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Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

Right after Zoey takes the Hurl of Shame, you and Jo head back to camp. It's a quiet, clear, dead night.

"Poor Zoey...I hope she gets better soon.", you say, confident that your actions were for the best.

"Weaklings suffer, while the strong triumph. It's called Survival of the Fittest.", Jo responds.

"Zoey wasn't weak.", you say.

"Then why was she eliminated?", Jo asks.

What do you say?

A: Continue defending Zoey

B: End the conversation

"She was eliminated because of...mistakes. Mistakes that weren't her fault.", you say.

"Ah. Then I suppose you're the weakest? Can't even win a challenge without betraying your friends.", Jo says.

"Maybe I am. We'll see tomorrow, won't we?", you say.

"Ha! This finale is gonna be an easy victory. I'm bored just thinking about it!", Jo says.

"That's nice.", you say.

"And you're gonna be crushed like a pancake.", Jo says, laughing.

"That's nice.", you repeat.

"Stop that!", Jo says.

"That's nice.", you say, not even paying attention anymore. Jo turns around and pokes you.

"Good luck saying that when I'm done with you!", she says, laughing. Jo walks into her cabin, and you walk into yours.

The next morning...

"Time to wake up, finalists! Rise and shine!", Chris says. During breakfast, Chef rants about how horrible the season was, and something about how his paycheck is too small for all the work he does.

Then, you meet outside the cabins to see Chef and Chris.

"Welcome to the beginning of the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island finale!", Chris says. Chef grunts.

"As a reward for making it to the finale, you're receiving a video message from home from a loved one. Jo, we'll start with you.", Chris says.

Jo's mother comes on screen. A big, bulky woman standing up straight. A gym is behind her; the same one from Jo's audition tape.

"Mom!", Jo says, excited.

"Jo. Good work on making it to the finale.", her mother says. Jo looks almost...vulnerable at this point.

"Th-Thank you, mom.", Jo replies.

"Don't stutter.", Jo's mom says.

"Yes, ma'am.", Jo says.

"Win for your family. We...can't afford the gym anymore.", Jo's mother says. Jo's face flushes.

"Wh-What?! Why not?!", she asks.

"Money problems. Your father's business is going through some turmoil and...well, we're in a bit of a bind now.", she says.

"B-But...the gym...", Jo says.

"It's out of my hands. Win and save it, Jo. Good luck.", her mother says.

"I...I will.", Jo says.

"And now, CO's turn...", Chris says.

Which family member do you get a message from?

A: Mother

B: Father

C: Sister

The monitor turns on. A woman who resembles CO, but clearly more mature, appears on screen. She seems to be somewhere in her twenties.

"Sis!", you say.

"Charlotte!", she replies.

"OMG, it's been so long since I've seen you!", you say.

"Well, I've seen you every week. You've been doing an amazing job, sis.", she says.

"Thank you, Emily!! How are mom and dad?", you ask.

"They're great! We're all rooting for you, baby girl.", she says.

"Emily, why don't you tell CO what's going on back home?", Chris say.

"Oh...well...I was hoping I couldn't put too much pressure on her.", Emily says.

"You have to tell me now.", you say.

"Well, you know grandma's home by the lake? The one we go to every summer?", Emily asks.

"Of course, I love going there.", you say, remembering the fond memories.

"She...can't keep it anymore.", Emily says. You're shocked.

"What?? Why not??", you ask.

"Turns out she didn't have the deed – some other family does. They want it back. They want a lot of money for the house too, and we just can't afford it.", Emily says. You're heartbroken – your childhood home, being stripped away from you.

"B-But...I'm willing to use the prize money.", you say. What better thing could you spend the money on? The house costs about $300,000 meaning you would still have a lot left over.

"Well, you need to win then sis.", Emily says. You stand up straight, confident.

"I will. I promise.", you say.

"That's my girl.", Emily says, with a wink. The camera turns off, and Chris turns to you two.

"Feel pressured yet?", Chris asks.

"NO!", you and Jo both yell in unison.

"Sure. Anyway, let's head over to the site of the challenge, where you all will meet the Peanut Gallery.

"From the Toxic Rats, we have...B, Brick, Dawn, Scott, and Staci!", Chris says. You're happy to see your former teammates, with the exception of Scott, who glares at you.

"From the Mutant Maggots, we have Anne Maria, Cameron, Dakota, Mike, Sam, and Zoey!", Chris announces. You're happy to see some of them as well; well, mostly Dakota and Sam. Things ended...badly with the other two.

"Before we begin, you two can record your thoughts in the confessional.", Chris says.


CO: *sigh* I can't believe I've come so far. This...feels like a dream. I can't lose now. There's no way I'm letting Jo win – I played fair and square, and that's what matters.

-end confessional-


Jo: As if I'm gonna lose now! My skills, strength and of course, my killer zingers, have gotten me this far and I DOUBT they're gonna fail me now. Clear the way, Charlame, because this girl's about to snag the money.

-end confessional-

"To start off, both of you can pick one helper from the Peanut Gallery.", Chris says.

"I pick Lightning.", Jo says.

"I pick Brick.", you say.

"Not so fast. You have to pick someone who's NOT rooting for you.", Chris says.

"What?! But everyone's rooting for me!", you say.

"Well, not three specific contestants...", Chris says.

A: Lightning

B: Scott

C: Zoey

"Fine, still an easy choice. I choose Zoey.", you say. Zoey, who doesn't seem to look as fierce as before, comes down.

"I choose Cameron.", Jo says. Everyone seems to be confused.

"Cameron...?", Lightning asks.

"I have my reasons.", Jo says. Cameron nervously steps down.

A: Ask Jo why she chose Cameron

B: Let it slide

"So, um, Jo...why'd you choose Cameron?", you ask. Cameron frowns.

"I think he has a lot of potential, of course.", Jo says.

"I see...", you say. That had to be a lie.

"Why? You don't believe in Cameron? Ha, I should have expected that from someone as narrow-minded as you.", Jo says.

"Yeah, that wasn't very nice, Charlotte.", Cameron says.

"I didn't mean it like that...", you say.

"As if! She's just full of lies.", Jo asks.

"You're just bending this to your will.", you say.

"Always victimizing yourself.", Jo says. You felt rage at Jo's lies.

"Now that both of you have your partners, you may now begin!", Chris announces. Zoey and Cameron immediately run off to find items, and you go off too. Jo holds you back, and whispers in your ear.

"Cameron wasn't really rooting for you – you're just not the "big scary bully". But now, he's on my side. Good luck with your mess of a partner.", Jo whispers.

(Wh-What?! That's what she was planning...)

"Cameron! You're doing an awesome job! Let's get away from that bully and win this thing!", Jo says.

"Thanks, Jo! I'll try my best!", Cameron says.

(I need to get Zoey back on my side...but how?)

What do you say to Zoey?

A: "Alright Zoey, let's work together, because I know we can do this!"

B: "Hey, I know you're mad, but maybe we could put aside our differences and try to win?"

C: "Can you stop being mad at me? You're so childish."

D: "I know I messed up, but can we please do this challenge?"

"Hey, I know you're mad, but maybe we could put aside our differences and try to win?", you say. There is a short silence.

"Why? What's in it for me?", Zoey asks.

"Well...I don't know...", you respond.

"Then why should I help you?", Zoey asks. You have no response. You head over to the pile of junk.

"Yes, that's very useful! Good job, Cameron!", Jo says encouragingly.

(Ugh, her attitude is so obviously fake...and I know a fake girl when I see one.)

"Jo, do you want to go with an offensive or a defensive strategy?", Cameron asks. Jo whispers something in his ear.

"Oh, it can't be both. We won't have enough time.", Cameron says apologetically. Jo almost rolls her eyes, and whispers into Cameron's ear again.

"I was hoping you would say that!", Camerons says excitedly.

(Cameron brings up a good point...what strategy should I go with?)

A: Offensive

B: Defensive

(I guess I should go with a defensive strategy. Knowing Jo being the brute she is, she'll probably go all-out offensive.)

You pick up a few items you can use for defense; heavy metal, some pipes, and then you see a particularly big metal block that would work well as armor.

"Hey, I saw it first!", Jo says.

"No you didn't! I did!", you say.

"Back off!", Jo says, tugging at it.

"No, YOU back off.", you say, pulling back.

"Bubble boy, help!", Jo says.

"I would, but I have no strength.", Cameron says. Jo rolls her eyes.

"Let GO, CharLAME!", Jo shouts.

"No, JOKE.", you shout, fighting for it.

A: Let Jo have it

B: Keep fighting for it

(Ugh, I need this armor!)

You keep fighting Jo for it.

"Let GO already!", you say. Jo smirks.

"If you insist...", Jo says, and lets go of the armor. Due to the incredible amount of force you were pulling the armor with, and Jo's unexpected release of the block, it sends you flying back, and you hit the wall.

You try to stand up, dizzy. Jo runs over, and snatches the metal block from you.

"This'll make great armor.", Jo says.

"Jo, that wasn't very nice.", Cameron says.

"Do you really want that traitor to win?", Jo asks.

"Well, no...", Cameron says.

"Then why are you complaining?", Jo asks.

"I guess for no reason...", Cameron says. Zoey walks over.

"You okay?", she asks. You stand up, your head and back aching.

(OMG! She's finally coming around!)

A: "Yes, I'm fine. Thanks for asking."

B: "No, I think I'm seriously hurt..."

C: Just nod

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.", you reply.

"No problem.", she says. She looks at you at starts walking, expecting you to keep up with her pace. Each step hurt your back, but it slowly got better.

"What you need to do is make some decent armor – I see you don't have the best selection here.", Zoey says.

"Thanks for the reminder.", you say.

"Maybe you could use that as a shield?", Zoey asks, picking up a circular trash can lid.

"Good idea...", you say.

"You'll need a good head cover. Which one do you want to go with?", Zoey asks, holding up a cover which is bigger, but softer, and one that's thinner but harder.

A: Thicker but soft

B: Thinner but hard

"I'll take the harder one.", you say.

"Good idea.", Zoey says.

"Alright finalists, it's time to begin. Helpers, you are no longer allowed to help. Please return to the Peanut Gallery.

"Thanks for the help, Zoey.", you say. Zoey nods at you, and goes back to sit with the others.

"Take your positions.", Chef says, coming in between you and Jo. You take a close look at Jo; she seems to be well-armored; covered on all sides. She had that one metal block that you fought over, right in the center of her armor.

"You like it?", Jo asks, knowing where your eyes lingered. You grunt; it's pretty obvious she wanted to spite you by putting it right in your eyesight.

"Here are the rules", Chef says.

"Rules? I didn't make it to the finale for rules!", Jo says impatiently.

"Don't take the million, then.", Chris says. Jo crosses her arms.

"Neither of you can stop moving at any point. A three second grace period is allowed if you suffer a harsh blow.", Chef says.

(Three seconds...)

"Killing is strictly not allowed. If ya kill your opponent, you lose.", Chef says.

"We weren't going to kill each other!", Jo says.

"You can tell that to the judge.", Chris says. Jo rolls her eyes.

"The final rule is that you cannot leave the arena under any circumstances. If you do, then you know the consequences.", Chef explains.

"Can we win if we throw our opponent out of the arena?", you ask.

"Yes. Or, you can pin them down for a total of ten seconds.", Chris says.

A summary of the rules:

  • You cannot stop moving.
  • You cannot kill your opponent.
  • You cannot leave the arena.
  • You win by doing one of the following: throwing your opponent out of the arena, injuring them to the point where they can't get up, or pinning them down for ten seconds.

"...Begin!", Chef says.

Both you and Jo start running. You avoid each other at first, until it seems that neither of you are going to make a move.

A: Progress toward Jo

B: Let her come to you

C: Retreat

(Fine, there's no need for me to make any rash decisions. She can come to me.)

You continue circling around each other.

"Tick tock.", Chef says. You shoot a quick glare at Chef.

"Come on, manicure!", Jo says. You quickly look at your nails; they looked horrible.


CO: Word of advice: If you spend time near toxic waste, it's very mean to your nails, and HAIR.

*You feel your hair, and pull a strand out.*

You scream.

-end confessional-

"At least I have hands that can be manicured.", you say, rolling your eyes.

"I can get a manicure!", Jo says, looking at her busted up nails from all her training.

"YAWN! Can we get a move on? Emperor Chris is getting tired!", Chris says.

"Hang on!", Jo shouts.

"If I don't get any action in ten seconds, there are two girls in this arena that WON'T be receiving a million dollars.", Chris threatens.

A: Go after Jo

B: Continue to let her come after you

You charge after Jo, but you're careful not to run too fast – she might dodge, and you could get hurt.

You and Jo face each other head on, and crash into each other. You immediately get up – you've never had to get up that fast after being hit. But you had to, or else you would be out.

"You're stronger than you seem, Chartraitor!", Jo says.

"I'm not a traitor.", you reply.

"Tell that to Zoey. Fortunately, she's still alive!", Jo mocks, making you angrier. You compose yourself.

"I know you're just trying to make me angry, Jo. It's not going to work. I know your type.", you say.

"You "know" my type? What's that supposed to mean?", she asks.

"Manipulation, lying, you know how it is.", you say.

"Look at this! Look what she's trying to pull!", Jo says. You get a couple glares, but nothing major.

"It doesn't really matter now, this is the end.", you say.

"You little witch!", Jo shouts, charging after you.

(Why did Jo go with a defensive strategy...?)

"Why are you holding up a defensive strategy, Jo? It's almost as defensive as you.", you say.

"You think I'm dumb?", Jo asks.

"Yes.", you reply.

"You don't win a fight like this by being offensive.", Jo explains.

"Oh, come on!", Chris says.

"This is gettin' boring.", Chef says.

"HURT EACH OTHER ALREADY!", Chris shouts. Chef opens a gate, and Larry escapes.

"OH NO!", you and Jo yell in unison. Zoey's eyes open wide, and she holds Mike's hand tight in fear. Mike appears to be in pain from how tight Zoey was holding his hand.

Following Larry, every single dangerous mutant came out.

"Ha! This should spice things up.", Chris says. One of the laser squirrels burns down the Peanut Gallery, sending everyone falling.

"Whoa...didn't expect that.", Chef says.

Fang looks at Scott.

"H-Hey there, fella...", Scott says, smiling sheepishly. Fang smirks, and growls at Scott. Scott runs away, screaming.

"Ooh, pretty flower!", Staci says, picking up a flower off the floor, and putting it in her hair.

"STACI, NO!!", Zoey shouts.

"What?", Staci asks. Larry swallows her up.

"My great great grandmother started the trend of putting flowers in your hair.", Staci says, in Larry's mouth.

A tentacle monster picks up B, and starts punching his groin.

"Oh my! The tea leaves didn't predict this!", Dawn says, helpless.

"Don't worry, I'll save you!", Brick says, but then he gets cornered by mutant gophers.

"Ohhh no...", Brick says. They inch closer to him.

"Zoey!", Mike yells. Two mutant flies pull them away, as Zoey holds on tight to Mike.

The mutant flies throw the two on opposite sides, and begin attacking them.

"Oh my gosh!!!", you see, staring in horror at the chaos.

"Huh. Sucks to be them. Now then, let's finish this.", Jo says, getting ready to attack you.

A: Continue fighting Jo

B: Stop and save someone – Saving Zoey

You look around at the chaos; all your friends in trouble!

You quickly try to determine who's in the most trouble, and you think it's Zoey, who's being attacked by the fly and is unable to hit back.

You rush over to Zoey, when you see a little guy you haven't seen in a while.

A certain cat...

That's been missing quite a while...

"Snowbelle?", you ask. Snowbelle jumps into your arms.

(That gives me an idea...)

A: Use Snowbelle to chase away the fly

B: Chase the fly away yourself

"Hey, there!", you say to Snowbelle, with a smile. Snowbelle rubs her fur against you.

"That fly is being mean to my friend. Can we do something about that?", you ask. Snowbelle nods, and jumps out of your arms.

"Whoa, wait!", you shout, but it was too late – Snowbelle had already begun shooting a laser out of her eyes at the fly. You were saved by a hair – literally!

A tiny lock of your hair fell to the ground and burned to a crisp. However, you could feel your armor breaking, due to the already flimsy build. However, another thing that burned was the fly.

Snowbelle wandered off somewhere; you assumed it was to help the others. You help Zoey up, and she looks at you, shocked, tears welling up in her eyes.

"CO...I'm so sorry. About everything.", she says, breaking down and crying into your shoulder.

"You've got nothing to be sorry for.", you respond, knowing how much of a pushover Zoey can be. You didn't want to treat your friend that way.

"So....we're good?", you ask, full of hope. Zoey smiles at you, wiping away her tears.

"For sure.", she says. You two start helping the others; eventually Jo catches on, and starts helping too.

"Well, that was...interesting.", Chris says.

"Can we continue now? I want my million already.", Jo says.

"Yes. Commence the brawl once more!", Chef says.

"I was gonna say that...", Chris says.

"Too bad. I'm a better host.", Chef says, then starts texting on his phone. Chris crosses his arms.

You and Jo begin fighting again, both weakened from all the fighting.

"Lost your armor?", Jo asks.

"What do you think?", you respond. You see that Jo lost hers as well; you're both on equal footing now.

"I...I need to win this.", you say, thinking of everything...your family, Brick, Zoey...

"You think I don't? If I don't win...I'm...I'm a failure.", Jo says. For the first time, you feel empathy for Jo. Not enough to let her win, though.

"'re not. You got this far. Second place is very good.", you say.

"Nice that you think that way.", Jo says. You two continue trying to push each other off. You begin to lose your footing.

"Two minutes until we release another..."trap". And this one MIGHT kill one of you.", Chris says.

"WHAT? I did not come this far just to DIE.", you shout.

"After everything, you think I'm going down this easy?", Jo asks, her strength increasing. You pushed against Jo, as she manages to knock you down. As she prepares to pin you, you roll out of the way and stand up.

"You think you had it easier than me? My friends dropped like FLIES! I had to FIGHT just to not die from depression...", you say.

"Friends?! FRIENDS?! I had NONE throughout this ENTIRE game!", Jo shouts.

"Maybe that's because you're SO nasty.", you say, and at this point you and Jo are just shouting at each other. It starts raining, and you can feel the icy raindrops hit your face. A fog comes around the arena, and thunder booms in the background.

"Nasty?! How else do you survive in a game like this? Not all of us can be Miss Perfect like you!", Jo shouts. You knock Jo into the rain while she displays this moment of weakness. She stands up fast, and you're at odds once more.

You have no response to her question; "Miss Perfect"? Far from it!

"By being a decent person. It's not hard.", you say.

"No, it's not. I don't have friends; I play by my own rules.", Jo says.

"Who made those rules?", you ask.

"I did. No one tells me what to do.", Jo says.

"Then that's your problem.", you say. This seems to strike Jo wrong; and she goes ballistic.

"I am NOT going down after all the sh** I've gone through!", Jo screams. You can see the fire in her eyes; she moves swiftly, blow after blow, hitting you until you can hardly move.

"Try saying that when you have to watch your friends drop like flies, one by one! When your boyfriend is ripped apart from you; when your friends start hating you for wanting to win.", you say, crying at this point. Your tears go unnoticed; they go down with the rain.

CO's Ending

After the tears go down, you feel a surge of power. All the people you've let down, everything you've worked for.

Brick, screaming for you to win, smiles at you from the corner of your eye. Sweating, you use up the last bit of your energy to tackle Jo, and don't let her go. The sky begins to clear.

"10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!", everyone counts. Chris comes down.

"Charlotte has done it! Charlotte has won Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!", Chris announces. You feel incredible. You feel unreal, like this is all some sort of dream. You feel lifted into the air, flying among the clouds.

Then you're lifted for real, as all of your friends lift you up, leaving Jo behind.


Jo: This...this can't be. Is this real? After all I did...

-end confessional-

You jump down from your group of friends, and give your hand to Jo. At first, she refuses, but eventually takes your hand.

"D-Don't think this makes us friends.", Jo says.

"I wouldn't dream of it.", you say.

You all stand on a huge yacht, with you in the center. Chef comes into the circle, and hands you a case; the case you've been waiting to receive this entire summer. The million dollars. You take it, and hug it tightly.

"Finally!! Finally!!!", is all you seem to be able to say.

"Yeah, I can finally go to fashion school!", Brick says. Everyone looks at him questioningly.

"You heard me.", Brick says confidently.

"Congratulations, soldier. You done it, and you done it good.", Chef says. You nod at Chef.

"Thank you.", you say.

Jo's Ending

After the tears go down, you feel weak. All the people you've let down, everything you've worked for...going to waste.

Jo tackles you, taking you down. You're unable to fight the stronger girl, and are forced to give in.

"F-Finally...I'm gonna time.", Jo says, gasping for breath.

Brick, screaming for you to win, smiles at you from the corner of your eye. Sweating, you use up the last bit of your energy to overcome Jo, but still you can't seem to muster enough strength. You feel helpless. The sky begins to clear.

"10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!", everyone counts. Chris comes down.

"Jo has done it! Jo has won Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!", Chris announces. You feel sunk. Your heart drops to your stomach, as you realize everything you've worked for has gone to waste. To nothing.

"That's....that's it then.", you say, upset. You collapse onto the ground, covered in mud. You take a deep breath; it's over.

"Hey, don't be too upset. As if anyone can beat me.", Jo says. Detecting your sadness, Jo gives you her hand. At first, you hesitate, but decide to take Jo's hand. She helps you stand up, as the Peanut Gallery comes down.


Jo: This...this can't be. Is this real? After all I did...

-end confessional-

"D-Don't think this makes us friends.", Jo says.

"I wouldn't dream of it.", you say.

You all stand on a huge yacht, with Jo in the center. Chef comes into the circle, and hands Jo a case; the case both you and her been waiting to receive this entire summer. The million dollars. She takes it, and hugs it tightly.

"Finally! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!", Jo says, as if it's the only thing she can say. Wonder how that feels...

"Congratulations, soldier. You played hard. I'm proud.", Chef says. Jo actually sheds a tear at Chef's words, and salutes him.

"Thank you, Chef.", she says.

The yacht drives off, everyone congratulating the lucky winner of the money.

"I'm Chris McLean, and this has been Total...Drama...Revenge of the Island!", Chris announces. Chef, who was driving the yacht, faces the island.

"Ew, don't make us face the island. None of us wanna see that craphole.", Jo says. Everyone grunts in agreement.

"Aw, quiet down ya big babies.", Chef says. Chris takes out a dynamite pump (the thing used to blow up TNT), and pushes it down.

"What's a Total Drama season without going out with a literal bang?", he asks. You guys duck for cover, until the Dock of Shame explodes instead.

"AAAAH HEEELP!", Chris shouts. You all laugh at Chris's misfortune, and suddenly feel a gust of wind in your direction. The RCMP helicopters begin to come in.

"Huh? What are you guys doing here?", Chris asks, his hair flying back.

"Chris McLean! You have been charged with filling an inhabited island with incredibly dangerous biohazards!", an RCMP soldier says.

"What? You can't arrest me! I have money!", Chris says.

"Not today, McLean.", they say, taking Chris to jail. You all laugh.

"It's about time that guy got what he deserves!", Mike says.

"I wonder how the bomb got replaced though...", Zoey says. Chef cackles his iconic cackle.

"Now THAT'S how you go out with a bang!", Chef says, winking at the camera.


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