria and Mike, still making out.

"Don't those two need air?", you ask. You can feel B chuckling a bit.

"Ooh~Vito!", Anne Maria moans.

"Yeah baby, I never quit!", Mike says.

(Ew! Why does she keep calling him 'Vito'? What's up with that?)

"They're so gonna lose this challenge....", you say. B nods. The two make out kids start walking (FINALLY!!) and head toward, what you assume, is the path to the cave.

"Okay, now we gotta focus on the challenge.", Anne Maria says. You shift your foot.

"What was that?", Anne Maria asks, scared.

"Calm down, Anne Maria baby. Let's kiss some more.", Mike says.

(What a pig.)

"No, we gotta win this challenge.", Anne Maria says. You and B kept following them


CO: For a big guy, B's footsteps are really silent. Just like him!

-end confessional-

"Gah! Vito, I feel like we're being watched.", Anne Maria says.

"Oh fine, I'll take a look around, then we make out.", Mike says.

"...We'll make out when we finish the challenge.", Anne Maria says.

"Let's rest, I'm feelin' kinda tired.", Mike says.

"Eh, we're not resting! Let me give you a taste of what you'll get later.", Anne Maria says, giving Mike a big kiss.

"Funny, I have energy again! Woohoo! Let's do this!", Mike says. You were so scared! It was dark and you were squating down on the ground...

Trekking along the forest, you kept following them, hiding behind the trees and bushes. Unfortunately, Anne Maria must have spotted you.

"AH!!! What is that?!", Anne Maria screams.

"I don't know, let me see.", Mike says.

"NO TIME!!", Anne Maria says, and sprays you and B with her ENTIRE can of hairspray, until there was none left. You and B cough, and when the air (and your eyes) clear, the pair are gone!

"Great, what now?", you ask. You look around - those two idiots weren't following the path.

A: Go forwards

B: Stray to the right

C: Stray to the left

D: Go back

(A.N.: Congratulations to Stryzzar for cracking the code using one of the two hints provided. I just bolded the other one.)

"B, let's go left.", you say. B nods - he probably thought you were right. You travelled through the trees, getting less scared. You finally reach the cave.

"Hand me the flashlight. It's pitch black in there.", you say. B reaches in his coat and gives it to you.

"Dang it, no batteries!", you say. B runs off, catches some fireflies, and hands them to you.

"Good thinking, B!", you say. You reduce your voice to a hushed sound as the two of you carefully walk through the dangerous, dark cave.

"Guys? Staci? Dawn? Anyone?", you ask. You hear a hissing sound behind you, and you drop the fireflies. You run, screaming. B followed you, until you both ended up in a room with a HUGE spider web.

"Ah! We're trapped here!", Dawn says.

"Who's there?!", Brick asks.

"Someone, help!", Jo says.

"This is not an ideal situation...", Cameron says.

"There's spider web stuff in my butt!", Zoey says.

"Hold on guys, it's us! Char and B!", you say.

"CO?!", Dawn exclaims.

"Yes! Just hold on, I'm coming!", you say.

"Where are Mike and Anne Maria?", Dakota asks.

"Umm...", you trail off, not wanting to upset Zoey.

"*sigh* They're making out, aren't they?", Zoey asks.

"...Yes.", you say.

"Like I said, I'm going to spend time my girlfriends now. No more boys for me.", Zoey says.

"Good attitude, boring girl!", Jo says.

"I wish you'd stop calling me that.", Zoey replies.

"Wait a second, you mean to tell me that those two are so busy making out that they don't even finish the challenge?", Jo asks.

"*pant pant* We're here! Finally!", Anne Maria says.

"Ay yo Anne Maria, wait up hot stuff.", Mike says.

(Oh, crap)

"Anne Maria? Is that you? And...Mike?", Cameron asks.

"I'm not Mike!", Mike says.

(He's so strange!)

"Save it for later, you pig! We have a challenge to win!", Zoey says. You were surprised; Zoey is normally so timid.

B tapped your shoulder, and made a ripping gesture with his hands. He was telling you to save them! You climb on his hands and he throws you up.

"CO! Be careful!", Staci exclaims. B and Mike went to go find the last souvenier, while Anne Maria tied to climb up the web.

Your movement was slow and your legs wobbly.

"Woah...woah!", you say.

"Can't go fast enough, huh?", Jo asks.

"Not now.", you say. You hear the giant spider coming. Your heart leaps.

You can only save one person - who do you save?

A: Brick

B: Dawn

C: Staci

D: Don't save anyone, help B find the souvenier

(I can't believe I'm doing this...)

"Hold on, Brick!", you say. You rip open Brick's web, and free him.

"Thank you, ma'am. I'm sorry for rejecting you earlier.", Brick says.

"You mean you do like me?", you ask hopefully.

"I...can't say I do. Sorry.", he replies.

"Let's just get on with the challenge then.", you say. The giant spider came, and you froze in fear. Cameron, who looked about as scared as you, broke out of his web.

"That's it! I'll never be pushed around by my fears! I'm sick of it!", he says, and pounces on the spider, beating it much as a scrawny kid like him could. He pushed the spider to the floor of the cave, and the spider came closer and closer to you.

"Get away from me!", you shout. The spider shoots it's web and entangles you and Brick together.

(Oh great...)

"I can't seem to escape!", Brick says.

"Don't struggle, it just makes it tighter.", you say. B arrives and rips the web apart, just in time. Cameron fell.

B showed you the souvenier.

"Good job!!", you say. Three people on your team...and three on theirs! There was no time! The spider chased after the six of you, and B threw a rock at it.

"Ow...", the spider says. You all stop in your tracks. The spider pulls it's head out, revealing itself to be...Izzy?!

"Ahaha, hey guys! Oh, hey OC! I didn't know you were here!", Izzy says.

"I'm CO!", you say.

"Oh, you have such similar...never mind. OC's way hotter than you. Wasn't this a fun game?", Izzy says.

"You mean you've been catching us one by one?", Anne Maria asks.

"Yes! Chris said that you guys wanted to play.", Izzy says. You all facepalm.

"What's your problem?! You scared the crap out of all of us!", Zoey shouts.

"Not cool!", Staci says.

"Geez, so much hate from you guys! I miss my friends, they're way nicer.", Izzy says.

"Whatever. We're going now!", Anne Maria says.

"Come on, guys!", you say. You, B and Brick run with Brick taking the lead. B broke down - he was too tired.

"B, come on!", you say. The big guy started panting.

"You've done so many amazing things today! You can't give up now! I believe in you!", you say. B smiles, and tries to stand up. You take his hand, and you three start running.

"And the winners are...the Mutant Maggots!", Chris announces.

"Huh?!", you say.

"They got here because you were too busy having a pep rally with B. And a plot that drags on too long with Brick.", Chris mocks. You glare at the most annoying host in the world.


CO: I hope they replace Jerk McLean with a nicer host! One that I don't want to give a swift kick in the

-end confessional-

"I heard that comment in the confessional. This is a kid's show, CO.", Chris says. The rest of the contestants arrive.

"Toxic Rats, you will be voting someone off tonight.", Chris says. As you all walk to the Campfire Ceremony, Brick wants to talk to you.

"Uh, CO...what you said to B back there was...really cool.", he says nervously.

"You think so?", you ask.

"Yes. I have a strict Leave-No-Man-Behind Policy, and you followed it very well. I'm both proud and...attracted.", Brick says. You can feel the blush.

"R-Really?", you ask.

"Indeed I can.", he confirms.

"Thanks, Brick. Sorry about how I acted earlier.", you say.

"Water under the bridge.", Brick says. Afterwards, you talk to B.

"Good job on the challenge, B!", you say. B opens his mouth. You immediately shut up. B struggles to say something.

"Thank you. For everything tonight.", B says in his deep voice. You cover your mouth with your hands in shock. B talked!

"No problem, buddy! I can't believe how epic your voice is!", you say. You all reach the Campfire Ceremony.

"I have only 4 marshmallows on my plate. Normally, this would be three marshmallows and the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom. That's the good news. Chef's not here for some reason, so no Toxic 'Mallow today.", Chris says.

"Woohoo! Yeah!", you all cheer.

"You may now cast your votes.", Chris says.

(A.N.: But before that, let me show you the different outcomes. Picking to save Dawn or Staci would have resulted in winning the challenge, since there would have been no extra talking. Picking Dawn would have put you further in the lead than if you picked Staci, but you'd win either way. Picking to help B would have resulted in a loss, since Cameron would have beaten the spider and won for his team, since the Maggots would have three contestants versus your two.)

Who do you vote for?

A: B

B: Brick

C: Dawn

D: Staci

"Wow, you Rats don't really have good luck. Why do you guys think you lost?", Chris asks.

Brick: Our teamwork was lacking.

Dawn: I don't know...

B: CO was carrying the team...

CO: No way, you were awesome B!

Staci: Izzy's crazy, that's why!

"Four of you will be safe. One goes tonight. The first marshmallow goes to...CO. Good job, you basically won for your team tonight.", Chris says.

"Way to go, CO. You conquered your fear.", Dawn says.

"I hoped we'd reach the crack of Dawn before the challenge was over, if we're being honest.", you say.

"Speaking of Dawn, she gets a marshmallow too. B, you get one too.", Chris says. B and Dawn (I ship it) get up and claim their marshmallows.

"Brick, you were too busy talking to CO to win. Staci, you talk too much.", Chris says.

"I got character development!", Staci says.

"But tonight, Brick's loyalty to his team won him immunity. I'm sorry Staci, but your character development is over. Goodbye.", Chris says.

"Aww... Well, I had a lot of fun! And it was really nice meeting all of you.", Staci says. You give Staci one last hug goodbye.

"I'm glad I could help out the team. I guess this is goodbye.", Staci says.

"Semper Fi.", Brick says, saluting Staci.

"I see potential in you, Staci. Do great things.", Dawn says. B nods at Staci.

"Ready to go?", Chris asks. Staci nods. Chris and Staci walk to the Hurl of Shame and is shot out.


CO: Wow. I just realized my team has all my friends in it. Can't lose again.

-end confessional-

"As for the rest of you, it's very late. Get some rest.", Chris says. You all leave, tired and beaten.

"Staci may not have been here for long, but she sure left an impact! Who will not be here for long next? Find out on the next smashing episode of Total...Drama....Revenge of the Island!", Chris signs off.

(A.N.: I tried to make that elimination match TDI as much as possible. How did I do?)


B: Brick

Brick: Staci

CO: Staci

Dawn: Staci

Staci: Brick

Exclusive Clip

"Oh, hey Chef...", Izzy says.

"You!", Chef says.

"Do you know what time it is?", Izzy asks. Chef glares at Izzy; Izzy glares back. Their battle begins.

"This is an epic clash of the titans! The strongest forces Total Drama has ever known!", Izzy exclaims in between the mighty blows that the two exchange. Izzy takes a rope and ties Chef up.

"Oh, great.", Chef says.

"Cool, I finally won one of our battles!", Izzy says.

"What are you talking about? You kick me into next week all the time!", Chef says angrily.

"And it's fun!", Izzy says, shooting Chef with suction cup arrows.

"I hate my life.", Chef says.

Also, here's a bonus: A character confirmed for Total Drama All-Stars!

He's got mad skills, and a special thing for the fabulous Leshawna! It's Harold and his mad skills, joining you next season!

Aftermath I

Click here for Aftermath I: Struck By Lightning, if you prefer Noah's ending.

Click here for Aftermath I: Struck By Lightning, if you prefer Heather's ending.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

(A.N.: Tbh, I didn't think Mike and Zoey would get this far. I've had a lot of fun developing Zoey. Mike...not so much.)


CO: It was a peaceful night. Everyone was in peaceful slumber, valuing their sleep, cause three days ago, that psycho crazy host man made us die of horror.

-end confessional-

You wrapped yourself up in a blanket, and relaxed. Dawn tapped your head from outside.

"Hey, Dawn. Kinda lonely in here without Staci...", you say.

"I am rather quiet. Would you like to come with me to the bonfire pit?", Dawn asks.


Remember, only users with an 'e' in their names can vote!

A: Go with Dawn to the bonfire pit

B: Search for the McLean-Brand Chris Head

C: Stay in bed and get some rest

You chose A.

"Sure thing. What do you want to do there?", you ask.

"I sense I may be eliminated soon. I have a plan to collect TDRI souveniers, and use the money to help the poor animals here.", Dawn says.

"Aww!!! That's so nice! Sure I'll help you!!", you say.

"Excellent, let's get going.", Dawn says. Dawn grabs an empty trash bag and you both head out.

"Dawn, what do you think about the chances of our team surviving?", you ask.

"What do you mean?", Dawn asks.

"It's just that there are only 4 of us remaining. I don't know how much longer we can go on.", you say.

"I can't guarantee anything, but I do know that if we try our best, things can't go wrong. I predict something about the's hazy right now, but not too far off..", Dawn says.

"Thanks, Dawn. That's really reassuring.", you say gratefully. You help Dawn pick up keepsakes from the show, and then Brick comes along.

"Allow me to assist you.", Brick says.

"That's okay, you don't have to help me just because you were teased as a child.", Dawn says.

"H-How did you know about that?", Brick asks.

"It's right there in your aura, next to your bladder control issues, your need to be dominated and your attraction to women of authority.", Dawn says.

"N-No...okay, you're right.", Brick says. You giggle a little. Brick turns your way and smiles.

"Evening, CO.", Brick says.

"Yo.", you reply.


CO: Yo? YO? YO?!??!?! *facepalm* I'm so stupid. He likes girls in charge? I can be in charge. Ha, I can be SO in charge!

-end confessional-

For this episode, CO will have to try and show Brick that she is a powerful female. That is the goal.

"I agree with your policies about women's equality, Brick.", Dawn says.

"Stop reading my aura...", Brick says.

"Believe me, it's not easy. You're very closed off, unlike people like Zoey - her aura is an open book.", Dawn says.

"Dawn, don't be creepy.", you laugh.

"I never realize when that happens...", Dawn says.

"I think this is enough tra-keepsakes.", you say.

"Fair enough. Let's get some rest.", Dawn says. As you, Dawn and Brick walk to the cabins, Brick offers to carry the trash bag.

"Thank you. What a gentleman.", Dawn says. You reach the cabins.

"Bye Brick.", you say flirtatiously.

(What is wrong with me?!)

"Good night, CO.", Brick says. You and Dawn go back into your cabin and go to sleep.

The next day, you hear loud laughing and splashing. You look out the window; Zoey and Dakota were swimming. Dawn was no where to be seen.

You head outside and see Dakota and Zoey in the lake.

"Morning, CO! You wanna come in?", Dakota asks.

"Sure!", you say, jumping into the water.

"Someone's here, by the way.", Zoey says.

"Who?", you ask. Some blonde girl jumps out of the water.

"I told you I could hold my breath for ten whole minutes!", Bridgette says.

"Wow! It's you! Bridgette!", you say.

"Hey! You must be one of the new contestants.", Bridgette says.

"Ooh, you're even prettier in real life!", Sam says.

"Sam? I didn't know you were here.", you say.

"Oh, I was just catching up on my favorite cartoons on Dakota's phone. She has such good reception!", Sam says. Dakota blushes.

"Relax, he praised your phone, not you.", you joke.

"Thanks again, Dakota.", Sam says.

"No problem. You can just leave the phone by the lifeguard's chair.", Dakota says.

"Sure thing.", Sam says. He climbs up and leaves the phone there, but due to his clumsiness, the phone falls into the water. Dakota gasps and Zoey rushes over to her as Dakota nearly faints.

"I've got this!", Bridgette says. Bridgette swims over to the phone before it hits the bottom of the lake, and grabs it. She swims back up, and puts the phone on the dock.

"We need to try this phone!", Bridgette says.

"Wow! Thanks so much, Bridgette!", Dakota says.

"I guess it was my fault, I'll use my swim trunks to dry it.", Sam says. You all wildly protest.

"Okay, okay! I'll go get some towels.", Sam says.

"Keep in rice for a few days.", Bridgette says. A panicked Dakota holds the phone in her hand like it's a baby bird.

"Oooh!! SAM!!", Dakota yells angrily. Sam arrives with a towel, and wraps up the phone. Dakota storms off.

"Well, any chance I had with her is gone now.", Sam says sadly.

"Aw, it's not that bad. She'll get over it.", Zoey says. You all climb out of the water and dry off.

"So Bridgette, what brings you to Wawanakwa?", you ask. Bridgette used the towel to dry her hair.

"Chris wanted me to demonstrate a challenge. Apparently, I'm a fan favorite and he thought it would raise the ratings to have a classic competitor here.", Bridgette says.

"I've always wanted to meet you!", Zoey says.

"Me too!", you say.

"Aw, you guys are sweet.", Bridgette says. After some more talking with Bridgette, including praising her on her rapid phone-saving skills, it was breakfast time.

"For today's cuisine, I offer you...burnt eggs, a la mode!", Chef says.

"How are THESE a la mode?", Dakota asks.

"DO I LOOK LIKE I'M FRENCH?!", Chef yells.

"Rude!", Dakota says, and sits down. You poke your eggs, trying to scrape off the burnt part. There was like...ten percent of what there was originally.

"Dawn, where were you? Collecting more stuff?", you ask.

"Yup.", Dawn replies.

"You missed Bridgette saving Dakota's phone.", you say. B arrives and gives you a mug.

"What's this?", you ask. B silently drinks from the mug. You do the same, and to your surprise, it was coffee! Brewed just the way you like it.

(A.N.: If you don't like coffee or have never tasted it, imagine it as tea or hot cocoa or something)

"Mmm! It's so good!", you say.

"It really is!", Dawn says. B smiles smugly.

"Is there anything you can't do?", you ask.

"Get my mom to stop telling me to lose weight.", B says. You giggle.

"B talks??", Brick says in shock.

"Not much, but yeah.", you say.

"B's aura is such a bright shade of purplish-green right now. Especially green.", Dawn says.

"What does that mean?", you ask.

"He feels comfortable around the people he is with right now.", Dawn says. Chris comes inside.

"Morning, campers. Are you enjoying your delicious meals?", Chris asks.

"No...", Anne Maria says. A knife thrown by Chef just barely misses Anne Maria.

"I's delicious...", Anne Maria says.

"Today's challenge will be explained at the Dock of Shame. Get there fast, or I'll release the raccoon on you.", Chris says.

"Pfft, what's a raccoon gonna do?", Mike asks.

"You'll see.", Chris says. He leaves, and a few minutes later, a GIANT mutant raccoon bursts out.

"My kitchen!", Chef exclaims in annoyance. You all run out.

"That could have killed us!", Cameron shouts.

"No it couldn't have! Jane wouldn't hurt a fly.", Chris says.

"You NAMED that beast?", Jo asks.

"It has emotions too, you know!", Chris says. You all head to the dock, where Bridgette and Sam demonstrate the challenge.

"Now, each team must pick someone to dive for their team's jetskis. Rats and Maggots, you may now pick a member.", Chris says. Your team huddles.


CO: This is it! The perfect moment for me to prove to Brick that I'm a powerful woman!

-end confessional-


Remember, only users with an 'a' in their names can vote!

A: Volunteer yourself

B: Volunteer Dawn

C: Volunteer B

D: Volunteer Brick

You chose A.

"Wait! I volunteer myself to get our team's jet skis.", you say.

"CO, are you sure? I can handle it.", Brick says.

"I'm very sure. Help me into the suit, Dawn.", you say. Dawn helps you put on the suit and helmet.

"If you're diving, then I'm pumping, no exceptions.", Brick says.

"If it's okay with B and Dawn...", you say. B and Dawn nod. Brick immediately get to work pumping. You dive down. The Mutant Maggots chose Jo as their diver - obviously. You think you saw Mike pumping, but you're not sure.

"I knew it, you are the toughest on your team!", Jo says.

"Well, of course. Did you expect anything different?", you ask.

"Nope, but I do except you to be decent competition. Live up to your reputation.", Jo says, swimming ahead of you.

"You can believe I will.", you say.

"Good. My team's boring. I've got some wannabe actor, Bubble Boy, Spray-To-Play, Miss Canada and, ugh, Zoey.", Jo says.

"My team's pretty awesome compared to yours.", you brag.

"That's why you only have 4 members left, right?", Jo asks.

"Did you ever consider being nice to your team? You're obviously the leader.", you say.

"Pfft, being nice gets you no where! How do you think we've won so much? You have to find their weakness and CRUSH them with it!", Jo says.

"To each her own, I guess.", you say.

"Well, you stick to your methods, and I'll stick to winning.", Jo says.

"This is easy.", you say.

"Not to fast.", Jo says, pointing ahead. You're about to ask what Jo saw, until your question was answered: sharks, heading right for you! You and Jo scream. (And no, Fang is not there)

What do you do?

A: Fight the sharks with Jo

B: Swim away as fast as possible and take the jet skis

"You can keep going, I'm not going down without a fight.", Jo says. Jo and the shark start wrestling.

"As if!", you retort, looking up to see Brick looking down at you. While you were distracted by Brick, a shark rams into you, knocking you onto a rock. You swim forward and punch the shark's nose...thing.

The shark snarls at you.

"I think you made it mad...", Jo says.

"I think you're right.", you say. You and Jo continue to fight, but then suddenly, you can't breathe anymore! No air is coming!

You tug on the tube, but nothing happens. You hold your breath and continue fighting with the sharks.

"Well, I can't do this for much longer! Look how far we've come!", Jo says. She was right; you were really far from the jet skis.

"I'd love to continue this shark brawl, but I've got a challenge to win.", Jo says. She swims forward, and you slowly run out breath.

What do you do?

A: Swim back up for air and see what is going on

B: Ride on a shark

C: Grab Jo by her foot and swim with her

You scramble around, but then calm yourself.

(Okay, Charlotte. Doggy paddling underwater isn't gonna keep you alive. I've gotta do something!)

You think of an idea.

"Hey, sharky! Doesn't Jo look nice and tender? Go get her!! Quick!", you say. The shark snarls. You climb onto it.

"Go, go, go!", you say, holding onto the shark. The shark jumps out of the water, and you see is going on; Mike and Brick were fighting. Brick sees you, and pushes Mike out of the way, pumping air into the tube. You can finally breath again!

The shark jumps back into the water, and you jump off of it, grabbing the water skis. However, Jo was already ahead of you!

You swim as fast as you can, but due to Jo's superior athletic ability, she beats you to it. However, at the last second, that shark swings in and knocks Jo aside! You made it!

"And CO wins, by a margin!", Chris announces.

"Sorry, CO! Mike thought he was in a bar brawl or something, and started fighting me.", Brick says. You take off your helmet, and swing your hair around.

"No problem, Brick. We won, didn't we? Now step aside, we've got a challenge to win.", you say. You can feel Brick staring at you.

(Wheee!! You did it, CO!)

"Amazing job, CO! Now it's time for us to win!", Dawn says. B gives you a nod of approval.

"Thanks! Riding that shark was so much fun. And crazy! And risky!", you say.

"You guys need a break. Have lunch, and then I'll introduce you guys to part two of the challenge.

During lunch, who are you talking to?

A: Anne Maria

B: Cameron

C: Mike

You took your disgusting slop and sat down next to Cameron.

"Rotten spuds...", Cameron said with a bored expression as he picked at his plate.

"What did you eat in your bubble?", you ask.

"Oh! CO! You've never talked to me before. In my bubble, I usually ate fruits and vegetables.", he says.

"You never ate any candy or anything?", you ask.

"Well, my mother gave me a bite of carrot cake on my 16th birthday...", Cameron says.

"Wow, so you've never eaten ice cream or a birthday cake?", you ask.

"Not once in my life. Up until coming to Total Drama, I've never done anything before.", Cameron says.

"But why go to such an extreme right after coming out of the bubble?"

"I've never told anyone this, but my family has almost no money. My dad died when I was six, and ever since then, our finances have been dwindling. If I win Total Drama, my mom and I will be set for life!"

"That's the spirit! I know we're not on the same team, but you know where to find me if you need help."

"Thanks, CO!", Cameron says. He takes a bite of his food, then vomits.

"It's that bad??", you ask.

"No...I'm just not used to eating outside food.", Cameron says. You wait a while, then ask Cameron an important question.

"Um, can I ask you a question?", you ask.

"What is it?"

"You spend a lot of time with Mike, maybe you can answer me. During the challenge, I stopped getting air. When I came up, I saw Mike and Brick fighting. Why would they do that?", you ask.

"Um, you see, Mike has this character called Vito...", Cameron says.

"Uh huh...character?"

"Y-Yes. He's an, aspiring actor.", Cameron says.

"He must be really dedicated, he made out with Anne Vito.", you say. Suddenly, it made sense! The reason Anne Maria called Mike "Vito" is because of his acting. Anne Maria may not be the smartest person...

"Well, Cameron..."

What do you say to Cameron? You have 4 days to figure out the perfect thing to say; the CYOA's back on hold.

"But Cameron, why is Mike so dedicated to his acting?"

"Um, well...he REALLY wants to make it big!", Cameron says.

"But how is randomly bursting into character going to help that?", you ask.

"Mike's, um, rather mysterious."

"But that's no excuse for saying you like someone then kissing someone else."

"I know, I know, I'll, to him."

"Zoey's a wreck. As if she doesn't have enough problems without Mike."

"I know, I know. I'll apologize on Mike's behalf", Cameron says.

"That doesn't really help.", you retort.

(A.N.: G+T will appreciate that reference.)

"Alright campers, you've had plenty of time for lunch. Time to get back to the challenge.", Chris says. You shovel down your last few bites of slop, and head back to the Dock of Shame.

"Since CO won for the Toxic Rats, they get a McLean-Brand Speedboat, and the Mutant Maggots get...Chef's old leaky dingy.", Chris says. Your team cheers.

"You said you were gonna trade it in for a new one!", Chef says.

"Uh, the new one the mail.", Chris says. Chef glares at Chris.

"How do we win?", Jo asks.

"Excellent question, Jo. Both boats are equipped with a cannon filled with mutant seagulls. You have to fire these seagulls, which will have your team's logo on it, at these bells.", Chris says.

(A.N.: Yes, I changed it to bells because the overdose of danger that's irrelevant to the plot is unneeded)

"I thought we were using mines?", Chef says.

"That was the original plan, but I didn't want anyone getting hurt.", Chris says. Chef gasps.

"You, what??", Chef asks.

"B-Because it would cause a lawsuit! It's against my contract! My mom told me not to!", Chris says. You roll your eyes.

"Okay team, here's how we're going to do this. Are you listening, Brick?", Dawn says.

"Yes ma'am, I am listening carefully.", Brick says.

"We need CO to steer because she has good sense, Brick will shoot because he is trained with weapons, and B and I will be lookouts, both for the bells and the other team.", Dawn says.

(Wow, she's really thought this out! But should I really steer?)

Argue with Dawn about being the driver?

A: No

B: Yes, be the shooter

C: Yes, be the lookout

"Aaaaand...begin!", Chris says, as all the teams are prepped. You jump to the front of the steering, and Brick takes the cannon. B rides on the jet skis as Dawn sits on his shoulder, carefully looking at the other team. You continue to drive as Brick takes aim.

"Stupid boat!", Jo yells.

"Kicking it isn't gonna do anything.", Mike says.

"Shut up, show biz.", Jo says angrily.

"It seems there's a hole in the back. We need something to cover it up.", Cameron says.

"Hurry up, they're gonna reach the first bell.", Jo says. Anne Maria begins to spray her hair.

"Hey, Pay to Spray, give us the can!", Jo says.

"Jo's right! The can is the same size as the hole.", Cameron observes.

"No way! You ain't getting my can! No one touches my cans!", Anne Maria says. Mike's about to say something.

"We all heard her, Mike. No need to point it out.", Zoey says. Jo and Anne Maria start to fight over the spraytan can.

"CO! Bell at 3 o'clock!", Brick says. You turn to the right; there it was!

"You need to watch out! They're gonna shoot at you!", B says. You had driven so far that you weren't able to hear them. B somehow was.

What do you do?

A: Keep driving and find another bell

B: Take a chance and turn right

C: Fire a seagull at their boat (CO will tell Brick to do it)

D: Fire a seagull at one of them (choose which one)

"Brick, we need to fire a seagull at their boat! We have three, they only have two!", you reason.

"Affirmative.", Brick says. He aims, and fires right at the Maggot's crap boat.

"NOOO!!!", you hear Dakota scream.

"You'll pay for this, CO!!!!", Jo shouts. She fires a seagull at you, and you can feel it's teeth clenching into your flesh.

"OWWW!!", you shout. But you decide to tone it down; you had to win for your team!

"CO, you need to stop!", Dawn says.

"I'll be fine!", you say. There's no way the Maggots can win now anyway!


"Yeah?! Think again, Joke!", you say, trying to resist the intense pain you felt as Brick pulled out the seagull.

"They don't know it, but we just got a free seagull.", Brick says, loading it into the the gun.

"But didn't we give one to them?", B asks.

"Incorrect, our seagull hit the boat and it is now sinking.", Brick says.

"Not really! They used the seagull to plug the hole in their boat.", Dawn says.

(Crap...), you think. (But as long as I'm in control, there's no way we're losing.)

You see another bell, right in front of you, but you're about to crash into it!

A: Tell Brick to fire and risk crashing

B: Avoid crashing but avoid a point too.

(Okay, crashing is not an option! Time to take a strong decision, and...)

You jerk the boat to the left, knocking Dawn into the water. Brick saves Dawn, and puts her back on B's shoulder.

You looked around you; Boney Island to the left, with the skull bigger than usual. Why was it so...big?

"CO, what are you doing?", Dawn asks.

"You're driving around in circles.", Brick says. What? But you were driving straight to the next bell.

"CHARLETTE!! STOOOP!!!!", Dawn yells. You halt the boat as fast as possible, jerking you all back.

"It's the venom from the seagulls.", B says.

(Okay, I thought I could do this, but I can't)

"You're hallucinating. Time for you to step down.", Brick says.

"That's what I get for risking a mutant seagull to the arm I guess.", you say.

"I'll drive, B, you look out, Brick shoots and Charlette, you get some rest.", Dawn commands. You sit down and realize that Boney Island wasn't there at all.

"But what about the bell?", you shout, over the roar of the engine and the lake spraying on your face.

"It's a rock.", Brick says.

The two boats continue to rip past the water, trying to hit as many bells as fast as possible. You hear a ding...and then another ding!

"Did we win??", you ask.

"No, it's 1-1.", Brick says.


"Oh no! The Maggots are gonna win! We need to find the last bell, stat!", Brick says.

"The only one of us that can see the bell is CO, if B throws her up high.", Dawn says.

"But she's infected with venom!", Brick says, extreme concern in his voice.

"It's the only way!", Dawn says.


CO: Like I'm supposed to know when I'm hallucinating! But this is no time for team needs me!

-end confessional-

B picks you up by your waist, and throws you up high! You quickly take a look at the lake; and see three structures, in a line! One of those is the bell, but which one?!

A: The left

B: The right

C: The center

"Guys! It's the...thing in the center! Shoot, quick!", you say.

"Which direction?", Brick asks. You turn to him and smile.

"9 o'clock, soldier!", you reply. Brick turns the gun and shoots. You hear the loud "DING", and Chris's voice.

"The challenge is over, both teams, report back to the Dock of Shame!", Chris says. The Rats and Maggots return to the dock. 

"The Toxic Rats are the winners! Finally...", Chris declares. Your team cheers.

"We couldn't have done it without you, CO!", Brick says. The last thing you see is Dawn and B looking concerned about you.


Later, you wake up in the infirmary.

"Morning, sleepyhead maggot.", Chef says.

"Actually, I'm a Toxic Rat.", you reply.

"DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE?!", Chef shouts.

"Why am I in here?", you ask.

"The mutant seagull venom knocked you right out. You won for your team, girlie. LEAVE.", Chef says. You get up, feeling woozy but overall fine.

"Oh, you're awake. Come on, the rest of us are gonna go to the bonfire ceremony.", Brick says.

"Welcome, campers. Maggots, you have lost for the second time in this competition. On this plate, I have five marshmallows. These marshmallows represent life in this game. They represent safety. This means that the camper that does not receive a marshmallow must immediately walk down the Dock of Shame and leave Camp Wawanakwa.", Chris says.

"Oh, just get on with it.", Anne Maria says.

"If you do not receive a marshmallow, you will receive the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom.", Chris says. Chef arrives with the Toxic Marshmallow.

"Eat up, suckers!", Chef says.

"The first normal marshmallow goes to...Zoey.", Chris says.

"Yay!", Zoey says, catching her marshmallow.

"Mike.", Chris says. Mike catches it.

"Dakota. Anne Maria, Cameron and each racked up a lot of votes.", Chris says. The three look nervous.

"Jo, you are safe." Chris says.

"Obviously. You can't vote for your team leader!", Jo says.

"Anne Maria and of you are going home today.", Chris says.


























"Cameron.", Chris says.

"Phew!", Cameron says, sighing in relief. Anne Maria hangs her head low in shame.

"You are eliminated.", Chris adds. Cameron gets shocked.

"YES! You're outta here, you lil creep!", Anne Maria says.

"What?! How can this be?!", Cameron asks.

"Yeah, yeah, it's always a shock. Chef, the toxic marshmallow, if you please.", Chris says. Chef throws the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom at Cameron, and the smart boy quickly ducks.

"Aw man, no!!", Mike exclaims.

"Uh, I'll miss you, Cameron...", Zoey says.

"Any last words, Cameron?", Chris asks.

"Yes! Jo is a horrible leader! Don't trust her!", Cameron says.

"Pfft, your words mean nothing!", Jo says. Cameron shamefully walks down the Dock of Shame as everyone watches the little one make his to the Hurl of Shame.

"Also, I'd like to say that–AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!", Cameron shouts, getting shot out.

"Can't say I'm gonna miss him.", Chef says.

"I will. He was a good kid.", Chris says.


Anne Maria: Cameron (for trying to take her spraytan)

Cameron: Jo (Because she scares him)

Jo: Cameron (Because he's the "expendable" member)

Mike: Anne Maria (He wanted to avoid "Vito" drama)

Zoey: Anne Maria (She was still mad at her for spraying her eyes with spraytan)

Dakota: Cameron (She followed Jo's instructions)

And now...

THREE characters revealed for TDAS!

Already revealed: OC, Harold and Alejandro.

Joining us in TDAS is everyone's favorite Type A/Delinquent couple: Duncan and Courtney!

And since I tortured you all, here's a CHOICE!

Who do you guys want for TDAS?

A: Sierra (She'll be her usual go-getter perky sugar-hyped self, not her Camody plot)

B: Dakota

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