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Eat, Puke and Be Wary


*A storm thunders outside, and CO is soaked in water*

CO: It's been raining like this for the past WEEK! NOTHING is going on and it's so BORING! I got drenched on the short walk here! The worst part? And I never thought I'd say this...I actually WANT a challenge now!

-end confessional-

You're bored! What do you do?

A: Go in the cabin and sleep

B: Play in the rain

C: Arts and Crafts

D: Mess Hall

"The only thing that's actually open on rainy days is the dumb Arts and Craps center...", you mumble to yourself, angrily making your way there. Over there, you find Chef Hatchet.

"Chef? What are you doing here?", you ask.

"My kitchen's been overrun by raccoons. Dang Chris won't pay for a thing.", Chef says.

"Oh, that's rough. Sorry.", you say.

"We were flyin' kites earlier and he just randomly cut mine off. Nasty jerk.", Chef grumbles. You felt a bit sorry for him.

"Aww. Are you feeling sidelined because the later seasons have basically turned you into a glorified intern?", you ask, repeating what you usually say on the TD Wiki to your friends when you discuss this show.

"Glorified intern?! You crazy? I'm still the hottest guy on the show.", Chef says, winking at the camera.

(Yeah, cause all the guys got eliminated as of yesterday.)

" there anything to, y' here?", you ask.

"Go sit with her.", Chef says, pointing at Zoey, who is sitting in a corner, upset, and knitting a sweater. She's wearing the necklace that Mike gave her.

"Oh...okay.", you say, guilty upon seeing Zoey.

(It was just strategy, it was just strategy...)


CO: If it was just strategy...why do I feel so crappy?

-end confessional-

"H-Hey, Zoey...", you say. Zoey looks up at you, and reluctantly turns away and goes back to her knitting.

"So...what'cha got there...", you ask.

"It's a sweater that I'm going to love. I hope you don't vote it off.", Zoey says harshly. Ouch.

What do you say to Zoey?

A: "I'm really sorry for voting off Mike. Please forgive me." (Katie used her veto)

B: "I'm really sorry for voting off Mike. It was just strategy, nothing personal..."

C: "I wish we could all get along like we used to in episode 1... I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy..."

D: "Jo tricked me into doing it."

E: "Your eyebrows are on fleek gurl."

F: "What can I do to make it up to you, Zoey?"

G: "Girl you need get over Mike, you're too good for that skinny stick-man, anyway! Get your head out of Mike fever and strut that stuff for the audience! Make the boys back home scream your name, and not just for you to win, if you get what I mean."

H: "I hate you, you're an overrated and terrible person never speak to me again you she-witch."

"I'm really sorry for voting off Mike. Please forgive me.", you say genuinely.

"Why should I?", Zoey asks.

"...You shouldn't.", you say. Zoey turns to you.

"It was a terrible thing I did, and I'm sorry. But just because I'm apologizing, that doesn't mean you have to forgive me. It's entirely your prerogative.", you say.


CO: I don't want to force Zoey to forgive me...she's enough of a doormat to Jo and Anne Maria as it is.

-end confessional-

"Good. Because I don't want to forgive you anyway.", Zoey says.

"But...I have to be honest here, Jo and Anne Maria will pick us off now.", you say.

"I know. And you'll be first.", Zoey says confidently.

"How do you know I'll be first?", you ask.

"Let's see...rivalry with Jo, making Jo mad all the time, nearly winning the last two challenges, being friends with everyone's a real mystery.", Zoey says.

(So much shade.)

"Well as of right now I'm not really friends with anyone, am I?", you ask.

"No one is friends with anyone right now.", Zoey says.

"Guess the game isn't called Total Drama for nothing.", you comment. Zoey goes back to her knitting.

"I can see you're not in the talking mood right now...", you say. No comment from Zoey. You get up, and head outside, back into the rain and sleep in your cabin for a while.

"Alright campers, come on over for your next challenge!", Chris says. You all head over to where Chris was, near the confessional bathroom. A tree above you all provided shade.

"This tree provides nice shade, doesn't it?", Chris remarks.

"Providing shade is my job!", Jo says.

(Classic Jo.)

"Right. So, you guys have had it rough, and you're probably all bored with this rain that's been pouring down for a week now.", Chris says.

"YES!", you all yell in unison.

"I haven't been able to train in a week! Look how weak and skinny I've gotten! I look her!", Jo says, pointing at Zoey. Zoey narrows her eyes at Jo.

"Well, I decided to go with a nice, safe, fun challenge today! I hope you guys are up for bounce houses, gumdrops, marshmallows and-", Chris begins, until he steps back a little, and gets caught in a trap! Chris screams as the trap throws him up into the air, and has him come crashing back down, falling into the communal toilet, as thunder roars in the background.

"AHHH!!!", Chris screams, splashing around inside. Chef begins to cackle.

(Did Chef do that...?)

"WHO DID THIS?!", Chris shouts. Chef whistles.

"It was one of the kids! I saw it!", Chef says, throwing all of you under the bus.

"Those ungrateful brats!!! Chef, do you remember those challenges you pitched that didn't get the green light because they were too dangerous? Time to put those into action.", Chris says, angry. Chef crackes a smile.

"Hehehe...hehehehe...HEHEHEHEHEHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!!!!!!!", Chef shouts. You all get scared; Chef is VERY unpredictable.

EPBW (8)

Chef roars with laughter, as dark music plays and the thunder becomes louder, striking fear into everyone's hearts.

"I'm gonna bring the pain and you BETTER have an appetite!", Chef says viciously.

Chef, wearing his military outfit from Basic Straining, arrives and faces you all at the tables he set up.

"Listen up suckas, I'm going to tell you the challenge ONCE! And you will listen ONCE! Is that UNDERSTOOD?", Chef asks.

"YES CHEF!", you all shout back.

"That's MASTER CHIEF TO YOU!", Chef scolds.

"YES MASTER CHIEF!", you all repeat.

"Good. This is gonna be fun...", Chef mumbles to himself.

"Can we get on with this already? I have a date with a manicure.", Anne Maria says.

"We'll begin when I SAY we can begin!", Chef says. There is silence.

"We can begin now.", he says.

"Finally!", Jo comments.

"Your first challenge is to find something on the island, and make a meal out of it. It's gotta be organic. I believe in eating locally.", Chef says in a sophisticated manner.


CO: WOW CHEF!!! Only girls left in the competition and he decides to do a COOKING challenge? I'M THE SEXISM.

-end confessional-

"Pfft, who has time for cooking?", Jo asks.

"People who want to win a million dollars.", you say to Jo, passing by her.

"Do people eat squirrel?", Anne Maria asks.

"No, why?", you ask, turning around to see Anne Maria facing a laser squirrel.

"Ah! Get away from me!", Anne Maria says, spraying the squirrel mercilessly, until the poor thing faints.

What type of food do you make for the challenge?

A wild mutant mushroom omelette. Ingredients: eggs, mushroom, honey

(Alright, so...what can I make?)

You decide to make an omelette, and begin to gather the ingredients.

  1. You find eggs from the mutant goats from last week – even though Dawn would disapprove, you had no other choice.
  2. You found mushrooms growing on the ground.
  3. You got honey from a beehive, and hid in the lake until they left

You prepared your dish, and Chef wheeled in a special guest.

"Say hello to your special guest! DJ!", Chef says.

"What?! I promised myself I'd never come back here!", DJ exclaims.

"Too bad. Eat up!", Chef says. You all serve your dishes to DJ, who reacts negatively, getting scared of them all. DJ breaks out, and runs away.

"New challenge, you gotta eat your own nasty dishes.", Chef says. You scarf down your meal to win, and end up feeling kinda queasy. Anne Maria, Jo and Zoey have a lot of trouble, and Annie and Zoey end up throwing up, which means you win.

"Congratulations, Charlotte. You win!", Chef says.

"Thank you, Master Chief." you reply.

"You get a thirty second headstart and don't have to wear a tracking device.", Chef says.

"Awesome!", you say, dashing off. Which way do you go?

A: Straight – into the thick trees

B: Left – The direction of the cave

C: Right – The clearer area that leads to the waterfall

You keep running straight, deciding not to take the risk of a turn. As you run through the muddy grass, thunder booming in the background, you hear Chef blasting a horn, indicating that the others have begun.

You dash through the trees, and nearly slip a few times. You fall right into a bush, and break a nail.

(Alright, I need to get into some sort of hiding...and find that end point...)

You climb a tree, resting after all the running you just did in the thick mud.

"Anne Maria, stop following me! We'll both be targets!", Jo exclaims.

"Well, where am I supposed to go?", she asks.

"Use your logic! Go to Bland Girl or something, she can be your shield!", Jo advises.

"She's too skinny to be a shield.", Anne Maria complains.

"I don't care! Get a Spartan Battle Shield!", Jo says, getting irritated.

"Bath time, SUCKAS!", Chef says, loading his big water gun.

"Uh oh...", Anne Maria says.

"Take her!", Jo says, pushing Anne Maria right in front of Chef, and dashing away. Jo makes eye contact with you for a split second, and punches the tree you were standing on.

Chef Hatchet douses Anne Maria with an extremely powerful jet stream of water, making it harder for her to escape.

"Got ya, maggot.", Chef says. You manage to escape, and catch up to Jo.

"Jo!", you say, panting.

"Oh, it's you.", Jo says.

"How do you expect to win?!", you ask.

"What do you mean?", she asks.

"That food probably gave you food poisoning!", you point out.

"I didn't even throw up!", Jo says.

"That's not necessarily a good thing. It probably didn't even get out of your system.", you say.

"What are you implying?!", Jo asks, angrily.

"Oh, nothing, just that if you have a weak stomach, you may not be as safe as you thought.", you say.


CO: Classic psychological twist. If Jo thinks she's sick, she'll feel sick.

-end confessional-

"My stomach is not weak, CharLAME!", Jo says.

"Alright, who am I to doubt your abilities?", you say. You can feel Jo slowing down a bit, as if she's trying to conserve energy.

(What kind of twisted challenge is this, anyway?!)

You arrive at a large chasm.

"Oh, sh**...", you mouth. You look around; it extends for a pretty big strip of land – and Chef could catch you in that time. It was too wide to jump. Then, you hear another girl, panting, and coming close.

"Oh no!", Zoey says, upon seeing the chasm.

"Z-Zoey!", you exclaim. Zoey glances at you, but not with anger.

"How do we get through this?!", you wonder.

"I don't know about you, but I'm off!", Zoey says, heading toward the direction where she can go around. You decide you have no other choice, and follow her.

You suddenly get SO close to the finish line pole. You dash ahead of Zoey, but then...Chef Hatchet arrives!

"DANG!! I thought I was almost safe!!", you yell.

"B**CH YOU THOUGHT!!", Chef yells, getting his water gun ready. But instead of pointing it at YOU, he points it at...ZOEY!! And she was so close to the edge of the chasm!!

What do you do?

A: Leave Zoey, win the challenge

B: Save Zoey from Chef

(A.N.: For the best experience whilst reading this, put on a video on another tab that plays some sort of thunderstorm sound)

(*sigh* I'm sorry Zoey, but I can't let this slip away from me...)

You pretend you didn't notice Zoey, and dash to the pole. As you ran, you heard Chef shooting Zoey, followed by a thud, and Chef cackling.

You run ahead, and jump, managing to grab the pole. You hug it momentarily, shaking at how cold the rain was, and how loud the storm. You let go, and jump up and down to celebrate your victory.

"Congratulations. You win.", Chef says, nodding to you, almost seeming...proud.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the chasm...

Zoey, weak from the fall, on her knees, sits on the ground, destroyed. She sheds tears...and the icy, fast rain falls on her face, as if beating down on her – like the world was.

"No one loves one cares about me.", she breaths out. Thunder booms in the background as she continues to cry and berate herself.

"I...I'm nothing. I don't matter...I'm just...I'm just a waste.", Zoey cries. She feels around her pants, unable to find what she was looking for. She looks in front of her; her necklace from Mike, shattered into countless pieces. Zoey buried her face in her hands.

(No one cares about me...the only friend I had...and I pushed her away. I'm so...I'm so horrible. I'm just...I'm just so useless.), Zoey thinks.

"Nothing matters anymore...I don't matter anymore.", Zoey says. Her body becomes weak, and she collapsed onto the ground. A flurry of thoughts begin to come over her...

But, um, Zoey's kinda weird.

"Zoey?! She's the worst! Don't even get me started on Zoey! She may seem all sweet around other people, but that's just because she wants to make friends. Such a diva.", Dakota says.

"No, I would never use this shade. Ew! This is probably Zoey's. It's disgusting.", she says.

"Next question for the Mutant Maggots: Who here has no friends, and spends the entire day knitting sweaters?", Chris says.
"*sigh* It's me...", Zoey says, pressing the button. Laughs all around.

"Hey there, baby. Come here often?", Anne Maria asks.
"'Ey ya see, now there's a bod.", Mike says.
"Excuse me?", Zoey asks.
"Wasn't talkin' to you, princess.", Mike says.

"Good attitude, boring girl!", Jo says.
"I wish you'd stop calling me that.", Zoey replies.

"Good. My team's boring. I've got some wannabe actor, Bubble Boy, Spray-To-Play, Miss Canada and, ugh, Zoey.", Jo says.

"Oh, no one wants to hear from me...", Zoey says.

"It's just that I feel like I should have everyone's approval. What if I mess up? What if I'm not...liked?", Zoey asks.

"Before I was sad. Now I'm just mad...", Zoey says, but you can see the sadness in her eyes.

"Is this...even safe?! Was it even tested?", Zoey asks anxiously.
"Does it LOOK like I got time for testing challenges like Chris the Sissy?!", Chef exclaims.
"S-Sorry.", Zoey replies.

"Quiet down. Apology Breath is in the lead, and she's a total numbskull.", Anne Maria whispers.

"He was. Eventually, I tried to breakup with him. He got really mad because he was being dumped. He grabbed my arm and held it tight, saying that he's not going to be humiliated by me.", Zoey continues.

"So then, we continued that pattern. Every day passed, and eventually even my parents, who are always supportive of me, told me to break up with him. One day in class, he gave me all his books to hold, and I just snapped. I don't know, guys, I don't know what came over me. I told him I wasn't going to put up with him anymore.", Zoey says.

"Yeah, but then the entire school turned against me because of him. So I didn't have any friends.", Zoey says.

"It seems Zoey isn't fine though. It looks like someone wrung out her aura and left on the ground...", Dawn says.

Dakota: "Zoey's my FWNAM, but I really gotta vote for her this time."
"FWNAM?", you ask.
"Friend Who Needs A Makeover. Duh.", Dakota says.

"We just have to find the chest.", Zoey says.
"Yeah, no kidding, Boring Girl!", Jo retorts.

Zoey's just a schmuck who's trying to get her hands on my man.", Anne Maria says.

"Come on, Bland One.", Jo says.
"I told you stop calling me that...", Zoey says.
"No, you said stop calling you "Boring One". This is completely different.", Jo retorts.

"Jo, can't you just leave me alone?", Zoey asks.
"I would, but it's too much fun to bother you.", Jo says.

"Hey, red! Come here!", Anne Maria says.
"I have a name, you know.", Zoey says.
"Alright. Look in this trash bag for me.", Anne Maria says.
"What?? No way!", Zoey says.
"Fine, I thought we could be friends but I guess not.", Anne Maria says.
"Alright, alright...", Zoey says, and stick her hand inside the trash bag.
"Ow! Ow! Owwww!!", Zoey says, as a raccoon scratches her hand, clinging onto it. Zoey hits the raccoon against the wall, as Anne Maria reaches inside the bag and snatches the key.
"Ha! Got it!", Anne Maria says.
"Hey...that should be mine!", Zoey says.
"Ya snooze, ya lose sista", Anne Maria replies.

"That enough proof for you? Spill the tea, Mike.", Zoey says.
"Spill the tea...?", Jo asks.
"IT'LL CATCH ON!", Zoey shouts.
"Yeah, when people become as bland as you...", Jo replies.

"Not so fast, Bland-y!", Jo says, pushing Zoey off her cart.

"Alright CO, let's SLAY this game!", Zoey says.
"Slay...?", Jo asks from afar.
"IT. WILL. CATCH. ON.", Zoey shouts back, irritated.
"Yeah, in BORING TOWN!", Jo insults.

"Okay, well, this is our chance to get in the lead.", CO says. Suddenly, the tree falls on Zoey's cart.
"OH MY GOSH!!! Why!!", Zoey shouts.
"Hahahahahahahaha!", Duncan laughs, holding an axe.

"​Who cares what she says? It's Zoey!", Jo says, getting a laugh from both herself and Chris. Zoey awkwardly holds her arm, unsure of what to say.

"Pfft! Brick's not an idiot, Blandoey! He knows that there's only one winner contender for this season.", Jo says proudly.

"Sorry, I have a policy of not talking to losers.", Heather says.
"Uh, I'm not a loser, well, unless everyone else thinks I am...", Zoey says shyly.

"Can it, Boring One.", Jo says harshly.

"Don't let her touch your wings! They'll get the Bland Disease.", Jo says.

Zoey falls onto one of the goats, which starts shaking wildly.
"S-Stop! P-Please!", Zoey asks helplessly.

"I...I don't like fighting.", Zoey says.
"Yeah?! Then get outta here, loser!", Heather shouts, throwing a Gemmie at Zoey.

"Why don't you ask Charlotte? She was the swing vote.", Jo says.
"Why would you SAY that?", you ask angrily.
"That's cruel, even for me.", Chris judges.
" could you?", Zoey asks, tearing up.
"I'm sorry Zoey...Mike...was a threat.", you say.

"I haven't been able to train in a week! Look how weak and skinny I've gotten! I look her!", Jo says, pointing at Zoey. Zoey narrows her eyes at Jo.

"​Who cares what she says? It's Zoey!", Jo says
"​Who cares what she says?", Jo says
"​Who...cares...what...she...says?", Jo says

Zoey stands up, her legs like jelly.

"I...I care what I say...", she pushes out in between gasps of air, still crying, her lip quivering and her eyes puffy from the tears. Zoey wipes her tears.

She stands up, as thunder booms loudly in the background.

"That's one is going to push me around any further.", Zoey says, weakly standing up. It's as's as if something snapped inside her.

Zoey faces the sky, a powerful look in her eye. She rips off the bottom of her top effortlessly, wipes away her tears, and uses it as a bandana.


Zoey finally snaps...and becomes Commando Zoey.

"I...I'm going to get revenge...and NO ONE is going to stand in my way."

The sound thunder, and the flash of lightning shake the entire area...only Zoey is unfazed.

Back with CO, the same thunder roars throughout the island. You shake, and your heart leaps from how loud it was.

"Woah...this storm is gettin' serious.", Chef says, looking up. You see an arrow attached to a rope, flying through the air, and then sticking to a tree. Then, Zoey climbs the rope, reaching the ground.

"You lost. You can't do nothin'", Chef mocks, berating Zoey.

"Don't speak to me.", Zoey says angrily.

"'re gonna talk to me like that?!", Chef says, confronting Zoey. Zoey grabs Chef by his vest.

"I will speak to you any way I want.", Zoey says, pushing Chef onto the ground. Chef could still have easily taken Zoey; she doesn't know what she's getting into. But he backed down. Zoey makes brief eye contact with you, her eyes filled with anger, hate and ferocity. This...was a changed girl. This was not the same Zoey. She had reached her breaking point.


CO: Wh-What happened to Zoey? I'm scared for what's next...

-end confessional-

What do you do next?

A: Retreat back to camp

B: Spy on Zoey

C: Spy on Jo

D: Custom

You decide to head back to your cabin and rest, since you had already won immunity.

(Today hard)

Soon, everyone returned. Anne Maria was worried about her hair and nails, as usual, as Jo dragged her off somewhere. For some reason, Jo walked with a limp.

Zoey was the last to arrive, and she was still in that weird "ninja" phase from earlier.

"Z-Zoey...?", you ask, a bit shy to speak to her. She turns to you.

"What?", she asks.

"I...I hope things are cool between us.", you ask.

"Why would they be? What have you done for me?", Zoey asks.

"Voting off Mike, really, it was-"

"Strategic. I know. Guess what...I don't really care anymore. I don't need Mike anymore. I don't need anyone anymore.", she says.

(Woah...when did you become Ms. Independent?)

"Uh...oh.", is all you manage to say.

"Do you know who the real threat is, Charlotte?", Zoey asks.

"Jo?", you ask.

"Exactly. She will go down.", Zoey says.

"Zoey, are you okay...?", you ask.

"Yes. I'm better than ever, in fact. There's...there's no reason for me to be as cowardly and submissive as before.", she says.

"If you think that's best for you, I won't be the one to discourage it.", you reply.

That night, Chef Hatchet hosted the elimination ceremony.

Who do you vote for?

A: Anne Maria

B: Jo

C: Zoey

D: Abstain

"The votes are in. I have to say, it's a shocking one this time.", Chef says.

(Oh no...)

"The first marshmallow goes to today's victor, Charlotte.", Chef says, throwing your marshmallow at you. It hits your face. Zoey, her arms crossed, looks around, unafraid.

"Zoey.", Chef says. As if knowing she was next to receive a marshmallow, Zoey catches it with ease.

"The final marshmallow goes to...", Chef says, staring down Jo and Anne Maria.





















"Jo!" you're still in!", Chef announces.


"Ha! See ya, Annie.", Jo says.

"Wh-What?! Jo, you said I wouldn't be out!", Anne Maria exclaims.

"Oh yeah, see, about that...alliance over.", Jo says bluntly.

"Wait, what's going on?", you ask.

"That schmuck said I'd still be in if I voted for myself!", Anne Maria says, pointing at Jo.

"WHY would you vote for yourself?", you ask.

"You see Lame Oxford, Annie darling has been doing something she shouldn't.", Jo explains.

(Wait...the hairspray!)

"I told her that if she voted for herself, I'd keep quiet about it.", Jo explains.

"You only said that so you could blindside her?!", Zoey asks, furious.

"Pretty much. Survival of the fittest.", Jo claims. Meanwhile, Chef sipped tea while carefully watching every detail.

"Oooohh, you're going to get it.", Anne Maria says, getting ready to punch Jo. Jo dodges her attack, and the two engage in a brief fight, before Chef takes her away.

"Bye Annie", Jo says, waving goodbye. Anne Maria is dragged away, kicking and screaming.

"That was cutthroat...", Zoey says, glaring at Jo.

"That's how I play. To WIN.", Jo says.

"I've always wanted to do this!", Chef says, as a grumpy Anne Maria sits in the Hurl of Shame. He pulls the lever, and off goes Anne Maria, flying away, taking her fabulousness with her.

"Who will be eliminated next? My money's on Ms. Feminism! Find out next time on Total...Drama...Revenge of the Island!", Chef says.


CO: Another contestant bites the dust. At least it wasn't me...or Zoey. Final three...I didn't think I could get this far.

-end confessional-

Meanwhile, at the communal bathroom...

"H-Help!! Someone heeeelp me!", Chris moans.

Exclusive clip

Anne Maria flies through the air, arms crossed grumpily.

"No good, lying, scheming, filthy blondie...", Anne Maria mutters under her breath.

"Thinks she can do anything...ohh, I'm gonna enjoy watching her go down!", Anne Maria says. While flying through the air, she applies hairspray.

"I hate when the wind blows my hair. This'll keep it safe!", Anne Maria says, tapping her steely hair.

Anne Maria lands on Playa Des Losers, where it seems a party took place. There are streamers on the ground, some trash here and there, and a mattress, too far to the left.

Anne Maria misses the mattress, and lands on the ground, on her head. Her hair breaks a hole in the ground, and she gets stuck.

"Uh, someone help!", Anne Maria says. She starts flailing around, but her hair is too hard to budge.

"Great.", Anne Maria says, crossing her arms again.

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