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Hello! Now that Total Drama World Tour is over, it's time for a fresh start with Total Drama Revenge of the Island!

To start things off...

Are you a boy or a girl?

A: Boy

B: Girl

As the yacht with all the old contestants passes by, OC is seen getting a piggyback ride from Tyler and tripping over Noah. Gwen is writing in her book with Cody pestering her, as Sierra pesters Cody. Ezekiel is flirting with Katie and Sadie, who are in the hot tub with Trent. Alejandro is staring at Heather as Heather rolls her eyes. Everything else is about the same.

Meanwhile, you looked at yourself from the corner of the famous Dakota Milton's mirror. You couldn't believe Dakota Milton, the girl who's famous for absolutely nothing, and is richer than your entire city combined, is entering something like Total Drama.

You looked around you. There was some jock, a woman who looked like a man, some hick, a soldier...type...guy, and a very pretty girl next to a big guy.

"Hey, you're hogging my mirror.", Dakota says.

"Are you...are you talking to me?", you ask.

"Uh, who else?", Dakota asks.

" one. Sorry. Jeez.", you say, astounded by her snobbish attitude.

"'re like, really pretty.", Dakota says.


"So you agree? You think you're really pretty?", she asks.

"I...guess so.", you reply.

"What's your name?", she asks.

What's your name?


B: Custom: Charlotte Oxford

"I'm Charlotte. Who are you?", you ask.

"What? You don't know ME?!", Dakota exclaims, as you walk away.

This is a double choice, so pick ONE CHOICE from each question.

After the boat explodes, who are you swimming to shore with?

A: Jo, because you're athletic

B: Mike, Zoey and Staci, because you want to help Staci

C: Dawn, just because

D: Climb on B with Cameron, he won't know

E: Lightning

F: Sam, help him with his game guys

G: Scott, because why not?

On that note, who do you guys want as a love interest for CO?

1: Brick

2: B

3: Cameron

4: Lightning

5: Scott

(A.N.: Mike and Sam have not been included since they already have love interests)

(A.N.: Also, no, CO cannot be single)

The boat explodes, and you land in the water next to Dawn.

"H-hi.", you say, rattled from the explosion.

"Hello! Your aura is a bright must be a good person.", Dawn says.

"I...what?", you ask.

"I can read auras. It's a special talent of mine.", she says.

"Wow! Oh no, my clothes are wet...", you say.

"Oh, I can help! Close your eyes!", she says. You do as she says, and soon find yourself on the beach, dry.

"Woah! How'd you do that?!", you ask.

"When you focus enough, Mother Nature does wonders for you.", Dawn says.

"HA! I win! Wait, how'd you two get here?!", Jo exclaims.

"Uh...", you stutter. Then, Brick arrives on shore.

"I'm here!", Brick says. Soon everyone else arrives.

"Hi, I'm Zoey!", Zoey says.

"Hi.", you reply.

"Have you seen Mike? I think he likes me.", Zoey says.


CO: Wow!! I'm on Total Drama! I've loved this show ever since Heather made an alliance with OC! I really feel like I can relate to OC, like we're the same person. I really like Dawn, too! But, um, Zoey's kinda weird.

-end confessional-

Here's how everyone stacked up in the race:

TR: B, Dawn, Lightning, Scott, Staci, Brick, CO

MM: Anne Maria, Cameron, Jo, Mike, Zoey, Sam, Dakota

1st: Dawn (Toxic Rats)

2nd: Jo (Mutant Maggots)

3rd: Brick (Toxic Rats)

4th: Mike (Mutant Maggots)

5th: CO (Toxic Rats)

6th: Anne Maria (Mutant Maggots)

7th: Scott (Toxic Rats)

8th: Zoey (Mutant Maggots)

9th: Lightning (Toxic Rats)

10th: Dakota (Mutant Maggots)

11th: B (Toxic Rats)

12th: Sam (Mutant Maggots)

13th: Staci (Toxic Rats)

14th: Cameron (Mutant Maggots)

You met your team: The big guy, Dawn, some jock, a smelly farmboy, some random girl who kept talking about her family and the soldier boy.

"Hey, I'm CO.", you say to the big guy.

"Now, I'll introduce you all to each other. The Toxic Rats. B, Dawn, Lightning, Scott, Staci, Brick and CO. Mutant Maggots. Anne Maria, Cameron, Jo, Mike, Zoey, Sam and Da- What are those paparazzi doing?!", Chris shouts. Chef chases away the helicopters.

"This season there will be a special McLean Brand Chris Head that will get YOU immunity!", Chris says, and pauses for a gasp.

"Also, there will be an elimination on every. Single. Episode!", Chris says.

"What? It's never been that hard before!", Zoey says.

"What are you talking about? Season one was exactly like this...", you say, rolling your eyes.

"My great great grandfather Abe invented statues, before him, people had to redraw the faces with chalk on the floor every day.", Staci says.

"Dawn, since you came first, you win a hacksaw for your team! Jo, since you came second, you get a trampoline!", Chris says. Before the challenge, Owen arrives.

"Hey! Chris! You forgot to stop the boat and let us on!", Owen says.

"Ah! Look everyone, it's classic competitor Owen! Owen, you will not be competing this season.", Chris says.

"Whaaat?", Owen asks.

Talk to Owen?

A: Yes

B: No

"Hey, Owen.", you say.

"Hi there! I'm Owen!", Owen says, shaking your hand.

"Can we get on with the challenge now?", Chris asks. The challenge begins, and you all position the trampoline correctly.

"The Lightning can do this with one hand!", Lightning says, picking up the axe. He jumps on the trampoline and hits his head HARD.

(Ouch!), you think to yourself.

"Everyone! B has an idea!", Dawn says. Everyone turns to B. He arranges some sort of contraption, which threw everyone on top of each other.

Lightning was on top of you, and you couldn't handle his weight.



It's only for people with usernames starting with the letters A to M!

What will you do, users with names from A to M?!

A: Tolerate the weight of Lightning

B: Ask B to let you move up You picked B!

"Urgh...B! I can't lift Lightning! Can you help?", you ask. B looks up at you and nods. He brings Lightning down, and you're on top now.

"Cut the rope!!", Dakota says. You pick up the hacksaw and try to use it.

"Like your dad in the workshop!", Dawn says. How'd she know that? You follow her directions and bring it down.

"Thanks to the Rats' little break, they are now TIED with the Mutant Maggots!", Chris announces.

You all lifted up the totem pole and tried to race it to the waterfall.

"Hey, umm, B, is it?", you ask the big guy. He nods.

"Yeah, I thought it was really cool how you thought of that solution so quickly.", you say. B smiles.

"You're really smart! Keep up the good work.", you say. The farmboy from in front of you turned around.

"Why're you encouraging him? You know he's just fodder.", Scott says.

"He's...what?", you ask.

"Fodder! It means he's basically here to increase the bodies. We all know he's not gonna win.", Scott says harshly.

"Wow, shut up! He has just as much of a chance as you. Idiot.", you retort.

"My great great uncle Ollie invented totem poles, yeah!", Staci says.

"Can't you talk about something else?", you ask Staci.

"She's fod-der.", Scott sings. You wanted to kick his leg, but you restricted yourself since you were in a race.

"Um...what do you mean?", Staci asks.

"I mean, why do you keep talking about your great uncle Colt and great great aunt whatever?", you ask.

"I just...I just want to be accepted.", Staci says.

"Great, then talk about yourself.", you say.

"Her problems are an inner conflict; she wants attention through friends, and this is the only way she knows how. She has a very sheltered life.", Dawn says.

"Uh...yeah!", Staci says.

"Aw, I'll be your friend. And, uh, Dawn will be your friend too!", you say.

"Oh, yes! I love to make new friends!", Dawn says.

"Wow, thanks guys! I finally have friends!", Staci says. You guys arrive at the waterfall.

"Obviously, I'll be the one steering. Don't wanna hit a few rocks or anything. That'd be sooo tragic.", Scott says.

Everyone mutters in agreement with Scott - none of them wanted to steer and take the blame.


CO: Something's fishy about that Scott guy. I can't put my perfectly manicured finger on it. Maybe Dawn can tell me later.

-end confessional-


It's only for people with usernames starting with the letters N to Z!!

What will you do, users with names from N to Z?!

A: Challenge Scott and make him let you steer

B: Let it be, and get on that totem pole fast

You picked B!

Yes, my loyal readers, after a short hiatus, the one and only Total Drama CYOA is back in business. I'm as excited as you are - already got my "CYOA Playlist" open on iTunes. I hope you all enjoyed the Special Choices because they will be returning at least once an episode for the rest of the season. Also, reminder that I will not be writing Ice Ice Baby, ArtDraw12 will be. Still looking for someone to write Saving Private Leechball.

You quickly climb onto the totem pole, tied with the Mutant Maggots. Scott kept falling behind - he was obviously throwing the challenge.

"HEY, what do you think you're doin', fool?!", Lightning shouts.

"I'm trying my best. At least I AM trying!", Scott replies harshly. Then, he hits a rock too hard, and you all get flung to the cabins. Afterward, the Maggots arrive.

"We won!! We won!!", they shout. They had almost arrived, but your totem pole swung through the air wildly, landed on the nice cabin, and EXPLODED.

"Wow. The Mutant Maggots have won!", Chris says. Their team cheers, but you kinda wanted that nice cabin.

"Wait, we don't even get the nice cabin?!", Anne Maria exclaims.

"Just be glad you don't have to vote someone off.", you say bitterly.

Later, you all have a late lunch in the evening. The sun was setting, and there was an air of relaxation on the other team's side. Meanwhile, your team was obviously uncomfortable.

Who are you talking to?

A: Dawn - She's always got something to say

B: Scott - Why would he throw the challenge?

C: B - The mysterious guy

D: Staci - Warn her that she's a target, maybe form a new friendship

"Hi, Dawn."

"Oh, hello CO. I read my tea leaves after the challenge earlier.", she says.

"Oh? What did you see?", you ask.

"On our team, there is...a kind soul, a lady who wants to be accepted, a loyal man, an egotistical monster, an independant girl...and a dreadful heart, lingering among our team.", she says.

"What could that mean?", you wonder.


CO: Okay, so the dreadful heart is probably Scott...I'm the independant girl...but what about the others? Who's the loyal man? Who's the one who wants to be accepted?

-end confessional-

"Dawn, tell me something about yourself. All day I've only heard about other people.", you say. Dawn looked surprised.

"Wow! No one ever asks about me! Well, I love animals and anything with life in it. I start my mornings by reading my tea leaves and seeing what the day has in store for me. I usually leave my house and stay in the forest with my animal friends, because a lot of people get scared of me...", Dawn says.

"Aw, I won't get scared of you!", you say.

"Also, your aura said that you can befriend one member on the other team.", Dawn says.

"Only one? Why?", you ask.

"CO, you are the master of your own fate. The aura simply said that you are destined to befriend at least one. Should you choose to keep that friendship is your choice.", she says.

Before the elimination, tell me, who's your Mutant Maggot friend?

A: Anne Maria

B: Zoey

C: Cameron

D: Dakota

E: Mike

F: Jo

G: Sam

"Hey, what about Dakota?", you ask.

"Oh no! Dakota is going to meet a terrible fate unless someone prevents it.", Dawn says.

"I'll prevent it! If I can...", you say.

(A.N.: Remember everyone, NobodyxZoey is the best TD Wikia ship ever)

Who do you vote for?

A: Dawn

B: B

C: Lightning

D: Scott

E: Staci

F: Brick

You voted for Lightning.

"This season, if you lose, you get this!", Chris says, taking out the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom. Everyone gasps as Chef shows you all.

"The first marshmallows goes to CO, Brick, Scott and Dawn. B, you don't talk much but you helped your team considerably. You're safe. Staci and're both annoying. That's why you're both on the chopping block today.", Chris says.

"Um...I'm sorry...I just wanted friends.", Staci says.

"Sha-Lightning don't need a team!", Lightning says.

"That's great, Lightning, because you no longer have a team!", Chris says, as Chef tosses the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom at Lightning, which he catches. Lightning's hair falls off. Gasp. Staci sighs in relief.

"We also have a new method of elimination! The Hurl of Shame!", Chris says, as Lightning got fired off of it.

"The rest of you are safe. Take a good rest, because in two days, your next challenge begins.", Chris says.


B: Staci

Brick: Lightning

CO: Lightning

Dawn: Lightning

Lightning: Staci

Scott: Staci

Staci: Lightning

Exclusive Clip

"WAAAHHH!!!", Lightning shouts as he flew in the air.

He landed on Playa Des Losers.

"Aw, what?! Where am I? Ooh, is this Hawaii? Lightning sha-loves Hawaii!", Lightning says, and trips over a chair.

"Where them bikini babes at?", Lightning asks. A coconut gets dropped on his head.

Truth or Laser Shark

You wake up with the rest of the girls in your cabin - Dawn and Staci. The sun was shining on your face - your bed was right next to a window. 

You should probably change that.

"Yeah, my great grandfather invented pillows and the bedsheet! Sleeping is so much more comfortable now!", Staci says.

"What is it, little birdie? Yes, I had a great night's sleep!", Dawn says to a little bird on her finger. 

"UGH! I NEED my beauty sleep, and I can't get it with you annoying people!", you all hear Dakota shout from the other cabin. Then, a box of makeup breaks a hole in the wall and lands on your head.

"Ow!", you exclaim, holding the box in your hands.

"YEAH?! Well I need to work on my HAIR!", Zoey yells.

"YOUR HAIR?! My hair is the beautiful one girlie.", Anne Maria shouts.

"Can you prissy girls just KEEP IT DOWN?!", Jo shouts.

"I can't stand you people!", Dakota screams, and you and the other girls see her walk by.

"WHAT THE F***!!!", Zoey shouts.

"Uh...she's so much nicer around Mike.", Staci comments.

"You...are right.", you say.

"My great aunt Betty invented makeup after her first love didn't marry her because of her moles!", Staci says.

What do you do?

A: Tell Staci that no one will take her seriously and will vote her off if she doesn't change

B: Find Dakota and ask her what the problem was, maybe help her, give her the makeup back

C: Head over to the boy's cabin and see how they're doing...after changing, of course

D: Go to the Maggot's girl cabin and put the makeup box back

(A.N.: I'm sorry guys but due to the MSR, this CYOA is now on complete shut down mode until Sunday since it's all on me this week)

Oh, hey! Since I won't be updating for a while, here's a clue to keep you all busy! If you get it right, just like in Jamiaca Me Sweat, you get to make a choice ALL ON YOUR OWN, and TheAnimeKid's veto can't take effect.

So, without further ado, here's your clue! Remember, you get ONE chance!

There is a character who is dim as a doorknob

If she broke up with her boyfriend, I would surely sob.

I can tell there would be an angry mob

Find that character, the first hyperlink, go to it, that is your job

Click on the link, find the two in sync

When you find the two in sync, enter those two words in the search bar, with an 'and' in between

The first blog post that comes up is the one you should click on

Click on the blog creator's username to find out which character they are a fan of

Tell me where this character ranked in my CYOA's first season. 

Well? Tell me your answer in the comments below! First person to get it right wins!

Trixielulamoon got it right!


"Dakota! Dakota, wait up!", you yell.

"Huh? Oh, it's you. Hi.", Dakota says.

"Hey! You look so good!", you say. Dakota looked as if this was something she heard all the time.

"Thanks. Your hair looks so nice.", she says.

"What was going on back in there? It sounds...worrying.", you say.

"Anne Maria and Jo are crazy, that's what.", Dakota says.

"...And Zoey?", you wonder.

"Zoey?! She's the worst! Don't even get me started on Zoey! She may seem all sweet around other people, but that's just because she wants to make friends. Such a diva.", Dakota says.

(Takes one to know one...)

"Really? How do you know that?", you wonder, thinking it sounds semi-logical.

"Mmm, CO, let me tell you: my friends back home are gossip queens. And guess what, I'm the girl with the biggest crown on her head.", Dakota says smugly.

"Impressive.", you say.    

"Thanks.", Dakota says, checking her nails.               

"Um, I was wondering, is this your makeup?", you ask.

"No, I would never use this shade. Ew! This is probably Zoey's. It's disgusting.", she says.

"Okay, so what was the problem back in the cabin?", you ask.

"I can't get anything done. Do you know what Anne Maria's hairspray smells like?", she asks.

"Hairspray doesn't smell that bad...", you say, defending Anne Maria.

"You don't feel the same way when it's fog cloud in your cabin.", Dakota says.

"Oh, well, I hope you get along with your teammates soon. And you know what else? You're smarter than I thought.", you say.

"R-really? No one's ever said that to me before...", Dakota says, blushing.

"No problem, I meant it.", you say.

Where do you go now?

A: Head over to the Maggot's cabin

B: Go for a run

You decide to change and head out for a quick run. You start running, and you are caught up to by Jo.

"Hey, Jo.", you say, barely managing to keep up with the jockette.

"Hey, CO. I see you're a bit athletic yourself.", she says.

"I wouldn't say that. I guess I like to keep myself healthy.", you say.

"Good for you. Now that I know you're a strong opponent, it'll be all the more satisfying to take you down.", Jo says.

"Ha, you can try, but I can't guarantee success.", you retort.

"We'll see, Oxford, we'll see.", Jo says. The two of you run in silence until you reach the woods.

"You wanna take the woods, or the wimp path?", Jo asks, pointing to the cabins and mess hall, which you had just run by. You look at Jo, determined to prove yourself better than her.

"Woods, for sure.", you say.

"Alright then, let's do this!", Jo says. You and Jo run into the woods and find a horrified Brick, staring at a cute, fluffy white cat.

"Hey, Brick. What's the matter?", you ask.

"Hey! G.I. Joke! What's going on?!", Jo asks.

"Don't call him that! That's rude!", you say.

"Oh, leave me alone.", Jo says. You wave your hand in front of Brick.

"Hello? Brick? Earth to cadet?", you say.

"That horrible!", Brick says.

"Nah, it's adorable!", you say, getting closer. When you do, it burns a hole through a tree with the lasers. From it's eyes.

"Cool...", you say.

"Uh, I'm getting out of this...weird-fest. See ya.", Jo says. The cat shoots a laser at her, but thankfully misses.

"No! Bad kitty! Bad!", you say to her. She seems like she's actually going to listen.

What do you do?

Remember, this choice is only for Trixielulamoon. However, the rest of you are free to help her decide.

A: Take Brick with you and leave

B: Stay with the cat

"Now, you go back into the woods, and don't bother me and Brick!", you say. The cat nods. She turns arond and walks off, creating a path for herself by burning through a bush with it's laser eyes.

"Come on, Brick. Let's get your pants cleaned up.", you say.

"Aw, you noticed...", Brick says.

"Ah, couldn't tough it out, could ya?", Jo asks, when you catch up with her.

"I could too! That cat listened to me and went away.", you say defensively.

"Calm down, princess.", Jo says.

"Don't call me princess!", you retort.


CO: I should have called her Joke! Dang! I always think of comebacks too late!

-end confessional-

Afterwards, Brick thanks you for helping him.

"I, I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't saved me, CO. Thank you.", Brick says.

"No problem, Brick!", you reply sweetly.


CO: Okay, Brick's really sweet! What's left on the agenda...? Oh yeah, I still have to return this! *CO holds up the makeup box*

-end confessional-

You head over the girls' side of the Mutant Maggot's cabin.

"Hey, um, whose makeup box is this?", you ask. No answer.

"Guys?", you ask. No one's even in there. They must have wandered off somewhere.

(I better hang onto this and return it later)

"Hi!", you hear someone say. You get startled and jump a little.

"Who? Oh, it's you, Staci.", you say.

"Hi, CO! I was just walking around and I saw you, and I was like, I'm gonna talk to her!", she says.

"You don't have to say everything that pops into your head.", you say.

"Oh, like, sorry. Is that your makeup?", Staci says.

"No, but I am trying to figure out who it belongs to.", you say.

"I can help you with that!", Staci says.

"Really? How?", you ask.

"Well, it's not mine, or yours. That leaves Jo, Anne Maria, Zoey, Dawn and Dakota.", Staci says.

"It's not Dakota's either, I already asked.", you tell her.

"Good, then we're even closer!", Staci says. You tuck the box away for now. Chris calls everyone for today's challenge.

"Are you serious? We barely even got started!", you complain.

"Come on, there's no time to waste!", Staci says in a hurry. Someone's feeling eager today!

You arrive and get seated on the Toxic Rat's seats. In front of you is a button, beside you is your teammate, B.

"Hey.", you say, expecting a response, until you remember he doesn't talk. Instead, he smiles warmly and waves his hand at you.

"Welcome, campers, to Lake Wawanakwa. For today's challenge, I'm going to ask each of you several embarrassing questions. I'm not going to say the answer, but if I read the question'll know. If you are the person I'm talking about, press the buzzers in front of you. If no one answers,'ll see what happens.", Chris says.

" this challenge dangerous?", Cameron asks.

"Dude, you're on Total Drama. Of course it's dangerous.", Chris replies, as if that's common sense.

"Alright you maggots, we're gonna win again. Are you with me?", Jo asks.

"Hey, if you reveal something embarrassing about yourself, no one cares. If I do it, I'll be on cheap tabloids everywhere! I can't.", Dakota says. Jo grabs her arm tight.

"You'll do it, and you'll like it.", she says.

"Okay, okay.", Dakota says.

"And after we complete this part, we have a special lightning round. But that's later. Here to demonstrate the challenge, we have not one, not two, but three classic competitors. Everyone, please welcome classic competitor Katie, classic competitor OC and classic competitor Sadie!", Chris says.

(Wow!! It's OC!! I've always wanted to meet him!)

Here's a special treat for you all: you get to watch this entire scene from both OC AND CO's point of view! So without further ado, OC's point of view:

"Hey, Chris! It's been a while, man!", you say, fistbumping Chris.

"Nice to see you again, OC. You too, ladies.", Chris says.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Sadie, I can't believe we're back here at Camp Wawanakwa!", Katie says.

"I know! We had such good times here! Remember the time I gave OC a lecture on how to be a good boyfriend? That was, like totally crazy!", Sadie says, making all three of you laugh.

"Alright, that's enough. We're on a schedule. You three. Your question is: Which one of you likes to listen to country music?", Chris asks. You, Katie and Sadie fall silent. It wasn't you...

"Come on, one of you has to answer.", Chris says. Katie sighs, and presses the buzzer, shocking her, and making her hair all frizzy.

"Woah, Katie, are you okay??", you ask.

"You like COUNTRY music?", Sadie asks, surprised.

"I'm...fine...*cough*", Katie replies.

"She'll be fine, we tested these buzzers out on the interns.", Chris says.

"Really? And WHERE are the interns?!", you ask, annoyed.

"In the infirmary, why ever do you ask?", Chris asks sarcastically.

"Just get on with the game.", Sadie says.

"Your next question is: Which one of you can't use public bathrooms, because you're too shy?", Chris asks. You, Katie and Sadie all look at each other...awkward!

(Alright, fine!)

You press the buzzer and feel a huge shock go through your body. Ouch! After that, you hear Katie and Sadie gasping and checking if you're okay, and the newbies laughing.

"Stop laughing, this is gonna be you guys next!", Sadie says.

"One more question: Which one of you bought stuffed animals, claiming it was for your younger sibling, but really for yourself, because you get scared at night?", Chris asks. Silence.

"No one wants to answer? Fine.", Chris says, and presses a button. The chairs you were on fall, and a GIANT MUTANT SHARK THING nearly BITES YOUR HEAD OFF before Chris brings you back up.

"What the heck was that?!", you ask.

"Oh, him? That's Fang. See, the toxic waste got into Lake Wawanakwa.", Chris says. He pulled up a picture of one of the sharks you've seen several times on screen.

"And these normal sharks, some of them anyway, turned into...", Chris says, showing the next picture of "Fang".

"...Fang! Most of them died of the exposure, but one stayed alive.", Chris says.

"Uh, that's scary!", Katie says.

"Totally scary!", Sadie says. You see a girl with the rest of the newbies; she looks familiar...almost as if you know her personally. You smile and wave to her. She's actually within earshot.

CO's point of view.

You see your one of your favorite classic competitors, OC, come up from the podium, along with Katie and Sadie.

"Alright, that's enough. We're on a schedule. You three. Your question is: Which one of you likes to listen to country music?", Chris asks. OC, Katie and Sadie fall silent. You wondered who it could be.

"Come on, one of you has to answer.", Chris says. Katie presses the buzzer, shocking her, and making her hair all frizzy.

"Woah, Katie, are you okay??", OC asks.

"You like COUNTRY music?", Sadie asks, surprised.

"I'm...fine...*cough*", Katie replies.

"She'll be fine, we tested these buzzers out on the interns.", Chris says.

"Really? And WHERE are the interns?!", OC ask, annoyed.

"In the infirmary, why ever do you ask?", Chris asks sarcastically.

"Just get on with the game.", Sadie says.

"Your next question is: Which one of you can't use public bathrooms, because you're too shy?", Chris asks. OC, Katie and Sadie all look at each other.

(That must be pretty awkward for them...)

OC presses the buzzer and gets shocked. Katie and Sadie stand on opposite sides of him, making sure he's okay. You, along with the others, can't help but laugh.

"Stop laughing, this is gonna be you guys next!", Sadie says. No more laughing.

"One more question: Which one of you bought stuffed animals, claiming it was for your younger sibling, but really for yourself, because you get scared at night?", Chris asks. Silence.

"No one wants to answer? Fine.", Chris says, and presses a button. The chairs that they were on fall, and a GIANT MUTANT SHARK THING nearly BITES OC'S HEAD OFF before Chris brings you back up.

"What the heck was that?!", OC asks.

"Oh, him? That's Fang. See, the toxic waste got into Lake Wawanakwa.", Chris says. He pulled up a picture of one of the sharks, on screen.

"And these normal sharks, some of them anyway, turned into...", Chris says, showing the next picture of "Fang".

"...Fang! Most of them died of the exposure, but one stayed alive.", Chris says.

"Uh, that's scary!", Katie says.

"Totally scary!", Sadie says. You start dreading the challenge. Then, from the corner of your eye, you see OC smiling and waving to you.


This choice is COMPLETELY customized! You choose everything!

What do you say to OC?

A: Custom

A1: Greet him and ask him what his favorite moment from the show was

A2: Ask him how he's been since TDWT, and how him and Gwen are doing

B: Don't say anything

You chose A2!

"H-hey, OC.", you say. OC looks you in the eye - you think. There was a bit of distance between you two. He smiles at you.

"Hi.", he says back. It felt like it was just the two of you; everyone else were too busy making noise.

" have you been? Since Total Drama World Tour? How's Gwen?", you ask OC.

"Gwen? She's hot. Also, Total Drama World Tour was amazing!! Sometimes I wish I could go back just so I can hang out with Noah and Tyler.", OC says, fondly remembering his moments with his friends.

"That's so sweet! Also, I meant how's your relationship with Gwen.", CO says.

"Oh. Well, that's great too! Last week, she said she was the third wheel between me and Noah.", OC jokes. You laugh.

"Why are you laughing? I'm serious.", he says.

"Oh, OC, talking about Gwen as usual.", Sadie jokes.

"Haha, I don't talk about Gwen that much.", OC says.

"Are you kidding? You're in love with her!", Katie says, as the two BFFFFL's go "aww"

"It's so cute!", Sadie says.

"Totally cute!", Katie adds.

"So, you guys wanna leave, or stay for the challenge?", Chris asks.

"Where would we go?", Sadie asks.

"You can go to crafts services.", Chris says.

"Ew, gross. We already dealt with that food for so long.", Katie says.

"No, I mean my craft services. We're having brunch, like civilized people.", Chris says proudly. OC looks at you.

"Um, no, I think we'll stay here.", OC says.

"I guess we'll stay here too.", Katie says.

"Suit yourselves. Don't blame me when I hog all the bacon.", Chris says.

Everyone seats themselves properly.

"First question for the Mutant Maggots: Which one of you...farted...on your first and only date?", Chris asks, with a chuckle. The Mutant Maggots looked relaxed...except for the guy who looked like Seth Rogen.

"Uh...", the Seth Rogen boy says. He pressed the button and got shocked.

"That's one point for the Mutant Maggots! Good job, Sam!", Chris says.

(Ah, so the guy's name is Sam. Sam...Rogen?)

"Next question for the Toxic Rats: Which one of you wet their pants on the first day of school?", Chris asks.

On one side of you is B. Behind you, Brick. You knew it was Brick. You and Jo both simultaneously looked at Brick. Jo was on the other team, so there was no way she was going to encourage Brick to answer.

"Brick, be loyal to your team.", you whisper.

"Fine, but don't laugh.", Brick says.

"I...promise. I promise not to laugh.", you say. Brick nervously presses the button, and everyone except you starts laughing. It was hard.

"Next question for the Mutant Maggots: Which one of you showed up at your ex's house wearing a bikini?", Chris asks. Everyone immediately looks at Dakota; it was all over Buzzfeed, and a bunch of other places. Dakota groans, and presses the button.

"That's two points for the Maggots. Rats, let's see if you can keep it up. Who's real name is...Beverly?", Chris asks.

"What's so bad about a girl's name being Beverly?", Scott asks.

"It's not a girl, I'll tell you that much.", Chris says. You, along with everyone else, start laughing. OC looks at you, and then to the guy next to you - B. B looked nervous.

"Hey, okay?", OC asks. B shaked his head.

"I know it's you.", OC says.

"Wait, how?", Sadie asks.

"That look on his's the same one I get when I have to reveal my name.", OC says.

"Woah...he's right!", Katie says.

"Hey, B, don't be ashamed! I don't like my real name either. My real name is Ollie.", OC says. You hear a few people snicker.

(Wow, I knew OC was friendly and a good strategist, but I never knew he was so sweet!)

B nods his head and presses the button, shocking him. You immediately hug B.

"Good job, B!", you say.

"Next question for the Mutant Maggots: Who here has no friends, and spends the entire day knitting sweaters?", Chris says. That guy...Mike, was it? He looked nervous.

"*sigh* It's me...", Zoey says, pressing the button. Laughs all around.

"Hey, it's not funny! Be a little nice to her, guys!", Mike says.

"Now for the Toxic Rats: Who has a tendancy to...sabotage their allies?", Chris asks, smirking. Huh? No one answers, so you get dunked, screaming. Scott punches Fang in the face, bruising his...nose? Fang tries to bite Scott, but Scott rips out one of his teeth.

"Scott!! Are you crazy?!", you exclaim.

"Ah, it's just a stupid shark.", Scott says, playing with the tooth.

"Now, we go back to the Maggots. The question is...which one of you has Mul-", Chris says, but is interrupted. Mike was sweating at that point.

"I refuse to play!", Mike says.

"And I agree! This is humiliating and painful!", Cameron says. Mike smiles at him. In an effort to be involved, Zoey stands up.

"I'm not playing either!", Zoey says. Eventually, no one wants to play.

"Fine, fine, fine! We'll do a different challenge. But this one will be even harder than the last! Meet me near the obstacle course.", Chris says, showing it on the screen.

Before the challenge, you have to figure out who owns that makeup box.

Who do you go to?

A: Anne Maria

B: Dawn

C: Jo

D: Zoey

"Hey, Dawn!", you say.

"Hello, CO. Is something troubling you?", she asks.

"Actually, yes. I found this box of makeup, and I was wondering, is it yours?", you ask.

"This? No, it's not mine. I don't wear makeup.", Dawn says.

"Wait, you mean you actually look like that? Wow.", you say.

"Thank you.", she says.

"Do you think you can tell who it belongs to?", you ask.

"Sadly, this box is not a living thing, so I can't. My apologies.", she says.

"Um, no worries. I'll keep looking.", you say.

"So, did you find out who it belongs to?", Staci asks.

"Nope. It's not Dawn's. So who's left?", you ask.

"Well, there's Jo, Zoey and Anne Maria.", Staci asks.

"Okay, you ask Anne Maria and I'll ask Zoey. We can skip Jo...I don't think it's hers.", you say looking at Jo's sweatpants and choppy hair.

"Will do.", Staci says.

"Welcome to the 'Mad Skills Obstacle Course', campers! Here to demonstrate the course, we have classic competitor Harold!", Chris says.

"I bet this obstacle couse was named after me, you know, cause of my totally rad skills.", Harold says.

"WOW!! It's HAROLD!!", Mike says. Everyone looks at him.

"What? I'm a big fan!", Mike says.

"I don't blame you, Mike-san. I am truly awesome.", Harold says.

"Come on, Harold. We don't have all day.", Chris says.

"Chris, let me have my moment GOSH.", Harold says.

"He said it!! He said GOSH!", Mike says.

"Harold, can you give me your glasses?", Chris asks.

"Fine. But they better not be damaged, they're prescription.", Harold says. Chris takes his glasses and takes out a new pair, very similar looking.

"Ah, thanks Chris. Wait, these aren't my glasses!", Harold says. Unable to see, Harold painfully goes on the obstacle course, getting hurt. A lot.

"GOSH Chris, can't you even make a decent challenge?", Harold yells. Finally Harold finishes and Chris gives him his glasses back. Harold walks by you all.

So, here's two choices:

The first question: What do you say to Harold?

A: Ask about OC

B: Ask him to show you his "mad skills" again

C: Don't say anything

The second question: Which part of the obstacle course do you take?

1: The first part with the race (beginning) (Vs. Anne Maria)

2: The cannon part (Vs. Cameron)

3: The rolling part (Vs. Jo)

4: The pedestal part (Vs. Zoey and Sam) (They have to work together)

5: The bouncy butt part (Vs. Mike)

6: The baseball part (final) (Vs. Dakota)

"Harold, show us your mad skills again!", you say.

"Wise decision, young one.", Harold says.

"We're only two years younger than you...", Scott remarks.

"Do not question me, young one.", Harold replies.

"He's right, though.", Staci says.

"I said stop questioning me GOSH. Idiots.", Harold says.

Harold takes out some yo-yos and starts swinging them around. Then, he hits himself on the head. He falls forward, right into your chest.

"Uh...", you say, too awkward to push Harold away.

"Hehehe...boobies.", he says. Ew.

"Harold, get off my chest.", you say. Harold giggles and leaves.

"Good luck, Harold. Weird kid.", Chris says. You laughed when you saw Harold's car's license plate: 8008-IES.

"Why is he in a car?", Cameron asks. Harold's car turns into a boat.

"He's gonna sail all the way back home? Will he be okay?", Anne Maria asks.

"The classic competitors are living in Playa Des Losers for the summer. Lightning's there too.", Chris says. Everyone wishes they could be there.

"Anyway, for the first part of the challenge, CO and Anne Maria are going first. Brick and Cameron will have to navigate through the cannon part. Then, Scott and Jo on the rollers. B, Zoey and Sam will jump through the pedestal being chewed by woolly beavers, usually native to Boney Island.", Chris says.

"Wait, Sam and I have to go together? Why?", Zoey asks, nervous about sharing a small space with Sam.

"Because, the Mutant Maggots have seven campers while the Rats only have 6. One of you can either sit it out or play, and the producers wanted everyone to be involved.", Chris says.

"So we suffer because the Rats are losers?", Jo asks.

"Yes. Anyway, Dawn and Mike will have to make it through what I like to call the 'Bouncy Butts'. Finally, Staci and Dakota navigate through the final part. Simply swing on the vine and try to land on the baseball glove.", Chris says.

"Uh...that looks painful.", Dakota says.

"Deal with it. You guys didn't want to do the easy challenge. Also, you guys have to wear these glasses while competing in the challenge. Here are your mascots, which you'll have to hand to the next person on your team.", Chris says, rolling his eyes. An intern hands you a rat.


You put on the glasses, and suddenly, you can't see! Everything is hazy! You and Anne Maria begin the challenge.

You run ahead, and you see two paths. Which one do you take?

A: The one with the big hole

B: The one with the bigger hole.

(Hmm...I should probably try jumping over the big hole)

(A.N.: The big hole was the space between the pedestals and the "bigger" hole was the sides, you would've fallen in)

"Woohoo, CO! I know you can do it!", Brick says.

"Thanks, Brick!", you reply. You run head-to-head with Anne Maria, trying to get to the end and avoid that giant boot. You jump forward to reach Brick before Anne Maria can reach Cameron.

"Ha, suck it Annie!", you say. Anne Maria grunts. After that, Brick takes the lead, but gets hit in the face by cannons. A lot. Cameron was able to take the lead, and does a successful hand-off to Scott, who makes it to the end before Jo. Scott refuses to give B the rat.

However, Jo was able to quickly catch up due to Scott's slowness.

"Ew!! This thing is slimy!", Zoey says.

"Come on, Zoey! We don't have time to waste!", Sam says. B snatches the rat out of Scott's hands. He falls due to the woolly beavers, and creates a female woolly beaver. Despite being burdened with each other, Zoey and Sam were able to make it to the end.

In a panic, B tosses the rat to Dawn, who was able to easily catch up to Mike. Dawn bounced to the end of the Bouncy Butts. Mike took a deep breath.

"Svetlana to the rescue!", Mike says. He makes it to the end, and Mike, who was calling himself 'Svetlana', catches up to Dawn. Both hand their mascots to the next member; Dawn hands it to Staci, and 'Svetlana' hands it to Dakota.

Dakota was faster, and Staci quickly got tired out. However, Staci pinched the rat's bottom, and it bit the Maggot, making slime spray all over Dakota. In disgust, Dakota stopped running and tried to shake it off. Then, Staci took the chance to win.

"And the Toxic Rats win! Good job, Staci, that was quick thinking in the end.", Chris says.

"Th-thanks!", Staci says.

"Where did you learn to do that?", you ask.

"Oh, I used to have a pet rat. Before it became, um, rabid. When I pinched it's behind, it would screech. I figured a mutant one would do the same except worse.", Staci says.

"That was an excellent move, cadet.", Brick says.

"Mutant Maggots, you'll be eliminating someone tonight.", Chris says.

Later, Staci asks you if the makeup box was Dawn's.

"So, I asked Anne Maria, and she said it doesn't belong to her.", Staci says.

"Really? I asked Dawn, and she said the same thing.", you say.

"Well, who does that leave?", she asks.

"That leaves...Zoey!", you say. You immediately head over to the Maggot's girl side.

"Who you lookin' for?", Anne Maria asks.

"Zoey.", you reply.

"She's over there.", Anne Maria says, pointing to a tree, where Zoey was sitting all alone.

"Hi Zoey...", you say. Zoey looks up.

"Oh, h-hey...", she replied shyly.

"Are you okay? I heard you yelling earlier this morning.", you say.

"Oh, that was nothing...", she says.

"It's okay, you can tell me.", you say.

"Well, I've never had 'friends', and I got kinda anxious. I didn't know how to act.", Zoey says.

"Let me tell you something: Be nice to your friends. Don't tell them to f*** off or anything.", you say softly.

"Uh huh...", Zoey says.

"And just be yourself.", you say.

"Okay! It's just that in my hometown, no one is like me. They're all loud and rough, and I'm the type of person who'd rather stay inside and watch a nice Indie movie...", Zoey says.

"I've never seen an Indie movie.", you reply.

"Oh, I'm into a lot of indie stuff! I go to the indie theatre back home all the time! Well, it's in the next town.", Zoey says.

"Well, if you ever need a friend, I'm right here. Oh, one last thing, don't change yourself for a boy. I know you like Mike.", you say.

"Ok, I got it! I won't.", Zoey says.

"And any problems, you can come to me with them.", you say nicely.

"Really? I finally have a friend. Yay!", she says.

"Oh yeah, and I found this makeup box.", you say.

"Wow! That's mine! I've been looking for it all day.", Zoey says.

At dinner, who are you talking to?

A: Anne Maria

B: B

C: Cameron

D: Dawn

E: Staci

F: Scott

G: Brick

I: Jo

J: Mike

K: Zoey

L: Sam

M: Dakota

You push your plate away as the food tried to snap at you.

"Brick, how are you eating this slop?", you ask Brick, who was eating the crap like clockwork.

"Back at the military base, food like this is a delicacy!", Brick says.

"Really?", you ask.

"Affirmative.", Brick replies.

"You really are awesome, you know.", you say.

"Thank you. I take pride in my ability to eat anything.", Brick says.

"Why don't you eat my knuckle sandwich?", Jo says.

"Why don't you shut up for a second, Joke?", you ask. Jo became silent.


CO: Nailed it!

-end confessional-

"Well...fine then!", Jo says, continuing to eat her Crap Casserole.

"I hope you ingrates enjoyed the ramen noodles I spent two minutes, slaving over a hot stove to make.", Chef says.

"These are ramen noodles?!", you ask.

"Definitely not how they look on the Japanese cartoons...", Dakota says.

"You mean anime?", Sam asks.

"Is that what it's called? There's this channel that plays it all the time, I watch it between Keeping Up With the Cashdashians and The Real House Wives of Toronto.", Dakota says.

"Well, Japanese cartoons are called anime. I watch it all the time.", Sam says.

"You do? So do I!", Zoey says.

"Did you watch the new episode of One Kick Man?", Sam asks.

"I tried, I couldn't get into it. I loved Attack On Giant.", Zoey says.

"Uh...I liked the ramen noodle one...", Dakota says. While Sam, Dakota and Zoey bond over anime, you ask Brick how you can eat it.

"If you can't stand the taste, plug your nose.", Brick says. You do as he says.

"Ith noth working.", you say.

"Stick out your tongue and widen your eyes.", Brick says. You do as he says.

"I feel ridiculuth.", you say.

"You look ridiculous too.", he says. You take your hand off your nose and close your mouth.

Later, the Maggots have their elimination, and Sam is the one voted off.

"Ah, sorry I couldn't be more useful to you guys. Game over, I guess.", Sam says. Dakota looked sad.

"This elimination is...unfair! I'm calling Daddy!", Dakota says.

"You can try, but nothing will make me let Sam come back.", Chris says.

"Hello, Daddy, I don't want Sam to leave! Make the mean man make him stay!", Dakota says.

"Uh, Dakota, you really don't have to.", Sam says.

"Nonsense, I'm doing it. Chris, I think that call is for you.", Dakota says.

"Hello? Yeah? No, I won't let the kid back in. HOW MUCH MONEY?!", Chris asks.

"I think it's going well!", Dakota says excitedly.

"Yes, yes, thank you sir! Okay Sam, you can come back.", Chris says.

"Hooray! I had another continue!", Sam says.

"...As an intern.", Chris says.

"Wait, what?", Sam asks.

"Oh, I love this! Rich girl finds a boy she likes! Her efforts result in Sam becoming an intern! Hilarious!", Jo laughs. Later, Dakota talks to you.

"So, why did you think Sam's elimination was unfair?", you ask.

"The truth is...I didn't think the elimination was unfair. What I really wanted was for Sam to stay.", Dakota says.

"Really? You like Sam?", you ask.

"Yeah, he's so sweet! You should talk to him sometime.", Dakota says.

"Maybe I will. If there's one thing I've learned today, it's that people are never what they seem to be.", you say, thinking about Staci and Zoey.

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